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British Press (Newspaper) - September 13, 1820, London, Middlesex NbmbeW 5545. LONDOIV^, WEDNfeSPAY, JSEPf 6MBER 13, mo. Price Td^ THKATRB-ROTAli .DRVRY.ZANB: ! The last Thrte PerformaoCes of Mr. K^an, before lis positive Urpartnre ror.America. - i ;, - \Vedncii(l�y,Sept�ml>er 13, iSaO The Public ere reiip�Ctfairjr inarmed, th&t in conseqaencc ; of the ludisporffion of Mr. Reau,-h6 cannot have the Jio-nuiirAfappearinfrlhis EveoiHe. T0-MORROt\%, THURSDAY. Sppt. his Majesty's Servants will psrform.SliaJcspeare'B Tia. . getlv of . � . .. � ., , .  ,. . . .1 OTHELLO. Kukc of Vrnicp,,,Mr./.Tlmmpsoo? Othello, Mr. K ;isfn, representing an lllnminated Oriental <Jaiden, and will be opened as usual at Eight ii'Clock, fur the admittance of the Second Price, which commences at Nine. Boxes, 5s.; Second Price, 3s-Pit, 3s.; Second Price, ls.'6d-Lowei; Gajlery, 2s.; Second Price, Is.-Upper Gallery, Is.; Second Price, 6d. Private Boxes may be had nightly of .Mr. Sievepson, of whom Places arc to be taken, at the Box Ol�ce, Strand Entrance, from Ten till Four. Tomorrow, The Baron De Trenck, with Free and Easy. THEATRE ROYAL ENGLISH OPERA-HOUSK By special Permission of the Riclit Houourable .the Lord Chamberlain. FOR THE BENfeFIT OF MR. BARTLjEY, ' Stage Manager. iNSATVRPA'Y'BVENING NEXT, Sep. tember 16, will be presented (for Hia't Night only), Shakspeare's Comedy of fHE MERIIY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Sir Juhn FalstSiil',. Mr. Bartley; Mr. Fordy Mr. Egerton (!)y pernii'ssion of* the Proprietors of the Theatre Royal Coveni-gardeii); Abraham Slcnd,er, Mr. Hark-y. Mrs. Ford, Miss Jvellji'-Mrs. Page, .Mrs; Chatterley. ; _ To;coiiclude-with;(firsl.linie at this Theatre) the melo-dratna ' rnlier] THE.INNKEEPER'S DAUGHTER. { Mary, .Ijiss Kelly. Tickets to be bad, o/^ Mr, Bariley, 4, St. James's-place'; My. Hookham's Library, Bond.street; Mr. Saras's, Pall-inail; and at the Theatre.' , ARMY CONTRACT CoikMissAni&T 1) toiqiTaeiiT, TaBistittV--Chambers, S^raetiBCR 11^:1^30.. . 3 MINISTERS' ASSISTA'NT. conrlude with, for the'third time,' an (ni,t ijuite) en(:irely New Fai-ceitif^tEie Mn-Hii by Mr. M.iCo'rii),'tailed ' TREAif;LEiA:N;lX;MUSi-ARD�.-^ - -, Or,;. MV.,AyNirs TRAGEDYij. si , � Boxes;43;.aiid3's.-Pii2.s.-,Galler^^ Dopi-�open'HaIf--past'-FiVc^bPgiii Half jiast 'Six.-Sccon.d Frice:Hal|V.past;Eig(jt^f!: '^"..-J'^i'"� 0� Monday riex(.''*ill be'prbduceda NewXlraroa,,,foupfl j vn the'.newly?puijlishBd Nbvel??/;Tfi'e"Abb'oi;'' 'rfnd^r''th?; i '"tie hf .Mary. ,Qt*.ena|;iScot�3itjiS-S'h(JtEBfc-rfpe.*im"E6�^^ ' This day is published, in 3 large vols. 12mo. price 18s. ^HE CONTESTED ELECTION, or a Courtier's,Premise, dedicated (by permission, to the Duke of Leinster). By A. M. ENNIS, Auihor of " Ireland, or the Monlague Family," Printed for A. K. Newman and Co. Leadcnhall-street. The following will appear this Autumn : ELEANOR, or the.Spectre of St. Michael's, by Miss C. D. Hayncs, .4uth6r of "The Foundling of Devonshire," &c. 5 vols. THE FEUDS OF LUNA AND PER'OLLA: a Romantic Tale of the 16th Century, 3 vols. LOVERS AND FRIENDS, or Modern Attachments, by Anne of Swansea, 4 vols. FARMER OF INGLEWOOD FOREST, by Elizabeth Helme, Third Edition, 4 vols. VERY STRANGE BUT VERY TRUE, or the History pf an Old Man's .Young Wife, by Francis' Lathom, Second Edition, 4 vols. THE MIDNIGHT WANDERER, or a Legend of the Houses of Altenberg and Lindendorf; by Margaret Campbell, 4 vols. GARY'S NEW ITINERARY. This day is published, price ISs. in boards, ARY'S ITINERARY; being an accurate Survey of the Roads of England and WaleSj with part, of Scotland, made by command of bis Majesty's Postmaster-Geiieral, containing Routes to upwards of 9,000 'Places, not given in any other work of this description- . the whole of ihe Noblemen and Gentlemen's Seats; a complete List of the Stage Coaches, with their time of departure^ and arrival; Maps of the-environs of the principal . Watering Places. This Edition contains, in addition to the former articles, a List of the Cross Country Stage Coaches, shewing the most direct public conveyance from town to town. Note.