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Publication: British Press September 18, 1820

British Press (Newspaper) - September 18, 1820, London, Middlesex ~ ' ......................iWi,ya!vyA^j)TiJa.i!njjl^ ''!v>>l':;�gi.*1�>T;>!i; Gilbert'tilossin, Mrf" Bammond'; Oominie'. Sampson: (Brst ^ Iitn^'~st � ibis-.Theatre),- Mr.'!OxbBrrjW; iiiUa Ittauuetiogj Mjsif';It.;Corr>; Lucjr.Berlrami M/si-iSanrtckj E}or�, Sirs; Batser-i^^MegMer-nhes, Mrs. Oaltoily ... .L;Afler which, the Farce of ? ^OaTtrJJE'S FR,bLK3, ' Robid ]loiigbUead,~'4tfr. Oxberrj^, SqAcks, Mr. Willi4�R first-Pne��1pa>Eesr.6s.u.pitv3s.--First Gallery, 2s>-Second iCJallery, Is. " " " Second Price-Bb^fi, 3*.--Pit,i�. 6dj-k.Firsl IJaKefy/la �^ceoud Gallery,"^ Ki(l..cetipiBeoce.)every.EveniQg precisely:at KinetfCtock. -' Places^ for tbe Boises to be taken of Mr. Massiagbam, at ' tbe-Thwitre. ; i-A.>PiiVAMiiHiifacl(iry iS'Tiiiinali .,.J^ii�-.aoO,. Fl^t-rsjireet. -Tliegje..Tp�^esflreibl�hly^ppi-.oveilj o'f by the most enliHCiit Surgeons in (own-and country^ and- - yfcoinmended-oo account'Of-fbeir- greikt ^anik uiiifdrm' pres.: tmre^ wiihoulchafiVig.____Rcspeclabje references cun he givci^ to isurgrons and others, .who h.Hve provi^d tbcir gtiud-eiTecIsi 'llioseby wboin sttel I'rnsscs liav^ bet-iA�oru',gire-|iru decided! � iweftrence.ilo J?i Pindin'a.i-N.B. Persons seiidHig;:'lhe.;tlr.! ciiinferrnce of the bodjbelow the,hips, and.lhcjliirgr;t parC' - of the thigb;:�laling'wbicb'sicjc Ihey are.affliCt'jd, riiny dej pendon beiifB-'*�rrect|yiTll�fd.w.;i::--; i?J i-.-j^a ^yjniAv, f rflHE ESSENCE of 'PEAKL anil PEARL j[. � DENTIEBIGE, tiivcnled liy' the' laJe Jacdb'-He^li DeutisC lO:tht;iBo9'.al family,.bbfeliF^aprpved'hvliingvxJ-pcrience .to g>e�tly 'excel, both m "elegance aiid effi(:acyi tvery other prtpafalion'Tor. the''Teefh BattGuins ;-�I(eyefi. : fectttally preserve tUfe Teeth (ua:�9iiiMl-s�aie!irrtfflele'>llii- WrtlB, " J.^emct, Bl*yl?y �ii�l, Bleif�!j^>-sct," engi'^jetl lutheStupfiD Prict2�, 9d-each , i BATLEY's n-RO^fiSSEN riAli SA1.T ot EEMON^, ftfi>ta|(iog1f|kSp{it^li9dS(aiti8opt,efjLa$e�qdfiIi|(>f'iW " " " " " Also'hU-SCOVKfNtii *ilfci Sluff,i.�WiHfin.^ ^ . . VERITABLE jP9|�M^PP ^)i!Kl^E, l!r|ce,3,,^ 6d. tl�t-flats. \ ' Sold, Wb61��l�rT�nd-Bftail^ bgrB'^Iey JrndjB)**, Ber-1 .......!K.>e;^efttbaf^ourl�ewiirtby.R^rjU�pfaUSf ip ParljiwMH, Jasjeasfl^ipbi^ }��Sd Mmo^.U jmy iTotyiipt t^Jp^�a^9;if{tnt.;a SpqpsiipttBftWCMi jrijb ,ji)y dc, temlnatioftliulwUnf sffwngiinys^fl,^ CSftgi^^lc^fiir l]>f. R^esenlati5nojyb6Cmiii)y,^H%pf?jem,^Ccpsion,i, , Olie slaif .jOf^ntV he?l�b) fpr snmp5f,me pjfi, dias Micspa. citoted me,fnaj9,att^dtjigiiuy]u}y'jn;ear4Lain4!n{ wUbilha^ r�gola;ilv^]irbi):bit,Mi^^*re4t�abs|^�|^ftjd n9tL , , ^ j , .1 ,bare:grea|;5legi^re:iir:ava!bng mynelf fl.f.tbtf oppQj-ln. li.'y tp.expre^ray{Cp}dialandil,.ackno�tlcd,gnrept( to ibosa, Freeholders, who >(iai;, baDd^onielysupporled.fpy pretensions, and ? bq},(o stsiiire them fh(it, i|lhuugh I ffiui re^i^;, fortbe preieiit,-,lhe.