Saturday, July 8, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - July 8, 1820, London, Middlesex or,. !iiiio,.(i(| Number 5488. � i rf^RH RVENING, SAT-U^DaV. Jwlf !fif, TtfE PROVOKED'HUSBAND.- ,Miiii(len.>. L�i)y T'wnjv, M:T?wWrW�St;..l^,)y,Gp^a, M�ii ,*''g�;ri..ta'ly,,\yr(l\islie(n}t- Mr?, Hsclose-V Mis3,Jei|-nVj Mai' (hiiie Vfstris ' - j i ' ' lMva�i V.t?tt- 'i^rrij, Will lie-Bcted, the Couie'Sy of ^ wWw\< ted, the Comedy of ^ . THE clanDEh TINE M^AIHITaOE.' , , *i Corfnoi', Soi^,'MC Fgerlou, Don Firolo <V!bi i<'i\Ti<.X,iBfoiii'rKFilbanUii^ Jtrs^iGiiibs.--. ;ToiConcJi)fl;e_.w)Mi a��aiid^.9ea.;FJg^t,;8itd 1tb� De^truclittU: ofjbeSiiaai&lKArmailni. I 1. . :. On Monday, f^en^i Qiiatre, ivilli Aladdin,, or The lliOR / J.V. ./ . � TPE;{fuU!ic 8re,?nciUijpeSp,t!<:tfull�.iii)brine<J ttjat THISTHEiVTRIJ wilj O^M. oi' MpNPAY IJgXt, be lOtii iual. witli inc* Occa'sionsi'AiliJreea, (6 bV spoken ijy,MKi!&i%,^lsAflet.wJiich, the Comedycalled ..... * THE GREEN MAN. - VViib a be'V^lliircrf, tntill^d O'lt AND.yiNEGAR. � ' * * tocoiicfiiHa wilb TtfE'ROMP.' � � � ' Boxes, -59-Pit, as^Eirat-Gallery, Stai-r^ecoud Gallery, Is. , Tlie DoorB to be o�)ened at Six o'Clocfc, and (be Perfurm-ance I" bejiii Kt SeVftf,  - '  ' Places fur lUe Buxes to be taken of Mr. Massiugbam, at Tbe'Tlirairfe..' ; Y.::^ .'i i .-A'-!.''1 _ THEATRE-ROYAL. -BNGLtSH OPERA-HODSE, rr^HfS^ EVENING, S'ATURDA^y, July 8, M. will be performed, IKeTomic Operetta called .'..'THE.B^i.L'nS.iiEAp. Cnplaiii Liivel, Mr. VVrencb ; Scamper, Mr. W. S. Chat-"rerley V OeilSriiVCoii^eB/, M"r. Grbvie; Jereiiiiih Brag, i Mr. \V5'tfciiiso(|i:< JJlra* VVortbyi Mrs. Gfore.jiJiiUa,'Miss Love;. ' , After ��J?^JI8.i^|^||^^^^ m �IW ' Or.^FRdLI'CS IN'BA^SDAc;- : � Bawa <jf Bag4!id�|Mr.:Rq<!'botfa?ni j ,Cro,8�.I^,,.Mr.Wi\-' _ . . �r , ^.------..... cruriip-y, Rfr. Hwl: To:rourUi(Is! with tbe^Grsiid^erlpiiB,Ballet calTed THE DtATH OI^'dAPtAlN'CtJbK. ' &iplaHr eook'j'�Mr.'X- ,;.:Lw""'laiinnt of JJIajjheaj.Mf. X,(i,dge ; goatsw.iin, Mr, VViikiiisoii; .Terrceobob (King of'OWy-bee), Mr. Rqw. ' T>orYii>)i;'KftVaS.^Nliss i:8K0ihsbii.'' � -� ' ' ' " ' ' - ,t� ftti ItfrtitadmtrediTrlp.'fCbingCbitQuaWi" byM.�lss� Llvc,.!^�!i^s AVor-stmaii, aiidrMr. VA'ilkiuson. TbejtpSi^iyiisjSaloon has been.agarn tastefully fitted up w'itb^'it iiet# de)(^�,.'represet\tiWff a r-iiis Most Ejicclieiit -MAJ ESIY, . � '"^ tWEsintfitr; � Hlft Giace tlie Bnke'of JSORTHUMBERLANJ). VICE^PRESIPENTS 'the Rieht fton. Sir Arcbi- '� bold Macdonialli,: Bart. . The Right Hon,. JLord Col- criesier,' I ' The KiRht Hoh. Lord Vis- ,count Sidmoutb, The Hon. PliiiipPtisey. ' ' Ti-easVtrer-George; Aiist; EsiijV . nnOMOK-row morning, Sand�y, the The Ri�bt'Hon.George Jbiin, ' � Earl SpcnceiV ' - ' ' ' ' The RigUt.H0u.R0bsrtj.E9rl Grosveiuir, TheUiaM' UononrAbte :Lo�* L .-9lb: ^ylv, a.,SJSRM,0)y ,wij| be PREACHiEp at St. Margiufi's Cliiircli, \VestminSter, for the BENE^Il.' of aV 'Vj Mi.iMBter,of Sontb :L?5abelb Caapet.Lcc tnicr ot'.Stj'Jolni.