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British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - July 27, 1820, London, Middlesex T LON DON 1820.:! 7- PRI^E 7d, THUATiLE-nOYAl, HAYMAKKeT. qpHIS EVENING. THURSDAY, July 27. A wiil l>c pprformi'il LOVERS' QUARRELS. Carljs, Mi-.Baiuara;'Saiicho, ftlr.J. Rusitll. Leonora, Mrs. Connor; Jacilitb^j'Mrs. Gibbi. " After which, THE BEGGAR'S OPERA. Caiit. MaeliPath, Ma'dame, Vcslris (her &lh npjwarance in iMr^, Pcarhum, Mrs. Pearcf; Lucy Lockii, Mrs.C. Kemble. To conrlhde with Ihe popular Farce of . A ROLANi) FOR AN OLIVER. Alfred Highflyer, Mr. Joocs; Sir Mark Chase, Mr. ^Vil linmi; Mr. Selboiirn, Mr. Barnard; FixUire, Mr. HamraooH; Gamekeeper, Mr. Comer. Mrs. Selbuurn, iWisj Leigh ; ftla-ria Darlington, Mr�. Baker] Mrs. Fixture, Miss Green, Places for the Boxes .to be taken of Mr. Massingham, at the Theatre, The OooMte be o^ieoed at Six o'CIock,nnd 1 be Performance to begia itSeveu. In consequence oflbe ungirecedpated sgccets of Tlie Beggar's Opera, it will be. repeated evvty evcoiiig.;.lill furllien notice. ., ; (t,. , To-�orrow, wUlj Th^RoOip, and The Deril to Pay. Tlie Comedies of The Coiulont Couple, and The .fenlous tViJe, are postponed; due notice will be given of 1 hi:ir representation. A new Comedy is io preparation, and will be speedily produced. ' THEATRE-ROYAL. ENGLISH OPERA-HOUSE, STRAND, THIS EVENING, THURSDAY, July 27, will be performed, ?th time, an entirely new Operatic Drains, in riiree nets, palled WOMAN'^ Wl LL-A RIDDLE! Duke of Milan,. Mr. Rowbolham; Count Vitaldi, Mr. Barlley; Ccesario, >Mr. Peorman; Cikvino, Mr. Harley. Princess Clementine, Miss Kelly ; Duchess of Mantua, Mrs. �VV. S. Cliatterley; laabej, Miss Carew. The Ei^logue, in ^character, by Mi-s Kelly. To conclude with(9tb timent this Theatre), Ihe celebrated Extravaganza, in two acis, called DON GIOVANNI; Or, A SPECTRE ON HORSEBACK. Don Giovanni, Mr. Pearmau ; Don Guzman, and Ghost iif himself; Mr. T. P. Cooke; Don Oclavio, Mr. BroadhursI; liridegroom, Mr. Wilkinson; Leperelloi^ Mr. Harliy. Doona Anna, Miss 1. Steveiisoii; Bride, Mias Workman. Doors open at Half-past Six, and the Perforinaoce to begin at Seven. - ^ To-murrow, and every evening. Woman's Will-a Riddle! | with Don .Giovanni, or ASpKtre on Horseback. A new Romantic MeJo-drama is in preparation. SURREY THEATRE. rff^HIS EVENING, THURSDAV, July 27, JL and following Evenings, will be presented, by the li. bcral permisaioij of S. J. Arnold, Esq. Propcietor of the Eng. lish Opera House, for the 4th time at this Theatre, a Public Reading of Mr. T. Dibdin's favourite Pantomimic Exirava. gauiatic Bufletta, with alterations aqdadditions, called HARLEQUIN HOAX; OR, A PANTO.\UME PROPO-SED. Stage Manager, Mr. Bengoi'igh ;. Patch, Mr. Filzwilliam ;, Prumpier, Mr. Adcock ; Faclotqm, Mr. Ellis; Harlequin, Mr. Wyalt; Sliadracb, Mr. Smith. Columbine, Misa � Co|�elaml. After the Pantomime (sixth lime this Season) the grand Serio-Comic Melq-Dramatic BiirUlta,. in threeacls,called THE PROPHECY; Or, THE GIANT SPECTRE. Manfred, Mr. Hnntley; Count of Falconara, Mr. Ben-jirough'; Theodore, Mr. Watkins; Raymond, Mr. Ridgway; Tliomaso, Mr. Wyalt; Jacqucz, Mr. FilzwiUiam. Hyppo-lita, Miss Taylor; Matild.i, Mis� Norton;, Florella, Miss Copi-laiid. � " To i'ouclude with (fonrth time these two Seasons^ a grand Legendary Melo-drame, inlhree short Acts, under the title of RICHARO THE FIRST. Boxes, 4s.-p-Pil, 23-Gallery, Is. Doors open at half-past Five, begin at half-past .Six. Half price at half-past Eight. On .Monday ngxt will be prodncftd, for the Graf time, an eolirely new Comic Burletta, called Wheels within Wheels, in which Miss Poole, late of the Theatres Royal Drury-lane and Lycenm, wilt make her first appearance on Itiia Stage.