Saturday, August 26, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - August 26, 1820, London, Middlesex . frf. '� .T.:-.M.....rrrr Price 7d, o|ien for (lie. iMt ipcrfoi-maneet oMtfe. �-Kearii-^'t^Rt'r^ bia' poailivfedepartiiie for America ' TH4SvEVENING. SATURDAY, Anp. 26.; 'eecly of ', ' ,.' "i'.' V CTautliuK, l?,in|f of,,DfpmBr^, A^i; PphjbII ; BflrpJft, Mr i ITiai); PpIn^i!^s^n]r:iVIanflfa;- lAerl^V^Mrw.JrJfrtfs; Ho-riilio, Mr.tiionipion ; ^Adsl of'Hainle^>K.7nl.MrvMr. Pope.i Gertrude, Qiie^.�5,flf,Pfjnfnafk,,ft}jr8.,ggvrjDfI;,OpheJi^ Miss; . , ..;,Aftnr,? heFBrpe.of. Ol^.DpHy,i4U.^oj�^(?o;,!9Tndqs;:Mr�iRyRiKn; G Mf. Thoii)piOD;i , �hfMiss'Cubitlv Ghnrloil?, Mtf). EHwin,,^ ,,,,,,". ,j ,... ,. , .. . ; BoJies,?^;; Second Pao?, 3s.; ed,.i-Pit, ZK.:6i>. Sifcond; T>rice,\iB.r-TLoKPC Oalffry�,2si..jS^cpni4: Pricey, Ja^Vvff* Gallrry,' ^cond l�n(!e, 6jl. ' Tlie. Doors iijilj 6e, K o'qloflc. The B >a}'SiF^BeptieiL..:. :.. r ; On M^'dsyiblbelloVoihe'ilo, MriKean-waK'TheVj^^ ^^'hn "k^^j Tow^"'MjdCoiintry: Reuben Glenroy, Mr. Kean-with-Past Ten o'GlucJti-' THEATRE-ROXALy^HAVMARe'ET. fTlHIS EVENING-, �ATURDA^, Au^. 26, Jl will be performed tlie favourite Conjedy of PIGEONS ANb CRO^S Sir Peter PiKwit^gin,,Mr..Listen ; Capt:PigiTiegIht alias Keville, Mr. Joiiesr,: Mr.> lUiiz,-Mr. Wiiiiartis } Mr: tV'add, Mr. Farley; Mr. Blpn Jly� Miss Carewr.  To conclude wilh an Apolo'y for a. Procession, and a Gianil FinalH^ byall thecliaracii-rs of-the Ruglisb Opera-house. To coi>cIude with, 4!b^time, an entirely new Faroe, in two acUi, called. WHAKG EONG; Ot^ HOW: REMARKABLE I Maiqitisde Clialilloiii .Mr. Ti H; Coojie; Mr. Lnvemnre, Mr. Ronbolham ; Mr. Murmur, Mr. Lancaster ; Zedekiah IViiet, Mr. Wilkinson; T.imo;th. Mrs. RaJlU lallat, HrBitJrpve.; Claia, Mi!ial,oye;-Sus�u, Mrs. Piiidar frniiui ihie Souboruueh Theatre, her 4tb appearance oil a Umdon stage). The spacioiis. Saloon has been again taslrfnily filte^ up wilii a irnv^ �Iesigii,~ representing 8tt IHiimtnaieit (')rieri|al ffBiden, ami will benpeiied as usual at Ei^hl o'eiilt'k, for ihe admittauce bf the Sicoud Price, wliTcll cumiii'eiices a,t Nine. Doors'open at lUlf-past Siitj and (he Performance to b?. -gill at Sevrit. " . Private Boxes may be had nightly of Mr. Stevenson, of whom Places are to be taken, at the Boi GiHcc, Strand Eii. trance, fioin Ten till roiir. Oil. Monday, The Blind ^i;y-Patent Seasoiis-^nd The ! A new OReratic Drama, in tbr^e acts, wl|l he produced rarly in ntxl weik." , ^ WrREY THEATRE. IHlSHYENtliNG. SAl UKDAVi August 26, Kjli'be presented a Comic Dance', calfrJ , ; THE WATERMEN. >After wb'ieW {I28lhlime)i the popular Romance of THE HteART OF .VIIU-LQTftlAN ; ; oh, ttii^LiLY oP .st.' le6nari)'s. John, riiiTie , Ii{S|!watic Burlett� of J^ARL^WM yjt?4X; ORj A l?ArnWM4WErUR0I?0SEDi Stage Matiagfir* Mfi Bengjiugl); I'alcli,- the Anifaiir, Mf. Fitz�'t.4l)!ii>k;: itefKnuin, IWr. WyfllU -Columbine, Miss Co()sl3ii.(J:;; 1J;c4), E. Pjit, , Boxes, 4^.-Pit, 2s,.^Gnllery,, la. ; Dnurs 9peii.-al .H�lfVH?Xt Five, begin at: Half.past-Six. H'!lf-|CA�e.a�.Kili-p95tii?IRlH. . - Uii Thurs/l^yptriU, hei tipxfnceil ah entirely ne^r-'Hrond (. uin;c CurjKtlHv' (lallgd i>'p|) rine/:! ur: 'llbe, HorrarS:of/ the I'lir/'M. ....., -.. . -  . : .. .: � tStiiLiTfiXLL, IxMDoii, iAco'iisT 2*. HE COMMIITJSE for LETimeVife _ rllT^ lANtoS will ^iel,"at G.