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British Press (Newspaper) - March 29, 1820, London, Middlesex ()|, uc ojim Number 5401. LON DON. W EbN ES DAY. MARCH 29^ 1�2(>. GENERAL ELECTION. TO TOE GEJJTLEMEN, CLERGY, AND FREEHOLD-KRS OF THE pODNTY OF AlipDLESEX. Gkntlsmkn, rj>HE rrsult of lllis <1h}'8 Poll |)rove! tu be replacrd iu the hon'Hirable Mlualioii of oae uf yutir KeiiteseiKa^ivrta by .(v^ carty attendance at the Poll. I have.dSe honour to be, GenilemeB, y�Krr dtTOted and faithfol SerTanf, VVILLIAAl ME/^LISH. fiush-hill Park, March 28,1820. - Vii.1t, of-*hb joi.l.! Mellish ..............r.............2,7T6 By..p.....V.........................3,730 VVhiibrtad.........................3,310 The Cununilfee for conducting the Re-election of Mr" IMclHiih beg leave to acquaint the Freeholders, that the Poll will be 0{irn every day (iiicludintf Good Friday) until Muu. (lay next, svheH it will finally close at Three u'Clack in the .Allernouii. The excellent arrangements mad* hy the Sheriff" srruie free arcess to the Hustings. 112, Bishops^te-Blreijt, 28lb March, 1830. MIDDLESEX ELECTION. �rf^HE COMIVirrTEE for couductina: the RE-ML ELECTION of Mr. WILLIAM MELLISH hariui; 'rrason to apprcliend that laany of the Gentlemen Freeholders "have uot been canvassed, or applied to by the District Cum-initlers, he^ tu apologise fur such neglect, and hope it will lie ascribed to the only cause, namely, the incorrect state of �the LisiB. The Committee beg leave lo return their best thanks to the Frecliolders who have already favoured Mr. Mellisb with tlie promise of their support, and solicit their early atteu iut:el, WUilechapel; Narrowstreel, Limehonse; 44, Well- ill FINALtT CUDSE oo MONDAY the 3d Day of April next, at Three o'clock in Jlie Aflernuon precisely.^ Dated this 28lh Day of March, 1820. RICHARD ROTHWELL, Esq. |,. .lOSEPH WILFRED PARKINS, Esq. P"""*- VESEY'S REPORTS. This d.ty is published, in royal 8vo. Vol. XIX. Part HI. price 7s. 6d. lEPOTlTSofCA^jESin the HIGH COURT \ uf'CHANCERY, during the time of Lor* Chancellor 'UMuii. By FRANCIS VESEY, Esq. Of LiuculnVInn, Barrister at Law. Luriiinn : Printed for J. and W. T. Clarke (late W. Clarke Tiiiil .'i(inB), Law Booksellers, Portus;al-street, Liacoln's-tnu. *<.)f whom may be had. Vol. XOt. Parts I. and 11. price 15�. Also VESEY and BEAME'S REPORTS in the HIGH EPOKTS of CASES heard in the HOUSE of LORDS, upon Appeals or Writs of Error, and .Urided during the Sessions 1819. Vol. 1, Part I.-To be 'Ciintiuued. By RICHARD BLIGH, Of LincolnVInn, Esq. Barrister at Law. ;i.ondon': Printed for J. and W.T. Ctarke (late W. Clarke ail.I -Suiil, Law Booksellers, Portugal-street, Lincolu's Inn,; uiitl Baltiiriu, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster-row. Of whom may be h�d, liEPORTS of CASES upon Appeals and Writs of Error in ihe HOt'SEof LORDS, 63 to 58Geo. UL By P. Dow, E�<j. t} vols, royal 8vo. 6/. 63. boards. This day was published, in 8vo, price lOa.^d. boards, - MEKICA and ihe BRITISH COLONIES. An Abstract of all the most useful information relative to the United States of America, and the British Colo-uies.of Canada, ihe Cape of Good Hope, New South Wales, Mild �Villi Dicmeo's Island. Exhibiting at one view the com-�paiairve advantages and dioadvaotages each country otTera tur emigration. Collected from the most valuable and re-<-enl puhlitatiuns. To which are added, a few Notes and 1 'Observations. By WILLIAftr KINGDOM, Jnn. Printed for G. and W. B. Whiilaker, Ave-Maria-lane. " This is an intelligent Work, and embodies, in a vuccinct �foiih, tlie must valuaUe iufurmalion, contained in several -rrrriil publications. It is well worth the attention of those who Hre interested in collecting the fullest information before venturing on the serious, and often irremediable mea-fure of a change of country."