Thursday, April 6, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 6, 1820, London, Middlesex O.l'ff Number 5403. LONDON, THLiRSpAy. L 6, 1820. THIS EVENIN.G, THURSOAV.: Al'f'l . , Ills "Majesty's Snivaiils will pciform.Sbakspearc's Tra- HAM!.FT. C)nuJili5. Kin? nf Di'UHiink, iMf Powell ; Hnmlct, Iiy n Ci-nriemaii {\us (irsi ajijii iiriirue i)� lite LAniioii bOHids, niul � Tontl (Hi.suy aia^p) i'.jluMius, Mr. Munili-n -, l.arilcs, Mr, r.iKHSiil; Hornlio, Mr.Ihirnhrm ; 0 = ri( k, M r. Penl^y; Fir:t O-avt'-i'ilET, l^'f- Dnwii'ii ; uf Flamlrrs Fntlier, Mi-. Ri'jic Gerlii!(1p, Qu�n (if Denmark, Mrs. EKerluu ; Oiilie-lis, Miss Ketly. . � Afler niirrh, ihe Fjircf i)f THK SLKi'i N(.i DUAUQHT. Dortoi-ViiK^iilo, Mr. I-in^jWe.':; ^'.Trnjrr J^runo, Mr.Gatlie; Popu'.iiio, Mr. Hurley. Sigiiora iVauccsca, Mrs. 3. HiigheB; The Box Offirr will Irenpfii from KVvfii till Five oTIocl: - Plnces to Iii; takin of Mr. Rodurll, i'.nx Rnolc-Kicpfr. Tomorrow, a Trng-f-'Iy, with Of AiP T,"-m'>rrow. On Saturrtny, (he i>|>i'ia of Arlax.rvrs-wilt/; first lime,' a IV.inomimicnl MusitBl Oinrea, cmitleil Sh.ikFpcare vesius iUil�q�ir). . rn^ATiiB-unrAl. roi'hjKT-niAnoh!\\ TmS EVENING, TI-M-'HSDaV. G. �-illjbeocl.ed (X7{U Imie), n iir�- JJusical Djamii, cailt'i) TMR ANTIQUAUV. Ji>nalhan OIi!b>irk, IVir. Li.sfo;] ; Dt. .Mrs. Faiirit. Afl'.T wiiifii. time, a new ?'.in!omioie, cnlird HARLEQUIN AND CIN'OEKELLA; Or. rUE I.ITTI.i; GL.-^.S.S SLlPPr.R. :nce Aletiore (aftt*ru;ir(J-*U.^rJfqiiin), !*,tr; B.^iou Pf ~;io-!i3i (.-iflciWrtnls l*.u'tali<t):i\ Mr. nivrncs ; |1'(! f?u- PcTipusiiii (;)ftcr�'afH-* C-l .r�I.=; Ctilnnih:-.:!-'). .^^iHs F.. r>''Miic[i. A f^r:va!e rtiay f)e tnti fur (Jje season, yr nif^lil'y, of J*' r>rim.-i.>jj. al. the IJiix (.-nire. n^Mi'i-iin and ('iitilti-i 111. or 1'[i<: [.itlle Ghiss Slippvr, V. 'I be rt-pra'cd eiTry rvcninc:. fi-.prriirf, .SlKi1 :3trc'ss-iiilritlje tli'w I*an,*�'ft:iriu*. a.) S'>liirday, tvantliie, or I'llc KiJiff^r Terhplar. \J:: .Mu::i'ay !hy lu-jvl partictlbr il. ^irt'^.. .'^ini^-^tjt.-areV TrP-! i'V Pwiimcu and .luliet : f!�n(eo, .Mr. C. Ktmlile^ Juiiit, BouHi, who ie re-cupaecii :u 'iiiratrc. �i:!:. MATHEW.S AT HOMK, AT THF. TUF.AiKE '.U)V.>.1^ F.NULlSfi OHf.RA HOCSIC, .STK.\.\i). F|MiiS fiVKNlNG. 'niUR:?i).4V, ,'\,.iii 0, and SATliRUAY S, aad on ^]oIIdays, Timrsday^, aij.I S-iliir.lnjs, liuirntj llw inmilli of April, wticii tie uitl h.ivr lii^ iHUHiur of iiiliAjduciiif; iris Friends to liis COXJ;\-'JltV Cttl".>!l?xS. iKurs and i'liccK (o he had of >ir. . )rahalioii, and re-aiiinnioreil wilii thunders of iiVi-'iios*^, will he repeattd every rve:iiii'.j. f^llilS EVEN IN(i, TMUH.SD.W. A|.-il G, ii. ?nd following Rveiiir.;:�, a CO.MIC PA.NTO.M 1 .MIC r;.\:<c�. Atsrr w liirh will be produced, 4th time, a new and iuleicslius Uistoiieal Mido-dr.i-'iie, under llio til le of THE FA IK OK CALA.s. C ir. ornitii:. Il:e C.(:lout, ,Mr, Grahl; .laci 1), .Mr. UV S Chttlir,le>; i-a-r-t.ii.,', :\ir. ."tladame Cains, .Miss Taylor-, P.iu. 1.:.'. -Mis. l3o-.-iiJeaiii'etie, ?.3is5 Cupeland. To conclude wiili t*4e popular Comic Melange, called MELO-DWAME MAD! OR, TliF; SIEGE OF TRfJ.Y. .Major Dennis Miwphy, ,^Jr. Adeoek; Wr. Mar Classic, 5!r Grant; ,Mr. tilib, ..Mr. I'itzwilliam. Hr.\es, 4-.-,-Pit, 2s.-(ialliv-y. Is.- Doors op-n al Half-pi>-i, begin a! H-ilf-pasi Six-Half Fiice al H.(lf-j)a=t L-.-lii. fliices for the Boxes tn be token at the Theatre, from Ten lilt Four-and, fur th�.pccojiimodatiun of Fguiiljes nt liie ttesl entt ol' the '?\rwn, ?Lt-the liureaii de Spectacle, Western �>-.tlian^e, O'.ii Bond-^ti-eet, Un �'\iooday next iviU iic prodiire/) a new Cooiic Tluilella, to he cjlird \\ ido'.v and No Widovv, in ivhich .Mis. Mountain wil appear. ivanhoe and The lIeat-> of..'ilid.Lothian will shortly be rcpruteu, ^'i'S f-^^'^'-- ifi'.-vi-ry iiiiiliiv-ijiiriiMeii l-'.ilMit i":J Portable ilarp, rAUe-l DITAI, HARP.S. conoirnet. r.l upon (piile a iieiv oiiiici)de of aetiiin, nn-l v.