Thursday, April 13, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 13, 1820, London, Middlesex Number 5414. LONDON / THlil^S|)|T,A^l^lL 13, 1^20. Prick 7 iri>, Mr. DraliaBi. jviandane, Miss Care� ;. Seiuira, El.iMd. After wliicli, the Comic Sketch, in one atl, of Jii.UE DEVILS. Mfziim, Mr. ElliBlon; .lames, Wr. Cowelf; Dftfiisou, Mr.Gaiiie. Annede, Miss Kelly. To wliicli will be added, 5th time, a Broad Farcical Panto-mlmical Drama, in two nets, entitled SHAKSPEA^E FeiiSUS HARLEQUIN. VUrlrqiiiii, Mr. Harley ; Corj)Of�l pqpnce, Mr,. SoM^ton j Gi^coiiadp, Mr. Galtie; Joe Snip, RTr. Mpn^cn ^|ii;ith>m,: Mr, KTiijhl; -Simbu, Mr. CJxberrV; ,Fprife, Mr. Rnssell; T:H(fy. Mr. Huglics; Mcrciiryj MriT. Cooke; First, .fiislice, nir. BuKir. Alr�. Snip, Mrs. HaHowe; Doljy Snip, Mk-dnnie Vi^slris; Siikry Cliillei'lin, Alisa Povcy. The 0 �.; Si'cood Price 6d. Tlie Box Office will be open from Eleven till Fiveo'Clock -r;.ices lo be taken of Mr. Rodwell,'Box Book-kecprr. Tu-moiTow, The Hypocrite, with Shakspeare versuH Har- Iciji!.'!;. Oi: .S.ilurd.iy, Artjixerxes, with Shakspeare versus Harlequin On Monday, King Richard tlie Third: Duke of Glo'ster, i\Tr. Kfin. (>ii Wfdnosdayi Venice Preserved : JaiHer, Mr. Kean, his tire! appe:irance in that Ciiaracter. ~Fn HA THE- HOY A I:, CO V KNT-GAKDEN. r|lIJlS EVENING, THDRSDAV, April 13, JH. t�-ill be aclcd ."Sliakspeare's Tragedy of KING LEAR. K'vz '-''ar, Mr. Booth (who is ehgascd at this Theatre); P,,U.- of .All.any, Mr. Connor; Earl of Kent, Mr. Fawcell; i:-.! I ipi' {.lu'slcr, i\lr. Egerloii; Edgar, Mr. C. Kemhie ; Ed-i.iiiMii. Mr .M;icready. Goncril, Mrs. Connor; Keg^an, Mrs. ;ilrs; Cordelia, Miss S. Booth. After tvliicb, ]8}h time, a new Farce, called lOO LAT]i FOR DINNER. Thp t)riii(i|)al Characlers by Messrs. Jones, Liston, Conner, ITiiK hard, Eiuery, Mrs. Davenport, Miss Footc, Miss iji iiutnonl, ami Miss Green. I |i � P.i.ira will be opened at Half-past Six o'CIock, ond iIh !': ly hei;in at Sevcii. I'..'MS 7s.; Sfcond Price 3s. 6d.-Pit 35. 6d.; Second IVirf 2^-^J.ower Gallery 2s.; Second Price Is.-Upper til :y Is ; Siroiul Price 6d. ^ li vile Box may lie li'td for the seai!o;i, or ui<fhlly, of Vir Biaii.ion, at the Box office.<;Min and Cinderella, or The Litlle Glass Slipper, will Im* r l.ue for Dinner will be porlo'rmed. io-iHoirow, llie new Musical Drama of The Antiquary. Oil .S.iiiii.lay, Ivanhoe, or The Knight Templar. ('1 Tnisdny, first time, a new Mnsical Koipance, called n.'iir; Ci'iilre, or Paris in the Olden Time. mi; vvtiiku.s at, at the theatre IM'VAl, en' oper.4 HOUSE, STftaKi>. raniiiS EVENING. THURS'DAy, April 13, a. -w^ oil Mondays, Thursdays, and Satui-days, dorins; tl,i' itji.iiili of April, when he wjll have the honour of in-lio.liicini,' his Friends to his COONTKY COUSINS. iJovcs ami Places to be had of Mr. S'evenson, at the i;i:;niJ Eoirauce, and at Fearmafl's Library, 170, Bond-si ri-ii. Rl^.AZ UiD and CO. the Contractors, beg to R K. iirrjuaint the Public, that as no Prize higher llian � 1^ I'.i-.iwii on the lllh ittslant, every Ticket and Share, ,f li.Mi^il hcfure 27lh this monlh, will have the tame chaiice to; l;u' 1"? Capitals, iuclulling r. I i. li..........Prizes of.......... �30,000 TWi)..........Prizes,000 I >Vi).........PriZfS of..........�10,000 :m) I iji.'tf.l fur eveiy other Prifce in the Lottery, (except the I'l,.! 