|Patlerio&prU>eci;of the huninqr of .repretei.i|.iog,ipy^nativeCifnnty, wjiif h ibeinl^iHdneas.bad plaRiy .>iew^ ,I,canrjiever furget^ihe. j>b|igtvtion� Ihey have Ijiidme.uiider. . - : j,......^ , ; j .. ' 1 ......IhSTeJhe.bononr to be,,.Gentlemen,' .....^ . .- .....Your failhful.audobedient.Servant, ... , Edinburgh, ^JHAKLES^FUR^ES, lUhSeptemb^j.1839.. .. .................... TO THE. PROPRIETORS: OF EAST.JNDIA STOCj:. LADIES.AIw'GEliTLEIItEjr, > I 'A VACANCY in the DIREefFION'^having ,, �%. 'Agalti bceii Xcresied by the iraly lamghiabte 4ciur. reuce of fSir Alcxafidep^AllafuVdeeeaBei;?! propose tt^Mcdftd [j ^itnerostaudlorlrafd'aai'Candidat^'fur the hOu&ur Off ydur: Irbbice _ , ! r ^^.The natnti of 4ny pr^leoeions^io that bonblirlia* already :bren au-fficieiiity tjiadeknotrntoyouj Ijshall,'-tiii'):eforrY An this Oi^casion^ AtereTy-repeat the asiiurance, that in'theWvieot of my sudct^ss,: 1 siiaU'empluv' my exertions' \^ifb habitual zeiit to priJmut(rtfl6jaieredts'o^i>i-�o>e,W)Jh4irf�tK5spept, j ' ^ ,1 *,JUid}etf and Genflejnen, , "T.jJAurilwatitdied^cntand.faitbrul.,^^^ j N B �DillONSTO�f� : Portland-placei Sept. I&j I^JJO.^. ,. ......, , � - N.Bv-Mr. Edmtfaii^B.OoiDmiltees^ Will -teeef.vTBJSl Ten o'CloEk;ini;the(Loiidon-.TavenwiBiSbopsg8lB.j .etreeli wbeabis frieuda'are earnestly-.eptreateditbratteod^^^ j ..UNDERTHE, PATRONAGE OEO-HE RQyAL. � i ^ FAMILY. , 1 ^PENED, nt No. 147, Strand (near Somerset j -sUF House), �legant:and extensive. WAREHOUSES iur: .|be?whole8ale..andiretail.:Oi8posal of URLING'S/LAGE>ito :>whidi Ihr. FashioaablerWorldriB^respcctfuJIymviled.,;'.!! G.:.F.'Cu>'gi'alcrtilly;acknowledge:392^';Slrandi indispensable:'/.'I.I.:may\be proper^ ilo?reniark, thatG>'E.-:U:a�d:Co: hav�.-the exdu^ive^Patent-i .:rightito manufacture/ ihisi celebrated article; lliat-qoiolheri LacewiUremain,pl!rfectly-elearBnerrepealed washmgjilbat-; itfja-sealed iwilhthb .Patentees?.jiiilaaJsr':G.-F;U. and Co.! landitfae'Words'.'.by: l)ie;Queen's!aalhoriiy,'7.i'aod .can..0Qlyus.lmiiationa;ofiPoiai,:BrusseIn,--andlathec:�oreign: Styles^' witb.every Description of. Lace on the.uevpriuciple.;  .BURGESS": ESSENCE OF; ANCHOVIES.-  i rriviih?m to'iusprttthe Labels-previiiui to purchasing what '(bey cpniieive'to be of ^^tbeir'makej which they- Tiope will pre* viiit'itianVdisappoiiitmenls'.