Saturday, July 22, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - July 22, 1820, London, Middlesex THIS �E^^NtNG,':^aMfRT)l AY';-Jiily^:S2i, End of lie i5r�t Act*" *,Nf,�'jT>iv?Hi�rineiiJ,i sn^jl'd .  AftWViip'ldtp?r(i, the favnnntp Biiilpt of .. ., npHiS;E^�NrUir�,:^ATURDAYj July 22, T^Hfi jBEGGftR'S OPERA. lieath, Mrtt^........----- P�arhir�Kj'M�l-rt!sfreV4'rtny;'M1�'�tl/>e.fh .l<^tcy, Mra. C. lleisble. ' Aflpr which the rarce nf Sir Patrick M6iiirp, McjQoniiiir; Ralll^psfe, Mr. Barnard j .Sotntiii (.�frtUi"p}�,?Ji, ,$>i^ned'at:iStXvQ'Cl9ckinn4 ibe^Perfqrjn-''^ )?i:\im 4�r,�!i,e gpjse*Vto^e.taken-of >lr,5jla�iiii)gb�in-,:at^ tJip Tl'iraire." , ' � � .' � . Oii,Mqn M>,:PrafiTrnan; Coi-vinii,' Mr. Hariey. I'FiiicV^KCb-meiilliif-, ftljn; Kelly ; Diichess of Makilua, Mrs. � AV. S;^<:li3HPrlejr; (sahrl. Miss Garew. ' , Ihe EiMlrtgilf?i�iihnrac�er,by Mi Ml?At�lr wiU.beJield-oil SATDRbAV; l�ie*l2fb*dAy ftf Aucusi itexi, at Ele�en o'clock in_tl)e_FvxenQoii.,al the Crown and An-ch�r^avern;-itrthe Stirand;iTi iUp CSiinty brMiddl'csrxTfop ;tlie purpose of taking iufo considuration Hie Propriety of . Culifiruiing a Call npoo the Shares 'of'the laul New Capital. By Order oftbi; Conrt.of.Dirfetoiis,, ' .'1 V 'J-. PEDDEIVSrtrplary. N.B.-The Chair will-he 4ttken.-at Twt-lre o'CI.kIj pr�.. / QUEEN'S JOURNAL, , inrn^E reWBHted ilOtlRNSIL .vf VhrQUEEN'S- �; Jfc .TOUa;,�Dpp Wi(lli?iOby h��elf,'will he re- ' ;PjibUal^d,�|ritb:A|^notajian8,e.aiJyjUeKl .IVrek.' . , , i TALES IN'THE FRENCH LANdt^.iCE are published, by Baldwin, Crndock,'and Joy, .' � : ' jLi l)isloire Religicnie et Morale; par Madame D-. , 'IZmo,: |>n � -_--_:-,--'-^- - THE NEXT of KIN {if. any) of J AMES CLARKE, lale a Seaman bclongini^ ,lo the Merchant Ship Adveiilure, deceased,'hy applying to Mr. Owen.No. 3^ �'Bell-yard, Doctors' .Commons,'may hear of someitidii; to ;iheir advantaije. ' LM-MEDIATE XO.MMAND OF CAiiH TO .4nY  .. ; . � :< .EXTENT.  THE,0,LD MQNEV-QKFICE, No. 2, Doke-slreet, Adelphi.-Town and Country Bnnker.v Mer-Wiaiils, Noblf'ineo'a, iabd Trndesnteit's Bill, dlncountid, wUh ii�ooi)t;*j;iibfralilj!<,aecreBy,and tidelilyj ihenio'menl' Ihe so.' 3iility can be nscerlaiiied. Ciish also ailyanced upon deposits ; bfTvery ti"b'n 'of properi'y, plaU; jewels, linen, hosiery, I pod. woolJen.^otfds, and far any length tifliniei with secresv. | '. A.p.ply^tir�onally,, or by letl�:r, post pjid.. . i Adhere tiie bilU of Country'Bankers, drawn upon London,. i�re:nt ton? dates, their part rash, Mid a *)ill upon London, Bt,?,h"r,* daltj. (or.4|l)e jbsJance will 4ie given.