Monday, April 17, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 17, 1820, London, Middlesex 17, rslHlS EVENING, MONDAlT., April 1?, jL Maje�iy'i ScTMnti will ferfom Shakipeare't Tj�. *"^'^"kING RICHARD THE THFRdA Kiag Henry Hie Sixth, Mr. Pope; Hiehsnl D>iVe of Mr. Keaii; Dnke of Backingham. tilt. Hotlmul j �arl of Richmond, Mr. Pealey. Elixabeth, Queen or Ed-v*rd the Funrifa^ MrK Glover; Udy Amie, Mr�. W. We�t. Tu which wiH be added, Sth time, a Brpad JKorcical PaiUO-inimical Drama, Id two acta, enlilled SHAKSPEARE FfiKSl^S HARLEQUIN. Hartnjain, M*. HorUf; Orponil Bonner, Mr. Duwion ; GAscauatip, Mr. (>al(i�; Jue Soip, Mr. Mwnd�n; Abralian, Mr.. Kiiighl; SimOD, Mr. 0�berry; For?e, Mr. RussrII; Taffy, Mr.Mugbea; Mertiiry, Mr.T.Cooke; FirstJuMicp, Mr. Boiler. Mr*. Saip,, Mra. Hartowe; Dolly M�. ilame V Tragedy of KING LEAR. Kine Lear, Mr. Boolli (bia3d appearance in that Cbarar> In); OukeofAliMny, Mr.Goauor; Earl of Kent, Mr. Fair-reii; Earl of Glo>ter, Mr. E(|;ertoa; Edgsr, Mr^CKemUe; K'Iniiiiul, Mr. Macreadv. Goneril, Mrg. Connor: Re'an, nira. raira; Carilelta, Miaa S.' Booth. After wbiHi, lllh time, a new Panlomime, called harlequin and cinderella; Or, THE LITTLE GLASS SLIPPER. Prince Aledore (afierwarda Harlequin), Mr. Ellar; Baron P.>Bipi> t�jc;, IS, 18�>. THE COMMITTEE for Letifxer ilw Citj'g Lands Will-meet alTGuiMball on TtlESDAT. the 55lh day of April tnst. at Twelve o'Clock at Kuon, to LEt by POBLIC AUCTION, A Bt^ttDtNG LEASi? for�1 Years, from Midsummer D;iy uitt, or a PtECE lif eHOUND oil ili� East sije tif Duke-atreel, Aldgatp, aod^on the West apd Norlb aidfs of Hanover-coiirt, HDundsdilch^ London. The Plan of the said (Gfouud, and the Conditrons for leHiiig the same, may be seen lii the mean time at the 0$ce of Works, Guildhall. JOS. BUSHNAN, Comptroller. iilN WELCH. , ,, ,,�., -^.:%f^im�ssMm Hypfertoo, d����ed,T.f applying U^;�iph�iitti N*. \ Bell-yard, DJctwa* Coinafoa^, inay t . meut's Cbnrcb. TRANSLATION OF COtTU'S WORK. May 1st will be published, price 6a. 6d. COTTU'S WORK oo ENGLISH JURIS. PRUDENCE, iit. Stc. Irnnalaied into Eitglisb. |u No. XXX I. uf the PAMP_HLETEER, besides several entire Pamphlets, viz. Mr. Canning's Speech at Ltverp<iul- Gurney an Prisons-Dr. Maclean on the Causes of Plague, &c. Sic. Printed by A. J. Valpy; and sold by Longman and Co.; Sherwood and Co. ;'Si(tipkin and Co.'; aod all other Booksellers. STARCHBD LACE beiitsimaieiitly toM ^i;rling'& f -------- kbe Public agaiiist dereoiiimon Laceiolerably'tj^ ^ ^...^...... , single irasfaiuc delecla its FOttgH'^^'fibroui prop^^ Tfar gennioe Article remains perrecttjr'^�t&r (o �tb� last, b. infinitely more durable, and may Jdsliy^liiie'wiiiilsired to aaj Foreign Lace Srlialcver. ^ ' '-Sfiil" URLING'S LACI^Jdin^HablrMil^^i^Mili Ibe Pdnt-lee'a initials, �'G. F. U. and tio." ju�d^|(t'*iii:d�; �*By, iW Qiieen's aiilBo'rity." Wholesale ittd tt^m^�SSc^1i<HM^S^', Strand,opposite Cecil-strict. \ '- fi.B.