-Monthly Magazine for March,-1820. , -EDINBURGH MONTHLY REVIEW. On tlie First of April will he published, price Ss. fid. No. XVI. of np-HE EDINBURGH WONTULV X �BEyiEW. Containing:,- Art. 1. The Sceptic, a Poem. By Mrs. Hemans. 2 An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, &c. By Fran- ire Naturelledes Aniraauxsaos Vertebras. By M. \v til- v.-.Ije,-�de Lamarck. 4 The MniisterCuttage Boy. . By R; M. RoClie. 5. Driiioiiology^ By G.Conrad Horst, Counsellor of the Church of ihcGraiid Duke of Hesse. 6 Some Account of the Liic, Death, and Primd^les of ThooMs J'.iiiie, &c.&c. By John S. Harford, Esq. *. Meinutres pour servir a I'Hisiuire de li� Vie Privfee du li.ioHi are^t>irfaw.Office Sa�ea '^mro, whether opotr > Se^ennnit *r Annual Policy, share ibe ProSta equally witb the Origiiiai Meinbers, according tu their resprrtiVe Contributions. A permanent Surplns Capital of 400,000{. has been subscribed by the Original Members, and they alone ar^ responsible; hence thase who now desire to insure are effectually secured against that uncertainty and unlimited responsibility which have been su severely felt in Societies upon the t^ontributionship or Union principle. kelurns to iheSTio'tiut of 26,000f. have been paii| within the last Six Years to alt who have been iusured Seven Years -a grtaVer Advantage to the Public than hds been hitherto yielded by any well-secured Establishment. Agents are appointed in all the principal Towns, who are also Agents to the PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, founded on similar principtea. HOPE FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Offices, 10, Ludgate-hill, and 32.^, Oxford-street, adjoining Ihe Circus, Loudon ; 10, Princes.street, Edinbwgh ; and 18, Wesimoreland-street, Dublin. FIRE OFFICE.-CAPITAL ONE MILLION. POLICIES ettected npoo every dcacriplinn of Properly within the United Kingdom, upon reasonable terms. Losses are uniformly paid by this Cumpauy with like-rality aud promptitude. Policies which expire at Lady-day should be renewed within Kfteen days thereafter, or the same will become void. LIFE OFFICE-CAPITAL ONE MILLION. Persons assuring in this Otiice participate in profits, witliaut incurring the liability of loss, the Proprietors having undertaken all responsibility; upon which principle numerous are the iqslances of Ten, Twenty^ and Thirty per C-eut. bring paid in addition to the amount assured; and cases have occurred (when the duration of life has been considerably prolonged) where the payment has beta more than double the sum assured. A BOKUS, amounting in wort inttancu 25 per t�nt, and tn iouis lo ufmurdt of SO per cent, on ihe prsmium paid within 1h* latt ie�e� yearjr, ending at JUiehathnat last, hat ban adtitd lo alt Policie* of Attutanci cffccttd in ikit Office for the whole prriod of Life. No Entrance Muuey, Admission Fee, or other OiBcial Charge, exacted. WILLIAM BURY, Sec. TSE>r�eit��t^ Lotifwyjerjer t- �4Ot0t>O additional Priie Money-encournEement lo eiirly Purchasers. The 2,006 Tickets to be decided 11th of April, entitled to 301. each, over and above whatever Prize they maj be-102 