-This Work may be bad, bound with a set of County Maps of a corresponding size, price \l. 14s. calf, gilt. ,. Published by John Cary, No. 86, St. Jartles's-street, near the Palace; and may lie had of Ihe principal Booksellers throughout the kingdom. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. WAKEFIELD, At. Garraway's Coffee-house, 'Change-alley, Cornhill, on MONDAY, Oiitober 9, at Twelve o'clock, in Four Lots, r^OUR CAPITAL FREEHOLD FARMS, partly Tithe free and Land-tax redeemed, situated in the parishes of Wlieeley, St. Osyth, Great Bentley, Wicks, Wormiiigfurd, and Thorp, in the County of Essex^ contain, ine altogether 6o3 A.. 3 R. 23 P. all in the highest state of cultivation, let to Messrs. Ablelt, Hardy, Bn�h, ind Rawlins, most responsible tenants, for upwards of l.OOOf. per annum, with exdellenlFarro-huasesand Buildings of every descriptioi'. Particulars may be had at Mr. Wakefield's, Brook-slrept, Ipswich ; the Three Cups, CPlchesler ; of Messrs. Meggy and "Chalk, Chelmsford; Messrs. J-dcksons, Rochford ; at Gari-away's; and of Mr. Wakefield, Land Surveyor, 34, Pall-mall. NEW LOTTERY. . ARt'IN and Go. 8, Comhill, and 120. Ox-fordrsti-cet. request their Friends, will Call for a Scheme of. tjie NEW .LOTTERY at either of the above Offices, it being impossible within the limits of an Advertisement to develope the peculiar advantages of purchases made before the 5tb of October, the day the Drawing com-lUences. The principal features of the present Lottery are, there are 7,6U0 Tickctsi-4,S00 of which will be drawn the Fi^-at Day. TwpPrizes of 10,000/. will be drawn within the first quarter of an-liotir, and all Blankx drawn on that dity will be entitled to Ml. each Ticket, ot Shares to a prnportiwnate value, if ipresenlKlon or before the I3th of October, hut not afterwards, thus.giying'to tlie early Adventurer a superior and decided advantage. The Scheme also conlains Two Prizes of 2O,O00Z. with the usual proportion of other Prizes. MARTIN and Co.,look forward with confidence to a re-'curi-ence of that patronage it will ever he theii; pride lu'ac* knowledge, ifud beg leave to st^te that,the last Prize of 10.00(1?. MONEYi � was Sold by them, at 8, Cornhill, and 120, Oxford-street. EJtTIiACt OF A LETTER FROltt: "iDJitHAr, aRipN, DATED HEAD-QOARTEII.S, BAlilitlfiiVitLA, JD LV 8^ � �'i r, have the satisfaction of statingtHiat.'wiliave dilvenlhe Spaniards to ihe grails of Carlhagejicf, ^ffeijbayiiig tikeii the Whole Spaiii)^ 'fleet-iyi the rivel- M?^[(ilal^^h amowiiting to , �inbout 2t gttn^bitiiti^ tbott'tof tlieiil ^ithiS{ii*:Uliidi^',iu)dJPrig. 24.ppun<Jeririj.;H]�p:'all;:tlieVw4k'Hke litptcSj-W park uf'brnSB artillefy,' libwitzers, mortars,' and ^battering train complete'. 'The army bf Antio(iu1& has joined us, also 2,500 men of the AVmy of the- Nortbi ill the! Provinceof � iSauta Martha. Twothonsand more of this ariny-are on their waydoWni ftith' tfie K-eSident Bolivar at tlieir bead, and 1,000 more regulars are to arri^efrom Antibquia-this week, so that we shall have rlTeCtive troops-of-the .line 4,000 strong, besides 5,000 militia: This' province rose to arms, at ourentering it,to a man. The army of the north, under the command of General Urdaoeta, operates on Sau/a Martha, Rio de la Hache, and M'aracaibo. " Our force in the Magdalena is at preserit 42 vessels of war, and our communication.with th6 wholeof the interior open; immeuse sums of gold are expected- down, as the Country is much in want of goods. " The port ofSavani(la has.been declared an open trade, and acustoni-liouse establishment. It is a fine bar. hour, well protected by a strong battery, and a town ia to he built immediately; it communicates by a channel with the Magd%lena.' (Signed) RRION." " P.S. The head-quarters of the main army is-at Tur-baco." , EXTRACT OP A LETTER, DATED AtJX CAYE8, . JULY 