1 .Irnwii), as if the Tickets and S{tares had been i.....i'l' ii. ll'e tVelimiiiary Drawiii?. .N.K. -I'lv., \>iizes of ^0,01)01. three percent. Consoh, Ml -.1 r.l". DUAU'N 27th this Munih, when the TVVO 1 IIJSI-IHMWN PRIZES will gain 20,000i. each, in addi-li.Mi lo wl,.,lever Prizes ihey may be drawn. T'll.iis ;iii! Shares are on Sale at the old-established and l.irl unfile offires of HAZARD and CO. the Contractors, r.viiKiocrr-srate; 16, Coinhill; and334, Oxford-street, (urni I of .Swulloiv-street, London, who shared and sold III. !:isi Lottery Contract, 7,370 and6,666, 20,0007. each, II ! h, a riinit Loltiry all the Prizes of 3O,0O0i. n^oa.every half-hour. .  � For Tirttels tojsiew the Premises^ and Reference for the Terms, ^c. apply to,Mr, Walsft,,X^�l�r91ilfr,Inn?rTeip-" pie-tahe. " ' REGENTS HOTEL (LATE NAVY COFFEE HOUSE), NEWCASTLE STREET, STRAS|>. f fl 'iH E Proprietor haviii^ '*fiit�;igecl iii vnnllier SL Buisiness, will Let or Sell the above Old Established Concern, �hirh is now in coipplele repair. For Particulars apply on the Premises from Ten till One o'clock. : � WESTMORLAND ELECTION. THE FRIENDS t�,e INDEPENDENCE of the County of WESTMORLAND intend to celebrate the late glorious Struggle for the Emancipation of that County, by a PUBLIC DINNER at the City of London Tavern, on SATURDAY, the 23d instant. J. C. CUR WEN, Esq. M.P. in the Chair. Tickets, One Guinea each, to be h-.d of Mr. Atkinson, No. 7, .St. Mary-al.Hill, and ^t the Bar of the Tavern. ATLAS ASSURANCE COMPANY. LIFE DEPARTMENT. ERSONS Hsstired for the vfhole tfrm of I.,ife, ivill have an addition made to their Policien every seventh year, on the principle so beneftcially pracliied till lately at the Equitable Assurance Oliice ; or the amount tlieieof may be applied in reiluttioH of the /aj-ure payments of Premmm. Policies may also be effected for the whole term of Life, on a plan ))eculiar to this Office, >ehereby the Premium is payable fur a fixed number of year* only. FIRE DEPABT.VENT. Policies for 300i. and upwards will he entiljed pnder the system of Assurance practised by this Office to participate in the surplus Premiums every 6flh year, provided uo'claini has been made for loss. Proposals fully explanatory of the prinriplea and rM" of the Company, may be bad at the principal Office in Cheap, side, London, and of the several Ageuts in the Country. HENRY DESBOBOUGH, Jun. Secretary. CJicapside, London, April S, 1S20. TO SOLICITORS, BANKERS, AND OTHERS, IN THE COUNTRY. Gentlemen who are willing to act as Agents for the Atlas Assuranee Company, are reqnentcd to lulili-ess their .Applicatton to'lhe .Si^crelary at the (Miice in Cheajiside, accompanied with a reference to persons in London. LHLSHIRE ASSIZES. NEW NOVEL. In Ihr Press, and will he speedily published, by G. and W. B. WHITTAKER, 13, Ave Maria-lane, OCIIEIL; or. THE FIELD OF CUL- S J I.ODEN : A Novel, in Three Volumes, J2mo. riii^^ Novel is from the pen of an eminent Author, w.hose woiline already greatly delighted the Public ; the incident iiiol lU-lineation of Scottish character will be found liighjy iotrrestiug and amusing. NEW HiSTORY OF SPAIN. This day was published, price 7s. 6d. boards, rf^HE HISTOJRV of SPAIN, frotn the earliest X. Afes of which'w^^ have any authentic Records, to the rrlurn of Ferdinand Vll. in 1814, accompanied with the liironologicaland Genealogical Tnliles of the Vioijoth and Sji.tiiish Princes and Caliphs, and -i List of the cjutempp-' loy .Sovereigns althe end of each n i^ii ; also the Political .