Tuesday, April 11, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 11, 1820, London, Middlesex JUNG'S TtfAAthk.' THIS EVENING, ttJESDAY, April ii. DON GIOVANNI. After w^jch, ibepopaliir-BBlItt, nf ADOLPHE Et MAtlLPE. A Qttzi Matqaen4e will ttk^ pbcc at tbii Theatre od TfiurMliy, IheSAb i( THBATR^noYkl.. DRUnY.lulNB. THIS EVENING, TUESDAV. April n. hit Majatfi Scnmnltwill perfonn the MummI GUY MAWNERING. - Colonel Manneringf Mr. F�o�ey; Henfy Bwlrain, Mr. Brsbam. Locy Berlraoi, MiM C�re�r; Meg MerriUe�,,Mn. ^rlort; Julia Maonerin^, Wit* fove;. iMtT which, third lime, i Broi^d hrcical P.intomiftiieal Oraraa, In tin acta, entitled ; S�AKSPEARE FfiWAX^V HAKLEQUIN. lUrleqiiin, Mr. Hurley ; Cnr|Niri|l Bkiancr, Mr. Dowlon ; G*tCi>n>de,>Ir. Galtie; Joe Siripi" Mf. Muuden ; Ahraliitn, Mr. Knicbt; Simon, Mr.^Qzbera; Forte, Mr. Rnsidl; T��y, Mr. ttoshe.; Meworr, Mr.T.Cooke; Fimt J��iiM, Mr. Botlcr. Mr�. Snip, ��. Harlowe; Dolly Snip, Ma* -dame Veatriv; Sukejr ChitterTia, HUar Po� po<iiii (afterwards Pantaloon), Mr. Barnea; the Ba-ruOfis.Poapoaini (aflerwardi) Cloavi). Mr. Griroaldi; Pe-Jrign Longtbanka (afl�rwarcii Dandini), Mr. Norman. Cinderella (afterwards Colombine), Miss E. Dennett. A Private Box may be had for the season, or niKbtly, of Mr. Brandon, at the Box office. MaHeqiiin and Cinderella, or The Little Qfaits Slipper, will be rrprated every ev�bin;, Thursday and Sm*^4�y ex--cepled, wbrn Too Late for Dinner will be performff. To.ranrmw, lianhoe, or Tl�e Knisbt Templar. Oa Thursday, Shakspeai^'s Tragedy of King L�ar : King � � Xear, Mr. Bootb (who is enpi U)K atlmotion of the present performanrrs, the MONASTERY is POSTPONED for a few days; bnt from Itie Manager's . Jrlrrminalion to supply a constant variety of ailraction, an rniirely New Comic Piece will be performed THIS EVEN-' "ING, TPeSDAy, AprUUj.aod repeated till further no* tice, entitled ' ' ....... DOUBLE DECEPTION; OR, MOREi30qST& THAN ONE. Wilfi tlie three bigMy suecessfnl new Pieees, � timnged ' as to enahte the andien'ce to depvi*< Kfcasonable liunr. In tbr releh'raied New Comic Pantomime of OOODT TWO SHOES.-PAHtr'of the F1X)WEB; or, TILLAGE rnOLICS, Messrs; iBfjigtljS^-Bptogna, and Barnct, and Mi� VslUucey frill perform.. After wbicii, the very po'paUV 'and affecting Hiitoricaf Melo-drame of CALAS} OR, THE FATHER AND SON. Tlie Entertainments to conclude with THE COINAGE OF THE LAKE; OR. MY VASSAL'S DOG. In which will be displayed the wonderful performances of Iftr rflcbrated Due Bruin; and the Blaxing Cottage, from wliirh a Child is thrown inlu the LakeofRral Water, and c�t6afd by the. Dog. la the course of the fevenlne. Songs by the Miehrated Mi of " I.Pliers from Spaiu"-Travels ihroogh. Poland, Moldavia. Torkey," &c. &c. To. which is added, ^ Portion of the Law and Miaccllaneoys Library of a Gentleman deceased, forming an interesting an.d vahmhle assemblage of.works in Sp�ni�h, FreiKli, Italian, and Suglith Literature; among which are- POLfO-Bridges's Nortbamplanohirc, with additional Ptates; Nash's Worccst-rshire; Strphenii's Greek Thesaurns; .StatutesofthrRealm; Uymer's Fofder^; Dugdale'a Baronet-age; Buck's View uf Towns. Cast les, &c.; Norden's Travels, Urge p.-i|.vr ; WiUiamsoo's Wild Sptirts of the East; Collection of Plans of Battles, &c. 4 vols.; Cnrtis's Flora |j>i�. 'liueasis; Milter's GardciJcr's Dicliunary; Fowler's Mosaic I'ivrnirws; Galerie de M.ISnyrr d^Aguilles. QUARTO-Ruffhcad's .Si.-iiulfa at Urge, with Conlinoii. lion; Aiki<iVBiogra|ihical Orclionnryj'Grose's Aatinuities ; l.