Thursday, August 3, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - August 3, 1820, London, Middlesex NVUBPR 5510.- The last Niglit but'Oaei^tT'-^M^fdame \'miW lappeflJ-Snce TBHATRK-ttorAL, fTATJVjiBiCEt'   THISJEVfiMl��:G, THlfRSDAV* Augttse 3, ' will lie ptr^Vmed A, Dkv AfTISR rm, WfeDlOlKG^ ^ ' Coloufel Fretlove^ m Jdow,- I*r�l ,Mv. Bsriiard. LiJj EtizJbelli Fr|?eh>Te, Mrs GHibs. , , " , tBfe BEGGAR'S OPERA.^ C�pt/MacUeMlii'M�dai�e*Vestri�r!(bev'iltit appearance ii) tJni Cliawcler, and on this Staee); Fenrhnin, Mr Terry i| Lockit,!^!- VVilhoma; FildijMr J.�a��ett VollyFwlmm, ' Miss R>Corn (her 11 (1iappearancenpon,the Engtiafa^StSKv}^ ii MrRj;P(<racl^uti^v^tsrPearcevKLucy :Loi:kit,�Mr� To �?hicb will besdded, O'Keeffi-** Masfcal FJrc� of TH33 SON IN LAW, "^^ � iCran3?yj y, Mr; Bartley  -Toiiaere, Mr: VY. S. Chalterley} Valbelle/Mr; Peatman; IM Fleiir, Mr. Wilkin-�Dn. Rosabelle,-.TlU(s^ Kelly ; Lucie, :Mies L Sievensonj -.Pastean; Mrs. Grove.  ' After which,-loth time, an entirely new Comu: Operetta,-' called - THE PROMISSORY. NOTE. Wr. Markhami M�.vyrench; Mr. Scamper. Mr. Pearniau; I�ick9, Mr. Salter/ -Mrs. Markhaip, Mrs. W,S. ChatCeriey; Caroline, MiesCarew; Cicely, Mias feelly. To coiiciaclenilb{I3>b limeatthiS;Theatre), the�elebra(e4 Extravairaiiza, in two.aclii, called - .^a DOK GJOVANNI; Oi-;:A SPECTRE ON aO^EBACK. Don Giqvannr,' Mr. Pcarman; DoaGiizmaib and Gtiosl of himsrifi, Mr: TvP. Caoke;'Don Octavio^ Mr. Broadburst; ; Ei'idegrooib, Mr. WilkiViaon; l,eperello, Mr. Harley. Donna AiiiiajMiss L.Sitevensonj'Bride,.Miss Worgftifin. , . The spACro'US.:Sal<;otthi y ^sTpublished, IB Svo.priceSsifid.-' -  THE ANGEL of the WORLQ. an Arabian Tale, SEBASTJAN, & Spanish Tale; with other By the Reir GEORGfi CROtV. -Printed for John Warreiij Old Bond.'stteet.-- - 1 hi9 day m published,-in ISmo. price 7s.4d. rULIA ALPINULA', with the CAPTIVE of STAMBOUL, and other Poems, Bv J..H. WIFFEN, Aullior bf " Abniaiv Hours." "" I kiioiv of iiu human composition so aflcetip); as th)S, nor a hi^t(iry.vof.deeper interest; these are the names and anions .ihal ought-Dot .^o perisli.'-Note on the Epitaph of JiiIm .AIpi|inln;;r-:GHI,I.OGiHABOLD. ; � : \ " JI is'^yTefreshiii^ to us to talce. up silch a volume as lliis uiitJcrCooside.'altnn,-where the subject is conceived in 7he tnie spirit u^.Poellft and expressed in-harmonious jiiimliers.\'-r.Gom and -^SorthUotise'fl>.iiondon.-Maga2ine, Autfust, 1S�0 .?tiiited for John Warren; lOj-Old.Bond-street.-' - .. , 'BARRY CORNWALL'S NEV^iPOEM. - i This day.IS published, price s. 6d, in Syo.', � -.. m/rARCFAM GOLONNA : an Italian Tale, in ITfi. Three Parte; with DRAMATIC- SCENESi^Vand other Poems. ^ ' - . By BARRY CORNWALL. He wl)o>i8,'mBensible:to the beautieS'of tlus:Pocm,;TOay close his tablelsj and bid gqod by to. the Muses- for even ^tscomAiunionsorefram the heart to the heart, and it is iis 4inpo8sible not to be aflecled with l^e^'cnnl-striving destiny >wlucTi hangs over-the slar>fated'Colunna,as'to be luSensibte to a storip amid.thc *ild ..t ; . Of.wbo'iir.rnay be h*d,.iby tlie same Authorj' '-'  ,pf?,AiilATIC::Bi3iNE^^^^ tiiiii, 7s.i and" " ' , A slCii2iSN*i?f oiVi^wiiii m ^ud'Fonns.' - 'Second Edition j- 7a.'