Monday, July 24, 1820

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - July 24, 1820, London, Middlesex 1 - N'daii^ek,5501. LONDON, M6^N�A^,^M 21^; 1826 PnifCE 7d. >.i-.-Vt' TfrK4TRE^ttOTAl, HA YWARKRt. rpHis evening. Monday. ' 04; i win bfc' r>crf rn>F Aii�ine Veftr'iR {her S-.l,oppenrance in, ClKi->r�tr,,.iin(l on thi( SU^); Pearhiint, Mr. Terry i li-rHn. Mr WiUininiiv^tjch.Mr. J. R.o.wll. Volly Penchum,. Mi9� R. Curri {livr Sd appearance uiiqn �he En{:)iiih Stfi^) Mrs. ?i^tliu,in,.:kl^. Pfarce- Lucy LocUii, Mrs.C. Kewbie. Tcycoiirlude withpopular Farce of A HOLANO for an OLIVER. Alfred Hichflye'r* Mr; Jones; Sir Mark Chase. Mr. Wil-liaras; MrSelhaurn.Mr. Barnard; Fixture, Mr. Hainmnnd ; Qami-keeper, JWr; Comer. Mra. Selh.iura, Miss Leigh ; Maria Dal'itiigltinj Mrs.^aker; Mrs. Fixlore, Misa Green. ^,.S(i^;j,.5s^pijt^.3�.-First'Ga/ltry, 2�.-Second Gal. Tiie J>D<M� ta be ojwoed a( Six o'Cluctt.aoa (be PerVoriiii" ance'tobeein-ai'Sevni,'  PltceB<fnr11tb6�X�r-to be taken Of.Mi'.'Missirtghinl, aV tbe Theatre. , �. ; , . ThePublicare'esppeiruUyiurornied^lha) Mrs. Mardyn is reroverine/roi^.'.Iier late accident, and dne unlice will be ^iven nf her^rit appraranre ill the charncler'of Sir Uarry ^VildairVin (he Coini^y of The Cunslant L'oupie. In consequence 9f the unprecedented succeta of The Begi J:ar'� Opera, it will be repealed  every cvcoiug lilt further notice. . ,ii To-morrov, witii The Afreeable Surprise. Ou Weduesdiiy, )rjlh;rbrre Weeks After Marriage. On Thursdiy, wiili Tjie Devil lu Pay. A netr Cantedy is in preparation, and will be speedily prudmrrd. THEATRE-ROVAL. ENGLISH OP4-BA.H0USE, STRAMD, rriHIS EVENINGS, MONDAY'. 24. a. will lie perfurnirti, 4ih time, an eulirrly new Operatic Drama, in three'acts, called VVOMA"N'.S\V|LL-A RIDD'LE! . Duke uf Mitaui Mr. Kuwbtilliam ; Count Vitaldi, Mr. �Rrirtley; Ceesario, Mr. Pearniau; Corvino, Mr. Harley, Princess Clementine,'Miss Kelly ; Duchess uf Mantua, Sirs. W.S.Challerley; Isabel, Miss Caretv. . I'he Epilogue, in character, by Mi<s Kelly. To conclude wiib (8th lime at ihisTbealre), the celebrated Exiravacanza. in Iwn nets, called DON GIOVANNI; V Or, A SPECTRE on HORSEBACK. Don Gi Saddle or Bri<llel Exiraurditiary. Dancine and Equilibriums on the Tight Ttope, by Mons. Loneueniare, from I'.iris. ' : A Comic Song by Mr. Sluman. Tr.impoline Exercises, Vaulting and Tumbling. The whole to conclude with an cnti/cly New Operatic Farci-cal Bnrlella, callid THE MASQUERADE; or, A DAY IN SPAIN! Duursepeu at Half-past Five, and begin at Half-paSt Six o'clock precisely.-Half-price al Half past Eight. , QLOVEI^S, EXatBlTIQN oF OtL '|i!0WATER,COLppB: PAINT'Nds IS NllW, fliie 'Great Rooms, Old Biun(|rslreet, opJW-" atreel, from Niim |ill Dusk. Admittance Is.-Catalogue 6d. SALE of LADIES' WORK. r�r tlu: Ue- . neiil of the Poor, :are inlcrestea in tbe undertaking request the atlendaace uf such persona ai itfttf be disposed la furthei'its ubjevlv '.' ' THE QUEEN'S JOBRTHAL. THE relebriiietl JOU RN AL .if the QUEEN'S TOUR, supposed to be wril| herself, will here. I^tllilished, wiib Aunulalioiis,' in a few days.' Tbisday is published, in 3 vul lerual ctinsoinpliou, or ollierwise, no ililTerence is made Ulil Iween goods Imparled into such slates iu their own and in British vessels. The Gazelle also roulains nn Order iii Council, dircciing thai none uf his Majesty's servants in ordinary, with I'ef, shall be enforced to bear any public office, serve on juries or inquests, or be subjected lu any mulct or