-Other Novelties are in preparation. SALES BY AUCTION. '- BY MR. WAKEFIELD. At Rarraway's Coffee House, 'Cbange-allev, Cornhill, on MONDAY, Jiily 31, 18211,' FREEHOLD ESTA IE, the HOOK, in the Parish of Norlban, He'rlfonl�birp, one mile from PotteV-'a Biir, four from Ilariiel, fciir from H.ilfield; nine from Hertford, and thirteen from lx)ndon ; consisting of a good Farm House, and 105 acres of land, a small part nnly of which is arable; let on lease to a rfspcclabte tenaut for 250/. perannum, which will .sborlly expiru. Fur further parlicnlars apply to Mr. Wakifield, No. 42, Pall.raaH; oratGarfaway's. '� TO CAPITALISTS. BY MR. WAKEFIELD, Al Garrawtty's'eofTee Hoiiaei 'Change-alley, on MONDAY, - the 3l5t July, at Twelve o.'Clock, AMOST ELlGiaLE ESrATE for IN-VESTMENTjAnear Ross, in Herefordshire, viz. the Manor or reputed Manoj; of Upton Court, loseiher with Ihe ^�pver�] Farms .; iind on vellum paper, 38a.; VoKime.s I. and il. in Octavo, of NOVUS THESAURUS PHILOLOGICO-CKITICUS sive LEXICON in LXX. el reliq.ios INIERPRETES GR^ECOS �c Srriptores Apncrvphos VETERIS TESTAMENTI. Post Biilium et aHiu viroa duclos congtfsit el e.dirtit" JOH. FRED. ."SCHLECSNEn, Philosopliiae et TheoiogLic Doctor, &c. &c. The Third aijd Fourth Volumes wiil^appear shortly. OFFEEuii.l CHOCOLATE made in ONE MINUTE, By D.DUNN'S ESSENCE of COFFEE, COCOA NUT. .Sold by F. Graham, corner of Rclle Suu-vage Inn, Ludg-ite-hni, in half-pint bottles, frum 38. 6il. to 5s. each, and the Chocolate in pot."!, at 2<. 6d.' Directions for use:-Pul a teaspoonfnlof either of these essences into a cup, with the usual proportion of milk and sugar, aud fill il with boiling water, and yon have instantaneously acup of Coffee or Chocolate of exquisite flavonr. From the ease and expedition attending this invention It becomes a valuable acqnisilion to Ihe Pnblic,and more especially to Officers in the Army and Navy, to Captains of Vessels, Travellers, lun-kteprrs, Public Assemblies, and particoioily to Ladies or Gentlemen not keeping an establishment. Also, D. Dunn's Essence of Gincer, i^faco. Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Pepper, Cayenne, Coriander and Carraway.Secds, iir glass bottles. Is. M. each. These preparations will save much trouble in cooking.confeciiouery, &c. and-itr case* of illoees are truly valuable, 03 a few drops poured into any liquid Will iuslantly give its peculiar flavour. Of F. Graham may. also be had, the fine-flavoured, pulverized genuine Jamaica Ginger, prepared from the internal part of the root, of superior quality, in quarter-pound tin ca.srs. Is. 3d. each.-Original and sole manufacturer of ths much-esteemed ginger-flavoured Barley-sugar. TRUSSES. N consequence of the rlemanrl for. anH great - benefit dfrived from, Ihe use of PINDlN's PATENT TRUSSES, without metnllic springs.G.iWAN and CO. beg leave to inform the Public, that their .llanufiiclnry is now at No. 200, Flect-strect. These Trusses are highly approved of by the mo.-il eminent Surgeons in loivn ami tcinntry, and reromnieiided on account of their great and unif.jrm pressure, wiihuut chiifing. Respectable references can be given to Surgeons and others, who have proved their good effects. 'J hose by uliom .sleet Trusses biive been worn, give the decided preference to P. Pindin's-N B. Persons sending the circumference of the body below the hips, and the largest part of the tbiah. stilting � hicli --iilc they are afflicted, may depend on beine correctly fitted. IRELAND. WATEUFORD ASSIZES. JSLS^^S&i, jH Essex, consisting ;of a superior Farm House^cbiegybrick-built, in 1 lie midst of 200 Acres iif excellent/Laiiiij'in the higlieft slate of cultivation. This Properly ij situalcdjiii the high road from Burnham to S.iutli-ininsit^, iif:^)|ryhea[iliy situation,.and liaa liei-n long the admiration 'af'ilraugers. Owing to the death of the late Proprietor, it must be brought to sile, and affords a "iuau-l:ir opporlnnily for a person of moderate properly, nnitiug a good lesidcnce and safe investment. At the same lime will he Sold a COPYHOLD ESTATE, called THRESH EltS, in the parish of Tellingham, consisi-i"g of a Gfaud:.