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British Press (Newspaper) - August 18, 1820, London, Middlesex � ri open fiJr ,,o�ilive aep\tthttsfti�Si�HeriiTrf,;' ^i^rS"":: S J. his �rttjefti^jJ!Mw(i'*lilfi,trf thesevPistiFprin^ Hiiro's, liieSpBjicjjPj?e^ 'sfiy^ ^ife" Oil SlticuibD,Bt ifie! BoxOffice;-,! ' �. ' ''jf'  Exchange 'jia Robbery, or The DlamoiijJ Rin^yif ill be re-ppaiei^^j^SPy;eV^ui)j|f uuiil:furlli^^^ To'.jndri-owj'.^ilijjFer^ Crows; . wilI.bei'pei;f4riiKd,;8lIi'tiniJ,Xf8'oe 3Tlie.BrilBb^lii6iV*wgIi^>; lieilsV^fur'bwCrliwii; aud tbey bim UlferlJaljt'rTh JlegrWe-'himj'Ttie'eii'd-(JkU^^^ ,jneat5"T�ap^tr:lhfegreali;;GbBe ' ' i" , . Prjilted;for/WiiUa�;Bottei-lHnd^ie-biH. ' ' Order;, .^or .Ihelpoiijif^^^^ pohctaai|y.exectited,;BVd..�Ja1bard� for door^ a'ad isbqp^^ia-^ ;a6frs*^ii(:io8e(t V ' ./ '  .\. ';, ' ;' �. '�� By tbe AuTtibtt-orTfffeiiPotmcAL Hou^fe TiriT >Ack; BnttTi 'In-Parliameiit. ' ' ; THE DROH r tJErAUSES OUT OF THE: _ BJLt Ae!AINST?TH&Q&feEN., For MriAllbriiey^ ^General. ' To.'Pjeru;5eynd settle.,;,\Vil;h a Refresher. . ^ PHnled fur..W|)U.ia,m,li(iiie, Ladgate-hillj Solicitor for saicl 'Clauses.' -Price6d.'' ,'' _ '�' , .\ ' HaHdsom^lt primed ^in octavo; on'fiiie' pii per, iii order io be /. I uitiverfbliy cirlculalfd preserted Trbiii the Paltice ^lo' . ,.lliB;C?Il8ge,i;pr�ce,,-uTHE!v^MiPIRE;:*' ^ -P \ ] -Or, TBfi,8RIJ>E �)F.!Ttte IStES.:. �, Clmracfi^rs in-the inirbauclifri'VislQ^ T. P:CdBkeVt�*f Mai^a'rel, MrslVv. S. Ghiiterley: Uudaj Mist: Love; AflcliMfts'H'drgoitfm . .Cftaiiicteravih ^hia Drama^i-RnthVeni Mr. T. P. Cobke; Rqn�ld,�Mr. parlleyj .Bobetl,;Mr.; Pjearmttn; McS#i�,' Mr. Har%. LBdj{:.9Iaigarel,, Mrs. W. S. Chatterley pBridgel,: MrB.Gi;bv?;:E%, MiB8.;Carew. ,. AflerlwIlic^^llle^C4itoicOperft^a called .  VvFikE AI^D VVATER.  . , Captain.Hnl'ryj MrSBarilryj Mr. TiivVfly, Mr.'W.!s:Chat-lerley; Frederit^ii Mr. rH'rchch j: Jatbb, 'My.' Wilkiason. Fanny, Miss Love; Furbish, MissIiSlbvenSott. tnCotonatiim ^arnl^ltw^^^ide^tBtetneiiti ^ Sir Cliatlcr ion'. ftWOrtOCIfC, Hbstcs^ Mrs.jCii-ove. ..Doors open A Halfipast S'Xjond tIie..-Perfbrm!rn"ce to begin at Seypii. -il , PriVaie Boxes,may be bad nj^hVlyj of ;Mr, Slev.cnson,.:Of Khoni Plades are fb be'taki'ri, ahh'e Bpx Office, Strand En-; lrancc,frbrtiTen'fi1ltnliH* � ' " ' ' Vliaii|,'Foi)p j.or, ^:; , ik! ::ji'rbiier" to cmrtibOe'''tTiWrr\WintlMS," tlio 'jn- � leiided iiAilifcious oppoBiiibi>:U):lht^ifriseiili'Lb1'tery ^ aiidjU's thpy bav^irot one; spjjd, � olgpc,ljoa Jb :mak�id it, llieyiai'e 'obliged to jrWrig^o .