Saturday, August 19, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - August 19, 1820, London, Middlesex Aereeably Iq lhpf�iiJrtesiAJverli�*nJe(jJt, tbis,T|i�atre U.nowj o|.fn for � �r<amances ob eath ETehfnjrcomoiSWcAal Sei*n. ' Tbe'�,o�.oIfice wlHW��peiieafr6mTSw o'CfoA uittH Fi**, �.� The fi-ecUsrcannol ljeej<tendpd1o'ib�*t)i*HbTniL apneas, thePub�c*fe8f�lwBj�r�x�epled. - ~ Ott.M<.pd�y.fieio^Jbe*r- l&nit'lirar, Mr,,K�Mii Edgar* Mr, Jonidu BtMbs Bootli? Cordelia, J�tti, W. '�'�' tTw Three vitJlt&Il^aci. ^ , npHE NEXT of, KINl jifanv)' of iAMB^S ' JL CLARKE, late a Snmi'it betuneini; to- flie Merdiant Ship Adventorei- �(*ce�seil, *�n, Aoi8^ BelK;nrd,'I)6ctora';iCoinmoDsj-,ni>iy rrearijof soMtthing tO: their adva^itagCt \ jp,; s ^KTgW^ TALES <W/^MfY* b^T�to)^^;^ OP"G4bA^LV.N."'J< - .V " /'X'^'i' Ordtre received bjt alfc^ B Feaijlgis, JtlhrnnTj, il? iic>H-0lh;iiine,-a'Deir>.6odfedy,''ln! three: acia,-cafled^ Or^.THE DIAMOND ailKG. -The Principal.CbBracierB'.b]r;'Mft8n|jLl7lan, Terry, Con-nor,_Bariiard, 'Farley,- IVilhamSi'l^rs. Mardyn, Miu Leighj l�Ir3.%t�iie�>, andj Mrs.'Xjibba. -To cfiiieludewUh th^f$Lvooriie Comedy of Sir Peter Pjit�isfgin, Mr. LiBioinl'Capt. Pigwigein. alias NevUle,. Mhyonea; Mr; Itfuzi'Mrr^Villia Mr. Farley:; ~Mr. BitHHiean,' Illr; J. Jtnsiiell; Tom, Mr; Barnard. Mrs.llarTeyii'Mrs;-PeBrce}'f .' The Doors to: beiopened atSix-o'docbiapd the. Performance lobegm at Seven. t:iperJarined', 1&ttrtime,an entirely new Operatic Brama, IttthreeBcl8,:CaUrd,^^^^.., .-^ / . j- . , .WOMAN'S WILL-A.RIDDLED - Dttke^of Milan, .TMfi-iHRowbothamiCoijnt Vitaldi, Mr. jBarlleyvrCsEsario, :M.r;;Pearmnn; CorVnio,' Mr. Harley. l>rU>'(%K)>'ClcwentiDe,'Misa Kelly;''Duchess'u'f'ManliiaVMrs'. W.S Chatt^rtey^ ;iiabel,Mua Carea^ :XheEpilo{^e,'jn clia|Fa|:{eri>hyj^ i. ' After whieh^Dth lime, a..Beir^m�nlic ilVIHo-dranui, In three . parlt,.TOuod^don.the:celehraled.Tate called .. .THE VAMPIRE; � Or.'-T'HE^BRibE^OFTHE'K^^ Ctwracferrftnlhe inlrodobtory Vision-The Tampire, Mr; T; PiGookc; Ladv^Margarel^'Mra. W; S;Cballerley;XrnUA', J�n�8 tnys;.-Ari*l, Miss.VVorgman.;.. ; - . c > Cfaanaclers In Ifaq J>r8m4-Rnlhveii, Mr.)T. P.Coplfe; � "- " Mcs�iiivm iiatmi(,'if> AiPPEET^KT'S^W* 'Pilefit Wiich ftitd Ejie K^Iia^^dLQ.iliW4n4ioose,--IS!nj 1<S^ liiiift(a(e.Btre�(44iear St:,.,1�ftu|k;(e8laWl�!hM^^^^ Fnfpd^flndlb^ T!ubUc �o�fve.tha Pnpe; ofelllnminatloB'. l]amnBi'-&c, ;mu�t^ the tSf�AHli6tfd^�tS'h^ni^;^m'"�^'''^" H.h _ ' S*!R-J.'A. viiliVttft,l1lo�^ina'lioit Uwps (read* for use) this'i iioee, Inwerr ili{iir tbtjr cau'tie 'Let for when' Ihe'lllii-ininatiou.;iBk!ei!ipl9c :' �.^li..- .f'"-iii!,'?i<y.-�i-' J A. bce� leBve toFiaform his rritttda aiid ttfe Haldiii id general, |baMie ^aaiaotr .qn Saie roAtbsj"j^ Godn(ing4wa8e�;fEau%DK4idnMs[^Pnbtic.VJ]iees^'Clf^ .C;hspeb,VBadt^oms;''PubIieJ^Mcpsv.