Monday, April 3, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - April 3, 1820, London, Middlesex Number' 5405. ^ l^pNBONi MOlNWr, APRIL 3, 1820. PaieB 7d. rUEATHH-HOYAI., irnVJlY-hAHE.. raiHIS EVENING,, MON^pAY. AprUa, bis S. Wnjtfilv's Seivantswill perfotra llie Coiwily of THK COUNTRY.GJHL. : < "Ti)'ii!y, Mr. DdMlon ; Harcoiul, Mr.. iViilBy ; Brlville^ Mr. I!ainni(l; S|mrki�Ii. Mr. I?U!is..ll. Wins P^-J', M'lss K.lly; Alulipo, Mrs. Iliijjbfs; I.<icy, Mra.'X)^ger. � Aflci wliiiii, 39lli titfif, an eiilirely new CuinlcPaiilotnime, JACK AND TFIE BEAN STALE; Or, HARLEQtJlN AND THE OGRE. The tlcrr, Mr. Iliulsoii; Jack, Miss Povpy, aftfrwnrrliHav-Jr<jiiiii, Mr. Bohiena ; Psiilaloou, Mr. Ellioll; Cluwii, Mr. Uarll.uid. JarK's Wi)ther, Mrs. I'earce; Jauetta (aflerwordii (.olumbinf), Miss Trf�;~Arj)a, Good Gciiiii.s of fhe Har|i, Miss Edwaril.-i; Nigra, Ogi-e's Wife and Evil Geiiiuj, Mf.Me- Tlie Eox.Offlcewill be open from Eleven till Fiveo'Clock -Places to be (akeii of Mr. Rixltrell,- Rox Book-keeprr. To-mnrrow, ihc Comedy of A Cure for tUe Bearr'AdiP, wiifc .(ac'V,'�Slid tlie Bean Slalk. � . Oil .VVf5inii^day,-tlic Opera of Artau-rxes, wUkJack �'nd i lie BcauSlaft. GENERAL ELECTION. TO THE GENTLE.MEN, CLERGY, AND FREEHOLD-EKS OF THE COUNTY OF MJDOLESfeX. Gen.TI'ESBN, rSfHE jirr'm'l Imn BT/iyed wbefl, witiipnl ab�n- THE A TtlH-nOYAli COVRNT-aARDlilf: ^ XM-^m(Mm^- M vfl,.Mr. Dnniser; Sir ArJhur Wardonr, ftlr. Ch'apman; JMie Ocliillrr, Mr. Emery; Lord Gleunllon, Mr.Connor; Hec-t.u- M'Inlyre, Mi-. Abbult. Miss Isabella Wardour, Miss .'^leplipns; ^tiss Maria M'Intyre, Mrs. Bisimp; Miss fliisclita p!dbiick, Mrs. Davenport ; Elspelb of the Craig-burufuot.Mra. Faucit. Aflrr wbicb, first time, a new Pantomime, called HARLEQUIN AND CINDERELLA; Or, THE LITTLE GLAS.S .SLIPPER. 7'riiirc .'ildJorc (afterwards f larlrqiiin), Mr. Ellar ; Baron P.iiii|)o.ii>i (afterwards Pantaloon), Mr. Barnes; llie Jla-rr>nr85Pi)m|in.=iiii (afterwards Clown), Mr. Griinaldi; Pe-iliiu'o Lons:.=;tiaiiks (afterwards Dandini), Mr. Norman. Cin-ilfrclla (afterwards Columbine), flliss E. JJi-nnrlt. A Private I'ox may lie had for the season, or nightly, of fllr. Hraniluii, at the Box oftice. Tu-niorriiw and Friday, Shakspf are's Comedy of Errors. On Weduesdny and Saturday, Ivanhoe, or The Knight TenjpJar. , On Tiiiirsday, the new mnsical Drama of The Antiquary. mi. WATHEWS AT HOME, AT THE THEATRE ROYAL ENGLKSH OPERA HOUSE, STRAND. THIS EVENING. MONDAY, April 3, THURSDAY 6, and SATURDAY 8, and on Mon. <'.;iva, Thur.'idays, and Saturdays, during the month of April, when he ViU Inve the honour of introducing his Friends to his COUNTRY COUSINS. Botes aiid Places Vo lie had of Mr. Stevenson, it the Strand Enirante, and at Fearman's Library, ITO, Bond- j slreet. ROYAL AMPHITHEATRE, ASTLEY'S, WESTMINSTER-BRIDGE. rf^HlS PRESENT MONDAY, April 3, and dnrin; the Week, the Evening's Entrrtaininenls will commence with, for the first time, an entirely new interesting splendid Equestrian Melo-drama, called XAIA OF CHINA; 0�, THE F.4TAL FLOOD-GATE. Xaia (the Fisherman's Wife), ftlrs. Astley. �Horsemanship, by Mr. Brown; a Ne�v Song by Mr. Slo-jnaii ; likt'wise extraordinary Rope Dancing by Monsieur I nniiTemar, from Paris. The Troop of Volticcurs and Ttinibit-rs will go Ihiough their surprising Evolutions. 