�rdValentia\(TravcUj <Valt'i Works"; lyOyly and Bfaiiff Bibte, l.iri�e paper, illiiiitraifd. , OCTAVO, &<�,-(E.ivrcs dr Voltaire, large paprt, with fitieimiirfssions of M.,ea�'� Plates,-7* volumes; B^aii'lie* wf Ra^iUuH and Wal.K, 2(i vols.; Anniiii'l Register; nnffon ,Hi�lo)ri- NaiiirelIr,.V2 torn ; Good andGreg�ry'a PanUhicia; Kdlnljiirsh Review, 2� vpls.J Thf Reports af Vesey, Robin, son, Diirnford aiid last, Btarkslttne, Edwaidi, &e.; the Work, of ilutne, Cibbon, Robcrlgon, SmollMl, Bapia, arid Hither MislOriant. Also, a Larga Cylindrical Electrifying Machine, with a �ari*t� of Ckpcasive apparalaa; Andrieu'a Booauartc Me-<inh ; a Telescope, by Adams, &e. &c. To be viewed the niornitigi of sale, and Qkltlogiici bad, IWitrtl.ctcli, �  � �.. ' --�����' -.r ,ia ,Mki ^^ �^pHAT reoovafitiR Medi�in�;. SOLOMON'Si 1. OURDtAL BALM of CL|:,EAD� �� tiiiirtrsal Rr-Xoratise for DebintaUd Conslit4Uoiia,aiidiltt ���t|la�ilUt Vnptuiti* of a C^ofiiiiif ti*e iHaUt.. ^ " ^ nice n�. �rfour ia iic33i.bolilelo4#ie lli^tlittieit^ the .Olds � SMiticlSritnBitttf UimiHar Mp.^ld by Leigb, 1�, Str^, iBWM^lMQiiMU to THE PRbPRTEtO^ OF EAST INblf STOCK. tkDICa AND GI^HTLISMCH, ' , ^^HE ELECTION of SIX DIRECTOl^ ,, of the EAST INDIA COMPANY bring appoUled fdr WEDNESDAY,ihe 12ih April next, the favour of your lM*�ad Interest is requested fur the folluwiog Ocatlemeo, ... JACOB'nOSANQUET, Estj. JOSEPH COTTON. Esq. WJLUAJVi TAYLOR MONEY, E�q. EDWARD PARRY, Esq. THOMAS REID, Esq WILLIAM WIGRAM. Esq. Which will much oblige, .. Ladies atid Geullemen, Your most hamble Servants, Campbell Matjoribanks, John Jackson, Georgf A. Robinson, Alexander Allan, : Williain Aitell, John Behb, Robert. Campbell, WiltUm 8 Clarke, James, Daniell, William F. Elphlotlone, . . T. Charles^Granl, . /ohti If odteslon, ;Jobiv Ini^Us, fji^cted; Ihtt if aay.pfri^ti wYifii^'^�|l4 uolawriiHy iWt I rert�*nber-which stopped first;'tli'e'miMnco it.;* ptnntt any tiiMed watpol^f ttf^^y apfCie* ot-Wre. J "topped together. I knew Br�ee at that lime by 9 :'�. iwii con^^^^^ 1 that was thp ftrst thing he said, to wbirb I replied, Harri. moment mt met we 5 Ibc- Hugh Lindsay, John Morris, James Patlison, Richard C. Plowdcn, Geiirge Raikes, John G Ravenabaw, David Scott, George-Smith, John Bladen "Taylor, John Thoruhill, SweoyToouc.' to tHE:PROphieT0RS OF BAST IjNOU STOCK. 'XAWtt* Aiw'GMifLskeH, �JTAVING the itonotlr of briiiig rreommended � MM. yit^byihe Directors of the East India CompaQy, as CaodMatet for the Direction to be chosen thia Tear, w� Hake tbc liberty of requesting the favonrof your Vote on the Dayof Election, WEDNESDAY, the I3tb April Nest. We are, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your most bumble Servants,. JACOB BOSANQUET, JOSEPH COTTON, WILLIAM TAYLOR MONEY, EDWARD PARRY, THOMAS REID, WILLIAM WIGRAM. East India HoHC, March 29, IBM. HARLES WRIGHT, importer of PoreiKn Wines' and Spirits, next to the King's Theatre Colonnade, Haymarkei, respectfully informa the Nobility and Public, that he is now landing from the Charming SfoUp, lying in the London Dorks, CHAMPAGNES, sparkling and Cfcamiiig Red and While, of the very first Qualities-Simple. Bottles, )0s. fid. Also, Florence Wine in Aask, 4s.6d.-Old Port, Ss. 9d.-Fine Sherry, 3i. 9d.-Cape Ha. deira, ls.9d. fcc.Mc. &c. The only Dfepot in Eagland for those qualities of Winei^at the above pfiiea. Tbi* day was published, price 91s. boards, in oac large Votumfc, Svp. 'PHE ENTHUSIaSiVI of th� METHO. JL DISTSrand PAt>ISTS ednsidffcd.. By Bisho)>1-AVINGTON. . With Notes, Introduciion, and Apptadiz, By the Rev. R. POLWHELE. This is a reprint from the scarce Edition now sclliag for a rtij high price.. The Author's principal design is to draw a comparison, ky way of caution to all Protestaals, between the wild ai�d pernicious enlbnsiaam of someof Ibc most eminent jRain^ in the Popish Com^nnioii, and Ihoac of Iht M�tliodlsta in oiir Country;. sTbieh latter he ealfe a let ef pretVn^ eforAera^ aoimilcd by an 4nlh�ti�Mie and AinatiCal spirit. Printed by A. J. .ValpV; �l>d SoM by 0.