Saturday, April 29, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 29, 1820, London, Middlesex Number 5428. JPrice 7d. KlNCrSTBEATUK. TflHlS EVCl^ING, SATURDAY, April 99, JL by partii^alav Heriro, MnzarlV Grand Opera of DON GIOVANNI. T.nd of cla^�s. A, ii�w sraHd'IMliet. it io rdirairai, and nrill be iip�edi|y lirought fofwatd; . THBjTllK.ROrJL, DRVHY-LANB. SqpiHIS EVENING. SATURDAY. April-29. JL hU9I^e�ly*> Servants will perform the Tragedyof KING LEAR. King I>ar. Mr. K^an;'^Dulceuf Bursundy, Mr.Thorap-iinii; Dolce o^!Cornwall, SIr,~:'V,^ii}ey; Duke of Albany, Mr. Bar^iard ; W^i^t^^o'Mri IVicl Tlulland; <�(' Keol, Nr. Oowloii;'Bls(ir,'M^ria^; j�lrnund, Mr. fliimbTin. ^ ' To wljirh winiie,�die^ Ibe Melo-drama of THE, iNiSIKEEREH'S^^ DaUGH fER, RiHia^d, Mr. Pehley j iFranktiilid, Mr. Galtie ; Monklon, Mr, Hamblin; VI�^IIUn^ Mr.3iri�rd. JVIary.Miu Kelly; AlariaUi^Mrs H.arlowe. King Lear will be .repeated emy Evening tiU further notice. tHEA TJtE-nO YA L, COVE XT-GARDEN. THIS EVENING, SATURDAY. Anril 29. will be acted; 7th time, a niew Iklnsical Koraance, called BENRI QUATRE ; Or, PARIS IN THE OLDEN TIME. Henri. Mr. Macready; Sully, Mr. Egerlon ; General D'An-m�m(, Mr. Fftwcett; Eugene d�;6irun, Mr. C. Kembte; Fre-ili-rick Si. Leon, Mrl Abbott i'O^Doniiel, Mr. J. Johnstone (whii is engafed at'ihii Theatre); Mouatache, Mr. Emery ^ Gerviiia. Mr. Diiruset; Jocrisae, Jlr. Listim; Pinceau, Mr. Itlaiicliarrf. Florei^tle St. Leon, Miss Stephens; Ctotilde de Biruii, Mi^s Brunton; Louison, Miss M.Tree, After which a Farce, called A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER. Sir Mark Cbue, Mr. Farcett; Alfred Highflyer, Mr. Joires; Mr. Sclbprne, Mr. Abbott; Fixture, Mr. Emery. M.<ria Dartittgtun (first time), Miss S. Booth; Mrs. SeU buriie, Mim Beaninoat. A Private Bnxmay he had for the season, or nigbtljr, of Mr. Branilim, at the BoK-office. Heiiri QiiHire, or ^ris in IbcOldeo Time, will be repeated er^-ry �veuiiig till further notice, Wednesday next ex-crpleil. MB. MATHI*\VS AT HOMfi, AT THE THEATRE ROYAL BNGUSH OPERA HOUSB, STRAND, This evening, SATURDAY, April 29. aoil on aiondays.Tbursdayy, and Saturdays, till fur-ihiT notice, when he wiH^havie thelionour of inlroduciDg Ms Erieiid.s to his COUNTRV COOSINS. Roxrii Rud Places to be bad of Mr. Steveoson, at tbe Strand Eoiraoce, and at Fearman's library, 170, Bond-slteet. SURREY THEATRE.^ FOR TttE'BENEFIT cP�l�. MOtfNTAlTlr,-AND HER LAST APPEARANCE. mow DAY. May 8. 1820, will tx: preseDled \jf a v,ry POPPLAR BURLETTA, III uhii'h Mrs. Mountain will perform a principal Character. Mr. BruAilhurat wiil sini; several popular Songs. U'jilia viiriery of utiier Bulertaiomeots, particulars of u Inch wilt be duly announced. Pontes, 4s.-Pit,2�.-Gallery,lB. NEW ARGYLL ROOMS, PEGENT^REET. ~ ISS SHARP Bioal. Dfupeutfally infuririii the ilA Niihilitji.. Gentry, and he�i Friends in general, that lirr CONCERT will b� held, at: tbe above Raoais on TL'LSO.'iy NEXT, May 2^1890. L .i.?i. " The B�lte(fly,",Me��r�. Vaoghao and Sale (Sale.)- Put Puurri (Fliiie)�.Mr.Nicbulsoa (Nichalsan,>iCAria, Mn>i .ViliiKin, " O dbke conseoto,!" Flute Obligaio, Mr. Nicholson (M marl.) Act 11.