'J lie whole to coneUule with, for ihc first time, an entirely NtwCuniic Pantomime, commencing with n Ballet of .Ariioii, founded on that part of the Heathen iVIythology �iiich treats of the Lo�-cof Jupiter and lo, called HUNDRED EYES; OR, HARLEQUIN AND ARGUS. Havlrqnin, Mr. Howel, juii.; Columbine. Miss Davis; Prtulalofii Slim, Mr. Henderson; Paiilaloou Stout, Mr. Fil-ia:ei:ani: Clolvn, .M r. Soutliby. ' Boxes, 4i:.- Pit, Cs.-Gallery, Is.-Doors open at Half-p.iM I'lve, lo Ingin at Half past Six o'Clock precisely.- Half Price at H.-.lf-past Eight. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Kiniochf at Jl.e Box-Offirx of the Tlieatre, from Ten til! Four. SADLER'S WELLS THE.ATRE. J'^Hl.S EVENING, MONDAY, April 3. the Pi rformancc will eotnmenee with " GOD S.iVE TH E KING" (with new words written expressly fVir this ucciuion), to itc i^nii;; by the whole Company, followed by an Oeca-^i^) Aiidress, lo be spoken by Mr. Betterloii (iale of the 'jlii airo Royal, Covtnl-gaiden, his first appearance here). After which an entire new Comic Piiitomime,called GOODY TWO SHOES, JAIRY OF THE FLOWERS; or, VILLAGE FROLICS. l-'r:ink Meanwell (afterwards Harltquin), Mr. Bologna; \\\\\ Dobbins (afterwards Clown), Air. Grinialdi ; Farmer the 'I'hcutre Royal, Drury-lane^ bis first appear-.iiicc at tills Ttheairt). Madame Calas, Mrs, Waring (from (lie I-'msI London Theatre, her first appearance here), 'i'be Eeeuing'b Euteriainments to couclnde with a new Seriocomic Piece^ to be entitled, THE CO I TAGE OF THE LAKE; OR, i�Y VA.<!SAL'S DOG. I.:) '.vliicb will be inlrodured the wonderful performances of the Dmi; Uruiil. Ill the laal .Scf uc a Late of r�al Water, and total Ya new Method the above troublesome Complaint is entirely eradicated (without llie use of Jim%M or Cttiistic), Kjielher e�t discoveries eVer made, bv J. LYNCH, 38, Duke-street,.St. James's. KespecTdiile references will be given if requited.-All letters to be post-paid. N B.-^T*e price of the Medici*e, is Five Pounds a parcel. A pnfect Cure fur BiHow Affectien �Bd Gbstriuaion ia *K Boeeb. , doning my duly lo the County at large, I feel-iuyself jdsti'fied in ort:^f thesg,.gt>i|ijcfll pciiiciplea whicli it bss ever been my pride lo maintain, J obuuld have made an ina-itequhte return for the liouotir y.Oil hnve confeiTcd on me by constituting rae your Representative in four successive P^r-Fiamenls; but when tbre�d.aj'B only remain to coiirlud'! llie election, anJ wlien I' cin'uot possibly ilalter myself in lliaf short interval to overcome tfie majority against mc,^ further perseverance in the contest might justly merit your disapprobation. 