- -- -.' " ''t&ifvixilA fldoSE," AueiisTS, 1820. TflrtE COCRt J,r blteWRS .0/" il,e %M. tJNlTBD CdM^iNV 0/--MERCHANTS faf BNC?-LAND, iradiitff to p,e EAST INDIES, Oa-hmby^giVf Kohfe, - ^ Tha? a GtNltft^L COUrV of the''said CQMPASY j�ill befaeldat tbeir Hb�seiti teadeuhiirBitot on^WfiO-N�SD4)r, ibe,l^li 1nft�nt, from' Nine ti'Clock an th^ Morning ohtil Sijt m i\he: Eyeiiing, for the: Election of a -D�r,e�or of: tl�A>Oimpany> in l^e'fo6iti t>f Sir.'DaVid'Scuif, j^rt.Viho haHidijS^nsliBed., , ,^^,'1 ~ 'i , JOSEPH^DARTf Secretary;, iTAR^Ick JiSSIZES. TURSDAT, AUGUST 1., "Hip Dtcfendai^tsflreall arrived ifi thl�Wwni>it^ the Jftj^gey to tftiow^^he Jfasr JyigJ�!ji^^�tt|W'^ Ihat-tt tviUmut trmne on4)en>rfe Tlttir^day tijstt. ji,  -" Ti>e,?oUb�iog,l�.a.C9|>^ oJt thKtjndicttDent-::^ � :  � Thatf.GeorgeEdmond'a,- Charles Maddocks, John Carl-wrighlfr^Hmiliaa.'Joaatban WooIcTi and: William G; Lewis,'; ]>ring maltciouBi Seditions,-iScc.-persons, and unlawfully lu-tendiiig ' to raise- and'^'^excile discaotcnt and .disaflecllon in,the. minds of .tiii; subjects :of the King,-and. to::tai6ve:' the subjects of f aims, &c. at :-Birtar^l,ngliam,^.:&c.-.unlawfully, mallcioiisly; . and.- seditiously., combine, consjitre, ^aud confederate: with- each olherj -and -^ith'; d^wecs other disaffected persons:, &c. . to bring > the Government, i&c. ii^to batjred .and cog-'temp>i as by laweBtablisHed, and of the CoUimons House -of-^Parlrament; as by law cstalilislied, and unlawfully: to nominate, .elect, and appiiint,: -and came to, procore'to be unlawrnltyTiodiinated, ejected, and: appqinled, �;per-son to-be the representative of the inhabitants of Bir-mingiiam,vand to claim admissiun as such repreSenla--tive-an/o ilhe Said.Commortg House of Parliament, iis a' Member tliereofj-neiitirer they,''4be.8aid G, Edmonds, &c. and the other cuiupinitora,vlieiOg theii^nillbefe in any manner lawfully aulhurrsedlonomHiate, elect,orappoint suchrepreL S�cta(ive as aforesaid. And that the said Defendants, in pur-snanceof ihesaid.-uDlaWfutcumiiinaliunr&c-. did on the 19ih of July, &c,untawl',:Witb diver^:uthersT&c. to wil,' in a certain place, &c. In' the number of 20,000 and up- ' wards, for the purpo^ of hearlnf divers scandalous, sedi:-tions, nndnnBammalory. speeches,' resolutions, and:-wrilr logs, nf-aud� concerning the government and. constitution pf tlie Commons-HouBO'of Parltamentj-^c; puUli'gbed and read to the said subjects/' ^ The 8th.-eount.charged Iherdefetvdants with on-:lanfullyx:on8ptnng, &c. to escite. discontent,: &Ci for the purpoDe of bringtng tibout a.change in the Commons iHouse of -ParTiaiHent. And the last count %viil) unlawfully devising and exc^ttng discontent in' the tninds of;his; Majesty's ltege*ubjects,.