\i ranu'iMheiits'of Europe, as sellKil .it the Treaty of Paris, witii Notes. By F. THUR'l'LE, Author of " A History of France," &c. PrJutcd for,G. and W. p. Wliiltaher, 13, Maria-lane. In thi: Press,'and will be pu,b|i8l>ed May 3, ju aaoctavo i VolPirte, illustrated with Engravings, ^W^nE irALFAN COTS^frEetlOlSr^rt; :,Qr., -SL Complete Economy of-'Des^erts: coii.taining the' IMeinents oMhe.Art,-acpPFifiiig to'the inbst niladerij'artd ap. jiroveili P<act�:e,;-..j^illl;:fln!i . DiEeciil>nW' resti^ctflrg' Distillation, Decoration, and Modelling, in .alt/'llieif./. Monday, April 10. SHOOTING AT BIRCH, THE CONSTABLE. At nine oVIock the .Judges arrived, and IWInois, or M'Giiinis and Bruce, were (irought lo the bar to have judgment "passed upon them. Bitice had the following petition handed to the Judges by Mr. Bcnyon ;- " Mv LoRi>.s-The very unexpected light which Almighty God has been pleased, of his infinite mercy, to shew the circumstances of niy case, through the instrumentality of the the prisoner M'Ginois, has induced me Ihus to trespass on the attention of your Lordnkips. I beg, with all hpniilily, to state, that from my infancy I have had so far a knowledge of the rcliKion of niycouilry, ns always lo bear ill mind thnt divine muxim of our blessed and niost iDerciful Redeemer, of " doiiij uuto all men us I u'liiild they bbuuld do unto me." 1 am nlso well acquainted with the prin. ciples of liomaiiily, and look upon the detestable crime of assaesiuation us equally repugnant to both; iipil, my lyordS| if ever 1 had, eillier by lay words, my tliOujrhls, or even my actions, hern accessary to the atlnck on the life of ^Ir. Birch, far from derlining your judgment, I could pot even pray for the mei-cy of God. |l does not appear, my Lords, that either Mr. Birch or Cearsoii could ssy that I kueir any thing of .M'lnnis's iiiientiou. A.s lo my running away, 1 have n-o recollection of iliat circiinislaiiee; 1 may have done so, as did many others. I know not what-1 did at the moment, I was so stniek with Uurror at the transaction, nor did I know at the time but that some periSon had fired at mysilf. It will appear, my Lords, th�t so corisrious was I of niy innocence, that I never altempted to lea*e my lodg. logs where I was first arrested, aud when bronght before the Magistrates, 1 candidly told all i knew of tlic uuforlunaie circumstance, in oixler, if possible, to forward the endb of justice, as well as lo clear myf own eharacter. I never denied having been speaking wilii Mr. Birch ; but certain it is,my Lords, that 1 had no evil iutenliou in ^o doing ; and as Ip llie " sideling" alUidid to by Betfrson, there is a debtor in the Castle (Mr. Jump), whose s^vanl Pearson was fur the last four months, who can give ijifurpiatioo. .tendingto explain that point, and which eui-robprateil by the testimony of Pearson himself There is one circiimstance more, ray Lords, I wish lo make your Lordships acquainted with, and ( appeal to (V- Eloyd as to the truth, of it. ' " When some evilminiU'd .pfrsops wej-� endeavouring to' make it appear that it was .Mr. Lloyd's sop who had fired the shut, I, from a seuse of buinaniiy, in order lo forward the ends of justice, and come at the truth, described ihe person-of auian tvhpse name 1 did.nut know, aud who came up to me where'1 was, and. ti^ld ipe,^e who had fired the shot, lor the exact words which passed o.a tlie occasion, I beg to refer yo�r Lordships to Mr- Lloyd, who took them down in writing at Ihe ,t|.me^ i ,b^ve,^jrd. ^ut.very few bc-qiiaintance in Stockport, having, beeaonl^ l,>Hle better th,aiv lliree munlh-i ip it previous lo" the niglit in question. " I,declare, nmst solemnly to yojUr Lordships that f have' had no acquaintance with the prisoner, M'Ginnis, nor did I to piy knowledge ever,.see bis person uniil the time of his-eximiiiatiou ill the Castle, of Chester. A,Md a; to my con. iiexiou wilh Harrisea, it was by means of bis eraplpyiiignie; us assistant in his school, ^n which s^tipirion I 'repiaiped' only six weeks.; i Ihep got .up � school of my bwpj at \he, L,ai^cash!re .i^i^e of Jjlpslippl-t. .J aever taught -f'loin any oilier bookx but the Old and New Testament, aud Enfield'si .'Guiifei-Bi-________ , ______:ii M|.iarf. -1 i,'�� ^<�^'�^^��'^ �"� I..