1 feel a prond gratification in having been hoiioured with the unpreecdeuled number of l,9f<4 single votes, and in the �lear perstiasiofi that but fui an nnexpi-cted and uiconsislent cualiiiunof persons and parlies, Isboiild iiave been at the bead of the poll. The liilunph of my opponents, as it is founded solid union of priB(^ple,,rsnop iir>e.<�r Jvng^. -Be careful lo..obserVe Ike wordsSaml. Solomon, Ifiverpooi," engraved in Ibe'Stana'p, withunt which none are Genuine. Sold by Leigli, 18, Strand; Bacon, l&O, Oxfurd-alrtel; Butler,Cheapsidei^Ttitt, Ewhtngej and Ward, Holbom. No. 2,387.... �30,000 706.... 21,009 No. 1,345...... �20,000 7,003...... 0,01:0 and .1. SIVEVVRIGH T feel it iiiciimhHiitoi) ' them t,o state, that every advantage which may belong to the present Lotlery is as fully secured lo purchasers at their Offices, HAV"Dai*f'^'f'lCtU RR of CHRtST'S it TRIUMI'HAWP^f ENTRY IJ!TO JERUSALEM, �jitWcJi has been six veapi4*aod, WILL OPEN for EXHI-SmoMiSMi M^>NUA�^f^i^X^,tbe 27lh iuat.inl, will, all l^iii'ilitii^T'ich'lres^'andl^^udiesfrom NBture,aHd Ihe Elgin MaibleS iuChalk, al.UdlWck's Great Room, Piecadilly, y\t stairs to Ihe eigbl, at Xwilve o'Clock.-Admittance la. CalalopMeSd. . 36. And as he went, tSey apread their clothes in the way. 37. Aijd when he wasc^iioie nigh, even unlt> llie descent of llie^ount of Olives; tlT*'' whole ninltitiide of the Disciples liegan lorejoice, and . lo^ praise God with a louJ voice, for all llie mighiy works lliHt-fbry had seen; 38. Saying, blessed be llii) King that cometb in Ihc name pf tbe Lord, pence iii heaven and glory in the highest. WESTMINSTER ELECTIO.X^ CHAIRING OP SU^ItltANrKS BURDETT, BART. AND iom e^M HOJj'Ht>USE, ESQ. rpHE CHAIHINI^ ofihsTWO iMEMRERS SL for WEST.MINSyJER will lake p|n� on THURSDAY NEXT. Parlicnliih will be slated To morrow. . After which.jhere^wiBPbe a DINNER at the e<eii^^^m^git;r�iroNCY.  ~----- .; J�!ni(fft*C5pSie"�l Five o'Clock. The number of Tickets issued Vill not exceed Ihe number of Persons who. can be comfortably accommodated- in Ihe Great Room. , F. 1!. DIGNA.M, Secretary. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF EA.ST INDIA STOCK. Ladies and Gentlemen, rffIHE ELECnON of SIX DIRECTORS M. of the EA.ST INDIA CO.MPANY being iippoinied for WEDNf'lSDA Y, the 12lh April next, the favour ot your Vote as.d Interest is requested for the following Gentlemen, viz.- J.4COB BOSANQUET, E,sq. JOSEPH COITON. Esq. WILLI.AM TAYLOR MONEY, Esq. EDWAItf) PARRY, E.<q. THOMAS REID, Esq WILLI..4M W1GR.4.M, Esq. \^'lliVh will much ohiisf, i-aJiea aiitl Gentlemen, Your most liunible Servants, Campbell ,!Marjoribaiiks, Jidiu .lackson, Geojse A. Riiliiiisun, Hugh Lindsay, A't'XiHidi-r Allan, John Morri-*, 'Wiilinni Aslcll, Jaoifs P.itlisou, Julin Behb, Riclmrd C. Plowden, Robert Campbell, (Jeo'-ge liaikes, Willi^im S Claike, John G Uavenshaw, James Daiiiell, Daiid .Scoll, William I"". Elpbinstone, (ieoige .Smith, ClurlPs (jraiit, Jidin Bladen Taylor, John Hiidli-ston, John