Tuesday, February 29, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - February 29, 1820, London, Middlesex Number 5376. kiNG'S THRliTRP.. t ,i THIS EVENING. TUESDAY;, ;F�I>.. 29. vrU\ be repealed (second lime), Ihe new grand teri-oiis Opera, eiililled .. -� ew S,r,Mly. Dt-.^es, I>C(>ralioii(i. &c. The: Munic by Sigiiur l.iv.iMli-TliE Poelry by Mr. Slefano Vestria. End of lbs, First Act, the new DIVERTISEMENT. � A^ler llie Opera. IhB new Ballet of I'ANURGE._ . �- TFTEATRR-ROYAL,- DRUnY-ZANe. tHlSEVENlWG. TUESDAY.-Fehrnary 29. his Majesty's Servants wfll perform the Musical Drama of , GUY MANNERING. Colonel Manticrinj, Mr. Peuley; Henry Berlram, Mr. Braimm, in which Churacter lie will iiilrodnce " Now Hope,: now Fear," with Sliss Po�ev-a new B-illad, The-Last, Words of IVIarmion-and�' Scots wlia hae wi' Wallace bled!" Dominie .Sampson, Mr. Oxberry; Dandie Dinnjont, Mr. Biilier; Dirk,H.a"eraick, Mr.Viiiinj; Gilbert Glossini Mr. O-illie. I.ucy BerWann, Mi��.Ca��r5'Flurt,'Map.^b^i'<-Meg Mcrrilieii, Mrs. Egcrtoo ; jnlia M^�ncringj Miss Po-vev,in which nhe will introduce " Mv Heury is gone !" and " Sweet Robin." After irbich, the Musical Eiilcrtainmcnt of THE QUAKER: Steady, Mr Indcdon (who performs on this night only, prcvruMS In his (nj;af:ement at Easier) ; Labin (first time), ?!r. T. Cooke; S^olonion Mr. Doivlou. Gillian (first time), Miss Povoy ; I'lnretta, Mrs.Orger. Thi; Doors "ill be iipeneil at Half-past Six o'clock; the Peiformancr will comint nee precisely at Seven. Jack and the Bean Slalk will be performed every Monday Till further notice. The Opera of Artaxerxes is postponed on account of the i'lrlisposiliou of .^Inflame Ve^lris. <^n Thursday will br produced, first time, a new Drama, in five arts, called The Hebrew ; principal character by Mr. �K can. TlfK^. TRE-HOYAI., GOVnSTaARDEK. THIS EVENING, TUESDAY. Fel.njary 29, will be acted a new Musical Drama, called THE ANTIQUARY. Jonathan Oldbiick, Mr. Lislon; Caxou, Mr. Blanchard; Lovrl, Mv. Durnset; Sir Arthur Wardour, Mr. Chapman; Edie Ochillrc, Mr. Emeiv;- Lord Glenallan, Mr. Tfrry ; Hec-lor M'liilyre, Mr. Abbott. Miss Isabella Wardour, Miss Stephens; Miss Maria M'lntyre, Miss ftfatthews; Miss (Jrisrldii Oldliuck, Mrs. Davenport; Elspeth of the Craig, bunifootj.'^irs. Paucit. Wilb an Interlude, called THE MANAGER IN DISTRESS. ManasiT, Mr. Chapman-, gjstlelon, Mr. Bhnchard; Irisli-mtin ill ih*- Pit, Mr. Connor; Lady iu the Boxes, .Mrs. Da. veupovi; Gentleman oo th� St�eo and in the Boxes (with new and Vi^rious Imitations), Mr. Y-.ites. ' After which, 5th time, a new Farce, called TOO LATE FOR DINNER. The principal Characters by Messrs. Jones, Listen, Con-nnr, Blanchard, Emery, Mrs. Davenport, Miss Foote, Miss B^aumout,-and Mrs. Gibbs. Too Late for Dinner will be repealed every evening. On Thursday next will be produced, first lime, a new Mu-siral Diami, called Ivanhoe, or The Knight Templar. rg^H E -l'_UiJ L I C W reH-ecUullv informrc). S. that they will ajain find Mr. MATHEWS AT HOME at the Theatre Royal, English Opera.House, Sirand. on THUR.SDAY and .SATURDAY NEXT, ,'\;:iich 2 and 4, 18-20, when lia will have the honour to n iitf^t his Annual Course of Lectures ou CHARACTER, iMANX(':R�, an.l PF.CCId.ARiTIES, by iutroducius hia Friends I., 1-is COUNTUV COUSINS, and the SIGH PS of LONOON. Sonss,-'< Country GBjnmissions"-" White Horse Cellar" -"Oh, what a Town, wh-it a-wonderful Mrtropolis'."