(.|.lffiu on tWE*NCSD4ir,. the- ^Slh ,(aV of" September at Twelve n'Clock at Noon, to SEW:. by i*UBI,IC AtiCTlON 1 the OFFICE ,>i:PXACl5.of one of t|ie"t^o'iir" t)]StO)S,'ond � PftUlT TflETllRScff'the' City of Lohdio, vacant,by the death pfjMr,. Jnlm Nash: - ' - '^e^Partirnlariiand^Ciindilidnsof Sale may be seen (jn application at the Cumptrnller!* Oi]|ce, Guildbslli * � � ' ........iOS. BUSH NAN; Comptroller^. MR OWEN'S PLAN, AT the stiggesiion/-�l.. several Ertenjlfj to, ihef A*- SyslSm, M*. M�!DIE wi)k ajl Ihe fDlJnwJng,liinrSiamI S .places, rejteat the.. FIRST. Dl^SERTATiOJij preyiou*:to i . |{rocevdiiig. wtt)) thp/otjier Dtscui!rHe�i which w|U bede-: 'livered inimmediate sucrestnn :-< �� ri;^ :-* v.At. :MI,TCHGjUL?S.: ASSBMBV^'ROOMi B<�-�m6ttlli.; Btreet, -LrncolnV Inn fields,. �m THUas^D4V' NEXT,; ^ugost 3(. at Hairjiaat Spven iik tN Evening, precisely M Ibe WEl^Alb TAVE^ Atoj.'S (fEAD, Nn.'^rCATEATON-STRenT,; City, on WE^JTESbAY, SeplAraber �, at TwtlveJNmMt,: .-prefciselv. � :.� " ! � �� .-� ..j'^ii: At^the PDtTENEV RQOns, No. 4*, BREWER-' SrrlJCET, G�Meii,fq5inre, p� THURSDAY, SejHcmber'7, i 'at T*et*e JToo^jjirs^^ely. r AdntiiSton, ObeShilliifg^TickelBto be had.Bt:tbe:dif-gfcrentR^otkriiv-. .. i.; - . : r. , n "> The First Disselrlqlfon cai)si|it8of ancxpnsltion'ofithe.irne canses of the presentdistress,aMd of thedeclinennd ducnfall qfrnatiuns. l|i. f.ibe Series; practical meanaare . pninted opt for enpblwg the Ipbouriog classesimmedialelyi and w.bile-tbey remauiatlbeir'present employments, torrap . some of the principal-advantagea which may ibe-derived from Mr. Owen's System; ineasuies are already taking for fprmiug an As.^pciAt<nnr. nponthtp view, inthe Metropolis. ~~ TRAM^^^PE, BAY, IRELAND. ~~~~ W'T being tlie intention of tlie Lords CommiaF �J^.. siqnsrsof bis Majestys Treasury to grant a LEASE, "for Ninety-nine Years, of the INNER BAY, or BACK S;rRANP: oC TRAMORE,' in" the Cuooiy of Waterforrf, coi;t,ainiiis; abPM. 1,500: Acres, lo any Person or Bersntis wishing to nn^<;rtii|qe;tp. embank from the Sea and cultivate .tlie, same,; Notjc? '8 hereby Igiven, that, they will receive Proposals from any Person or Company who'may be disposj^d to,eng9ge iihthe umfertaRing, provided the same shatt be forwarded to, Gpor^e Harrison, Esq. Trei)8nry Chambers, London, previoosly to the 1st WNU ARY N EXT. , N^.-A Plan aji(J,Srction of Ihe Strand may be seen at lh(5 Engifl^er's OgicfiDjioinore Harbour. Treasury Cliambers, August 22, 1820. TpYTON. Stock-broker. 2, Cortihill, hesj* leave ali to inform bis Friends, Tickets andSharisfor the New Lottery are now on Sale at bis OiBce. The new featiireii of the. present Lottery are ao favourable to Pnrfbasers that EYTOJi has not tire least doubt there will be a scarcely before theSOth-of this Month (August), on which day the Lottery commences andliiiisbes. There are no CTasMJ,; all Sferling Sloney, no reserve of Tickets by the Contractor, as in former Lotteries; every'Nnmber put into the Wheel,'so Ibateyery Ticket will decide ijis own fate, and no ofher.