Wednesday, June 14, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - June 14, 1820, London, Middlesex THIS EVENMNG, WBDNESDAY, Jiin*> 14," his M�j'-�lT>:^cn'anl� will perforoi the Comedy of SI'ERD THE PLOUGH. Sir riiitU> Bl�ii'.ir..r.l. fifT. Pope; s\r Ahel Handy, Mr., lull ; ilrnry, Mr. I'riil li<'t^|t A^r.. Uojc.tml. Mi�� BlaiMirnnl, \Ti�. Eitwiii; Ijidy Haiiiiv,. Mw. OiTjrw;. Sii�.in /tslifiilil, !Hi�; RiiliBrtuii; Dame AahSeli, Mfi.llai. Afur which iiih lime nt lliia Tbesire), an ExfrsTaganze, J CHllcd " (ilOVANM IN LONDON. Don Gijiv^nui, ftluaatuf! Vetfrin} l^eporje|i ,.Sir. Knight; Mrl Ffiirentrui' Finickiii, Mr. Barnard'; Mr. Depiily Cnglitli, Mr.fiatiir; 'Pyainemdrjr, Mr. BdtlfT.' Wrt. brpurelto, Mi.a rnbilt; MjuCoa<UiitiBQvixoli �Afis> Care* ;.Alr>. Bog-litli, IVim. Or^elr'; Mrs. Uraiuemdry, Mrs. Marfuwe. The Box OlKtfc 11^11 be open froni Eleven till Fireo'Clock -fflar;^ to be'1aken�f.Mr. IR d�i'e<l, Box Budk.keetirir. Ra^trt SecpiMU.Price '3 >ella Wardour, IVIlsa M. Tree; Misa Maria Aflaliire, Mn. Biabup; Mttui Griielria Oldliuck, Mrs. Davenport ; Elapetb of the CrAig-biinifiot, Sim. Faueil. Ill Ibe course of tile evening, the MJnnel de U Cduf Hhd Garotte, by Mr. S(. Albin and a yuiing Ltdy(betog Uieic.ft^tit a;>l>earaiicc on this stage]. The' ComirSoD^, called " London Improremeulsi, nr Gas Lishta aiid the Waler-vorhn," by Mr. Emery. " The H"hin'a Peiilion," by Master Lung-hurst -, and " Diamond Cut Diamond, or The Yorkshire Horse DealiTs;" by Mr. Emery. To which wi|! be added, 23d lime, the new Farce of TOO LATE FOR DINNEIL The principal Ciiaractera by Messrs, Jones, Lislon, Connor, filaiicbnrd, Emery, Mrs. Darenpurl, Mias Foute, Miss Branmanl,and Miss Green. - ,' Tickecs lo be had of Mr. Emery, 12, Hyde-street, Blooms, bury; and of Mr. BrancK>D, at tKe Theatre, where Places for Ibe Boxes may betaken. MR. BRAHAM'S NIGHT. TlHEATRE-ROYAL, DRORY^LANE. MRi BKAHAlM hay the honour to tuforin the Nobi'lii^, Gentry, his Frieods, and the Public in ge. nrral, that on AVEDNESD-AY, the 21st instant, will be performed (for the Gi-sl lime on these boards), the Comic Opera of  , . THE ENGLISH FLEET. . Valentine, Mr. Braham; Mainmast, Mr. Mdoden; Fitz-watcr.Mr. Incledon ; Catharine (first time) Madame Veslria. In the coarse of the evening the following pieces, iuci-'deiilal and inlrodiiiced," wilf be suoi by Mr. Bralmm Roi!" with Madame Ventris. Mr. Iiu-ledoa will sins" The (Jrieiii uf GunjiDirder and, by. permission of the Proprietor of the King'sTlieaire, Miss F. Corri will sing with .Mr. Braham f'tie'^''Bclio Duet," from the opera of Zuma ; and Miss It. Corrii {her, iiral ap|M>aranf:e On Ibe English Stage), the Dqet of " La ci darem la maiio,^ with Mr. Braham ; Miss Corri irill perform the celebrated bravora of" La Trumbaand tlie favourite Duet of " Roy's Wife of Al-d It'll loch," by ilie.Misses Cnrri, wilholber Entertainments. Tirttefs and Places for the Boxes lo lie taken 6f Mr. Bra. ham, N�.S, TaVistuck-square; and of Mr. Kodwellj at Ibe BoxOffice. I ISS K^'LLV lias the honour to announce to her Friends aiiv) the Public, tUat owing to unavohfe sHile circumalances, H.ER AMIi^UAL BENEFIT at the llieaire-Royal, Druj;y lane, is Iratisferred lo ihe Thealre-Koyai, ENGLISH UPERA-H.t^USB, Strand, and wiH Iak6 phice on MONDAY, JuAe. SS, 1821),.when will be prC; vtuled O'Kecfe's Comedy, j:�Hed THE YOUNG QUAKER. Wliicli will include the'whole Coibic strengib of ihe Drury-lane Company. After wUicb, a MUSICALP^StiCCIO. To which,will be added, never performed,no entirely New Muiical Entertaiument. rickels.'Boxea, and Places, to be taken of Mr. Stevenson, at the Box-OiGce of Ihe English Opera-liouse, Strand ruirance; and of Miss Kelly, No. 8, Henrietta-street, Cuvent-gardeo. . Boxes, 7a.