- " Ep.soni Races"-" The Mill (Angiice), a Fight"-" Za. rh�rv Flail's descriptinn of Loudon"-"The Rout; or, Iji.ly Fidg.t ' At Home'."* " Part Third.-Exhibition of the .Muhiplicalion Table during a CHRISTMAS � BniGHTON. Solution of the IVlvsti-ries <if Four tiroes Five by the juxta.position of rii:tires. 'I'lie whole being embodied and animated by Mr. Ma- lIlf.'M S. D.iars to he opened at .Seven, and tly? Performance to begin nt F.iehl o'Cloik. I'lixes, Places, and Private Boxes, may be tiiken of Mr. Strrenson, at the Sox-office, Kiriuid PuirRiicr, fiotn Ten till pour; and at Pearmnirs Library, 170, New Buud-streel, ivpposile Burlington.gardens. SURREY THEATRE. Pto Pcrformaicp on Wedntsdavs and Fridays during Lent. rS^HIS EVENING. TUESDAY. Frb. ?9, Jn. and tliiring^ the ^Vpck, will be preseiiled, 16tb lime, nu entirely utfw splt-mJiiJ Htstorical Welo-tlramatic Burlcltu, ill thioe actSj cnliej IVANflOE; OR, THE JE'.V'S DAUGHTER. Willi a new grand IVIilitary Overture, John (Prince of Eiiglantl;, Mr. Cliffonl; Pilgrim, Mr. Watkiiis; I,ur-us do Besninenuii-, Mr. Fawcetl ; i*rior Aymer, .Mr. Adc.ick; Cedric, Mr. Giant; Uiikiiawu Kuighl, Mr. Uidijw.iy; Rriheri pall of HunJiiigdoii, 'Mr. Payor, Irisir Tuck, ,Mr. W S. Challerl^y, and Miilee, the Miller (iiullaws), Mr. Ijou-.uJ ; issac oi York, Mr. Huutley. Lady Pv.iaeoa, Mrs W. S. Clinlterh y; Rchicca, Miss Taylor; Ulrica, Mrs. P.iouks ; Elgiva, Miss Btnce; Alicia, Miss Piir. To conclude with a Comic, Heroic, Operatic, Tragic, Pan. toiiiimic, Burlesque. (Jiirleila Spictacular Parody, called DON GIOVANNI. Don Giovanni, Mr. Payne; Don Guzman, Mr. Wyatt; Dun Octavio, Mr. Leonard ; Lejioiello, Mr. Filzwilliam. D.mna Anim, nfra. Brooks. THANKS TO THE PUBLIC. 1^ li[SH is once more liiixiou"!}' soljoitoiis to 3.  convey loh\9 best Friemis, ike Public, His nnfrigned Tiiaiiks for ihe very decided preferi'nce ehewB to hrs Offices in the laic Loitcry; and whilst he lesoectfully solicits a oon-iiiiiiance for Ilic fiiiuie, it is a great salisfaelioii l |iim that h,- lias In congraiiilalf hi�'Palions on their having i^bidined it hisOdicis, ill the Lold-ry-drawn Ip9< Friday, one of tlie .IJCNEV Prizes of TU E.NTY THOUSAND POUNDS, i\o 2.607, whidi lilSH Fobi in shares), besides several .nitiin Cnpiialt in 111,- sanie l.nllery; and it is no doubt in tSr rrcdh ciioM nf Ins Fiiiiids, lliat iu the preceding Lot.. itr\ |i:irls <ir I'll u other �-20.000 Prizes were also sold by IMS-ll. A new Liiltciy was contracted for un Saturday last, t'le Biddings were ns under ; Carroll. HiiZiltD, & Co.... �14 5 10 Thomas Bim...............14 3 9 ^ Geohoe Wr.83................14 3 5 Ticki'is and Shares will he on Sale in a few days, and aji Sn..i. as the Ciiiilrnctnrs have arranged I be Scbeioe, it may. h li.id, with full Particulars, at either of BISH'S Office?