-Starched L�ce may Mijaem^ :�t JiletfCt�d by holding it up to the llghtj wbei/tbe:wilTbe pillialty visible._ /  _ "  BRITISH AIANU� A SHEARS haviiig iii 4lk� QHIMOIS, BO Arlicledt ..iiewAiirtiolea, iDsnitfacttired ex]irnaiy/<ir"tK�|pr(iMtSes�^ Vtitcb lie pledges himsejf to offer, fur ReMy^inonry, on ' Terma superior to any* Eiitablishment in tHf ^Metropolis, Paris Crapes, Gros de Naples; Levantines,'tnteapea, Taf-fatys. Washing Sil^s, Stripeil Sarsnela, Piipiitis,' Lustre*, Gauzes, Velvtis, &e. ke. Alau �n immeuse4nark of White and Coloured Satin*, India tmitallon Scarfs, Niirwicb Crapes, &e.-Bedford House, No. II, Henrietla-^lreei, Coveut-giirdeu. No Abatement made, or Palteraa cut. P.. -. - LE CRCt�� iFMiatriictiail Fearman's Library, 170, Bond- i!Y THE KING'S ROYAL LETTERS T�ATENT. THli ECONOMICAL AND UNIVERSAL LAMP;' N roiiiemplating the dreadful accidents which so frequently occur in tbe destrodion of persons and piopi'riy, from Ihc use of Candles, the Public will duly ap-giri'ciaie Ihe importance of a sobsritute, embracing perfect safe ty, an invariable certainty of light proportioned to the ofcasioii, equal to wax in delicacy, burning Ihe wholeeven-u-s nilhout tbe necessity of trimming, and tbe expense in Uefi spermaceti oil not half that of tallow candles, or one-Ki\i1i i.fwax. Tbis l^mp is completely portable (bearing any liee^reeof motion)wliere required to be so, viz. tbfedining-t.itjli', single or in branches, tbe sideboard, study, bracket, (Unvr.or fiiilight, or ornamental for (be manllepiece, draw-in;.rodin, music-stand, &c. and for bouse or citamber, or iiidil-liclil. is incomparable. In Grecian banging Lamps zUtif) they areeb'gautly simple, and admirably adapted )'./r liie staircase, parage, lubby, halt, &c. aod for srjuare, use, ur other glass lanterns, where the biirher is required to lie iiilriidiiced at llie bottom, are truly tm atqaisilion for ilie 1 ibiu, binnacle, or other ship uses, tbey merit tbe parti. (iilai arteiHinn of nautical gentlemen. Or families, either pas-si'ii^rrs tu or resident in Ihe East or West Indies, or other hoi rlinialea, (be [irinciple is such as to meet the meanest lajiaeitjin the management of Ihem. .Sold by T. Pearcc and Co. agents to tbe Patentee, No. 6, Pickrtl-fiireei, Temple-bar, Strand; who, to secure its repu-i-.illoii fruiVi Ihc effecls of inferior oil, are bound to deliver to il i(als. Tickr(s and Shares are selling a( BISH's OiBces, 4, Corn, bill, and 9, Gbaring-ctoss, London, and by bis Agents iu the Country. . . Explanatory Schemes gratia. The Prices of Stocks are affixed, hourly, aeainct BIkIi's Office, ia Coiuhtll, by which the Public' can see Ihe lliictiia(ioQs, t+t Not any Prize higher than �30 has yet be�i drawn. HAZARD AND CO. THE CONTRACTORS, "WyEXT WEEK, ApriJ 27, Two First Prizes, TWO of �20,000! Three per cent. Consuls, MUST be DRAWN, and more than TWENTY OTHER CAPITALS WILL be DRAWN, i:rery'rickelan4Share,if bought before the 37th of this ini>ulli,will have aCbance Ibroiighuut the Lottery Yur FOUR..........Prites of..........�30,000 TWO..........Prizes of..........