Saturday, January 29, 1820

British Press

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British Press (Newspaper) - January 29, 1820, London, Middlesex Number 5350. LONDON, SATURDAY, JANITARV 29, 182(t PillTE 7d. KtlfCrs THBATItR. THIS EVENING. SATUUDAY. Jan. will be rppeatc'd, Riisiini'a paaiilai- Ouera, rntitleJ LA CENEREN1X5LA. End of tbr first Act, � new Di.Terlmement, Aflcr the Ojjem (by ifenirt), the favourite Ballet, compoteil by M. Hiilliii, ^tilled LK SULTAN GENEKEUX. Tlip m-W Open oT Gaslunec Bayardo, iiitCBdei) for the >lrlin( nf Si^iiur Biancfai, i� ibIe. The new Ballet in uii-nvuidably postponed. THEATRB.ROYAL, DRVliY-LANE. THIS EVEiyiNG, SATURDAY. J�n. 29, his Majesty's Semnis will porrurio the Comedy of WILD OATS: OK, THE STROlil-lNO GENTLEMEN. -SirGrorge Thunder, Mr. Dowion ; Ri>yer, Mr. Ellittnn ; Htrry Thunder, Mr. Peiil<-yjB��fc�, Mr. Powell fJuba J)ory, Mr. Gallie; FarnierGanimoii, Mr. .Meredith ; L�iii|), Mr. Keelry; Ephraim Sntooih, Mr. MiiDilrii; .Sim, Mr. Knight, lady Amarniilh, Mi's. W. West ; Amelia, Mrs. Kuijiht} Jiiar, Hiss KtHy. After which, 2?lh time, an entirely flew Comie Pantomime, JACK AND the'BEAN STALK; Or, HARLEQUIN AND THE OGRE. The Oere, Mr. Hudxin; Jack, Miss Povey, aflerwards Harlequin, Mr Bolng-na ; Paiilalnon, Mr. Hart land ; Cluwn, Mr. Soiilhbv. Jack's Mother, Mrs. Pearce; Jaoctia (aflerwards C�luiiihin vfl. Mr. DuiUstl; Sir Arthur Waidi.ur, n.'r Chnpman t Edie OrhiKrr, Mr. Emery ; Lord GlenalUn, Mfr Terry; Heclof M'lnlyre, Mr. Abbott; Lieut. Taffeil, Mr. Connor; Saunders Mucktelrackel, Mr. Farley. Miss Isibella Wardonr, Miss Stephens; Miss Maria .M'lnlyre, Miss Maltlrelvs; Mi's Griylda Oldbuck, Mrs. Davenport; Eli|h'i1i of the Craigburufuot, Mrs. Faucit. After which, 39th time, a new Grand Romantic and Comic Pantomime, called HARLEQUIN AND DON QUIXOTE; Orj SAN'CHO PANZA IN HIS GLORY. Qui)[:jila (afterwards Don Uuixole), Mr. Norman; bi> Nirce (afterwards Columbine}, Miss Scolt; SauHiu Panza (jflrroards Clown], Mr. Grimaldi; Nicholas (the Bar-licri. Mr. Norris; Sampson Cai-asco (aflerwards Harlequin], Mr. ElUr. The Doors will be opened at half^patt Six; the perfurtn-aui-e will begin at Seven. The new Musical Drama of The Antiquary will be re-peaieil rvrry'evening, Thursday next excepted. The avw Paniuininie of Harlequin aud Ouu Quixote will bi- rt^pratrit-isn IMondJiy and WediMsday next, A new Farce will be produced on Fridey next. URGENT Dl.srRESS, rpiir. WIDOW'S' FRIEND and BENEVO- i LENT SOCIETV, institoicd August 1808, for visit-in: nml rtiieving the Sick and distressed Poor �l ihrir own Hiltitationa. The Funds of the Society (when the late ap. I>i�l �t!i made to the Public) were exbausled, and in conse-i|iic4icf of its limited means the Cuinmitlee were compilUil III ..bout 209 applications, and to suspend their relief 111 upwstils of 100 cases. The Committee most gratefully iicfenuu'leilge the receipt of the fulluwin^ Uonaliuus and SiihnCriptioiiS:-* � 6 0 I 0 1 0 1 0 19 0 a 0 1 I 2 0 1 0 0 ft 1 0 6 0 b 0 5 0 5 5 By the Rev. H. Budd, A. President. A R. J. F. U. (Jregory, Esq. M, P. L. L. Messrs. Nelson and Ailiim ^ Joseph Delaficid, Esq. Mr. J.G.Godwin a U P^rfc, Esq. A. n. C. A ijidy F. H. K.II.InSiis, Esq. DA. lit. Hon. Lord Ellen- boi'ouifh Urv. Jiimes Burgess Hy Mr. Seaward. Mr. Charles Parry a 10s. 6d. Mr. Coiizens a lOs. 6d. Ml. H. lurpiu a 10s. 6d. K. Bulrlirr all Cm. Sir John Byng, Bart. . 