Thoriiliill, John loiilis, Sweny Tooue. East India House, AHreh 29, 1820. TO THE PROPRIETORS OF EAST INDIA STOCK. Ladie.s and Gentlemen, AVING the honour of beiiiK recrnmmended to you by tbe Directors of Ihe East India Company, as Cantlidates for the Direction lo be chosen this Year, we lake the liberty of requesting the favour of your Vole on the Day of Election, WEDNESDAY, the 12ili April Next. We are. Ladies and Gentlemen, ^'our must linmblc .Servants, J.4COB BOSANQUET, JOSEPH COTTON, Wfl.HAM TATr.Xnr MONEY, l-.DWARD PARRY, THO.MAS REID. WILLIAM WIGUA.M. East India House, March 29, 1820. NEW LOTTERY, f HI BlSfl linviiig i^iveii hi? o|iiiiion of tiip Scliemp, jL  begs leave lo point out to his best Friends, the Public, its leailiiii: ft-nintes. Ii c.MiIains 20,000 Tickets, all in One LotKry, and to be drawn in Two Classes of 10,000 Ticket!!, to be put in at separate periodsj the 10,000 lhat are first I nt in llie wiuel are those which are now on .*�ale. The usual amount of PrLzeinoney would be 20<i,000/. but the Colilraelors 1 ave, uii.'er the sanction of a reciiit Act of Parliament, addeir40,01)0/. thereby iiicrejisiii^ the iiilnnsic value (u;j to the. 1 W/i of jlprilj il. per Ticket; an.I to get back that 40,000/. lliiy me allowed by the Lords of the Treasury lo charge tbe Public 2/. per Ticket more than the usual price. - ' Tickets and Shares ave SelliUc at BISH's Offices, 4, Corn- ' hill, and 9, Cliariug-eioss, London; and by bis Agents iu England, liehind, ami Scotland. *i* Explaiiaiory .Schemes Gratis. The Frice.i of ti/oc^ts arc, hourly, aijninst 7?7.SW.S- Office,'ill CcnMll, by tvUich the Pubic can see ihe ^/iuctimiion.v. No. 2,807, Ihe Money Prize of 30,000/. in the last Lotlery, was sold by BISH, in Shores. ALL PRIZES llth APRIL. CARROLL,-the ColliracKir, l)ei;s most earnestly 10 impress on the jinhlic mind Ihe advaiitasre of purchasing BEl'ORE the llih of APRIL, for ON THAT DAY only'I'wo Thousand Tickets will Se Drawn, EACH TO RECEIVE 30/. and then to have, IN ADDITUIN, the same Chance �hen the ilrawiiig begins on'ihe 27lh Aiiril, as if it had �ol already liren drawn a Prize of oO/. th'refine, on the llth April an Adveniurer M AY (i ET A PRIZE, BUT CANNOT HAVF. A BLANK! the Scheme contains 102 CAPITAL PRIZES, ineludfns 4 ......Prizesof...... �:iO.OOi) ......�120,000 2......Priaes of......+'20,000 ...... �40,000 2 ......Prizesof.......tlC,00i) ...... �20,009 &r. iic. In all 303,500/. in Money and Consols, inrluding an EXTRA .SUM of 40,000/. xrliich C.'iltllOI.L, the Contractor, has added to the Prize^Money, by permission of Gnveriiinenl. Tickets and .Shares are selling at CARROLL'S Fortunate Offices, No. 19, l.'ornhill, and 26, Oxford-blreet, wlieie he Sold, in the last few Mnnlhs. 