Wednesday, August 16, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Press on Wednesday, August 16, 1820

British Press (Newspaper) - August 16, 1820, London, Middlesex ^i^^idrrb^-t^intrt: JH�mIef,-JWr Kean ; l^iloiiiilH Mr. ���l�dj.mMi.'�>K Po^e; auf�i,'Mtt JEitwlonjOphdia, ]tf��?�l>m'�-^�� Tbwe Week> Afier BfarfUge.- J%?rid�,, A-�tr�my to P�r JE,?"" r��0h, Mr. Jtrtnj ftlarrall, Mr. Moiiden; WiUlwro, ttr.ftvxtelU Maigsrei, Mw. �l�lH-�iih The Th(te �nd ~~^ ^wrf�y, Ollidia; Olhrflo, Mr, Kean ; lago, Mr. Ju-piur Brutus Bool1i5;"D�drinon�,:Mn.W. WcM; Emilia, Mrt. Bi^on-rwlili.Modem Anti<jmeB, ' ,. OmJMttidBy, Km*^ Lear: Kiiij; l*ar, Mr. Keao; Edgar, *lr iuuiflalBrniuaBooih}-CiifdehaiMra. W. Wcatj. iMaiin[oa 3t. Sd lntnaitney, M.P. Juiba Ranoie, 1Bt jtani;ll; - Rfr . Caddy, Mr. Meicdith;^ Hwrlwell, Mr.;^a1cer} tabel, Mr. Witliama j Jqjwi Wri. Smf. Mra.Ci�ddy^M.r�.P^c�j Caroliar, Mra;G.Kc rHB DIAMdND^|llNG.>,  ' 'ftp Pnovipal Gbaraciera by niej>gr�. Listoil, Terry.r Cob-nnr,-BarR8rd. Partey, Wtlliatfs, Mrt.MardyD, Mitjrt^igh, Aire Juira,and MVt.GifeM.' ; To wEichrvillbeaddeilillie Musical Gnirrlfeinnielalor -Litigo, .MrJ~Li>tonj,Str.'FeliX' Friendly^ Mr.'Wtlltamt} Com)ilan, Mr;. Gomrrv Ettcene, Mr.B<irBani< UdUj Hri, . Soxei, ^iE>it, ,3s.^First Gallery, Si.^^inxiad i jSaf*^^ 'The Pdoni YO'1>eropened at Six o'clock; add t&elPctfuniB-mtt to bejpi|.�L%veil. - ? , Plataf for^lbii Boxei iq be iakeo^of Mr. Maa*lasfaaa,4l PriitateBoxet may be had, otgbtIy,'1)yapp1init!iia at tie Bvc Office. &>)iaii]^ na:3tob1>ei^, or The Diamond Riag,�iilit |iJPal^'Every.�veoiDg'U'Bfil further nolicc.' ' Tu.iudtxow^ �Ub A pay Arte* ^he Weddiag, and Wet Vr�a�fier. ' �' V '" ' ^ j ,.,v.�>:^��.�^w�^'�;STBAND,^ .' : ::  . :, - THlSEVENlNGr. WEDNESDAV, Aug. l6,. nill be pbrformed ^ib: (tme), -a neW: Rvm�n)1c M<lp-drama, m three parts,TuiiDded on tbe. celebrated Tale called , THE VAMPIRE,..... Or, THE BRrOE Of THE 4Slife8.i - ' Characters in Ibe.iniroduciory Vlsioif'-The'^iiipirer'Mr.^ T. p. piioke ; Ladv Mare'arel, Mra. W. S. Chaherley^ tTtfda^ MiM Love;-. Ariel jMisaWorgoiaa.-;, � -j . : Charactera^ IK lire Dxania-.Kutb*en, Mr.T.'^.{Joclke; Ronald, Mr. Barlleyj Rubertj Mr. Pearmaii- McSwill, Mr. Harley. Lady Margaret; -iyirs: W. S. Cbalterle/{ Brid^t, Mr�.-Grove; Enie,AIisa Carcw. . . \< Aflcr which, IBth time, an entirely new Comic Operetta, called THE PROMISSORV NOTE. Mr. Martha vai^t. Wrench j M r, Scam per, Mr. PeiraiaD; Ni aars open at.Hair.past Sue, sod the Performance to bei - gill at Sevro.   ^ Onxes, &!�,; Second Price,'3i:-Pit, 3s.; Second--Price, Is. 6d--Lower Gallei7,-2s;|. Second Price, Is >�t7pper>Gal' �ry, Is.; -Second Price,6d. -> -; r - ..... . v i - -�- Piirate Bbxes'^ay. Be had.nightly of Mr. Steveosonf of be taken. At the Box Office,-StraDd-Bn.. trtw;e,Aoiit Ten till *uur. Tfie.Varoprre- will be repeated every evening' till fiiVthe^^i; :BOtiicr^��eept:oB-ifae nights of Woman's Will'(To-morrow ' ^.jjBndSaln^ay.oextj; . � _ ^)^ETH'01?, StnCk-broiter, 2, CoWhiU, bega lefiv.. jRrf lo inform his Friends,TickelBaiidSharcsfor,Ibe^^ Lutter; are- now'on Sale at htj Oflice. The hew fentitres of the -pfeiiSrit tilltciyiireVso^^fc^ thiit EYvl^J} hasinut.f he leasts doubt thgre wjll be a scarcity fure ihe'SOIh uf: this Month (Augiisl), on ,which day the Loiferyc<�mmeiict8 andiiriishes. jTfaere:arc.