&H^pn;.,Piiq^d,/o* ,J,oku iHpr<iiijg,.(a�,.(Stv'/aine�Vj street. L ^. h man (Brtiee) is iilnoceiTl. f iic,Trr ajiolke lo t|ie map before I shot at Birch. . And thpugli'l cV^'a'ii4'ttiey'w.ili bie foupd up-shaken if I ntuMfji.d." ... , Mr. Jiis^li'ee U'^piKey prin^^^pvt �enli (,Gp ecnled on Sialnrday next. " James George Bruce, you have nlijo been convicted of aiding Ihe prisoner M'lnnii>, in a cciioe at which our.feelings revolt. You have stated ju your petiliou, as yuu have dune in your address lo the Court, that you arc pn iunocent man, but Ihe evidence against you hpsjbeen gpch 4s lo satisfy a Jury of your guilt. You h.ive said you are an instructor of youth, and if we are iu ju^lge pf yon by what has .tmpspired upon iliis.tri.-iLassassiiiatiun is tau(^il by you as a docfrine lo be followeil, pnd your 8chol:ipa,are trained up in those ways (hat will lead to tlierr punisiimeni botli.hefe and hereaftrr, P Yon have neither of you long to liv.e,.and I would enr treat of yon to pass ihe feiv retpaiuing days of-your existence In humble address to the Great Dispusei: of all human events, on whom alone you can pow call jnercy. In this world all hopes of life Pre closed if pop yop,' ajjd it pow only remains for me to discharge my dpiy hy .Mrderipg;y^u to be i taken lo the place from whence you ,cap)e, frptn th.eoce to the place.of execiitlQii, anil lliere (o hai.ig hy ilie neqk until you^re dead, and the Lord have mer,cy on yqpr,souls." M'Innis-."Thank yo'p, my Lord, it.'s a good cure for a spin of the head." We understand lhal this unhappy p)on j-efaseaall the consolations of religion i that he raeetSjIiis fate with the moat obstinate indifrereiice, aud what gives his fate a deadly hue Is, ilia I he disbelieves the exiglence pf a fiod ! , iX\i.iS�jaati^AM-Mt. B�Mg^^earaon, whajaae evidence qn.Saturday against ftrliiois, WJs dispfaarged by pro-clapfatiuu. . "SEDITION. THE KING t'. SIB. CHARLES WOLSEtEY, BART. AND JOSEPH HAURISON, About half.pasi njne this morning, Sir Charles Wolseley, accompanied by his brother-in-law,' Sir Thomas Clifton, and two other gentlemen of the name of Eyre, entered Ihe Court, and took their places near the table; aud at ten, two other causes baviog been disposed of, it was called on. A Special Jury ivas cilled over, of vihom the following answered and were sworn E- M'iBDif, on bejo^'Trlaw^''lt&e[ Mta-i^' Kjy twi;; this James Wylde, Esq. Booth Grey, Esq. . Janii's Slantou, Esq. W. M'alhington,'-Es<i. Ed ivard Jones, Esq. W. H. Walhiugtoo, Esq. Jaoies B.ayley, Esq. Geocge Eaton, Esq.- Tuitrmen. � James Allen. Richard Woodlin, (�eorge Rvtler. John Bauks. Mr. Lloyd stated the indictment lo be against Sir Charles Wolseley, Bart., and Joseph Harrison, schoolmaster, on two grounds. The-first coSnt charged that they bad excited to tumult and insnri-eclion, by holding a nnliieroiis meeting'oii the 28th of July, and addressing seditions wor .90, ^n^iijijrtjqtrdi t|i^to,o,Bf of t,h.eMt;Csuaant�^�(qe'p3Ba 1�fiOO. i Fre'viouslc (u.tliis meeting you wiJI find Sir Clia/iks bad 6een acqOi^oiC'ltithat ihiiy bad beei]Ja''coiTe^npdeitce'biilb''e'dajr' ; �f meeting-that they had been in -convercation wji^'eii^bi � �t her-that they were.iiot rfranttrs e'Uher t(^#j�^^^^ illie In feurfedWg ectaW t lie iiiceliWft.frobi �IUi*^ roncerted acfieme. The meeting W58altgft^i^,^!i^a{i.;r pr-[j *om armed with bUidgeooi, �ot m�5%Weiat5(if >fiew,'init*^ mKftyt/^9tMi*�imvi>i*>�'i>vbv!UmuM!