5 5 Mrs A. Meyrick a 6 5 Miss .S. VVhiieluck 2 0 A Widow's Mite 2s. 6d. Mr. Jiimes Huole I 1 By Messrs. Drummond. .Sir John Keuoaway, (tart. - a L G lion. H. F. &. Stan- liupe Huu. Airs. Stanhope o. V. M. Ciive, Riq. Ant. fiulicr St. Legcr, F>q. I.e. II. Mrs C. P, IS'.iutii'us ituhi. H. Gordeo .�4. B. Well wisher, per M. M. W. -I.Hilv P.. A. Perceval Mrs. V.G. iJi Hon. George Can-Mi.�.l L. MiL'lii Huq. and Right I'rv. Bishop of Dur liiiin V. Vrs. Elixahelh itlartin 5 ft 2 2 S 20 2 2 1 1 5 5 5 10 2 5 2 21 2 1 6y Messrs, Browne, Langliorn, aud Co. Harry Verelst, Es 1 U By KTeturs. Hoare. N. Gnndry, Esq. - 10 0 MissWatg  10 0 John renaam, Esq. 2 2 T. H. B. - 2 0 M. A. C. - 10 0 Miss Boone  2 0 Mrs. Bulkeley - 10 0 Edward Cow|ier, Esq. 1 1 Hun. Mrs. Agar - f> 0 Rev. John Stuckwell 5 0 S. H. - 2 0 Mrs. Page - 2 2 Mrs. Baker - 1 1 RieM Hon. Sir W. Grant, Bart. 5 5 S.U. - 10 Miss Driver - 2 2 Anonymous 2 0 Charles F. Lawson, Esq I 1 Cuiinless of Arrun S 0 A Country Gentleman, whose mi-ans of re-lieving disirrss exceed the claims of bis own neighbuur-bood,by W Wilber- furce, Esq. M.P. 20 6 By Messrs. Hatchurd and Sun Hrs.C.T. . 1 Mrs. Rice, Jermyu-st. a 1 H. A. B. Sylvanns Bevan, Esq .Mrs. Bevan' Richard Bevan, Esq. Hon. A. Caithurpv H. E. O. (Lady) T.P. E.B. Misi E. Bruce H�-hiil'toii, 46, Lower Brompion-ruw Mrs. Ogiivy, 3, St. James's'street W. M. E. Mrs. M. Towuseud, Early-court A Maid Serrant & 0 1 0 I 0 2 0 1 u �Dd donation, will be IhiiiWu y recnv.d ly ihrRev. H. Bndd, MA. PreiMT!, Bridewell Ho.pit�J; I.J Mr seaward, 134, S�ltfbpry->qu�re; ifto by ibe fo�o�*-..lit Banker. >-Me��g. Hoanr< 37,. Fleel-.treel; Mewrp. D.umiBooJ.'Charine-croiis; MieMra. Browne, Uniborp.aod -Jlk, Bntklersbury; likewtae by Mes.n. Halcliard and ^uu, ISiO, Pitcadilly. BRIDGES, Mavoi�. j A COVJMON COUNCIL, bofdrn in ^he CH.AM.BER of the GUILDHALL of iS.e CITY of LONDON, Wi FRIDAY, llie2Slh .layof January, 1820; Ktsouviiu unanimousLy, THAT this (;ourt express their dt-ep and nnfeisrned rrgret upon iht Pemh of his Royal Highness the DUKKnf Kent, as one of the Sons of llirir VfuerftMo Snret-t i^n, and as a disliiiguishcd .Member u( rhe llonseof Briiuswtck. Thry are persnnded that the Nation will long deplore the loss of his Uoyal Hishui's�, not nit-ri-ly from ,his exallrri birth, and ihe high stations which he so honunr-abiy filled, but brcanse heshrwed lha-. the Uiiglilest gems in the dindem of a I'uyal Personage were best t'xeuipli-fiej in the virtnes of a Briton, by u biin adiierrnce to ihr priiiciplesnf the Cunstiluiiuii, by supporting the cause of Civil and Religions Liberty, by the most ardent aud , unwearied etToris to promote the Education of the Poor 'among vll denominations, and to circulate the Holy. Scriptures tlirooKliouI ev.ry rr,{inn of the habitable Glube. And the Corporaliun of London are sensible indeed that lliry have to muuiu the loss of * BuVAl. and K^LVSTBloi'S 'CtTiiB.v'; aud almost "<^ery'"<Jh"�ri<ii6le liistitnlion in lie Melrnpoiis must longtiilcrtuin, with grief anil sadnessj the most grateful rcrullrctious of his beuevulrnt services. This Court do now feel and record their deepest syin-palhies with his Royal Hiahncss (l\e Prince Regent, her Knyal HighHess Ihe Duchess if Kent, the amiable and afflicted Widow of his Ule Koyal Highness, and every .Member uf ilie Royal Family. WOODTHORPE. BRITISH GALI.EltV, PALL-MALL. THIS GALLERY f-r ihe EXHIBITION and SALE of the WORKS of MODERN ARTISTS, will be OPENED on .MONDAY NEXT, the 3lst inslanl. (By Order) JOHN YOUNG, Keeper. Ailmiasion Is.