>^^^^^ pia^WXti^i k IJgh* ��nui*^;, Atl, HiAitl.iDMit of the iWoifclTOpjfOTjed � treD|tfr,t.ftttjj^toiBt^ ^- - Jewfsl'PafternSi^ttftiarfitfiiW tow^t ^^^^ iUina^1kLiii�j;4^-'�t! ; in'Town and'Country.,..'i  Vr.CLOAKS, GREAT.COATS, &?. .and- SftOQTING JACKETS, oflfOX^r AQUATIC'won AIR GAM--BROON; may lie seen every day in the greatest variety, making up tu Ibe-^rilei-S'of difTrrentgeiitlekneii, which npop inspection wiil:bc foifnthlaexcel any nrlicl^:{iitherto maoui facturedj fo|>:repe((ing!the:wind. and rr^iti^^Wi^aring cleapt and looking well^". tbeyjai;e exceedingly iigiit, very;porta}itej immediately dry, perfectly genteel, and when thebest repel-lani qualities arc made up into Cloaks, in a proper furro and'manner, lliey are urnrranted never to get met through, to the great 'comfortlahd.ih'ealth' of- the nearer; That lbs reiki in^niohairinayvbe!distinguished from'the imitation in worsiedj. they, .a^e..stamped.,ujn.'theback V,G. Fox's Patent Mobajc Ganibroons, 98, King-street, Covent-garden " opposite Bedford-street. They are from 3s. to Sa. per yard, all twenty-eight'iiifhes'Wide, :patterns of winch -may be seen at all thcpnncip&l'tailors in the kingdom^ or sent if postpaid;. . ..... ' . - ... ;17^YTONv Stockfbroker, 2, CornJiiH, b?p� lenve J!i to - " - TIiisdayjWfPHaNKPid. pwp "d , rt\uK ngm. of Priileil"f,.r J.'MtHer,,^ (tateof BovlingtoD Ari�de; ieatei^8i]Uiuijp THE''OBSERVER'OFRft^lfP^JNe, AND TTHE ��BSfcRVER OP5 MONDAY EVENING!.' I^e Monday Evening Ed der�lmo�fdeStS|WefSr-" s n� resldingf ........... a of The 0)�et�^f iff fen-y Re4de�f, and partrciiMy Jt'-M .� inform Jiis Friends, Tickets and Shares, for the New Lottery are now on Salp,at his Office, the new features of the present Lottery are so favourable to Purcbnierg that EYTONhsf not the least doubt there will he a scarcity beforeiheStfth'Ol^.this'.rManlh (Aiieii8t)^:on "whieb- day the Lottery comuieiiceS! and finishes. There are no, C/au�e#, all ^/er/ii)ji..3/p�eff, no reserve of Tickets by the Coutmctor, as in fqriner,Lotteries; every Nnmber pttt into Che Wlieel, so that every Ticket will decide its owii ;fater,'!intr no other- Thirty Prize* of 20,000f., 1,000/.^ &00f, 200/.^ all in One T^e Taroplre?*itt4B~fe|ieatia ;ewy evening "till furflier On Monday; ^first time, �iiBwiInlerlnde^o.bri called Pa-tent Seasons-^nd,; firstJlipe, a,nw Fa>i�^7>ii: twA iaCls, to be called Whang Fongj:Or,-Ho'ir;Remaikab,lj/!. ,;..:>.. SDRRBY'TftEATRE; iNlNtJj-SATURD *ill be; presented :(tast itime but one); a Public Read- rrHiS EVEmN'G^SAfURDAY, A�?. 19, : JL- >i�illibei presented (lastilime'but :one), a Public Reading o�;Mr.;T, 'Dibdia'a).favour;ie...Panlominiic ;Ex|rava-. 'gauzatic Borletta^ with Jilt^rations and.additions;.called HARLEQUIF HOAX'r - OR, A...PANTO.MlM^ PROPOSED. ' After the Pantomime Wilt be produced,-for the first f!me,an Histonbal'Tragia Melo'drama, in Three Acta, entitled,' ,'.v v':vf*XDi�SlNO'; OR, THEVAULTEDIGAVERN. - AtphopGo,.King.of Castile, Mr..,Clifford; Orsino,- Count St. Lncaa, I^r. Bengoiigh j. Ccsario, his.Soo, Mr.Huulley. Amelrosa,.Princd�B of Castile, Miss Norton ; Ottilia, Mar. cbiooesBG.uzmani-'Miss'Taylor. ��: ,'' " ' To cgnciude with (for>tblS'iiight:ofaIy, and by speciBi desire) que'of. ; ' � ........ DON GIOVANNI J..... OR, A SPECtRE :ON HORSEBACli. Boxes, 43.-Pj|,28.-;Ga]lery,}8. . ; Doors open at Half-past Five, begin at Half-pajt Six. Half-price at Half-past Eight ' ' . :'On Monday^'a Gomic^ahcr, a'Tragic Melo'-drahie, and last, lime) VVbeelsrwilhinrWneels.^i) : v r:! r? v N roiiscquence, of the Oetnand � for, and .great -. beni-fil'deiived froin,; the use pf.PINDlN'a, PATEN'iC TnUSSfSv WilboUt'iliet'illi teaveto ibforip'rthe^Publicjthat their-Maflufaclory is nnwat ^o. SOOj^Et^t^trcet.'