-'Farin':{lpnae-and dl VIerrs of Laud, Copyhold tn.ltiu ftjamgr of ;Wyl�nd.Fee....This properly is of Ihe most f< liile deacriplioii of land, ajid nii itial account will always cvptniand la (enaiit at n good rrni ; it. is desirably aiiualedji'iji ;� liigiisiliit^uf cujlivalion, and worlliy public-Aileniioii^' ' - Pariicdiart^itiay Ue had^^p^^^^ Esq. .Sulirilor, ChelinsJfrftJy^ajltfc of Mr. Daiisey H'i�fyili?ffBitriili(imf^'Mr. TliotliaiiBarnes, Althurne; at 0irTa�SJ| iHEEHY, E.SQ, Jolin M'L'uTl/iy was indicted fur wilful tntir-dcr of Robert Slieijliy, Esq. on the I5lii of Jaimury la <-ned on Ihe I5lh of Junuary last at nis^lu-fHlj. AbnnI � week h*ff<�re witness and dec(?ase,<l distrained llie Piisonei'.s father, and drove two horses from his liitid ; wilnes�, who wat n few yaixls from them, �tlio;ifjlil the ' Prisoner was vfoin<{ to strike the �ie-cea-ed, und v�ent to his assistance, but Prisonei's fiithw cried out, " Let him ^o to the devil nnd take iheni ;" deceased put the homes in pound, bnt Ihey were aflerwards bailed ; Pri.-oner'it father held a leafe of some hind from deceased, siiid on tlie life of the deceased ; Prisoner lived witliin a mile of fhe decast-d ; had lived there iniiny years ; the de-ceaseil was a kind and benevolent landlord. ,Jnlin SheWiy, Esq. another sun of deceased, sworn.-Recollects the night his lallier i^as murdered; was present when the body was found;'it was wuriii ; there were severiil wounds inflicted on il ; witness put liis hmd under his falher'.s head to raise it, when his hand went into the t-knll ; there was much blood "Hi the ground ; it was hnrd-wea-tlier, mikI mjow wuS on the frronnd ; witness's liou�e is within a quarter of a mile of the .hi(;h road that leatU to Cloniiiel; there is a by-road, or boreen, jotniti'j; it ; lliere is an- allele in the road within a few yurds of the place wliere the body was found ; koowji ihe^ J'risoner ; his linu.e is in from l)ie road; the \r:sU- of the Prismier's yard opens in theroail; a" person should'have to pass the Prisoner's Iroii.-ie-if he was goHig to Clonaicl ; knows Dwau's house: his house the Gloiitnel roaa Jtn^ ihe house of ThotTiiV liy^n,, ^ 'jii"' / ' Catherine Ryan, sworn-ItBtpfleOtg the pight i\1r. Slieeliy was mitrdereri; �i#'cbUebtK to have, seen Mr. Sheehy iir the niiddffej^of the high roatf about nighi-faH lliat eveiiiiig;;'flSr. Slieehy was walkiii};; knows Dwan'a b6use';V�aw I^r. Sheehy fjoinio Dwan'.s house; kiinwr-tihe'p/isijuer (here the witness identified Irm), saW'fiiisi the'same evening ; had seen Mr. SheehJ fir�t, , Mfi Sh'eehy was in Dwan's house before witrteiw.'jiiiiw tlip who WUS about 20 spades frefoijijiwa house; Prifoii,er was driving two horiesi wfticii he wjs after watering; he was j^oiug towai-ift'i^isfatlter'!! house ; knows the stream wliere the hqr!ie^:�!ere watered, it Is near the hij;!) road. ,' ,. Crossex'amined.-The Priaoiie/,,bfteti went to water his linrses: ^aw, Mr..Sl)eehj^"ofteti, by lijij^-sel.f, walkio}; or, the liigh road ; ,lol it^_ Pri80!ier-*aHSf|i^ iledr tfie^ hor>ert that evening ; saw M.r. S. c'ofoe liiit of' paV?n's. Houie, and go up the bdf'een, as if he was going home ;'witness went into Prisooer'it house and vuw the t>-.o horset) in>ule of a partition in the kitchen, and his futlier und two sisteis, but did dot lee the Prisoner; witness went tliere for candle* which Prusonei-'s sister bought at Clourael for her; does not know when the Prisoner wu* takeil; the day that iMr. .Sheehy was interred, gave infurmutiuu to Colonel Greene. Mary Drouohau sworn.