-Catalogue Is. CHURCH PREFERMENT-To I..-SOLD, subject to the Life of an Incumbent, in his 88ih year, an ADVOWSON in one of the .Mullanil Coiiiiiie.. For particulars apply to .Mr. Tyudale, Solicitor, Liuculn'l-Inn-firlds. OUBSORII'TION to AFfORD TE.VIPO-RARY RELIEF to the'OESni^TE, and NIGHTLY SHELTER to the HORSELES.S, during the PRE-SENT INCLEME.VT SE.4SON. 1 At a SPECIAL MEETlNiQ-of ihe GENERAL COMMITTEE, held at the King'�, in the Poultry, on .Monday, J.iiinary 24, 1820: i The Right Hun. the LORD .llAYOIt in the Chair. An Addr<ss to the Public was |<rrsented to the .Meelinf by the Righl Her. the Lord Bishop of Chester, as Chairmao of a Sub Coinmiitrt-appointed to pf,rp,ire the sani^, which I having been reaili it was mot�d by^ir John \V. Luhhnkk; I Itarl. srcundfd iiy Joseph Bntt pe, with a proportion, ale degree of zeal^ii the part of Ihii Goininiltee. \\ baa been, Ihey can truly assert, ihcir wisJi nnd their endeavour to render the beiitvulcnre of the piililic as pruiluclive as possible uf that beneficial result fur Ihu ncromplisbment of which this liou'niy was bestowed. In submitting the following slalement of persons admitted into the house at Lnndon-wall, the Commitiee think it proper to ohsrrre, iliat many of the objects were evidently in the la�l stage o( bumaH privation and suffering, and would, ill all prubabilily, have perished from hunger ami cold, unless the doors of that asylum for wretchedness bad been open to rtceive them. .^cronnl of the Total Number of Persons who slept in Lon-duu'W: ris Sa^culi l.ucubraliunibus illustrantur, Pbraseologlu Explicalur, et Senius gruuinns eruitur. Opus in Graiiani Juniurum Fldelilcr Excrrplum, et quibus desuul Urgiura vulunilua iu epilumeii rrdactum. Sivmnel Hardy, A B. " Ernre possum, Iwreticiis ease nolo.' -S. Aug. In two volumes Mvu. price 2/. 2s. buaids, 2 COHNEI.ll SCHREVELII LEXICON MANUALE GBjECO LATINUM et LATINO GR/ECUM : studio al-que Opera Joseph! H'll, Juhaiinis Entick, G':lieluii Buw-ver, nee noii Roberli \^'atts, V . hound. 4 A roojil hrauiiful Edition of the GREEK TESTAMENT, jiriiited uu a'fiiie wove p�^t', with the best iiilt, to curresplirtil *lll mu.ptice 6s, boartla. &. HO.ME^l lLIASGRiECE.18nio.twice7s. Imard* - e. :_-.. ODtSSEA OK^CE, 18mo. price 78, bila. A C.....pifle SCHOOL CATALOGUE, for 1820, may bebad jralis. Description. Jan. I3ih Jan. Ulh Jan. 16lh 16lh I7ih Jan. l�lh Me.............. *lVoincii and Chil- 11 90 351) 350 380 419 dren .......... SicK............ 3 18 25 25 30 56 43 .Meals ;�iven...... 14 122 700 1025 780 948 Description. Jan. lOlh Jan. 20ih Jan. 21sl Jan. 22d Jan. 23d .Men............ Women and Children ,....... 418 R'7 478 437 1AQ 485 1 IQ 473 1 QO Sirk.........'." n / 04 65 IV J 102 118 118 132 136 Meals give....... 1075 1187 1284 1443 2293 Although the Committee have, during the short time they have been iu action, devoted their almost exclusive alteuliun to the more presaing andimmediale call upon Hifir funds, the sheltering the bousfcless, yet have they not Ion sight of Ihe other and no less important object for which the subscriptions were given, viz.