^^^^ ib put l.^iejCS were,esrried, ha.ying on them the usual cant inscriptions, ' No Corn Liws,^ 'Annual Parliaments, U.niyeisal JS'tff'i^J!'"-. y.o,'eby Ballot,' BIndgeous were4i) be found almost , in pvKiji band.; il^ crowd was more nnnieriMis Ibitp on any fiirmei ornwinn ; and after ih-.s, could it be fairly coii�idered ;is,a i{,beraiive assembly met together for a |icacesble and qpiLttiiViunpl purpose' A stage or platform was erected, , on .which ll^e .leaiters mounted, two f the principal of .wljpm we.?e the preiteni DKiendants., 'it w,-i8 previously .agrf;ed, iPe^h^p^, t'vil ^ir Clurles sbonid ..take on hipi the Ql^pe. p.f .Chptrmau, jiiid he wa� ctantoroQsly called to it. ,.He.^|(u�qctj .�nd took the Chair, end haying taken it, : SMVt Vil' hear .yhat 4)assed; yotl will bear the jieditioua words flM�iSf' tP jhayp been tipoken by; him for the |jurpo>e of lirtiiging the GuyerOment into hatred and cOnleitipt. Gen-tlf njien, :t)me t.s ttCten a ^at difficpliy in tiringiiiK wil-WRf-S.'." ^tll all lljS words uttered on sneh an occasion. No prudent man yruuid''Vi!n|pre'to mix: in stich a crowd, but ;..ppi:Hisi|)r.jq ,sojui# itvprcanae their pnitteiicPi npd sonye did gp Jlfierei Cfom.wjifua yutt'sfanll benr-{''he Eijbiitanre of wimt wa*.m(rf yi(^pr(^$nt.i)erend3nts.' i sbiiil uot brre^tiite baps there were children there; J don't know on the siile next myself, but children were playing. Examined l>y Mr. Harrison.-1 live in Slorkpoit at He Church gate; 1 am an allorney; I took note-) of wiii: i beard; I have not got Ihcmj I heard .you disiinrily, u l when I said " i heard'indistiiix:ltyi" I applied il geptrnliy all the speakers ; 1 jieafd enoiigh.'in whal yon a.iid. Thomas Q^lion examined by Mr.� at Stockport; recollects ibe^meeli'n'g on the 2Sili of June ; saw numbers of country people coming into iown by (lilfertot roads; was at the meetingv saw Sir dhvlt^s goiug up to .t observed a flag; on one it^e was " No Corn Laws," oii ih-' other "AnnualPafliaiPepts.VniversnlSnfl'rasF, and Vole i.y Ballot;" it wasf|^rle(i; a'fierwardji saw it lowered, lor i!;-purpose of putting on it a'red � cap of liherly : got so nra; the luislings as to be tvithin ten yards; saw Sir Clnr:, s Wolseley on the hustingii; the Reveieinl Mr. Il^ni^,:: w�s there; Harrisnh wais on llie le.ft of Sir t3,im-!es; was speaking; obserted ri. cpnversatioM p?i.^'*ttij on li.-stage; Sir Charks bore a pari ,�n jl; H"ivt�ir.i apparti-.ily joined it; can't tell whnt wa�sliu.l;. dou'i rffolleci nr.-/ ______.:_..l-^t.i r.*:.'.l .r------ c.r_V.i....rt__ .......---. it fW-Vtril, Hh�t �hfir:l�slimony will be, Inrfrcly gener- j (1)ing particularly beiilg done; Sir Charles vias receivr ally'ndyrrt lo its ciiaracter, �n which it will be for yon ' � ------ '-^ -i-------- ^. i i . fXSlAa�'i^fAoif\gfW~ Mttr^tlie luniulL of the meeting bad subsided,-Sir Charles Wolseley saidf'- , jV^.-JfiK^Mt^o^jl-HMyLorda, Ibe w'itucsaes shnumlie sent ont before the Learned Counsel eiilrrs immediately on bis case. f\r. Serjfant Cross--Yes, the witnesses on both sides. JheCotAT then ordered the witnesses ont, and after a pause of some minnles, Mi-. BBHTO. e not necessary lo jirove.llie fact of such acquaintance, 1 think,for the sake of the ends of pul>lic jos'tice, I may as Well read il to yon.- [Here the. L�ariied Pouiisel read the ielier.3-^T.o this the i''bstma!