Capital Prizes, iaclnding Four of 30,000/. Two of 20,0001. Two of 10,000/. Coosuls. Tickets and Shares for the above grand Lottery are selling by EYTON, Slock Broker, at his old and lucky Ollicv, 2, Curnhill aud Lombard-street, where all Business iu the Public Fuiida is transacted with tideltty and dispatch. THE LOTTERY. TBISH respecitully reminds his best friends,  the Public, that, the PREH.MINARY DAY of DRAWING (a� the Gazette calls it) will be TUESDAY, April H. The Public who honour Bish wiih their favours are informed, Ihiit the apparent advantages of the 30/. Prizes, and the 40,000?. said to he given away by the Con-Iraclom, is not confined lo their OiHces, but extends to all, and is fully explained iu B rrrct INTERIOR VIEW of the ROYAL VAULT atJKiNdsok,�xMbMing the Nine Royal CuifEns now epuatl�ifliieiv..This faahituiable monthly Miscellany is regularly iilmtrMedl with �ne'plaiD and five culuured Prints, acc�M|(MHeii wilb �ar 70 pages of interesting original maUrr, price lisl>ed, N�i. IV. DOCTOR SYNTAX'S SECOND TOUR, with thre�Mkiumi Prints, and 32 pag�s of letter-press; price 3s. 6d. ACtDtLATED ES.SEI(�B of ANCHOVIES. THE decided PrefereiHH!tbi�NrW SAUCE has experlenied during tlietbvri period'tt iia� |>een before the Public, having occaSFtilied'�tfme'spuriuilit: Iwllatrons, e. LAZENBraoU SON ibe Mobility and Gentry, the Orljrihtii ArtK^fS^�*|i�V^'j�ni^- tif tttfir Warehouse, No. 0, Edwarti-iltfm, LuhAm,. ii� . 2d ditto-Gaptam Williani D.iipooner lo be Major, by purchase, vice James, who retires-dated as above. Lieutenant James R. T. Grabltitk to be Captain, by purchase, viae Spooiier-dated as above. Coruet Juhu.Wingfield Shawe ti^ be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Graham-dated as above. Alexander Wadhaui Wyndham, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Shawe-ilaled as aboVe. Tib Regiment of Light Dragdans-Captain William Mayoe, from Ist Life Guarda, lo -be Captain, vice the Earl of Uxbridge, who excbans;ea>-4^led March 8, 1820. 3d Regiment of Fool Guard^Mfobn Bemers,- Gent, to be Ensign and Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Armit, who retires-dated March 16, l V�, lOlh ditto-Lieutenant Robert MaCnalr, from half-pay 4th Foot, to he Lieuieoan^vice Rodney W. Sims, wh� iHcbaafe*, recriJiAig1t�^p[*W,tJ dated af.ahp�ft,' 2�th ditto-Lienlen�otCb�i|Br�eorEe J. AirbMhitlH, Uoat the 11th Light Dragoons, to be Captain, by purchase, vice Teulun, promoted-dated as above. 29lh ditto-Robert Percy Douglas, Enq. Page of Honour to her late Majesty, io be Ensign, without purchase, vice Parker, promoted-dated as above. 53d ditto-Lieutenant Thomas Emery to be Captain, without purchase, vice Wbaonell, deceased-dated as above. Lieutenant Edward Sauiidersoo Prideaux, from half-pay SOlh Foot, to he Lieutenant, vice Emeiy-dated as above. 55lh ditto-Lieutenant Anthony Pierce Pack, from half-pay 71st Foot, to be Lieutenant, vice George Edward Clements, who exchanges, receiving the difference-dated as above. 60th ditto-Lieutenant Charles Chichester, from half-pay 14ih Foot, tu be Lieutenant, vice Sylvesier O'Hehir, who exchanges, receiving the difference-dated as above. 80ih ditto-Captain Charles Addison, from balf-pay 62d Foot, to be Captain, vice Charles Dick, who exchanges, receiving the difference-dated as above. 84lh ditto-Lieutenant John Spottswood lo be Csptain, by purchase, vice Rowe, who retires-dated as atiove. 