26. " News just now received from Jamaica:-Two cargoes of cotton.wool are already arrived at Kiiigston, from Sava-nilla. The i nlerior of New Grenada is perfectly quiet, and in favour of Bolivar ; only Carthngena and .Santa Martha hold out, but are blockaded. Every family that has not provisions fur six mouths has been sent out of both places. The Archbishop of Carthagena and the Viceroy have fled, and are at present in Jamaica. It is said that the latter is a di-minitive old withered man, with a head not above five inches in diameter, and that his exterior appearance makes a sin, gular itnpression on people who recollect the enormities which he has committed. He lives at kiugston, in the house of a Jew, and, besides jewels,, has saved half a million of dollars. Briou is blamed for having suffered that prize to escape." EXTRACT OF A LEtTEtl, DATED BUENOS AYRES, JUNE 16, " The poUtical state of this country appear^ to be in as great confusion as that of Spain. Alvear and Carrcra are near Santa Fe, but it is not exactly known what foVces they have under them; they ptohably do not exceed 1,000 or 1^200 men. If they wei-e assisted,'as tv'aa reported, by Ra-inirea, the Governor of Entr<�-Rios, attd Lopez, the Governor of Santa Fc, tbey.woold most likely before now have made an attempt on this town for the placing Alvear at the head of the government; for Carrera iiiiust have a person com-, pletely devottd to hira in office berebefoie he can carry his viewsuu Chili into effect. But these plans are fur the present disconcerted by Artigaa, who has attacked and defeated a . party of400 of Ramirez's t loops in Enlre Rios, and possessed himself of the Aunoyo de la China; heafierwards marched towards the jurisdiction of Carrientes, whither, it is said, Ramirez has set out with a body of troops. It is supposed that, in case of success, he will annihilate Artigas. These two provinces remain in a state of anarchy and confusion. The port of Baxada de Santa Fe is sbut, and no vessels are allowed to pass down or up the river. " Here we are quiet as yet, but a change is fully expected. I am inclined to believe that Alvear will eventually ^ Governor here, as be ha..: a strong party in his favour. " From Cllili we have letleh to *he 8th of May: no arrivals had come in from Lima. The expedition to sonic part of the coast of Peru would sail in this mouth." vwhich 'Was abrother of.Bliujal� Siugj �i We have been mfdrmed by a Gentleman who has rccenllv amvedatiCalcntta from BelaVia, that the fiillifrC Of the expedition against . Palcmbang has greatly cmbarrB�sed and, disappointed the (ietherlaiids Auihorities in Ja.Va. TJie .Guvernment Has drowfeU-its deterinmaiion l� nf'ikt aiioitier attempt to chastise the Sultan; but we imder-, slitnd-lhat neither the state of the Treasury, nor the nnmher of-disposable iroopa which ba^^'stlrVired ihe last effort, will admit of the formation �if suafi: an arMattient as cxptrience hatf proved will be necessary. We have also been inforirt-ed, -that the fiscal airangcments established at Batayia, and the litlleencPuragement given to-the cultivators, particularly of Coffee, have couti-ibuted to diniinish.the supplies of the colonial eJcchequer; The liigh'price of ihaity articles'tlie produ,ce.o{ the cotinlryi and the heavy duties levied oh theitl when exported, bajie almost anDihilated ^foreigl) commerce; arid we diidersiand (hat Amerit^an Vesels that proeeisdcd to Balavlavrirh, dollars foe the ptiiptfse of trading, departed witliout taking gi any cargo. The cnltivalors.ivbosupjilied the Gpvernraeitt with-Cbff^/-^^ 6n._ccintract�/ft>t'sWled prices, have not benefited by'tlie'"st"aie of the' niarJtet- and many, of^them have changed their former mode of lire, and turned tlieir industry inip other chauhtls.