�nd W. 6. Whit, taker }-Sb*�#ooa�iid�o-; Simpkia Md Ci>.f B. WmOf, Wdott�ji�4^o|li^rJt�t�w!B�w. ENRY'S;;CAJtOVN E D M AGNESf A con-finueii lit M prepareik With the moat scrupolon* care and attenUrin, "by Messrs. THOMAS and WILLIAM n ENRY, MaiAifactiiriag- Chemists, Manchester. It ia wid in bottles, price 9s. Sd. or with glani stoppers at 4s. dest. ' As aonn fn' ibe Jury were seated, . Mr. Bbmtoi^.'rpfe to addr�s the Jury, when Brnce said, " My Lord,. ( wish for a copy of tbe indictment; I have not . had one. 1 b|(Ve 0* liinpey to purchase it, and I shoutaiifce lo read it as.the trial goes on.** _ Mr. BENTOiT^r^^e have uo objectioD to the prisooer't having a copy jnf it. ' The, CotJtMr-YoH ahall have a copy. Mr.Scijeant Cftosa-:-! do not object, my Lord, lo its being given, bull beg it to be understood the prisoner liat no right to it. Tbe CqVRT'-Most .nndonbtedly, it must ant be understood 83 a right, but as a matter of conrlesy. The prisoner has a|iplird for a copy; the Counsel for the piroiecutton do not object to J)is,haying one, and it is granted as acourlcBy. Mr. BisHYON-My Lords and Gentlemen of the Jury, I nerd scarcely say, that tbe prisoners at the Bar arc charged with a crime of very nearly at deep a dye os that of piurder; aadT had it not been for fomc ivipemataral iaUrpoaitian.' they would have now beeatried for that moat mipnitroos of all offences. I shall ttate tu you. Gentlemen, ihoMy and p�rip4�nouity, the nature of tbc ca8eandahe;,cbarxeterof the evidence 1 iocan lo lay before you t:^>>aiy4�tti^htA^ innat b� ij^nftittd m aof Ihiug ( iii*r "�}> M ^ust aolcly depcbd upoa the :��i.4�ncc. Gcoti�i�en,.yott bavc . btard tbe iodiclment R�4. - M'taair i* ifaeii chi&Yed wiih I nalieiou^ly and .lelaoiaittl; ahooiiiq; at one R(r. B{rch; ''iiiil Rmee, jfte^tier priMKtt^withaidtat^nila#iHrHt tbe jtMt-liamctf^ lliri��Mr- Id tUf ctunniaslou oM^f j;niiH><*-WtVi Act ar-llM iMIjr-tkird- aeotge ItL chap. 6S,'a"ia .t(urtl suffer death. 'llHm-tiwreiii a |Nipvit6'lh �sed^ �V^t 1^1, that ralber tippitei jkirtritfnc *w\ atabhint, And I shall not further natiee it. Tii o^r'tn fix the ^Tiinnera With ihe.iciHme rlla(jti n, fl^t in tbe moath of JiiW ;lasl an iodtctiiiftil wiia fttinnA at tbeOnarter Sessiottafur'thi* tMiiiilty fkei^^�^lM�niinc prtarbrr of the ndme'.�>f Harri�fliii,:Bi|dall�j^|.ntt.iir Cto ley, but Mai is of no fii^ll4>r-ii(;tlte prdtriM momtnt - Harrisiih ihereon weai ohI of the Ujniiiily)^ and the Magit. tratet issued what ia-ealM �.^n�b. Warfant for hi* ap. prrheasion, Thi� Warrant, wa� into: the liandt of two aicliveruustable*, l^�Vlii^ftii'el>i. ondon,and there ;tfrri^ted Harrisanyt # public li^etling wbicii ivaajiebl at Smilhfield. Tbey thence Wo6]|ht Miiilitfiloch^^here thvy Brrivedaboateicfart�*c1n�!M�be.;#eii|6i]r^^ It wataoon kwowu thal4ti^rJHa^1t�iani>frerf,' tbat^^ waai� tbe ^slody ufBireli, at BitiebV:bo iKc^ of peo;He imdinliBleiycrowded irtfttridfol'Thtt ttacmbtage in. timidaied Bircbt Hdl!!il�{!|.:likhiHi&,io!M�slwf, About ten o'clock in order to taketheadvicearKeMagiillratMand Mr.  Lhtyd. At he was goEng Qi^acplacf Called Utyaliyairecl, to the boase of Mr. M|iyd, %�imMijitJ�ft�}mv*.. mb^. aciMsM4 b^'ene ^abm^lf^&l^^^ . ilwa�Wi�iapri*pii)tt:;Ai'w,'%^ with biaii a�d atta if 1iefiwdinodK6t-1brrit�ir.N Tw.iUf Bircb^repUed he had';'bat iTit-tlnh pcopliif mmiid to besnr.: ruiMding him he hrgaO .to. ^1 iMutid^iabte alarm. '-Bircb then said he wa� RoiaR lo ~aMs Siiiiii, -an acqnaintant^ -of Harriton's, to see If,he fronld; ^cnmcone of hit bail- . for he traa obliged to'.pret^nd he wnt fli^ friend ar Harrison. Upon this tbe people <^rf��ndt 9 had no doubt Jfcob M'lnnis was the mail wbo tbot arbiiA. Very toon afier Bifcb wat able to leave hit lied he'wAil ioChetfer gaol, and an 6rtt teeing M'lnnlt bad �ot 1^''aligbtest hetilalioit >� identifying bim. If the ef Idener reited lhei�,.there