90th ditto-Lieutenant Robert C^nry to be Captain, without purchase, vice Wood, appointed to the 3d Royal Veteran Battalion-dated as above. Rifle Brigade-Quartermaster-Serjeant William Hill to he Quartermaster, vice Surtses, appointed to the 4th Royal Veteran Battalion-dated as above. 2d West India Regiment^-Major Thomas'Bradley lo be Lienteiraiil-Colonel, without purchase, vice Ross, appointed tu the 7lh Royal Veteran Battalion-dated .March 16,1820. Captain Thomas Daunt Lord lo be Major, vice Bradley-^ dated as above. to be Captain, vice Lord- Lieutenant John Anderson dated as above. Ensign George Redman to be Lieotenaut, vice Auderseo- dated as above. Ensign James Holt, from half-pay 4lh West India Regiment, to be Ensign, vice Redman-ilaled as above. Ist Royal Veteran Battalion. Lieutenaal John Worlledge, from half-pay 3d Garrison Bat. talioo, to be Lieutenant-dated February 24, 1820. 2d Royal Veteran Battalion. Brevet Major Archibald M'Iniyre, from 2 n, from half pay 2l8t Foot, lo be Captain, vice Campbell, who retires lo his former situation on the Retired List>~^ated February 24, 1820. Lieutenant Alexander Metijsies, from half-pay 25th Foot, to be Lieutenant-dated as above. Ensign John Walker, frpm half-pay Boynl West India ' Ransers, lobe Ensiicn, vice'Pradley, whose appointment has not taken place-dated as above. 7lh Royal Veteraa Batlalinn. Lieutenant-Colonel John .Gray Ross, from 2d West India RecinienI, t-j be Lianleuaul Colonel, vice Walker, whosa appuinlment has not taken place-dated as above. To be Lieutenants-Lieutenant Edmund Tubh, from Stii Royal Veteran Baltalion^ated November 1, 1619; and Lieutenant John Robert-fialderson, from half-pay lOOlh Fool-dateij. February 24, 1820.- 9lh Royal Velerau Battalion. Captain Abraham Logan, from Isl Foot, lo be Captain, vice Fiederick, whose appoioliue'oi has uot lakeo place-dateti as above. To be Eloigns-Ensign Wiinam Renofck, from half-pay 9d Garrixoii Kalialiirti, rice KerametFr, whose appointment has not (�ken place; and Eukicn Wiinart, M�ek4.y, from bilf-|�iv t^'.pe Rigiment, vi'ce-Marpbersoii, wbiueappoiol-nieui his not taken place-both date'i) as above. 10th Royal Veteran Ballilio*. Lieotenaut John l-angford Hargrove, from balfpay 9�d Fool, Iu lie Lienleoant, vice Taylor, #bose appoinlmeat has nut taken plaee-dated as alwVe. Ensign George M'Phail, from half.pAy ^Ih Foot, to fce �n�)f n, vice Hay, whose appuinlntent has n*t lateu {ttece -dated as above. STAFiP. Mnjnr General Sir Henry Tmrrens, iK.Ci6. lo be AdjnlanU GeiientI lo Ims Mafrsly's Forces-dated Maitb 25,1820. HOSPITAL STAFF. Hospital-Assistant James Arthur, from half-pay, to be Hor-piHil-Assislanl to the Forces, vice Moir, wbus<- appuiat-neut has not taken place-dated March la, 1826. /fonts Gtfitri/i, i^Ah %t 1830. His Royal Highness the. Conim ex, surgeon.-T. Richardson, of King-street, Spilalhelds, Midolcstx. silk-weaver.- W. A. Brown, late of Bromley, hut now of VVeutworth-place, Mile-end, Middlesex, brewer. PARTNERSHIPS Dl.SSOLVED. T. Crooks and T. tValiers, of Wood.stceet, Cheapside, London, silk-lrimming-mannfaclnrers, March 11, 1820 - W. Skinner ami W. Holt, of Siocktoii and Darlington, Durham, bankers, July 23, 1819.-J. Le Grand and H. Clarke, of LeadenhalWtreel, London, seedsmen, February 20,1820. -C. Willis, ten. and C. Willis, jun. uf Cranbrook, Kent, attorneys, Mirrh 23, 1820-E. Penly and W. Bloye, of the Strand, Blulioners, March 24, 1820.