-Concerto Vioiin,.Mr.T. Cooke (Cooke.)-Ballade (M.S.), ,Mrs.S.HmBn(C. Smith.)-Song, Mr, Bellamy. " SaU. Iiii'. Adieu" (Horseley.)>~GfaDd Trio .(by desire), two Per. fiinners on one l?i|iBo4orte,, and Harp,, Mra. Nicbalson, Sir G. S:iv>rl,anii MJs�S|;iarp(Btlfaop.)-CaaUta, MiwGootlall, " Mud IW'.^PMrceUO-r rtlfStreet.. The (^\rltp.,ttegi|i prc^i^fy alEigbt o'CI -Parties �( Sis ur: iviEhl< edips.~^lttr.>0BEOyB,S�irgiran to the DarsnlanDispeif >jry for thp^an^of.-Striotiirea, mm) aole Proprietor, of Da-ran's Mrdicated>Bbtig�n,>.fl�ttct� bimsidf that Ibefollb�rin)f Alteslatiou (seletiedfrooi great uombert contaiMd in hit Treatise on ibe-Radical Ciire of Rupture) will be considered as satisfactory <'civideiies�iF.the facii-V Parish-of St. Ano, Wesimiiisi fl(b�>u�f^ Jul; 16, 1819. W�, the Overseers of the Pnbr �<^1|ilt/pAri�k< d�lKTeby<xrtify, that Wit. linm Gosline, aiidCbaries Moore (oiie Parisb}, bftngseverety aBiioledwiib Ruptures, were sent by 4i� to Mr. Oufowfor Ibe purpow�>f cure', in a verysborl apace�filiise they ^rert-bolbferfectty cared. Witnea(��irbBB<it^7%otn�Tombin�u�i J.Moorv bead, William \VyUt, William Bc 4>f e Bloud, wit) effectually prevent errnplioil-aad'oih^r dit^ eases of the Skin, and protect the tystem agafntt Ihoie cam-plaints of the head, tU, which occiir' during aommtr' and aniiimn. Dr. Brichet, of Paris, in h\t Treatise oo Aim-plexy, highly reeonmendi .these Pills, a�B moit effeictoar remedy f�r relieving Ibe bead, Hud'pjreveiitlb^ "Apttplexjr.. As a currecldr.of Bile aod'Ibe digestive otrgtini,^ loiirrxpe-neiice ii� the Eiitt Ittdief, and itolbit ciiiiiiliy, ontler life, direction ofan ei^qient Pbytieiani baa pi^vfed-ibtiB lb Be ap invHliiable disfa^rCtyl'^' ' . To prevent- imposRieli,' (be tall! oMhete Pltft i� c^tiSVittl'' '� Mr. Sanger, tM>, Oiiiyrd'titreelt �rifrHiffl'ili,'coi�er or �ir. ei-and-tllt^MMteaMWH opplwHtf life "'i. Awple direcliona iceompany each box. .OPERA. ACHOICE xtf �-st:ellent BOXES �1 the KfNG'S THEATRE, nmoAgsl which is one tin- the lldn^ re. spectf'nilv i.aforms the Nobility siiid Kublic, liiat tie baa NOW ON SALE,'CHAM PAGNTii, sparkling and creaming lied ana w1iit^bribe iirll'qiialjlies : CLARETS :'�>�-'lean' Mai>got, Lsf t4�, 'Laluur.of fhc first, growtbs: SAU- �3MS�S!fe�*Bi|pgg.ilMir'i!�Mj. tititMrilwifrtyWafsgwwte- and dtiirr Wiuea,- (being Ibe 37th Anniversary), at the City of Lundou Tavern, Bisbopsgate-slreet, paesiDENT, The Right Hou. GEORGE CANNING. vioe-rRBsiDEMTs. DBATil OF Trfa||Elar;twl>'fll;iBtis3ELLi � LATB^RAT&^BDRTSBA, HAKTS.^ THE aiUntion, of i^fttk HIieraluiifHl ItenevoUAt is moat earnestly _ _lo a sa�� of the aevmtt distress. . - This sudden iind'tiniH#^4if'cvrbt-W�< ihV Vea"Wii WIDOW alid iNtNB r^f;. CHIbDREK ilk a ablic; It is ibere-fore to fa tif |ll�,: The Duke of Leinstrr, The Marquis of Lanadowo, Tbe Earl of Daroley, 8TRW&RDS, The Uukeof WeI|inglon,K.G. The Earl of Derby, The �arl of Biesinlon. Lord William Fit^eratd, Lord Tullamore, Lord Dunatley, E. T. B^inliridgr, Esq. Gerard Callaghaii, Esq. Hugh Johnston, Esq Lord Clifton, Lord Arthur