- The Majay portion of the pupalatioduf represented to be greatly discontented with its.present masters, and to be ready to join in any^Sfurls that may effect a change. Our new settlejnent at Singapore is, We undt-rstand, liitle spoken of at Batavia ; but we collect that it is, nevertheless; an object of political jealousy. REVOLUTION IN SICILY. Details of events which took place in sicily, from the 14th to the 19th july [From the," Gazette de France:'} TRUSSES. ' N cotist-qiieiice, of the demand for, 8'ifi Sfgat '� bertefit derived frpin, the use of PIN DIN"s PATENT, TRUSSF-S, VithbUt^nietallic springs,GA WAN and CO, beg^ ; leave to inform the Piiblic, that their .Manufactory is ninv'af' No,^ 2.00, Fleet-streeti; These Trusses are- highly apprb��ed olf ti'y Ihe inosji.emiHeiit,Soi-|:eoiis in to,wi].aml cpiint/yi.jail'd', recoiniiiend^ ttn' �ccHaiit_ur tlieir great and' uniform pres^ isHre,:witfadut'cha<Ing.'V'Resp^^^ given, to .Surgconii,iaiiVdioili�sV:*hb hjiire proved their gpbd^effec^ Xj,�p�e,by whuiftpieeLTrusscs havebcehiworn^^ preferenye.^.t.tif^i'P.jiPjn �cnm\ejtenceof;ih^^^^ the hips, Bnij-^beilai;ges,tpartt fo?ihc tliigfv6faliDg^wh1cl(\srde'the jpcnd uu being correct ly fitted. '  � - - - East indies. Extract from the Bombay Courier of the 6tb of May:- tJEirioN, APRIL 1. On Hhe 27th nit. the Hon. the Lieutenant-Governor, attended by Mr. Granville, returned to Colombo, from Aripo, after being present at the late iuspectiou of Ihe pearl-banks. We are informed, tliat after a very toilsome and accurate examination made by Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton, the su-. perintendant, the Modrogam Paar was the only bank found to yield oysters in a proper state of maturity. Orders have in consequence been given to fish this baqk without delay, which it is estimated will yield about two lacs aud a half of oysters. The fishery is macle on behalf of government, and the oysters are to be disposed of on the beach, is lots or otherwise, as circumstances may render expedient. ^ CitCDTTA, APRII, 10. . Rohilkund, March 28,1820. The notorious rebel BhujahSing, who has for.upwards of lli years infesied the jungles on the north-east frontier of the Bai-elly and Shabjuhanpoor district, commenced his yearly depredations in the begiuniifg of this month, by carrying off the Zemindars of three villages, for ttie purpose of com-pelliiig tliem to ransom their persons.' The troofps on this frontier were divided into small parties, .npne exceeding 30 men 5 but as the force of these marauders was variously estimated from 100 to300meri, a reihforcemeiitof a Risaldar from the 1st Robilla horse at Barelly,,and a. party of Sepoys under Lieutenant Chitty, from Shabjuhanpoor, were_imme. diaiedly ordered out to Strengthen the''out-post, and the necessary arrangements wjere made to repress these predatory incursions. ' On the evening of the lath March, Lieutenant Chitty re. eeived inform.i^tion that -Bhujab Sing:was eaeaniped in a thick jnnfile on the bapks ofthe Chpoka Nullah, and at two d.m. on the moriiing of the IBtli, marched to him with the fbrce under his immediate coiiiinand, consisting of about 40 Sepoys and 20 Suwars. - ?- . Tlie enemy had taken "the precahtion to ppstfour picquets of eighteen men each, to prevent a surprise, one of which .was extendedaconsidefafaledistance on .tlieroad Icadiug to this eucanipnient; but Lieutenant.,Chitfy being apprised of this, wasSnablcdi by ilie darkness of the morning; to move round them unobserved,- and haviiigcextended: his' men for ; the purpose of .cutting off the Tetreatjof-the eh^niy (the .-thickiieesbf the jiiuglehot permitting tb^nalo act in a'body), ;^.