37, CORNHILL, II, HOLBORN, 38j HAYMARKET, 141, OXFORD.STREET, as at any other, whether Contractors or nol. The sum of 40,000/. is added by Government to the nsnal anioiiot of Prize Money, and is vol ihef/iftuf the Contractors, cr any particular Office, as has been erroneously supposed. On the llth APRIL (;0,eOO/. will be drawn, in 2.000 | Prizes of 30/. each; it is therefore the interest of all who wish to adventure, lotio so/ie/(�re that day, as ufleruHtrds, when the drawirg really begins (27tli April) tbev will have Ihe same chance fui llie 1.02 CAPITAL PRIZES, which include FOUR____......Prizesof..';.......�30,000 TWO..........Prizis.if..........�20.000 TWO.........Prizia of.........'.�10,000 Consols', as if they had nol already.lieeu drawn Prizes uf'30/. each. J. and J.SIVEWRIGH I' are happy Iu acknowledge ihe greal public Pniroiiage shewn their Contract just concluded, iii which No. l,6b ,0G0V. and 12 oilier Capitals, weit; Shared by them, and with the reiuaiuing Capitals, &c. were distribnted iu most towns of the Outted Kingdom. rpH E Next of Kin (if �nv) of JOHN AV ELCH, 5. late a Sea'man dn Biliirdthe East India Merchant ship Hyperioo; deceased, by applying to Mr. Owen, No. 3, Bell-yard, Doctors' Commons, may hear of something lo their advatilafe. ;^TAYS" 'RK^IOVAL.--KOBINSON mwi VISTIPvIN, rpinnVed r.> No. 7, Y()RK-S IliKKT, vpnt-i;;arripn, pii^cpni fVv'Ln)lie�.* iiispcrtion iiiimcrott.? Fat. terns'm DKV.^ nml ^VASH1^:G TOKSKTS, scifnlifically adnpteil lo l!ie v:�ria(HMi9 of fi�:uir, whicli lliey eiijage lo tit with prerisioi?, eU's^aiice, and fapliii�n. Slays to iinpr*n'e ihe filiapr, rtrlify ptojortin;: sHonlficr hlaflfs, rt'inove weaknr?)* in the back, prevent spinal cnrvatiirf!>, and fur the pport and cure nt* persons awry, hy wliich they make Ladit;s apptnr Kiraijht, without any pcrnicionB steel, patliiing, op tM-.essrtre. [ Their elastic French Bflis rpiluce corpnleiiry wilhonl c6n-ftucHicnt, Gfive ronifortiihle Riipport after accoiirhement, are efficaciouii in uuihtlicHl cui: <', auJ superior lo loug Slays iu all CORPS of ahtlominal weakness or enlnrtrenient. Slays ami IJracfs suitable for children.-Country Ladies inslrucled by letter to Iransinil measures. This day nee published in 8vo. price Ws. boards, rEiVlOlKS �'li.e COURT of.W.E.S ^I-'H.'V-L^ A, wirter^WiTWmB BOKAigijKKE, with Auec^ doles of his Fitvourites, Ministers, &c.  For some acconiil of tlii.i curious work, see tbe QiiarUrly Review, just published. Printfd for Henry Colburn and Co. Condnit-slreet. This day is published, iu four handsome volumes, Svo. with Portrait, price 27. 8s. biiards", ( rjHHE WHOLE COURESPONDRNrE of! JL HORACE WALPOLE, EARL of ORFORU, now I first colltcled. Printed for Rodwe!|and Martin, Bond-street; and Ilcnry Culburu and Co. ('oiiduit-slreet. LIFE OF THE KING. This day is pulilislieil, in two vols. Svo. embellished with IS F'orlrails, price 28s. boards, GEORGE THE THliU); Ins COU RT, nn.i FAMILY. This interesling \York, which has lieen long since prepared for the press, will be found to coiilain a riclit-r ciillrr--tion of original Anecilolea of iMnstrioiis and ois'iiiiioiKliei! persons than ha:! ever yet be*n snhmilled to the curio^^ily of the public, and it abountis in relations of those pi colcir traits of character fur which his Majesty was so di.