--' ' ' �' -;Bl}ft6ESS'iNEWSAUCEi for general purposesjkaving gircti-aucb great:aalisraclion,'ContinUeB to be prepared by. tlieiD^and IS recommended ni'a-most useful and-convenifnt 'SlCi!-iwi^liJkeep:g6otr-'in''BllcHniales.-' >. ... " .War�b'tfHSe,'ro7j'Siraml', corner Of' the '^aipoy-sfepB,'- Lon^ ''(1'-he'Qi-ij;iDBl-=Ftsh-Sauce'\Vai-eho^e'.} :; "�i:''i:r: 74J?i^ � --tif J. 1^ .'.mi, u C - ' 'II -I iW-i\J,'.'iU\> ...,j'.j^,>lKi^.''137i^niut;i .tilt. j .-tfT^' -*a?ffi�ft"WWflrtnShij.! fly (1>^ liottfsCi^liiMiUm ajipfiintrd 'SetMliC.;i>tMif(tet f6 ^ *iiA$air*ini' tiliorf o'rMerc&'nt>%n|}dtfie%�ti,ii8talice*�bi{)l8Hn&-�bli)piqg'iufe>estr''fi�j)Sipcl'ro:the iiyst^ot ^>rro6|lb^satite^iive,to ij siibilli�-|li^!i^eii int^AeiiouB'of the 4louse,"')o:ius /. �itt^^^^^ tiop or'hei^yio�'l^iod fronj F�rei|il Slates, i!i of �comirtr4tit'ely-'ricfent"datBiiBnd'''rfoe�' -not':ftppeaJ-'to' fiaVeI 'fiormid a- part-Jif'tbecomtnsrci^a^ >cnloai8l''p6ffi7 ^flhel coUntry>revrdufft�ibe'late'>Mr' Till lbyekr1S09, little' 'tof'DO'dUlyli'ad btea^^mpdiied -u'poli^tbe'Tarioutipe^iis'of UiaibncdKdiiiK^^i^^ tiiVeot.oafpi'bticat: relation witb (be Balltc^powerir^^ieil to an'i'pp�h''feffiiTt timUn^fraiif thai miotteri'itbt utatftoPsm-^dMiX -piitifbin* fif dome�tie"�wr,-rbnf-taore partil*nlar1yfiil?YIi? jiuriJOBti of-ahi'pr4iinldlbg. P ' - ; :Itf trade,'aud'|i sidersble incriase-'Df duty "ou 'Wood'from'tbe' DortE'ufr Europe ' � / , i tweeitthemaiid theJPoBrdufTrade. > 1 ' ThC' Cumml((eer:hav.e nut,.>theceCDTe,):ftl(:;tbat (here:Jx-: .leted >any:circuinslance;!Conii6cted-wiib-'the:perTod during' ,lv|ilch,':nr(he.,piirposea.fur'nhtciti;tbcsedUlie8 badibeen im>: .pusrd,.iwbicb-cottld precludea1iem,�r;could'preclodi2:PaTjia'' =mfnt,jsfterr1be.>cqlorn-uf,'a.genenilpeace,:.{n>]n.'cOnsideniig: so important a question 'as l1ie;fulure rrgulalian'..of:this:es. ^ntial;brBncb,of commerce,;wtth-.a:view'to.lhe permaoent: mler^sljS alfdgeueral.prq^erlt^.a^.1lleempire,. ... . . Uuder.tbis inipres8ion,7.they.bave.t^onght it their doty: to asceMfliii-ftom.perapn^ b;st enaWed tiOJpeafc froni experience upon llMise nutoepls.-T-' , :Vortt^^ 'pliii^j>]f6U)K^C�ftfi(itlee''a�i�t ''TetHf ibV^tmMetiuJ^^a faiia't^rflieir inqunry,f;dliifi^>�llrich''Iia* beeniM-fdreesmce the ~ye)[^rl809;'dUd'rurtKer>H);(ed irpoo jAi tubs�4nen( yeifr*, has frnWimi' fae^it''ilie^'tiKAtW'of 'Hidactog'&'intireritejttm use ratBi^e -VQiM bave:oc�M!�ned) of �aijBdituHii sAljeel tbfe:''u1aeeU6tt*'t�4i]i:b>.are'vttklcd' (o attend 4(. -Sn -sbip-. buildiiig;it baa also'-fawen^iilorei^employed than'ftrM^rly:; ^nO^ ;lh'e CoUmiKee Jtave-- iuserled'.. ail' account' ddivkred Ih: by -Sir .Kdhert Seppiag!