^ the Evanj;elistj Westjiniiister, and of St. I'iilast' Fiislori Liiiidoni and~Chapib'i'n'to'Earr Harctturt. � -.�.:Praytft9 I'o,;begin:at,Elpvejio'Gtacfe., . ,, . The A.Ni;�lVEE}SARY DINNER will. be held on FRI "DAt," July 14', at the Tbalcfild'House Tkmni, St'.j'am'e's's-sireei.' ; .: � ; , . ......, SI^>l{,ARps: 'Thomas Parker, Esq. William Monkhouse, ?fqi Ipiobii Taylor, Esq., ' Williaini Evaus, Esq. .SirOrorgeSbiffner; \Vrii. eiiHwHslit',' Esq.- i)f...B>.>VUl.l^, j'.!.;; |, Davi.l Green, Efq. . Mr. thmriai WiiliSm Peno, Ticketsklfis. -eacb,i t0> be bad of the jHreaaurer^Georee A,��lvE�q Kcusjn^loo,; o? tjie Stewards, at the Hospital; aiid of Ibe S.ffela'ry, for which "Oejitleinen are'requfest'ed'io apjilS'oii;'pr-lK>f�J�Hbe lltbday-�^^ Juiy,i!lliat Diiiner lUay bs provided, ac(:ojrfling!y. ' Diniier 1411 "tii'bfe'.at cisefyi''' .^''t Jp^N DABIIEL, Secretftr^ ^^n^.IUcpivers 'ive (i'CiocIi' furHaiCpast Five prei . ; Little .Co.ll^i^e-Btreel, VVestmiiister, STATET OF T;H:En'HJ5EL,J , , . 1 ..Prizes of...�30,000....are.".,.�120,000 4....,.;....,'.;..'i,d6n-.v.,;;';;;^^;' *4;oO(j-' ; =- ' 1........500vi.iiii..i.i:<i;.-giaOO^ . ......400,......1:,606 / 4S............�200&;30p.'..'..;...^... to;200 . O W IKf auxl Co. suhinif to tlie riiepect'ibii 6f thig t^-i Piibliclbe above Ricb,(<i�t.qf .Capital^^i.a<M ^y'!' ,<l Consols), all. of which mt� ii�.>.ni�v"f.�^. i.....� .f OPULAft VPyAeE,AjiP-'nRiVEU5rl[JS, EUROPgii,�qre nuWisIied, one thick Voluqtji, I2oio.,witlt ' ' ThlrteJ-n View*, price boards. 'fiO!�ULAe� TRAVELS m.d VOYAGES rJTi I (hfoiiehfiytHl^teiCobtifieiitMd Uteiids^r ,m which l}le)GeA^rapby^:.Cluiracler, Ouslomsi .'aiid^Muiifiers .nfjNalL9iii -�ciples. > � � � - " By; Mr?; -JAMIESON (late-MisR TflbHle); !-  . panicd with the. Chronological and Qenpal9g)ca| Tallies of the VitiCotb and Spapish Princes and Caliphs, and a List of the contemporary Sovereigns at the end of.eacb Reiipi; also, the Political Arrangeineuls of Europe,asseWledatibeTreaty of Paris, \*itb Notes. 19mo. price 8s. fid.:hoacdsi. : . . .: ESTABLISHED FRENCH SCHoOb ROOKS, Published by tS.'kndW. B-VVdlTTAiCER, 13, Ave I, . ;^ :! rMaria^lane.' � I � -' ' I. �pLEMENTS t)f FUERGH CONVER- , ,$A;T!IPN,; ,�^ith, Faipiltar uiid Easy Dialogues, eadi .preceded bv a suitable'Vocabulary, in Freu<;b nud EDglish, ; - ,riy,JdBTSVPEBRlN. . Tlie Twerity-firet fitliiib'ii, revised ind corrected by C. Gros, �price Is. 6aJbu'uVi'd.'-'i - 1 - - 2; A GRAMMARof the PRENCHTONGUEj ground-ed upon ihe,{}et;i9iaps,of the Frencb Academy. By ;Jubn . F^rrjii., ,The^^i!;teEutli .Edition,, carefully, revised, by;C. Gi-ORiprice.^s. buuiid. 3. EXERCISES,' ENTERTAINING and INSTRUCTIVE, with R�ftB of thb French Syntax.' By'JobbPerii'n. The Twi!lfth iEditioil, revisedand corrected agreeably- to the Author's Grammar,, byiCV {Bros, priccr33. 6d. bound;- A Key to b1,9b(p�? EXERCISES, by q. Gtos, price 3s. bound. 