-.iinxni'ilied during his long and eventful reign, and which lun-c rendered Ins personal history as reinaikably attractive. Primed for Henry Colburn and Co. Coniloit-siref-t. TO BE .SOLD BY AUCTION, ~~ RY MR. EVAN.S, At his House, No. 96, Pall-mall, uu THURSDAY NEXT, j April 6, and Eleven following days, ^HE Valuable LIBRARY "..f THOMAS JAMES MATHIAS, Esq. including Bireii's Illns. Irious Heads, large paper; Macklin's liible, tl vols.; IJtiy- | dell's Sliakspeare, 9 vols, and the large Plates; Slephani Thesaurus Grsecus cum Glossario, &c. 7 vols.; Pirimesi Aiitiehile Romaiie, 4 vols.; Piranesi, Vetlnte oi Roma, 9 vols.; Menioires ile I'Acailemie dea Inseriplions, 40 vol.< ; i Sloane's Jamaica, 2 vols.; Tncitns Brotierii, 4 vols.; Frois- | sart and Monstrelel'a Chronicles, by Johnes, 10 vols.; Oratores Gra'ci a Reiske, 1'2 vols.; Annual Rfgister, 51 vols.; Lardner's Works, 11 vols.; Dibdiu'a Bihlioiheea Spencc-riana, 4 vols. &c. &c. Extensive IVATERSIDE BUILDINGS and GROUND at BATTERSEA, adjoining the Saw Mills, ^W"^0 be LET on i^EASE, iu imic or more Lois'^ I. viz. 3 BRICK BUILDING, of 45 feet frontage by" 90 feel depth; conlaiuiue a Connling-honse and oilier emi-veniencies; a capital sixhoi-se power Stiani-Engine is fixid on this Lot, which will be disposed of to the Tenant, if re-({uired ; also, a Brick Building adjoining, and of the same dimensions lis the above, with !l8 feel of fioulaae, aslioiig double-Hneil chimney, 50 feet high, ami a three-stall stable ; also. Building Groiiiiil, of 240 I'eet frontage, suilable ftu" manufactories, on which is a substantial small Dwelling. May be viewer!, or Particnlar.s known, by application or letter to C. Chabot, near the Uiidge, Balleisea. OFFER OF A LARGE INCOME Ul'ON SUCH .MO-DEBATE AND CONVENIENT TERrilS AS CA.\ RARELY OCCUR. no be SOLD for .?00/. a liberal SHARE ol a scientific and oiiginal Iiivciilioii, proved hy experiment, which perfects the eoiislruction of Fonr-n heil Carriages, by supplying all that is lieemi'd wauling in tlieni by Ihe ablest writers, upon a mailit-maucal principle, proiluc. iiig a ne�ly-discoveri'd mode of powerful and cornel Ai-iioii, by cheap, light; and strong wink ot liie most simple kind, siglilly ill its appearanct: and operatioi;. This masterly Invention is appliealile to old and new. Patent and cuiniuon Carriages, to all of which it gives superior action and symmetry, easier draft, greater safety, uiiil larger .means t�f diversifying ikeir siyle.-^, than any mode of coiistruclion now iu ii. Inn.sipiaie, London. Janiea Fanner, ot WalatDt ^taffiird, plater, lo sorr. i.iib , April 20, at fiMi!-, 21, and May V3, at eleven, ui Ihe V,\-}-Paj* Inn, Birmingliain. Altonuys-, Blessr-. Turn"*;, a,.' llolnies, Hlooiiisbury squarS, Lundoii ; and Mr, Heile*, Walsall.  �  William Walker, of r.amsgale, Kent, I.r.'tchcr, to farrtn-der, April 4, aUive. 