Would hi an end of the case at fo'MUiini*, bit 'guill would be oa-'> questionably established; Then at to Bruce, he it charged witbahling and abetting theatfierpriaDuer,aiidy�arGciu}e. men, will consider why he'delayed Bircb in oonfersaiion^ coupled with whataftcrwaniaixcurrcd^'.and it wHI fa� for you to nscertaio whether he be ai yarffttpi'trfaiMr or not. After the shot wat fired. Brute Md- tbe.M*tHtritet weint away; and .if Bruee wto iiuoceitiv 4he niMncr of-bt� going gave- a, Tery different iodicafian. \t ttally. in^ nocent, be would not bfve run ranq^ ill ceapauf yit6 thotc who fiiyn: So far,' Geall|il�Mi;.tj'hwr� .,�|ati ' youtbeevid^, atit wijl <lep��d � Wia. Blteb. next witnctt Idrall produce wiH l^4ja�iif ||irk altaoil a sjhild.wbolived in ihtboijMl�it�BifdhwilihH |^q(^^ porttOB �r b� j^dc> leMimoay^ the tbree�r. ��tirp�^- aM|i>�gi ^HHtW^ ber iia�|��bot-atMt rmowayii^Vtb* i^lSfm perton who did to. In addiiiptiie Ihiiyl^iiball epH William Pearson, If there eaii be aoy do|rtit.H to-liie recollectioo of Birch. William Pearton hidgril^ln ti��inM! houic and tiept in the' tame bed witb.iacob ^J^oait beHiva tbi* affair; he went out with him on ific-SSd July; be tiw.the three men, whom be knew perfectly veil} ha-aaw ibera in eonvertatmu tag;etht!r beforr Brace etepped Birth; but. bcioghimNlf et ilM moment engajied inoonVenation with .a man of the nameiof D^viet, be coitM not ace tbe baod^of M'lnnialiftetliip whfi> befiscd thcfittoL Hc-smt tfac.naje three men ran away^ ind ia the: hand'of H'looit b� tubs*. qiieDtly pereciveil a]iiitol,thetmofca;frottiwhicb had not entirely vaoiibed atil met biteye< RelbCn taw-bia p�l it into bit packet, bat he did not teetiim, from the reason I ba�e mCntiuiied, fire the tbot: Noiv,'i3eMlcmcil, in addilioB to thi^ �e will i^l yon tfait bebreLbvraa 99 Minute* at home after tbe transaction, of certhia couvcnatioo. which be held with both Ibe Prisontiiat-tlieMr. Bruce-tfthe Altorney4SeOei�l beiutirfetfd to tay thit, he ia wrongly informed; I ti^oolat tbc btdgiugt'of At*Iaoia{ I did not know him tfaen. The Court-You mntt not iatarropi, Mr. Justice Maiuhali.-You bad .better |ie quiet. Bruce-My Lord, i linly intended to prevent a mistate. ment that miicht pr^judice-my case.-  '. Mr. BemvoN-The miatakewasmine; (did not intend it; Bruce was not at tbe place-of wbicb 1' have spoken; it wat Jamrt M*tnni^,lbebrotfaerorthepi^tWICrat the bar; William Pesrfou wilt disclose the convertatiou'tbat�ataed after the abooting at Birch, and it will be' fur ydu/Geatleroen,.con. necting all the transaMiont together^ to-.aee haw far. the charges in the indictmciil can be fixed, if p �.lhetc prisonni whose case you are now called on to ,decide. If. any doubt can arise at to 'Bir^t rceol|iectioli you will have tbe evidence of Peanbn cooim^tory of ..il� Wiick will be particularly material, ioain<l!eb-<JU,, ba..(aw every part uf tbe transaction but the actualflrint. I bare many witnesses to tbtw ybil Jhe �wl sitolirpl wtit made by somebody, and Ihft Birch waj^ttSUBtMt but ihit Ido not think nreetsary. One or twoiiiBy,%o:wl^, |^ brought up to these fact�,irwe tboiiidtee anyoeetttily for to itoint. Gentlemen, I sbAll now. nrfcly tafo^tiat.jfini, that an. e�-traordinaryj;ry,wa* raised albr tbiti, itcct|it�i)ce of Birch'* tonng shot himself,  f*((^iek�VM�iilf-jFraiW� that there �rat some previoji�.cqufMiwcy�xi^i.ug|it; Me-adtnittiM the tame in Ireland; niid'all tbitt Brif^taid wai^.l}|milg^one pf.those who wete therr, be took no p^rVt1rluit�*W: >ii the hotribte trantnciion. During the-conflecittetit. of ftPlniie* he at. tempted to break oufaf gaol,'but iQodlf^rbiii,! aboutd bring tuch a'eireimsta'nce lobear^intt .htn, nqw that be l' is on Ms trial for to terioiu an offence.; f katreooVv C'Btle-men, clpted aiy�b*eri�tiont; \ Nve.n^ce^^otcied the