�fo Clusfes,ell No dbllectlon after Dinne^^-Tickets, l�^.<acKte:^.^ I'** of thej|rei�ardi;:atlh� Dispensary}: altheTaverD^^^i of Mr. Canon, wn:<treet, Westminster. *BliSS JJtSSORTAKCE COMPAW^ r UfB DEPARrMEUT. F�ftSdfl?$�s�ared for the whole term of Life, will bave an.addition made to their PolicUs etrery simreiHb yeari'tliith^ prinelple so |irnen�iaily pruetmd fill 4aittp at the Equitable Asiortince Office} or ifte amottnl tbendf Aaybp�pptled in nduttionoflhffutw^pajiauntt  Poildeiroay d�p be effects for the whole term.of.i-lft. -�n a plair peculiar to this qpce, whereJiy.fte:Prei4ttom M payable fata fixed number of-start only." FIRE D&PARTMEMT, ^ , , Pollclea for aoor and n|iwanls will be enlilted under llie. aystem of A�iMrance pivcttted by this Office to pirlicipate Ho llfoaiirjdusPrJiBtAma'wry fifthy e^ the Office w-CheepsTde, ac-(jirmpsoled wUh a reTereifce to petiona iii I/�ndon. REfr. 6�3RGE CROLVsUfiW PO'EMS. This day Is published, Ml 8�o. price fis.ed. i "i"  By the Rev, CEOftGE CROLY. �i Printed for John .Warren, Old Bood^lreet.- .- . STATESMEN AND EMINENt PBR^NS DURING THE REIGN OF GEORGE ITl. . This day are published, price l*2s; in boards^ ' ECOLLEC i IONS. PERbOlSAL and STRATION pf,-PUBLie AFFAIRS during the AEIGN of GEORGE ihr.THIRD.... �ByJOHN NlCHbLl^,.E�q.  Memb^r-of the House of Commons in the liih, 16tb, and -.18th Parlianienltt-ofqreat Britain. Printed for Jamea)lidgway, Piccadilly. . This, day is ^ublithea.. handsomely printed sod extensively embellished, price Is. rvmE ODEEN'S MATRIMONIAL LAD JL'DER-!'a National Toy. By tbeAUTHOR of "THE POLITICAI. HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT." With 14 Step Scenes J and llluslralluns in vfrse, wiih i^$.Cn|s, v>2. Highand':t!ow; Heqiialifies; declares; She accepts He .-nllFra^ .imputes.;. She exculpates j einigraleSj- remi-'g'raies i eoiisteriiaies ;. iie accuses; Tlie Press watches; The Brilish Lion awakes; Hexsfcs fur hiaCrowri, aiid they gtvf him., tbe Bag; They di<grade him; The end'^Cal's meat; Teapot the great:;-Gone sailing. - - I'rinted for-William Hone, Ludgafe-hill r Order* fur. the Country^-euclosing remittances,- will he ..punctaally^exeeuled^and Placards Tor doors and shop wiii' lhatevfcry .......______..... 1*hi/ LOTJONr ad effecttTat^ Cjlte'. fgi-ERUPTIONS .onllhe.JPACE antf SKIN, par^icn!jirlyl�im. ' plesrBioidieLTeJtersiBingwbrmsi-TaiijSubifttHWl^^^^ ShhijlM^ PricklyiHeati;Rednesg,af4h*?NosPj''Ne^^ &e. SlidTpr/^urbjiUC'aQd'GnlaBepHSjErjiptiotis^'^ balm oC?6l dfrs, and-ihe' _^ 'Niflrvoiis nmptiye Duof-' ^�r_^SQLOMON^; IfpJHiE.