&ci, Tins ti5a|i> It IS generally ^believbd, will, not bf ovet. before." Monday next. It is s'ajdj tbat botli Judgesi will be on the Sencb Unnng Ihe j[>ro* ceediDgs, * ' " BANK PRdSErbTlONS; � Samuel Hallj Benjamin Price, ami Josepli. Key--nolds, swere.arraigned at -.the bar^ aiui chi:rged:�with .l' ottering forjjed. Banlc: oiFeuce, upon ^ani understanding with the-Jgrosecotors: that they would be transported for life,- which sentence ^viis passed upon them. Binjamin l*Fice declared that he had been thirty years a wholesale . deuier li) forged notes, and never bad: beea detected before.  r,...G'eorg'e-AAJBn t �. . The Jury, after some consultation, found the Prw stjfter Guilly.. ' ^The Judge-proceetled to pass sentence upon the Pnsontir; in doing wbigli.he told him tliat he had ^ltlia:1a^gcaTee^ of-guilt ;ai�li t^ had eh^irgeiS; the witnesses plU being perjured,: yet lie. {the.Prisooifr), knejV(thail::tb)s.badrinot been theonly time he had appeared, before the tribunal.r.of' bis' country to answer rtt>'-h-s^m<l�f cliarge. He wel - knewj tijat he'hsid beenlried capitally at Notttnghain for uttering f 'endetivipetf;to-^g6t'tip; bdt hfcj Tound he hJd uotUuffici^'/tten^lt/iliw^lieffd Vas * �>-Cut aiid,brms help I" The prisoner heayd.tUe IgSflft |;DjJ;|;4mm?; t(�ci^, and Witj, w p^n thee, ,thii�-||t:S^�;�tne{YeM tut if I have. \iot -gwetl ,th?if?' eilfliBMln 1 -gtvett,th?�'^eftrjp^ l'>'if| give thW tntsu^h/', and immiediAie^^ ^tetfjf-t^* pducfiF trfrii 'over, lti&8)de �ud iie< f his -#�ffcoai- poclet. -W.lh|rWa:To'"li.m. Thou Hl^gouen % mon*|V le^llil^jlie'^uietly." The iPrlsone* reptiet), �i>-^J^ep- leSevt... i. The Prisoner, pn.:feeing removed �frQtn the bar, pathettcrttly excfaimed^" My tord, 1 mercy, .'foremy poornife's sake aitdrmy-threelrttie children; for-theirisakei^myi^bordinspareiiiy life." JUDOB-^ouiB^stPriBoneti theidreadful state into which you have pluoged.your-'family by yonr wicked, deeij, ibnt|nty to them ought pot to pre* Vent Ihe esecntion of the law, .tod I most earnestly entreat you- to prepare forthatawful fute.whicbi luallJioman probability awatts-ybu. The. Prisoner repeijttedkin a stUt more'desponding tone, something, about his pootfwife. It perhaps ' nSay be.only an act of justice to.state, that notwiih-standing this most dreadful act Of cruelly towards the Prosecutor^ the writer tor-fhisteport had an op. portunity of observing: the Prisooer's conduct in the Cuurt-hoUse at li^akefield, and he was -much struck by the- estraordtnary .tenderness which the wrett:hed man displayed tWafds: his wife qnd infant child; he seemed indeed insensible to the peril op his-own situationj directtng his- whole at-lentton towards hts distrfessied family; -RAPE.' Mallfi,ew.Hm�oni a phvate in- the 84di regiment, stationed at Hftiifaxj- wa^charged with com^ tnitring a cape-uft tbe:;per8on ofMary^Bttcltley, 4 girt! o6: the age/;of -14. ini�iil^m�.tl>e PHSOllfr_�aa^,?nlilled^ to au ncqnitlal, Tlj�..I"rj, ^1 co'oWqUpniiief this lotinlairuii, reiurnedu vird'Ct ^^MANSLAOGHTErt. ^ * ^ * - '^filiium ^tiargrMvel'si Jpri va t e sol d i e r. .w as eliargfd �ltlVs1iOOliwg William'Flaiijiigane, at VVellle/by,^ 0iT4lh�J/StUoftMj>y