^; 4, {'ornhill, or 9, Cbaring.cro?9, Luuduu, or of his Agebig 111 ihe Coiinlry. ' ' , ; Tbe �20,009 P'-^" drawnon Friilay lasf, and shared liy BISH, consisted wholly of Money fio flirt of Hhcinfi V'lyahle in Slock J, aai tlie foriuuateHolderB-may i-eceive the value of their icBjiecl^vc Shares on d^oianfl, tite. Forihe Half...._____,^W,000, Monet, l"�r tbe Quarirr.......-..........�.5,000 MoNky, Foi each uf i4ie Four Sixteeuths. ..'�1,560 Moirxir, GeWElULiJELECTlON. ,OVER ELECTION.-Ciiruln R�olittioi,s' having been entered into at a niiiuerous and rcapeCt. able Meeting of FfeeAeU,. at Ibe Sara^ey's Head Inn, ou Friday last, upwards i^f aoo Freemen; have signed'jWir Names to support a,ii INpEPENDENT CANDIU-ATE;; auy Gcnlleman, IhereTforr',' iif those PrTncipli-s, who 'iiTll ciune fiirwardois.reqiiettid to address a Letter immediately to the lojcpendeiil F/eenien's Cnnimitlee, Saraceu's Head liin, Duver. * - LIBERATItiN OF MR. HOBIIOUSE. R. H'(iBH'pUSG h'avliiiT (iccv|.le<l the T.ivt-' : tatloH of tUe Friends of Parliamentary Reform, Trial' by .lory,, ijuil Liberty of (be Press, to Uiue with ihein on bis Liberation from Cunfinement on the aihitrary Mandate ufllie Ijoiife of Gonim|6'ns, and hiiving been'liberated, the DINNER, will jlake place on THURSDAY NEXTi at the Crown and Anchor Taveru, Strand, at Five o'clock �preciifelv. �. iu � , Sir ,FRANq;iS .piJRDETT, B�t. M.P., itt (he Chair.,; Tickets I3s. 6i. each, to be had ai the Baj-jtf.Abt3itVBrn,iJ --,-.-\--_-U_,_i-L_^_ TO THE WORTHY AND INDF.PENDENT LIVERY OF LONDON. Gentlemsn, ' pHE ii|uuiou of my coitdiiiit in PurUuin^nt sn unequivocally expressed in the npprobalioii of-one of the most liuoierouft a'od respectable .Meetings of the Livery ever held on a similar occasiiMi, anil the renewed assurances of general support which I am daily recei^'isg from every district, have impiessed me witli the fullest cjiifidence Af success, and call on my part for the strongest expressions of thanks and gratiiiiite tomv Fellow Citizens. Be assured, Genileinen, that I shall always endt�vour to promote your righis and interests, and render myselfHie faithful organ of your feeliugs and opinions. 1 therefore place myself in your hands, and confidently rely on your active and persevering exertions, in your several wards and districts, to promote my teiuni, and at tbe same time to coiinteiact every attempt �'hich may be made to intimidate or unduly influence you in the exercise of your elective righls.. I am most anxious to wait upon every Liverman in person, and will perform this duly as far as the Ibis and the time permit; but if I should be unable to fulfil these inteu. lions, 1 hope it will in no case be atlribuled to want of respect. TheCumniittee for conducling m^ election sil every day at the Gi-ildlmll Cofi'ee-house, King-street, wjiere useful inl'orinaiion will be thankfully received. I have the honour lu he, Yuurfaithful and devoted Ser^-ant, ROBERT'WAfPHMAN. New Bridge-street, February 26. LONDON, TUESDAY^^i^SR^AiV 29, 1820. R;,WEsr�f-EXfiffffi4(^.% m.niH\\. is BE OPENED,^^wUJiiA!i^i^0i�A!l, plcrrRF^^^ ; represenliuE Event, conneclf4(;W--^t.:5^E.,i !i|1-1itt�l4 fieai- CattUni Palace every, day. from. Ten lilf>��l^SV�fe1h*Jce''Is^^Caia-' logues Sjl.facb. , 'ci CHARP!at.S.n^Rr, Srcrelary. Price 7d. SOUTtfWARK ELECriON.-FebruaryS.S, 1S20. 