nature of ^e evidence I meanlobrin|t.befoi^^a,aiid Lhavp no doubtjrou will give audi a verdict ae^i*itl be tatisfactory to ynuAr tbotcienice imd the. iaitereu*-ofjutliCf and your eoonlry. . ^ William Birch csamioed by Srijetot .C'ki^M^I bad� |>cr. tAn of tbe naove of Herrisou at my dwii tiiidie oo llldS3d of July; I wrntio Mr. Lloyil** iKiiiid abetii M minate* b*-.fere ten, it wat in tbedutfc. of the evcoiiii^; there wat light enoagh tb discern thefe*tiin<� of a'iiy'^^oiii; (be ditlanre � I WM i(oing was more than MK^yatAti^-ewiny'Way 1 met a number of persont ib Ibe tlree|{,lt^w�iM,well l^nowa Har-risoQ was iby priioner ^ I viopped; a* I wcot along, aiHl nt| witb brucPi whom' t:litiil'^oi!riifd�'iit4if^indotb*( two Of ihtre oibtra werecontiuit tip tbonab oea.r 'rack-other} there were fou?arihcm',:tb�y;^iitied:�. pi^i^|to,,^�is(trft ou parry; ^laro B^tNB bM^dlM Mifp �]|lr^ei*^^hey went off abo�t:aya(A�i^� Mlle�iiiiHge,^^^'i��itiliilp.}--l am [� Mt cMin, �n tat *90^HJ^99a^^^f ^^Xm'^ turn Was at my house, and at that moment a man came to wards my left, Bruce wat then right in front of uir, and then a man came on the left, and walkeil nn till he came to my rear; I kept my eycf on Brnce all the. time he war .coming; I had pariicnlar rcisun lo look rouiid, a^ a grCat crowd assembled in the *ireet |ironnd my bouse; but till I kept on i�y coovirtttioo with Bruce, whoiii I asked, if a man 1 taw aei r, na ,he wat a frieiid In Har-riion, irontd' be one of 1>is bail. Brnce said, he had not seen him thit latt boor. These were bit words.-By this time the man who wat in^my nrar moved backagain until be came in front of me. When 1 made the inquiry abou t Sirna, Harrison's friend, Bincr, looking towardi the men who bad ttopped witd bim, asked if (and by that time Ibe man who was m�>ving from the rear wonid be on my left, be looked towatila him) yoo bfve aeen bim? I can't aay to whom be addressed himself, but one of them said, � No; I baiw not seen bim thi� bniir, or .thhi Usi hour." Broce g�V�'in tbe answer that 1|C, bitftjoOt teen Sims before; he got die same reply, fie^ ^|i^ iaan be addressed; aa soon at lisc man got in front of vie, -ipA behind Brnce, I saw a movem'roft with bnrright~buRf)Mt'iiad spmelbing in it; before 1 could lAwervC aoFltiiiiff ^ 1 waf abut. A belieyc wbat 1 ahw ii^b^aJond-iltsui a )IMd^ .cbfef: tiot nure tluMa miuitte;aiiA'�dMircl*pani^ro�i-tli� Unie.lkop^jintf^l>�a*ahot� IPICii tncwf^ brwti; (knew Kuee i^eny �iiootfc*'%e(!)reTt#a�:�|tot�yp^ Kitntnodunbt in hioking'at M*(ani*lianieialb*.,|H�-iiM: fretklfay my left lo Afy le^r,iod ilien, on comirtg rupnti/to Ibe front behind Rrvce, tlio^ at itieHTRe'V^fiHcMt Where the ball entered w*t'|ie^e'prddaeedL)-The man wbo cioie-|n rear of me, and afterwards liebind M'lnnis, wifs the bmh. Who shot me; Ihad.inycyes fixed on Um; 1 am ccrlaio be la the man; it it only lix orteyenwcckalinre J tawMtB io ibe Castle at Chester; I came for the purpose of teeing if he was tbcumau; tbe impression wat so strong in my mind uf the featnret of the inan, thai for many nigbtt I almott dionght I taw him; but I wiilied to ei;nK to the Cattle lest-my reco^cctio'n might not be ri)tbt; wj^n I was at tbef^tle I'.watin Mr.'Hud�uii>room; I caihe several timet befoi* I con Id. see bim, and tbe moment I savr bim I knew bim; I have no doubt whatever he is the man Wbo shot me. Mr. Flint, surgeon, examined by Atr.' M4ItiY--l taw Birchaholit teno'clockon thenig;ht of tjik 23d jiily^l ftiund him. labouring under threat mculnlagitalioo, frum tin appjre. beatiuo of imminent danger. Uwlerttaudiog' he bad been that, and tbiit he had a wound in the breast,'! esa^j^H it. I found hi* wound on the ttft tide of the breait bune,iibou| three inebet from the extremity. I probed the wopad, the edge ul the bone mat evidenfly frneiurrd; tbe� the conrse-of it was difccted dowaWafd*>��iic4�^w^V � Bircb. in imminrut danger. Crost.