Hill, I. D. Alexander, E^q. J. H. Bradnhaw, Esq. George Dillwyii, E�q. Felix Slade, Esq. Tickets, -20 shillings each, to be bad of tbe Stewards,; of Thomas Baiubridge, Eiq Treasurer, College of Pbyairians, Warwick.lane; of the Secretary; and at the B'lr of the Tavern. ' Signed by Order, J.C MICHELL, Sec. I > IS, Queen-sqiiare, Bluomtbury, Dinn�r4iiiHair-pasl Five o'Ctock-N.B.The Mnsi(s�l Department of tbe Celebration ia committed to the chargeof. Mr, Hawes, No. 7, Adelphi-terrace; to whom any appliealioii tnust be 'iiiadr. No Apprentice can dine at the Appreutices' Table without a special licltet. family ona'tlended \S. �#he Siib�iiV>lldat'wiir Wrm n.fuUdiiif; ariioiig'tfie�tS(iilS��rr-^ The contribiitirtns of nh� hnmi^eiiiid lio'ntideriite will be receiifed, and directed by the Rev-,D|;.!Gaqiillett, Vicarof Porlsea; the Rev. C. B.Henville, Vjicaj-^f Portsmonib; Dr. Liiid ;^i>d the Rev. IX. fi.Ciiiiiyii't,'MinisieV of St. George's, n,>Bank^ buildings; Martin, Slohe,' and Martin, Looibaril-slreet; Messrs. Rivingibn's, Waterlud^lsce> Mr. Ra'tcbard's, Piccadilly ; and lieniingtoa Slid Co. -BtrnkerB,-^ <69, Lombard-street, London. ;tHrii*ijfi�e'iptfb�l�bed, Inil vols. dMny 8vo. price lOs.ed, �.; - 1 each, iu boards, - OR/E HOMILETICJE, or above I 200 ptitcunrses (in the-fori^ of Skelelqnt) ou the whole Sbribturetl. ' , ftyllieRe*. C. SfMEOK, Ht A. 'Frfli<* Wf klii|j(V'Collej;e, Calnbridge, ' I^llitMfiiir'T. eiaelrilid tV. D<tvit�,MraAd; J.Halefi^d lOid 8d 1pSl>Ec6ND'JtbacoNCtL*blNG* Jl of'lhe'trffe iAd rt-oRKS iffB^NWiaiN WEST, � E�q. PretidcM �Plb�>Rotirt^a�>aiieMiyAf'Ldndiiii, tub�eqaent ta hitartiyab in.thia.Country. Ckimpotied froip liiateriSilt PrinVetf tUBSCRIPTIONf. �. r. I Rev. Dr. Gauntlelt ,100 0 Rev.C. R. Henvitle 30 0 Rev. R. H.Cumyiis 20 0 Mri. ParTtcr. *  20 0 Mr. Tbcfshfr - ,5 0 Capt. Agriew .50 Rev. James Heitville 20 0 Mr. .lames Carter, 5 0 Lord Bishop of Winchester . iSd 0 Mrs. Money - 5 0 Rev. T. P. While 5 5 RearAdm. Clements . 2 O G. P. Jervoise, Esq. M. P. Dr. Lind Miss riiiish -M. Greeiliam, Esq. REFUGE ^OR THE DESTITUTE-AN-NIYERSAJiY tilN^lER POSTPONED T<� THE IsT OF MAY, by Command of his Royal Higbness the Duke of YORK, President. Tbe THIRTEIeNTM ANNIVERSARY DINNER will be at the City of Loudon Tavertt, Bisbupsgite-street, on MONDAY the Ittflf.Way, ISaik - , . , ' Hisfiiyal Blgboehs in lhe"Chair. Treasurer^ Edward Forster, Esq. �TEW AMDs: Right Hon. Eirl of Liverpool Right Hoa. RoU. Peel, M.P. Sir J. W. Lubbock, Bart. Sanfiuel Bosanqiiet, Esq. T. F. Buxton, Esq M.P, HenryCTive, Esq. M.P. Andrew Edge, Ei . become honest and virloons members of society, is now alToiided to n. conttant succession gf Sixty Young Persons of *ach sex, who would otherwise be exposed to all the bitter consequences of want and crime. ROBERT CROSBY, Secretary, 36, Hbxton.sqiiare. This day are published, neatly .printed,' and emhellithed with two fine Portraits of tile Authar,,in two Vols. 4ta. price 31 3a. boards, fflHE VVOUKS-of THOMAS GRAY, E�q. Ml Edited by the Reverend Jubn Milfurd. . Tlie Editor of the present Work has been roost Viiidly faviaured' with many original Letters ortxray, hitherto