�20.000 TWO . ..k.....Prizes of.........seiO.OOP &c. &c. Money and Coitsols,'farmiDg r02 .CAPITALS! Tirketi and Shares are on Sale a( (he old-ettablish^d niid tviiuVtate o^es et HAZARD aod CO. (be 'Coa(rac(ar8, Kojal Exchaiige^ate^Sfi.Curnhill; and32i*, Oxfotd-slreel, liiiier pf SH^IIp.w-strtcet, Loudnn; who diared and sold >� flie lasCLoitenr Coiil'rac(, 7,370 and 6,666. 20,9002. each, �u.l in a niceot-toffery all the Prizes bf'iJO.OOOi.ill ." �*a** afi* Co; iteve AgeuU in-all tb^princlpa^ Towns (broughout the Csmitry. riH-UlH � -A^]r|fv I .w.-------,--- Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co. and to be bad of all Booksellers. Swat published, in 8vo. price l4s. boards, HE PHILOSOPHY of LIFE. By Sir CHARL^ MORGAN, M.D. And pellatvof the Royal College of Physicians of London. " Sir C. Morgan Jia.a here pceseuled Us with a book cun-tainini; a great deal of useful and entertaining inforinatiuu. -He liin undertakeji lo c.onsiiler man as an organised being; tu explain hi* '(tructure, and how it ta afTfCted by variottia-' modes of tleainient; To shew the influence of climate, diet, &c. lipoii the human frame, and (o connect (his infin-ence Wilh (be moral and iutellecluai character of (be mind. In couducdng (his inves(iga(ion he has had an opportniiKy of caljing (o hie aid;no( only Ibe knowledge of bis own pe. culiar profession, b(il the discoveries of modern Cbemislry, ioieresting facta in Natural History, and illustralious from general Science, and the History of Nations, The Work cuntnins many plain and Sensible Lessons on tbe best methods of kerpiug both mind and body in a braltby 8(atc." Printed fur Henry Culburn and Co. Couduit-stieet. Tbe following Works will be pubbsbed very sliorlly by RODWELL and MARTIN, Bond-street: tn IWo large Vullimes, 8vo. with Plans, price W. lOs. IMiE ANTIQUITIES of Ihe JEWS, carefully compiled from Aii(hen(ic Sources, and (heir CuB(nmB illusliaied ft-oin Modern Travels. By William drown, D.D. Minister of Eskdalemnir. II- tn one volume, 8vo. Second Edition, considerably enlarged^ with Plans, price l2a. AN HISTORICAL SKETCH of the CAMPAIGN of 1815. Illustrated by Plans of the Operations, and uf tbe Battles of Quartre Bras, Ligny, and Waterloo. By Captain Batty, of the First or Grenadier Guards. 111. PARIS. Tn imperial 8vo. price 12s. Part HI. of VIEWS in PARIS and i(8 Vicinity, by Cap-lain Bally, containing, 1. Tlie Louvre from Ihe Punt Nenf.- Triumphal Column oii Ibe Place du Cbalelet.-3. Nu(re Dame ami the Isle de Palais-4. S(. Germain.'-.5. Rouen Cathedral.-Proofs in quar(u, price IBs. (o be buinple(ed in Twelve NumtH-rs. IV. In one t'niume, royal 4tOi JOURNAL of a TOUR (hrougb part of the SNOWY RANGE of Ihe lilMALA MOUNTAINS, and lo the Sources of Ihe Rivers Jumna and Ganges. With Noles on the -Hills at Ilie fi> lonel Cliarles Nassau Thomaf, deceased. Foreign O^ro, ^pr idL ?fleniii l||ti|^ John. GcerCB Fil�- prtMftimn l�iilft|iii#tt. Foot, to be Captain, vrbuse spinqiMiitoat lias flat UKeu ^ttee^-iMtiri. t/rua.y 34, !)820. ' SlU B�f>iTeU�aaB�tla|ion. To be' Ltoii.leoaiit#n^Liett�eaa ce Swi^KraM; whoie^ aiqwiotaient.