I^Bt. , ,^t |t|}^red fn>ip t,b^ en()eii,ce th^t the deceased |W8� cW�r�|^VMJ>�ll�!Uig V*'�*f'' er)eCfind}icCinebim tohis re^ir�eBl.' "They halted at W^tfierby, �riU' tfie'dec^aSed viw haiftl-riif&d to guards aVf<3ffhe unloc^^dlhe iund-cuftand refeased himself from- hlra. :*riie corpoi-ul waS drii.nfcj^.mid roiildi.j��aet*4?ih'e/'party'no nswsifiiic<fvai^ deceased-making a-xoslk',to get-out of tbeiroodr, the Piispptf, vhowas keeping.goar(^nt::t;ho dobrof the looinvpfesented his piece auf! shot hiift dea necessity, >.the,; Jury - must find him beg forfBP'l'y- � The Jury, aftir considjerable .deliberation, found t^ie Prisoner: Guf//y, and Mr. Justice Park sentenced hiih to be imprisoned one month. the mangle : yery.vigQrousIy,r;thev girl - said she thought he Was weak, and .A�^nted some,drtnk.?-rr The soldier made � a' replyV'that. he -cnuld tn m the mangle if she wus; upon it; The ^P/osecutrtx was sitting on the edge of the betlj: and: the Prisoner quitted the.mangie and threw her:uponii, but without at that time committing, any .gross in� decorum. The,, ProsecutrliT said she';:was very angry and struck at him, laiid called: him a villaiu,-upon which he tigain threw :her upon ;the bed and effected: his purpose;:' The Prosecutrix said she screamed outasloud,as she could foK.tbe pressure upon her, but that.Betty Ednards would-not; afibcd ^ her any assistance; 'The Prosecutrix stated thatshe communicated what hikd passed to her mother- the following day, butnot befprerahe had been lUteTr-rogatedjbyherrespectingrjij:; it 5�a^^^^ to fase menlio^ed3t,.'bnt-alie:icocttd itOt fiirishainej: .---.-i '-'i. . .-1-rii I-:.�-:/;!:: / .l:!-../:�'.�:_i^�-;l-' : __� . , JIEPORT, V.Z.- , � ^ir'Henry Calyert.-per Hamnlerslryg..;.>�Ann;.,2 Rev.Dr, Hu^herr.. .....-i.f...........A. 2 � �e�. George'TCadiliugtoo,-per Cocksund Co.,  2. : /}eoeral�arJ,wriKht,.ip(i' MeOrs.'Hoares-v..,.:.^Ai! iSeors?Vftusiilar^JEsq.....>...............A. ,2 : Tdho-Smtib Wtigbt, Eniji'perHciTirsand Co.... Mr.'Wm. Fuller, pei' Hoarcs.......1.-. ilr. fadeii ........r............>. A. JVIr..Nicbull!<,<:thriee-^earsV:beiiefact|Oo: Jjidy C.iW. iWyonj pertHammerileysM Miss Cleaver .....i,^. ]M G.'C. per post, froin Bristol...... - ,V.2/.,j>er.Hoare8 ......w ' A ComproinjM fo_iJau Assanlt by J R. ou W- H'S.j 1,. 1 A.'B..perTreasurer,,', ,\,.X'.V.,.......100 0 Di�ciiargcdand-B�Iie�edifjromTprioos Prignnr 0 126 Debtoi^^&r^tbesum,of>^.;.'> ; j./45,P5;iUio^ers,. Approved * _ � ^ ^ 34 . ,1^ < ' , , Jnadmlttlbfc-^' j��e4-^"'t ' ^>'*^ 't' ' 9^^ t ' ' Beorfictiuna �re T^ceWeir by'J.'^JaBJdeD-^eJta.nEJq' tl(e Tr���irer, Cbejpe,wal^ill?beheatut!�i)r4>y Btme�, Parqubsr, ajidCp jl^3,flraEB'�-slie�>3^�:psrB,,i}<fift�,-J^�?t- ,iri;|l,i|e,�icr�liJ^'3^alX'7i " r . "ciiowv couRTi SA-MMiJ^^io^^ij?^^ I' - ' HtSHlfrAY ftpBBERvl- ". 1^^  iMri' , � .' '* '� []"'' Mr. Squire .Ramsden slatedi :that hestives'at WakegBld' Qut-wjood ? ,bad!%lv>.