>(er'replie<(, no letter wiis stopped, and generally[led.the charge Rfade against hint by the defendant. Th'rs, (Jcenllf men, ^hews a correspondence between t he defendants; .but if,any .dppbt remain upon this subject, I shall read you another letler, addressed by Harrisou lo a man in Chester Castle, of liie uamelyof Bag^cly, which wasopened by the direction of the Magistrates,in coiisequenceof Ihe prisoner's im--proper beliavoiir. This letter I sliail read to you : it states the circumslaiicrs of Ihe pieetipg, the numbers assembled, tlie bnpaers uaed,aaii ifte Prcs'uiuicy,of�i� C.VyxN^ey.-lUh'eq, . ^tween Iheai, thejjwouTd Wow them up either to heaven or ' liTi i":; i and a Sidniouth, that I hate iliem, that I detest Ihein, it...I t eternally execraie them. He (.Sir C.) wa� proud lo s.-.y iiS was at the taking of the Bastile in France, and heslioii'd lie happy lo he at ihe taking-of a B.islile in ICnglsni! : and were* .ilt hearts but �s firm ill the cause as h'l's own, iliry should 3"UB fat an end l� live present lyiaiiMy and ci.Trui?-tioTi." Thai was all wimess look iioles ail Cross-examined by Mr. DictcEijsoN'-I am a mtton.hro-Icerat Stockport; { have only a small part of Sir C.'s upercit: it was not allutlereil at a lime; lie calleil npon Ihe peace o'fScers lo keep Ihe peace ; his address was generally to be peaceable. At the time of the cap beinjg put >n. Sir Charle� turned round, and there wasademur; the rqp was ih'ii put on and afterwards the flag was hoisted, I did not hear Mc. Willan olijert to it, be might have done sofur any thing i know. Upon Sir Charles turning rotipd, there was a stop o^' a demur, it might have been in consequence of his bein^ displeased ; it was put on and boisl^il, and Ihe meeting continued ; il wasK^nite peaceable. John Johnson ixauiiiied by Mr. WjLLIAMS.-Witness is a land SBrveyor at Stockport ; was at the meetiii'j ; saw Sir Charles on the hustings; was within six yatcls pf him: lie said he was the first at Ihe taking of llic B.iilile iii JFranre, and be hoped he should soon beat Ihe demolishing of l!:t^ basliles in Ibis country. When he said this,'be pointed nurth-wcst. He told (he people to be (irm and united, for in a few weeks the great siriif^^le wouiU be made aud ended, He said the -rniusd whereon they �were was sacred to the cause of liberty, as they hu'J there once defeated I heir enemies. He said more, hot 1 do not recollect it. Mr. Harrison stood next to him ; lie a',s spoke. He said they wanted lo get to the ilH-nne, to see if there was apig or a niau on it, and if there were lt>,000 wallu ious, it is in vain that we may hear it said Harrison does not participate in Sir Charles Wolseley's guilt. So fat-. Gentlemen, I have given yoii an outline of the evidence I iiitepd prqdpcipg, and here lel ns pauseandsee if it will bring bonve-to fbe iJGifendan.t> tite ciiarge again.-^t ihem in the indictment. They af-e chairgeil with hai in; alleuded a tumultuous meeting^ with pn'lawt-tiily asseinblinjr to disturb the public peace,, aiitl c6nK{iiiine~ by seditious speeches to excite Ihe people to a hatred of the Government and C^onstitntion as by law eslalilisbed. From what I have already said, you will spe that sedilious language was/ispil; Ijpt yon are not to build spy thj(og',on.what 1 say, unless substantially,giveo lo you op incunifovertible evidence. With respect to the aa. fure of the meeting, tliat if was a legal, qaiet, conslitntioual m'eetiiVg,"" for the ^Prpose of petiiioning for a Reform in Parli'ameiit, fs wholly disavowed- by HarrismL; for he says the pet:iod for ut an end. It was not tliein for l^eform tliey were assembled; his letter disavows it. Nor tan ilie other defeudani, if J prove