-Cqiistuul at-i iendaiice. lii'incipnl: fvidebce wat Thimtit{^a%efiy�a;�ecomk l>Vice, who Uv^i�edjnfq'rint�.;ulj�y^ arreVled at VValerf"f�J'^.f, ^I'l^jij^jif, 1 r�, j �, ' I . .-. . � ... , , ...ti 'I-. -,.1; ��. . MAST INDIA OOJ&kERCE. _ f be fplIoj�iii{c is ,tiv6/iiihrt�ii|^,|pf;. i;wt>;d.rt�jIH : t� which haye|it�t. beea-W^,*^ PMrli.?-. ineiii.'rf^lative fb''oot'coniWrceV(tK |t>Hi�: -The' fimit.' ' Aira(?o<itS*Vflff Hlr|'.)W�'U ecifyr iiigilii; (loaiitity and �!i!i)e of j^l{j|^j-p[r,ii^i;iji>tl a^^ iin|)orie(l, ami ^taring the ihipOctf by the Enst In-. pia Cbii!'|.i'iiry,'ifis'iiict Slid sep^if^t^ from the free '^jtpoi^^jd; frpm, .GiCtiat, Brlliiiii lmlhr^�Mt (uiJbc9;i�Hi(L'i at'ficlts pxp<)rttd, Unrf ai^tli'ig OVe export* hV Hie . $AVt Itufta CtrniVBity, diiiltciCt aW''*efflii'�ti�*TriBija"' ll)<: freelrade,*'- �-�  '1 "'^ Total value of E:i9t Imiia, and CJiina prodntse im-portPfl iiiloOrt-at Briuiii I'll the year eiidiii}; the -Sth-JanuiirV, isis �� ' " ' ' ' By the E��t India Compwiy........... fIi�,S27,6fl3 0 0 IVee trade, including the privilege trade ^4,06,1,8^? .0 0 Total......*,.... Hi289,&55 0- 0 Tn llie ypBrpiidiiig the 5'Ji Jan. iaitS,:,- By the Bast India Company...........^ ' 7.'iS4it30 o' 0 F^ec trade, including the, privilege.tritdBf 6,769,46a 0 0 [j opfiroii^a^M Ho theirynwii iige', bftt'ihVe:k4 WClidoyj^. i ledcmeiir/FM'dui fi&rm'ti) ihepiirty^iviil'^tiD! Wiey" toufc. The iiew!� of- tMst iliitiitretfitrtij IrtViitjr reilt5hedMNM|.le� CHuVdltt*!" a1tat'iWv'fsfi4it ' �niMtt(y-ii^i*�ls Werevwiii off by tlie^foiig'lo jiarfey; �ittiithe'itiii(tn8er�.�i]d feartr whiift'ftbfeoU tlrey Kad' iu vie� .7,855^,12 0 0 Free trade, including the privilege trad� "'5,703,918 0 0 Total...........> lV&e,S24 .0 0 In the yenr ending lhe 5lh Jan. IBIS :- ' By Ihe East Indii Company .......... 7,361,802 Free traile, iucludjng lhe privilege Uadq . 5,097,748 Total..-..-......., 18,459,550 0 0 Iti'ELAND. ninu (>(invjH 'i^fflii](io3'f^^^daiO.^!a(irea.o'f: laind;' ysirliilV pdrt /, uy-,a,ojl*>J!n,.,-whiclj w^l|.�horlty'expire.,,  , � I Vi.r TiSr&e;rM'i�rli^i(la'rs aoBly to Mr.'Wakefield, .Ko. 42,1 Piti.raafR oVai-Sa'rr.iJiiaX^. . ' " .  '� I . 1. >� ��.'�1 li' i .  ^ : - ' �.:. Br'Mir.-WAKEFIELD, A*. narT�wai'sGo''''�'lH.'">�p.''Gl>anee;allev, on MONDAY, , . (lieSystJjilyj flTwfJv.eo'Clock, A MOST- ELIGIHLE ESTATE for, IN- J\ VESrMENT^.near Ross in, Herefordshire, viz. the Mfiiior or'rrptrte"d'Mah(�riSf'Ui�(nn Cbilrt.'VoSrllirr Willi the sev.