-Recollects the night .Mr. Sheehy was murdered; saw him lhal evening near the door of tlir house in wiiich witness lodged ; it belongs to the uncle of the Prisoner; 1t is on the liigh road. Knows the stream ; it is between the boreen and Mr, Sheehy'a house; witnese went after Mr. Sheehy and asked hina for some money ; he bid her siend her husband to hiiB and lie would give him some ; witness was retti/ning when she saw the Prisoiii-r behind the deceased, with a bill-huok or ptoutrli-iron in his hand, with which he stroi:k the deceased bcliind tile head; the deceased stumbled a few yards, and crietfout, " Oh, luurdei?! Csjrthy!" the Prisouer followed and gave him a second blow, by which lie was killed,' aud he fell vyiiliiii two or threejards of the small road ditch; wilnes!< did not wait any longer, but ran home through the dikes as fast IIS she cuul J. Cross-examined-Lives in Clonmel with her husband, in the house of Patrick Lonuergan; remained a fortnight after the murder in Ryan's houve; lived a shoit while at IJiillydonohoe, two miles from Ryan's house; knew the Prisoner ijnd the deceased very well; did not tell t]ie Sheehys of what she knew uulil within a few days of Easter Sunday ; did not tell it before last Assises; did <iot hear ihe Prisoner was then in custody; kept it secret to herself; it was a very great weight npon.lier mipd; her liusbaiid-was. (he o,i!ly^.:per.-8on to whom she told it ; was .jfnarrittl.; twice ; was married to her first iTusband by Father Kenna : heard that her first husband dttd-iu. the west of America; Father O'Neill received an account of his death; is m'arried'to Dronghan two-years; was in a hurry ta be marrietl to him ; is a dealer, and sells small articlea; heard tliere was u reward of 300/. or 500/. offered for the apprehension of the murder; never expected to get a farthing of the rew-ard ; never heard Ihe Prisoner was taken until Patrick's Diy, when witness was goicg home from Dungarvan; heard the neighbuufs say that iM'Carthy was taken for the murder-; saw the Prisoner on the day inquest was heUI ; saw him frequently after at Ryan's house ;"'Ryaii told witness's husband not to outside the door at. night ; if he should, he would surely he killeii by a stone or a shot from behintl the ditch. It tlie course of the cross-examination of this witness, the Learned Counsel, Mr. M'Dougall, ably endeavoured to elicit from her, ih it her sole object for prosecuting the Prisoner was the reward which wag offered. Againvt this insinuation she strongly protested. Here the Learned Judge a ecret in her brea�t ; and tliat, if she ptrsis'fd in concertlmeiit, slie would not receive the iite?i of the Churcfi : this operated so very strongly upon her luind that she went and gave iiiformattoii, Nicholas Droughan, husband of (he last witness, corroborated "the testimony of his wife, as far as he was concerned, and further remarked that he was often awakened out of his sleep iit nightby his wife starting up and crying out, "Oh, inurder ! Car-thy !'' this witness also staled, that he was prevented through fear from giving jtifwrmatinii, and that he never told to any person who murdered Mr. Sheehy, but to one John Egan. John Egan being sworn, staled, he was in the employment of Colonel Greene; that ou the evening of the murder Droughan was with witness receiving payment for work ; that three or lour days alter witness said to Droughan, that it was well for Droughuii that he was not away that evening, he being a stranger, or he would be suspected of the murder. " Oh, no," said Urouglian, " that could not be, for it was M�C>irlliy that murdered Mr, Sheehy." Witness never told Mr.. Greene who miirdereit Mr. Sheehy. This witness protested, in rather a passionate manner, against the insinuation that it was for the sake of getting a share of the reward that he,came forwaf�l to give'his evidence; he never expected nor wouhl he take a shilling of the reward. John_ iVlulcaliy, fisq. sworn.