flue, fui'not subniiiiing ihereuotu. It further notifies the appointment of Stratford Canning, Esq. as Minis, ler Plenipuledtiary to the IJiiited States of America, and bit having been swum uf the Privy Council. CromuOffict, Jul}/ 22,1820. MEMBER BETUUMEO TU SERTIi IM THIS PRESENT PARLIAMENT. Borough of Olil SofKW-Josias Du Pre Alexander, of Freeiuanlle Park, in the county of Southampton, Esq. in Ihe room of Artlnir Jobosou Crawford, Esq. who has ac. cepted the Chiltrru Hundreds. .THE QUEEN!! Just published, price Is! illustrated with Thirteen Cuts, the Fifth Ediiiuu of rWlHE QUEEN timt JACK FOUND, written BL in llw style of The House that Jack Buill,"' aud dedicated lo Mr. Aldennao tVood. - rr "Disloyal? No! Siie's pntiislird fur her trhth; aud undrreoes nssanlls M>w� than wife-like."-OvMorLlSE. DesiKIPTION or tbe CuT8!-tL Vignene, representing Britannia Biid.\Visilnin shielding Innocence -2. 1'be Queen ihal Jsck found.a^S. 1'he laughuble Figure that wears n C-n.-4.; Oiii-i-^dii, the Hanoverian Rascal, search. in(f for Jsrandal.-5. The lirave Tar who bnrsewhipped Ihe Spy.-6i Tlie Biiihnp and llic Lilnrgv-7. Tbe H<irsi^ l.�erli, with Grten Bin;of Lies.-8. the Patriot Wood- a. The Courtier, the Cat's-paw of Siate.~10. The Fel, luws^ n part of the Crew, ACroinpanied by Old-Nick, Ihe e8tnH' ri ii|itiii *. EsiablisliroeDlSilurini; Ihe progress of the late l^o whilst ii fletii^nds my tn�si gralrful ackuowlrdgineuls, calls also furbty besf exerlions lo secure its cuniiniiauee. With Ihia feeling i beg lerve tti aniioniice, that I have this day coutraclrtl'wilbGuveruinrni lor Tweuty Thousand Ti'tkriii, lo be drawn in one ortwo Lotteries , A Sqliemejs tiowuiider ciinsidernlion, in fniini'iii; which > hsve endeavoured lo'ntet*! 'he aisliesof lliose. FrWnds who I'^ve al dTiTereul limes favonred me uilh Ihrir fngg'Sfion'n "pun Ibe subject. This Srheiue I shall have the satisrariioii o( mbuiittiiii;, when it has received^ tbe sanciiuu uf the J'Orilfof hif�,;K;i|jes,>y*a.Tn>astiry,aiid i iuuk wilit.cuu6ilence tbat. vykidi rail pXont, iierure ils surresiy |>ii'blit;.(ipjHoviiL -r am, your tlevoled Had f raieful >iervBtii, *) Corohill; iinrf�, Chariug-woss, T. JJISH. July 81, 1820. MILltAUY PROMOTIONS. Tavern, Bristol. Attorneys, IVIi^ssrs/^i^^iel, .Bristol; and Mr..Pearson, PA'tttiKbourP, 1'^ntpiee^1iii(>B(.':" Thor ' - ^ ^ . render, U'eWhil Narbeth; and Mr. F^ltnundsjy G^eliiiiqiKrvQiBce, Linculn's Inn. ' ^ : i-' JoJ*JPorer, flfBrislolVwoollepilTrapWr^W *Brrender, July ?I, An'^slSp, and Sepienlbei; 2, �ii'lwe�i^i� th� Commri'. cialltudms, Bristol. Allurney& AJf^ti'^Wi'^e, Riilhards, �lid Metlcair, Chancery lade, Lon'l&itj'iiiQ'Messrs. SiiiVlh, Bristol. �'�;�,�.'-' -.-.�V. -i^^-^o: Joseph Laaftfprd,. of Milk-�irte(w,i^^||i^ble, Lnndoo, w1iole!iiile.bab )y iiluii. 'Altdrneyt, '~Thuii>as'S^;�%,lV� ndtfn>r>>^>'.' ti^sii^0:^ Fitzroy-squarPt Middlesex, luien.ui^per,^u surrettii�r4ril^;39, ;Aai;ust'4l^, ai Inelve, and ^piember St ieti,,ati^�Wl�aUi Lanilofc 1 Alfol-neys, M�iJ; .'si^rsujto^"^?^!*''*^'^---ayrtxi.-. - 5-,.,  � .  .. � -s HicliardN�ll,of DeplAird Lower.ruM, SVurey, fellmpni;cr, lo snriTiider, July 29, August 12,and Sfcpfeiriber 2,ol twelve, al Guildhall. London.. Attorney, Mr,'I'adhunier, Uuiuu-row, New Kcul-ruud. DiriDENDS. August 14. S. T. Harding, C. Oakes, onil T. Williuglon, of Tuinwurth, Warwick .and SialFord,.bankers, at leu, at the Woolpnrk inn, Birminghaui. August 26. W. Ruautreii, of Prtnccs.8lreel, Weslmiusler, cuacli-huilder, at twelve, al Guildhall, London. AugusI 12. M. Tale, now or late of Chalfurd, Gloucester) clulhier, at ten, at Guildhall, London. AiiKsst22., J. Lee, J, S. Martiueuu, and J. Wilkinson, of Bread-sirret, Loudon, faclt^rs, at eleven, at GniliHiall. August 12. J. Hart, of Ijoampit-hill, Kent,' builder, al one, al Guildhall,.l,oudon. . AugusI I'l, i. Applelon, Ule of Sunderland-near-lbe-Sea, Durham, i-liip ownci',at eleven, al (juildhall, London. AogusI 26 R. Scholey, of Palernoster>ruw, London, bookseller, at Icn, at Guildhall. August 1-i II. W. Vox aud W. P. Smith, of Plymouth, De. . von, merchaiils,'-at eleven, at tbe Kiu^'s Arms Inn, I'ly-inuuth. reryesence amnii|{^'J'ilie _ practised iu the Cuu-. ilh the circumspect^ War-Offiett July SI,- �82ff. 17lh Regiment uf Light Dragouns-Lieutenant William Henry Bingham Lindsey, from half-pay lOlh Light Dra. goons, lo be Lieulenani, vice Oliver De Laocey, who exchanges, receiving the difference-Commission dated Juue 22, 1810, 21si diiio-Captain Thomas Jones lo be Major, by purchase, vice Bales, who retires-dated July 8, IBgO. Lieutenant John Elliott, from 8ih Light Dragoons, lo be Ca|>taiu, by purchiise, vicis Joues-da;ed as above. 1st Regiment of Fool-Ensign Kiqhard Ulackliu to be Lieoieuant, withoot purchase, vice Juhustune, deceased-r- dated July 13, 1820. John Alulleo, Gent, to be Ensign,';vice Blackliu-daltd as above. 18th ditto-Lieutenant John Cramer Roberts, from of the 5lh l-'oul,'to' be Lieuleuaiit, vice Dugald Campbell, who exchanges, receiving lUe dill'ereuce-dated as �bov4^ 46lh ditto-Quartermaster Serjeant William Barefoot to be Qiiarlermdsler, vice Macdoiisild, deceased-dated as above. 54ih ditto-Lienleiiaul Robert Holt, from 84lh Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Manuers, whose appoiuloient has nut taken place-dated asabuve. 7lsl ditto-Arthur Jones, Gent, lo be Ensign, wilbunt pur. chase-dated as above. gOlh ditlu-Surgeon William Morrison, from Ihe of Ihe 12ih Fo'bt, to be Surgeon, vice Isaaf: Silcock, placed upon half-pay 12th FoOl-ilaied as above. Isl Royal Veteran Bnllnlion. Lieutenant Robert Lind, from 7tst Foul, lu be Lienteininl, vice William T. M. Ryan, who returns lu his former situ. alion ou the Retired List-datcdas above. 4lh Royal Veterun Batlaliuii. Ensign Peter Kerr, frum halt'-pay 1st tjarrisuo BallalioD, lo be Ensign, vice Peter Mackay, whose appoiulineul has not takeo pUce-dated as abovu. 8ih Royal Veierau Battalion. Lieutenant WariHr Spaldiug, from 4lb Royal Veteran Bat- lalion, to be Lieuleuuul-dated as above. Unallaehed. Major John Godfrey Peters, SuperiulendanI of the Cavalry Riding EstablishmenI, lo be L'leuteuaut.Culoiiel uf Caval. ry-dated as abuve. MfCHOOANOA. Tbe name of the Geiilleinan appointed lo an Etisigncy in Ihe l?fh Fiiulj on Oifa iuslant, is Arthur bhielf and out Arlhur ^sluel. The names of Mr. Duruford, appninled a Barrack-Masler, are AitUioiiy H'illiam, and nut Henry, as slated in the Gazelle of the Isl iuslant. The lUie of Lientenaol Clancey's appniniment lo Ihe 9th Royal Veteran Ballaliuu, istlthJuly, 1820. BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. Cbrislnpher VVelman, uf Iloiiiisier. S<imerset, linen.draprr. Julm Richard Prat and William Richard Raveuscrufi, late of New Luuduu-streel, London, rurii-faclurs. BANKRUPTS. Sampsun Handley, of Heldeislone, Stone, Stafford, miller, lo surrender, Augusts,9, and September 2,at twelve, al ilie Crown lun. Stone, Attorneys, Messrs. Willjs, Clarke, aud tV'ulsoii, W^irnford.couri, London; and