unpublished,, of- the greatest interest; as well as with tbe Ori-gioalsof many of Ibe LetlerK vei'y- incurrerlly published, and. mucb altered by Ma� � s A Lady : Mrs. Waldo (by Dr. 100 50 1 1 2 5 5 5 2 Gsunllett) ' .10 Miss Wilclrell - .1 Mr. J. Parke - 5 H.P. t)ielmi,Esq. 10 Mrs. DelmS - 10 Miss E. Alhint 5 J.H.SleWar'^, E^q. 10 Rev. E. Bn/ee, Plymouth - 10 Reir. W. llarrisoD, _ Fareliam -30 Mrs. Plaver, Ryde 2 2 ReV. �d. Ouddard, Chichester - t 1 Rev. W. W. Holland, Chichester II A. M,,G. . . - 1 ft Mrs. Palmer, King. tlon 5 0 Mr. Diddam^.. 2 t Mrs. Hancock - HO Bishop of Cbtthetler 10 W Eilm. Woodt^H. 10; 10 Col. Blake - 2 0 Rev. ThoB. Miirgah, Dock-yard - 5 0 Rev. B. Poutler 6 5, Mrs. Nevihao, C�Ii ubliabed Ibis day, price Mk Printed fur'tiebry Cdlburn atld Co. Condoil-tireet. T Tbjiad^yafejiublitbed, IHE POETICAL. WORKS of the GEOI^G.E ;CRABB�. charter of Grunipiiiiii'ti,. adii coi?Y<^.t,'ng.�i ip one f ihe populoot towns iiojE iidW'rej>r$i#li*e<l. Hi would ulso move fo'r a (3Ama\it\oiai)t the period of imprisonment awarded to Sir W. ij. �,F optx"-tnnity of saying, that he Woiitiijiliprliy^^e notice of a motion lor iHe reVival of'tlje poiwBrtt^e o(i the Educiirion of the Poor. H^eVa�.aiyatV Uijt da khootd Ire pi-ev�tit^d Tr^in:dor<i^ so before tlig xMW-S9m'nwt receM. At tSe'iaine time lie wat extremely anxioiit that ihii c^l!ay' . 7 Vols, stnall SVo. ?f 2s. Primed'for John Murray, Alb^marh;.streel. This day are pniilislieil, in two volumes 8vu. wiib Portraits aiid 'Pfales, price 1/. lOs. bo^rd^I MEiMOFRS of Ip, ^ ta^o vuli. k Sequel to �! Early Leatont." TK^'dSy WeiiSMWied, in Svd-priw 14trl*oards, LECIURES �u SCRlifTURE DUTIES. By WILLIAM BENGO ICOLLYER, D.D. F.A.S. &c. &c. London^ P,linl^ for Black,, Rin^burjr, Pitr'bnry, and Allen, Leadenbail-tlreet; andSbervood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster-row. . ' Lafi^ry (AHITthed, by the tiiie Anllior, . LECTURR8 ooVCRIPTURE DOCTRINJilS. Ditto Ditto FACTS. Ditto Ditti PROPHECIES. Initio Drilo MIRACLES. Ditto . Ditto . PARABLES., Eiitih ia one Voloine, tieiug printed unifuim, at lis.'boards. T. De.anc,E'qr Dr. Littlehalei IJev. C. Ricliardsjsen. .Mrs. Lit|lchales Mias Liltlehales 5 0 0 0 0 10 10 2 0 5 5 5 0 Hon. SirG.Grey, Bart. 10 10. Jo the Prett, and in lbe,Mopih of i^ext May .wilt bs , published," TPIAVELS in SIlL'ltY; GREECli, and AL-BANIA ; very hindihiniely printed in Two Vols. 4to. illtrttrated wiib nunrerout fine Engravings, price bt. 5s. in buurdt. By the Rev. T. S.,HUGH ES, I alb t of Emanuel College, Cambridge. The Firtt of tbete Vutamet will contain a Classical Totir in some of the most fuleresling parts of Greece, wiib a more partii^lar and detailed AcEuuiit than has yet appeared of' the great Cities of' Agrigeulnm, Syracuse; Delplri, and NicopOlis; thelsle of Zante, and the Plain of Argns. Tbe Second will be confined chiefly to Albson, acnuntry which tbe Author visited' under circumstances peculiarly favourable to investigation : Ibis part of .the Work will ciin-tain e proi�iceii h|ioH.these subjects. Ea'eh Volume will be adorned' wiib Engravings of Ma|,s, Sceu'!iY, Plans, fiir thelnost beanllfnl of which, the Au-IhorltHudeblM'tdhi^friind iind-YellowHrayeller, Mr. R' C. Cockerell. To intei 'N�t^liVe'as lit:t�>as!'prtssitile; -liie Classical, Tdpogra|*1iiciiV*ud-Cr)ttriil .Reinai-kt, will be lubjoiiied ib^Nolettfo the page* of each Vitiitine. ' A^ti Aiipeudi^ witlb^ gitveuv,iis nliiiaiiu;!twi> J}iiiiertati6iiK> �ipvil tiie tilPt4)f,Pf>4iHif ,afld uDelub), from .tlie (,|.