4 T u iiiimerouii'.VI EEPING of the FRIENDS �\. �f CHARLES CALVERT, Esq. held this day at the Three'J'uns, St. Margaret's Hill; SOLOMON DAVIES, Esq. in the Cliair: Ilwns resolved unanimously, That the Thanks of this Meeting are justly due and are hereby given to Charles Calvert, Esq. our worthy and r*'spected Repreveatative, for his services in Pariiametit, for his steady support of Ihe cause of civil and religious liberty, for his exertions to promote economy in the public expenditure, and reform in tbe representation of the people, and for his constant attenlion to the wishes of liisConstilurnls,and to the interests of the ancient Towj) and Borough of Suulhwark. ^Tbnt.'artffiriretr.lu Mr. Calvert, not. only as agreeafglwitU  with biro in the same political opinions, but also foT, ibe uprightness of his intentions, and the iiilee;rily of his conduct, and considering what are the besfqiialificalions of a Repre-seiilalivc of this Coimnercial Gorough, we are of opiniou, that hy the firmne.4s and indcpeiidencb of bis character and his commercial kuowlcilge, by his lopg acqminlance wilh our local interests, by hi> punctual atU'niinti to his Pnrlia-ineutary duties during the tvvo last Parlinmeuts, and by his accessibility at all times, highly deserving of, and well eu-titieil to the coiitiHiiance of oui- confidence and support. That we fcej it toi�e our duly, as much as it is our inclination, to renew our personal cxerlions lo piomotc anil increase Mr. Calvert's interests, and collectively and inilivi-, dually pledge omiielvea lo assist him in his canvass, and by all conatilutioual means in our power lo secure his J^e-turn, for itie third time, as one of the Representatives in Parliament for this aucieut and populous Town and Borough..' That these Resolutions, signed by the Chaii-man, be printed and postt'd in ihe most public places ia ihe Borough,and published iu someof the Morning Papers. ..' Go�liulie9, Cities, and Biiroitgbsi � . '. By JOHN DISNEY, Esq. Barri�te#-irtrLaw. Print.d for J. ami W. T. Clarke (Ute \ir.Clarke and Son�), Law lluobKellers, Porlugal.jitri-el, LiiicolnVinn. Of ivhom may be had, in 8vo lificeV/. l�.'i<� boards, . A COLLECTION of ACTS of PARUAMENT relatiyeijJ IW� lo County and Borough Elections. By John Disney, Esq TO FLORISTS,, G/iRI)EI<igft!t.,iAND OTHERS. PARTNER lyWfED. ' AM OST- �.lv�mi/tf�oii�^-*fet'T'l? A-TION in tlie FLORIST,aiid,. SEEp;,aj!^^,;f�i�biH9lied for 40 years, wi<h a "nniitber o( Nybliiinitn-aiid .Geiiileihen'� Gar* 'di;ns-ia iliMik'after, andfurui^Ain^'-li'alla'a'tid'Rud{,i, au si. itunte wilhin five minutes w)ill(',fr|nn<Hyde'I^U'k, tHat fur ';local convenience and dispalcli .bjifiijiet^feq; opportuni. lies offer of.sweba'u eligible sitiitViitiii'^r .Bu actite person, !