//j/Mftbt^^ ipsiiiifWov.h'9�S>:Vfiy jtctiy i^^i)icr I'rizeiij which t*r a' f�ti! bliaiide 'f(.r'41l Ihfe vffis n&ti the icdsiUiSt 4jf. ��l>i*Kt|vibvn�^^^ aiwwrtj"t|5,l?nV;Vi^^^ mjOTJfw^ih.iiiectls �trtWB It fdir1f*V ttiwbiiroBeiatO^^ jf^ahjeclei^.to Aand Jikillit>a ?�Uh.Hlis;^4frfeEAHer .no*,-' ftri*'REV;Si^cEp�opjii)si i'V/*4'i- - I-."-'- �'� 1- � � - � ' ..-li.i^*'.'_-_ell'"'i..-; 1 buve nj|t;;jel;^t;^^^^ hp' .............., -ms^^^mw^Si^M iAdm1^ion3s-6d.-iij5oii\dpfetf-i^^^^ iiVffjJjis^w/irdrVfaftlSe Gapani igulleCioAyl^: jff arfbiiiti TBis'Uay is ^ntliyiedj, in-fljie vol. Svo.; price 6s,iiiJboa;d% � WHfe .HAlH)CR>^EHAL NE# " ~ _ .,-------^.. TESTAE SL. cMiSJJt, being all Hoe Gospels,;Epistles, .and � .bthfr., piecA-e*(Stfl.';atfrib"ated,''in 'tli,e first fbqr 'Centiirjeis, ,to, 'desusiJBbriitjUiis At�bstte's, .and-their Comp'anioos^ aii^ n'otj : incbjidedviu .IheJSpw ^Testament by its Cbttpilefs. Tratii-. Jated.h'om'the originaltongbes,: and now first collected jblo' "biie vbliimf. , . , , . � '� ' Piinied forATilIiarh Hone, Ludgate-hill. Dr. Slbp says (Au�uBt 16, 1820), "They are at least as gentuae as the sacreil .Books received by pn'r 'ehurcb." In a handsome vblnm^ in foolscap oblavov with' an ' . . Hislurical'^lale, price.69, in-boai-d.^, . .., , : ixiir cuM0as HjijciA iJ JTH entic n ar- ' liATlVES and aNECD'OTfis; .respeytin^ .Extraotdj-jiarjr Cbtocteri; illiisifMiye of'the'Tejideu^ aiid Fanaticism'; 'e'5emplifyirig iHe linpVrfecti'ons of, ^ir-/cAmstatitial Evidence;; ond^ recording aingular lustaVicea of voluntary Buman.Saifpring, and .interesting Occnrrences. � ' By joh>f, CECIL, Esq,, - � Printed for vfilliamH Lu.dgate-biil. , , Jn a poi^kBt viilumt, with a'larg'e fiSldi'ng coioufed' .... Engr.aving,-'price5s.'inexrra bbiirds, riptiE .PJCTIJKE. of.tht, FA^LAIS ROYAL; iB. , dejicijibipg ija! Spectacjes, Gaining-hOosrs, ..Cbffefe. houses,�^e8l'auralenr8,Tab.agies, Reading-rpums, Milliners' jSliiiti^ iGimeBters.'Sbnriiers, Mon^^^^ ^Cou'riesAns, Filles," a'ri.d other remarfcabre Objects/in ^Uiat 'Bigh'Change of ihe-FashibAiible' DiWsipat'ibii aSid Viiie of , Harjs'; with Characie'rjsiic; Sketches aiid ADecdbte's of its  JFrcquenleisaiid inbabiliiuts. . , i ' . Pi-inted for William Bone, Lqdga^Jiill. NEAft APPROACH OF "ifHE b.RA>^^^^ . � ' -30TH' of TBis'Month.' 'ARTIN aiid COi .'h'aviu^ subiAitied the /J leading ^featbires of the' present, tbt'teryfo the . . lery fo the .Public, ifiSel-griBalBitisfactiontb' learn lhU(-it h'ai recMVfed .ibfi{^4?P)''?'?'?P.Pt"b''itions-; �' ;By,b?yfb^WbfiMd;^ � ^ Ift'ttcfe'bini'pVioCIa^^^ - ' ijy liavlii'gjotf Stbclj;; Msi^^ �i'B^IIbeiiig drAWnin'-orfe Day; >--By'eirer�Ti*k*tdecidiing.its own iPale, bnde|r tVot'bij!