^These^iTrtieBesiare highly.approved -vf .by/tfac.inost.emmentiSurgeoiis:''i9 town and country,-^and recunimended on 'acconnt of their great and unifurm pres. aute,^ wilhouj^'cTiaGng. Respectable, refrreiices can be giveii l Trusses have been worn, give.lhe decided jircJterejKJe vtO: .]'.>fiin()ja*Sj�-RB>iiPer8aiis..sendine theicir-vumfeience of-tlie'hody belc^ the>hip% aDd.lhe largest part of- the thjgh,'s1a'lin|r.,�:bich':stde. tbey;are aOictedj.iiuay de^ pend Oil Being ioireclly pled,,;-.' ', . >j.. Jkltf j�i|haiSt-jiiitil, ior:tiitei3r4^19tr:loahe,rH^ t^he^ajiqoj; mjt hyihe ijiffe use �f TTOS o:be;^ue�^eCtu8l, hut by.^.Course.of .,Refliijdt�;-7%: ppFpD Rj S^iirgeoUjto t^^^^ (mi7'for^'^^lBVc^li'e of-S^^^^^^ endrr'^MDarjiu'&'Medi'cati^ -BoiTgies^'^''lraviD�fj''diiri^ coucsi;:qT^upw8:rd tpi^Clite;inicasi^i^ i^^^^ Ruptdr^^ |iftji�8, ajdcii tijr ^ npHed, Jiiinself tie idiscoyei; 11 re^i taedy for�"o prevaleiitalmajiidj; aiid/^w^ Jiccompilipfit/li .T'h's follb�iUB'at>^^ ureal -liurate^^yicpttained ^}n*?ila i!RrifW'dii^^ ihfe:iWiliw t^ure of ).1iiiptur^{;^^ >P^ri)drt<:VfiiSti!m A^nj f'rdoihfr�Jf^ OosU^g; aad'CIi*rJe1sJ[Itfuitifl*o.>t tW Worfcliooseof tb�� l>�|sltV'btlW" e�*^?ly Afflicted with Riipui�is;s#8i^i�dtJby�l^ ^w)>-of;4.000f.iwhich (beiirtrbf .aU;':arraiieement,'�/;-i)1ie';QcnwtOK-'ti�fg^^^ wilt bs �q)uiUnJI>m> PEizeaof^Dti^;. Th^lvwest l�t�e m thf� Lottery is IBtanil thTwBarwe'Stefli^^ Schemes at large at SWIFT and CO.'s Old and Forto-liate Offices, No; 11', Poultry; 12, Chariog-CrOas; and 31, Aldgate High^strcet. Jand J. SIVfiWRiGHT hiive gr^ot pleasure  inbearingleslimony to the superior LieritB of the new Lottery, which'they ran'Confidently 'recommend as .being highly; deserving of the patronage of (he Public. � There .jrill be., no,reserve of Tickets; Two - Prizes of iO,WOl. and Twenty-eight others Capitals; all (he Prizes be paid in Sterling, Money ; every Ticket will be drawn uiit of the Wheel siiigly; 11,206;. added to the Scheme in Extra Prizes; and the whole will be decided in One Day, 30tb of THIS MONTH (AUGUST). .' Tickets and Shares are 9elling:by J, add J, SIVEWRI6HT, 37, Cornhill; It, Holtwru ; 38, Uaymarket; aodl41,Ox-ford.'streel, London; who Bold in the last Lottery, No- 9,814, 20,0002.-No. 19,313, 10,000;.-with many minor Capitals ufSOOr, 200{., &C.IS and by the Ageuts,in the Couiitry, of whom Schemes ii^y be had, gratia." UQDSE.QF ^LORl^, ?*iffAy,.ABet!g*,i8. �jri>e troojis Inok theirstjit^ws, art^ntl the J|^�se it few.tniiiuWbel^ore'iiMi^ were ntimitted at half-p p^ersoiis of the townof Liverpool,against the B>IL TheEarl of DarlinqTON wished to know tf there were any detanlteri< yesterday, and who.they were. He.wus theinore aiistous to, as arjinig from tiie order for calftng over, the n^ies ; a full attendance was requisite pu a ciw�fa,on. of Mich. niBgniiude. He moved the order for calling over the names. A short .liiscuMsioa took place; the motion waa carried; the iiameft were dRied over; apologies were fiia ^for sotne of the Peers, on^tlie following grounds - Lord Romney, indisposition; Eord Hawardj of Waldcn, the lust of an only sister; (heRishopof Lincoln, transtaled to theSeen'f Winbheaterjytyi^dav,buF�>a1d n&t attend-till hi� Aemporalilies-.were^res.tored as: Bishop of ^ th^-Uiter See; Eatl, Spencer,, � ' ;^-Marqnis oT Salia^ui7,-.:being.,6buve age, and having :�Dif�ied. so much'^eit-day, was constrained'lo-withholdfromflirlher. attendance. ; berog. gone llii^oi^glJ, the; -follSwi| ivauted^;fo!