-Iiien tirci. t'-uC'j afl tile iiilllia-icy, s\v::e(::ess of lone, .ind entiie efi'eet ol' ll.e! Harp, alliionfil not one-third the Pizc ; liny ae-r. iripany ihrvoiee, also the piano.foi te, .<;r. nU!S! ei'anninjj-li, are eery ele^Tiii, and so easy to learn, that (hy liie dl'ec-lons f.iiili'.hed leauxic) Ladies completely instruct ti einseUfs in a veiv lit! le l i iie.-The ahore inslronient*^ are co;.5tar.tly ready, in hcaiiiiful variety, f*ir the inKotctiofi and e! oice of lite Kohiiiiy, Gentiy, and Polite IMus'^ca! World, a; .Mr. l.UiHT'-S, th.e iiix-niinr and patentee, Ko 8, Foltv-pl-iee. C'a7eiidi�ii-s�]uare. 'f tie p. ices oflhe i)itat Harp" are lei tVtnii 16 to '2U {tiuio-.s, lia.idsomc case iiieiiidt u-, and III. ir weishl on the avera^fe only X4 ]ninilds, whieii rindeis ih- iji -^-j exlrecirly ci-nvenirnt in Iravelliiic atiroad, .^c. N t'.- Ladits who iri^'.y i-hnse to t:;Up. a feiv lessons, sneU eiili.-r r;t .Mr. L.'s ou-n Iroise, or be attended at l.otn'--, the F'iino-forle, Sinijinjr, and the u hole Ttn-orv of iMiisic, tikewixc 7oii:hi. R. HAYDON'8 PICTURE f CHRIST'S _ TfiiUMPHANT ENTKY INTO .IF.RUSALpnj, which Iia* been six years in hand, \\\ LI. OPi:N for liXH I-BlTlON on MONDAY NEXr, the 27ih iiislaiit, with all hi*other Pietnre.s,aiid his Siiidiesfroni Naliiecand the F.lgirt Maiblcs in Chillt, at EuHoek's Greai ll-ioin, Piieadilly,-op Hairs to 4he eight, at T�rlve o"Clork. - Admiilaiu-e Is. Calflhijrue 6d. ."fi. And as he u-eiil, (hey spread their chdlies in the way. 17. And uhen he was come i.i(;h, even onto the descent of the .Moitn'l of Olii-es, the n hole inn II il i) ile of the IJisrijiles beffan to rejoice, and to praice Gmi ivuli a loud Volte, for all the minhty.jvorks ih-al they had 'i-en; 38. Sayiiiz'.^^'h-s.'.-ed be the 'Krr)TJ-._�!:ai cnmeih in (he name of the Lord,"peace in heaven and slaey in the biehest. . ST. PATKICK'S CHAKITV .SCHOOL'S, BENKiAISR STrttEY, ST GILt.S'S, .\NH t) l-V\N-STaFKt, SOUO ; A-ND ASYLUM FOIl F EW AI .F. OP.PH A^S, CHURCH ROW, lIA:Bl'8Tt:.'.n. iN S[:NI)AV .\EXi, Anil 9 1820, heiriir LOW .st'iV.DAY, A CHAfilTY SERMON, in Aid I CI. j of (he alujve lioilituiions, will be*-pveaebe , Redtordisfjiiare ; A. R. I lllake. Esq. No. 22, Gower-siri cl. Treasurer; .1 Kelly, I i\"o. 4;^. rii-et-Siiret, and .LCtiel-y. 9^ TotteuHain-coiii-i-! 11.ail, Seielap.s; and by Messrs. Kratiii^ and Brown, 38, Duke-street, Gre.sieiior-squaie. The Annual Dinner will take nl.-ice on Monday, (he 29lh of Maj, LS-3il, at ihe Freem isons' Tavein, Great CJueen-strret. i:,s Uoval Highness the Duke of Sussex in the Chair. \V .'^.STEPvN Dl SP ESP, A IIV. CHARLESSrilEET, WESTMINSTER. I .4 QU-\!tri'key GEN!'ral mi-ETINGI l\ of il.e GOVERNOllS of this CHARITY will he I hel.f at the Disi.ensa.y un TnURSDAY NEXT, the 6ih instant, al Ei^Ki .j'Cluik in the F.vei-inir precis; Iv. WM. l.lNDE.VlAN.Sttretary. L'ppcr Cro-.Tii ilrri-t. ^V. siinioster, A;.Til lS-20. BAST INDIA DQCK,MORSE, LosWsvAWtvl, I8:0. THE COriRT of DlKB((rrt)KS of Ihe Ea.ST 1N4)IA dock COMPAN* do.lfTcbii cii-:e A'of/Cf, , . Thai a C;EN'f-:l{A L M'EEING of (he J'R'or'SJErOnS of th. saul CO.MPiA.NV Will be held �< iWjr'House, in St. Helen'n-plure, !5isllop^!^ in .-"Irret, on FIJIMAY .J< EXT, (he 7ih iAsiaijI, at Twelve ,Cio.-k, for the piir)iii�e f ron.siOci--ioR .,f a DlVIDKND on the CAPITAL STUCK of the Company, for the Half-year e�dinsa|.l.,aily-daj. By Order oflhe Court, .lOHNFARTl'AN, Secretary. N.B.-The Chair will be lukeii at Ouc o'clock precisely. --^---^--: -.- ROYAL EXCiUNGE ASSURANCE OFFICE, ' �stablished by i{,>ynl Charter in Ihe'Reigii of KinK George the First. . Mabch. IS^O. B^ERSONS -ivliiise'Aiiouiil PrtTTiiiiiii- fill due eiii the Cjlh instant, (irfi hertby informed, that Recciptg Bce now leady to he dcl'ivereiLAt the Conipany's Offices, over the iioyai lixchao^e aij.f in P.ilt ,%J.ill, a9 'well -as by their rc8|>ectiVe Acents in Ibfc sev*-T'! Cvtivl)^^ nnti the Parties -Aitsni-ed are rct^-aepled ,1u npiM&'v &ir..3j?