-Pit, 3s. 6d.-Lower Gallery, Ss.-Upper Gallery, Is. JQoor open at Half.pBst Six o'clock; the Performance to commence at Seven. RICH SILKS at little more than half!.pricc. In csnseqaence of Ibe very great depressioo of trad*' the following Articles have been boiight for cash at little more than half their valne, and are now lelliiig at the very small advance Of Is. in the poood �ipoa Ihe cost price:_ Rich striped and checked Sarcenets^ 0d. lo 3s. 3d. per yard, usual price 3s. 6d. to 4s. (Id.- %aai, Silk Dress�s, extra teagA, 18s. 6d. each; Italian Gaotea, the finest made, 2� 6<i.peryard; rich White Satins, 3a. 9d- won b 5s. 6d.-, beautiful White Damask Scarwe�,l3a. 6d. each; also Duf capes, Grosde Naples, Paris CoMs, Levantioes, neW flowered Sarceneto and Salins, Danatk Sprigged Gauzes, Irish Poplins, Lnstres, and every new ami fashionable Article in Silk Mercery that is thad^'cqfiiiliy ^ap. No Patl�nn CDt. A. SHEARS, Bedford-Hoasei. �o. 1), Hemietla-slreel, Covent-Gaiden. .....' . Animnense Stock of the nwst aaperb India ImiUlion Scarves and Sbawls, from Tiro to Twrpljfr.Gnioeas each. GRAND I.AST DAY. � FOUR......of ...... ie80.-oo�: 58 OTHER qAPJTALS-ALL.MVSTDeiHlAVYK FRIDAY, 93d THl� MoNTH. ** press upoD (be Hublic, ihst ihctuoiini orfimiiieries W not fantjA Wb aaotber iiMUutt;6a tbe )ir�seut MACl�i�CE?|T,VIIEBL. ,! 4........ I'rU-es of........ �30,00d . 4.......................... 1,�M1(� 4 .........� i!,��^r'K.;.i,�fl''' ALL i� ONE DAfi PJttoAr, WdVI'^W AONtll, 314, Osford-stiwi, \MU^\V>A�Xm^^"*^'^^* te: t^unlry. .. -ipy- y i..-, -^-^-i �<-:t-i-s.\ --^---' ALL 1H� ^^Vl^ ^^^'X'^,^^\i\H^ OTH ERiCAWTAtSr THIS�EVEN^^NG^'^WviLl^iay,-June . GKA'ND GA LA. OiimtlrisiUg. ii!'CM>c�rr of ItTiscella- , neouB mosig. Atfthg, end^of ;*l�S,�ts|lArt Ma�la>ne-�ra1 .Mademii^selle Saqui,with MademoVaelle A.leUr, Will fnlubU their adfiiirfd IVrfOftlfsiitrt) 'anfrf,' 'm' 'thVM flhe Cuqccrt^iriU auQCiMl |i hrilli�)it di�pta|i'-,oJ Fireworks, 1^ 8tgftora"lIengler,, vheii Madame Saqnj, romplelely enve-: lijpedirta *bliii"me l^htu'Clai!l(.< MR. GJbbyEli'S. E;XHl8lTI,b.N 9f OIL and Wi4TEiW:OLOdK i-AmtlNG-S IS NUW .OPBNVi^ \in ^ail Itiriiihs, fSi'Otd Bdnd^Veet, oppo-8in8mffur i^ceDf.-J^icturrv wb'tch ' ekciled uifiVers'at.interest and adiniratiait at the Louvcf .dur. iiis;lb�la bblie insper. ti�n w the j^^mau Gallery., at, �he)^yi>tiBji Hall, Picca. .ditty.''l^itb'Hcaiieiiliuit is respectfully invited to this chef*. d'ceuvre (rf ftlrkigo Art. , Admiasipn Is-Descriptloa MR. LYSttNS'S PORTRAITS AND'WpOti^APHICAL . , ^. -PRINTS;. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION,. , ' '-Sr MR. EVAiVS.' ' At his House, No. Pall-mall, THIS DAY, VED- Ti*. itESDAY, iuiie 14, HE PORTRAITS. PR15> ls. Proofs before Ihe letters, India paper; Uyughtoo Galley,.,2 vols. ,fioe Impressions; Le Brun, � Gxllifrie des' Peinlres Flamaiids, 3 vols, in 2, Proofs before the letters; Htjubrikeo's Heads, large paper; Holbein's Heads; Sir R. Strau]^f;'s Envrasinga; Boydeil?