^ote ^K�^, he ipii'jenttreiy at a iuis to answer. He Itii^; jtot wlm!porHtJJi1iew wrt lo *liieh f?fe jtobhiBppli^> Jvii��el/~what-' dortrhte-it'oontaTiied Wl>tcftlca{lt�l-:nu-itttnffur Couti?di(2iioir^�hi>^^^ pret* :!itentft^beibtMf^itf:tiHiiM w^kf^silpVsail^lir'bii'loni'inij to the past-^r w^hnt ex--�inp]^i)^�2eii(iteiided-ior Mie gi^ .lH0^i>cd]�ed(i;ildtetpr(�rable over and over agatii>}- b6 s|jfl conftS^J^^li^^nself Dtiablt^ to ascerta)nrt^i(^?p6- F3^T*fltljer;.advi�eBri!, wei;� ,c*litdji on to totdsliips. iXJ^dirr the eieclioiirwhii^h � they trere trijfr'ttr not. ^ALiatij rate'i.tbis.wssnot the Bill of the Ooiiimit(ee Htvh''4 New brboght lu by an " ' of lii^-Mi- ICHARDSON, GOODLUGK, and CO. feel; the, highest satisfaction in recommending the NEVVLOTTERV. 10 theattentipnaiid patrooage of their Friends and the Public,,as, they cau pledge themselves (hat the Scheme is formed on the fairest and most liberal principles, and they have no doubt but it wil^ he honoured with those infallible tests of-us-merit, public-approbation and support. Amongthe, numerous advantages . which this Schi'me oIFersilo adventurers-are the following :-There are ' . THIRTY CAPITAL PRiZE.S. . Including Two Capitals o^20,OnOI. ALL STERLING money; ToBedivided IN x>ne PAY; iamuiif? 5;600 Tickets-Prizes tolhearaount of 11^200/. 1SterIing'Money,:have been added to the .Prize Money usually allo((ed-(o:&,60i> Tickets. Therie are �P Slopk. Priz.w-?No Classeg;: every number will decide its oivu fate, and no other... The lowest l^rizes are of 16r.'each;Tfii8. Lottery Will be.- drawn ALE' IN. one IJAY, the 30th of THIS MONTH, AOGUST. .'pickets ^Biid') Shares- GOODLUdCi'and Co.'s Offices, fianfcbuildhlgsj Corrihill, � and C|iariyg-icroBs;;;.-.>j ..V-:, �; v^.t-'v-rt,; :^HAZiBDVAND;CO;, TO.THE P�BLIC;\: � ; RbfcjJ^JLRATE-Kiid iin^ry mail ofteii do ji^jm.,-: that iufjiilt passiunf.which iilrOtbsritiipesibie woul'd be {ishamed of,-r-aud s.ucb,|it..:this;inumeal .is the. copdifioU of Mr. Bisii,'the present L6(^iT! Contractor, :-ivhi.,.in'a>curi. filous hddreHs iii yesterdayVPaper^'; lias thiiuglit proper t^ abuse us .with^tbe charge df a:inaljeio.&s'uppo'iiitibli^'to't'hc! present Lottery: ibe/actts, Mr. BiSHlias toVigibeeoeiiye^^^ voiuing to .raise a .cepiitatiORr;wiHi>lhe: Public ^by 'Various' ar/(/f''w, hoping,m?oos to- gain ,a ipopularityi and to, uppearj herore the PubliC:a8 ihe oi\ty man who'would jfurnisb ,the.m;'Wiih;.^,fair,-'and:',bnnour^bre's(atement-6f a .'Sc.heinej^.tbe wh'6lc>0f,vbis.addressi:'SMing %V,p|entiful-Hlea;^ I aureof^abuBev'i^snijtbiug (iuYan.indtr.eci I�ftery'Puir;'�iidi yet snffineptlyfjpalpableito lie dJ89rir(5rea^by aiiyjiperson of -..C(immu'ii disei;imii}atio^i'. ..:>Vere;m (g ci)^ lowislyle uf-'abuse, ,w^ ;0f .repiii8lion-wlh.cb,-,i�re,:tpu8t,''Wlia*Bihceil^�^^^^ somnny yeurstsandLwfiich we-arevd Xby follOwiit|f.Ai*|y!^^ yjie[fi>itificemtp^^^^ Y� no q{[licy^tiBi,ij{f de. oiioeifvthB^i^jbey^baJI iiolhe.lcd, ' " 'ipdiicei(;'iiVr!jtfftimcihm1ie?