^^^l^-VVa1 of their Policies, on or hefore >lie qfAppif i^f^'hK, Ihe- iisaiU Fiflecii D.iys alhnvv'I for Payaienl, bey(><id-Tlt^ Dale of eacii Policy, Wull then (xpire. ' SA.WUEL FfiNKiNG, .Ihh. .Secrelary, *m* -Attendance is rivi-ii, daily, at the said OlBces, for the Ajsnrance of linildiiicjs, Otfods, Merchandise*, and Ships, ill Hailniiir, iu Dock, or while Hiiihlint;, from l.,os� or D.iina^je by Firt; ami also for the Assurance of, and granting Annuities lin. Lives. N B -Fire Policies will be issued, free of expeiwe, to the Assured, where the Ajinual Prenituni amuunts to 6s. ur up-ivards. No aKenUance on Good Friday and Easter Monday. LAi^CASTEli AJSSIZES. haz.v;;:) and (: . contractors. �8i1,0;iil iNEKT TCFSDAY. 'A LL Aile^.-tin-eis 111 1^1^ l.orTERV who 1.% Purchase ;,ffoic NEXT TUE.'JDAY, will hive a de-1 iilfd aijvaii(a;i'-Ol ec any fori.-itr Lonery wliatever; for on that d iv tiny may not oii'v gaio 30i. for a Ticket now botiehl. and in projioition f;r every .Sinire, wilhoni the pos^i. biliiy of losing, but will afi (.�...............'20.t>'-;0.-..... 40.000 'i'wo...............K),(.iOO...... 'iO.OoO wi.:. fee. cV';. forn'iiu' ill Moijfv and Consols JO-.' CAPCi'AL P!irZI-.S. i � Every Ticket and Share niiw pnrehafed will hai-e a chance fur .M,L ihe c.i|iii.i!s in [he I.utleiy, whether draw o the first tl.-iv or oil anv o! lirr d;iv. Tieke's and Shares are Fellinsr nt flAZ.ARD and C.a.'s Offices. Koyai Excl!ans;e.|Tate; -20, Cornhili ; and 3-J.4, 0 rails il) niil be M;:i.'r'TUi:srAV, vf lUl^ MnmU (.4priO, wbicb (l:^v (�f>.00t>I. Miiiiey will he wli hdiriwn frcni liie .Scbrnic, hy ti^riuiiii; liif 2.0;i0 i'rizrs ot' ^iOl. N'U nny oibtr i*iiz nnrtciH any I2liin,\-s be (fraicn ihat day ; hwt � vf-ry oue of llinr-e "^jCKi Tu !ci�'s w iU ni/am have n chance, just itP if th�'y DC) hcen dfUHi), ttotivilhsiandlng thejf xcill each be cntilUU to the '^01. TiOkrts ami i^Iiaics avc �n-.v on Sile nt Bl^^H's OiTic/'b, 4. Ccrnhil-l^ nuJ 0, Chai-ine-cio^s ; n-hcre Nt,t. 2.Hi'7, a Prise or TVvr^NTV THOUSAND MONKY, iu tlie Lolti'iy j'ls! f'lui-livd, "a.s .sulil ):i Shines. ACTDUrATTT) i:s.Si:NCE OP AXCHUViES. ' rsiiiii OH,:.(l-tl Ibis Nriv SACCE 1ms M rxperinnrefi JnriMt^ t be .--lntrt period it h-js b'"n b'-furs r. LA2l"XtJV in�(! yi'J :< rc^ pTihiMy iiiu.rm itu- Nubiliiy ttui) (jputiy., tbc ()i-i^it::\l Artuip i^. ;n- r, l.ttii.I.iii, :ii!i!'23, Piirha-ni'f.t.^lipcr, Duitlin : iltc iibct of viuU UottiC fcii:iicJ N.B. Pri'tn :is . F*'-M(r^!('m llie A,ciil Anchovy -J* \vf H ;ilt J. --i-: � : li It, clmin a deciJcd preffrcr.f.e lilt (At^ilvui: : �� iir:iiile(l l!i kft-jj m any cli:nattf, ttiJ dor;-. lit.'". luruMM.i ..! brii u;*eii d ht-.ol-'lv he, and i:t coun'rraclinfcr llie effects of uvrih.itid, rioje.or infected air. t-ontinues to be prepared, i.i tiie jreMent iierfiction.-by Slessrs. 'i'HOS. ond UAL . ilENflY. MANL'FACMUaNG CHEMISTS, MANCIttN. TLR It i� sold in London, �iiolesale and retail, hy Messis. BAYLEV 9Md KLK^V,' r<irnineis, Cockspnr-streci; and retail, pricr 9t. by one or fnore Agents in every principal lonn; but it cannot be gtiMiiae, unless iho name� of llic !jbu�e PrepOTKrs are f n^rnved on Ihe Goveruijiem SUinp, which is fi.iteil aw till! cork of each bottle. .Proper Sponge iiuxcKsre au^Jii; Bayley vul Blew, as usiial. A-i sbtiVe may nlso'lie had, anlhenlicalej by � similar Si.rnp. Re*fRV'S CALClNJiD MAGNESIA, IH bottles at ] vols ; Boy-drll's SliaUsprare, 0 vols, and the lar;;e Plates; Stepbani Tiiesanriis (ira^eus ciiiii Glussarin, &e. 7 vols.; Piraiiesi .'\iiliehite Romane, ^ vols.; PlrailfSii, \'ediile ili Roina, 2 \ols. ; .Memoires de I'Acaiteiitie des inrcriptioDs, 46 vols.; S'oane's Jamaica, 1 vols. : 'I'ticiius Brotierii, 4 ^-ols.; Frois. S'rt anil .Monslreh t's Ciironicles, by Jnhnes, Itl vols,; t-haloi es Grtrci a iieiske, i'2 vols ; Aiiiinal R.