^mart.indepehdent firing cominebeed^.whiiph was coiitiuucd f&iaboiU halfi^u;bo^5, aiv'''^;�!'s'?i.r6trealei.along;the. ' banks' of the Nulfah, when.lheir ammunition bemg ex ; they precipitately fle'd, and wereApurWiaitor: iearly tw^^ ; hours, until not a nian.reinaineiin'sight.'i \ The NaibRiSaldar, .vjihp cpn�manaed the! Suwars, being ; killed at the cpmlriencemerit'df'lheiac^ : io.tricaj:^ of the juagle;TeDd�l:iug thejto^ -Tbe'lossof theeneiny "atrtouBlcd to 12 killed, among The people had pillaged the house of the Pro-cureur-General, Thomasi, with the design of supplying tlieaifeelves vfith the arms which were there amassed, and of burning the recovds of criminal pro-cesses which were there collected. While the infantry were assisting the efl'prtsof the mutinous, D. Diego Naaelli, the King's Lieutenant and the Procureiir-GeneraJ, Thomasi, thought to seek safety in flight. M. Thomasi communicated this project in writing to M. tlie Cardinal Archbishop, and set himself about execotinjiit with the aid' of Rear-Admiral Staili, by embarking in the pocket-boat the Tartar, a small transport vessel, which was at anchor in the road off Palermo. Scarcely hnd D. Diego embarked when his hotel was pillaged and reduced to ashes, together with the Rear-Admiral, who had favoured his flight. Bat the fury of the people raged mostly against the Prince of Caltolica, and the Ex-Commander, Aceto, who, it was said, had, in the Council held during the tiight of the l6ih and 17th, traitorously advised that the people should be driven from the forts by the troops, and delivered up to carnage. M. Aceto was seized on his flight; as he had the good fortune to turn aside from himself the suspicion of trea5on, he was only shut up under a strong guard in the Archiefiiscopal Palace. The lot-of the Prince of Cattolica-was mqre terrible. He had taken refuge in a house in the suburbs. Betrayed by his own people, he-was delivered over to the fury of tlie populace, who finished his sufferings by chopping off his head and quartering his body. In the interval, the fort on the Mole surrenderedj the garrison was drawn out as prisoners, and secured, with other soldiers, already captured. The cannons were pointed against the door of the prison, to exterminate the prisoners should they seek by any means to escape. The number of those who have been killed or wounded, on either side, in these days of Carnage, is truly frightful. The Journals have stated that there were three or four" thousand victims. The number is even more considerable. Among the dead are, Colonel Luchesi, Lieut.-Colonel Termini, and the Duke de Vaticani. The rumour that the Princes of Villafranca, Cuto, and Paterne lirtd peris-hed, is not confirmed. The rest of tlie day (J7lh) passed in the an est and incarceration of soldiers who were overtaken. The night followin-j; was more tranquil. On the morning of the 18th, there was fresh shirmishing iu the suburbs, until the remaiii-d�r of the soldiers were either dispersed, or shut in the prison'of the ijaHey slaves. The fury of tlie populace did not appear even yet appeased. They pillaged the house of the Advocate Paolo, senior Fiscal-General of the Court pf Justice, and that of the 'Marquis Ugq, Directenr of Police. The citizens thereupon interposed, and stopped the ravages of the vagabonds and wretches without any abode. lu tlie noon of the 18'h the rumour spread that General Church,'.who had the forces of Trapani, was marching at their head upon Palermo ; this caused new movements ainong the people. The Junta of Goverm'ent, which had been . formed after the departure of the King's Lieutenant, was busied about the means of aecurfng the galley prisons, uud the prisoners escaped from the slave-: holds and gaols,and driving the peasants and'olher ; bad subjects from the city to the different neigh-; hpnrboods from whence they had come. Jnthe ijight of theiJSth and 19th, several of the : cannoii which vhad been pointed against the prison-sw he re the soldiers were confined,' were spiked. The I'lkeeping: of the CBnoon had been confided to the |coast;artillery /ar ) Sanzo was killed 'on the spot witli tlip l�(n;v of u firelock ; his children and household wi-re imprisoned. On the thorning of the igllii ihl' body cf the unfortunate Saiizo ttisi dragged to the ga'e "f >i'i'> Antonio, the- hands and \ie;i(i ifreie cut off; tl,.: latter was borne upon a pike. In one of th-Suburbs the house of a General was pillaged. Th-^ Authorities took- mensures for reniovinc: the bc-dies of the slaiu fiom the streets, in order 'hat they might be interri-d or burnt. The palace ->i the F^rince of Cattolica, who was m-assacred, wa, on the request pf the Cardinal Gravina and '.'f f.l)-Prince of Patern ri. In the evening '.li-^ Prince of Aci was arrested, and placed uinl'.