^ filled ih;e;^a|ediT infrsntbftb^ lidiise, bdttioj^^ pat-1 of tlj'^ uaiti# WiiJv ihejexeeplTjoft" bf,ihe.eiiclosed � eiiltiVated spact! in Vlife^ which ^vas.gtiarde^ ' bfy'tronstibl^sl .R^pdatie'd-Vlte^^^ 'reeling in faVfijii'bf'hyi'Si^^^^ this ^iibVmbitb tniisii itf pg^ fflr.tiier sbccef??, iHd^x^cratibiis '|�;dee^^ ' th'bse"'}ndiviHbalV wfio iirdco^ xA}es; eviiii-etj'tfc^8'ei(irtn ed i-feSf, liik^ ..ifife itt!6e^s,;btV;boilfi siaeS;.B!!V!g, V'A^' and PaHiftineii^t-stKeti ; '4//lar^';,-Ci^^ � fbrt^ed %i-oiihk tK^ 8^^^^^ at .pjipipg-I" crbss,' ieine/y'dtfolf' wiy' iVasrjCrowtledii^iw* w. ca.r" _______.....^^^,iiiIjQut^^^^ �erbiiija'Vsf iei&l^V:son&$le|ati%.r graced stablek Oil foot ocQUjiied yarj]o}iS.;j%a|i^^  troWd.Ihe str^eets tb^u^pnri^^^ A 8trMig;ipariylff :th^ hqfse jSpprd^We^ iir iiiie,,'iibbut li^tie b^iiloctv iii; the fljiemspac.i; at ' Old Piiia'ce-jr'ttrti, fea^^^^ assist the Civil i*bwer,iiivd';a'-p^^ ;'(jtiard�i. �t ^bptit !)l*if-JP.n*t iViCi)e',;\aiafphed^  PaHiabfeot-streei tb'i'ards ilie :;|Sope3f ;.tfbr4?. fuf ! the Waine purpose^ tinil in pursiuiice/pfjtj^^ ^Vbtetj bjr the iHbiise': laJrim^i^yi^;^^^^ -,;The ;itro;ig woddeh'. |>irpifers fprnnei|>iaifoss/^^^^^ 'ejdreniity of AlJihgdoh-'sirel^,/3^,ifiK HbiiSe of Lords, ^ttd,acvps^;Jt!aiace.:^ M'Afi/ar^t's' Ch'iifch to thie . King'^\ .Rp.ijcli', Record Office on th6 btheV, eifectually elc^dea.jhiepopulace from the interior'space, ahA.f^gil'.ateill'g approach of Pfe'ei-^' carnages..' The,umo%' r^i\l?rity CTC^y where pl-e^-ailed, tihd np?fe;;:ihe pli^^^^ 4kp^' ^ition Whs in any iiart m-iHifested!;',ljy.,i^e.p^ to dj'ftiirb iranqjiiMy aiid^pfeaG^'of tJie pity, ... Piccadilly a* an Mr!}/liViir'di�j()|a>'eU^ as ipiicli bbslie 'anil aiurhaiion-^ati^ e.veu Pailrmajl a'bd Chariiig'.'crbss, frpon the;' e^tpjectjalion of .her it efatefM'Fifccidflly, :.a^^^ 'dccbihiJaoied Ifef through Ptcc^Uyi lintjL'the, car- rtage's't'6i{)^ed Vn.'SU At sVveft o*cloclc f^r^leb^&^^ of We^niinster, 'willi,vkV^oa|v'^^^^ /ttpbtf tfie ^t/nd; /T^eTiijVe^n^ "cdiifrdl of ftir'. Lee 'a^^ptft?''^^^^^ "Stabled 1 but this Mm^ pr'ovid'ed^ffbra sei^feraF^j^^^ &c. .There .were ndart^too^i'c^5^^ The iireineh'e difieirentJsifficH^ on dtity, kbd-4'|Wead;aHbnt i'li 'd^ilfereiit;^j)ai;lU8ii � 7, The Loup CHiNCELLOit afriTCcltit the Hi 'of�''L6rdsv'>M � ;a'';qiwieV'^^^^ c|e3wjoiin .Sqme bf.t oiise Tlu! �DiiWbf'WEStn^Tt^ His reee'jitibh' Wfis ^b't''soffe^ wl^h Ibud 'sf6^h% \hiS^l5iaiJi;liigo^a^ Mb trrffhliii :the;^i^ttNfmt;B^;i�?^ ?m^wmmm^,......,....................... ibi; Uoam m footi and the French AiabasMdor went in w^^/"^^^wt^Mwii:''-a'f^!,' f^ti^'i ntored-rfdA^ Soir^(,b�?�r�fwdl'?By'^this tirite the_ni{ of hJflds,, 'abd' rl�^''W&*�ng"or'lVit's hAj>l� .WVtii the, possi.biiity, of .defeat, and have suffered jg-jstruggle .IjKlweeU the eicsJtjcy/attendant 'ttjtqi|:,the;je>ji.ej !iird..