>^'of-littrvcomparatire-ditration H>f �fngaTeB-'bu'ill "bf CahadB fir^'^iaia of fir frortr' the oorlh'ufEiltotl^^^biU IbtflisC of Ca�da;rumber is aow> atsted.'lo'-be' di(C6niintfed ia^hia: I^J^iy'it dock-ydrds^-ln �OasequenceoFtlie iinfavoiiMbleAlfuft'JIlperieiiced front >(s . eiltploymen't.'~Tlie-deii|)aud for wOod:'i^ini'Ibecounfrips ib'i ithe'KQribor'Earoptf'iaa be^npragressK^y^immisfaiifgj'so i a�>t6>accBslaa-'-greaF3|nlerruption'(o III* frade 'wilb'tliBse, countries, particularly wifH; Norwayi' ^whoicf''InbabilBnrs, %ttt'#ilhltalidi)lg>the'i>i^dir�ctioo'th^ liave unifbrmty~sfaewa ; for 'BrilhibinaiHtfactiirts; "arc tiot -only lift withi^ot'i be � �be^s .Af ^nMramg'- tbrib^' bur of -paying. Tor ^ those- whieb j ilhfey-bave'reieTvedj^'and'fofft'liieb'nearly balFa miHioais j .1 Blaieilid be owiiig V�> that- the exuorl of tttattulatitii'reB bits j 'beeft'fedne^dla'ADe�(^t whicbeadnoCbe-^StliQatedmerely i '^b$^a->efferebce to Ibe diKeot exporlsiif lhd*'cDUihfeir^bIeraiBoaQV of eapilSalrand : 'ina�hineky'emptdyed'4n (bMcoublcyin'sawiatrandprepB^iDgi for coirtbiiipiwn^tfte-linlber' tu^lef ftam' the -Bailie,- has; -bwrffn'ii'^wai'degre^'rtndeitld-nSelert and tiiiproduclllre.| 'DirG and \-it. The' SpletUC(irtfnJitteejoai tfer� '' rtUtnili fiiiFtrJ?* Vetr alab cmpowrted* to VriioifiTrQiij V^rtbf Hoiis^,'�i?bperBliOii�, anif impede its extension ilird prqsperily;'. Vjc'r Couutiilf^efire skfitfied'that Vhe'skill;enlerplriaeyaiidf-i--doni fronfall-iuterft-reticej asmiiy hf cJmpairbIc wilU' wlri! due 10^yrivateveatling'cys(em,'aiid(l(Ose moi-i^iaip(irlii\t� -trolling the commeriie of the kingdum, in order Ui rsi.immi^ their natnreaiid tfrecl's;'and to jndge iii^ wli'di ilrjiire a may be prudent to'rttaiHthem, >ind In wb.-ti.iiisijnci's (xn^-jecl to Ihe ctfujiderjitions referred lo) ibi'ir removai ur_ modification piay-be reConiAeo(led^.�with'safely aoJ advantage. . , " : In eotltem^'iattrfgthe range of the duly asngned ip tdeip, �Bd'tb* Variety'and'importaiiie of tbe 0l>j^ecu'ur iiivf.-.ii�.roceed-lo niltei't'iu (he puinttrwbicthaye:fieen the ^principal: objects of �, of .ilsd House lo (he excesaiVcaccumulalion'and coipjilexity of.tjfce laWA' under whicb the cdmmerce of ih^ country i*.,,rfiu-IBted ; with which llfey Vere'forcib'y inipressbd, in llie .v�:j plV..-.,ofbal,a,..evegeUh.e,,,fmild^dM^^^^^^^ tifli; -It is entirely free of lbose�cUri'odin^T.r1ds whieii^fotm "-----^--'^i^'-.'i'^'^^ IhebasiKufniusf.Tdoth'powdrrit, and Mhieh-'eventually prove �o.destr\ictive.-.(u -(he'breatli'a'balniy'-iVagraiifc^V-a'nd' fallihle prp�-rvnrive- against dec'iy and the-tuuth-ache. Price 29.9.I.