^ Mt Ukeq |ili(ce-^ ^n(ary 34, Utaltmf Cbarfes CMltiu, > fib* ^I^iiay Mtfa floirf: tietUti^^ltdil iiftnr^taee} LieBleoaot Fraiiria Mb�^ farU�e�.fi<omtptff,|wy8<tW'e�t?ii<lia ReKi�aert<--�if dMed oa alwrf, Uti Royal 9eief^, BaUaHen^tiietrtenint WilHaiii flbi^!-r yal rWeirAii IJattaiion, ie TtflM SMii�!^;^ia^lerna�t�r aeorger��fUM,1tam:^Xt. 4l> F^i^ince Laadrtiui, isboae^nmMWMntliat ttot ;)rt?�)b>^^^iM liaa/termaain Biiiiclu^iit icon luttil^^y Foot, vice L^cf, bu.ooViiJnia plaee-^eted is above. tOib Royal Veleira#-lte(i�Haili luif^^^$Stb FM>t-^&t�d MkkiayeV^ ' To be XjettteDanis-Lieuleiiaiil Williara Snoftgi4tt, fro�i balf^iiay S^lh Foot, vice Chittlr, whose appoiiilmeol bas not taken plade-dated February 34, IHO; Lieutenant William Lirimer, from lialf |uy 1st West tndis Regimeal, vice Gilland, who relufna la bia former situation on Ibe Retired List; Lieulenant William Kin'smill, from balf-pay 41b Fool^ildalBl a* aboVe. McHOIUVDVM. Tlie Coramissiub of Surceun Kenny, 67lh Foot, hit been oledatcil Iu the 13lb January, tSlS, that beiug (be date it ought tu l^ar. ojiaof Ordnance, April 11, i82(), Ruyal Regimenl of Artillery. Brevet Colouel and Lieutenant-Cobniet ioseph Maclean 10 bs Oohbiel-dated February 24, 1820. First Lieutenau( George Junes to be Second Captain^aled as abovtf Second Lieu(enaa( George Rivera Luke, to bfc-Fitst Lieutfi. nau(-dB(ed a* above. lienteuaiit-Culonel Turllifl* Soger; from the half-pay, fo be Uralenant-Colouel-dated as above. .First Lieuteiiaiii William Halsled Poob>, from the balf.|tay, to be First Lieatena'n(-da(ed as above. Second Lieu(enau( George P. Hrywouil, from Ih^ balf-pay, lo be Secood^ Lieuleaan(-(fa(cd as above. Firat lsieu(enan( George A. Wills, to be Second Captain-dated March b, 1830. Second LicMlenant William Frazer, (o be First Lieuteaant -dated as above. Cap(ain Charles G. Alms, from (he half-pay, (o be Cap(ain -daled as above. First Lieu(enan( Henry Williamf, from Ibe balf-pay, to be Fir�( Lie�(enan(-dated aa above. Second Uelftenanl Charles P. Brewer, fron) (he balf-pay, lo be Second Lieu(enao(-da(ed as above. UPTURES speedily and radically CURED, nilhnul pain, or iMerruplion lo Ihe usual avocations uf Ihe Palienl; nut by (he mere use uf Ti-usses, which long experience has proved Iu be inelTi-clual, bnl by a Course of Remedies-Mr. DUFOU4t,Surgeuu to the Oaraninn Uispen. sary for the Cure of 5Uriclures, and sole Proprietor of Da-rau's Medicated Bougi(.'S, flatlrra himself that ll;� futluwing Allestatiuii (selected from a great number, cunlainsd iu liis Treatise uu tbe Radical f^ure of Rupture) will be considered as saliitfactury rvideuce of the fact:-" Pariah uf St. Ann, VVcstuilnsivr. Workhouse, July 15, 1819.' ^Ve, the Over, seers of4he Pour uf (iris Parisli, do hereby cetCtfy, that Wil. linoi (lOsliHg, and Charles .M�(ore (one of (he poor the Wurkbouse of (Ilia Parish), being severely.aCBicled wi(h Rnplnres, Were sentby us'to-Mr. Ditfbur far th�? piiT|raae of ci�^: ill �-v�Ty ahiirl^spaca ^f ,(ime tliey.jiiei-e .prrfei;tly I cured. VVituesa uurhamls-ThoiuaaTomkinson, j.Mitore. bead, WilJram Wji4(t,^ Drnaniley."