-raf F*ri>K'of Uptoii -Ceilft; AVhittock's End,-BiiHbck's Knri, Huil Gatromb, being laiid.uf liie flrst rale-4|nntityi ly-^ iiisr <i)ii.iie le,teii4iil�|fyr,nji. of l,lobJ. a'-yeai;."T|ie.wIiole fortning a property nidsl iletifirMe fur'frH'rtees'j Irtr-periiOUSilesiroda of making a'gtiod J luve?linent in Land. ' Pur pariiriilafa ap]tlv to.Mr. Cooke,Solicitor, Ross; ,RI;r. ^Vnl:.'field. No. l42^,. Pal'l-mall; Messr;>. . j^racs 'a"nd.Stlby, .So'ltr'iiiirs Siirrey-at'reet, Sirand; or at Garra'way'a. W ra^OLD BY AtJcttON,  � ' ' 'B^'MR; WAXEFIELD, . ; ' At Gairaway's, onJltONDAjYi, Jidy 31,'at'Twelve o'clock, elleiii ^i�lnl,'ili'the higlie**atal*of ciiliirtliftn; ' This Properly isfitoaled'OWlheHrigli'roaJ from'iBucnUam to South- i�inB!er,-ij.ftlry^, aiid has b^p IpPKiM'e Ml'mii'niibii of atrai'ieerf. -Dwiiiif to .ll)p the late ^ Proprietor, il must'bB' lirbtlght (o sale, and hfroT-d's a siucu. }i* i>pportuaUy''fot!a'Jj>*rsBonof modtrate:pr peHyy'uiilliug li good resideBcieaiidwfB'itfieslmenf.,- ; .'. .ic i �' r-Ai jlii",sam�! tijne;wiH;he Sold a GOPS'IJOLp. ife^ATE,, (Jnj oT a fru 'frbiiBe!bnd bl^Acres of Laiid, Cppv'" Cold to ihe Manor of WjrUnd.Fee!''^Thi8properiy ii'bf irte' ino!il:r>�l of ,1a'tid, and tin that nccoiint i^t4H Hwaya,?.o,mii)aniJ:BileD^ rfnt i;it,iis.ije9ir4'!!''i| fiiVated, in,'aVb>|d^ state of cultivaiion, nind woiiby .public 1 ijtVenlibn'." . . , . � . | Pariiculars maybe had of C. C Parker, Esq. S'bllcilbr, y Hawkins^ Bii�n1iaini-.Mr. Thoma-s Barnes, AI|borne-,.at GiirrawaVs aud'at. Mr, Wake^^^ Pall-onaK, tondon^ ; . . du$j,ij�, j�iy^I7. . i Connsellor O'Conneil lias addreased the'jVLiyor, ShetnfFsi liiitl'Citizens'of Lt'nie'rick as a'candidate ifor- the' HeCotdshif) of Lihieritt, on tlie next' V�Cj�(�Ciy. I'l '.: - ,  - ; � , SIffNDER. : . , , ' " lJRUEN,,APD'rupCAaY, t) , SMfTH.^ ! ^hr�:c.�* W4�iirti;'dilr't^eCourt ofK D^i!l>I|lii,)!^oh SiMtraay'las'-'^' It a^)iiEa^e3""lh'Bt IfTt'' fMaiflliffiPnibDefeiidan^ti who are b/>th apothebatii^p,-ornirfL l"','''?'""^*'''-'-!': '818. iV[.ariou� causes-oft diHereiice arosf;, and scofdin^ uijjtches Ipok .pijipp,, JTrt qiie'iilly. ''lie Dt-f^'odaiit was in the h'abi.tof; tlUr^iirg'the Plaiiiiilt' (whb was the acti'np partner), wi^th a'total neglect :irif bitsiliegB, and ertfpliVyiiig' ijiersDos who exposed the customers of lhe ho'use to llic ris-k of bpiiig, poisinied. He went fiirllier \*c-cordiim Ip tiie �tate p.l�y i aiidalosi," ^it'gUcts occurred. A lirud,aMi>nj bottle, I'or instaiice, bad b*'e'i labelled nouu^^OH/a./Jfl. Cal'otiiel w'a'sl'reqiiKiilly ttsed xviiiioitl beiii}^ ivetghe^. ;A'niah mas-killed by faOdaiiuin i*lrich via* sufffre I to ;}�fl ont of-tlie-shop without being- labellt-d. A witness for the; PJaiiiliff, ;frojn whose evidrwe these' Ja.cts,were collecte,d,. iiij^enuQusly decjared it,to he ^tis belirf 'that " a qian had a