--.:- �:..:lfica9y*'in'a'-i�4tBph|pi| entitled An iBiit^hM Hail-/' inElusedi'badd -'7sjlh Eurupcjaud witblllf-CuIyu;esy.aud.ou: the parlfcufar lul^resis coiictrped. , ' i :;Of,the.fir..imjiorted ff:oiit lhe',jiol�aber,iiqiKirted from Mem^l, Uaiitzig^ and>jiu7M most ppplijcable to (he pur. poses uf Miip.jbuildli>g.i ,^hej North Awemcan jlipiber is tnof^ eo% less d/irab)e., ?it4 "every desoripiiun nt it i^ore liable, (huugb >u ^ ff -t 'thedd(iei^0il'foi�ii^tlmber^4roaid�ltoon(i6 10 'an>ilici-toed '-demifi>4 AV) Alicie fiir imist purposes'of; finildiog; 'audenabter'tiie'^nnf ries' whicb-(irodnce 11,' bu t 'Snore esjftrnilly Swt^D-aiid'NorwByj very greatly lo increaciT -'ibefr eonsi/mpiioiVof-'BnIish produce.' A* ihi�-cireumsranc^^ -'hbWever,"nul'lake' place without 'diminishing' Ibe-'dinch�f lrade;'ji;But'the Commil-i itlee-canuotiperBnadeitheiDselTeBlliat the facility of procuring Jhe^besbiaudTchtepestcUinmoditicBfrom other.ciittiitries, so -essentialI0!tfaei..iatere8ts^-ar:con)inerce,.can be;found:ulii-..amtetyi' those .of.,- navigalioii^and'ahipping, itbe.great' iiiMrutaeot- by.which- commerce is mainlamrd; .,mbre ��pecially;!at; a .time.: wJien^ it. iappears~by : thV con-�iirrenl-.-teslimuuy:iaf ^Ihe best -informed .persons,., iliat tbe^ rate-'OMreigbt.and;other;circamstances alteudanf on .Britishahippiog,.eqabiett tocnier:,inlo.'asuccestful romper .|ieiilion.with itbal ofcveryoiber country, on -ihe globe. ..^'Iie 'Gomrotltee at tbe saittelime,>iidulge .a:confident-hope: that 'the .cunsidernlion.iQf:the-state ofisome other hrauches of trade in obich Ihey. aicv about 'lo:engnge .will-anggest the .means, of, giVjrng.addilional.employineuLlo. the shipping uf this co.unlry.,',.: :..... ...:.,:.:,.� . The Cutnniillee would by- no mean�,Jiowever^angge8l, fur ,t^adop^iqii.9,f .Pa^liameiU, a.ny. sudden alteration-:vf>tbc, thegruwlh of Canada^ niight .he.e;B^relyexclu^�d�^rum the means of :cumpetilion':iir the British. market,., ^And 'they thi-refuresubmitr,that under all the' .Circumstances UI ..which, lliis .trade - hns-Origin, aied- and' been carried onj it may be still pKpedreot to compeusalelo.. Ihe Canadian, merchant and .Impoi-lpfiby such limiled,diMyt�Wr.q) necessary;foe thatipprpote, the di%i:c^ce'.'ul !.'fr^ig($>,.aiid ..Irauspurty s^r'as'/^to .bniie their wood liittsi |be;BriifsbJnBtbet't�ieegttal.tectqsi.'^itb Vuod of iheaapie dimeps)uiisi,lhe:grunr0at|:o^eM;n.out|ties, But-tiie Comii|iltee.Qre.�f opinion,,.lhaUtf it should be^ found uecessary/ur.purpusp*:lhc growth of ibeAi^endaiLCotunies,, ,:, : .-T ;Jii'deJMnd'eolly'oflj]�e above..general.consideFSlions:oii the regnlalifn oC-(h|stra4ei.tbe,Culnm)Uee.feel it ihett^rduiy.lp nuli,ce.lwo poluts-ttf.a siibocdioale .