�uiiniaed'by Mr. Javct>-.Tbe wound prodticed Q^r; llrat in Courtwbeo Birch waaeximineit; biiittoond paodnced no lifbtiiits* of ikc head except wbft.WMc (ram aMMbeaiioo. the corrtctnet*/of tbe mind wai not at all diMurbed.  iH�e Campbell examined by Mr. BkRTOir.-I* twelve yean .old, and niece to Birch; ,rensemben thruight 'be was abot, she left bit bonfc about dark; he yertook bier, and the followeil eloie to bim; I taw bim atop with ikriMorfoar nep; .1 did not know any on��f tbem but <Am^ .aii^lebaeM koiiw Mm again irriraaUMieeMMi t1i<t matt *lt1ril^�pce. biclet (Bmccl t ncwaaw biiM^kt^tUif tlMj r� earekb iamM�#ae^tbMetliet^Mk4 there waatoneewtfewatioU-bctwccn my Vaele and t{iaii.|^.�hDat � laianie tw. twoY report of a pittol, and MWiny uncle tdm xoiiua aadtbriek (srrikc), and run ainiy; t eaW ^ flasb, bnt CouW not tell from whence it came; I did not tee tbe men Inal#aboiil Iwelvemonlht before I came .to Chester; I aai-n'ow under a eharfF,but I eannnt exactly an. . twer if for tbi* buliaeta; I temeinber when Bircb Wat burl, and knew kiro twelvo monthi before that; be wa* livilig at' Stanly ttaBiiltuu,aboat  quarter of a nAXtJiom Stockport; it it joimng up to it; I was hidging at 4^ lame.plaee; 1 alept in^lietame roomandlnithesameltcd wfth bim;' f was preaeot when Bircb waa afaol; George -Bruce, Jamea H'In. nia^ Jacob M^Innit, David Davit, aqd myself were thjerc; we Were not in company before Birek cane up, nor in fcon* lunation witbany one; Jacob M'lnois, tbe.Pritoaer at tbe bar, fired the pistol; BirCb clappedhis baud upon his sto-. macband ran away; BrncciimnrdUtely after ran off with tbc two M'lnoitet; tbey ran up Churcbgatr, and Birch ran down; Bircb ran in tbe direction of Mr. Lloyd't bonte, aod they io the contrary direction; I Mw Jacob M'lnnis again that night, perbapa an hour after the pittol Was fired; we met at our lodgingt; I found Jacob before him, and in about 20 minutet after bia brother James came in; there wat not a word of the bntinctt mcmioard in the haute, but out of it Jam^t firtt called hit brother Jacob, the Prisoner, and then he called me in two or' three minutet after; ibey taid they wanted to tpeak witb me, and I-aliid.tpeak up; they replii^, let ua go into Ibetc fieUt, hedget baveeara^ then we went into Gee't fieldt; Jacob atked me if 1 knew whal bad beendoat in Church-gate? t answered, wa* I a witch to kaow evci^ tbiuK M wat done in Church-gate? He (Jacob M'Innit) taid, Bircb bat been that,.and you taw me do it I be drew the pittol, and aald, that wat th� pittol, andany one who lodge* the least information before the Magistrates should bavc the benefit of it, and he tyould go , himself to tbe North of Aourica. I told bim I knew nothing about it, and! wanted tii know nothing aiiunt'st. Jacob after never lodged at the Mime lodgiugs, he came their, , butdidnotsleepthere; laawhim.on the Monday foiknr-. ing; the shot wat on tbe Friday. Cross-examiued by Mr. Jttiin.-I bad no quaiitfl with' M'lanii,aor do I bchnig to any Reform Society; 1 acver ^ aaid 1 owed bim any epite; I first mciitioued Ike Mmedf Jacob M'Innit at tbe Buckley Aribtaboat a week aftenBirch wai'abot at; I (aid it to Mr. Uoyd; I don't know If it were reduced to writing; 1 teen no onewritlqsndtthaf^ know of; they mights tbey tnigbi -  - question be went loWards tbeboiiseia wiiicb be wat cnnliu�t for Ibeporopoienfeisistingio ptoeafin'gbail.Of of rendcrinf > hha any other setvitc in bis power. ATs be pHaseri aliMqt / beard a voire calliii^iiflrr bim',and shortly nfier he beard liie report of a pistol. Ait be'had not the alighllist idea froW whence or by whom it wa* fireil. He begged to a�sore ihnr . Lordships and the Jury, that be wflt try nuawMo* a i>iraiie>r to feelings of b'nmanity �>r Ibe duties (if reli^iV,' aiid' .th)(V nothingcu'uld be fnrlheirf^nm his llioiightiran'rt lni;linatiot�j than the-commitsion of an art such as MiltHy-whiebhrttou^ . charged. He bad been bill three months rn' Stocfeporl ktc ' > fore the period when ilic shot wat fired, niida/ IO.M< rellMt*.'