better chance of lii< jlifi by iio'l taking niediciiie nt all." The jusiifi-jralioir liet forth' by'the Defendant w'a�, that the iPlauiliff provoked. Iiitri 'to use' ianguaf;e towatds hip), .wjiich in bj|i cp(^\; ptoineitts' he..would; not jempioy I .il)a' ;_Pli!l^(||^�ierited rensure for ,the JBCIs which li� Hutfered to, be coniinited in Ills shop; ^rtd ihit the clraf)�e br'for^.'ry was made liypollie-lically.'be Defeiidani 'stating, '�that if his name jhad.beeii {iut to u certain Bill, it. iiinst' be: u 'J he Jury returned a verdict for the Defendant, iwiih cbels. � In.the jHar e.nding tbe,5lh J( : ,8 Free trade, includ'iug the privilege trade 6,297,5HV 6 3 Tol�l,.j.i....,.i'12,b89j9l�-2. 9 Total yaliif. of Export? to.the. E^^:|sldjef,8U<| Qbtpa,: in the year ending the 5ih-Jan. 181,5 , By the'East Ipdia eoSipabj .... ^:.^l'^7iii''il ' f freelrade,' itichiidln!r,t)ii^prWir�gt�id�fr .iWWj'm^ 8i~� Total........�..,� 2,602,897 0 4 .Iji the year ending the 5ih,Ji�n. 1816:-r^i ^ ' By the Ea/t India Company........... ,1,753,302 2 0. Free'li'mie, in'cladiiig "the privilegetfade i;454-,728? 7 9 !air�;;tlie extingtiisiiment of fires ahd 'ligbu i*fB�-'; iitiied |�erfqr<�^ this rtutyi-andaftershiwag <� - -itSHiiAi M nuf^;i .�t�',..: ited 8 f�>� jcenslitution; sirttilar to that ii^{)i|ih.'Iiaii'been odopiedi in Spain. Preparatin'tis �weir^hmade'toi dpiiose anrf re <dwcoVered; on-sntinirfiHg tire <ii�p'psi-ifwmSsqf'itlMMiei trrto'pa wbrt-ihad not yft defclarid lajjstiiAbthe.^Sveriimentjthst'tlit^alil at heart ^weVe  Jiuiiiiedf wiib Uifr 'iiiitii**^ttott!n(jegi^/awl^^af ihey Icrtold. mot wttll safety be Mmi a^iiiisV, Iterii' cotn-'riideaj . Stlijit ' p'read ihroivih tlie aol-di'ery WiVb sticli rapidity,' that even St. Elmo was deaert.edby its gMrriaoii. Tiie,general appearance of the oity diwiiig the interval between ihe'partey with tbeti'oops'and tbeKing'sTesoluiion to accede to rheir wii'h^, wiig'tnost ainguliir. Every face vi_i\* (narked by anxiety,, and denoted Jhe expectation .of some dreadful event. When the joyful clmnge was known, nothing was to be seen or heard but the most lively testimonies of pleasure. Groups pararled the streets^wfth shouts of Viva! Viva! and these,were by no tneaos of the lowesl'or lower classes. 