*Shakspeare, with ^he targe PrinU,ily<il8.; Ruwyer's Edition of Hume, 10 vols.; Macklin's Bfbl*') Orraerod's Cheshire, large paper; Coxe's Moumouththrre, 2 vols, largest paperj an unique Copy wilh Origjuail: Dntwiugs; Genllemsu's Jfaga. -ziiie, 12-2 vols, fine set, in russia. rv}0 BE SOLt),* FREEHOLD ESTATE, E called the HOOK, in Ibe Parish of Nortfaow,, Bert- ' ' fordshire, one mile from Potters Bar, four from Barnet, four -from Hatfield, itiiic ri .|;:{4i�i��iM^ Oislni-y �nd,LitWatnre't(f iheU^Jlwi Kinr"'- "  �*m*'#6ii'tiiii��^rtafe1SS'.trtJ'&i.1 (Byprdei) ' JOHN :T6tJNG,'iCe*l .. . .Admis�;da,4tt>-^^CSi6ab^ffi,iT�^}1<lorical ditto, fia. � :-!� f: % f..Tj ..r. J m:/: CJTAYJft i.REV10VftL.l*-*R&BINeeiN  Art , 1^ yRfTJJtIN,:rhiiil�eilr�oi,N6i-^ Koek-^AeWy^ovent. garden, prVwat for lAdie.' iospriirion iiiimeia��l;<Bal<l/Yna In DrtEs* a.,.l WiMHIW$r--MftSET^*fi�;ij{^ adaplvd lo' ih* variations' liffltiwri'wfi^ fbiry^fqgsta^to ftl with precision, e4(!^ii.J,''S^dy. ^ra'fM]!M<p�s)fksi�%i�',*^^^^ dinft tit , Thelr-)&�e. F/Sieh Wrti r 'traiMniij api!or(*. PVHSUANT to a DeCrW of'\fB#?Hi{?h Court ufChanitcty. imde^iu a catise B'CtARtlMORE against TOWNSEIJIP", the <*edi^Qt� 1)1 Sir GEO�eE.;iy�.LlAM FARMER, B^ruufl, 'namedi,,.ih Jbe aeeom|^ oer. taiu iII den lures of l<'itseVn(l.^i i^se,Warihg' daiejespedively tbeSOlh aiidSlaiJanUaily, iTdUailf maile Between Hie said :J>ir George Williah) Farmer, of Ihe pBrtJ THoimis Wy>ie Tnwusend, James.Chnslie (since deoeasei^^ and: Richard Harborpe, of the seco|id part,, and i,be several, persons wlioB^|hands and seals are, iherennto svbscrtbed,,.Cfeditqrs of ihe'Said Sir Qedrge'Williany' ParnAer, for the several sums set upp6sife Ihrfr respective na^'esof the ihird part, are to eurae iti and pruVeUieir debts bcfufeFiiancia (>aalStratford, .Eiq.une.uf llie Master*of thesaid Cuurt^atiiia Chambers in Suulbsmpioii-fauildioga, .Chancery-laae, .jUrndpn, on or 'before ilie20lb'day of'J,nly,I826, or, in default tVreof they will be 'pcrempturtly excluded the benij^t of the said Decree._;'� ; � _' _" �''. This (lay is puhlisbed, ip royal 8rn. price 3/.2s. in hoards, ATHEATISK of the LAW ..f PROPERTY. ' ariKir.g from the RELATION between tlUS.BANO I'lOg and WIFE. .TO CAPITALISTS. rf-IO be SOLD aiiiobt ELIGIBLE ESTATE JL for INVE.ST.\IENT, nearBo.s.Ju Herefordshire, v x. the several Farnis of Uptuii Court, Whiltock's End, Bollock's End, and Galcumti, being land 'of'Ibe first rale quality, lying contigoons, and let lo ipost responsible tenants for upwards of r,{')U/. a year.' The wtiule furminga properly most desirable foe Txosieesj or persons dcairous^of making a good Investment ill Land. For particulars apply tu,^)^ VVakefirld, Land Surveyor, No. 42, l'all-m.;ill; or to^ Messrs. Brace aud .$ciby, S^llci. tors, Surrey-sti-eel, Sit-atid. KENT.-1;6 HE SOLD, in Ibe most desi'nhle part of Ihe Cuutilv, 2.