^'^S the Intap^^ Waktfi�Wuf) Fridsvit �lie 5 h(ot,May ::^!re;�alledrat a. pobl^^boifse iti.Bc8g^laiiei:>:.k&pt byja pecMm of the name of WBterhpjusi;.;.'itiiivajS pa t ten i^heu Ije �eut there,j;an||t,h.e rgtnaiii^^^^^ hour aqdu bajlf; Joseph Pjc;^ef8gi|l^4^je^^ came in -i^W after jhe .gottihej^re^ljf,^^^^^^^^ ,him to go, iiome with hiinjs,Sfiafti^^ ^ogeihejr,,,jjb),ch he'prpii>ised,io, do; but w1ien,lhe Witness-'^ot tip to "go hotpej^-theiPrispH^,!^^^^^ fore.s^Ljjtf'aloiie; wfiep litj iiad got ^Bb9ut sej-eniy yards he was overtakeu by Mary-N"' - - ydiiiijg^JaS!hitd{^55b^ REPRIEVE OF WILLIAM'OLDFIELD.POR THE MURDER OF HIS WIFE AT BRADFORD. Last week we gave some particnlar^ of the trial of. this Prisoner, for the murder of his wile, which terminated in bl^<:onvict!Oji, and he -received sentence-of death, which sentence was to have been carried into eAect on Monday last. It may be pro-{ler here to stale the eftect of the evidence given upoulhe trial. The deceased was found lyin^ dead in the kitchen early in the morning of the 97th of June. There were a..; great many bruises ondiRe* rent, parts of her: body, and two wounds on he^ bead, bm noneof those bruises-or wounds were, in the opinion.of tiie,surgeaii, the cause oFher death, which was produced by the rupture of a blood ves--selon the bnun/, in other words', by apopleity, either produced'by intoxicalion, or -.^byj� fall or blow; It was- the decided^ opinion'the surgeon, after the efTusioB of blood had taken.:ptace, the deceased could uot posstbly liave come^Iqwit, stairs:^ it followed thei�fore that the.mortal blow urfalh must havebeetiTecetved in the kitchen, and it was the ioferen�e-0fJaiyi from- the facis-^jiroVed, that tbePrisoner, having begun to ill-treat hi�wifeup stairs, had followed her into the kitchen, and there had giVQu her the blow which lii(d produced her death, - - The^facfs to support tJiiU inference were the following :-The deceased was heard to - cry out "Murder !" in her lodglng^rooin, in which'there were..onty herself and her husiband : drapsnf blood were traced- all .the. way. froin the lodging-room-to the kitchen, and bloody footsteps were visible on the kitchen floor, as if a person- with bloody feet had :been walking about; To these faets are to be added-the brutal exclamation of the Prisoner when the.death of his. wife was , communicated to him. There was also auiextreme improbability in th^ account which Oldfield gave.ot tlie matter, as it was barely possible thatthe noundsand briuses discovered oli circumstaiice8 many persons 4houghtit'hat the Jury,'tni&iding the; Prisoner guilty �)f mti�/*r,.hajl comei^ the\^iludjge jwliov t/ie3',the. Prisoner wu? noj/^sU .flilly ^tisfied'Tn 'hisvowo mm uf ihe propriety- jif the verdte^'flS'^lfb rest giv'eip*-in fCJoiirti' ^ibtrl' afterwards e'xiimilired' the .wifueKSes rooffei^fnIlyj: � for/liia'-own satisfaction.-� ,Tfe'aOTwers';he,reeeiyed.,r^^ what ^remaiijirig 'pbt7tie.;hadi,;-eotert8medv and updiif cOiisulting AlSVOSIiiJtA.  Thefolloi^iugJfctler^ ifontiour to�nsnj�n> Lietf-tenant Cohiftef gg^ni'iJ./TiS.-^CoTS'nel Pow'et'ifYt?-' gtiaenl); Willi .'we'are s^ufv, be tead .