-W. Pesket aud T. Dastou, of Uuughly-iuews, Guililford-itrcet, Giaj'd-liiu-lane, coach-makers, February 24, 18-iO. MAKKEIS. [From the "London JUreanliU PriceCurrmt" of Tuesdat/, March 9S, 18fi0.j WEST INDIA AND SPANISH MAIN PRODUCE. B. P. SuCAK-^Consideralile huiiness was done last week at the prices quoted in our b>t, at which holders held very firm, and iu some iustauces a^ked ao ndvance of Is. pi:r c*i. FiiUF.iGN SucaRS.-Brazil and Havattnafa contiune lo be | inquirtd for, bgi there are very few o-SVring. The sale uf East India Sugar on Thursil.iy went off steadily as respects good and fine qualities, but Ihe browo was cliietly lakeo in. Th$ Stock of B. P. Su^ar is cadis uf Cuba sold at a declineofi*. per Cwl. The stock of W. L Coffee is ih>w 3,969 Ions, bring t34 less than al Ibii tiltte last year, present )firi<xe Zs. p�r e�l. higher. Runs hatre not beett in good demimj, and ibe. prit^ef Leeward Island are Id. per galba lower. The present Slock of RbtM is tt,-262 ^gocbeons, toipkca olpntohta.U. per gallon. Stefek last year, sama. rftli^t 10,630 ^ancheona, and price of )^roofs 3). per gallon. ' PlMCMtd steady, as last quoted. In Cocoa there has been iiulhiAg done, nevfit li sjimll parcel of Trinidad, Which wag pot up Iu auction, and s^lJ at 2s. uader the Ufci^nmlnal price. EAST tNDIA PROBCCE. lilDieo.-The demand cunlinqrs steady, and 6<l. per-lb; advance od ihe last sale prices in generally paid far Ihe urdi. nary middling qualities, and Sd. td id. advance on the goinl asd fiaei|aalilies. Tea has been in steady demand and an advance of ^j. lo Id. Ipeir lb. on the prices of ibc late sale has been ge-urai y paid; soirra aaiericam produce. CDjrtbH'^Tbfie baa been tome J^()uiry in ibe Cotton Market l6li^HHeti,�anl'abwitr;33l^haj(B'ha��*�*�M!iiM� �8 Sea It1ands,^drair ftSfd.; 210 B*wrds,in Imitd. tn!<i. miitdtinglo it^d.yery good; 80 Rahia, good I&|-l.; 4(1 iii-. merara, middling tn good fair 14^d. and lad. in hu�d; 5^.1' Sural, good fair '6fd. bein� the price at which ttn-y wriB taken in at the last sale; 650 Bengals from 6d. a 6|d. rhiiily-81 the former price, of ordinary, middling, and gM.4 0tip-piog quality. The Buweds, and a few of the R nc�lsi art-taken for export; of the rest, a few anly for home e-immni tion, tlie remainder taken fur re-sale. ^ The impurl duriug Ibe week was 475 Calcutta, 35 Berbice: total 5lt>. MEDITERRANEAN PRODUCE. PauiT___Two cargoes of Currants, t>ne from Fatrass ^.1 Ihe other from Cephaloltia, have been sold this werk al f.oui 100>. lo 103s. per cwi. In other descriptions of Fruit ibric has been but little done. BALTIC PRODUCE. In TailoW there haa not been su much business done, but prices remain without altsralioo. LIVERPOOL REPORT, Ma�ch 25, 184'>. Ctt�ro�.-The demand for Collon, which revived at the close of Ihe last week, has since continued, pariiculaily for Boweds, of which the sales have been very extensive, ihviieh at little variation in price except for Ihe best quality, which is rather higher: Brazils have been very dull duriii; fl�� whole week. The sales are 12,500 bigs, and consist ui 300 Sea Islands at dl|d. a 93|d ; 6,700 Boweds ll|d. a l2|J.; 20 Teonessees lO^d.; 1,200 Orleans iiiA. a I5^d.; and 370 by auction, ordinary to fair 1 Ifd. a 13fd ; i.4�iu Pet-nams 15|d. a 16^d.; 000 Bahiaa 15d. a 154 <-; 1.100 Ma. ranhams^I'id. a Id^d.; 20 Minaa Novas 14*1.; 300 Uiuai Geraes 12|d.; 200 Denieraras 14td. a 16^d.; luu Ciiriha-genas llfd.