1 saw two'Oflicers in the uniform of Generals who joined in the t^xultatioti. T^ete was a very. Keueral cry for the sp'peiicaiire of the King on- Ihe balcony of the Paia.cAii hilt .beidid not �t>hew himself. This is the bfrthid'ny:. of the Hereditary Priiice, aiid lu-iiight we �bitll have a gruiiiliil'iiiii lia'troii." . \ EXrHACT OF ANOTHISa LETTEaSAME DArE. ; * It is now about a wer'kago .since a very general jtpirit of f^rtiiVnlatiou and 'disciiint'ent w,4� observed n the iKOviiire of .Salcruoi-and last Sunday we lieard lbitt;a.whol|e rejjioieot of c-av�lry_had ileserted ^nd posted themselves near Nolu. Shortly af'er, all \hkAtoo\ii isereiun.jn'motion against them, bui it;�---discbvered rhatdisaifeciioii prtrvatled, and ihjifr ,no .reliance could, be pljictd , upon them, w>4Jcb .tpade it eyid,ei)l ,lha,t .cuerejye ,.nieasur/� KouliT'b' nn'usje, b*(i_t that eVWy^ixieans inusf Bil^tViifrf^ifo cVJ'n(iyrfrath"'matter8 j't'he mbre'isb, as'it' was believed that discontent, moreof le'^s,' prevailed in. all! the provtocen;. Things were cartieil on' iii this-way till yesterday, when the King;j having beftii told that 8 free CQostrtiilioji was,the, universal wish of the people, declared that be would give it to tlie'ni vdliintafily, and immeil'iately issUi^d ii jirbclama-tinn, jiromising to'it in a week. It ii said thai an atfecling scene has taken plhce at the Pi-lace. . \Vhen thev.Kii)g declared, Ins intention, llie berediJtajy. Prince who i< Just arrived from Sicily, fell lit the feel of the Kiii|;, aud in tears lli-.inked hitii/in the naine'of thij people, exclaiming, " You h. aiids and tens of iboHsands. parading the strjets near lhe ;P^lfit;e, �n,d, shouting.' Vivns!' to the King and dii)slitnt)bn. We think that ul! will proceed i]Ulel'ly, and end safely." ItEFOLUTJOy IN NAPLES. tftteriiSr of ihiii spacious builduig Va� conajtmeil.. � be � jutnaost eKer(ioi)s.only tasing-a fi^w'bnokasii^nd other articles oflitlle value.^ '''Variou�'coo}e<cturu� and surmise*'bave faeetl set'.aiJoat ds t^i'lw b;ri'^�lli of this catsstTophe: some br^e^fttl�gijni^d^.rr i-:rend.i;i}ry-^'oth�rs attribute it to legars smoked by the'ittattiies'is the ; painiing-fOorti-^fhers'-'^e'lfeve -that it:' brbke out ih^ the eifr'jieiiters'-apfc'rtijient, Aft^^ 'i (Jl'die mmiiwafja^, .^n^Jfiting. evet^cir-*1#*#pCw|p ��,lttsi.-?je aj^S^tgfJgd ihat iV �a* . tJ>e.,tesi)Ii;.,nf ac(:id.(io,t: Bnd�'-ftoro'>'?rtou� Portree*, ��e hiivei-'��fl8on ltd btlitjve^tfat the fii'tfiftja}'�have,' broken rtnt in the cWpefiters'roiiffl; a candle, ni.-afl ' probaBtliiy,' beinj> left <p burn out, wTiioh, cominu-nicating to the befich aud^ shavings,, pcoduced; .tbi� � resuli, Jis .this apartment is next fo the rtaof,-^arnf' fr oiily insured about 1-^,(103 dollars, at the Eagle office ; bnt we learn that iMr. Sinlpicjn had nothlnij insured, and lia nr,� dtpeiided far ilieir bread, an idea miy be roririeil of ilie real disucs* which this event has pcoilpced. There n^e .icrne who lllink that a theatte is t'lie , receplacte