^PRINCIPAL POIN IS in the NEW ; Jfc,.; I^^ it from many for a longtime paslarC�T,- ' vl  AH*hf. Pr}fei;'hrcStcrlhig-M9ttcy.; :.' a.-There arevnoSrocic Plrjzes,i ; a: Efery Tici�er>iit be put into 4tie Wheel and dfawn I slnnlyieach deciding Its own fate,3and lid other. ' . 4- There will be no reservation of Tjchefs, bat the wKple st-mtrry-is open for the 'Pnh'lic to purchase"wbaiever tbey chooje." dnwii in'Que Day, SOth of ADfiBSt'(THlSMOSTH).' . TicietSiind; SharesareselUug hyJiOnd J.;SlVEWRIGfl.T, ^17, Cornbillj l^v Holhorl* ; 38, Maymarkel; and lilVOx. fordikiiCfi.iiudoii; witfeiiold ill the last Lol^ery,^V.^ 20,000/..^JSo,J�,3J3,^ iO,000/,>-witIi many minor. Capitals of OOOZijrSQOf.,. &c.; �ond, by riie V Agents, in this Count of whom Sdiemcs witirfull particulars^may be had, gralis: -..TilUfiSES..... ___________ IN ,roii?eqiiP-nc.e: oliithe (feinapHjforVn benefit irerivcdlfrotnf, the use pf PINplN's PATENT -TRtJSSES,'wfthifubielallie sprtog�,~iaAWAN'aiidG6;fM'5 ilcavelpijofo^m the-Publ[p,'that.lheir.Jita|inraclnry.!s;now nt ; No. OTO,'Fleeti^lreeti->:These Trusses aT� highly approvciT ofby tbe;W�l'^W5nteSui'gertiiB 7nUi^irn;anrfcoitiifr.y^^^^ hrec(tma)�nd�diii^ii^^^^^ aure,-'with4ttlr�bafing.r.:.Respcctab1e references can be given Ip 7$uree'bn^''k!id:'(itItKrs^ wUniiave j^roi^^^^^^ OoftiwiU YcGmaury Sv^tf' Jam�i t>lomer,'CM^i9 V) MtJor^A^ftiJiiiikSQ^ISIO. To, be CaptBiBi^i>S� Vwiao, Mi- ft�W� Pender^ Stq. andTVUtmm.TeeertneiT, t^tt>f�U daltdf aa above. To be &wietQ)itta>-.D3)L PitfjF t* l*1jse^^��twda n^GelU; tcrlieSargeoS'i-^iedasabovet: gumery. , Captain John Buckley WillAmet to be Wajol^^^Mcd -be* ceiDber�3, 18W. To:bc'C�ptaio�-.i.ientenant Edward FaftBer^daiol -No* .., I8l4i-M�rliit:Wilriani�;�sif.-Mlalt�ta*�bove| Prjfce: Qcveredxi Em) -odated Oeiobrr SillSlT^-WiyliiCB Joacs, �sq.-<^da,t<d %oember S3,1SI9;'^David Pogbf &q. ''-daled as above j-tiAitThoibB*tdLlo}-di-EjHi. �ilcdai above To be Liealenilnisr!-Conie| Arthur Dsrid'Jonesi^ated Oe� tober 1,1809^ Cornet iUi!bsird^Uri|Bth�e'->^ated'October 10, J8UV Taleolioertlstt^^vOsiBt.^ 1817;.Comet nrbo�na�; slBlelt^ Sep^ lemher )a,-IU^|^W�l^ Williames, GeM.-�dated Dfr cenibee 53i^y9j^^i:iniii>i7<�e] �^Qttatt�f�a�ster-' &^rd. Bryan^.dalci/Noi-vembrrll.m^^ ^tntdl Puij^.^nr^�ted Ociaber Pryce Buskley Wim�me�,-Oe�t-4���4^P�em6et? W, 1919; aill>r�'Bucktex:-Bus�, Genf.;�;date4 fMiniart; 1^ 1820; and J.ubn' Beck^jan. aent.-~ii�t�) wuhove. SerjeaquMsjnr John Bg;|Helnnlatc Ad|<jhlM-JHt�sl a^ber?��Jl8l8,:K<f&,v .is.^::3:M#^0fc^aR' ,8iijh�f4^eiiV, Ciet!|.l(S-l� Vetiato^ "SStttmif^anti^ ^ sankrupt^ Thoiaas Fenlktier^'ttf IIa);�s^canrljXriec*l ^'Messns.'.^Brtineniiiind^^^^ \ ' r " 'Charteirlluddrvfetedf^J^wBalf Lancaster, woolletw^ faCluterj tovi�t^retiderf the Welim^op^^Innytt^cfadalej CAflcasier^;'^ .SliutileiH>rili,^itocbdBle;:and^Uf;CUp}iendaIe,''Chine^eourt, Ficcfrghrect,'!Loudon;. -.v..�t,;j.-:-:-.>-.