�nllv.,pleaau;rtf .byr our reader^; ^tt'h mn�t of wbom this genlkmif >fa It isaddresved to Ins faitie.'� inithis town, and came by the-last Leeward-riiasd mailj ithu.has kiuciiy fuvuored iiit willj it for wisef-.tion^ dated- v .. , " An^djiiirh,'iWttJ 7, 18-20 (S.m'J^jf^l, � . . and rereivfed-hfre'ititi Julv.' " After a tedious and-in sume drgtre a dangerous vuyaze, hating beeji^fur three tnunths lossed lii (trry direction of tile i'om|tr.,�,.we fuund unnselrvK uft Deinvrara afiuuUthe tst uf .April, .-Uld ou nii^: IHgdipg Was iiuspilabi) enlcrl.-nucd-by a plaJiler,-jytf.J^j-yii^tt,(SFoJclii) l^ol Jb UuaTtfviKl.siiiedfai the-ftrofluciv tlif^HtAifitc^unlli of ifb^cU �e niailf nboiit ii<c g.Ui of 'Aj^itjj-.tiryere.a-.dftcripfinq.df'ftiir woiirferftih ri v. r" Koitkt'Hjtf In -me -riiheuloes,' I iriusi �<lir^t<ire rtrlcr ya-a tu -Humboldt's TraveUiR-Suiith America *.' - " !nie2(hb of-April.'wc ditembarked. here; We were ir-ceived by llietHilhurilies with ervijf niarkut resperi, loviit-J to a graiiiLfele given-in conimeiiioraliuo of Ihe Pulitiral tie-generation of Venezuela; invilcil tiv rants t<i llie |i:iUc b De'cuniplnnmicd llie Kngliah and lfit.:-i naliuos, for ihrir noble, spin|e(l, and geiirruus assistance lu the cause of liberty and'buiiKiniljf, in ffeeini: Iheta trum l.'it-tyrannical yoke of Spam ; �-e reiiiriird a siiiiable reiilj- -lui complimenl; we marched in |>riiceii! �Iie Palace, and goi rc-freshments ;r. Ill the evening a ball and supper. I li.iiu-t-il with Bolivar's sister, a pleasing,, sgrrenblu wum-iii, a v.-i. dow; several Insfamen here. Dr. Mulray, a Major Mann;,, in Ibe 13th regiment in Tuam,.lie has been ihruugb iIk-cainpaigns, and has witnessed all the hardships thai \ye lieaid of in Ireland, and ilial proved so fatal to so many nt oin-countrymen-he went oif yesterday 10 join Ibe nrnrv i>nJi r Bulivar, a journey of-tfaiee mouths-two by walrj-,. ai^d iliu other by land, un mules ; we will leavt IhiK.lo ni >, who IS to oppoiie us? We wilt get possession uf imtuenst-wealth, whicb will-enablclbe Government In piy Hie Iroup^i regularly, and discharge its present large drbl (u �n!;li>li merchants, i dined in cuinpaoy with the Miui.sler at Vt ar, two Generals, and two Colonels yesterday ; we went in tiir ev^Dipg to a ball aud-Buppep. I am to-be at Cii-ncral Sur-. Eive's this evening. We will have i>;ird marching, wiili eitf-ferings of the severest kiiid>tu encounter, wlicn we gel up lu Ihe army.- The rainy season is about to commence, during which It IS very unliealiby.' "There is a Mr. Woudhey here tbal bad been intbe IBih btissara; he is a Lieuieuaot-Calunel in the setvice. 1 dined wilhhim at Mr. Hamillon'tf, a Colonel 111 the service, and u Gentleman of large fortune in Scotland: the Govt-riimrnt owe bim 30,000/.; he lias gut ifie must beaullful pari ul ihe ccuntry, about three hundred miles from ihiscily-it exieiida twenty 10 sixt.y leagues, produces tobacco, cullon, curoH, ' cofTee, &c. " The churches and choirs here equal any lit Europe forbeanty and patolmgs. The poor Indi.iiis g.i lo masaeviry morning and vesper? in the evening, hut lu know what it means the friars could never gel iheiii Lo utidersiuuil; a fiercer race of beings lliere is not in the world-nlrnng, ttt-tt-made, aclive, and kind lo slraugrm. There are oilier Inut .1 on the banks of the water, quite wild, and will ilesiruy miy whitejnan they lay hold of; ihey murdered a duV. M-D'.