-the'Aftenling lome- immediate relief lo Ihe destitute; and in furtherance uf this design, a Sub-Committee lias been appointed, whose office it is, as far as may be practicable, to .search out the abadcs of misery and want, and adwiuister assistance to lliote unfortunate ^ sufferriB whose distresses, lfauit�bjlu|;�aii)ill)Lv{>tl ire^nia^ not be the less'severe! Tlw Committee, however, are preveoled at the present from rnleriiig upon this branch of duty to Ihe extent they could wish, by Ihe impossibility of forming, in this early stage of Iheir pruceediiigs, any correct estimate of the aiiionnt uf expenses, immediate and contingent, which Ihe number of individuals admitted al Lundou-wall,and the pe> cnliarily of some uf their cases may call for; hut having abundant information of the extreme misery which exists iu many parts uf Ihe metropolis, aud uf Ihe number of unforlu-nale f.tmilies, who, though not driven from their homes, are pining without the common neceasariea which nature and the season require; they are aiutious lo extend lo � hem also Ihe most prompt and elTectual assistance, which their arrangements in London-wall, and, aa Ihey hope and trust, Ihe ruulinued liberality of the public, will enable them lu bestow. In doing lliis, it may be advisable for the Cummitue to avail themselves �f Ihe experience and personal assistance of some of the managers of charitable iusli-tulions in the metropolis, as it will, iu all probability, be found that Ihe actual situaliou and degrees of suffering iu so numerous a class as that last alluded to, will he more efHcirnlly investigated by established or local insliluliuus, than by the most strenuous exertions of any one general assurialiou. Such nte the views and Ihe designs of Ibe Committee, which Ihey Irusi will he found to agree irilb the original de. sign of Ihe promoters of this Charily. It has been their sincere desire to keep good faith with the public, and lo distribute a fund,, wliicb has exceeded the most sanguine txpectaliuna of every one, even in this age uf Charity, in that manner which, if it were possible to consult them, would best accord with Ihe inlentiiius aud wishes uf the Subscribers llitoisrivcs. (Signed W. H. BODKIN, Hou. See. King's Head, Foultiy, January 24, 1820.  In consequence of a kind offer of assistance from Mrs. Hick and the other Ladies of the Guardian and Provisional Protection Societies, the FemaleDcparlmenI has been placed under Iheir snperinleudencr, aided by the amiable and beac-volent Mrs. Fry. Amount already advertised �..�.......... �11,726 0 0 i. R. Bernard Mr. Haynrs Wm. Knight Captain Evelyn Mr. .S.TJeant Setlon Two Gentlemen fuiced into Covent-garden Thealrc withuutpay- iiig Thomas Frost 11. P. S. William, 30 Quartern Loaves Adamsuii Baker E. G. Waddell, four bushels Split Peas. G. B. CarrOn Company Thomas Maude Winnings at Cards, by W. L. B. R. E. A Friend M. U. Mr. Wnckcrhaiih J. Coiling Two Slicks of Split Pias, fioM Wrench and Sons. Henry Pownall S. G. W. pel-. Mr. , Booth . , - At Lubbock's. P. Plgr,tr A Frinnl, p� A. 8., Capl. HauiHvr, R.'yal Horse Gnunis 1 1 1 0 10 10 5 5 1 1 1 1 8 5 5 5 Mr�. H. Hanmrr A few Gernian3 17 W. Heygate.Esq.M P.