-� . HogbiTaylor, of Manchester^ and  Edmund.iTajrlor, oif BlackTeyVv^ncaster^calico-prinleniyasomndert^Septcmber 8, ar fouri 9,' and 36, at ten, at the Dog Tavern, Manchester, Atiurney^,:Mr. �;Hi^,Chnacery.|ane^''JUmidoD} and Messrs, Johnson and 4.oasdale,M�nchMter.',r;.:,.'.' RicbardAtkin Smith,of Shefflddi^orfcijcroceriitotarrear der, Augustus, 9S, and Septe Une 'London s aild Mr.-Dixon, Sheffield.-; .' Johu Qunbyjof' Bnrnilttgh3ro,'s�rora.iBaker.^ to enrrender, August atiGve^^O,aud Septedihfr:SS, at eleven, at the-GeOTge.-Ian,Siroud,Gluucesler. 'Attorneys, Mcssrs.-Sandy*, Hurluo, Koarhe, Sandys, and Saudysy C/anctiourl, FI�ct> street, Lotidoo ;-and Messrs. Fisher, Stroud; John Millliorp, late of Pot OreqS,< l^rfc,.erolhier, to mtr-rcnder, August 22,at five, SSiandStpteoiber;^, a lui^s,'Mr. .Platl,:New BoRwWkeouirff UUM^ Lon- don ; and Mr. Patterson, JLeamingloa Priors. > ^ . William Wood, of Holm FarmVOeaplWeiherby^ York, catile-jo'liber, to surreniler, Augitst-SSjvSdi^and Septembrr 1t6, at eleven, at the Old SaMd^HillVYoik. Attorneys, Mr. . Wigleswortb, Gray's.rnniLnudouj'and Mr.3VQod,'York; . Joseph Armit^ge,. of .Binainghara, saw-maltrr, |o surrender, September 6,01 five/T; and SO,' at twelve, at the Rein Derr .Inn, Worceaier. ^Attorueysj-Messt�. Booifield and - WiKiaois,'BuU�eric-aireetf LondoUiii'atad MA Hope,Tcmple. strMt, Birmingham. �������,^-.>:^>f!ir-.-L;--^s-^v-.-:y . ; > . "William Gohiswortby, of sSai�,3Wifti-^i^ds, Middlesex, ropc-'maker, to.SurrCiidrri Augusf:I^.--4epremher.2, aAd'36, -at eleycD, at Guiidbitll, ^^den; ^ttoti^^ Ho9per's.square,'Leman.StreetiGMdnbji'siB*lds, Isaac Jacohs; of BrislolJ^^asllDIIHiiifacta^rf' to wtrreit-der, August 28/:30i^and:Scptembe{;:S6i at one,;at tbeJIom. i roerTaverOV-Bristor, Altoi^ney�VJff*�WaHter,\.Brlirtotv �nU *aDker^JMtljr,�S(lS^,.iC,jHsf jind W TBn,|tnut.*f^�-itiU�ljpndiMfHHtctn9aeer�,AagB�t 10, lftt0^^.1M*� -T. Mardti at Cterkcvwell tlose,-Middll|SM*, gHd*Bir*U�er-flaitetsi-Atftost IS, 1890; straw^aki^BfiMiirtr, ... _ Ber.7.W .l^elcher, ofJWi^f�erb�|i�||�J�% noBgipr, el eleirn, at the Anyai fltoU^ j)e|iA�^l4. P.3Lelgh, late of Wfncjram, } . - �L ele�tqj at, ^ Old 8b(^ Wit�pu.|tieet^ Wicb, Cbeilef , , < CERf lPtcATB8..-a�*ci��it � 12 i W, \hnttr, of Worthy, rw*. sai�ebapi.-*.�ft*e*� er�4lb6ra, Loodon. 4io��.<r�per.-W^Tenwui^Tr"'- ' rool, laifor.-J. intictmf^ Leeds, :ki�f^r^^ 'M^i^^SeoOii- of Ttiee JtreetLundotT^ C �n.deattr.*�&'^9i^. jU^^Bfrait^bamrWarwirk, p�mp>ltlaker ^- � .^'MRTNERS^IKS J)ISSK}LVE�k MVfi'FourD'Cfoefi..,. iB4n1ry fur.-Culfee iH|�-.morn<M^airdaitia.^^^0i�ttit^,�re-feporled lo Ba^r Tftep i&di�t t$$t.miai*.,V�cmU Thfr public aafat .iMit 9ff.^1�nr1iriat(y .ttt adv�o , 1820. west rNorA and Spanish miNPRbDucB.. ComB.~Since our last nlsuy public sales have been brohght for^rd, ihe total of which amounted to I.TIB cask;, and 1^31 bags, and noiwilbsiandiogthe quantity was largertban usual the sales Went off with much, animation. , Teihnr, IS^rDuirfe* },%iap, ^^9 dil)�� \9l i^ttoiOaisbut. 