-r i guard in the Palace of the Archbishop, as the Ex-Conimauder Aceto had been. The Junta proclaiihed a general amnesty f.jr .tU that had passed, on condition that the giilley-lave: , malefactors, and other bad subject?, would ilp-ir :> themselves and quit the city, wiili money and ports, which were to be given thein for thf^ir rout-. They were threatencd,iii case of refusing obediern---, to be condemned in future lo tlouble th- p-.-wliy to which they were before subject. The lalesl i:"---* from Sicily continues to represent that kiiiirdoin M being torn by the most fearful anarchy. Tliere -.-i-few of the cities which are not a prey to the most frightful disorder. The dani.ige done to Palerni) is incalculable. The domains are entirely pilliigTl. The losses of the principal personages, the houses �;>1 Battera', P-aterno, Trabia, &c. are immen-�e. The Gazette de France of the 81I1 insUint, has llie following article under the head of " Rt-vobitio-i in Sicily." We liave received from an eye-ciine?s the fpUjw-ing details of the events that lia\e taken plac-:: ;!i Sicily, from Ihe 14th to the igtli of last mon'li. It was oil the morning of the 14th that a Kind's transport brought from Naples the news of liie Neapolitan revolution, and the proclam-itinn of'he constitution of Spain. The Crew wore tiie co.-k^nl-of the Carbonari. This Circunsstance exritf^d '.li-; attention of the people of Palermo. On tlie tv-::^ ing of the same day, which wus the fourth d'jy 'Jf the fete of St. Rosalie, a great number of liie inhabitants were seen wearing the tti-coloured cork-ade, which was of red, black, luid sky bl'.i-. Clubs were formed, and deliberations held on fate of Sicily, and they i-esolved that that island ouj^ht '.0 be independent of Naples, as in ancient time-*. To the tri-coloured cockade already ad.'ijjteJ ih"/ added a yellow ribband, and wore it on the brt i,t as a sign of Sicilian independence. On the Saiu.-day morning (15th July) every body was obli-^eil 'd � ivear the constitutional cockade with the yellcv ri?5-. band, and those who refused were ill trease-i. Strangers were obliged to wear the yellow nbb-ind, with the cockade of their own country. In t!'-evening the public walks were full of inhnbitau--, with these cockades. The Carbonari wer-' 'Jin^ abo, with their colours. It was posted on the wilis that the King of Naples had,, on the 7th, .nc-jeuted tlie Spanish Constitution. This e.\-cited the ritii-c-jle of the people, who hastily torstdowfi the Ki-i^' ^ anna from the notice in which tKe news -.v-.!, it-t-nounced. The name of the- .Minister Tommasi, wh.j had sijJiied liie Proclamaiioii, was also to-.i-.i dyvjn. The evening was terminated by the proce?sio-i '.1 Saint Rosalie, at which tiie Senate of Puitni-.-, the Archbishop of that city, the Cardinal Graviii-j, and the different authorities assisted. The i;na4t. of the Saint was borne in the prucessioH, df(.�o-a'.c'a with the Sicilian cockade and the. yellow ribband. The procession had scarcely finished vrhen teves it Soldiers of different corps, wearing (he nniforiii .11 the Carbonari, ran through the streets, cryint; " Fiue la Constitution .'" The people repeated the cry, with the �addiiiou of " fife la Troupe de< Carbonari." The principal street cf Palermo, cslled Cas-Kro, was full of soldiers and of people. Among the confusion of cries were heard, "Vive le Ct/nstitu-tion.'"-" Vivfi le ion l)rdre..'"-" Vive Hohes. pierre Vive Scinte liusalie .''^ The tumult increased when Lieutenant-Genernl Church, acting as Caplain-Geueral, accompanied by the BrigaJjo'r Caglitore, and ordered the soldiers to retire witho^Ji., noise. . . The people received ihe'crd^r nilh fmsts

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