- A ^ly Heart wuuld give more D. S. E. L. Mrs. Marian Churchill Miss M. ll.Churcliill MissE. Churchill O. W.C. J Jr. Perry At Sikes's. George S. Butler At Ladbroke's. James Campbell Rev. R. Veriiey Al Lloyd's Coriee-hou6e. J. N. Smith, Eagle-field Lodge ft W. w. - 1 At Jonts's, Charles Comerfoid Al Grutea's. .Mrs. Trundle Miss Trundle At Fuller's. Samuel Cohen At .Petriiig's, An Old Campaigiiir At Barnard's. DimBdale,lii)rclay dain At Drummond's. Lord Amherst 10 10 John Diiisxall 10 10 At Birrh's. Mrs.Brouksba^.k � 0 At Sfa'rteli. tall, siid Co.%. 10 10 2 12 10 0 2 8 S.C. Rev. J. S. At Wright's. .Mrs. Rail.lie .At I'raed's. II. Jarksuii Al Child's. Lirnl. Rooke, R N. 1 .^lisa Fanshawe . 10 Righi Huu. R. Ryder 10 W. Davi.s - 1 R.Vjner . 80 Al Hn.\re's, Fleel-slreet. Eai I of'Pemhruke 20 A Friend - 3 IJmi. and Reverend T. Dawney - 4 Hon W. H, J. ScotI, M.P. - . ft E. H. AMeraon 10 Mr. Justice Pa.k ft w. L. - a Huu. Mrs. Qreville ai.d Countess Mm*- -field ' Anonymous Sir T. D. Aclanil, Bin. M.... Sieadmau 10 10 1 .Mr SieidHian James (JiiiUer AlcxandiT .Murray 3 0 5 0 A 0 5 10 10 1 I THE BRITISH EMPIRE IN 1820. This day is published, price 5.^. 6il. bound in red, the Eighth Ediliou, embellished with 100 Views and 5Iaps, THE PRESENT STA IE OF THE BIUTISH EMPIRE U,t 1820; consisting af a succinct and accurate View of Ibe British Empire, ils Colonies and Dependencies, in ihe Fonr Quarters of the World ; willi statistical and fiiMiicial Details uf Population, Revenues, Produce, Commerce, &r. &c. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH, Author of Ihe Grammar of ^ieneral Geography, and other Works. Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co. Bride-court, Bridg�>.atrerl; aud to be had of all Booksellers. Of whom may he liad, 1. GIFFORD'S ABRIDG.MENT uf BLACKSTONE'S COMMENTARIES, 14�. bound. 2. PHILLIPS on the POWERS and DUTIES of JURIES, B�. 3. TROTTER'S WALKS THROUGH IRELAND, 14s. 4. WILLIAM.S'S, FAR.MER'S LAWYER. 8s. b. YOUNG'S FARMER'S KALt.NDAR, 14*. boards. G. YOUNG and WI LLIAM.S, half bound together, 2ns. J P. UoiiMn Anonymous At Herries's. R. H. . Al Coulls's. James Farrer � Oliver Farrer Al H/immersley's. Lady Howden - 5 0 Subscripiiuns will be received'by Sir J. W. Lubbock, Bart. Treasurer, Mansion Honse-street ; at tlie srveral Hanking Houses iu London and VVesIniinsler; al Lloyd's ColVee. house ; and by the Cuininiliee, at the King's Head Tavern, Poultry. (Signed) W. H. EODKJN, Hon. Sec. ATLAS ASSURANCE COMPANY. LIFE DEPARTMENT. PERSONS insured for llie whole term of L-fn, will have aa addition made lo their Policies every seventh year, on the (H-inripIe so b^'ueficiaMy praelUtil till taltlf at the EqiiitaUe Assurance Office ; or the aniuuiil thereof maybe applied in reduciiun of the future payraanli tf Primium. Policies way also be eflTectcd for the whole lerm of Life, on a plaa peculiar to this OIHce, whereiiy Ibe Premium is payable fur a fixed numbtr nf ycara only. FIRE DEPARTMENT. Policies fur 300/. and upwards will be entitled nndrr the ayailefa of Assurance practised by this OtEca lo parlicipale iu the surplus Premiums every fifth year, provided uo claim has bi^en made for loss. , - Proposals fully explanatory nf Ihe principles and rales of | Ihe Company, may