�id aijy^ part (if Jhe Bu^iileaa^vtUJie JTMietfibr; : � � TO BE soLij;bV Akj lh January, llJ20 ; Present-The Earl of Wemyss and March; the Earl of Rosebery ; Lord Belbaveu ; Lord Rollo j the Lord Justice Clerk ;� Lor 3n'air, �r perhaps before, Esgland; apd concluded by observing, that works of such eminent public ui�luy and oroameitt, are anquealtonably ihe lipft means of -aiding tbe iiidinlrious/classes of the comtnonily'j and while they are tribnieii ja^Hiljr doe lo Ihe illustrious dea �sterHy. lu reference lo the plan aud sile it was observed,-tbat in Iransmittiug Mr. EI|iol's very, elegsntraDd clasaicai design formed ou the Pauilieon at Ronie, llie following nolo was subjoined lo Ibe resoliilloiis': " The Coinraillec are desirous ii should be understood that'-nolliiiig bal yet been detcr-inincd, either in regard lo the plan of lite building, or its situation, both Of which will fie niiitier foi- ifitlnre and deliberate cousideraliun ; but Ibe general inijpression aeeina to be, that the design to .lie ottii��leIj Bdiipte'd shorild eillier be formeil on or be an exact'mtfdel orsume of the must approved slrucinres of antignily." ^ ^ ,^ 'v e�i ji'Vtj'' ~i ^' 1ft rfr^i'ai'ee k'tst?'ib tTielealjialimi'tt!ai'ia*nr\iaife'6{ tile subscriptions, tbe Cummiilee, after soine deliberation, were of opinlaiv, lh.it it would be proper tg defer thai measure for the preseol. The jCommitlee then came to the following Resolutions : Tbe ComiBittee having heard tbe report of the proceedings that have taken place since their last meeting on Hie 2-7d July, 1819, expressed their confident hiipe,-tlial Ihe Ministers of Ihe Church of Scotland, who were now in pus-session of ihe Resolnlioiis of the General Meeling of the Noblemen and Genlleraen, held lit'Edinburgh ou lhe24lli of February last, and of ihe s'ubsequent RcsoIuiKjuR of the Goramiltee, together with the reeommeiidation of the G''-oeral Assembly, would, when a seasonable opportunity, presented itself, lake such measures as might appear to them-beat calculate,! to promote the object of these Resolutions, ami of Ihe recommendalion of the General Assem-bly; aud Ihe Coinmiltee also expresiieil their confident hope that the Commaniling Officers of Volunteer Local Militia and Tolnnteer Corps would also take such measures as might appear to theui proper for promoting this great n.i-tional object. 2dly, That the additional list of subscribers ought to be published. And 3dlj', Tb? Committee recommend to their Secretary to continue his exertions in pro-moling subscripliona in ei-ery direction. Ou the suggestion of Lord Rollo, the Earl of Kiunoul's name was added to Ibe Committee. On Ihe motion of ihe Earl of Rosebery, Ihe thanks of the >Ieeliiig were unanimously voted lo the Earl of Wemyss and'March, for his conduct in ihe Chair. The Committee were also pleased to express thanks to their Secretary, fn-hie cuulinued zeal and exertions in promoting the cause of the National Monument. ADDITIONAL SUBSCRIPTIONS. 1st, ladies. Countess of Moray. , tily of work to be done. Iii cooseque'vce of the m'^iter-manufuctiirerB decliiiiii^ lo n'l edrr lollic-si demaiidi), there Iiub been a Keiierul turn.out, wl.icJi liu� ii0n-continued for some nioiitti'. U i-der x!ii'>..! circutns!�nce�, several of the mnster.ur�iiufat-ltr''c- s have engaged worktlien .wiio.liad eil'ier �SaH>l-.iH!-.i', or had never entered into this comljin^aiiMi, 'Mi^-i cAiiduct highly irritated the wnriiuieii wlio >lill ud-hered lo Vlie Union, ^ifrho tletermined l.i (.vevint it hy inuii) force, and' for this |)ijrpo.-e iht-rius^eintjit-d, it) t;reat riomheri", nt the works of oteol' ilie ikhici-\mi mioul'acturers in tlie neighbotnliood -A !