^ miles, frqm town, a parlirii-tarty well-circumttiMced KESIDENCE, being a well-built Mansion, in the cenire of a PARK OF. FIFTY ACRF-S to which more Land is attached, and may be, had if required. The beauly Of the p'lace, Surrouiitling country, and excellent neigbbourtiood, sender it aspul.teldnm lube mM'with. To be viewed wiih Tickets only, which may be) bad, with fiirlher parlicnhirs, of Mr. Wakefield, Land iiurveyur, No. 42, Pall-mall. nno BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, M. a capital diiuble-frohted FAMILY MANSION, standing on an Estate or.about 400 acres, �n the bnrdrrs nf Uerl'fiirdsbire and Essex, alioul 20 mites from London, The house is most pleasantly situated in a park lawn of about 70 acres, and from the Site, 'nutnber,'ai>d -diSlribuiiMf uf Ihe apartments, is adapted fur the commodiuus residence of � large and genteel fanifty.-The soil is dry ami healthful, ihe views agreeable, .Ibe-rOads eiceelleiit,'and the oeighbo�K^' hood highly resprclable. The estate is divided into suitable farms, and OAiiamenlal plantations are inlerspfrsrd, connected by wdlks, kepi dp at a tri'fl'in'g expense.' Attached to it is the Ajvowsoii of the Parish, with 4'goOllReclilry Hn'usi! and a Manor, which, aawell as the surrouudiug cbunlry, is well slock'ed'wi(h game! ; ' " To b^Viewed Witli'Titk'elB'only, whicti, with fiirtlier particulars', may be bad of Mr. WalcefietU,' Larud'Surveyor, No. 42, Prtll-malt. HAMPSHIRE. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, HA>'*' ''h'<w<t�nni�."v<'<iHMu thamp!o>)> .and six fr.yitt.Pvtsaiuiilu; cuni-roandinglicai^iifui anil enensive views of the Isj^ of tVigh'l, compreheodiuf'4i(^i|aiius df ilyde and West Cu�^, and the Cliaunel neajly ii|. llie,,Ne(dres, .Tt^e .bouse is replete with , every accuumodalion for a large' family^ consisting of a spacious' (<ilir*Hice.|ialtidfawing-rtioin 9?'feel by ^ anil bigh ,iu ,'proporliQD, diuillg-room oC; the sa<ue diincusiims^: with breaktas|.ro<im and library, tiro siair.casra, 'and excel-, lent bed roaaf'r,'<*ith'ubai rniis dyeilinj^ rouWs,atliiclied am)' detached; o^cefafjevfiry dejn-ripiivnvfaitable to Ihdmanaiuu; honi , walled kilcheu garden, with lif^ni^siiuie,and e|iteusive^ pleasure grounds, a complete set offarfti officesi'wiih' bailiiTs collage, in Ibe beiit".t&)e uf repair ; (ugethrr with alwul Si-'aeie* of iandi ehirifly meadow; 16 -acres 'liildilii'irtui have for ^e*(fal ye�r*i>eei�.re,iiled with.t,he,place. The house,, stands npuii'a geuile e'n^iiience lu llie Suiill), alihe i^ltom of whirb riiai a froat 'siH;aiii, which fiirius a pTeltyt.'Mifote^ from Ibe grauada. It is amply mppUed w,itb!tb4:,fi|ie�^ j water, aud.l6rruad� iu cyery d.recliou are of Ihej-ery best description.' Tlw'rifiialiuii ta^'anndftliitingiilslled'AifihW^ salubrity ,9fifa#>r-�a/''r il* biHHity. /I^Ue.abinr/s (SCOpylMWi of iaberitaiKe. briil of Ibe l^aiiiir of Cruriou, auii wry iiille ;ii!feribrl*'�irrfK "^"'^ '= Von'i;i�k^�af,vi^�,.apply lo. for.Mtrilwr |wr.licv,larii, lo Mnisu.. - Crufl^ttuiMeiKIt pitttfal eoaa^trcely- ranfi*h��iktidilb� pttrclisse; m�y }�� awip||ji��pte4with.the^nrMi^u.?y, ri||joi.iif, ttack, ioiiilemeiits, aud (irut�iD| crop, al a yalaatiuu. By R. 8. DONNISON ROPER, Eiq. Of Gray's ion. Barrister at Law; coutaiuing,' Chap. L Curfrsy. , *�',; 2. Dt>cunliiiiiance by Husband of Wife's Estate. 3. Leases of \Viii;;'s'jE8late. � , % Husband's power to charge Wife's Estate. 5. aud4. Hu9biind*s luterest in and power over Wife's (ertunat Estate. i. 't. Wife's Equity for a SeUlemiat out of her choses in action. 8. Marriage SettleioeDts. 9. Dower. 10. Bsir 6f Dower by Joiliinita. 11. Other modes of barring Dower. 