||,^f tji^j, eminent schular, Dr.�But1er, Htvad ^Matter of tb� Shiewsbury. School. . . . w I. , Printing for J. .Mawman, 30, Ludgtte-street, Lvaduo. Rev. H. Sissipore j, 90 Rev. H. Huniiogli^ 30 0 A Naval Ofl^er, , 5 5, Rev. L.CIaike 5 5 Rev. D. William's 6 5" Rev. tbe Archdeacon of Winchester 5 5 Rfev. F. iremonger - 5 5 T. Thistletbwayle, Esq. - - - 25 0 Mrs. l^etham .-20 Capt.Dawomao.RN. 1 0 Majur-Gen. Bridges 10 \n Mrs. Bridges .-50 Rrver^^id fi. Ricbardt^ FarlingtoD , -Mrt. Meik , -D. G.Hewett. - -Captain Hall -W. Reeks, Esq. R.G.Tera|>lr;'Esq. 10 1ft F. L. Beckfard, Esq. W 0 G. Aiherley, &>q, 10 0 Reverend W. Tyner, Gompton, Sot�� 4 l> Rev. H. Dimock - 20 0 MistC. Ogle -. 5 ,0 Mrs. W. Carter - 10 0 Mistct Carter  10 0 Captain Carter - 10 1) Mr. A. Carter - 10' O Mr. J. G. WillianM 1. 1 0 OJ Mr: Liillebales Rev. Dr. Short Miss Ballard Mrs. Williams Miss Black^toue Miss Williams N. Waller, Esq. Mrs. Gauntlelt Rbv.J.Scolt Mra. W. Hratbcbts Miss Bigg and 2. L 3 0 i 0 1 0 2-2-0 10 0 10 2. 0 5 5 2 2 0? Rev. J. Marsh 10 2 9 10 S Captain R. N.Southaea 1 Admiral Sir G. Canp- befl - - 1010 SirG^Bingbam,K.C.BilO' 0 Revj Sir Samuel J*r> voise, Bart. 20 0 E. B. Arnaud, Esq. 3. 0 E. Arnaud, E>q. . 9 0 H. W. - - 2 0 A Widow's Mite - L 0 J.A.Hill, Esq. - 10 10 Adml.Markham,M.F; 10 10 J.Carter,&q. M P. lOf 10 Rear Admt.�ifiard Edward Carter,. E ling - b. -G; ' � - G. Garyett, Einq. ReW:Adciiii'il'h*BfiVt'6'. � Mrk.'AinhMertitt'  ^ ,0' AntMyliibaJa - i 'O [! Mr.''J*.Oi . Kage, Brt2eiii< . nose College Rev. Or. Woodcock Rev.T. Mea'rt A L�idy ' . H.T. - Rev. G. Bliss -Deatt^of'dbicbctt'.Sr' Jjrtt61�CTChjf,-B4ii.'" '10' rt*V.W.S;Bayi^?'^ 1 lti-v.Q.'PitkiAgVtfn'' 1 Mri. PaiittfiilW 5 0 5 1 10 10 1 1 1 20 1 5 3 1 0 10 1 0 1 5 4 1 10 5 1 20 20 5' 20 & 100 5 6 5 5 & 1 f 3 t --a*-. H�W|4l#, JtPtt^. F*rDAT. iritiit 2S. , . T^C^d/Ei^ jUie Ij^oaie inel at two .o'clock, and shortly Ht'ter^p.rocettd^ed to Carlimi Palace, Tor the purpose o ' jjreaentitig the Addreat to his Majeaty, which im ti'ee'u'tf^feed oil the day before. I'heir Lurdnbips dtif not re-ka4�niblij daring Wvi day* HobSE OF COMi^iONS, F'filOAT, ApRH,.28. , The SpEAKcatobk theCbatr attVD mtutttes before four o'clock. He'reitda-letter to-, the House, which he had received frotn thti Marquiii of Hatt-iiigt, ackoowledgiifg the Speaker's letter, which conveyed the thunkt voted to his Lordship by the Hotiitej for hiocditdiictaiid'lehnniiiaatioii of tHii Piil-daree war.