4. FABLES AMtJSANTES, avec iini Table gSnerale et partico-lidre desf Mbls,~et leur SignHficdtion en A'bgloiS,' seltjn I'Ordre des-Fables, ))our en rendr&la Tradutitioihplns'fucilc a I'fecolier, ^ByJohu'pejrin, Tlie Fi{t�ntb.Edition,-prite ^s. Cd. bquni)...... ^1 . . ;. 1: 5. ThVFRENJJH VERBS, Regttl?r and Irregular, alphp. tically coiijugaSedi'wi.VlrFifeurfs'aiid Prpliniiiiii'ry Obaei-va-; lions; iti'a:hew,'plai'n^ and--easy maduer.- By'Jbliu' PerVib',' price Is.'Sd'.-Lilcevase,1he particularand <;ominon Terufi. nations'of all the-French Verbs, engraved on an octavo ipage. ^ By J!obn,P?rrin, price'6d. . . ; ! 6. LA. 60NNE MFRE; conlenant de petites .Pieces Dramaiiques precediles cliacune de In definition, et suivies de la nvrale; eulre la bunlae Mereet^adeuit.FiIiesj^^y^^ ft�h^WkteH4l|E�-ne*^^^^^ ' ABeSd!^ inWressSntea a I'usage dS'la'^jruuesse. Par M. Perrin. The Foiirtb Edi--tioii, revisedinndcorreolBd, pi!ice39.6d.bDUudi 7. ABREGE de PHISIOIRE de, PRANCE PEP.UIS 'I'ESTABLISHMENTde la Hoiisjcbie, jusqu'a uos jgurs. Par Ml Des Cari-iei**'b'. ' 12iuo. I'lrtce 6s. 6d. bontid. 8. AN INTRODUCTION TO FRENCH GRAMMAR, -parlieu.lttrlyi.Sapledfii'r-those that are not yet acquainted with the RJid'iipeutx oftGi-amraar,: aud calculated to facitj. late, to .beHiuuers; tl^e pludy u( (be .first principles of the .Ftencl'i Tunxuey 'p/P- St. Quciitin, M.A. .Tliird lidttiuu, price'Zsfdd.'b'alf.iiouiid'. 9. A NEW GRAMMAR OP THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. By D; Si. Quentin, M.A. Third Editiou, prii-c 4�. 6d. bound.: ' - 10. NEW DIALOGUES, in French and English, with familiar. Cpnveisntions on a' vjiriely .of subjects. .By Vl. Keegsii, M.A. Price 3s. bound; on fine papi'r 4s. bound. .U. INSfRUCTEUll' FRANGOJS, in French and English; intended tO' shriplify, by a progressive-Berfes 'of-Easy and Familiar. Lessons, i|he< Prununciutiiiji, iic. of that liilit-guage.. By W,.Ke<-iau, M.A. Priee2B. 0d bouiidi 12. LA REN;rHiEE DE V.ACANC.ESi or.,,Pre8entaux Jeuues. DenioiselVes. Pjir" Marie A- ^ Noir, Anteur des " Conversations d'Eirnestine,'' &c.' Siicoud Edition, 12mo. Price 5�. bound. ' l3.M0DERNFRENCfl CONVERSATION; easy pialpgiies, Motlels of Cards, Bills, Receipts, and Comniercial tipttersj on various subjects, in French aiid Euglisli, fcii- the use of S'dHiiola and Travellers^ By j; Man-rois, Pi-ofesseur de' Langue Francoise. Second Edition. Erice3s.6d. bound. . EivRLY LES! iriefiectuat, biit.bya.CuurBO of Remedies.-'MirjPUFOURiSnrgeontolbe Darauian.Dispea-8a;ry.:for- theiCure:�f'sStrictures, and. sole Proprieturv au'd Vender of 'Oavaa's^SIedicated'iBougieHji. having, .during -a course of iipwards-uf 27 yeare of extensive, practice .'ill Cases of Strrc e/Kf '>%!i!ffC*>ii9V^i>>g A'lteata.fio.n.isse|e|iifid.froijn .a great ,ni�fflb?r^,So�.'(9i>W�l: io, bis .^reatise. ,qu, ijie. ;R'aiij'cat �Ctir^,i�>(^jBuj)tuj;et-- ig pf, ,tbe, jjourjii��(',i' Gosling. -bead. William Wyalt, William Bi-o^rtley.'" ; :jtept^ii �ale. M Ib^r^rtieiwaliiillj WefWkltoiug tbfe G^ii oers-sireel, Oxford-Btttct. ^'biada^' ^u'^u6l)<iJi�<};'^^i<~V^^^^"l^rench, ele^^'jilfy " pilAieilin bOaVo;'wilb^ htiadflfiil Portrait of ibe Sbt 6f iNapdlebii^ ib^^.