of vice and iminoralily. We pretend to no fa.sti(linUflie<^ on this point.' We UnoUl tlut it is Capable of iiiCnkMting lessons of ipoialily and . patriolisni in the most alluring forms; that a well-governed ilraniiV is calculated to shew " vice it.n drfcirintty, virtue it:* iinag^}" and that when jadi-, cion�ly eiicourajji-il, it blepds amuseineut and in-sti'ncriuri, and by Ihe eiopluyraent. of a leisu/e hour, prevents in nil posslbilitv, many a visit to the taver;i and gaming house, Tiie theatre lius aUo been " many time and oft," the mediufn ihrongli winch chariiiible objects and institutions have ra/it with encourageiiieni, and now in the boor of div-tress It i I oiirNe of i)^ward;t]pf27 yearn of extensive practice-in cjsesj of .Sirtcliire, observed. .niii?ij>,ei|!isljt:s�irtBJlHl?tances of Kiipiiire, he has a.i'.deotjy fipjtlkd hiioself ito^discDver a re-Aieilj tor so preval.ent.a.fpp|iidy,. and. .which he lia;> happily .icciioiplijiljed.;. 'i;|(e f()l)uviDKAMe.staliiiil'jif(ji�|ect ',^|hi8 jTrcalic; -pu,the..Radieitl'; Cine of Rupture:-'* Parish of St. Aon, VVea'tmiusier, M'orkhoosj",: July; ih, - 1*;I9.Wij the! O-yeVseerii'�t''llie ,3Poor of ..ijiisiyParUhv ,40.. SJ-reby certify,; th.�*i .\YiJ|i?�pj Jiosljijg..and,CiiMj� D^^^ye .(^wo-,of poor^oji^dS ;2?orklio'use of ' Jhis".Parish).'-beiog eevf^p|y '.iffljrted."wilh ^ 11 pto*firt sifiit Sy'iii'tQ m,f: DbfoiiV&.>' the tilirptise'-of" fUre : nV* vtT^f'rtorKsii.'ice'^f tSmS lliejKWW* boib fft'tlj-^ r�ri>d'.: 4V)ini.iis^r.'bintlt^'nioifl�s-Tumkiii�oai'All'3fk>ore:i l ' N B.!->..T!r��fet,' icopfrfracied.: ori J.tji?; 'best':pri,Dri.p)rSi i mtei ' ept an^al^,,8s;t^.<^j8ce.m/nl;a|ty usefal ,dnrinf^the,(^ir )ine to Fi>.uK'-aiM'froin SeVeo to'Nin�,-Nb.''48, Ber-^ 3 Street, Oxford.street. .,:. ; KILDARE ASSIZE.'!. iT|IE .KINfJ AT TUp |Pl{piECU'l'ipS. OF SIR i HOKri BAiir. against joshua Paul MEREDirii,, The information in this cause camp on to be .tried at Naas, beforeHhe-Lord Chief Baron, on the il4th of Jt^ly.tiisuoti'� , ' , Mn ,!\1iirtJ6y,,,npe;ned' ted -ias:a faV'Hjrittwi'Sir Williainllorl would ,be. pleased, ;tpacc�p(;tliiiilacktiowledgmeiil awA peniitt Iriiiiilu' d.efrayt;tieentjrBexpenses,of the prnceedingii,!' �] "j Mr. 'i'lckel'l tllen staled that as Sir Willi.iiu Hort |had-no'vinthtitive' faiottve'in ckrrying 'oirtlie'ilr'n-icbediiigit which thei'hadiinslitnied;: Sir WiHiiitn a*?-' jcepted' iht� !apdligy,'8nd eotisentetJ tli.n a Jjvor! �bottld':be,-�vftbdr8*i>i:whii7h��vaff:at'i.'oTtli:iiuly'4'i>fte.i I !.-,rii  if. -in,?. ; I A I T ;. ., ;,'l 1- !:� y ; � V  ' ivVi.' :;;WESI>QJ!ID:ASSIZBS.;' ,,o, �,;:,..;... , fij\ F.r,idyy, tfpA/i,^W gra,<7i,,jA4<jin?e�..;Und|.;,./<//i.