-Troi�es, con-Strpciedmi lbe!l�S stixel,,ieil(ur4.-*lnKl. trar.qffiei, April 14, 2d Regiment of Dragoon Gnar<hi,Lieatenanl'A. James Cald well, from 80lb Pool, lo be Lientenanl, vice Peers, who exchanses-daled March 30, l8-2<). Isl Regiment of Dragoons-Captain W'illiam C^x, from (he RiSe Brigade, to be Caplain, vice Webb, who exchanges- dated as above. 7(b Regiment of Liehl Dragoons. Td be Caplains by purchase-Lieutenant Robert Donglas. vice Mayne, who retires-dated March �8, 1840; nod Lieutenant John Wilrlmau, vice Htfyligei^ who retires ^ated March 30,1820-. To be Lienlenants by purchase-Cornet Charles Hill, vice Douglas-daled March 29,1820; and Cornet Artbuc Chi Chester, vice Wildmaii-daled March SO, 1830. Tu, be Comet, by purchase- -Broadbead, Gent, vice Chichekter-dated as above. 11th di((u-Corne( l.ord Thomas Cecil, froitt 10(h Light Dragoons; (o be -Lietitenant, by purchase, vice Arbutbool pi-Omoled iu (be 2S�h FodI-dated asafaovel 15lb dido-Lieutenant George Lowsou, from balf-pay 3d Line Battalion King^s German LegiUn, to be Coru^l, iluib-oli( purchase, vice Buckley, promoted-dated as above. 43d Reeiment of Foot. To be Caplains-Brevet Majoir Henry George Macleod, from bnlf-itay 35th Foot, vice SImsoo, appointed lo 6ib Royal Veteran Battalion-daled March 29; 1620 ; Captain John Napper Jackson, from batf pay 94tfa Foot, vice Jofan Pids, who exchanges,' receiving the difference-daled March 30,1820. 6ls( di((o-Lieutenant Philip SmTlb, from balf-pay bSlh Foot, tube Lieuleuani, vice James Alkin, who exclianges -dated as above. e6lb diilo-Angus de Fbuptain, Gent, (o be Ensign, by .pur- clmse, vice Turner, who retires-daledasabove. 80ib ditto-Lieutenant Henry D. Peers, -from 2d Dragoon Guards, to be Lieateoanl, vice Caldwell; who exchanges-dated as above. 88ih ditto-Lieutenant Horatio Walpole, from .balf-pay 3d -Fool Guards, lo be Lienleuaut,vice George Cceasweil,wbO exchanges-dated ^ aiiove. . OOlk ditto-Thomaa Woodward Eyiet, Gent, to be Ensign, without pnrcbase-daledflS above. 92d ditto-Second l,ienlEnanl:Ruber( Sprad, from half-pay - 3d Ceylon Regiment,. lo be EiiBigii, vice Sir Osborne ibbs, who rxciiaOKCs-dated aa above, RHle Brigade-^Captain Samuel Webb, from llie 1st Dra. %oons, (u b^ Captain, vice Witliam Cox, wbif excbangesr^ dated aa above. a Wes( Inilia Regimeni-Captain S(epuey Rawsou Stepney, frimi half-pay 4th WeB( India Regimeni, to be Captain, vice Tbumas FiuGerald,. who excbO'nges-dated as abo,ve. Ensign James D^^'Bon lo he Lieutepabl^ witboii.t purchase; vice Hield, deceased-daled aa above. Henry Dely, Gent, to be Ensign, vi.ce DaWson-dated as above.  Isi Royal Veteran Battalion--Lieiitenaht. William Gibson, frnni Ibe 51h Royal. Veteran Batiali^o, .|6 jbe. Lieutenant, vice Grander, dece^dr-rdateif JPeiiru'ary 24,1830. Serjeant-Major Ro.bVr.t YftOijg, fr�im, Ibe l8t,n,r Grenadier Regiment ufTuQt GMairds,,tujieA{ijliiiiui, with die rank of Ensign-dated,March 30,1820. 