<ii-nald and foor men. He unfurlnualcly advanced into iiie counlry'while bis men were refreshing, iheinsclvc-s on ilie bank of the river; he met tbnse Indians, and, truni solnt^ dispute wlib the Chief about a female, he killed fuiir mtn, but was overpowered and mnrdercd. " We bad a grand race a few days ago-General Power and Major Manly rude, the General won. 1 acted as steu-ard and judge; there was from 4il0 to.500dullars on it. All llie native ufiicers and. respectable Mihabilanis were there. There was another race immediately after-my gi-t-jin loUe for one of the nalive Colonels, and won. " iVIonday. I was about to close my letter, when an order came from the Minister of War, lo say we ninst be ready to em-bark in an hour, Aoexpresa arrived List iijght (we were at, a grand ball given by one of the General Ofii ride, .and a pleasing and agreeable ssciety in him and his partner, Mr. Nowels; th(^y are most respectable merchaiiis in London, waiting here for a large debt the Government owes them. I ain just going jnto the vessel that is t� carry" us to the-posilibn we are to defend;-,ryoiir. dulifiil Son, � �' D.-B. EGAN, Lieol-Coloncl." *� " A- long and pleasing descnplioii of this great river, given in an adventure,in an island with indian families, i$ too Ipug for publication." y This letter will be read witb �ati8fiJt;lion by the friends of Spaiiishj Independence, and the connt^xioii-s of the Irish Legion. Woiild thaUit had not furmed sucb^aii unpleasant contrast with that of Montilln's, and the Jamaica Ipuperi received,since our lasi !-r (Dublin Evening Post,J We subjoin dttier particulars fcJona anolher tjjiir-ier of South America. Every thing sBewi ihe ap-priia'chiiig~in<lep'endence of the .SpaDiKb''Colonies. What a ;jrospect do they open for^tlie capital,- crt^ dit, and ludujtty of the Britishnatioo ! LORD COCHRANE. A letter dated .Santiago' de Chill, April itaies that th^ portof Callao had been closed by older of the Viceroy of Lima; Tlie'Kengaiiia and bsmtfahlii frigates were goue to Guyaqnil after the Prueba.^ A bng had arrived at Valparaiso, from the island �f ,Tumaca,-: .bringing an Offi.cer of .Jljolivar', with-tmellige^c^e ofr, the aavaupeof the Patriot* fcom.Paftvsupont Quito; The island ofTumacu -wakin th'ii posseaiit^WCthe Palrint^. � An exfiMlC^uiiir;;^hiisistingcoi' S^OOtf'^^ was about! to U(K}^E ' BX'WfA'CT.'OF- A|]|l,OTBBU: 1.ETTE;R.i ' , Valpar'aiso, April }9. .. Here.we arti'raa^lhff-ji'apia'i^nidektowaMs coAtpleto :iude-. peudence; one jt<piimtir?;-aiiif\t4^hiii�buu} tobetitl^a;,Vill ra,y ) wojfl^.bc C^';^�ifr^9ni\^tt jiifj�,h(i{e^ h�w

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