76 a7^41110; Haft � ^ftl4stllep, n r.i|i||�-~'ESrcbaqKe r L<m-Ha�bnrRb. tfitlo^ Alhsterdsm, fParti,- ttB||lit;o.' Messrs..Atllmgtott and Gregory, "^dSwrdiro*, JUindds. ^iv Robert Wilsfprd Cuupland, qr'Btidlineion-qnay, York,' liiicii-draper, to surrender, Au^ust^JI!,-rt five, 23, and-Sep. lem(ier'2(l; dt elevrOi at- ihe-SessionS:- HousCi'tserdJl. ':^At' 4briieysjiMr. &ltye,-CbStfce�3ftUBe, Jandon^ greaves, Leeds.^ . * DIVIDEND^. - ' _ Septemlier 5. K.Collens, of Maidstone, Kwt, dpUf-in bops, ai len, at Guildhall,-London. /  Sepieoitier 23.' J;iBai|ey;-of'Loudon .�i den, und now-of Albion-plaeb, Kingsland-road; Mhidlc sex, underwriUr, at ten, at GMtldball. ' ' September 9. J. Browne and J.,-GregBon, of CbaThs-.ati�et, Grasvenor-cquare,.Mtddle8cx, and of DuEe-alrce;, Liverpool, upholsterers, at len, at GpHdbnll, Lo;id9n. September 7. J. Giiardoer, of Mbj>hboimic& Green, W�r^ wick, denier, altaelvef at (ha Caille lun,..Bintlingbam. Sppteoiber H. J. Kothwcll, now or late of Arnold, Notting-^ ham, hosier, at eleven, ^it the,B^rc9n Inn, York. September IS. A> Aarpn, of Plymouth-dock, fiilversmitb, at twelve, Bl Weakley's tfotelf Plymouih-dock. " Sep|.;mb?r 8. W. Farfcet, late oE^odgWater, Somerset, maiti fster. At iwelvft at ihe Mansjon^House 100^ Bridgwater. Septeiiber^. W. Watts, othewlsC-W, P W(kU,,of G^poit, Southampton, victualler, at one�*t thaSun lnn,Gi�sport. Se'plem^r 15. I. Weston, of LtvafpQOi; merchantj at one^ � the office of, Mr, Tpphadi, C*ilUSsM;eU^ Liverpool. Se^emher 15 T, Stub^ of LtJ�rpdojfwer .-iX'j_^- ' '�� Tbe Stuck of B. P. Sugar is now 6;830 casks Irss than-Iast yearTi at this time; present .pricei 3s. per cwt. lower prr VOZfffe average. Rt>M.'^Nat in brisk demand. . The prexenraiock of Rum is 17,399 puncheons, and price �f'proo(h,2s.1d. pergalllln.' Stack rsst7e�r,>amediite, 17,333 pnncheonv and price t^fpfoofi 2s. 9d. per gallon. .: TiMUIiCO.TSeverBl cargaei.hnvebeensoldsinceourlait ^\ 37�. 0d. a 3Ss. 6d./ and one at 39s.flU;''per cwt. for Foreign -fupply. The home damand conlinues dull. UV!EHt>ODt lte�OR-I^ AiiousT'li^, 1820, ^^H^mMoeawif martntauUjcuot{ftuesjn-:lbe.>ame.4ulljitate .9S Ai^-eom* j�ecks ^*tf and ]>nee*:are geuerally Jd,; per lib. ^ ;lo�rer.^f Th�lDtall�ate� ai� :ti-,S(IO-|isjn,j^ Sea:|slnidsattS}d.:a:3s;.5'l-,"Kad 200 by auction; fair lo �inlddUng'fin^^l I9|d..B53a.;-20'slaioed' at.J34ilia 17d.; li8(k>.fcwedr at lld,'a;13|d.,-170 Teuoessces iit.]l*d.� >lliU>7S0 ' 1 ].fd. a 14d., I,05Q, Pemams at 16jM. .a l&i<d.j: 260 Bihias at. I4|d. a I5i and 60 Bengals al ;jd. a Sd.perlb. The-imporl is 0,960bags, vut.G8 bags Barba-doea,^27�Demerara8, 1,922 New.Orteahs, 4,678 Brazil. Tbp Sugar market bar. been very fist this week: the quantity offered atauclion was 1,600 casht, of which 1,100 were sold at n decline of Is: on brown, and Is. a ls.6il. per cwt. on belter suru. A few very stroog white.Bra2U (Rios),'but only of fair quality in point of colour, lisve