12. Wife's Power over Ee'r"Husband's real Esta'trs. 13. Wife's Interest; \n |]i^sband's personal Estate. 14. Husband's Covenants lo leave bis Wife personal ^tate, and her title as Next of Kin-.'--- 15( Effsctfi of Marriage on prior Acts and Agreements of Husband and Wife. . ' ., li i; ie. iidon : Printed for Henry Bulte'rwdrth,'taw l^ookseller, 7, Ftret-slrret, bslween the�. riiOM LAST NIUHTS OAZE'ITE. CrotoB-(>/^cs,y�n�.j|3, 1820. , MEMBER RGTt^HNED TO. SErfi^yii im-;Tlin FBBSENT PAilLIA5I�NT. ' ' Borovi^A o/TVuro-WiliJam Gosset, of Riinnd Wood, in the CuHuly nf Curwwalt,-:Esq.;Lieuteitan,^CuloAel in his Majesty's'Koyal Engineers, and one of the CompaDtpus of the Most Honourable Military Order of Ihe Balb. in .Ibe rti4m of Lord FitaroyJaAies HotjirySanA^sel and WiHiam (insset, Esq. wbope electioil baa been ..determined, to be Void.  , � .., MILITARY PRQMOTIOKS. Commitiion in the ^ Roxburghshire Yeomanry Cavalry, sfjirnsd bp Hit Ijord LteultHuati of tht Coiktf of Roxburgh , , 1 . �� � t'!lp'-'/i:'- Wiliiam Eliolt (.ockhart, Eiiq..lo.^|)f Majar-Comroandaot-dated June 94, 1820. - To b^ (Captains--SirAlrxander.Qan,Bart'.-dated Febriiary 3, ]8'l4i Sir Wiiliam Eliiiti, Bart.^8ted March 27, 1817'; I'homas.P. Aihalle, Esq;-elated October'8, 1819; ; apJ M'illiara Elliol, JEsq -diied Febrdary,J4, 1820. To he Lienli-'nun'ie-James Hogarlji, Genj.-dated April 25, ISIljIltomak Ellitit;'Gent.iT^dated FrbrUary 3, 1814; Alexander Dry� .^tedFebrui>ry 14, llBiid. ' To .W�0.,, i; --.^.^ - :iG-)''i -f'l James,Douglas, M.D. to be Swrgepn-Trtlaled Jannary 4. Committiont in /As "l^tlfontshirf^^reiDmanry CaViitryv tigned bu Ihe iMTd Ut^fl|�9n^fif^Cli^fftaqf Bedford. . Cohere Newiandr^Tiiib'r C^platii-^le.l'Saui.t, 1820. William Bdwasd MuureytSeat, lat^ CoruaiMdated'June 0^,' 1820. . � Erratum in the Gazette of the 13th .May last. Be^tfoirUsWe Veomaory t'aviitrj.!'; ' For John -JfletchKrj.G^i,!., to |>� uteoautt r�ad,CirMf^e Fletcher, Gem. to "be Lieulenahl. ; , BANkRUKTtJY'ioi^ERlBEDED. Joseph I^ugburat, late. t4:^9h8af. Hylhv,' Surrey, car* :i' :-bAiskKCPfs; � '. ' Williaiii Sliawt .Bl^ibgillv^f,stmorlaitd,:catlle>deaier, to surrender, July 3, 4. ,l,he.CfOwn.,OB(I Miir� liint .Appleby; Weslmprland. jlttbriM$s, Messrs. Brigjv and Hsli, 4(pp^fay.jaui�l Meu'rt. Muansay and (irayi' 'Staple lnn,. ,>> rlilge; Gldiitealel*, Woolslapler, t\> snrreodet, JUiiic^S3|�t,firf� 24, at�:lr)faik,,atl6�G(�rge i Inn, SiVood, ri|w^.K^ndo'ii ^aiiti ar,tGiiri�e Wat)i(lt^8tr�ail)<- icortvchan'iilter, li�'' a� '.Ai'isleswQrt(r, TbiAnpson, ai>dJitansfield/Ha|{ra�?'!S.;j*".V"- '."- .^'J-'" ..... , ThumasJBai[r,,if!t(initR'j|hyh(�;<l)�rlMmj jfAu^, to Sor-rko^er, Jjine 13,^ii,(yl|i,iili^)ljfti� i(reef,'liSv^ lielthi.'' �' ''T ""�j.'^iS! - ��' � ChBrl�s'N�Bhnrtj'Jttfe'W^*eiiiK>6 'i."v�ne/jpi�c,iS'�Ter�, ad Metifai/ohnWn-aiitf K�^i^}Mbl,ctosvSK^^ ' . . Bejijamin Withy j ii6<ii7^,y�Vk;�t^^ to '^tfW'^'H'j ^nof/lift. 3�?�M,H*rtsfeia��l Jloly 2S,^.at;si*, al the Jnly V, afiWW foOv, am�' Norfolk HotBl,N.ji*i?V; AJiturney, |lr!�:R�ra?r, JS^ril^W^ ^f'^^:i.^i^ii-,^,^^'-if^i-!if^^^ if^' - 1; ��<1 Krr* �i]�,:28, ,�id,i3uiys^^ at eieiren, at il� Swan Inni, :l|alifax, A4iurneys,;Mr,.Beckett, �arl.�U�el, -Black-friarSrLbnddb; tiadMe-Stead, Hafifa^. , � i. Michael Gartick, of Halifax, York, bo'okseljer,' lo sorrcn-dec,x Jane STjat six, 58^ and July 25,.jit elbeiiVait ibe^wao Inn, Halifax. Aitorn^s,-^ Mr. Beckett, Earhitreei, Black-friars^ Lwpdoiii, aud Mr: .gtead, Halifax. . ,� . .. V> !