- The Attprney-Geaeral aod four other Memberi were sworn. Several private Petition* were bro�f�ht up, Mr. WHtTiJBEAiJ fJrte^enlfed a l^etitidii frbin. cer. tain inhbtsitaiitf of th^ toWii uf Sligo; pr-^yingtobe re�ton!d<td the rights and privilegeat^hich had been bestowed on that town by Royal Charter,, but *ab to the Royal Natry in the years 1791, l'???,, 179', and. the years I8I7, 1318, I8I9, diititY^iiialtiiVg ihoae built 1(1 the Royal UocKii fr6tft llftite HUfltin- ihiffl-hairtt' yards ;'alto ab Accouitt of all Bxpentes' fo� RejntnugiSbips in the same periods, obsurving.the a^iife distinctktiu.--0''dei^ed. J. ^ Mr.'^..^.'tAYi.OE gave notice that W would . oiH tifisdaf iilove for^th% re'iieni'al bt ifire Gttrtliiiiftfee on the; elFecttt! of-th^' S'itr f tixing;njnfier thie elans pf punishincuts for tpisdemeanor the act of fiifiou'tty driving coache� and other vehicles through tWestreets, and vtsi't'itig' if^at o^etlce'with fiiiieadd' iinirfitoometit; Colonel Daties moved for aReturrt of Penont Goniiec^ied will) the Civil p^piinndenis,.together wifh the des'criptiou of llteir allowi|iices. Mr. GouLBUUN was about \o present a Petition a^Tnst a'retiirti afM El^ctiUii; whviv  The.SpiA'KBB- required�alltbo^e^httihaaElec lioneeiiiig Petitions to present;:<to.bring-them for� ward, ill order to lny;e, t4)eu� claai'e,iCiii)d..coii�id�fed, acifordip^ to the siaiidipg order of the House, wiiich iie'tlfeh ytitd^' ill ^fii" ftSllowing sQccessi'on :.^Fir8t, PetilfbliitWh^ffe WieW'hfitf bWnb reVu'riil s^ttmyiy, Petit'HiB(;ifroniV|*h)ce�' wliete ther? hud-iH^eB two ': MjfHibfrs re?i)rif)pd ly.| fifths Th'e' VesTd'uei iiicViiiing'Bll' oHftsVlbpict of comptaViil ; abotittlitf ciihdliiit'irt* eTfeetmii'lr. vas --.-"Vf-ld ';e in every Member's hatitii before h& brouglii: /in hijs motiuii, which he proiQisiHl sfioiild be immediately after the IVlidsumtner retseW, THE CATH&'ll'c .iiiCE^ioN... Sir H. pAbHEtL, at the.Vetjo.est..of IMr, jbriUtan, gave notice that he (Mr. 'GrattaiiXwpuid bniig forward the Catholic QaetAicio on Tliursday the Uth of M'sy next. HIGH SHBRl^hi ^N IRELAND. . Sir H. Pabnbi,l als gave, notice, that oq Wednesday next he would tnove to have a Select Comdiittee appointed Ip tatje tjito consideration the payment of the expenses of High Sheritft iit contested elections in Ireland.. Mr. V. FiTzeBRALD said a few woriJsinBppreval of the motion. PARLIAMENTAUY REFOR�[. ' Mr. Lambton renewed .his notice of a motion to take iiilo coiisideration, tht^ represenlatiqn of the people ill Parliament, which was fixed for Tuesday, Junes. Lord A. Hamilton gave notice, that he intend, ed to move for a coiisifleratiou of the state of Scotch represeolatioti.He i�ished it'to come 011 before the motion of b^s (loiioorable Friend, aud fixed it for the 34th of Ma^V Mr. Serjeant Onslow sajrf, he wpold m9�c at an early day for ihe renewal of the Standing Order of the House, to prevent ^jeiitioi^s connected wiih geiieral trade and manufactures from being hrougiit, before the House, linlil after the examiuutiou by their Special Committees. Mr. Hume moved foi- a return of the total nett value of the revenue of, Barbudoes and the Leeward Islands, from the year ISO^tq 1818 ; also aa accoiint of tbcf ezfiendiTaire tii t'liMir cit'il nad mili* (ary depariiiients, dtiring the saihe period. INSOLVENT DEBTORS' LAWS. Lord Althokp gave notice of a motion for Tuesday next, for the purpose of