been-taken tat shipment at 5Is. Good Autigna Molassrs have bronght 3U. 9d. We bad an animated .demand fur Coffee on Saturday,, at an atlvance of 2s. a 3s., which has continued through the present week afa further similar improvement,' making the advance ou our former quotations ,4s. a'Bs.: at these rates about 150 tons (all that was offrr-iog> have been .taken for shipment^ for Domingo, not laud, ed, 125i. Iiave Iteeii paid;. Jamaica, fair ordinary, 122).; good to fine ordiuaryv 124s. a 128si; and'Berbice, goad oj-. diuary to middling, 127s. 132s. 6d. A parcel ofxoud Brasil Cocoa has sold at 55s. but the lunitcd.- Fimento steady. Carolina Rice is very dull of sale, artd bf 350 casks offered at auction, only 250 sold at a decline of ^. viz. at 17a. a 17*-6di^ furordhiacy, and 19s, a I9s. 3d. Torgood; apar-cel of fine has since broegbt '20s. 6d. artd 200 tierces of good 20s-; good wliil,e- Brng^^diily puid, has 18s. We have a eood demaud froin^e dealers fur fine fiavuured Jamaica Rums, of which sevrni parcels have hruugh(-'3i. 3il. a Ss^Sd. per'gallon 16 O.-P.'but common qiiaiities are ex-Ireuiely'dull of.salei at 2^. lOd. aSs. Fur Rood^tresh Jamaica Logwood 61 12s. 6d. a 6/. 15*. has been paid, and fur old 01- Common Brazil Fustic has sold at 5^ 7s. 6d. and rough Nicaragua Wood at 132.-tOs. Ashes iiavebeen mpre-iuqiiired after, and MonlreBl Pols have brought iJ2s. for good, new, and 30s. for old. : 2,200 B; A. Bull and Cow. Hides have sold at 7^d/and nearly. a^OOO prime Hidet^at 9|d^ per Ib.f TalloV continues dull. ; . . The Tobacco market continues dull, there-has been some filtle demand'fur export, 'and abont.OO hhdli. ordinary Ken-tqcky'leafbave-been sold a(. 3d; per lb.; the trade.purchase I Kjiariogiy.'"Oiving'tO'(heunravourBblestate, uf 'i^^in the:early pari of; the week,:there..was.a,good demaNd for ' Wheal' on Tuesday,'and:'prites were well maiutaioed; but themark'elsibce has become'dall. .There is no altrralidn iii Amrneau'Flour, the wlioleotthe lateimporis.ftom Cauadx Ji^veb'seU disposed of-at 37s.:a 38s. per'barrel. ' yesierday 30 pipesrorLemon Jnice of.goqd streugihs were oirired by attcttun,and'Sold brisktyat 2s..2d. per gallon. . FnirOiu.-The last acfouuts from the-Ft�hery eture an iraprov�menl on the forineri aud-the. vessels arriving uiefe. nerBlly-moderately fitbed and sUme full, aud the pciceli-are in couSequeucerather lower. ' ir  .: REtraep SdOAKs have been in deihhitd, but prices'ate without material alteration.'.. ''' SOUTH AMERICAN ;PRODUCE. � / \ The COTTON piarketv bas been dull nlf the we'ek,' the: de-: mandconlinnlog Vety-eonfinedj'cxeept for Buweds; 'which are wanted for export, but the prders geueraUy iringi limited . tr> - a-Itltte ;oiider, Ihe .presebt raiesj ihe'offen were ^declintd, -rand. the; business- cousequentiyis -triSlfi'g ' The sales of the �ieek are 130 Srs I?h>od, foir'to good 3Id. a '23d.; 200 Upland middliug 13Jd.fair 12Jd. j.leo'Teueriift. niiddti&g,12d.