- Thirty Prizes of 20,000/., 1,000/., 500/^ 200/., all in One Day. DELIVERY op THE LAST TICKET.S OF THE , PRESENT LOTTERY FROM THE BANK. B.IS.H, Cantractot for the present Lottery, , ... � iiegs. to BijuDunce-to his best Friends,-the Public, that only 1,451) Tickets,of the present Lottery remained in the Biink- This Morning,' the.Numbers as stated below, the' whole of which win. bererooved inthe course of This Day, to. hig.OSce in Cornbill. The Two 20,000/. Prizes may probably: b.e.among them : but as he makes no reserve of Tickets, Ihe Public are invited to choose any Number not B\r^Bfi}f_acinalty told-, of which they may have the whole, or any part, at either of his Offices, 4, Cornbill, or 9, Chariag-crP5((, No. 101 941 2,711 3,461 to to to to 250 1,2.^0 3,noo ai,500 No. 3,751 4.211 4,75^1 5,131 to to to to 4,000 4,^0 5,250 Those persons, however, who wish for any of the above, or for any Number, sbopld apply immediately^ as the whole toltery will be drawn on WEDNFJSDAY NEXT.-E^eiy Ticket singly-Two of 20,000/.-28 other Capitals-All in Sterling Money. THE QUEEN'S TRIAL. HOUSE OF LORDS, FniDAY, August 25. At ten minutes hefiire ten o'clock, the Lord (;;HANCEl.LOlt entered the Hoiise, ari prayers were read. Uird Ellenboroogb rose and sajd, that as the. calling of Meocch'i agaiii yesterifiiyj: and tlie Bvidenqe whicji hc.'ga.d lieibrcgiven liad tweo'tlie of a grpss attack upon a Noble" Lord liow fiHfiilinp an'oCfire of lijeh trust ahrgp.d, he^a few fact's which that Noble Lord' wooTd have made for himself had tie heeii' present, and which facts wo.uld totally destroy t1i(;statenient of which be had tp com-piahi, liitTiont'at alt liivaiidaling ileocc^i's .evidence, ' It wonid be.seeii that I^Vucchi described.himself lo.b.a've eqter-ed:the service, or to 'fiave, lived with the family p.f^er(| Stewart a'Tter bis, return from' Milan. The sjx Pf se've'd NEXT WEDNESDAY; HUE 30X11, THE W>T^-~ lEUV V�ILL>Bfc DRAWN ALL iN ONE DAY. WEBB, Stock-B/oker, 9,. Comhill, wishw [Wm tliei l^nltltc' to ��tVernse wiih-�iJ�'ntion the ^beme.oj tliK {ire((ent'l.dtt*ty. "It ba^ilM'One idij*Ftionifl�lev>?�!�fv^^ �^ (oi.iaiiisa virv small number of TickWH (ortl^ 5j|iOB),_^ye: thfre areTVl Vl'tv^e at 20,0001. �(�I 28 bflW Capitals--llm luwest IVizt-a tfe/.Vflhd'Att'ifrSerlinjf Money. Em^^ ed iii Eai^aod iii' J^rtly-;l817. " He conlioiVed/in. ana Eoglan'd tillPebi^iSfi ISIS, it,vfoujd;be a.eeiTby . , ference to proccedtpra \i?Iiic^ place in tlie Court, of CIiatiieryjthiVfie'mnst*aVebeett;jri Eiiglajid in lyjsircli l8fj;8, -...x.*-i^..u-^:L--L_- ......... this. lbsei&ci^ltioh the esamrnsttotl mlgllF miik� <�l ,'-b�cait� he admitted that,it was an irregular coiif^Q(i)fmceediog ;';bitt hf..n.t)�� .l)ad>| of;� i|tat^4&tt:iiibich-hid.been ' roaflereHtecUnff 9|tpJ>fi^U0'> *�">ltP>nlUicipriuls, whitih was most unfoniided.' It had been r^rrsciited that he bail Te.rexam/^eil M�;canse(^n0ni$|ofst(-jetteriwhi<!h he lw.d,re.qeived-iatliecourj8Rio{ryfBtfird�i.l:Irtstead;ot-wliich, he,l^uImA ;in,Cflitisi%jieacc>xiC'the deposi-: jiiPj{7s,it>ade,byrthempsi,respci:tBb|e.;*.i&rtii^s.ou. .9!t^n:tlie^Hduct of the LawO%_ersof ibe.erowivi); tlie,�e;iap/Bepdiplf�. T|ip. E^icl oCivtiiderd? e Uid,i thatc^st nff: their Lord-jSlHWllft'l offered fromJ te mi�rep*eB^t�iI(in�of Ibe, press. 