Mr. Vernon, Stuiie, Richard Newell, of Hereford, tailor, to surrender, July S8,29, and September 2, at eleven, at the CulTee House in St. Jubiuslrert, Hereford. Attorney, Mr. Wright, Hai't-street, Blooinsbory.square, Ijiudon. Jereiuiub Swift, of l.,ecds, dyer, to surrender, AugusI b, 7, and September 2, at rIeveD, al llie CourUliuuae, l.,eeds. A'i-turiirys, Mr. Wilson, Greville.street, llatluii-gsrdeu, Lou. dou; and Meiisrs. Smith and Aluore, Leeds. Thunias Thorp, uf Retldisli, [.Aiicasier, ealieo-prinler, to surrender, AugusI 8, 9, iind September 2, hi l.-ti,Hl the' Hml Lion 4nn, Heaiuu Noiris, Uitcasler. Aliorneys, ftlr. B�rk, Ctiurcli court, Temple, Louiloii; and Messrs, Lingard, Vaughuii, aiid Lingard, Htnlo'n Norris. Willrtm Toll, of Saiiil Germans, Cornwall, lUiller, to snr-rrnd<r,Aogu*t 16, 17, aud-Seplember 2, al eleven, all lie Carltuu OiHee House, Plymouth Dock. Alturiieys, Mr. iMakiusou, 'featyitt Luudou; aud Mr. Utile, Ply(uuulb Dock.  Slary Fisher, of Tinlein, Monmoulb,. shopkeeper, lo sur-render, Angast"4, S, aud September lwelri:,iti ibeBusb Anausi 28. T. Hills, of Sandwich, Kent, ship-builder, at eleven, at the Bell Inn, Sandwich. CERTIFICATES.-AUOUBT 12. T. Pretty, how or late of Tipton, Staflurd, iron-manufacturer.-i. Wade, of Keynshaiu, Suniersel, and J. AVade, of Leeds, Yoik, woolstaplers.- R. Kay, of Bury, Lancaster, cot. luu-spiuuer.-J. Bragg,' of Wliileliaveu Cumberland, thread, manufacturer.- VV. Wall, uf Weedftn-Beck, Norlhaiuploni sinilh.-T. Bulpui, of Uriilgwater, Suniersel, hop-merchant. -J. Dobell, of Slaplehnrst, Ken|, tailor.-J. Wilcock, of Manche'sierj wdolleu.cord-inanufaclurer.-J. Willianis, of Biriniugham,japauuer.-J. Lyiieand C, Lyue, of Finsbuiy. square, Middlesex, merchants-W. Button, late of Marlborough, Wills, builder.-Vy. B. Moll, of Brigblhelinsloue, Sussex, wme-mercbanlWarwick, of ililcbin, Herts, draper-J. Murray, of BishopsgHle-streel.Withoot, London, cordwainer,-W. Stevenson, of Sb'elBeld, York, grocer.-A. Booth, uf Nottingham, tallow-chandler. PA RTN ERSH1 PS DISSO LVED. M. Unwin ami H. Tyler, of Loiig-laue, Bermondsey, bricklayers, June21,1820.-J.FrSsrraud C. Findlay, uftbe Mr,aud,. Middlesex, spirll-merchants, June 27, 1620.-R. Sncll, sen. John Robins, R, SneH, jnn:'tit]^ W. of Pad. diiigton, Middlesex, carriers, so far as regards the said W.Snell, September 29, 1819.-O. Bennett and C. Bennett, of Wuod.streei, Clieapside, London, tailurs,diily 17, 1S2U.- C. Bishop and T. ErratI, of Token-hoose-yaril, London, at-torneya,Jnly 11,1820-J. Parker and W.Gould,of Maiden-lane. Londo'n,aud of Nottingham, hosiers, Sept. 29, 1818.- T. Mcredith-aiid R. Walker, of Palace-row, New-road, St. Pancras, Middlesex,row-keepers, July 20, 1820.-C. Harrl-so.i aud T. Nicholls, of Leicester-place, Leicester-square, Middlesex, tailors, July 20,1820. PRICE OF SUGAR. The average price of Brown or Muscovado Suga^, coni. puted fiuni Ihe Returns made iu the week eiidiu;; the 19lh day of July, 1820. is 37s. lid. per linudi-ed weight, ex. elusive ol' llie dniics of customs p�id or payable thereon ou tbe iinpurlaliun thereof iulo Great Britain. PRICES OF CORN. Average Prices of Corn of England aud Wales, by the -Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, an4 of Oatmeal pet bollof l4i)lbs.avoir<lupoise, from the returns received in the week ended llie loili of July, 1820. s. a 0 1 1 s; j. 36 3 26 i 4;4.. 