�l Bryan, brothers, AJulthfW Mtfler.....'KjA^'W^, Kehoe, viere conrrcHrri-njfrbnTgtnTy, rohhrrj, and ' a'ggfav^ted.Hiwjilililii-fhe. boi/seof :Tob'a�'Ji�H*it^r, [of Newbawn, E^q. on iHd night of the j;7 tiiOatfti.'i r at Montreal; to these it Is onr paintnl duly to fhe efitiife destrilOtion orthe New V'ork theatre, ,\Te sfttjie.fitne ago mentioned the destruction of this theatre by fire. 'The pressure of parliamentary <leba'ie a^id other rerp|Miiar'y matter have prevented lis until now, from givinj; the following detailed ucconiit of this di�ustr bs event : - - NEW york, may 26. -iWithinthe Sfiace of four indnilis three theiities h^yeilwveib-en destroyed by hre-^l!ie costly one at Philadel^ihia, one at Wa�hingIon City, and the .other add "Vine of the most spHcinu^* and convenient in the United Slates.' This unfurtnnaie event occurred 'ye!i,tBrday,,morning about-one o'clock. . As this ca-.lainily has created . considerable interest,, and in-'Vtilves so many individuals in a common loss, we :thipii'it'tJiirdC^ly'IO be [ in delatjs. . � ''On \Vedoesday evt'ning the new d'fftma of The Siege uf- I'fipali-, and other eiiteriarinmeni.u, were pertoriiied, being theiiighl^which the Man.igrrs had apprftpi,i�lted for the benefit ofthe author. On tins occasion ib^ hpuse was uncommonly crowded; and _ , to give effect to the whole, a party of seamen and a .According-In thetir<itHCCbivrit igned' as' therr quarters, ijlii-fe, jafiet Stacking their arm'*, they seiiierl themselves on ;lienehe^. prepared lor .tliein, and beliaveil' during ;ihp wbpl^ pvejiipg in the most o'derly aud.porrect inaiitier. The seamen had a difj'erenl. aparitnent a^-igned to them, and after hjiving gone lliiougb iheir"jVar^ in'thepiiiy.'lhey finally lOok ihefr seats |iHLtJie it^iper irPw of boxes. 'I'he eiiiertaiirmeiits icoiiuUliUd.abimt twelve-o'clock, when the audience k,ed to Extract of a letter dated NapleSiJnlyCrh; to which the writer has added, � day t6'be for ever remembered'141 history,;'.'-Tr- ., -� �., . > "Tbis letter announces toynp no Ij-ss an event than a chaiioe in the Gnverniiie-iitpf this coiinlry. You were before �-.vare of'tlii^ iliscirn't'eti't 'existing iii the proviiicts, on iicrouiit of ihe-Hmj^bVi'ion of the /''Hmiuriij, and' of-tbe little encoiirujjement given t�;the'exports of native^prbdiiPlibii"-'; bbt'you Were no,t aware to what a degree'fiiisdtsGniJtent'hsid' bi-lected-all rlas^e.s.^ an I ei.;t;n the riin,ks,,pf theoirmy.; The organiz ui,oii. of the^ c.