|^^^^ .s-.- �.ii-.-.-.ti-i.^-. .....- l8ntr:S�l^l�|i'f>av'jy*> Jl0^ia.l!?xlffii$gMC9f^SV,: : LjJHiaABJD and <C0. A Themanusi..^.. werfe- defaulter^ r^Lords Crraolle^, Montforl^ ^^ir^ D��1 t�:lor the favoar shewn Imn by the House in allowiiig him to proceed, it would be his duty Instate the objections which arose lu his nnndi to itlie mode of proceeding ty BJI-iii the ^anie manner as if their Lordships had not yet mstttultrd It, or heard any, arguments against it. It would be-quite -unnecessary for htm to oiler any urgumenis ii| order to convince their Lordilnpg'��of the , correctness of his Qwn opinions; "Except the' principle were to lie as innch open on its first mtrpdiiction; unless he were to be allowed the privilege of ex-aininntron uud comment quite: in'the same ddgre^ a* when her MajestyV-.Counsel were ^first called, \*heh ' they were : restricted to the exhi bitton of af-sjumenta against .tiiis-'ipartiqular Bill, and not allotved- to .reasjon agaipst Bill)j'of Pains, aijd Penalties in 'geiieTaU!�:ind..iYhea>ibeyond. that they were oiilj^ to be sufieted.'to shew that the .evidence -VeTerriyi- to (he cotild ' jeitherin law^rVui fact,:Hiid as' jf lio. orgiiiineti^^^^^ the Bill. If then tlie principle of the Bill in all its beariags waiopen:to;ht8 obswdti^DSi'itnecessarjly follb'ifed, tliat^tC�;^frtt�|.��f^�*'onWf fiy nny^jhaijce,i be indorsed to,failed ^different yjew of thesofoject ?rro'iii:Jhtf iWllicfevifc^^^ wobid[l)e' ii^ i^Vd^veoieucet, uo'^iicongr^iiy^ qp re-tracUaioni ifa'ajlirlpg #'proceediogs-tfiere cotdd^ no litepVyet lBken."Tbey^ were t}iea, ��^h^inata^ had beeniicpmpelled., t ever:'kiud.-th&' epv-^Ji^4ai^v^^lb^ ivas^jxr}indedl3_tjiat it woafd Jje liUBBfer fiiftiH^ ; \He ciiiiie Bcffl^Jieiaiwitli ?he'*Et'st  advice which.the ktodueBs of his ptolessional fnends could uttoL-d . him ; he undertook, with a dne sense of his luiperfectiuiis,'the urdoous di|ty . vyhicli thus devolved on hini as the legal officer of her Msjfsty- an office which he far more prized, in this hour of trial and difficulty, than any appointment which the Crfcwn had in its gift to be�iow in the sunshine of Its power, and in times ot tranquil enjoyment. But if in the discharge of his duly, as Counsel for her Majesty at the bar of their Lordships' House, besbould faif to convince them of the impropriety of the piinciple of the Bill, he trusted that they would attnbute that defect ot argument, nut to the weakness of the cause,- but the imperfect talents of the pleader. In arriving at this stage of- the proceeding, he came to the Secret Committee which hud been appointed to investigate the merits of the case, to whom a quantity of private papers' land documents, had been referred for that pur. pose. These had been compared to the proceedings of a Grand -Jury fandiug a bill. He would not travel over the grounds of that argument, whicii had become beaten already by repetition-he would not contf&&t the finding of -a ' particular and .defined, fact of crime by a Grand Jury, with this finding of po intelligible crime or accusation by a mere accumulation of evidence- out he would point out the striking diflerence which appeared,to him to exist ietween the Report ot the Secret Committee, and a bill of indictment found by a Grand Jury on a charge of felony. The first thing which slracl^ htm in the want ot resemblance between the Secret Com initteeand the Grand Jury hading a bill,.to which their proceedingj- had been hkeped, was that the Secret Committee was not (he body by which this Bill was found.