^^>^^^^ Mtoialnre p^lbled by IsttiVvrf-ifrt^etSs tn^Pttr^;'. / sorfaj%(HSer1ia*H�l*nl!fri)fHfe'E*PBH<JR"NAPOLEON. f �* iTbigJfexj��o��Jinri poJeonil�t StiOiq]oii;lsat>M!)puIib|ibed .wnhj,lhe atjjctpt fl(leli,ty, a;)d,tliy,Or}gtottl 1^ ^epoiUed vit^ ((b^iPob- HISTORICAL' DOrirtl�NTS^ ami REFIlECTI&NS lOrt Uie i.f |^oll��jd�, H T is.8.vo.^,1|^ jl^ trtft ^ �}�EVV SERI&S of 1. ^AT.EjCI mi i1iPiteitaT�ipa:is?is,i^ifab.' l��day,'iiir�e.Bd.{i!lehi?�'-rj- uf l.SM' of ..ilij; HrS TORY �f ,RR4NCE,yo lb??R?8toi:atio:n:pf l^ih. XVIUfl-.2, Ilistcu-v. or.Soifland, rr^lantj, and ��>fa,.to Jlieipre. spcclive-tfjiiuu with �ii'gland^3: History of. Romc-ri "Hislory bf Gre!ece^5.'liii^fsb'GiammUr-6(. Bibiirapbv- -t^J'^Chrdoolocj' an.d '-R^mKrkable Ocril-rrelScerf-^'.' ChemistVy ai{SacredTruutb8. ' yV�j[/(�,,Bu8Ite*ri?itite(the;;!firir^^^^ of Dr. MavprTs Catechisma.oi) ,(|lie^^I,smd;,in|ppr(a�lt,$ubjects ih^re b^e'q sev^er^l imitajIpiiB pf ilic^gener^^rp^ an >aa insidious atfempt :lo foist; 'pGT, uuder Ibis. dis. gnise,, works. wbii:b, .in Jipnie cases, . aria ineilher sound, in princi'ijles, nor, correct iii point of facts. -They refrain, how- - ever, from eh'laVgiiij^piV ibis'subject; aiid drily respectfiiljy request,' lhait Pareif'tS aiidTiachei's will gi*e' that preferen'iie i.which ; they may f�e.LibI>e:VlDe-io tbe-i�anclionsi0.f,a real .name,; ,or, at Irosl,. that they |rill exainine aud compare be-, fore liiey decide. '. j Loiidoii i Prinled.^far'-iLackington. i)iid. C . Finsbpry- square ; Baldwin a^od.jbpi Paieriio,^ter;r()wand Tybitt^kers, Ave'lVlaria.'laile. ' '  ' SCIENTIFIC'B$i latii�,' Ptieupvatic:i,. Optica,' Aiagaetism,'. London: Pririled" for.Baidwip,'Crafdock, and Joy, Pater-miyirt/.rowVintl'R.'Hrtnl�r,'*u'cde^^^ St. ' Paiil^s Church-yard;' ' ' ". ; . , 1. :  ,  / By.wiio'mialso lPANiO;y,to ibp^,CI,ENTU;lC.pi,AM>GP�Sj or^ the Tutor's, Assislsnt. and Pujiil's Manual in Natural and ExperiineiilalT^liilosophy : cdntaim^ cPniplite'Set of Questiiins; arid 'tjthei*"fexe'tciieS,'' iTdr'the examination of Pupils: iu:ti>� Scitintific' bialogue)^ hnd.fprming a Seventh . Volbme'pf lbat' Tork..' 'Tujirhicli i�.pddi>d,.A Cpmpendium of the. 4}i-.incij> ui!d.,,?�;,ad,..,,J,,.,.,. -/^^^ " - 2. pIAI^pepESon^'lie MiM intended fbr tile instriicliun aiid Eniertainme.iit'{of Yoiiiig. Pei-sdris, desirous, of inve.iiigatirig'tbe \VondeW"of'tbfe minuter'Parts of the "Creation  c'oiitainiiig an Accohlit of the'Principles of Vision, and of'the. Construction'arid Management of the most improved and geiieraliy useful Microscopes'. .Illustrated with teu Plates.,. In vols.'t2mu. price 78. haif-bpund. 3. A CATECHIS.>I of ]>IATPRE.. New fedition, improved and enlarge;] by the same Author, price Is. 6d. sewed. ^And in the Press,' the Fourth Editip'n', corrected to the present time,'of - . DIALOGUES on CHERilSTRV, intended for the lo-slruclion and Entertainment of Young People; in which thegrst Principles of thai Scieiic,�! fully e^plaipe.!. Wiih Questions for the ExaiUinaliuu of Pupils. By the same Author. This day is published, in 6 vuls.