-The morning after the murder witness went to the . ;s-< observed people going from the blood, to the high road; witness thtfii saw traces of blood.on the snow to a atone gap, which was a few yards froih the 8pb�, atid which appearetlasif tlie , nnd-a'large drop of congealed blood, which apfieared as if it had lalle'o from the weapon or coal of the assassin; witness then trliced the footsteps in the field ; the di-iiance between each step could not be made by a person walking at Ins leisure: witness traced the footsteps to furze in the Prisoner's yard ; the furze was within tweniy yards of the house; witness did not know the Prisoner; never had the least suspicion of hiip. iVlichad Orinond, a cnnistable, stated, that he was the person who took the Prisoner ; witness and Mr. J. Sheehy found' him concealed under a heap of straw iii his uiicle's Iwub� ; had taken him before Jast Assizes' on suspicion of this murder, bu-t, there hieing Jao posjlive evideoce, fie �aw [discharged- The. mily 'witness broilght forward on the part of the Prisoner was one Ellen White. She svmre that three' or four days before Ihe Prisoner was taken fljary Droughan ask^d her to join her in ' |)r05fcuting the Pri�oner, aiid said she would gel a share of the reward. T-liis assertion was slrorgly contradicted on the cross-examtiiatioii of iVjrs. DrougliiO. [Il may not be amiss to remark here that Tliofnas Ryan, mentioned iij the foregoing evidence, was drowned lust Assizes in coming down in a boat from Clonmel.] His Lordship, Buron M'ClelLAND, summed up the evidence to the ,Jury in an able aud eloquent manner^ und passed a very handsome compliment on the praiseworthy conduct of the Rev. Mr. Ciisey, in bringing the nefiirious deed to light. The Jury, after retiring about ten minutes, returned a vrtdict of -Guilty. His Ijordship addre'ssed the Prisoner in a feeling attd iihptessive exhortation ; he commented largely on the heniiiusiiess of the critiie. He concluded by beseeching tlie culprit to employ ll'e few hours left liiin ill repenting of his former iniquities, und Imped It was not loo late for his soul to expect mercy from his God^ whom he had so grievously ofi'endetl, aud not to expect any from that tribunal which now sentenced his body to be hanged, dissected, and anatomised, .afler the expiration of forty-eight hours. The^ Prisoner seemed much aflected, and asked for a long day. His Lordship declared that it was out of his power, as the law made it (wremp-lory on him in such a case to order the Prisoner for execution forty-eight hours after his conviction. Pursuant to sentence, the Prisoner was brougiit out for execution on Thursday, at one o'clock.- Me appeared, perfectly calm and reconciled, but we understand he was much distracted on Wednesday, flowever, through the pious nnd zealous instructions and attention of the Clergyman who attended him, he was brought to a just sense of ihe wickedness of the crime for which he was about to sufler. He willingly confessed his guilt, aud acknowledged the justice of \w sentence. After spending some lime in prayer he ascendsd the scaflold, and with every appearance of sincere contrition and com-pniiction implored the prayers of the numerous spectators who assembled to witness the awful scene, and who with sympathising feelings joined htm in prayer to. Heaven for mercy on his soul.