-^It was not.^th the Secret Committee that the BiJI, had origina'ed-rrthey had not even recommeifded it. They.hud recommended an inqairyi it wasitruet but .they had not found any accusation ; thty had not said that the.facts alleged in the Bill wete in proof before-ihem, alid jf they were in proofj-they had not said that this Bill was necessary for the exami-natiou.of those facts.. The Committee hadvonly recoiomencied.a solemn inquiry; they staled that they had examjued the docnmeuts placed before thein^ which documents,.it -was not. pretended, were supported by any testimony before the Committee, muci). less by any testimony given on oath. But the Repoxtj of the .Committee conveyed^ijt stated by the docutnents laid before .theft, which was the substance of evidence '.given.iby various foreigners, in sundry; fimes and places,, .that un.adulterous intercourse had been � carried: on, 1�X the ftueen with a certain tndividual -thai siaiihrcbiiduct seriously affected the^ morals of lh^iCouutry,ithe.dignily- of the Crown, and so , PJtv.r..Th.ejvCoiaiijittee gave  it as their, opinion^ ,Jha] .mpdei of PxainiBation. would -be a |egniat;ve proce>!dtng. What the Secret Citminntee ^;re<api(fte.n(Ud;W.88;not ttBill of Dtvotc ,aatioD, bat u ioletnn inquiry to ascertaiu if the f*et j was. iioi, itt- 'fnnging the drder of .t�iieir.L.<�rdfhijJS' House, *heii he a�lert^dthat,�hatjPMt enj^^ "o pre-iVufiiiriace wbjcfi^i^td not^^^a^ every other Peer, Snd'^iitfti.'a^^^ wa' just a* inoch at liberty; tc^itftr?,-^.^^^^^^ Biil,^. or by any oth^r in^Wnsi^^^JiaVeled their Lordships to examine into th4;eonduI:t of iter. Majesty , thn "Qneeni He dia.rboi^-jispate the/ainteis of thj! tnoiives which iiidijced;iliat""f'eer ,to bring in-the Bill, nor did h^ iiiitend anyallilsioii to hij conduct in his reiparks on the fraroiCig of, the Bill. He took U for granted that, that Pter was not the draughjsman-who. drew the Bill. Hi did not know by whose;orde^'or o.iider whose carer the Bill WHS drawii, btit he clainwd the privilege of examiuiiig the structure of the Bill, and the riyilit of using that, privilege as he would do in exa<uiii-i�g the most ordinary bill of iudictnieiit iii � .<!oiirr44'�Somnron'law�^ .He. lookiid at the Jiiil, aii t ie-fu.�utd jhat it iiggj^g^^^^ prioi;i'ple, it -.cohtuiiied^i JF�iUi|g.-jn his first inquiry, be eiideavouretl t�� delect tj)e motive wbic I hiirf made it necessary to nriji^tiate it} there wa:^ no state necessity .pointed out; ho reason giveii which could be supposed Id rendet the Billii^di^-pensable$ there was nothing, in fact, hot a s-tate-ment of feelings which had been excited by perusing a number of written -and uuvouched docameuib rr-gardtiig 'he conduct of the Queen.