the use of seditions word� a^ipsl bin), .C|eej� oiil o,f lids proserutioH by alleging he liad i)b cimcert arid no partitipalioii with a�y guilty actor acts of flarri,Spii. If even lie did liol use seditious word,', he wds Cbaifl^afi'when and where they were psed, and so far &ilr.cfaes il> himself whatever criminality they naturally bring wilb tbf;m. i do not say it is, improper lo meet in order to pelilioii for Reform in Vdrliameii't-tu'miet for the purpose of addressing Ihe Legislature to obt.iin redressfrom actual or supposed grievances. Heaven I'oibid I should tell yon, Standing ip this place, that such meeliugs are not proper, or not legal. No, fienHeiiieii, the right of petition has been handed to ns'as a valuable lega-cy from .our forefathers, and 1 Irast we shall ourse'lvesliaiid it down nnimpaired to our posterity. Wilh respect l6 the banner having'ou one aide of it the motto of " No Corij Laws," I say, ff ihg, ipccling had assembled for the purpose of discussing ihnF question, it would-certaiiily be unobjectionable. Still |ielilions of tjiat kind shoaVi be coiidBcled with quiet and ijecency, and not in such a, nvanner as to threaten and in'tinaidate and endanger the publicfrali^uillily. John .JCenypn Vl'iulerbpllppi examined liy ^eijeant Cro�S -I saw a public,,meeting at Siockpurl'pn the 2fith June, it Was])elween pne and two, o'clock ; I attended, at a ll'laje �cijiled.^fea'n^y .Brow ; I think 4 or ,5,000 people were as.seinjl,t^tf; i y(aH not near enough to phserye if t.liey were of tlie .'(o^vn ,pr ,Hut. They were very quiet w,ben I 6rsl saw tpepi ; most of,.thep haiL stirks, apparently got from h'edges, newly gut, and not like walking stict^s; they were generallyjirjBl^ straight. The popi|lalion of Stockport is H,boui,2l),0()a (jerspiis. Tlieie was aliustinga, or ? scaB'old; 1 saw se,Yf,rj�) jpeisoire there; Sir Charles was :|KHnted out to me as being, liii .the ueairuM ; Ilarrison 1 knew; bp is a s.(;hoqjinasler5 ^e jiied then at fStiiekjiort. The first tiling I obse^vfi'd,Was a .biasing,by the wVpie m.iill|lude I was not a'wa.rij ii^,ybat.i^fasiqued it, 'fhepe�!,J.lliilg_ 1 (Observed, was the pas.sing sopje;fesoJu- j litii'is; iiie Ctiairniau was Sir C. Wolseley ; i dill not perceive lijnw |lic;,g�l^ iqtp ^liat sit^iation; he was there when I readied, Ijiya? a'bqnl i^He'hjindred yard? fropi !liescairpld,.aud I could �indisliincl'ly, l^eai*,.aij liiai was.sairL only beayd ,Sir Charles. s,iiy " pnaninio^(s." 1 did pot vote. I saw persons vote hy hpldi,^ig np (rf.ha.iiJs a.od.alicks, Jjnt on the occasion of pas.s-ing a resohijjipp,,'! saw no ilis,-.ciiliiig sticks In W up. I saw no r'especialjje iiiliaS'aaiit.laUe uny part in iV jinnceediiigs; I feirt jp.^^ejjy, seciireal^liie liipe 1 .saw th.e ju.>etiug, and 1 Jieaj'?I^Ijprf,)^.s(HV,s,ay,,/''.llie .flpuse of fi^ujipi'ius wire the I^''''i'JF''i^jV/'*'f'.-!^?i-'l'"^'!! "ii*,* "te'*:'' to pctitjim them as it \vbnid,^;aeJjy-,^ .luifstcr to.jiglfiion Iksg^oouifajhjs horse;" J hg^ajd,, ^ e " ' He i' Ihe united ,..,ni �'^t^e pe9jj|n,jva?,!U!f,5!;tq,pveyail., ,ijt,�iras,an wijm that lien be used the wortis " a man or a pi?," they were received with acclamations. Thomas Walsh, examined by Mr, Deacgm-I am a cltr'K:' at Manclicster. I was at the .Stockport meeting on the 23ii) June. 1 stood about twenty yards from the hustings. 1 heard Mr. Harrison reading a letter to the multitude. The substance of the letter was, tUat the Oeily h'aci created man for bapjiiness, and a spfficiency of all good things lo ren. der him happy; but as the majority of that meeting were extremely unhappy and miserable, and rendered so by their rulers, the inteHliuns of the Deity |ia<l been fruslrat.