- He died almost without a struggle. After his body had been suspended lor half an hour, it wa.s cut down and given for tlissection. CITV COURT, Wedhfpoay, July 19. John .WoroH, convicted of knowingly receiving stolen t;o"'^'*� sentenced to be whijiped through Ballybricken this day, and to be imprisoned twelve in""ilis. Re.'. James Browne, a Catholic Priest, fined 50i)/. for-marrying two Protestants, had been for a considerable time suspended from clerical functions. AMERICAN PAI^ERS. nfw YORK, june 23. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE.S. Yesterday morning, between four and five o'chick, a fire broke oat in the dislillery of Jacob Cram, in the of Broadway, between White and Walker streets, whiih spread with snch rapidity, lhal by aix o'clock about thirty-five buildings, were demroyedor much injured. [From the Albany Daily Advertiser, of June Sl.J Yesterday, at about four o'clock in the afternoon, a most awful and desolating fire broke out in the city of Troy, ' which has laid in ruins one third of the fairest portion of that flourishing .-ily. The number of buildings destroyed ia about 130, among which are some of the best dwellings, and a great proportion og the largest and moat substantial fire-proof stores and store-houses. charleston, JUNG 15. From South America.-By the schooner Eudora, from Carthageiia aud Porto Bello, in 30 days from the latter, we learn that the Palriuts under Bolivar had been very succeaa-fiilj every post between him and Ihe Caraccas was in his possession, which has cut off all Communication with the interior, and made business very dull. Little or no money in circulation; they were about establishing a paper currency, not having wherewith to pay the troops. NEW YORK, JUNE 23. THE GENERAL RONDEAU-PIRATES. George Mitchell, a mulatto, was on Wednesday night brought to the police-office in this city, suspected of being one of the pirate crew of the privateer brig General liqndeau. On his examinutiou yesterday morning, he says, that he left this port nbout three years since, in the ship Fidelia, belonging to Jacob Barker, bound to New Orleans, at which place he left her, and worked at his trade as ship-Ciirpeiiter. About the mouth of April, I8I7, he went to - Bourdeaux in the M\t �Cecilia, from New Orleans. From BoUrdeaux they went \o Buenos Ayres; left the ship there ; went on shore itbout a week, and then entered on board the patriot privateer ^ieneral Kokdeau, Captain Djavld M. iVIiles. They sailed from thence about the 18th of December, 1819, on a cruise. The crew consiBted ^of the following men}-D. M, Miles, masteri from Baljimnie ; ---iViallard, 2d officer, an AlDerican ; LieDteimuCM'Swejeny, aii IrishiiiaD; Mr, Laite* man, next oflicer, an American ;--Smitii, pnzr- master, an American; -.- Riley, ditto, an; the agent for prizes was an Amencii', t stout fat roan; Davis, purser, an Ent;lislim,ip.-~r [Here follows a list of all the name* of tlieciet, amounting to aboot-lCO. His exeminalioii is vpiy disconnected and irregular; but we have ca-'t."?.-.! and put together as many particulars �- �n- � nnd, limits will permit.] -Lieutenant S-'- i-.i..- states, was killed oil" Grenada. 'I'hey "i ashore at Grenada; returned, all tlnvt; f,li Gebrge Perkinson sliore ivii.rH nif s complained. Sweeiiv ordered the ii-e" lo jirt un^er way. Some difru-nliy aro-e. it wa-i killed and thrown overboard. Alter Hiii ;ifrrav, they robbed �nd plniidererl all SpafMsh |^rc;ii?riy, and sent the Prisoners ashore. They were out five monliis; took fivf pr7,e�, njao e ^eii). and sent them all for ^i-irji;ari'ta. After the denth of Sweeny, tli-- Cupiani, >[�. Davis, the Doctor, Masler'.s-inate (S.iMnffi Wii^h', from Pliitadelphia, with hut one i.rii),, t!ie (Vp'Mi; and Serjeant of marines, John ijiick, r.i.d --^^vrr 1 others (marines), left the ves-sel 111 n hi ..r. 