^e::dissra!cej The>ion noW' moved slowly^ forward. A pldb'tTBvflliiig Wr'ri'Aj^e li&lil fir^ in which,was |fTont" tlie, j'iiifcl'i'Ah'dP'the addi-. ttonat persons poured iu'frrtfe. the. Btraiidj- aiid tile imme'ase ntjmbert! whq had b6en stationed tn the open :8pace near the equestrian statue of CbaKles t. Not only *ere the �vinrfo^sCTo*ded principally with (rli'giuitly.dressed females; iVavin^ their white handkerchiefs, btitoD'tltW Ottteidk'bf the houses, wherever 'a.projectmg7catti^a.idihg:pOHit' presented itself; it 'tvaSLeagei'ly:occnpfed.T'reaStir^, and bp'-iposite- B�wnittg-street, thfe (feaieft^ SJdBthtidn WaS jepe&ted. - �jrhesenttiiel.ixsfcetlat' thfe Army Pay-office pre^ fientedarm's �si.her MAj^-'s'xianfif^ pdssed,=a!nd jvaa" greeted by the 6ui*9bHdi% crowd with -thfe most a�fectionaie aippeilaii(>ii^; Ucft at 'the Hdi^e Cbiwdi* aad the Treastti^, the'sbia}^ on dpty dtil AQt.ob&rvSK the cecenibnjjr of fSi^i^entttigi arid y^kie DabiieA intiv a storm pf� 4Se -thedirMiom-i iAtJtefficfS-'af the^liffe gfiawbJ-^o Vis 4dbk^'M ^i-thft whsabw of tte;��b4�fe� now! burst fnnli^wiih bnciiinmon bn!-'>:ri��oy.:.*i.l the ha|>pine9S' of attainii)^ a .posilioi)>fii;di.' it; He wiiido^ws of ,l(jiff n(l|>icent liousps, who It-^ned ovir the d'owd-'d balrii.rie.s, and by tlir nit;re>i.^*-d vai.> - iii t!i.f ra.oiiQij., of ilirn' haudke^chieis,' .endeartjun^d� i'.i -express thois feeiiiii(aP: their  memoi-io) forbajde to he uttered, by the votce; Oa tlie arnviil of the procession at the. end ot Great George-sti-i^vc the view ot the immense.sfa ol heads which r-ilk-d aloiig behind as far ai the.eje coiild reacli.'and ter-minaingin Old Palace,-yavd as 111 a harbour; Was .Tttly gnvnd and. nn|>rt8-ive. The. cuiTia;*'-s passei through the first barrier drawn tlu-stTfrl, the bar bein� opened the mutant of tiieir arrrivai, but notwithstanding tiie e.Kertioiis of :f nuini rous;po*K of peace officers, it nan impossii.ile to c 0=56 it again ;, Bfter the last carriage hiu.' passeti, the people roghed.i 11 like a torrent, and itn-metliitely filled up the space inclosed between thn two iarriers. The prf-ssnre at that j>oinl wiis dreafl-ful, jut we did not learn thai any senons accident occbirrtd, either there or in any part ol' the line of the procession, though there could not be less ihiiri 300,(00 persons collecleil- in llwt s(>�('e. At hal.f-past en o'clock her Majesly alighted at the dorir st'Pci illy appointed for her, leading to the HouSs of L )r�Js. Tl er^ was po crowd'nbout.