5, �t ten, and May 13, at fioir, at !' j' Spiead F.agle Inn, Rainsgaie. Alloriieys, .Mr. Bigg, Sou;;.-ampum-biiildiiigs, Cliaucerj-laiie, London ; and Mr. Wi wil k, Kani ong and .tusten, Gray's ion, Lonil.m Thomas Harris, i>.f Heirfcril; grocer, flo snrrcniler, Apti! 12, 13, and May 13, at eleven., al iI,k C'oacii ami iiui-i-i Hereford. Allorneys, -Mr. 0�eii, Hereford; and Mia:.r3. Saxon aud Hooper, l'uni|>-jcourt. Temple, London. ~-Thoma!r|�istoit, or'Tl^^ke^bnlry, GtrffitrsieV, (b'rli-'dr'jlp!, lo surrender, April 2fi, al seven, 57, and May 1,7, st'clev: e'. at the Swan Inn, Tewkesbury Attorney.^, Mr Jt/oei., 'i'ewkesbuiy; and .'Mr. Wiiuins, Barirelt's-biiildios.s, Ijondo: James Donald.'.oii, Williani S.'ee, had Samuel ftlajstoo, I'f Friday si reel, Loitdun, whi.lesalc- linen-drapers, to snririidei, Apiil 4, 22, and iMjy 13, al Irn, at Guildhall. AlloMiey-, IMr. I)rai 13, at two, ill the lir^va! ii.itel, Ririnu.n'nani. Ailoi-nevs, Messrs Tool.e and t!:in, Hoiboni-eonrt, Gray's ion, Loi'don ; ami iMrssis. Spniritr'Jiid Iilgleby, or Mr. li.tir:.;, Birniiii;:ti-iin. John Wiiiitfr, of Hirniinghani, merrer, to stirrembr, .-.{oil IT, lS,aml Mny al el.v.o.Hl Ibe Royal II.lei, P,:,. iidin. Alloriii\s, i\l r. Ed:wiii>.ls, fCxeheqnei .OOice of PJei.. Lincoln's Ion, Lomion; and .>iissrs. Hobbard and Kr).-. IJiifiiille, S;;iil'iii-il. (ifoige Eniilaiid, of Exiler, belcher, to sorrender. Apt 11 20, 21, and .May 13, at eltvcii, at llie Hon I. Exeter. Ail.o m %s. Met-srs. D-Jihe, t'liiireli. Olid Darke, Ke biir7-market, .M'dille.^ex, cabinet maker, at cle\i ii, at Giiililhall, Ljv,l.i:i. A|iril 22. E. Simmons, of CJiiceiihithe, Lomloo, warelir'tisr- innii, al len, a; (Jnildliall. April 22. T. Duiiu, of Durham, merchant, at leu, at Gull.i- ii.ill, London. Apiil '2!;. .S. Tovviisend, of Gonili-sipiare, I'lcet-slreet, Lm:- ilmi, jeweller, at twelve, al luiilJliall. A|nil 29. B. Simmons, of High^slreel, Soiilluvaik, Snriej, .^laliol)er, al eleven, al Gnildhall, Ltoiduii. -Apiil 29. A Hcndy, of {iuwer-sireet, Heiltord-Jcpiare, IMi.:- dicsex, builder, at eleven, .-\l (iuildhnll, i-oiuloi-.. M.iy 2. II. Ogbno, of Crovvii-Mreel, i'lnslMliy-square, nlil- illesex, frinire.inakcr, al ten, at tiiiildball, Lt'ii.-Iuo. May "2. R. F.Uis, of Dean-slreet, Soul ini ark, Soirev, pro- visioii-broK't r, at twelve, at Ciiiililinill, l.untlon. April 29. A. .Andr'isoii, of Pbilpot.lane, London, iHcrchant, iii leu, al (Juildliall. A]Mil22. J. (SranI, of Coleman-strcct, London, niercl.ani, ill tleveii, at Guiidlmll. April 22. \V. Kirk and W. Bronghlon, of Leeds, nierrhanl,, al ileveii. 31 the Court House, Leeds. April 25. I-^. I'liuriiiey, ut Hinckley, Leicester, nioofy.scrivener, al eleven, at ihe George !iiu, Ilinikliy. April 2.',. W, .Melliain, of Hinckley, Leicester,;, iii eleven, al the Cieorge Inn, Hinckley. April 25, J. (Jol.liii:/, of tloleliester,, tanner, al ele- viii, al llie Golden Lion Inn, luswieh. Apiil 22. J. Goodeii and W. Gray, of Goldsmilh.slree:, Womi-sireel, London, hosiers, at twelve, iii Giiibli.ail. Apiil 24. G. PuUeyn, of York, iiiien-druper, at eleven, "t - lire lllaek Swim luii, York. A|>nl 2-!. J. iVarde, of Liverpool, grocer, al one, at ti.e Georire Inn, Liverpool. April 22. J. Coombes and J. Coombes, of Sliadwi lliloek, SI. P.ioi, .Shudwcll, iMiddle=e.