^inp ,ut: |Se8sa..uiyy .t'.e-! reckoned "thi; iniiwediate cause ef. ^Il' j'hat liai dc- . ciirreVI; ais'it appearstti:!!; it'li'ot' only'^a've t'o'th'e troops an ojiphfiiioity pf trdlit'erting fbe5T meU�uresi bur brought them inrofbiitaP^ With Vhe pi-bvihees,' and assured tbemof'thi; rbmirfuniW'of-�eiititiieiit^h^' the great mass-of thy pojiiilatinii.'Tlie'whb'le tbtng has bben so tniddeil,' tbatif' l^ii A (Red 11' l o'As'i'eHiii n eitactly how it' begiiiH-orwho I-ixik tire'4e'adiii t'he o'pt-ratioti. IMPElilAL PARLIAMENT. t the first moveiiieill. was made'hy'ai IfV sfiat'ioned'at'r^.i'l'.i', �tfi'the'tium'ber believing that the body of: Cavalry : of about 150 iiien; who' ytidd^'nly ^.iiiil withbpt orders .qiiitied-their poif, aijd m�r^lifei|ti:irif bddly for'tfle: Hioii'rttHinS' of �Ai'elliiio. W^iethef'the'result bf prei-vijius ulideisioiidiiVg Or iiofi| )8>^unkMiowrn';' bot'the-nla'rm''iof ihiS 'it^affch '>pre�^^ rtittelbtj' rapiilrtyof' ; ligbtiiiiig!;' detaChttieUls rtf-iiifjiitry m'a'fth'ed'oiiU'to' � j Dili tbi-ii*,' tt/id' eVerSf "Jjea.aiit'; �f hp' tf'mlftirttprtVi" a: j riVe)oc>^t ol" iiir <tffeii'si*5''*'ei'i|Wn;of'apy tl'esyrtplinii' , folioJW;d! ttieif exiiitiplK''-'i liis: ItiKe'd a'sseWblilge ' then-proreeded luivafifa'ibe i "'� ''i>d len lhe theatre. j^^, j,^',^^ judgment of,tbeirtordsui,,. BftU Ame *�eTe-a�leep-2.ibey were tniath awak'ened,'' that the 'ilecrefa'ortbeCourl below, itf'iSiS Tad'1813i' OF LORDS, Friday, July 21. APPEALS.-IUDGMENTS. Graham, Appellant; KeBLE, Hespondent. The Lord CHAHcei.Loa slated this was an Appeal from' Ihe Judi;meul of the Court of Session in Scollaiid, and''he ' moved ih:il the ilecision of the Geurt below ahoutdbe cuu-fiimed by iheir Lordships'judgmeol.-Agreed to. A BARREL OF WHISKEY. PoNBAR, Appeltdnt; Hauvey, Hespuridint. The Lord <'HANceLt,nii observed, this was an .Aflpeal from the decision of the Court of Session in Sco.tlanp. It � was a case in which he was sorry theii: Lordships' judgment hnd ever been called fur, as it related to the price of a barrel of whiskey. He was oftipinion that the judgment of iljeii-Lordships ought to he fdr tlie Appellant, as Ihe only other course their Lonlships could lake would be to send it back to Ihe Court of Session for farther inquiry as lo Ihfe act'ual � delivery of the cask of whiskey lo the publican, for iu bij^-opinion there was not sufficient evidence of the ddivery . As to what expense the parties bad been at in brtngiug'the ques-lion before their Lordships he did not'know, hut hedid not! doubt hut they weie of opliiroii iiuw lliey ou r obsiervijdj'lh)* *waa ftD'Appra), froni several decrees uf Ihe,Court of �xcheq<ier. f IreJidid).,

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