-i his door; very few bad been enabled to pasls the civil authorities-aiitl the military 'orce. They loudly buzz led her MajestV. Wlie 1 her Majesty's carriage drew up, th� regiment of Guards, who were the only MuiiJers at thi:is lime all the Queen's Cunti.sel h'*d descended, from the Lords and appeared, in the door-Way. They were all, of course, attired in the costume of the bat. Mr. Brougham and i\I,r, denman,'Tn:Mlk .go,wq8; and  long wigs, as . the Atlurneyi aai Soli-citor4Gen'efal of her iVjAJESTY. Behind theni-wi-te Dr. LusHtNGjQK, .Mi'. Williams, and Mr. TlNIjiALL. No Other, persons ihm thnse thus par-ticuh rly.rnfentibntd,- were allowed to be in the first or in ihe passage and entrance leading im-meiiititelyjnto ii. ,  , Sojon after Lady ASN HamiLTOM had left liii? catriage:the QoEEN.desceiided, Aiderman Wood handed her Majesty down the carriage sieps; S>r ,T. 'ijvRWiTT, Uie tlslver of the BUek Rod, tlit^ii took [her ..yj ajeS'TY's,right hand ; and iininediat^ly aftertvards Mr. BboUGHam stepped forwHrd,. anri look the Queen ty ,tht; lefl liayd. Her MaJSSTY piiiis|dV6r a ^ho^t lurie, lo iked round her with mucll coraidaceiicy, and then curtsied and bowel! to those aroiiind. brt in an affable manner. Tlx.: crowd on iiie oijtside had iiow_ ccin^iderubly increai-etJ, as inai.y had:forced their way. through the: ban-i-iers aud passed the constable?. Tbey huzzaed mtit joSjijjj and ipainy ..excUim>-d--'^. God send your Maj�Siy a good deliverance !"-The Qdebn: having l^okeii ruundiher for. a si.ort time, euleiid-the outer apartinenis^ of the House of Lords, condixci-ed in the oianner already describedby Sir.T. T.yr-\y;HlTT and Mr. Brodgham. Tbey firortieedtil throi^gh the peers', robliig-room, along.'tbe {.fafssge leading thence to the; staircase up wbtch the l^eers pass in the body of the House ol Lords. Her :Ma-JEsT^r was led up this fl;ght of stairs,, uadcoadoct-ed iqithe ufiper side entrance appropriated ;lo their Lordships.and the, o&cer.s attached, to the,-LoitD CHAifiCELLoa. This is on the leftrhand side -�f the Throne, which is aUirely uncovered lor ihe-oc-casinn. ... i . I TFie crowd, did not appear incliuiai to disperse ap:er ier .Majesty weiit.inj but continued appareati}-in as great nymbersas ever to wait her rettirn at the close the da.y's business. . : � 1 During the course of the clay t>e, west e4id light^ appeiirdnce. 1 or a()prehension of iKktorhadce. � -'i ,,| ? ARR'ANGBM'EWTOf THP,flAR. _ The divwioifi bblb* tWfe bar ha'vtlhVe'iv dij f^i* iWee^slbiiS jjaWa'liy^ .'tfteftn\j'eA. Ilie; froiit vjt^,-trar, b^ng; au MitenV of abu�t hfteen f�,a]il�l

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Publication: British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: August 18, 1820