^ price lOs.Od. half-bound, the Twelfth Edition, of IVENINGS AT HOWE; or, the Juvenile ____I Budget opened : consisting jpf a yariely, of M.iscella- neous Pieces for the Instructioii.and Amusement of Young Persons. " By Dr. AIKIN and Mrs; BARBAULDi Londbn ; Printed for Baldwip^^cadock, and Joy, Paler-noalei'-row; and R.i Hunter {successor to J. Johuspn}, St. Paul's Cburch-yard. ' '-'i.- / . By whom also are published, I. The FEMALE,SPEAKE,R; or, Miscellaneons Pieces, in Prose and Verse; seleclejl "from the'best VVrilers,arid adapted to the Use of'i'ouirg'Women,''By Mrs.Darbaold. Second Edition. 5s. bound; �''; ' ' : ' II. LESStVNS for CHI LtJftEN, from Two to Foiir Years of Age, III Four Pstrts^" By the same Author. 9d. each, or 3s.'6d.bound together^. (. : ,. ' . , lU. HYMNS in PRQSE,.foc,,ChililH!n. By the, same Author. T>veiity-grst Edition, enlarged and much inipxoved. i3..6d.' ^,.....'� :.'%. I,y. ThelwpODLAN'D CQiVJI^ANlON'; or, A Brief De. scripti'on of British Trees, with spme Accoiint of their iJses. By Dr. Aikin;' Secdqd Editi'ori0ilustraled'by 28 Plates. 9sJ neatly balf-boun#.'' '  ' ' V. ARTS bf LIFE.'-^l; Of Proifidirir Food; 2,, Of Pr'o-vidingiClotbiiig; S.-iOf Prosidiujt.. S|ieller;-idcscribed iu. a ecies of. Letters, fpii'.the Instfrtf-tioB ql; Y^iiiug Ppisoos. TU-rd Edition,, half hound, 2s, 61i. By' tbe same. VI. NATURAL HiSTpRY'of llieYlARj being an En-largiinieht of ihe'Calendai- of Naiur^^^^^^ FoWrth Ediiibri, 12mb; 3*. 6d.:.boiind,  i . VII. JUVENILE CORRESPONDENCE; or. Letters designed as Ei�imp)e8. of.'tbe Epistolary; Stylei'for Children of.both S.exeni By Alts? Aikin.; .Second.. EiiifiUUji.lSiDOi.balf. bp(tnii,f2s. 6d. ;, , , , ,..',;,,.,': .' = . JlfilSf RY'iS .0:A LjJ IN'E:MiM'A^N'fiSlA"'' .W�l)(ice�and;.oHteriMemb�ft�f jibe.flp3>*P.:<''" Com-. \no^s afV^iileji.^.illi n.Mesj9g.e,.t|ii]fieftigif jlml their I.obI- Sbimuw'.Opjd^ieml.tli^m a copy of the Rjejiort of Ibp i^elect Comini^tee on.Foreign Tra^e. � 'Tlie IWitii Prtirfcrittttit-iiifirfittSff (hJm "tlwt-tfietl- Lord-'^ibips'iWntiHitfend ait)in<ift|ei"by'^s<-MeSse)ieirof^t)(c<r'<iwn. Mr. Brogden,.�iid; lhfJ'-MeipblBraiof the Ho.usft-of Com- mptWj.jUjyuglU (�jf-.the; St;;JtoJjn'ji.^e,*fqwi;aja-i!t gilj, ihe 'Colonial Audit:^iU,-Police iActj.Coiitiiiiittiice Jjill, Cpiirt "b^fcliatfcery'firel/itid)'Bill, iiid iBeXott'erv'Bill, wfiich were sevifiiliyr^d a 1ir?<%mi- ' n :.M?;rDjitioir,-frortr'th� SPLT�^T PE310RS. , , iQu,tllpjnpttoii^/:Lqrt) AucKl.ANi>t the Jn, eiittlteufi(Mi ol' their LordshifW loii-j wttli -the^ameudineiUa lie ;l)nd tojuopoire y and if iliey W�re;iJge6ed.'Ui,rhe w�4iiid.n>ove't|ta,t;tli� Bill sbotild -be'rHpriiilt! (he .'lurtber qoti^iderdtiuii post- . ppiied, . Hisl ftM()c4ijec�iou to the IJill. \yas to tlie clause'.t-sniijeliiiig the iiisplvetit -dttblor, at the de- ,�lf�.of aoy one erediter, alter a cwtum pedod of itn- ' prisoiiOMjiitk (u aeU:Hiid di^ ot Ins properiy, and if'he d>d not do that to the aatisfu'utiou <il the , Cpurt^.UiaL he'shauld tiotbe entitled tu Ihe henetit of the Aot. /Tills he conceived to he oppressive, and contrary to thi: inleiition.oi the Legislature-10 relieve .ipsolveut dicbtor.s'^ii it went to ihHict perpe- .