-winter, bl vols.; Lardner'fi Works, II vols.; Oihdiii'a lltblioiheca Spence-riana,4 vols. fitc. Sec. BY MR. COLLINS, At his Anclion-Uoiim, ntieet, Toiyn of Portspa, � 111 MONDAY NEXT, ihe lOihof Aiiril, 1S20, and ful-(owiug Day.s, a; Six o'clock, ACOLLECTION of UNREDEE.MED PLEDfiES; comprising Gold. Silver, and Metal ^ValelleR; useful Plate ; Men's and VVnnien's WearinffAp-' parel; Bed and Table Linen, "rd Haifsjioijs; and variwis other Arl.t^les, I'led^ed in iMniilhs prior to and in the .Monlh of April, ISIf), irilh the followiiij PawnhroUers, vi#.' Ediss, C.d!ei{e-ftieet; Saver, Havniit street; Kemp. Ma'rl-hoioui:b-niw ; and Naihaii, St. Jiimrs'�-sli-fei, Town of Lort^eii;-with .Stow, Paradise-row ; Cudlip, -Greetbam-iilreel; and fiilbert, Charlotte-street, Island of Porlsea;^ with price, Warhlinston-sireet; Horsdey, St. Mary's-slrtfel; Devereux, Broail-stri-el; and Emaniu-l, Hroad-streel, Porls-Hiomh;-wMb Taylor, South-street; Kinu, South street; .llosen, Soulh-sli-fel; Hurt, North street; Bnrnelt, Norlli-strift; and Kinp;, Kins-�tre<;t,.(iosport. Nay be yiewrd and Calaloguts baJ at tliK Room. TUL'RSDAy, MARCH 30. CROWN SIDE. CHARGE OF MANUFACTURING PIKE-HEAD.S. Jol^n Knou-!c3 was put to the bar, chart;ed wilh bavinjf maniiiaciiirrd pike-head EWIIUJ�5T, a.VJ) fix OTHERS. The Couri met (his morning at nine o'clock, noon after which Juhu Snifiht, f7eort;c Dcu;, Nalfian Brnntf* liursf, John .4rf'imiton, (KiV/tawi Fletcher, John Burp, Jithii yisliii, anil./fjmct if rule, were put to (be bir, and (he iu-dicimim hcinc; read to them, they severally pleaded-S'ut CuHlii. iMr. LiTTLED.VT.E stated the nature of the indirttnent to the Jury, w-lueh contained -21 counts; the suba(a::ce of which was, that the Prisoners had conspired to {jo, and cause others of the liegc subjects of the late Kinf; to t;o, armed (.) a nieetinir f,,r the purpose of binderint; and obstructiii;; the Ma;;i = trates and Peace Officers in Ihe execution of their duties. It �l.�o charged (hem with aasembiinfr an unlawful meeting, aitnod with aworda, ptke9, Hlaveg, fire-arms, SiC. and of attendine at the same, to Ihe terror of the liejte subjects of the late KitilJ, on tne ItJlh November last, at Haher-gan Eaves, in (hecoiinlyof Lancaster. Mr. ScAHLKiT stated the case to the Jury. He said he should not enter into any ex(raneniia matter to shew that the olij'.-eis of those who coiiveued the nieetinc ivere unlawful, or '.hat they intended to adopt proceedings difteient from what they professed. It-wonlii be quite sufficient for his purpose lo rely on the circumstance that the people went to this rnieiiu^ armed. That circumstance alone was ignite fiiifiiL-tent to couaiilule it an unlawful meetinjf, whatever inijjht be its avowed or intended object. He then proceeded to Ktalc (he evidence he slionlil adduce to fix ihe several De-fenrlaiils with tiie conspiracy charged ill the indictment. The first witness called vras � ^ W. Chafrei-, examined by Mr Raiwe-He s(3(ed that he was a constable of Burnley; that a irutice of meeting had been placarded for the 8ih of November, but il was after-uards advertised for ihe 15lU; lhal in Ihc forenoon of tlial d.(y large p.irtiea arrived nt Burnley; preceiled by music with banners, and proceeded Ihroufrh ihe town, to the place of inceliii;;, irhi re hiisliiig-s wereerecletl for the speakers ; that us Ihey were pissine throu-jh the town, Colonel Harfjreaves, who was ou horseback', da-.hed among the crowd,''aiul seized a slalf � hich .appeared to h.-ive been prepared for a pikc-handle, and bi-uughl it away without opposition. He supposed the numbers assembled to amount to 3,000 or 4,U00. 