9 46 1 26 6 - SPAIN. MEETING OF THE CORTE.S. MiDHID GAZETTE CXTilAOIlDINAHY OF THE lOln JULY. The memorable epoch \i arrived in which the wislies uf the Spauiftb iiatiuii were to be lurtiHed- the hap|)y day, *ii which u peo|)le deterinined to preserve the liberty and the di oil Hm right of tilts ihroiie. TI�;CoahstlloiTi ofStaie-UruemU, and Magiswates, ^foeeupietl the mhtr boiifg-; the imnieiise iballiinilti whit'h Blleil thecal ieiim vuiild not- restiaiu liieiuv'elvb Mm bt!iit)tiijjr Pr��idt^ii^j|ie Gtt^t^fiiaiitijiill jhe DepntitS: '�AAp^^'j0tri^f4^^^ |{aniie>^4he Fteiiident ro�r, bim}, .*ttU tte SeC?^bye to receive tie KiiigVi*^, .j�J�d^>i(�|~lMkeii fti Itie luaiiiter pre-^criif�ed^bj,'jtbe,C^�)ui^|<!�./ , - , . f)uti juseph KsfHjii.'A of Seville, as Preaiileiit �f VWe'CoriVk, |h'eii addressing himself ' to tfn? Kiiig; 'deflatedllie fblhWitiK speefch : - - "iTbe Cortes,'Hi <^ MsenSgkKttrti perimlj but liviuo,�ud lb.e nalioH became .tbe theatre of amhitluit, aiwi' Ibe.Klufi'airfiuslruaient �f had passions. But Ihei^ay of Tliey were cvoEralulaline'tloinselves with }(tlt$f^4�iiVrjo( hopes, when, at Ihe same time Ihal the aacrilegiuos projerl of exiiaguisbinir your sHcreil rights wag conceived in ihe bosufii of the nation, a vile impostor peifidiuosly introduced his hostile legions, and wrested from, the arms-of tbe faithful Spaniards their beloved .Monarch al the very moment when he bad just been placed oil the llinine of his glorious proge. nilors. The Spanish lion was tb^ ruused, and a general and uuiform cry gave spirit and vigour 10 the valorous sous of Pelayo ; and while Ihe brave warriois advanced with their breasts of hroDze, and expelled Ihe tyrant's liorta from their native land, the fathers of the country, who bad been calleil Upon by the general voice of the provinces, re-esiahlislied the Ci>nslilulioii of llie Spanish monarchy, which, by solemnly ileclarini: the person of Ihe King sacred and inviulnble, has mure firinty fixed Ihe cniwn on your Majesty's rojul head,, has secured you. agsinsf Ibe artilices of any favourite, and. thus enables your Majesty lu act more freely fur the heoeiit of your people and the welfare of ihe stale. . " The worthy sous of the country conceivetl, that Ibry could nut make a better return to the confidence with which ibe provinces honoured thcin, nor offer lo their King a more arc'pUhle tribute, than tu consolidate a vacillsting throne, by placing it on the broad basis of a fundamental law, which, being the legacy of our ancestors, and the expression of wis-doni, justice, and the publie will, closed Ihe dour equally against vile Battery and unju�l aggrosiun. It secured the administration of justice, established a just system uf public economy, and sanctioned Ihe respect, obedience, and ve-urratiou, due to the laws and.the royal anihurily. Thus i'eit Ihe representatives of the nation in Cadiz. I saw them, Sire, send np deep sighs lo Heaven for the ernel captivity of their Kiug! I saw Ibrin, like'orphans, shedding tears of sorrow and anguish, and, humbled before the Lanib of God, prayiug for the return of so amiable a father lo his numerous and discuusolste family ! I saw them, overwhelmed wiih j.oy and delight, give veni to their oppressed hearts when Ihi y learned that the Almighty bad listened to their fervent supplications, aud that the tutelary angel of Spain bad descended to break.the.ehaiii^ imposed by tyrfnuy! SncU acre their generous seiiiiinents, when sordid interest, crafty ambiiiuii, 'alrociunscalHmny,Bnd insatiable veugeauce,after mediiuiing in obscurity their detestable