>i,VipENDS,, , , , July, 4. W. Swan, of ^eW-^reet, Piew-road, Middlesex, nunler.mariber, al ten, at Guildhall, London. Jnlyd. W. Smith, of Rewc^fle-opon-Tynei grocer, at ten, at GuildbaU, Londont . f i. ' .. July 4. R.JRo.wlaqd, of thie5trand, Middlesex,:-linen-draper, at ten, at Guildhall, Lo.u,don, r's. JliTy 4. g. Ford, late of Oxford-street, Middlesex, sifver-' � sm'itb, at ten, al Gaildhall',''L,i>n'don. , July 7.. B. Bell and R. Hedley, late of Newcastle-tipon. Tyne, woollen-drapers, at eleveo, at the George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. July 4,. W. Vaughan, ofPall-mall, Middleseic, Uilor, at ten, at Guildhall, London. -July 4. J. S. Smith, of Brigllielmstpne, droggisi,'at ten, at Gaildbalt, London. Jttly4. g. Pearson, of Macclesfield, Chester, and W. Sykes, of Milk-street, London, silk-manufaelurers, at twelve, at Guildhall. July 4. J. Woodhonsehnd MvWoodbouse, lale of Mincing-lane^ London, Wesrlndia-brukers, at twelve, at Guildhall. July 4. R. Lartkester, of Btackman�slree^, Newington, Surrey, linen.draper, al ten, at Guildhall, Lnujjon. July 15. J. Vnunger,J. C. Wardrop, pnd J. Lamb, of Ihe Crescent, Minories, London, merchauis, al one, at Guildhall. Joly IL W. Aves, of Walton, Norfolk,'grocer, at ten, at Gnildhaltiv London. July 4. Jt-M. De Quiros, of Site-lan'', Bucklersbuty, Loo-don, merchant, at ten, at Guildhall. ' Julys. R S. Johnson, of Great Y.armoiitb, Norfolk, grocer, ai'lwelve, al Gikildhair,'l4pnd^ii. Joly-I5.-8. Wilkins, of'lligh Wycdiiib, Buckingbam, and of 'Rnsacll-street, Bermoodsey,-Surrey, Fellmonger, at eleven, atGoildhal^Loadoot , Jaly 10. T.pakdeii,p.f,Manl:h9ter, tailor; at two, at the Bridgewaler Armk.I^n�Man'cbesler. JnlyS. H. L�cai^ df Liverp6o]',iBerehatit, at one, at Ibe 1^ eeorga Iitn, Livei^l^dl. Jifi^$4.J. �|etk*�Xi' Wi Harper,-of I7t��iid^'" den Edge, Derby, dealer.'-R. Neville, o'f Coichester, EsseX) dealer.-R. A]yers^;iate of N�wcast1e-apah-Tyne, lineii-d^ra'per. " : � PARTNERSHIPS DlSSpLVEO; B.P.Witts, S. W.Daukea, and A. Rodick, of Friday-Street, Dwember 25, 1819..-E. Martin aud J.-.Marliiti i uf Bi;ighlhelnislone,. Sussex, drap^r^Jjune 1, IS20.-J.,Nash and T. fiaib,of Princes-8ire�i,Drury-,lane, painlen^ June.�, 1820.-.^/. 8 Taylor and C I&eves, of Great James-street, Bedford! row, attorneys at lavT^'Jiine 13, 1820.-g; Meyer; and sD. ReitbmuM'r, of ^Great Stk Helens, LAudun, June 19, 1820-1. P. Leigh and J. Kerry of Lea-bridge wharf,Hack, ney^ aud,of Cushiun-cunrt, Old ,Broad-slreei, May 31, ,1830. IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. BOUSE OF lords; Tuesday, Jons 13. Viscount Duncan took theoatbs and bis seat. . PETITION. . The Marquis of Lasidowb p�?�sente4 a Petition from several Burgesses of ihe .towu of Lejib, chiefly, tqercbanls, ciamplainini of the dttBcnlties under whii;b ibey ktboUred relative'lofurei'gn'trade, aind praying that some of'the re-, slrictiona miglit be fakeutiff, particularly ihe duties bii: the importation of foreigu trade.' The Nohle Marqiiia moved Ibat Ibe Pelilioo might ^l>e. referred to Iheir - Lordships' Select tSommiltee�p EpreignTraite.