> bury, where ilfey grossly as-ii.nhed sifvrrul uf tii Vrorkrnen, whom they'de.-ignaie liy lliexilious imiiii of Blackn, Warrtints were .>.ubsr-()iiejit y granlr.i ae^niii't H'il/iam Koioelt, JuSeftU Piuckirr, J'iscjjh son,. Jonathan fieming'wuy, (jVor-fc H'elinni, (ti:i:^a it^ lf'-*n'. ^vvin being conrenied in tiiis nuinitze. U'ritues iiv tliese ijefionsi wefe brooilit before ftli'i-.ei Simk* and .(eremiali Barjlov, E'-qiiires, iViut; �initts nt ;!i -t Ruling, at DcwshoTy : iliniiis,' llie t \aiiii.i;iii.,in uf iLeie persons a great c inC'iiirse of (lenj.li' out^ co!-Ir-cletl round the inn, who behaved iiiMi i nm n I i ii'i;< a mailer, (hooting- hh'kI making a lun i i.oi�e) tin!; the tVlagislrates thonj^lit it nece�sarv t" h;ive the Iv oc Act re-ad, ivhich .jWas done by iVJr. ,Suu-t;s. Tj (leople ivcre alio infiirrnt-d, that l!u' ! - llie coinilritn.f to i','' e tlie mob. This attended with conaiderable e 11 - Lady Ann Stuart......................... 5 Lady Grace Douglas................... Lady Shaw Stewart ...................... 2 Lady Abcrcromby......................... & Lady MacGregor Murray.................. 3 The Honourable Mrs. Boyle................ 25 The Honourabje Miss Rollo................ 3 Miss Aytoun .........................*� 2 Miss M. Aytoun....................... -2 Miss Isabella Aylo^n..................� � Mrs. Cl-awford....................� 2 Misa Greig....................^....... ^ - , The Hod; MraiHuuter -r? v�V'.t'^?*; Miss Lilly Wilson, dido,................r" 1 1. <�-: d. 0 0 0 n 0 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 0 Miss Janet Wilson, ditto....,............. 2d, noblemen and gentleme.V. 110 ..ord Colville Lord Chief Cora missiouer.................. Messrs. Pale and Cooper.................... Mr. Clugslon ............................ Sir John M'Pbei-son, Bart.................. George Home Druramoml, Esq. of Blair Drum- moud.................................. Rev. P. Mollisoii, Minister of Wulston........ General Campbell, Monzie.......^......... Capl. P. Campbell, R.N. Northumberland-slreet Sir jEneas M'Inlosh, of M'lntosbj Bart, per Mr. Mcintosh, Great King-street.............. Maitland Gibson, Esq. of Clifton Hall........ Sir lllay (iimpbell, Barl----................ General Sir James Baird, B�rl.............. Wauchop, Esq. of Edmunstune.......... 50 spbe^ have taken up the sabject, agreeably to the rt^commeDdations of tbe-geneMi meetings helil at Edinburgh- and London in spriitg last, and .every accouat favoured tbe'prrsuhiption that the tiubscriplron from Jamaica, and our oiherWest Iiidia Colonies, whose Governors were also written tg, would be mosf^ lib^ai; nnd it is well known that Ibe M^rqiilB of Bastings in .Indi^,^'and the' Barl of Dkllwusie in. America, �(^1|, give evetjpiKidible. iinpulse to tbe meaiii're. ' . Thefe was not yet, howe�elr, sufficieql time to receive reports from those remote pajrta, the diiipatcbes baving only been sent out after the LoiidoQ meeting m. the end of May He concluded hy expressing a hope, that tlie foundatioo John Marshall, statuary.................... James Millar, M.D. Bruwn's-square.......... Win. H. I.izars, 3, Jamea's.square .......... David Alexander, writer, Edinburgh ....... Alex.Strachan, Esq. Assistaul-Commissary-Geo. Mr. M'Reddit, booacller. EJiobursh .......