'I'h^y were sent cff by Tom Bro-h, oiptair of t'lr )'i.,f-. castle, who assumed the cmiiniaini. Ihe .Hi-t l^irct tiiey made was an island near Sav.inti.'iii. Then division of Ihe projierty was made hv T<mi) i)n.i�i , Robinson, Rider, Oavid LjrII, 11,nl C'liilt- 'N'r:-son ; 214 dollars was given in the. i'lit'-'iin-r (.it-|.i:-nent), but the marines, he says, diri ^,1 m .-thing. The whole of the money on b�fu', h.f-rr-the Captain left, he said, amounltd ii' 10,(1C(J dollars. About the 1st of June, instant, tht- priioner iff: the vessel Riih fifteen otliern, chit-fly blue k-, ^ii)^vt a day's sail from Savannah. They Wtie sent Livfrpool, which had foundereil off tht^ co-*st North Carolina ; but among other liiinin^'.f utcs, that of their having each a considerabtM number ci' Spanish dollars which they c^iiried n!i"u! tt.nrx Huilted in belis, led to n belief that ihty Irul htm eiigagfil in >ome piratical enterjjnz-, and ye^tenliiv our vijjilant Chief iV1ag!i,itate ii-sued l'i� k;irr,int lu have them brought iii> for c:<aiiiiiiiilnin, an.l � rig (General tiotidenii, Caiji�in Daval .\!l'S, iind �Hiiid on a crni�e ; c'ii|iliued a Spjiii-h ting Irom Uirir-loiiii, bound 111 DHVaniiali, after whic'i ihf C;iptaiu c.illed all hands aft, niid told iheiii he was gcnnt; io quit the Buenos Ayreon service, and Sfinl all hi* prizes to Margaritta, to which [djce he onlerfil the Spanish brig ; hb-)ut a month after c.ipturril a S|)i-nish schooner from the Straits, bound to the of Africa, and kept her in comiiany ; then pro-eeo-ed for Tenerirt'e ; saw a sail, which proved to he 'i brig having French and Spani�li papeis, from Ha-ViMiinih ; took from her some sni;ar and coCee, pi't Ihe pnaoners from the Genem/ I-oudeaii -uw bo�i(i, und let her go; about a iiionih .il'ierwaid* arnvnt ofi" TenerifFe, and got intelli^ of the ^a'rir' brig being in the harbour ; mumied liie culler ,c  ten o'clock a' nipht, and cot In r oui ; tcu.k th-: best part of her cargo out, (�j.i'.i,liiii; of hi'iuy, snutf, rum, sugar, und coflVe, put it on bo"rd li.e prize schooner, and suHered the brig to depart. The (.'enerui /^oru/eau then cruised anion^.-i the islands about a fortnight, took a number 01 fuarltet boats laden with cheese and butter, then shifted htr course for Cadiz and went uji the Straits ; took u small pnlacre (Spanish] ship ; took two or three small feluccas, took out their cargoes (Huvannali sugar), and put them on board the pohicre ship, manned the polacre, and ordered her for Margaritta. Shifted her course to come out of the Sirait*, captured a Spanish brig from Bdrctlona, tionud ti. --, and kept her in company; next morning u Spanish 20 gun ship came up and passed under our stern. Next day got to the mouth of iht^ Straits ; at twelve o'clock 94W a ship, which proved to be the ship we had captured and loaded-the prize brig, subsequently cyitured, took her in tow, and both were ordered to Marguritta. Al niijht � polacre brig liove iii sight, chased her iiniil iuiil-> uiglil, and lost sight of her. Shifted our course hir Cadiz, and next day spoke a French B^rig find u Neapolitan brig-lei them pass. The next dny,-about 4 o'clock, p. m. saw a sail atid overhauled her by sweeping-she proved to be a Greek ; the first Lieutenant of the General liondenn bninded her, and she was soffereil to pass. The (icnerul liondeau then made-sail for Teneritfe. Four days afterwards saw a brig; gave clia^rt nnd. came up with her; the General /fuiit/euK hoisie g, upon whicli ihe chase fired a gun to leeward und struck her colours; she proved to be a Spanish brie, from the Straits buaod to Havannah, loaded with brandy, dry

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