-d, and rebellion against that Government brcume almost a-duly. Sir Charles was not present at this time. This was Ihe general text upon whidi Harrisou went. Sir Charles an^ved while Mr. Harrison was reading. He wa.s proposed a-i Chairman, 1 think,-by Mr. H^ir'son. Tliey shook hands. Sir Charles next spoke. He thaidced them for the honooi' they had done him in apppointing him Chairman. He snjil he was no orator, hut a determined friend of Ihf peovic, and a friend to Annual Pailiaments and Univirsal .Su.ffrni;'*, and if any tpies^r informers wi-ie about him, li-l i.'i.ui tell Ihe Casllereaghs and Sidmomhs who cniplovtil Ihiui, that he abhorred and execrated them anil their piOL'cedi!.:Ca. This was receiveij with mticli applause. IJe was tlien slliiil, -and Ihe business of the day was proceeded in. Several le-solutions were jn'oppscd by ditrercnt persons- They were reid by Sir Charles. tJoe of tbem was, that l.or.l Siduiimih wai guilty of hi.oh treason. 1 cannot say that Sir Citmrles pot il.i^ i-esolntiou. There was no opposition to. any of the resdiuiiur.s. Another rcBolntion was, that there sliouhl lie a. feu-vi a [ meeting of delegates at Oldham, or some utiii r piajie a::r: ed upon, to consider the best means of ohi;;ioiM<; llieir' ri^^bf,. Another resolution was, that a subscripliyii simijlii be ciim-ei! into lo prosecute his Majesty's Ministers. 'riieie-.oiutioi a were read separately, I do not recollect who the rf solutions. They by some one on the li;i.=i;iigs. Ht^ was near Sir Charles. Sevieral persons spoke on various sob-jects; 1 think Sir Charles put tliequestion (oi the resolutions to the meeting. Several had full sized walfciiig-siitas.- They occasionally brandished Ijieir stiiksns tfiey cii*rtrei.'. BIr, Willan, of Dewshury, and Mr, Fitttn, of Roylpji, ais . spoke.' Sir Charles spoke again ; he said {o- wua a., tt-te: mined friend of ihe people, ami should rciaiiii mi s-iiil.- liie last drop of blood remained in his heart. lie s^jil his ;.iil,-lical career conimepced in France., and lie � n< one of ilon.-wlio inonnted the ramparts at the destruction i-jr ti;e But;!.-in tbuf country, ami he would uot siiri-k t'luta alfacki.^ Ihe Bastiles in liia own country. This iv-is �.po'i;rii m-.i'^ mitcli warmth. J.ohnson reail a very diill.iijieteli. \ jier-oti. in sailor's dress, in alluding to the panic wiiicb prevriiUdat :i former meeting lU Manchester, said that siu-ti romiurt �.joSti not do at Olilliam, iWey innst boldly lay lo.lil of il.r .''qi! , and they would soon capsiae Commodore .Si.lin.untii aiui u\y-rrew. This was anii* in tlie hearing of .Sir Cli^di-. 'i'Jl'. ri* were some fi.igs, one wa.s surmounted by a e.i[* of librily. Tlie mottoes were, " No Corn Liws," and '.Annual Pai laments.'" Harrison spoke lifter Sir ("harles. He said ibita-depulatio? from the delegates shonld pres. oL their petitions in person, and to leinove all obsta_eles in the way, i"or be u.ti not know whether there was a .manor api;^ there. He .sa.i.\ as'Mlnisters had procured a BUI of Inder.iiiily to protrcL themselves, this meeting indemnify all tiie speakers, if any thing sedilious be-said. This resoUilioii was pas.sed witti cries of " we do, we do." , - Cross-exanviiicd by .Air. PE.vrson-The ptihlit; Vt ; J was at the'meetiog of tlieSSib Jjjne^ 9 little h.-t'ore, 12 ; lyje^ as aspe �'f lhk|ipwn,iui.�.^^pr,8iar ble. I s|iw-Su- Chsfles-jiii' ,cuippjWftw.^tb,,gi�ffpifc I^fisgn i tbef vv.ere; �tp,n ^mki-aiH^.^^"rh>

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