-. , Wm. Watson, Editor of Ihe Correspondent .. Capt. John Thomson...................... Major Charles Leaox Camming, of Rose.isle .. Col. Alexander MacGregor .Murray.......... Lewis Gordon, Esq........................ John O. Brown, Esq. W.S................... Alexander Boog, 16, Si. Andrew's-street...... John Craig, Jameii's-s i-square Alexander Grant, LieuL-Culonel Commandant'' late Morayshire Volunteer Infantry........ Alexander Cameron, Capiain .............. James Thomson, Captain.................. John Fprsylh, Ensign..................... Thomas MacNiven, Lieutenant 26th regiment Sir Patrick Walker........................ Parish of Currie, per Rev. J.Sommerville.... 100 0 0 100 0 0 50 0 0 25 0 0 50 0 0 a 0 0 1 1 1) 50 0 0 50 0 0 1 1 0 25 0 0 25 0 0 .^0 0 0 25 0 0 50 T 0 50 / 0 50 0 25 0 0 25 1) 0 3 3 0 5 5 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 1 1 0^ 5 5 0 1 1 0 1 1 1) 5 0 0 50 0 0 25 0 0 1 1 0 ] 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 3 3 0 1 1 0 1 1 1) 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 25 0 0-J 17 5 7 4 0 0 Treasurer*-The Bank of Scotland; Ihe Royal Bank Sir .William Forbes; J. Huuti'r, and Co.; British linen Company; Ramsays, Bonars, and Co.; Thomas ICionear and Sons; Donald Smith aud Co ; Robert Allan and Son; The Commercial Bank; all the Provincial Banks of Scot-laud; audio the Country Agents of the Banks of Scotland, British Linen Company, and Commercial Baiik. Gexerai. Treasurers-Sir William Forbes, and J. Hunl�rand Co. ftllCHAEL LINNING, Seey. Subscription papers lie at all the above Banking Officer in town and country, and at the Secretary's Chambers, 20, Hill-Streel, Edinburgh. THE BLANKEST WEAVERS. [From " The Leeds Itiercuri/."] , On Thursday morning, ten men, egcorted by a detrtchment of the 4th dragoons, were brought into this town, oti their route to 'Vork, charged with riot and assault. Our reideri are aware, that there has existed, in certain parts of the'tlothin^ district, in this Riding, a coinbiiialion aitiohg the blanket weavers, called the Union, which hk� fi^ed a minimum of wages, below which no loeifiber pf ihe Union is to be allowed to work, and who further insist oa iiBposin^ certain liiuit!) ou the qaau' inerisnir- �vii.. biicces.*, ami in aiiMiiC j two hours llie mob were dis(,ersed, with,ml lunn;--� cinnioit'ed any miscliief. Ill coiiscq-.u-iv-e of liis oulrai,'cous Conduct, it was consideitd e.Xi.edienl 'o have ihe assiilunt.-e -of a niihiary fjrre, to conduce the persons conimlUed part of thnr wnv to \'ork. We are infurined, -on good authnriiy. ilnt it is iii.t ititeiidnd 10 proceed ajjainst liie iinfi.riuiiule in,-:i who are cnnnnilicd, with uny_ ritr'nir, urnvn'eii ths prace of that town aii;l iieiglibuurliDod ^hmild I'.t. be disitiirbed by sittiilar tuniuluioi)-. as3fiii!)lar;�-s ; but if, unforiunarely, tliis sh.