^ prltonert, he declared nK^lsolemnly ibal he ff*#ol-^t�f�i them onfil be wat commitfed to tbe Castle uf Chtittiit: Using in dittrrls, he had applied to a geutleninii fA Slockpo*! fur eroployrnent ; be wat afterwards directed to Mr. H�itri� ' son, who kept a Snndaf School, in whirli lie wSi'< tarr^itt^ time employed during Mr. Harriton't hbsfore. Some lidHF'-I-after thit,^e purchased the good-will �f a school if! flw l^ak^ -raster side of Stoekpurl, bf which meaot he hnit snppurtrtf bimtelf np to the period in jioetilmi. TheCatrv JtnncB-i^Chr.yoa say that yon had no ae-. qnaintanee witb tbe pritooer* u^ to the period of your fai. pritonmeut? Pris�nrr-~Drclared that be had never teen ihem nnlil be itiet ibem in pritoo. - .  The Approver Pe^ltsoit-Wba(< do yoo mean , to sty .tbal-yow were iMot ac^atotnl wtiti-- Tbi'a man wat pruct'eding in a loiM rnqe from tbe-tflb i^riM* biix, when bewat iuterrilpied byy Me. iitefinrvM^ (Cir, wKtt acreteiy rrpfimaltdrd hint fur hit iuteriScWNtw. ' Ti wl'^.'5--./ . .-VVm, Pearson.again tMlltd, had a paper put (fAif Mfit> .i';think that is my wriiinii, iiiy name is to it^ , Il waa 0(4 iSfM.by nielo say ooe. I desired Mr. ^orge HndMin tis write thai letter fur nte, Inil I cannoi sdy wheittet-it wHsm4 tojneoriiot. J cannot read jr. By the Jupoe-I do nut know that tlie (IrildtWh were acquainted befoije their arreat. I (A� Bruce,jfii<:ub M'lnnis, 8iidJ*mes M'Inuiscrosa the: markef-place''locelhrr on ^^here, Birch war tfcM. I wat elate behind them air ttti! wajr^ Tbey somctim#o walked abreast, and someliri^ i>nc after ihe other. Mr. Uoyd here proddt^dt tbe first eMminalimi* of Pear.-son before the Magiatriitiw. Tkey were- daledXlb July. By Mr. Cross-^itoets wat before tUe Magislnitet a�st prisoner whril He Made those deposition!;--^He (t)d iint aigu them. I have a paper sieued by witness, tv is itt my hand* wriiibg, and is dated 7th September. He waa llien caa-mined on oath. Here tbe affidavit wat put in and i'eatf.'' ' - -WiIiia�.eeer*On, a pr'uaner ill Chester CSilltrf makelh oatb, and sailb, that in the maolH of July he wa*,adip|o'yM> a* a weaver at Stanley U*�nHun'*, io Edgriev,.aBd stvpi ia the house; and tlia^-)b Ibal moatb one/acob'. Ai'toais, ibe person now in.iMtftfdy; and prettiif Jieforehiiaj caffiv to weiweat the same place, eadfor faof or fivc.aigkta fore the twenty-third .day of July la�t be slept 'in l& bed with bim. Wilde** tbtfughrtbe morning brfon iWUd July h* pcreeiv^ � pistol in the pocket of M'Innit'* inta-�ers, bat nothing wat taid about it. On ilie 23d ataif^ be taw James M'lnnia and James Geurgc Btnrc |p�^wp the Churcb-gate before the witness oat of the Mai;k�|ipfai�i-. He was very near tulbem when they met William tfie^, and the minute tbey met bim tbey stopped op|<otltelilBir(li, and beftcc apy tkinjr.wa* taid eith�r by,' BlrCb or tltM^ lineoftbem taid, ^He'* here;" then, to otc wiin�*'� o�9 words, bcfaya, "I made iht tlop lilt I had paiifed fcy them ai bit, and when I had first pastMi I-.aad�"|[ :�f9p1^ aad. tUrocH ike (unnd, and spoke a word or two,. 1 Mic�i .St*i|iBi�a�({l Jttaea Mlnnii,^ and Jamea George Bruce, cotjir eiM^MOC iiprfMia the piacev 4ml they had polgoac tbrtrafrii^kc Awe |.p�r�eiTa�tbe->tttol in Jai;ob^ Hgkn1iWtti�B4r wfir.n jKBcraf^dH inio bl� left biiid; topat a t^aod ciniceai n, the amoke b*d not left it,,*adbe behl it ifl botll bit jipBda at b* .patted me. 1 looked roaud' me for dife* tecoiidl, a�i4 ( fqllowfd William Bircb, wbobad rap away; eomplaiolog a; though be wat shot, into f.Ayalty-plaek. � ], then wallceiS tip ' street, facing Mr. William Birch'* hoiite, and Ibcs went' borne to. Edgeley, and' whether Jacob Wat In whcii \ gur. there, I do nnl know, but be wat in Ih^hdhte theiv.or Tctf .. toon after. 