be had al ihe principal OfKce in Cheap, side, Loudon, and of Ihe several .Agents in llie (Jonulrv. HENRY DE.SBOROUGII, Jua. Secretary. Chcopside, Loudon, January 18, 1820. TO SOLICITORS, BAN^RS, AND OTHERS, IN THE COUNTRY. Gentlemen who are willing to act as Agcbts fur the Atlas Assurance Company, are requested to addi-eas their applicatidu to the Secretary at the Office iu Cheapside, ac-compauied with a reference U> persons in LoHduo. MEMOIRS nf TMAPOLEON: By HIM.SELF. The FRENCH EDITION was published this day, al 12�. in extra hoards. Tlie ENGLISH EDITION, faithfully IransUtrd by Mr. O'Mvara, will be ready on Wednesday, al 10s. 0 I. Printed for Sir Richard Phillips and Co. This day are published, in octavo, price lis. io boards, WALKS THROUGH IRELAND. By J. TROTTER, Esq Late Private Secretary lo the Bight Hon. C. J. Fox. This Work exhibits Ibe most Inleresiini;, Affecting, and Eloquent Account of llie Dmneslic Stale uf Ireland, and of Ihe Condition of tlie Irish People lluil has appeared. Printed for Sir Richard Phillips aud Co- London. Sold by Jubn Cumming, Dublin ; ami by all Booksellers. NEVVVttYAGE. ADMIRALCORDOVA's LATE VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY TO THE STRAIT OK M AGEL-LAN, constitntrs the Part uf the Jonrnal of New Voyagi a and Travels, published on Ihe I5tb of Janoary, at 3<. sewed, and 3s. boards. This Voyage, fiiaile by the order uf the King of Spain, and now first translated, cuniaius the fullest arconnt of this famous Strait, nnd uf the proximate districto, which any where exists; and will befell lo be of pecnln-r wurlh, at a tune when those Countries are b<'Comiiig of such high pulitical and rominereial impurtance. Published by Sir Richard Phillips aud Co. Bride-court, Bridgr-slreel; and lu tie had uf all lliioksellers.  f* Of wlwm may be had, any nf the furaier leu Nnm-ers, each co'ilaitiiu^ an uviginul English wurk, or a fiilh-itl iranslaliuii uf some valuable and recent foreign work, cumpfcle within a 3s. number, aud possessing iiueqiinUnl claims io general interest-Vul. 1. consisui:;; uf six nuHi-bers, may be bad, elegantly half-bound, hI h), BY ORDER OF GOVERNMENT The Drawing uf the LOTTERY, whi<h was lo have taken place H..� ilay, IS POSfHONED to SATLIRD,\Y NEXT, FebruaiyS, wJwnftie wh�le will betl-fiJ.d. JAND J. hlVEWRIGH r,, 1 a respectfully announce, that' Ihe Wheel cunlaiiis * TWO PRIZES tit �20,000 M.iniy, besides nearly ONE THOUSAND OTHER PRIZES uf yariona amouuls, making iu Ihe whole an Excess of .-�6,348 heyund the u.sual tVixv .MiMi�v �f the Lottery. The whole yill be Drawn uu SAIUBDAY, Febtuary ft J. aud J SIVEVVKIGHT, wlio Solil in Last LnKery. 1,656, a Price oT fiO.OOOZ. hope lu experience a roii-liurtaiice of urrfereace shewn to their ulU enlablisbed iMid furluiiate Ollicis, 37, Comliill{ 38, Haymaikef, 11, Holbors 111, Oxfurd-Blrsel, Where Tickets aud Shares are uu Sale iu great variety. This day are publiibed, 2tom. 8�u. 84s. %/f EMOfttES^ piKir srrvir 4 LMilSIOlRE i'e ..TJl la VIE PRIVEE, du RETOUR, et da- BEG.NE de NAIHJLEON e� isiJJ Par M. FLEURV DE CHABOUl.ON, Ek Sirrelaire de rEfliperrur NiipKleon el .le son Cihinet, Maiire lies Krqndle.s, an Conseil li'El-ii, B'lron, Otfii't de l;i Legion d'Honneur, Chevalier Je TOrdre du la He-uuiun. Printed for John Murrav, Albemarle-street