'I'lieic were !S dies and three caps of liberiy. Crires-pxamiued by M r. Williams-He noticed several of the inscriptions on the flags: ou one was Keep w-ithin compass;" another was " ()i dec, otderl" Some of (hem appeared (o be reliffious motlos,- such as " A false balance is an abomination lo the Lord, but a-jast vyeighl is bia de-liKht." Richard Fletcher staled, lhal be was in company with a man named Wilson ; he saw several of the people with slaves, and oil their arriving a( Ihe ground they picked out (he dirt from the holes .which were made to receive the-pike-beajs. He saw st-veral persoiH with pike-heads secreteil under their coal-sleeve.s, and in their hreasts. He iiiuiiedialely left the field to iiiforin Ihe Manisiritlrs. He retllrned soon after, and heard'n cry, "llie 8i>tdier� avecoming," Whereiipoii a number ofjjeople pulled oiit their, anil iln>ny of llieni tixed tlieiii in Ib� poles. He saw dixly iier�ons pull out their pikes;, but only eig-liliur tsii Hi; tlirni. He stisu si^w liveuty other persona -iit . slinuld puss any i;agj;ing bills the reformers should rise and meet oil one d.i^." He said if they tlid not " he should call them Ihe grealeal Hlavesinpon earth." Cruss-exaniiiieil by iMi-. Coi.TMA.i-He stated that be ai.plied lo difl'erent pi ople to purchase pikeV^fi-r the Burnley meeting. He adinirled that he had a pist^il. which i be had shownlo din'>-rru( persons, and had boast, d that he , was wflt armed ; and would not sivcar that he had not d-d , the Governinrni, aitdwinhed the liefoiiuers'w-ere.all aa well \ armed as he was ; WiiliaiB Wilson said lhal, hc,5vaB a reed-maker, and lived ' at Burnley ; and after slating the circumstaiicrs ileiailei' by ; t4ie Ja>l. wfljiej;9. be went en lo give a more delailed ucroniil -of Knight's speech, and rt-preseiifW hira To ha-ve-said, Ihat-'j if 'he Manchester Magtalrates were not hronehl lo jnstice, (here was an end of all gootl government,, and the people had a ri;hl to destroy such a gov<rnmeii(, or make a new I one, or to return lo a state of uatore, and live wiihont ,.nr ; | and he pro[Kise neither of which were produced. ! Mr, Sanji Howarlh,a surgeon, residing at Btirnley, slated ; Ihat he weni to the meeting, and was there .when an alarm was given about (he soldiers, and then saw one pisdil, hut no pikes. He did not observe any thing paittcular in Ihc ; spetch of Knight ; and all that he cuul.l say in respect lo I Uewhursl was, Ihat be i-cc.-mmei;deil a snbscripliun lo be i entered into lo purchase new-spapera, and that llie proceed- ' iijgs in Parliament should be closely watched. He had some i recollection lhal il was proposed, lliat^ if Pai liament did not 1 redress their wronss, there should be a general lising ; Ihruughout the kingdom; but this he could nut stute with j cert&inly. That many of them bad sticks, such aa they iniikt I have picked up on their way. There was nothing in the � appeaianecof the people, or in Ihe proceedings of the d.iy, ; that struck him with any apprehensions of immediate dan. i ger, although he considered it might afterwards lead lo � serious conse.qoenres. , Henry Bury and John Walton corroborated Ihe evidence � of Fletcher and \Vilson as lo (he pikes and pike slaves ; and ; Bury added, that a party of kefijrroersj ou their return i home, discharged "as niauy as 100 pistols; he could not say ' what number of pistol.", but he Iieard liial number of shots in different directions. Christopher Edmoiidson slated, that he saw Colonel Har-greavcs seize as^tick before-menlioued ; and al thai moment saw one of ihc'rteformers, with a pistol in bis hand, looking at the Colonel, and asked one of his companioos, ^ Shall I sboul f" His compani'oi answered " No, ynu must not;" when he relumed Ihc pistol into bis poekel. Several olher witutsses were then examined, corroborating [ Ihc testimony of the former witnesses as to the character of the meeting, after w-hirb, Mary Hoyle was called, who positivdy