> ISoMiaa Novas, faiM<i^i. .13d.; 4 n:.7d.; finejSd. a 84di';T6tar,'a|,5P0 biigs>-; Tbe:lmpoits.nre35^ba�*United Slates; 37 West IndiaV 7,250 Bengal} 653 flamlla' 26 Amsterdam. ^H^ota), -ifiOl vbUL. r . -v. i|Bjrt^!?Jo^-ISw(;ni* ________^_ ...........,___...... , ^t(-"aslieslOwu, i�i the >couu^�t W 4fe. Jl^gest Wetsb. of YoogliA,. iii^^ibelcoinlljFornufc^ Affer:wi(chan|ln> two shoisektib, the -1riatierv�aii�micablya4iti�led by (be friends iifl^lh parlies. .We/stre: happy lU one power lo state, that no �a-Jury*ai-�ustaioed'l^,ellber. 'iheortgtnof theditpuiei^ we 'liave jieard, itai^'si'. ottsanderttaodiog about pbces at (he "tftl^ComieOtieca of^ne Barbir tf SmUIb was repeated harrnlgfal.-Wifh .lorreaSed.apprubatton. Miss M. Tree, a� SMnOt appeared.e*etf iJgr^aiei-.Bdvantage ibau on ber firiit Crpreseulation..oFthee(lar�cter.;^j;h^ glve^some of her sungc 10 Ihe sweetest. slc�ius .of jqeloily, and with much science and tatte: die waa, AtptBroitsly ap|>laudetl. M r. Philipps a�(taiitted.biinseir;wilh alt that Cwte and effect as a singee. aud.wiig alt.lbai exeellenise aud propriety as as aclnr, fur which he-11 distinguished. The other characters-were weU filled. ALEXANDER'S BANK. (Ac P^aprikfor of fAr fVeessdn'f Jbttmal. Sl��-I am eonviuced you would confer a very^trat ofati � gallon on, and indeed* perform an' aei of' j.UstiGe lowsrrfr, the. many creditors who have suffered by �be.;f strp-daugbler. ' Aliria Rottinsoii, having come �pon the table and sworti. appeared lu be an luleresting yniing woman, and she simpW stated a very affrcting story.'- Her mulhfr, sohie tiMe afu'r the death of lier fallier, married llie prisoner, who ilt-ireaieit her, and spent hrr property. Witnesis bnd n pluce of ii;r own, and her mulhrr used to come to her fur slieMer, nntrr-menl, and prolecimu ;_" anil surely," said the niiiie^^, wifli a great deal of uffrciing tiaivtii, " I coilld iiul refuse inv 'mother, or turn her oul."^ The Prisoner was lu ihe liilitt vf coming afirr hij wife, and beating ber when (,he rouid ntu give him money lo ^riiik. Witircss interfned lo save tier molfaer, aud was always beat lu return. On ihe ni^lit.hii-1. ia tbe indictment, the Prisoner took hrr by Ihe liaih of ^llt� ilead, and dragged her from the fire-place, in a back psrt(,ur,~ IhrOs^h a long hall, into tbe street, kicking her all th<. time. Prisoner, being called npon for his defence, ftaid he wan dmiik, and they provoked iiim by throwing water on hira. The Jury found hmi Evilly, and the KecoRDElt sentrncvd him lo one month's imprisuumeut in Newgale, and dirrrtei) ihnt brfurehe shuulJ be'released he sGunId find Iwn solvent . bailln 251. each, pud himself iii 60Z. lo keep llie peace tu , his wife aud step-daughicr, and all his M-^jesty's subjects, for seven years. ttenrgStolt, (6t an assanll on Mary Scott, his-i^ife, w;ia put to the bar. Mary .Scull appeared, a very large, fat, well-luoking w.j. m^iu- After been-swuro, slie stated