-[The �Leariinl CouiiSrI then reuJ'parts of the preamble of the Bill, until he came lo tlmt passage which declares that- " In order to manifest our deep sense of siich scandaliiu', disgraceful, and vicious conduct on the part of her said Majesty, by which she baa violated the duly'(he owed in your Majesty, and has rendered her^lf nnworlhy of llit exalted rank and station.of Queen Consort of ihis realm, and to evince our just regard-for the dignity uf the Crown and the honour of this uutidii, we, your M�jesly's hiu.-t dutiful aud loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual ami Tt-ni. poral and Commons in Pdrliament assembled; liu herebjr entreat your Majesty that it may be enacted," S^c. So that here was a kind of deposition of morjil zynl discoverable, biit beyond that he could find ii.itl'iiii:;, m a legal sense to account for fts enauiiuein. Th obliged them lo rei'er to the causes which iiad fi'st of all excited this extraordinary "prot-eediug displaying itself m so strange a munnen bat �vv|Kit--leinarkable cau-e* they wtre !- " And whereas her Royal HigK^ness not only advanced the said Barlulumu Pergviini, oiberwiie B-jrlolumo Bergami, tn a hi^b siluatiuti in her.ttoyat Ui^hiirsa*s liuuseliuM, and le-, ceived him iulo her service, and tJial in,liii;h au 3'a resi-denre abroad ; by v^hich conduct uf her s'did Uuyal Hi);lMie- lie.|, ur ctt.i taken notice of, in any Court of Jusiice, wheilur of common law or in Parliament. U'liat a rtstm-bliince was this to a bill of indictiueiit ! wherein it was usual to select facts, and take the chirf points of evidence, omitting all rxplaiiatinu which niigl.f tend to give a partial effect to tlie accusalioii. Utrs,' on'the contrary, was placed on the record, not an h.p nesl, open, plain declaration of the crime coinraiitea', and the tune and place of cuininiltal, as 'Was c)o:it III bills of indictment, but an actuiiiulution of ex\-plaiiatory evidence (theiU'aiii charge btiiig wanliii};), and an iufertnce, perhaps oiijust uiid iiijnrio'a-, pcertainly mos.t'uncharitable, made from thai irrtfju. , lar accuiiiulatiun. Was there any thing ever inlro-duced into a bill of indictment, ensnaring, si^blle, designing, Jesuitical, inquisiioriul ? No ;' the common law of England w.i� the glory of htr iiisu-lutions-it was proudly and justly called the perfection of common sense-it called ou no man ti� answer to any accusation but what was clear, ilrfi-nite, and of the plainest comprel.easioii. If l;e had to bring a bill of indiciment fur murder, would he not liave to siaie the time, liiC-place, the manner of the act, by wIlii ci'-cumstances tlie perpetrnlion was accuiiipanieil, aud by whom witnessed.' Was theie evtr any thing cautiously obscured in the count-i of an iiidictinent from ihe. view ami appre'-hension of the defendant? And if not, if ihe plainest averments must be made, in staling ttie offence of the lowest felon, was this a ease wllerei-ii to dispense with the pure furtns of jusiice^iluv, in which it was put the liighcsl sot? ject in the ktate upon trial, at ihe peril of I'dr-feiting her character, her ra> k, and all tht wir munities oT her high stutioii ? Why" not llie.,facis stated if this: Bill were intended lo reseniWe ^ii indicliiteiit ?< Did any nianeirer- yet fay,'lliiit and'^ii^Bull^ind thtn; after uyrecilalo/ftiii? con- lay the deceased^ and, having avcuuiijiished llie

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