plots, dnred lu approach the throne, and sacrilegiously profane the sanctuary of inaje�iy. But, Sire, let ns spread a veil over tbuse melancholy proofs ufhuiiiau weakness. -� - _ " Al length the happy day arrived when a bright star arose on Ihe Spanish horizon, which dissipated the thitk cloutis foriyed by Intrigue and malevolence, and sacred truth shone forth with a brilliancy wiiicb excited Ihe adiniratiou of some, Ihe respect sf others, the cuiifiisionuf many ,''audr Ibe convic-lion of all. Happy Spain again sees assembled ihu^e Cortes which rendered the reigns of her Alpliunsos and her Ferdinands so glorious'} aud Ihe must viriuuus of tia. lious-^forgettiug wrongs, pardoning injuries-is solely em. ployed in le-oslahlishing a couslilutiusal GuVerniiient, in. preserving the purt'ly of her holy religion, and in giving lesiiniiiiiies of giatitade ami veneraiiou lo her King, now st-ated on his august llirone amidst Ihe natiuiidl Coo-sress, after having taken a Sidenin oath, by which he is made greater ibnii the son of Philip w:<8 by the conquest uf Oriental kingdoms I O luuenaniniuus King! the noble and loyal Spaniards are sensilile of lite numerous evils from which yon have saved ihem by this generous act, by which Ihe genius of Evil, nrepared tu light up Ihe ilame of discord among us, is ciusheil. All hope ihal every peruiciuns germ will be extinguished, and thut eternal peace and cuucortl will take root 111 their stead. Lei tbe fears, jealousies, ai,d distrusts, which criminal souls have excited iu tbe heart uf the br-bt of Kings, for ever disa^rpear, ami all unite in siirronnd-iug the throne with that fralrrnul alliance which secures order, produces plenty, inaintains justice, and preserves peace. And permit nie. Sire, the faithful organ of this Congress, aud of ihe naliou it represents, to preseol to you the due hiMnage uf its fidelity, aud uf the hunuuralile seulimeuts by which it is animated. "As our illnstriona ancestors always were Ihe firmest s'lip. purl ufilie thruue and the munarch,so tbeaaine Spain, aluay-i ready lo give brilliant lesl|inouies uf loyally and lovclo her Kings, solemnly promises you that her suns, who have ilis-plajed iu war more sanguinary examples of fidelity thai, were koown to past generations, will in^ke sacrifices worthy of Spanish heroes, and Ihe admiration of future ages." His IVIajesty replied in the lutlowing terms: - " 1 accept the expressions and seniinienis uf luve and loyalty which the Curies manifests towards me through the organ of its PieaidenI; and 1 hope, through lis nsKistaucP. tu see Ihe nation I have Ihe glory to govern free and'happy." Iinrnedialeiy after bis Majesty read with a cleur intelligible voice, mid with all the diguity becuin-iiig his character, the following !<peech :- *' Gentlemen Deputies, " At length bos arrived the day, the object of my ardept wishes, 00 which I see myself snrruunded by the representatives uf the heroic aud.generuus Spanish naliou, and in which a solemn oath has Completely identified my interests and those of my family with the interests of my people. *� When excess of evils produced the clear 'mauifestatiou of the voice of the naliou, formerly obscured by lamentable circumstaH'ces which outfit lo be erased from our memories, 1 immediately delermiued to embrace Ihe desired system, and lo lake the oath lo the political constitution of tbe Monarchy sanctiunid by the general and extraordimuy Cortes in the year 1812. Then did the Crown as well as Ihe ualiuu receive