calling the cciisidera-tioii of the House to a measure for the relief of Insolvent Debtors. REPORT ON TH E APDRESS. Sir E. Knatcubull brought up the fteport cn the Addrebs, in aoswer to the King'a Speech. DISTRESS IN SCOTLAND. Lord A. Hamilton took thitt opportunity of cba^iug a few remarks on the state of extreme dis-trets which prevailed ma part of the country where of late much turbulence ha^ broken forth. When he recollected that little more than fourteen weeks ago the state of trade had been represented, in an address from the throne, to be in a most floari>b-iug condition, and when be observed how contrary to this statement was every present testimony and acknowledgment; and when in addition to tins, uo far as he could discover from the terms made use of, the House were now bid to look to time alone for a remedy for such manifold evil, he felt that lie should'not discharge his duty if he did not suggeft such means of relief as ^e-thought i�lcujated to mitigiite the great evil cqmptaiiied ^f by the House uiid the coiutry. [-The ^oble Lord here maile several observations which were iod|stioc(ly audible ' in the gallery, from which we ihferred that he was , speaking in approbation t>f lurtherance uf some plan of emigalioiu] He; made, tome ullbsion lo : the sum of 50,000/. which Imd been voted fm- emigration to the Cape of Gpbd Hope. He ilien re- , vertecl to the state of tlie Scotch diktri'cti, wliich, ai , at) Hoii. Member opposite knew wpH .were iii a stai-i ofextreipewret^rhedness, sui:h indeed as wouhiadinu , of no delay in'the applicatiOD of a remedy. A larsre, portion of that population looked at existence, at that very time, as a burden scarcely tolerable^ They , represented themselvea tb him, ns well h'la H>>ii. Friend oppositei as being utterly incapable of supporting themselves and families, and tliey were-^rt: titig worse and worse in.copdiiituti It>*om*ic,h that as they were nov alinost'witl>oift (o�^ and raiment, they expected shortly lobe li)ft witliout the covering of a house. He could not l^t tbut opporluitiiy slip without urging Mitiitters to the adoption uf some measure of relief more suited to the calamily than those already adopted. If they would ap-ply to the H u�e for the tneaos, they would li^ no doubt fproished with aUi:rity. Ministers were, no ddnbt, as' auxious as himself for the relief of this dislreiis; but he was afra'id ihi.t they mnch under-rated its ainount; he was dfrald they deceived'tHeihsetyea. in some ihea. cure m'to its cause, and miiitook'iiiany of its"results. They altribiited a gVeu't portioii of the violence which' had h�en manifeS^a to disaffei:kioi), wli'icir was attributable to distress'and iniser). He hoped the Right ridii/G.en{ledi�n'opp<Jsite w'tiiild lufii his attenlioh 16 the' stibject speedily; He'only mentioned it hiiftseff to iftafeaVoitf,' if pbSifile,^ 10 quick�:tt' the applittitibp' of' sbilii^' iBeaiiaireS of' re-med^i He Wistirtl fof ilifofinatitia.aMdi'at, to'the thaf^mewire; s^hifch he HKl iio*aotibt-tlie^ Higftt Hou. Gentleman voold be happy to furnish, would

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