(ual ii^txrispjiment. j He would; iheiefore move that thm clause should be expunged I'roui the Bill. The next amendment hehsjd to propoae was a clause to r(;li'eve4 n-temptof the. Court of .Chai>cery., but understanding itfflnsiutsnded (0 beoppo.sed, he woulr) not press, it at present^ The ntytt awii^udtnent he woulil propose, wa.s pite phi^h wag l(titdly called fur by creditors-that cjebtQrp ^kiit|[ the beiiefit of the Act sliould not be e,n(ille4 to the libertiet! of the rules of the pnwin, wjiiph . g^Ve ihent an jopportunily of ."qnaiidering the ctejiilo|-�* pr.operty-,._ .He would also propose (but liter;: should b^.ihlreeCofpjniitsioners to preside in the lu&ulveuts' .Cpurt iBslead, of.oiie; aud in- . st.e!i4 of a debtor, toeing itnprisOned for three montlis bli;fare he coul.d petition the Court for rflief, he wov^ propo^ that he niigh^ do iulmeiliately , after.:his ^ri^^st;. ar;d - that he sho.i^ld . he eiiUiled to . (he benefit of thje Act iia soon as possiblg, if lie pan-fotmed with' th^.plher...provisions of the Act, which .woykld prevent thewnsiiiig of. his property by lying. . ijV. Ijrisou...> I/i.tbese.-auiendnjeois. were ag.teed"to, .he ,^ou.UI;call their ^pis' bttenllbn to the stilyect . again .ill.the le Lord to the right of petitioning on arre.<t, if that was. (jiissed into a law the property of the delunr would be. itiimediately vetted in lii.s assignee, who -might sell it forthwith, by wh'rch means the Baiik-rup.t Laws would be evaded, aud those entitled 10 them would be deprived of their rights. He would have no objection to the amendment if it was so wucded as not to interfere vvith the Bankrupt Laws. Lord Auckland explained. Tbe.Binendmeiits were agreed to. Tlw House resumed, and tin; Chairman repoftedi The Bill, with the aiueudments, was ordered lo he repninted', and to be recommitted on a future dayii The Inland Coals Bill, tbe Exchequer'Bills B;ill (Ireland), and Yeomanry Bill (Ireland), were committed, and the Reports ordered to bereceived to-morrow,-Adjourned. ' HOCSE OF CO.MMONS, Frida-y, July?. The Speaker took the chair at four o'clock, Mr, WiLMjPT, iu .presenting a private Petition, took the opportunity of .staling an injury which he h-id suffered from ifie editors of newspapers, which lie had intended to have iritrbducrd to the Hpuse as a. brea6b. of privilege. In the debate on the BUI for regulating the press in the last Par-liamrnt, the Hon. Member for Corfe Castle, made someob-seivationson Hie eiiects of educating tbe poor. In com-.menliqg. on. those obi-eryalioas, be bad been made by ihe ne.wsj^ap'ep to say, that