ils legitimate rights, iny resululion being no less spuutaoeous and free than cuufurmable 10 my own interests and those of Ihe S^ianish |ieuple, whose happiness has never ceased lo be Ihe object uf my sincerist wishes, Aly heart thus undissolubly united with the hearts of my subjecis, who are also niy children, Ihe future presents to me only agreeable images of confidence, luve, and prosperity. " With what kaiisfaction must the grand spectacle be con-templaled, bilbrrtu unexampled in bislury,of a magnanimous uatiun, which has passed front one putitlcal sia.te tu another without convulsiou or violence, sulijecling her enthusiasm to ihe guidance uf reason, ander circumstances which have covered with mourning, and inundated with tears, Olhet less I'urlnnale countries! " The general aliemion of Eurdpe- is now directed tu the proceedings of the Coiigress which represents this higbly-tavonred nation. Fiom il are expfcled prudent indulgence for Ihe past, iind eulighteneiT firmness fur the future, and that at the niument which'Cunfirms Ihe happiness of Ibe pre-senl aiii) succeeding jjeiieralions, theerrurs uftbe prrcediog epoch may be buried iu ubiiviou. It isalsu hoped that niul-liplied examples will be displayed of justice, beuefirence, ami genecos.ilv-virtues <i|w^y* disliuguisheil Spau^iards- wiiich tbt Cunslittttion irccummeuds, and wbicb, having been eltiitliiuation of the flale of Ike lialion, and to cummencc those labhurs indispeii'.-hlir' for Ibe applicaiiun of remedies suiulile 10 Ihe evils-i<M.ilt.i. 1 by ascieni causes, and auguienleil/litilh by tlie \t\v.^ 1......i the ennny;"and by the erruneobv system uf Ihe �uc: c -,1..: period. " The account pf the public revenue, which Ihe.Sicrel:ir} ui State 10 w^ixii't bat dt-partmeut lirlougswill pieseni.will i,liuw ilsdiniinuiiun and eiubarrassiUenl, aud will < xrite tbe zeal of ihe Ctkrtes to seek amtielrcl among tbe resourres si ill pui'-ar�$p<l by-ihe nalivn, thus? bext suilvd for ineeli.,g ihe eo-' , gageineiits and indispriisable charges of llie stale. This iu-qnicy will serve more aud more lu cun^m the opinion, tiiiU it is esaenti�l ami urgent lu e�tubli*h pubhc cinlit on tiit-imniiitable bases ofjliKticeaiid'gD<idf�ilh,and thescrupulnu < ' uliservance and fulSlnieht of all tn^geuienls winch gn.r saljsfactiop aud iraR tc live ara capable uf giving. In the inlerioradministraiion dilBcultiPs arc rxpei ieii<-ed which proceed from old alioses, ui:gruvated dormg tlie. is far n^i pusssble, the Hdvdnta:;es of foiccs so inipurtaiit with that econoniy MJiieh is indiiipeiisjhle, aud relying uii 1 he p'lliu-tisul and iiuod will of Itte people ami lite Hi�tJoin of ih; ir i-eiireseulaiives, lo whom I sh.ill alw.iys have fccouric vtiiii entire cuiifi^leiice. " It is to l>e expected that the re-estahli-liinent uf tlie con. iiial system, and Ihe il.illeriog pro�peel �hirh that event presents fur the rnlnrr, may, hy removiii;; the pretex-.a uf whieh nialiguiiy has beeu able lu lake adv.iutage in the iillra-iitHrine provinces,sinooth the paili to the pacificutiuii uf iliuse which are iu a stale uf agitatiuii ordislnrbance, and rmiier unnecessary Ihe euiploynienc ef any other incau.. The examples of itioderatiuu autl'^lhe luve of order given by Peoioso.ur Spain, the just pride belonging tit so wurihy auJ generous a uaiion,aud the wise law.s which are'promulgated c'Mil'oiinabIc 10 the cunstitutiun, will coiiiribnic lo this uii-jecl, to the oblivion of past evils, and will draw closvr ail' Spaniards