-iuld be the case, ih-y will be left !o suff'er the tiiiiiiilii;ai. d sf ct of which can only be to ajrijravirie tlieir sufrcrinijs, and jm-veiit the ajiptouch of bitter days. PEACE >0f7�rr. A considerable time lias elapsed >ince we adverted in our coluiails lo the pro'-'eedings vf tin* Hiost interesting tiud itnporlanl S.icicty ; yft il U8 r*!al pleasure to observe, titat it not iilently gaiiiinjf jround in various directions, and we sincerely had it �> the 1 ar-binger of tlie iicco[n()lishriieiit of that blessed penoJ " when nation shall no longer lift up sword atrBJnat iialioii, nt-iiher shall ihey learn war any more." The Socitly has lalely published uni.rlli Irset, compritiiig a .sermon pre.iclied by the {{..v. tJa'vid Bojfue, D.D. in 1SI3, three years before the formation of a Peace, Socieli/. We regret that our limils ito not allow us to jiive it entire, and it ia difficult lo k>:lect any part from a work, the whole of wliich in sn rxcellem ; liiit the followiiig^striking iiluslr-dtioii of !l>e crt'i tt< likely to be produced by the practice oi' pacitiir principles, is so complete a reply to a very fiopulur objection, tliut we hasten to lay il before our ieai!er�. The objection to which we allude is ' that if a nation-fur example, tlih lo tchkli we /ie!oni(, utrs to act upon these principle<i, unci refuse tu sjo lu war, it would soon be sicallowcd up by other nations." Great Drit, i of peaceuble inl.nbi-taiits, consisting of fathers and mothers, sons ami daughters, and infants at the breast, have been buried under the ruins of their dwellinj|;s, or dashed to piece* in the streets, while the surronndu.g country has been mouriil'tilly desolated. What is the elfect of this warfare ? Every survivor's hear! n filled with hatred of the invaders, and burns with revenge. The same spiiit he conveys down �� uii inheritance to his children; and let it he remeui-hered, * thai those are tio little enemies." L-t us suppose, that instead of such an arma-^ ment, our vuleis were lo commission siiips laden with corn, and clothes, and mmiey, at only half the amount of expense-and to accompany the gift with a letter to the government of� ntiglihoor-iiig country to this effect; "I'hrough the gond.ness ofG'xl, we have had an abundiiit harvest, and hearing that you heve not, we send a present of coni to the widows and fatherless, the orphan, the blind and the lame. As many of them may be unpiovid-ed with raiiHSiit fur the inclemency of winter, accept of the clothing which will he delivered to you hy out fleet, and divide amf>ng Uiose who are in the grealest distress, the money *hicli our iiies-Sengera carry lu their hands." What infi woiild such conduct have upon the-people of that country > Would it leave any stitigs behind Hi their soul-.No. It would concilialS" the esteent and affection of all. Tell them after this, -Biiiain wishes to injure�J'ou."-" No," they would say, " it cannot be; it is impossible th^t the people of th;;t land should desire to do us harm." Command thein to buckle on their armour and wage w,ar with thf English. They would answer, " We cannot light wilh ihem: the weapons' would drop from our, Iwnds: we love them too well to hnti them : cnn-tiniie in peace." If any slate would act in this way toils, neighbours, it would have no enemies: the sound of war would not be heard iu ifts dominions. -fPiymouth I'apci.J

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