'l�'lAetftrPBr�?enMi�"b,h'S'fa�*tly, uf '^^^^^=^:v'-^\!~ .-^" :'I!be;I>irdiei�ucellor,i:Tidj'!tB8(?i*|foni��ie�r of "what; bad been dune yeBferday,-he!fboilg1it� itbat oittmeofecBsieti ' applieation,:it would'be'ncv'estary for tbeir t^ordships to give It more consideration: tban-'tliey bestowed on'il'^es-. le^day;As to the: pMblicaiionr'of' the press,' it Wasdif-.fifcult'tp' decide-now.: on what Ougbr fo be done. Perhaps, the best way would be to let the'tubjeet alone for (be'pre-^nfjand take it intoGonsideration:au> afulure opporltinlty. Wiihrespect to the pubhcation named by the NoMe1. nily were at Scannoiia. A'. No; I. went before with the baggag[e, Q. WoshealBarona^ A. Yes. > : > % Q. Before Uie time when he went on Ihe voyage, had be any opportunities of seeing lEe IVinctss and Bergami lo-gether^t the villa d'Est^'the.'villa Vlllani, and at Barona.- A. Before: tbe voyage thejrrficfd'btpossesa Barona. Q. Then at Villani dnd d'Este had; be any opporinnities of seeing them together.-A. Yes. Q. How did they conduct themselves to each ofher. Dr. Lushinglonaubmitted, tbst the qpeslioii ought to be more cpiiBned-^to-parliculmra.- � . ^ Mr. Brougham 'saidi'ibat the argitmeot of. his Learned EiiSndwais, thatit was not so much a leading question as a summary one, instead of leading to the statement of- particular facts, it called for an opinion or, judgment on the whole oflhe.m. Mr- Park said that it wa� a proper qiiestion. The Lore)-Chancellor said that iher<^ wa.s no donbtenter-talned by tjiose who were" around bims^s to the propriety of the question, . Q. On liiese orcasipps how did the Princess and Bergami conduct themselves to each other? A. They were arm inarm. Q. Has witness seen that more than, once ? A. Many times, (i. Did witness ever see them tpgether, in the kitchen at the villa d'Esie?' A. Yea. <i. What did they do when tljey in.tbi?, kjilchep together. A. Sometimes fbey came thej-e. and q.rder<^d something to be provided; a i;^Rkiii was sjitea.d, aj^d; pr^iwa.-tions madii for ihePriiicess to eat.- _ Q. Were.aijy otbfr pcr^^biis present. A- SpfijeJiimes, tbey w(le iilope ; sometimes they were accoippaiije.d by ifiV; Dajne d^Honn_eur. Q. Who was Uial. A. The Counters Oldi, Bcrgami's sisler. � , ^(j. In what way did they eat. The Interpreter begged to be ailp.fv.e.4 to tell tl^e witness to hold jtistpiigu.e-while hfi, was sp.eaking. 'The quptipn wap repfatsd. 'A. Vbav.erepeiitedalready; the Priucess eat a piece herself; tfaien she presented another to'Bergiiini.' "Ecco, here li is, eat you'alsb.''' Q. Did wi.lnes.s ever. see. the P-rjii.ce^ aqjl Be/pmi Pn the hke'logether, A. 't'e.s. ' <i. VVas any oiie iyllh them. A. Sonietimej ihey were by the;mselvra,BomP.limes he rode ainl.Sihe with bim. i|iqn mjide by JOabomet in presence of the, PrincejsiL A. ^es, ' -''Q,'. ^('febat dress, European or Turkish,-did lie wear. A. Turkish/ "' ' ' V' <i'. Willwilness describe what it was that-Maljomet didip presence of the Prioqes.i. [T.he, witness: ,oia^e;a dancing jjealur^aii'd mH*'W) lite that ,w!)tt^,Meqc �jl^tb,es3:me^ J mean that' I caTi'rsay'what he had' inti) liis (lead^ he wished Iqrepr^ th'a.t. ^,: aB iri (heconr^^ftdjlie Krinces? jwas at tf|,e wJnjio,�i;; a, W^s^wi'th^ss wiibJbp^^^^ TMrin* A. Yes. q: V%i:^.tJbf:'y,atcm.!