lhat she kept a |lrdi�^^h standing on Ess:-x-bcidgpj that the Prisoner, her4insbiii((, WAS always assaulting hef; thai, in cunscqncure of his com. duel, nbe had separated from him, to which lie. had agreed,-but whenever he got drunkhe would cume to her and Irent \ her with every species of Violenre; heonetim^Vmo^t hit hrr breast off; another lime he drew asword upon her, and uu� going lo run her thrungh. She swore the. peace against him, but he did not minil, and since she swOre ihe assauli., bebeal iter and threw a cluck weight at her, which bii the pan of her knee aud cut jt. -(.Here the Hitness displayed' a very handsome leg to the Court, and pulling Ihe upper part uf a long Slocking down, a large cut was plainly to be seen -on her knee.] , The Pfi8oii*r made scarcely any defeace. He was fo-ind Ouitl}/, and Ihe Magistrates being pcrtectly aware of ih.-. brutal conduei of ibe Prisoner on former oecasioas, he vnta irnteiiced In six months' imjirisonment, and ordered tu An,! secnniy. as in the lact case. Jamet Tutte stood indieieiffor-stealing a.woodfn msh winilow an unlioaolrd bousem Plll-lnne, Ihe properly of Henry Strjhan, E�q. Chief Clerk uf Usher'S-qnay Palic 06Sce. He, Ihe Prisoner, was prcvrd to hare removed ii, hut did not Inke it out of the house. . Air. Sltahfto proved thai the sa�h was his-praperty. , The Prisoner statr --claraliuii he bnd not inteitded to say one word furtlier iti-(h ut he could nu> silently hear <uch a defence wiiaoilii ' saying, thai he repeatedly desired the Pcisanerruieavc t-ho house, and particularly^chargnohim tam^i^ny of Uik fixtures, na be bad beea'Jia�y about some of the^ibeCwe. tiTbePriJioher wasfbuitd'GutJfji. . ' The-EfCoilDeR, ia jisSing .sentence, obssrvei^.that it waslnow a matter of notoriety 'that no sooner was a ho�i.i: unleaaoted, btti every person who cenid get in were fur pinndeting il of.fvery'Brticle they eo�(d lay their faaoda 'on.'' ThesCMcnce'was. one month's imprisonment in New. fate'. �'.':'"�',-.. '�,..�'.�. - '. ,'- The COO&je.'Kighly.cdmpiimeiited Mr- Slra'riaon kn-iajr-'ibgT�rw'arit'^-tt^<)seca'tioii^ as it wocudbe o.waruiog^'t'-' persons4iinil.BVly situaiedi that-- llie law would puuish^lfacfn if theyatirm^ted to piUagel .fi:t ce,.iwo nibotbsJmpMsonment. -.Aimer jHijinft for stealing a steel chain-and seals, plnaii>d G�j(Kj..-i-SenUtiise, six tnipnlbs imprisonment, and barfted iiKihVhanK' " ' bags. tAWlC tROBUfJfi. Voung p�cT� :-.--'(-� . -T;!':-;. -^K.,-.-.:)i (vCPti.EOEniU'.Wflms^B^'.-infitrnistlilivl^aijiij^'JiilKiJ' rf*|ii�>4 M thi* *>.(Ece a .:; -,-ftU^'bii' of''tM�i�&�'ffCi**r}0Mr^^^^ jftt-lheliouse i^tS^ajBs^ l8i,Tertn>}e-har,"pa^!i- ;. i,wn,�trih^;paMM#>i;?�]*^^ 'ti.c pffWrti ih^iT ^a- ' � ieiW jiran'chea?^^^^ ;:;^anisdayiui|^l3ifi5^^ rbflweisi^comwuiifl^^ ^Kl^ii^an^^SSiii^^W^ ^ *^ "men, of the namea r' tteWtawJng were, the quutahon* at St Petets^nt^, ' iiigt^tVfdej ^^fi^W^^

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