swore that Wsile was the man who poiiKed the pisiols at Colonel Haegrcav.v, j as described by the wiiness Edntonilson. On f i-ossexaminalion, she slated that she was distantly related to \Vade'fl wife, and that he (Hade) was not living with her as he ought loilo; and without wailing for the qncslion to be put lo her, she aJded, " i have bad no foul or angry language with him." John Carter proved lhal he saw the man draw the uisiul and look at the Colonel, but neither of the Piisoners was llie man ; that he knew Wade before the 15th .N'ovemuer, and if he had been the man he must have kn'^wn him. -A woman, named Hanson, proved thai she saw the re- \ formcrsafter the meeting was over, several of them beiiiiig | pike-BlaJTs like urahretla? : i'llc also stated ihat she saw in a ; public boose a pike-stafl", half a yard lo�g, which a man carried in a leather sheath ; it was sharp on both aides like a razor; ibescrew was four inches long. The Prosecutors now produced the placards which an-noivnced the meeting, and also the staB'seized by Colonel Harzreaves. Here the case for Ihe prosecution closed. Shifrtly after four o'clock Mr. WitxIA^s rose 3�d address, j ed the Jury for Ihe Defendants, in an admirable and impres- � sive speech, whicii occupied upwards of two hours iu the de- j livery. The Learned Counsel ob.served, that by ibecusioin \ and laws of Ihis realm, delivered lo us by our ancestors, it j was the undoubted right and privilege of Englishmen to as- j seniblc together for the purpose of petitioning Parliameul for ' a redress of grievances. T he law had imposed no limit in re-sped of numbers, and no assembly of Ihe people, however uii-iiieroos, could be-prononnctd illegal on that account. The os-leiisible object for which the nicciing in question was convened clearly a legal one; and if Ibe Jury should be convinced, from the evidence, lhal some individuals niie.lii have come to Ihe meeting secietly armed, yet, thai cttcutnslaiice could be brought home lo the kiiow--ledge of the Defendants," they could nut be HlTccted by &uch a circnmstance. It funned no part of the original design of the persona who assembled on ihi.s occa.^imi thai any part of them should come armed; and theiefore Ibe isolated fact, that a number of persons coining lo the meeting with arnis, to be used, as appeared, solely for (heir own defence, could nol render the meeting illegal. .Mr 'iVil-liains dwelt with great force on the circuiiislar.ce that not one oflhe Defendants had been brought istoforce with an) of ihe j ' persons who werearmrd, nor wa� there any evidence lo prove j that any one oflhe Defendaols was acquainled wiih the eir- | cumsfance uf there being any arms whatever nt the tneel.-hg. i With respect to the charge of the conspiracy, the Learned 1 Counsel observed, there had nut appeared a single iota uf cvi- 1 deuce lo prove its existence. The prosrcutor lial] not even j shewn Ihat any two of the Defendants had ever Seen each other j before the loth Nov., when lliey met on the iiusliogs. Greal ; siresg liad been laid on the fad thai some persons had gone to | the meeting with arm.s : admit ling thai to be (he lat(, he maiu-laiircd (hat it was the nndoohled right of Eitglishineii lo carry arms in sclf-defeuc^. It was so I uil down by iVtr. Jofitii e Blackstone (3 passage from whoseCoiilmentnriesthe Learned | Counsel read.) It wao evideiil, from the whole cooducl of j the persons so armed, that Iheir only object w�� self-defence, which was exeinplifte-d by llieir foibehrance w-ht ii the . slair wan seized hy Colonel Williams, and also by the Uil . that Ihry ooly nltempted preparalinn al moment') whni , the alarm waa givsn lhal Ihc soldiers were coming lo ailaelc Ihem; and could it be wondered lhal these persons sliouid j liave prepared tliemselven ailli weapons uf setf-defeii(;e, reciiHecting the Iransaclionf! of lli^. Itith August, and Ihe forcible dispemion of ibe meeliug on (b^t melancholy uccaaioii-a circomslaitce which resimnded from one end of the kingdom lo the oilier? He animadverted s/rongtyoii (he cruejiy and tnjuslice which lli^ Defeiidaills had austaineil pn being Committed on arharge of high irea-fiun, foD wbieh the proaecniors, by iheir condurl, confessed tlwre ��� nu foundation ; and coiicludhi m a wdemu i to the Jury, iq vhkb lie conjured ihctii to lay asice ail feel. L ing of pcfj"di- ];itil)-bed ^ ami till- said pai tles cliai geii in-inir r-ij.! rnl !.