��'%^ . Q. Dqffl tjte witji^sSremymb^.U^ to Cqurt '"o;' i^oes; li> recojl^^^^ "SPfBlflSjI^eing '? BeigwPi!? bed.rooni. "A. ldt>V .'^ -: ^ 9,JVi;i!?j liffleqf .ibp: .4; bflif- uaiitVuine. , " � V . .'. - .'�:�, � / ' '-� � � ii.'Had; the PfioceiiS gbt up at tbit tim^. jl. 1 don't know.. ' ,..---':'. -'.y- �-"::::';::,-� -i.-' � ..:'�- . Q.'^PWjH'VRn'Pm.'''!?^,^^^ A V weiit'tp ..carry , ft^rJ^^^ a: 0*i:jMr|^it.qf.%r^roXBj t^B TOoiijof. ilis JjiJ.hatt upif^r. b/R:Mpa|Icl)�J!iesist�cl(iu*s,aiid.dra*fr*. bad Mipp'c'rs o'o'. . .:,..:. Dp }pp.r.e!^eg|)ber at.B8rojia:any;bam beingrgiven bjf Ihe, Frjnccse? I do. 1 ...... ; 1 ... : . What soHj uf.Aeftp'f went to Ihesa balls'.. The people of the neighbourhood'-the people of Iqw and middle,rank.; C<< examined byMr. Brougham. When did yvu.i:omBio Ibis coanlry? When tbey brought me here. . .When was that ? . About, eight or ippe days ago'. Where frere JfoM before? Witli my master-iVlioisJie? Tbf Alar^HiSjC^uesa. i How long |rave you been,in Ins service? I have been with ' hiWi near three years. U,heii,were yon examined fi^ft, ip this btlsiucsB? About,' $2 01-23 months ago. Was it at Milan? tes. Who examined you at! Milan? A map called (be Advopate ; Monradi. .Ul^o else examined you ? Ihree or four gentlemen. Have you ever seen fhese gei^tlemru stncf:? Yes, I bitve seen oneof,lhem- � ' ' Did you go to the Advocate Monc^d^s yourself, 01- were you introduced? They sent, for me, saying they wanted to speak (o me, and I weiil. ' Was 11 at ibal tim^you agreed to come here ? . Yes. Havcyou ever seen them since? Yes, I ^aye�een twonf Ihem, ni� Advoci^re Aloocftdi, and the otJiet Gentleman whom I kiiew. ' : . , What waS'lbe name of that Gentleman ? Colonel Brown. 0. 'Vi^as it Colonel Brown who s^ent for yoti- A^ Yes. Q. Hpw do you know Colonel Brown. A. Because I saw bini at tbe Advocate''s, and thir Advorate lives near my house. mean at >tjilan, A. Yes. Q. 'What wages had you with the Marquis, A, A livre of Milan a day, eating, drinking, and every thing conifuit-able, and perquisites, of which there were a good many. Q.. What wages had you with Ihe Priucess. A. Every three months 1 got ten napoleons, that is to say 10 twenty-francs. Q. Had ynu.ypnr keep, A. Yrs. Q, Every ih1ng..cqinfqrtable.-Nothing else by agreement bnt eating, and driukiiig. All had to supply myself with .all Iheresil 1 - � , ' ' <i. No perquisites in tjie Princess's house, I take for ^rantedl A- ' never received a.iiy present, except wlien they 'reluriied once from a journey; Bergami gave ine two dollars when be was made a Baron. <i. Were, you ceuk with the Princess. A. Yes. Q. Had you nO perquisites as coiik, and did you make nothing besides your wages. A. 1 left the prpfils to the other people who were with me, because tbeirjiay was small, ii. Did the Baron pay the wifiuss. A. Yes. Q. Did uot the Baron overlook Ills accponts in the hpuse. A. Yes. The Interpreter-You mean to look over, and not overlook. -{A icrngV.)' ' ' Q. tVas he very exact. A. I Jo not knpw. Q: On board ship was' yotir business above or below. A. I did my work in tlie kitchen. <i-. Where was the kitchen. A. On deck. Q., Does he mean, that kitchen was 00 deck. A. Yes. Q. Where did tlie Princess's maids sleep. A. I do not know that. Q. Where did Mr. Hieronymus sletp.