1 bad.not brihi out20 minute* befcre Jamc*.bi*. brotbcr�came and called him out, aujl jn�bont iWo iniwhiap after they called me out, and taid tbey waAAIedtu tpeah,i�1n', and i went oul into Mr.Gce't field with them. Idars(d�ai> other. Jamea tpoke to me first, aod taid," Dott know iiflt hat been dune iu Churcbgate V I raid;" No, am I a wiiek*" He taid, " William Birch bat been shot in it," am) Jartii saM the same. Jacob taid, ** thoii wast standios lhe(e wVa the men ran by." Jacob then polled out a pittol, an^ t�i Harailtuu't, and they had aome little eouiversatioli with Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, but nothing private; and Jacob wen* away, aud never alept tbei* afterwards, nor did be appear tt bis luum. When Pearson wa* examined at Stockport, be said be 4i<l not know who wa* with Bruce, and *dd�l,� I did not particnlariy who fired tbe pistol.*' He waa not swar� al thai time. Mr. Serjeant CkOM eaid that thl* waaool evidence. The Cot^HT. held, that io-tbia caie anckcriileue* M the best of.my knawfedge I charged him with being t|^ perao'n wbo fired Ibe pittol, but not on my oatb; 1 (aid h* wat guilty,buti Ws*a<Vaid if I iiwore il I thoatd not be tafe; Jacnb M'lnnia fired tbe pit. lot, and 1 taw the tmokc ia the pa�; ihit 1 idtd the Magit-iratet, tad let any one deny it Who can. By Bruce-What 1 know about you (Brnce) il tibt 4 bit. better than the man who fired the pittoL Yonr adioh* npou that day were a* ba<l � tho�c of H'loiii*.- Tou (Britce) drew up bclbre Mr. Bircii, and tidied betWeeo Birch and the man who ifaot hiiit, iii tirder to tiorer bim; Jacob M'Inult wa* then beiidc Itim. I never laid, 1 pip�$^  re-wacdfronvmyeviilcBce; 1 know yoii, BritCC, kept a'tpiak. ing schoof for the Bitaical*, for 1 wu Iber* a�� trrttitt: I' did aol revive two ponods froatayaaug woma^.frotBjLoo-doa, nor did I ctcr lay I received two pouada'; I bat* no' aweetfacan there, iior dii* .1 iceriv'e two paa � � ^ Mrte tike.cale far ttic |M*ect|^im cl�M(l. M*luni*dec�a3iiftet&|9t%twirt<�b{*Cbirti�el.:: �titcc�iad,tkatbiM�UC�ffl�iiiliMAMiM�4o�i^^^ i.< . - ^ - - - Atw* u'woimw iw luwu By K sinm year*. I wat about M�y*rd* frooifkaepol where thetin^i fired. M'lqoit 9rt� ditcaurting atlk"hapariJictil�l4 mean ibe ihad at the bar. We were talking oite foolidk ana tente or another, like other people;, ke waa ticMBng aiiilef-ing with the girit that atood by. Altar Ibe iTot. wa.l^tt the people-began to fun; M'lnnia tan a^ Cburcbiaiifvt, and I aaw hioi no AlOre that night. " CrotfcxamincilbyMr.BKiiTVK^^Taakavi^a*. f aeetir belonged lo a Reform Society. HMnaiaiwaa not arte ia arm with tbe man who tbot tbe pistol. AojMMe taylng that ba wa* wuaM tpeak folarty. v Richard ftlortiloDexiunined.-i mm weaver,,and rrtid* near Stockport. I rctnember the atghl-' on wMeb Sink wn. ibot. I we* goiag^wa Cbar*b.galk*itk�y brother, aad I taw ^'Inni* talking ton wumao. After I it/A patse^ tim Utile I beard the pistol go off. I wa*lW.near.feahi�ii nriU . Bearer to BirCkllmu M^luniawaavkewae MlB yardlllf Jnttt � f<08t Ike tpM^where the tbof wae.lb�d. 4 oaly.lMlttiLKiiit fruip bavlotteea hin�eamc into tbc'ahop �kr^ I Wdiiliflli^v-Ater tba ritak waa fircAibc people rm aad iealte�e Ooaalil uMH Weatet}�Ikekaaicumtng lolbe A*-*!�*�,tfHi(i!m^tlt*�r4�aii� fti|he�a�tbe�om�ii irk� Ifodkeeit laHnait to M'laaie. I �lpal knqw key to b� tlio�Mba,a�Uwa�da(fc. |ka*W ��ial� by ki�t�ilgui^, atiwaitae*BtMBelaihee: ti�*(nMi�^ idf'frk* am>�i�. ln��(eMlilhM(cb<fordlbia^. ldi4M�kad� BIftAiit'* ' ^ ' '. -I .14 f 1... '

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