-, 950 Snnts 7|d. a 0^d.; 200 Bengals a S^d. pir lb.; about 3,000 Boweds have been taken mi spr, culation. The import is 424 bags Demeram, 1,238 New Orleans, 4,^61 Cbarl�iitan and Savannah, 1,442 ul/ier puri-i United Stales, 2,079 Brazils, 507 Portugal: total lu,05i bags-There has been an improved demand for B. P. Svi^rsfrum Ihe grocers and reBuers, as well as a few Irish buyers; au<l Ibe public sales, which have consisted chiefly of browu and middling descriplioqs, have gone off at an advauirr uf 2i, per cwt. The quantity sold is nearly l.OOu casks, rjnoit and fine qualities ef B. P. are extremely scarce, and Bn<: .white East Indja have been taken by the trade Si�. 6 mcM SO*.  m�. fiiL A public sale of 80 chests uf good dry Bahia Sugar wcuC 2s. lower than onr late nominal prices, viz. low to good brown 24b. a 288. yellow 31s. 6d. a 33a. 9d. and hiw whim 343. 6d. a 36s. &d. which is the only business done ju Foreign. Dutch and Jamaica Coffee, which continues extremely scarce, has sold ?25s. a 127s, for ordinary, miildliug lo hire middling Dutch 142^. a 144s. and .k few casks of fine middling Jamaica 150s.; for Foreign we have little inquiry, and at the same.time but little offers. In Cocoa and Pinienio, nothiag doing. About 4,000 pack, ages E. 1. Ginger have been tak-en al public sale, chiefly for shipment Hiu.Gd. a iTn. ijj. per cwl. We have a goud lu-quiry l''<r Carolina Rice, both for export and the home trade, and 550 Heroes of very i^ootl to hue new quality, have sol-t readily 20�. Gil. a 2In. 9J and a small parrel uf good ol i duly paif. Rums are dull, and cuiuniui'Jamaica offers at 3s. per gA\. 16 O. P. Honduras Logwood h^s sold 7/. a 7/. 2s. 6d. and a smull lot of Cuba Fustic 10/. Ashes are steady, ami good Montreal Pols have brougt,t 379 , and 200 Bostons and New Yorks have been takeu li'." export, the former 40s 8d. and the latter 40s. Of Ihe Tallow offered at public sale yestenlay, abont 2,000 serous sold 66s. 6d. aud 500 .South American Hi<i<�, ahuut 231b. weight, 7|d. a S^d. per lb. lo Tobacco we continue lo experience a fair demand fur export, and prices are steadily insiulained. The Corn mnr-ket (in consequence of the large arrivals of imo'ji descriptions of Grain) has been inmli depressed, and seiri-ly any sales have beeii effected in Wheat, though offert'rl at a ti' . dine of 2d. a 3d. per bushel. There is iiU alieraiiou in American sour Flour, the demand for which is limited, /i small parcel of fine Philailelphia Bark has h.-.-o sold at per cwt. for expart^ and 20 rusks iuferior at iO-<, j.errwi. There has been rather more inquiiy for Leinon Joire, ai.J some smalt parcels have been sold at Is. 8d a 2s. per gallon, according lo qiialiiy.-The <lf-inniid for Gii'lipoti Oil hi*^ f -vived.anil upward.-i of 30 lui-;* of this description hiive li'vo sold at 78/. holders now Jejuiiu.J 80/. per tun. Posttcrifit, Taesdat/, Matrh 2."*, Fwr o'clock. The B. 1*. SCGAli. market wa-i liiiil to-d�y, -jinl one board of ordinary brown Jaumica whs wold at 57*. )�t-r ewt. Ucii'if Ifi. uiidtr our la&l quotaiimi, but the prices ^vLie geu�r.i)ly well supported. CorrEE-^The public sale which was brought forward to^ day consisted chiefly of damiged, and in conaequence affor't -ed uu criterion uf the innrkt-t generally; the few lots df sound were middling and good middling Dutcli, wbieh wer.-taken by the trade from 13fis. to His. per cw�. The privma Iransnclions were very liniiterl, and the prices of SI. Do. mJHgo is almost noiniual. COURSE OF EXCH Amsterdain,C F. 12 I Ditto at Sight,. II IS Rotterihim .... 12 2 Aiitweip ex-�i 0 0 lift

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