- A. That I fchow because I sometimes went into his cabin tp have a glass ; bis ropni was in, the cprner. Q. Where diji::,Mr. Hownan sleep. A. There were sp many cabins tq'lij^e ri^ht and to-the left, that I do not knpw in which precisely' 1 know it was in one. Q. In w)iich did Captain Flynn sleep. A. I saw lh�m alt go into their rooms, one on one side, another on the other; but I do iicjl krtoy their situations precisely. Q. What have Vou got-for cqmiiig here. A. Nothing at all; nothing but-lrqnble, Q. Do yon expect nnthing. A. I must sppn go home to find my master. ,Q. Is ihere any body tagive you a livre a day while you are absent from your msafer. A. Yes ; Ihei^e is my daughter who received it: but I have received no letter fruin 'her, therefore I do not know whether .she has received it^r not. � By the Earl of Liverpool-Q. When the witness said that Bergaini's bed had not beeji made, does lie mean to say that it: looked as iH\ad oot been slept in. A. 1 do''. Marquis of Lansdown-Q. Dues he remember whether he saw Mahomet perform before any other persons in the fa. mily thuse tricks whicli be said he saw him twice exhibit before her Royal Highiie^s. A. Yes; he played the same tricks brfore us many times. Q. Tbe witness has said that he saw Bergami come out�f the Princess's room ; hpw does be kpow that to have been' the Priucess's room. A. Because when 1 was ordeiMpU tu carry up breakfast fur her Rp.yat. Highness, 1 saw her cume out uf that rppm all combed and dril'ssed. riie Duke of Hamiltpn-Q. W'Jiat timeof the day was it.-A- siie was nut entirely dr^ssed-fiir going out; she was cpmbed, but she had oil her usual dress. Q. I wigh to knoyv what 'l"!* of tbe-day it was when Ber-gi^mi was coming opt uf. her rppm; w;beo y<in say that the Princess was preparing l� go to Court; what hoor was it ? Here on tbe suggestion of the Lprd Chancellor, the former part of witness's evidence relating 10 Ihe preparations of the Princess for gqiftg to Cou.rt fltas.rsAd, and the last quesliou w^ in consequence dropped. M^rqn'iB of Lmisdontn-Wbejt Bergami came out of the Priucess's room, what conversation took place between him and the:witness,-gergami said, " You scuoudiel, what are .yon doing here?" To which I answered, I fouud the door open. He replieif, " Begojie!" Lord Falmouth-The witness has stated,, that Bergami loqkpd.over bis accounts. Had he any quarrel with Bergami? Yes, there were,some disputes. e put' Ih^ougli tWU^^'Ch.kVce'ti'or;''� �' ^ 'W�s itot'thSwi'ipe|"s cotifiiii'il toliis. roqin hy.r.cason of a Kiirt wRfcK'h'e'Tia'd'l-^HeiveS 'iii' the service of hir Boval ffighnes*.' A; Yer' � " . ' ' � ^ ' i see-wlietlur he was well treated. A. I do; she �nd the ^jriiri. ' tj. Do ydiS reccflftct" a'i "wli'at hiilir. A. I dp iioi; I was half asleep, andSergaiiit to'ld'ine il 'was hei- Royal Highuess who had come 10 sjpe me. 