he entirely obje'qled to educating t/ie poor; whereas, he bad always been a frleiid to that ob-jec't, 4nd-bia rSfparfc bad-only gone lo the which that education was. carried,. The report' had given blip a .great deal of troubje'^t the last election. He.Had no doubt that.tlie mistake;was withpiit intcptionpf injury, and iioju'd thpt jt Wo.uld, be explained as publicly as it bad bi'eii.cuin-mitied^ - � � ' A Pelilioo was presented from Ibe shopkeepers of Wolver-bnriplon'against Ihfei licenses :of travelling auctioneers. -. Mr,.Lamb broiigbt.up; lb? Report .ofthe Committee on ,tbejCbesl�' Elqrlipn^wWcb. (leclared that T.,Grosvenor, Esq. .bad been duly elccicd.." 1' - ' Sil- SiJOTT obtained leave, to bringiU'S 'Bill ,to reimove -doUbti arid'i-eriiedy'de'fejti with respect Ip. crimes-cominit-'(ed'btf'tbe-blgU'B'eas.-; , � ''A- .ili^ljj)p�;MiiiiTiA. .; .;. ...;Tbe .Ifoasf :r,esbi.vyd .itself iuto: a Coriimillee 'bn this l^ill. TheiReportwas priiered'to be'i-eceiyeil'on Monday '"Sil-ScOTtbtotfglil'in'his Rill to remove ,donbl� re- Sptctliig, the.ih�<siforl'off�iceji(Oij.tLejeaa;-Read a first ,tinM',;^belrfiailji seiiqiiiiJipn.^IoiidaVinext. ' o......i!.. K;, irf.:..! S time and ^/jyig,4.iqepylftjLijuneiJ^ll:^w^^ i:e�<l SJhird lim *'''TL^SuwrJofet1^'titir�r^^^ a'thifd timi time and -;Tfie'Goffiii-fiHljra�iires(iii,third limeaniipaised. The'Assessell Taxes Cpmp6sit;ob B)II-. was read a second time; lobe commiried'Pn Monday next'. The Report of tbe-SmngglingPrevenllori Bill was bi'tinglit tbe Bill to be read a Ibicd tiW ro-niorruw. , '.The Report of :ttei.Sp.piled Stamp's Bill was ordrn-d'to I;,-^ceiyed.this .day six mopths. _ . Tbe Tubacco.]|iiipbrIation Bill was rea'd a second .time ; 'oi'de'red to be cbnitnitlVd. ,; , . The Appropriation Bill was read a secon''d lime; lo :. combaiiied (p^diorrdwi, ' . TIte Repp/t of the Post Hpr�e Dutiea ^ill was \itm^'^\^\ op ; to bs lime on Monday. The Report of.the Welsh Fines Bill was brought up; 1 lie read a third' liine on Monday next. ^ Mr'. t'oCKBAliT brbnjsbt up a Petition from a Mr. W,-ijli(. allorneyof the King's Bench, compkiiniBg of the ri-Birirtf';.i of Ibe practice of Ihe.Cburt of Exchequer, and the nlj.i^-. |u which such reslriction le^ds-such as Ihe heavy com,- : . cljetjts, and the ficllily .which Ibe attorneys of that C'^iiii had for defraUdin'g'Ilie revenue with respect (o slaoip iliili<.. Tber'e Vvi's ariollrtf Pflition, signed by 100 respi-rin'jl. allorucy9,to"lIie.'i^e effect. They jirayed.thil tin; Gmot ^j^igbf :be thriiWii �ipe|j i(aKtb< fif<8iSiv.-?r<^ 1, ,pi:iuie3. Xbe Deceased MarineW Relatives Bill was read a %ecM\y\ lime.-T(i be committed ob Monday next. Sir J. MAtJtiNTOSft presented-a Petition from Mr. ,\. Tillocli, compaining of having presented, iu 1796, a [ila.i Id the Bank of England,'for preventing the forgci-y uC t!:'ir notes. Ill 1818,,being induced by the House of Piirlinm.