2d Royal Ve|eTi JBaMaiipiU'r-Pajtma^^ - ^qak,,^p'(lij?pol,to,be P^yuiauteruf aTelerau -Batlalipu-dated as al>oy.e. 3d Rpyai Veteran ,B^)i(�UW-Cap(a]n Sjadin ,Sayer,.frora bajf-pay 534 :?oo.f,_. �L be Ci;p(,aiu, vicJ! Adams, who reluros Je bis torVqerAitHalioo op the Retired tiat-daled Peijru>Q44;js3o. Qui;rtiiri|>a.ller Jubo jVlliii^ . t^ep(,^la.l>e':fili8>go,',v{^iB .foruaeraitaaiiMii M'fle wLd, #ilS!8 ,�tflBV^'***PA �-,eji.<ibire, whp .r|l�^� liOJ , May 2, and 37, at ten, at Guild^ll, Loiidoii. Atluriirya, Messrs. Allen, Gyiby, and Allen,; CarJisle-strrel, Suliu. E4:ward Gore, uf Nelttvbed, Oxford, innkeeper, to ear-render, Aprit23, 29, and May 37. at twelve, at Guildhall, London -Attorney, Mr. J. Hamiltun, Berwick-street, Sohu; and Mr. Tliuiuas Smith, Readiui;. DIVIDENDS. May 9. C^- Pulls, of HuUlorpTbitI, Luuduil, halierdasber (late in.piu:(iiersliip with W. Maurice uf ib� same place) at len,at Ouildhaft, (,6udun. ' May 18. C. Whilliiig, of Brislol, pViimher, a( eleven, at (he Rummer Taveio, Bris(uli >Ii>y 9; �. Cullinson, of Crooked Jaue, London, ait-mer- i;baot,al ten, al Guildhall, Loudon. May a, T.. Atlierlon, of Liyerppul, Lancaster, tanner, at one, at the Geori^ Inn, LIverpuol. May^Sjl, E. I}ai|ey,of Prea.liuu-, WiU*. pai-i'h'.aentrmaker,at eleven; M.l^e Town-hall, Marlboruuisli, Wills, May 8, T. Dickeu, of Lilclipeld and Leuioiislry Slill, Slaf-, . ford, qoltun-^spiiiner, at eleven, at: (he While $ear Inn, Maocheslej-, ,,>i�.y.|i. T. Vtb.ile, of Liverpool, merchant,at twElKe, at the iig^ uf Messrs. GciRilb aiid. Hi.ude, Een^tick-stieet, i^Wtpool. MayiB, G,*ing!eyj o/ Piccadilly, MjAHeseix, mjlliper, at eo, at.Giiildh�M, Jt,upduu. ,Msy. jOi A- AliboJl,of I<�fri!p�l, pphoUtenir,^ at one,at (he (jeiirge Ian, l,i�erp()ul. May,ia, C.,3lH) >��>e1oP. MjWiMex, dfftper, %l,t8n, jM,^,uibl^allj, l>.H�d�o': Wan4M���aH. TtovgMWtMMiltet, t��dpW, ineoAa.nt �te^-�-6�tMWl7^.* - - - � ^6ra �(�rttam,�i ici^;.gr�i%falt- immt: � - . 4^ : Maji�, J. R Street �wi W. �Mii^, of SMfibrtMrs^i - llfa|� IL IWile aod P. F, !Nf�e. Of Maigl^^^e? d^ti(^aMwe,�t Ibe nriiite Bear f ^^ lfft<KlMt4en, tWtaster, ^;�iwr^ �MMl,at ^ vm� Uk^l&ii^t^r^Ji^ii,, Man- .Siaf 4. & E�^4fl�i^of i�B^,-^l�r and chapiJjan. �t i. �. foi|��r�ra|H�i�(SJil, .MiddVtiei:, elcr-. �diint,at !% aJjSoiMMlk^xt^^ -Majr�- �ti*ig�J|lh, teie (if NiWtb Shields. WmllMii^irri^nvl, ^jBlJiwtlfivM el����, allhe Comibtrttai Hoi< ^^Huward- 1^19^, &<^ppinj1steaf Higli^dwel), Miditleseii, ��( ��ir�r flartb Shields, Norllmifiberlaiid, maticr-niariurh ; ill -deveii, at (be Camaercial Hui^l, Hawiud-sireei^ Hiitlli Aielft. i . . rERTlPjCATES^fttjl* a... . h*1ierda*btT.-^fl^;of.,Friday-*trrel; L�<<fi*w, *�A Kenniugloi), Snrrey, haberdasher-J. I^dtefv of JcWp-alrrel, Oipplrgate, silkrmaoufaetiii^r-T-G- i'ullevu^ of York, lineo-draprr.-R. Mouptjoy, of Hnowcll r^iiraerj, Middlesex, seedsman,-T Oiiii, of CJ)eJi�iib^nj,f;ii rni:i>, and M. Morshead, of PinttcrVctlurl, Old Bruad-sfreet. 