around my throne-sacrificing lo the love of then' cuiiiinuii country all llie recollections Mliich might break ui' weaken those fraternal lies by which they ought to'be niiiteti. " In our relations wilh foreign countries lue most perfel.t. harmony in general prevails, with the exceiitiun'ol some fe^ diffeiences, which, liiough iliey have not ilisinrbrd ihe fx-isliiig peace, have tfivi-n rise 10 ilisenssiuus tvhich cuiimoI he terminated wilhoni ihe concurrence and inreiventiuii ufthr Cones of the kingdom. Such ate the difFeiences p. niiiiii with Ihe United Slates uf America re.Hpeciiiig Ihe Kiurida.-., and the marking out the buundaries of Louisiana. Coitle.'^ts likewise exist, uccasiuoed hy Ihe uccupaliun of .Monte Video, and other Spanish possessions on the left bank uf ttie. river Plata; but, tboiigli a cuniplicaiiou uf varioii.s cirriimslances has hitherto prevented the adjuslmeni of these differences, 1 hope Ihal ihejuslice and modeialioii oftlie principles which guide our diplomatic operations,, will produee \ result suit-able to the nation, and i-onforiiiable to liie pacitic sy.-ituin, Ihe preservHtion of ttliitb is note ilie ;;mih.'i1 and ilecidc^'ci maxim of Luropean policy. Tlte R'geiieyof Algieis ha. given indications ufa U'lslt lu reuew its old system uf rit-1--lessness aild aggression. "I'o avoid the coiisei[neiiees whiLii may ari�e from ihis want of leipect lo existing stiptilali.m., the Defeii.<iive Tieuly entered iiilo in the year ISltiwiih Ih*; Kiiii; ol the Neiherlands, .-lipnlaitd Ihe union ul the ri'. >ii uf the Cortrs, whose zeal, inlelllgencc, paiiiniisiu, and love tu my royal person, lead me tu ho|ie that ih.y wilt cuiicur iii alt the necessary measures forilie allaimin nt of such iinpurlant etjils. tints justifying the confidence ul tbe aeruic nation by which they have been elected." The President replied :- " Tbe Cortes has heard with singular satLsfaclion the wise address in which yuur Majesty has expiessed your noble aud geiieruus seutimenisi and described the sUle of ihe uatiun__ The Curtes presents to your MajeMy ils most rcspeclfi.l thanks for the ardent zeal wiih which yon promote the general pfo-perity, and promises lo co-operate wilh your M'a-jenfy's idlelligeucr, and lo contribute by all possible tneanx lo the atlainmenl of the imporlartt ohjeclt for which it has been convoked." The ceremonies of this august solemnity b�iiig ended, their Majesties and llie IiilanlHS uilhilrew fiom tbe Cortes wilh the same rttinue with which they liad entered. Hepeuted criet* of Vtca el hetf y las Cortes! resounding through the hall, uud alt returned to ihe palace. Tiie streets through wl,icli the pr(K'es>ii)n pissed were [iiied with the different corps of the g,.ii�oa of Madrid, und the nuiiunal niililia, ttiitii c,tv. e 01 people, wliiili aliiiosi impeded the course uf iiie piut'e>iii es t.f per>ous, ciiIIiK'-sirtstically exctaitiiiiig Vina et Key! i-iva la i.tii-slilaeiun ! Vica el tiey CDUslilneiiuul, &c.-aii^l. ul'uve all, the rtci^lleciiun of tiie object c^f ilie.iii.i;;-nilicent ceremony'-all concerted lu render lliia �i,iy must gloriuus to the Spanish ntiiiuo, ai>d to<nresei t u spectacle whiich will be'the eietual adimj^/liuii uf future ages. �^ Thetraiquiliiiyand order whic-h prevaih^d in the ball of'lhe Curteii, as well, us thruuithuut tite streeu, .served tucontirn^ mure than ever, ine guod uiiiuidip that is eutetleitied uf the chatacter uf the inhabiiaula

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