^alure,.:|iir9bich it appear* thai; soine ntteralion'"iir..lBefexif(tiig.'regulaC{uu;wttuhl lifehyiCa^ftberKqiiisite...,,;:  i-,^ 'orwi�y,deals, which.ace-all..of..ffpall:dimensions,.bavc-labouted under:an-uofiuitdisadtranlagein.lhe Briii�bmarkett iTIieCummtltce 8ubmi^tjliallt'wui^td:bf expedient that all iwuvdtti.e growth br'foreign.^^lii'lri,ea:shuui(l,Jw^^ BOhjectto: an.equal,j)ropur|iuusle,raf.eaf duty^airdihai fiir thi� .purpo^e^ai gi^aduslrd: scale, according. tiin|)et:.;>a|td..tU�^Cuair iui�feeare*at^fied:|hpi;:ParJia,men|;-wiU.l^i(iil?;1l.eiipt;di�ut to rfnifli*lb'iMinncdhi\eiit,,fi^m'l(b� employe capital ijiiiaw milts, by makinjffb^duty payable uii JealS at least equi��}eol fH pp j^imher m the tug. , :;./tbs^uim^l(tce!h|iy.e,^nu^^ed;ja'.cvpy ufsci.niiicliaFthe evidence ��'.i;elitle8;to.ibesubjrft nuller-uf tbjs K.epQi-ti ihe necessity l? {greater a dc;;i-ee must Ihe same perplc-xitv and apprphenaiuu of danger operalc lu f^rf ign roiinlrics and y-.i furrign nicreiiants,,whose acqnaiulance which all the regulations at cumincrre might he n-ferrrd, 8n,d. under which.the .trajisacliuns of raerrhanis,enf;agtd in the trade of the'Uuited Kingdom, niii;ht be con -ut-ted-with facility, with safely, and wilh conlideiirp. The rommcrcial reslnclinnx, lo which Ihe mfercuursc of the United iCinijdumFvitb-I'Oi-eigu States issubjei led, inuv be classed under three heads; first, those intcnued for tiie improvement uf itsnavigatiou-, -lud'lhe-.snpporlrnrils naval power; secondly, those.which arise out of the nccessity-of drawing from cummeVce,,iu common wilh otIiPr resoutcrsv a. .'proportion of the public revenue ; and, Ustiv, those neces-eory to the prolpction afforded to .various lu-anchcs of one domestic industry, for iheporposc.:of securiDg:lja ihein tin-iiiteruAl supply of ihe coiiiitry, and the export to Its several colonies, , ' - --. : � -.1 he bend of resfrirlive protect idnp, tdwhich the altentiun . .and inquiry of yonrComniiltee; has bien in Oie first instance directed, IS, Ihatwhif^hcompi-theRds thp Acts inlended tur the support and.ejjtensinn of British shipping. It wiiuld he superfluui^s lo pnrsue the liislorv of our Ian s for the promoli�n.of;Brilishcominerre anil uaviealion, fri/.i the cailiest ppriud4it'..whLch the subject apiiears to have u.'pl*ce.�){tlheir growlh; oqd cxcln-iivf 1/ in Bthiidi Bliip.->,;owiiB*by Btilif.h SubjcclB, andnnvigajedin a cerlaiit'prdputliuu.-byBritlsh aj^aineu. '1 o the laltee^ that gooit*: enumeratPdi �oTOiUg�ftqm ilifferent c'onnt^ies of -Europei shall be imported either in ships tbe:slaies ofitthicb ihpyaeetheprodnce, and ov(qed and na�ig^tedjhy ;

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Publication: British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: September 18, 1820