-Orderi^.,-; � The, Noble Marquia then moved, that a Message be seiil to, fhe'Hnuseuf Cooftoioos, requesting th'eir leavefor Aliexand^ Riiber'lsbb, 'Em] one of tbeir Meraber9,'to 'aif'eod Iheilt Lordships'Select Committee on Foreign Trade,'as a �ilNeSs>.^rdered. "rhelr LfOrdships gave leave to Lord SnEVFlsLp toklleiid the Pelersfield Election Committee, according to Ibe request <�f iheHouat iD..^Or-iftiii -y, ; ' , ,- .. ,� . . The^,Ciii^ill<:ReiUlaliDn and. Ibe Trassfer Grants Bitls THE r|�3aW:OP VOI^ING.fqr ELECTIVE. SCOTS PEERS. ; .c The,,Eiirl of Rpsbqebrv iripved the order o.^-(lie day.^fpr the.^rcoiicl, reudin(^'of la BrU tvliich'tiad prefieiitecl ,tp their Lord�l�!|i* for' the beliei^ itfealat^ ili^ th^e Vi^it of voting for' eUirtive '^cpt� Ple'tiV*! �J1%iN^Je^arVBrier; t^M that ia rw{n|g;' to move the second readiitj^ of this  j� lfi^tliiH�V.?tte ,_iject,^,_ H^^ not' ajile', in anjf , 4'ct' iit 5�>^^^^ '>bWtybi* iiilVprotyi^^^ was tojirevfi^.jier'., th^jliad'wlisfilislied^llw :l|iiiu^il^n^'o^|rra |a^^^ ^ot ihg^vple of �*�ty wiwB cliiiDiiig, 16^^^^^^ ;V�?t�! ?^|,tlipui.t litjik-. ior t�Oriiittaut-e� rt^tVTAii'ff (>in not .done . ;fiv"'% KiwiAilii''Si^^iifrin^-Jdid.;,;".*^ ;w'*oM feft-fj t�!,J^ft^e^,jJWiis ,i*eeri whp, .tiaif the, hp* niittjr pfVittiiiil mMicigfU, i(eKi!Slsfiii�nJ^^^^ The BiUtlwrefcMi* w� necessary tn urevent the invasion of tho.e wl>o Iihi) not ttw right to vote, it whs |>rovidrd by M>e Kill ihut tile �on.or g>and*onnext ,in socie<i�ioii of h Scrtl^Pfjer.ahoolt! have the riuhl tv vote withoirt lubvjni; hrs lllJip. It ltai);li't be ii.-�-f�<Hr.y, ^.e'liiip-, hereufiw, ihat sonie ji-jjwiative mewsun-shniUil tiikeii to ;ir�: i.� tlnue of iliis pooiitry,.or to the IV+rj of Irel^iirt, at the liine^f, Ilje tjnion, iLivina cht-wn la ��i5it ^e�(iert the Taw iipty^stoi-ti, i-ii diis uliiji'i'), vSiii llt-reciive, niid that th? |ira ^ election of elt^CHVe Si-�>:s IVem 'imt^ n>i>'-chie'voos', he Iriuled that '{he Bill woulU leceive |*ie uriuitimoHi siipporl of ttieir Lonlship". Viicouiil CATMtfAJl'I.iiaiJ', tie dill .not rise fnf Uirt �JMirj>p?p of qi>|jpj|ii)jtt|ie^t*l bm heii*ougIrti>�iiii^>jis<ct^ 1ntioa of tifeir Lurdsinps, muiili belirr thau bj Bid. Viscount iViELVILliE said, that the Bill �a their thaulcs; but if the purpose oif it cuuld be oh> tained by resolution-, he would nut oliject to ihf fcbortesl course. He howeiier lhoo>�t'i, that if the ioni and j^ratidsons of Peer* had the ri^'Iit lo vote, the eldest brothers of l*eer� ought lohave the sdOie privilege. The Earl of LACfiERDAivG Said he did hot dh-ject to the Bill; but he thought, under all the cif-cumstanres, that it was not in the power of llieilr Lordships to do t^hat was a.keil i->r by It. Aii to tlie observation of ihe NoWe Tiscount o|ipii>'i'�r (Melviilej ihat thfe elder brothers of Peers ought (it have the right lo vPte, he could not see ihe dtsiinv-tion, for tjie eldt'r, brother of a Peer must be U'e ison of a' Peer, Aftrr the Bill was di�cu!isBd uml disposed of, it *b8 hia intention to propose lo; their Lordshi|>g, by the way of (esolution, thai �hru Scots Peers were elected, they shimid, before they were eulivl'ed tuibeirseat in that HoUiie, make out tiieir title lo the peierage to the saiisfactioii of ihtjir Lordships; and thai lo case a person who hud petitioned their Lordships, making a claim to a Sc�i-Peerage, that ne should not be enliiied to vnte tor the elective Peeri pf