\, coopers, al twelve, iilGiill'. hall, London. April 22. W. Prest and J. Woolner, of Lawrenre-l'ountiiey- l.iiie, London, coin-factors, at ten, al Giiil.iliall. April 22. T. ivay, of Bath, auctioneer, at len, at liie (hiis- 1 nil, Bath. Apiil 22. T. Vuux, of Cridling-park, York, fai mer, at eleven, at the Star ion, i'�>iitefract. CERTIl'ICATES.-ApiiiL 22. J. Richardson, of Liverpool, inereh.inl.-W. Swan, of New.slreet, N'ew-roa !, Comineicial-roaii, AJiddlesex, iiiasti; - iiiaiiner.--1. .MauuH, Iale of New.srreel, Coveni.gin den, Middlesex, mercer-W. p. Whiiiielil, of the CoiniiierriHl- road, Middlesex, porlcr-nierehani.-J (iuiilou, Inie of lii I. grave eolta^e, Pinilieo, Middlesex, and of St. James's-siri ei, Sl.Jaiiie^, Weslminslt r, picIiire-'leLiler.-T. IJuehaii, of Cliar-lotle.slreet, St. l^anerus, Middlesex, piaiio-Iorle-oiaker - J. i'lilchard, of liistol, t;riieer-W. (aiiee, of s'roiis-liMi:, Chester, farmer.- J. Hcniiniiiir, of Long-sere, MoMlesev, liileu-diaper.-J. iiliilsun, ol' fj.icliiii-iaue, Loiidofrt, ami of WaUvorih, Surrey, iiierehiiiii.- W. Faiiands, late of i\ieg-slieet, Bermondsey New.road, Surrey, lari'iOiio. PA RT N E RS H i PS D! SSD LV E D. J. Reck, R. Allan, and G. But, of the yinind, London, seedsmen, April 1, 1820.- B. Donkiii and H. Dunkm, of Beriuomlsry, Surrey, engineers, June 24, 1S19-J. linbiu-siin ami N. .Mines, of St. Aiidre.v'�-hill, HIaeklriars, smiths, .March 24, lti20.-R. Walkin^ion and G. VValkiiigtun, of tJreal Umeu sireel, Li�colii'� liiu-field.s,elie�scuionger.s.April 1,1S2I) -S. Kiiigsell and H. Piiiekard, of Naval-row, Black, wall, .Miildlesex, colour-makdrs, .M orli 25, l.'i20.-A. Oliver and W. Waikins, of .Manchester, ...oiitiiors, ."tlarchSa, l�2i>. - J.;Qiuu and J. Dolamoul, ol i'tmple.Coomhe, Somer-, se:, t.iiloiv eiiandlers, olareh 1, ]82>).-J. 'J'oplisaud J. Woil. till, of Si. Paul's!,cabinel-niakers, Deteiiiber 2* ISl!).-J. Poole and S. .Simpson, of Skiunerstreel, Snow. Iiiil, i.oAdon, milliners, .Maicb 25, 1S20.-T. Wright, J \Vriglii, N. T. Selby, 11. Robinson, senior, and H. Robin, sou," junior, of Henrielta-street,; Covent-garden, bankers r.laicn 30, 1829-T. E. Upton, J. Nicholson, E. Htming way, and J.Upton, of Leeds, York^allotneys al law, Jlaiei 31, 1820-B. Wat.son and S. Jac.^'sun, of Cux's ami Ijani inond's.quays, and Fresii-wharf, Tbanies-street, Limdoi warhuEers, .Vlarcii 31, 1820.-R. Hailiug and Jane Lewu of Lissud-grove, Nurih, St. .Maryle-boue, Middlesex, d.aUr aud chapmen, ilaith23, 1820. PRICE OF SUGAR. The avero;e price of Brown or .Muscovado Sugar, coin ptited from the Kcturn> made ii> the week ending the 29c

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