� ^ mi >uit il�-(., 10 he bound ivah iheni fiy r* li'^n.? im-t-, f..r iiu-ii a|.!/e'JC-anee at Uie next-ueiieral S si,ili of A -i? a, :i> be iu-ld it, Liiu-as.tcr af�*resaid, in :iiiil for Hie s;;id cou'.ly, lo aiieu.-r Ibe haid eli-rge, liavtt.ifcfosed, now |-;,funv, (o ' sorb surt-lii-s- Tluse are, therefwe, in his Miije'ily'a loiine. lo require-and'(-oi:iiMitiid \*h!, ihe s-jul iiiiiwiiii lo con-vi-yllies-od partii-s ciiaraed to i he sa i .1-Cnsl le of L:tiieasi:r, ami Ihi 111 ;h. ri- siitely deliver i ' tin- g i"!. r lin ii iJ; ami yoii 11 '.- :.aid ^..oleiS aie hen tiv nqnoril ::i:l1 ci.oinii'.nileii io re-C'ivolhi sii'l parlies Itilii yi:il-.f >:ii'! giol. audlhem ihrie >afily beep, nnlil tii^y bball ti.i'l -i..-li ^nu ties -.14 af-o-esa-ld, iM- be jiliierwis:e dil^cliai ri'� 1 y il'.ie iiunse of 1 i w . Meiciti fill nut. Giveti umlir* ;i i.i seals liieluibo-/ of Decemhir, 1813. U. WRIGH T, L.S. - . 'IRAl 1-(>!:.U -KiAFFOUD, L.3, ^ J. NOKl:;.--, I'.S. Howard lo be bound In 300/ and lno s-areliee in eacli. Ail ihe other prisoners to ba hiiond in 200'/. and lo Cud twu tureliea in 100/. carli. Did not terminate till 'i'liii--it.iv eve liocj. T'm followiiiiT ciUiSt-s Were il!s|io-e;l nt, in ndJilion lu ieii wlmli HunoiiuLV-d I'A'l >-.t-ek: - GEORGE sViirT c OKon-jr. mi:,o.a.y. ,".-�. An action of tre.spass for cuttiii1 lie ro;n s bj- irhich Ihi' Plaintiff's vessel, called the D.ilpbu:. nio'Oid to U.f.ird-quay, and ill,- loss consrqiii-ul iy �^uEi-iin^d \>\ liu- ineii bilinj pievtnled ("mm working, ^c. Tiie ;ii i.. .1 Ju.iie. iiuei hearing llieopeiiiug speech of .Mr. Si ij. a:il Fiei e. tin- Pia.n lid's Couil-^el, said, thai he found lliii- i-a-jsi- involved a gr'-:it deiil of ii:.iilical - mailer, and had ri-lalhin lo :.*ie ct-:-Icnis and rigliia uf the purl of Orluril, luiil h-* llu-retore wii. of opinion lhal .became oiighl to b.- rt I'l i-i .d. Io !-o;i;e p;-rsui., who should proceed thtltii r, exanii'ic v/ilnti-pes on Iheapot^ anil make an aw-aid; and also t'i::ni^: i:i:c-ii rMiea am) regiil:-i-li oils as may prevent a I'll I tire n cm i-.nrf- of sum In r dl^plBIe.'. To this the partita coiiseoicd; iiml i'ii LoriKIiip dii-M-te'l the Jury to find a verdict for the PI iiijtiH' lo the aniounl tf 1,'100/. the damages laid iu t he dn-Lii a i ion, siil.j'.ct to the a-.vard of the referee. Mr. lloil'e, one of Il.e Cuuiiaei present, was appointed. F.Aiii-WE.iTntiFi r. vr.^vAntii. This action, which was -ihe very unusual one of u vtrit ot right, having be�-ii repeatedly aOjv.miied, was m len^ili dv. cided, the parlies coiisenliHi; to wi.iie all oojr-ctioni lo li.e iiini-atlcud.iiiee of the lour s-.vorn liiMgiiis, audah-ouf ih-full Grand Assiae, of whom live oni) ntlindfeil, and s-.-.e.i fiioie were taken from ilie persons -.vim had consiiiultii ib:: Jury ill the other causes. The deHiandaot soiit^iil tore, covi r a sniill lioUfe and buleber's slmii in Deheniiam, wiiich the tenant (Drf'eiidaiil) had been in pinsi-s-i,.ii of for upwardj of 40 years, which length of lime took away ilie usual menii% by-eji-clmeiit. The Couns'l fur t!::: Icpajit pi-'idaced Ihe -orisnial will of Ihc ff."ai:df,athcr tif Ihe PlainliJ/', maiie i:i 17G2, by which be devised the premies to bii wit'e for lif'-, -aiidaftir her decease lobe divii-Ieil belwceo hi-i four c.Hi...