^ii'. ti) adupt some plan for lendering.fbrgery moie 'liflir.rilr, |I,<-Bank bad adopted the plan of the' Petitioner, fur wlu, \\ he prayed that be might receive eompensalion. The Pctiiiou was ordered to be printed. MARRIAGE OF DISSENTERS. Mr. W. Smith bad given an indefinite nolice of a mol; 111 lo bring in a Bill to remove ceilain disabilities unicii Marriage Act imposed on certain classes of Dissenier<;. f''1 -rumstances had lately so interrupted the coui-ec of pii!j;i'. biisiiiess, that he felt it necessary to defer his rriolion i .! next Se.'isiou. - .Mr. H G BENNETt was in the same situation �iih i-p,',! to a moliuii ou Places and Pensions. It was asulij . there were no returns. He moved that they should fje r'.r. turned t'urlbwilh, together with an account of iho Kxipnn issued Lenveen the Ist of January and the Ist of June, 132.'). -Ordrrt',1. The I'linipikes Regulation Bill was read a second lime.- Ordered to be committed on Monday next. The County Bates Bill was read a second lime.-To hi-cominilled ihis day month, Ilii liile .Miijesty's Servants' Pension Bill *as bron I:: and rcittl a first time; lo be read a second time Io-m,,rr ly pleiised to give direcliuiis i'.jr trie postponement of the coroiiaticin, tiiiiil ilie u.-<;-ceediiigs i.'islituted iigniiist her iMajesly sIimII ;:.r;-teriuiiiateil. Lord CaSTLEReagh said, that perhaps th" [{);). Mernljer would see no occasion for his motirju, h.i there were tircumstances which would prevent ih" coroiitt-ion from taking place on l!ie day a])p.i!iit!-(l ; irtd in the mean time the prucee(ling t th'-' Queen would he carried on with as liltlt- deluy'.V'* liie lull and fair administration of justice v/ouifl admit, Mr. Beaumont made some additional rem irk-, which was not distinctly heard in the g-dllery, i.i replying to wliich. Lord CAsri.EREAGH begged that it"*mij^!it" h^-distinctly understood, that the coronation iiot lo be deferred by any means on account uf ti.e pro-ceediiit;3 which were instituted against bis Royal Highness from the Droits of the Adniiialty, lu any other funds at tbe disposal of tbe Ciowu, Lord CastleREAGU expressed his unwiHir.giiess to agree to the motion. Mr. HusKlssoN thought thut in moving for papers. Members ouijht to have iioroe object 1% view. The Hmiourable Mover had oflered none, and had besides acknowledged, that lie did not think the allowances lo his Koyul Hi^ihtiess at all too much for to recompense the high duties he -hud to perform. The different items were already before the House, and might be seen by searciiing for them. Mr. N.Calvert (as we understood) did not approve of calling for the papers. Mr. Hume said, that he had an ultiniiite otiject in view, wliit>h he would have explained on the production of the'papers, Tlie House was abpiit to divide, but Mr. Hume withdrew his iribtion. The Speake* informed (he ttouae) (hit pursuant to: their order, he had issued'a warrant &r .taking into custody Sir W. Manners ttti.d Wiriiani Aiamruiig Jaivii, who had be<u g.uiUy of .gioss

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