Scotland until his petiUiHi \vaa disposed of allpwing his cIpioi. Viscount Melville rtiplainied'. The I^ORO CHANCELLDli observfd. that he rpse for the purpose of supporting the Bill. The Bug-tish and Irish Peerages were well, giurdrd, but it Was not in his power to say so much for ihuk.t; .uf Scotland. It hadrjtaken.tbeir Lordshi(K, giving the greatest atientipu to the subject, mdie thau tbrre kiiontha to decide who wjis eut.ii led to a Peerage, iu (hat kiountry. There wa� �,diifit.Ulty, as their inat-ria|;et were not Kgulated a4 ia the other two par;* of theeiripireV , - The Bill jsa* |he�i, re�||f � neiitiod time, and ordered to be committed on F.ii^ay irtitt.,-A.ijjoi^iied. HOU.SB OF COMMONS, TseipaV, June 13; . The House nus not opened for the admission of strangers tiiilil fifteen minutes after five o'clock, the Members being eni^aged in b'tJIInriiig for Elvg-lion Coromiltees. When the Report wus brout^bt in, the (Jommittees were called over in the following order :- FOR THE PENRYN PETITION. T. P. Williiims � Sir N. Colthurst �E. M.'Munday ' . Hon R. Neville Bight Uou.^ir J.Slcwart ' VV. E. R, Bpugfalon ' E: Eliice  E. Warvey The two last' dentlewien were nominees, the Original list not having furnished a sufficient uutu-ber of Qualified name*. ~ FOR IPSWICH. S. MarjdribsnEs C. Dnacombe Lord Brudenetl T. W. Beaumont Hon S. Lascelles Hun. R. H.Clive F. Sotbtrfin AYR AND CALDER CANaL BILL. . On the Order of ihe Day for taking tbt� Bill into consideration being read, trWiil Ametid-ments which had beeii added to it i(i the Com-, mittee were read. Mr. BernAl objecttid to one of'the ameiid-ntents, which wa� nieaiit to screen tile JcSiial from the assessment of the poor rates, and inoired, iu an uniendiDeiii,' that it should be expongerf. . A short disciissibn took 'placej in which Admiral $.itheroii, Mr. S, Wortfey;, Sir J. Gfaham, Mr. Wrottesley, Mr. Cruniplon, and Mr. Sykes took part, auti the House divided- For Mr. Bernal's Anieodmcnt ......77 Against it. ^.....................60 MsjoritJ .'^....r.., 17 Ou returning to thv gdller^.- ....... Sir J. UuUdHST was offering;,a,fewj|e^a^^^ petition which he was p^ei;eiiting,^([rQin,ihe, lUiod-owners of Lichfield and ii>e ueigbboushpo<JU^ in wl�ic|i il was sta.tecj to be the, belief �)rthe;ii�<i-tionera that llie, present diBtV,��e� .^^ couoilry were iCbiVfly to. be aitrifaviteti .%'eo^y, "f liie cirififlaMpg i�eiliuni� and the |*?ifipfler� prwyed^ tbe^l^uus^. 10 endeaybur lo briiig. abpiit �a al.titni-tiiMi, .by^ppentiig th^ <o " ffee trade tiifwrn ai|d miiimfatrtures," . U , L9rd,Np��B'lT. wished to know, pf the Riglit J^oii, (jlepi%'ii|.a6 opposite if it wia* his inteniiun ti� lupv); ibe.iiiifd finding of the Matiuy Bill lo-tnor-r�w,'a,^(?rdpiig'iptli^ notice he had giveu �f iMst" poneinejU tilVihai li'tue ? . a t(te (Cl A'Hcgi,i^it of the ExcavavBR Mid* ii;^ it, �w^iii|jn!d for U�-aiprrpiiiy' and he tip iuteintiou. .�f ilel'iiytng .it. i.- .... , - Mr. LiTTi*t6i| p^w^led i Pefitipti �r^^ inlwbitaldV el com|p)i|iui't whicji;preWleitrkjiefi^aud iijt^j �w!:L�4�lii|�..p�itls'�li�*/��;;^,e,,?^^^ Sir J. BoUghey B. L. Leicester -C.MiChiere W. H'. Fellowea H. Metcalfe P. Sykes N. W.a Cockbnro. W.B. Wilbrabam J. Carter M. Rbssell T. Baring J. G. Lambton J. Brogden Lorij Allhoip

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