-di-eu. The eldest and second died in their mother's li.'* tune, the former leaving a son. A I ifie death of the morn e the premises were sul;l to one of iln- ten.inl's at-c-stois, but the executors being dead, the convevanrp of a rnoitiy u-s% taken fioni the third son. Ou the pavi of the it was contended, that the legal estate did nol p-ar? 'Sy lbs conveyance, but remained lu the hi-ir at law of tue iej. lalur. The Learned.It'DCE expressed bis opinion, that the vv'..f;^i of tin.- will gave the estate iu joir.l leiiaucy to the cjv.ldr. n . oflhe leslalor, and that, therefore, he wamlecuk-dly -(.if op} r.ioii, lhal the demaiidtiiil had no: she-.-.u a belter lillc tu |U�: prciiiisea than the len'aul-Verdict for the lenaut. The seventeen following Prisoners received aentence yf death;- John Wales, for an assault and rape upon Mary Lambert, in ihe parish of .Marv .Sloke, fpswirh. It .appeared ihat ou Die ISlh of February, al about ha!!'pa�t leo a; iii5ht, tl.r Prosecutrix, an interesting looking t'ltjial.-, who had been married nine years, was rei^irning i6 Mr.Sttv.-ard's, of Stoke pKrk,where .she lived as niirseinaiil, i'.-:.'i7.� drinking lea wiih �* lady's servants in Ipswich, ill eoiii|>any wil.'i t lie Prisoiiei, who was foolmau in Mr. Steward's faiiMly, when he thiewhi^r down, and perpetrated the crime with u-hicb fie was charged, in spile of the resistance she made lilWshe fainted f.-oni ra hau-lion. Ou arrivingal lintne she re hited t be ciicuicsuinei-to her fellow.servant, w-ho cfitrnhiirnWiS her cviiicnce iji Court, and ihc Jury found the I'rHouer GuiL'y. James King, for a bnrglary in ilie bouse of John Elmer, if Boxford, and stealing eiyht 5/. notes, ico \l. noO-s, a siivr lea-spoon, a pair of silver sliulr, t^ic ; James Thoiopsoo, f stealing ;i black gelding, the iiiopcrty uf JabiS: \Vliiiams, i.; .MildeiihRll; J. Flack, for bn-aking intothe liotisc of J.jiiii Reemaii, ol' Little XVheir.eth:iin, in the day-iirae,and aUiiiii--: a silvf r walili, fee.; Juliii F.^sl audJ-ihn,!in, for rubbin" S.iinuel SaiiMini, of rnrkfiel.l, ou the li!!;hK;.j, and crio I .-treating him; John Bennet, a fi-.irglary . ii the house i.; John Pearson, of Horoln^slieath, and sie.vliil-.; a piece ol cot toil prim and oilit-r uriicles ; Eliiabeib Hnrr:ild, fur a boi;;-lary iu the house of John Newell, beinp i}ie=ig-.l of the Jinl:, in Buiv, and stealing suine linen, &c ; Isa.-ic and J-ih i ^VordU-y, fur sitaling a sheep !"rom a close in Gh-i.'! � ford, the properly of David Ling; Susao Buru>u, for ing a lamb, the pioperlyof Mr William Hupkin�,of Uougi; aiii; T. Horn, for a burglary in the house of .lob Kohiii.son,' of Bungay; J.ames Plonih, fur breaking into the tio-;-^i of Sarah Coney, of F.asl Bergli"'!, and stealiiij s: � pair of stockiiiR-', IJS y-o of pri �', and other :iiii;-l.-i . iMaUiiew- Neweil, an arc.noM'ire iu the above off-ore -. ."' jiiiijii Biinii, for breaking inio the house of 'he Ri v. C Co. licr, of W�nhastoii, and siealiiijj inoui-y, �e ; Wni. i ..i man and Win. Calver, nccodipbcps io the same ulfeiH-,-.- All the above tonyicis were'repriwed, exei pi Wales and Buiiii, who are lelt for ixeriition at Spsivlch. Joseph Bunipstead, for slcijling a quantily of rye from lliebain uf James Giltns, of B.rtou Parva ; J homan .Simll., for bieaking open the shop of Juhu Wilson, al Lldgate, a:..l stealing a cheese, some linen, &.C.; G. Cross, Cleuige Gi."'-win, and George Slurgroii, fur eniering .Sapislun wood, tjt. longing lu the Duke of Oraftnu, arifttd with blud^eoy , with intent to aid O'.h'-rs unknown io deslrojinj* gaiiVi-, Jdbii Norton, and 'iVtn. fiLanhy. convicltd on variuu* ch�>pe-; of robbery at .Mellinglmm, tiiirobitrgh, j iianiurl I^eL lei-, Wm. Jackson, and .Wm. Summons, the twei foriner foi uKef-ipg, nod UiC latleg Aif iia,yii�g ill hi� lipis^Bufbu Jiuigvil

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