4pri I 3,1820-.J. Seagrini, sen. J. Seagriitl, juo. W.11iritf5[,'aiiii H. J. Seagrim, of Wilton^ Wihi^ and of New^aie sirtri. . London, carpet-mannfaclurrrs, so far as rclalea (o H)� said W. Tbrmg, March 1, 1820-J. Pif!, T.PowrH, W. Fripp, E Brice, and E. New, of Brisfol, llantfn, a> ler ia telatesto tbe said B.New,April 13, 1820-G Watsoa nixl . J. Danu; of Watliog^treel, London, warehousemen, Marrli 25,18-20.-J. Bruce and F. Hdndley, of Cross lane, L itrr 13. On Ihe opening df the Court this morning, Mr.JoBe�,.tbff Recorder, who was Couiiael fur M'litnis, slaicttthat lie iirtct in his baud a cerlificair frnm a Magistrate ii> (he eoiinty uf Down, Ireland)'and also a commuuicalioo f)-um rile Secretary of State for Foreign Affair*, sfalillr Uiai. KtH. i. stable, who ^avs.evidence on (he trial, inji llie inaibwbo. t|n-prebended M'lonis^ be iiuw applied lo ihe Cuih-i fur Ibeir oi'dri-; lo enable Ross |!� receive Ihe re.ward utTi'rett foe lh� person who should apprehend M'lniiis. The Court were of ppinion that they had nothing ti*-d� with Ihe reward. Thecerlificale should be laid b�i�re Lorii Sidinoulh, who would award ibemuney as be lbuu�fiK propf r> .Mr. LloYd, the ageul fur Ihe prosrcutiun, sugg^tcd-tha^*-. .Lord Sidmoutb would perhaps feel it uee^ssaiy lo^ive^par* of the reward lo some other uf the individuals who haibeev instrumental in arresting Ibe parly. Mri Jones said, Ihe wur<la of Ibe prorlamatioa.were,. t'am, Ihe reward should, begiveu tu Ihe pcrsou wbo- ap|j{ebcBd now liappji ttt.infolriik , yuu, tbat a most miraruluus rliange has beeu wruis^fU ii;^ts. him, tbroHcb tbe pious aud aneeaaiagjexecliuiis {'Mr. ifaRl-: ing. . The fullowiuir leader liu� beeikiforwarde^at.lita reqjiest^ ^ to a yoHog womau at Stockport,wUb f^buni lie.iiui,< ^omaiffl-ed. The spelling is left as in Ihe original:- AjrillTjiBJOf. Dear Frends-Tbis coois lo take my last tarcwelt ui yo~'i air, and I Hupe yuu all will luuk onTuylasI ilyiudcwurd^utr advis. Tbis is Ibe Iaal,ye9, the last uf aitt Mar frenilaj yoik. all know welt that my pnncaplea. haa.Bseu^tbfcCkuse ol'myi Death; you allnow (hat I H^ve-deuieiblbe.rptiiire, te t� iny(Tear~ less prineaples. Yoi� Know that f fearedt lieithir Go* our Man. My dear freiids,! am Happy to think LiunJieari- I. hope it will be a-blessini;.lo bult�.yuu.4Mi iiM't^;t'8VAiJ^�>ilI> Delight, and wlie\i you Hear, believe U is true ;. {.wUk-trlk yoil^ no falcily Now. After T, was neuteni^ loileirfK,. t come out uf the Court- laughing, thiahiu^'i' n'oUiii'%e saoiL quiet; tliioktng' that'- Both saiii^.ati#> BOJy. �nwl�li>b� soois, dead. Allcdial greajred. Me wM,j(o4bi�bti>->!�'�l�.��*Mai� aboulil suSer.for.iay^.anagi'ri^iuaa. .Myit^pfti�'u\t�,^��fne iu-to,ll,^p^jB � little.afleF;a BK�ac�m�.ui!i>,ine,,|mil. begim to spake to me about iuy Soulr'klajif^'waCtiim^ he asked (b ;iraj by me, but- f. loiiLRii*;* rfAi(nl�ii.� Priestcraft He reasae^dr^w>r^^.Iy,-alut�ii>i be was n� priestj, pit .tbb �Of*o���^i��p.*,o�sfcsW|�u. He prayed ai!d^oj#*?io�fc,tJhr*^�#>^-ine,^l|l^�ij>,,^,^v-ofl limes denjeii in^.S^vioJi j-.n " * ' '- Hoililball. I ^fb^pnrdt.n "rf lWrOn>, aipdf^^M

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