'Q. Was tVat more tli'a'n once. A. Onceoiily. Lord Belmore-^Q:' Wasitby night u| by day. A. By day. Was witness 111 be;f;' A. I 'was. ' . - ' Earl ofiCarnarvon^bnl lier noja['Hi^h;ie�s and Oirjami cPme ajone,'ur was diiiy ptl'Cr peraun with lliein. A. Thi-y cahie together. ConJisel then retired for a short lim?, by the direction of theHotlse. On thrir re(nrn-tp the bar, Captain S-imnel Geo. PrcIielL wascajled, swq.rn, B�d exam'iped by ibe A tloraey-t;eurri � >>i niy pqner to make her Royal Ilighni-ss comforlable wliile. she w:^? uu Ko:ird the t/or jn</e, prpvid,e,d that her Royal Higjiness, woiill be pleased to make a sacrifice which toy duty, as an olficn;, compelleil me Iti request, liy not insisting on ihe ai|m.)?9i,oii to ii\y lab|e of a person nam.ed Berg.!^mi, who,ah|iousli iipw a,drnirtid to her li^yal Hjghness's socjety, was" foripf r^iy a menial servant. I sa'w Capl'aiii Brig'gs in the afteriippii of the same day, and he told me that be hqd twd. a: conference wilh her Royal Highness, and that he appV^lieujjcif no difficulty would occuri,'o,prevenl my rfrju.iS,l beiqg v'ceded to, but her Royal Highrtess requesjed a lUy lo .cqO.Sjider of il. The teviatkan, 8ai|�;d from thenc.e the fol/owii^g'dBy, and on the murjiiug after I \Yaitt;d.upon her..Royal.I^ipli.Hess to learn her detierminat^qn. Her Royal Higbiijess .qe.irined seeing me, but desired' a Genlleman of her fqjte,. named Haunam, to infurrii rge, tliat my request would nut he acceded to, and that herRuyal Highness would in .cqi^setiuetice provide for her own table. Q. How soon' after that did her Royal Highness eml)i�''k on board Ibe Clorinde. A. On the 6lh of Jauuary fullbw-iiig. ' Q. How long was this after the communication yuq have made. A. About a mPP*''- ' _ Q. Who accompanied her Royal Highness at Ihe lime ^he caiqeon board the C/or,i9 iless p\>li, Ber-sr-iihi, 'Master Austin, Count Schavini, yJEirious s.erYa,utSj an4i 1 think a little child. Q. Where did tfie Princess dine during the tjme she _waa on board the VMiiide. A. Iu her own cabin. Q Do you knpw wh'o dinid ih^re with lier Royal High-nfss. A. not. Q. She did not dine at your lab'.e while on bo^rd the Clo-riurte. A. No. Q. How Ipng was she on bpard at lhal lime. .A. TUree or four days. iMr. BruughaiH declined putting any questions In this wi:- :fiB<rbi;'on" of Bluc. striped i (J, Difl,BcTgan?i attend the.'.Pr,iBe;ess,at,that t.ime.wheii the King",. e?im^ with them, nr at  what time iiid he go'. A. That I can't say; .{-^know. thulhe a'|?o;w.^nl iu a:S,9i;rMe6, ffirlhgrervsjre tbr^'cftr,ri�gf^. '.<i, At|W|^-jl;hq,ur,i!|jd the,.PrinCTSs.,gq,t9Cp,urt, A. When , she isfent oirfng it wasnbR'fi elcveii q'.c|qfik;. wbsi� she.came to dinner it w.aSiSl^o.ijtojie. "^ijq ,^i|ri of IParJijiglpn p.bseryed, that, this, not: an nnssy.ejr iq-hi? .quefljiqii ;,^ut;.i?e do, qql, heljeivs fU^t.a^t}�ee was given. .' - : ' ' .%rr-,, dg-ffh.e,iiJl%9, ��ttV; .A.::ii. l and conveying her to-Sicily. A. It was. 'i.'G'. jDietahe pmbaifcifwint fieiioa. �A.; Vis. By nltpm was^:slie accompanied on that occasion-. A. 9y.'tic;r,.*iijjp. , ; .  . Q. Do you know of whom it consisted. A. Bergami,

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