A TRANSLATION of tin's MOKK, 2 vols. 8vo. is published this day. TRANSLATION OF MAD. DE GENLIV NEW WORK. This day is pub'ished, iu '2 vols, price lOs. 6J Unards, PEIRARCH and LAURA: an Hiso ical Romance, translated from the French of MADAME DEGEM.IS. Prinleil f.,r Henry Cilbiiin and Co. Conditil-sJreet. Of whom may he had, by the same distinguished Writer, I. JULIEN DELMOUR; or. The New Xrj : a No.el, arlually founded on the Events that have occurred iu praure dining the last thirty years, 4 vuls. 24s. �I JANE of FKANCK. 2 vols. 12*. 3. ZUMA. and other Tiles, 6s. 4, HENRI 1,E GRAND, 3 vols J2s. Jusl published, price I*. 64. 8e.i. AN ESSAY 1.0 the NA riONAL DEBT. By CHARLES Mll.fiS Aullior of " Alinegro," a P.jim in Five Cantos, 8vo, Price 7s. 6.1. Publiih.d by Hudson, 15, Cross-slreel; Halton garden : .S.ild liy Bohn, 17, Heiiriellastreet, Covcnl-garden ; Walker, 1-28, Lower Holliorn, and all ISuoksiHers. This day is piihlislted, price 2].;. VGENERAL INDEX f. tie LONDON MEDICAL and PHYSICAL JOIRNAL, from Volumt^ Out lo Forty inclusive ; eomprisini an Analytical Tabic of their Contents, arranged in Alpliahelieal Onler; �ith Rrferenecs to tile whole uf the cited Auihoriliis, under Iheir nominal Cb.irarters, ic. London: Primed for J. Sonler, 73, SI. Paul's Chnut:-yard ; aud may be hail of all BuoksrUers. This day are pubti�-hed, price 9^. boatds, RULES proposed for ilie GOVERN VI ENT of GAOLS, HOUSES of CORRECTION,and PENITENTIARIES; lo which are added, PLANS uf Pltl-SONS uu iaiproved priuciples; and a Discriptiui), wiih Plates, of a CORN MILL aud WATER .MILI., adapied for the EMPLOYMENT of PRISONERS. Sold by J. and A. Arch, Cornhill; Butteiworlh and Sua, Fleet stie.f; aud John Halchavd,-I'iccadilly. SPANISH SOUTH A.nEHItA. VENEZCELA, The following is the Addres* of the Field Officers beloiit;iiig lo the Irish Legion, |irrseiiied td Ailmiml Brion, and requeeting him to take tlie cdtninaiid of their corps, then ready fur service. Brian h-ad endeared himielf to the Br^tiih, wliu hail arrived at Margarita, by his tiftabilily, his s|)eakii' the personal feelings of the Admiral, than whom no one has made greater Eaciiiices or exeriicns in the cause he support*, but of course it could not be complied with. Brion was iu coaMBand of thti Navy, and this lie could not give up, nor was ic possible to real'ze the object of Ihe Address in uiioiher |)oiut of view, viz. ^ Cniiiiiuu, and possibly aflerwards before Caraccas, and no doubt the men composing it will tiiere evince the same ardour and firmness tiiut have ul> wuyi distinguished them in front of their enemies in Eiirupe. Ill Ihe subjoined ducuineBt, the Irish cha fl uur native cwnntry nil rely frum a conviction of the justice of their cause, thai by lending our assistance we might be instrumental in ils i^neral success. We conceive our destination to be the Ifetul-quaHert t,f the Supreme Chirf, ami we are satisfied in t'lis kuppuKiIini on the authority ill' General D'Evereux, at whose susgeiilioii we have enrolled onr names in the servjre of ibe Repnblii* and whose promise lu us wae, that vie should serve ui.der the command of llie Sujireme Chief, i^imoii liolivnr. We have heard with tielmi^s uf ibe ^reait-st snrjirise, that our deslinaliutt is now |o be altered, and lliat �e are lu he placed ul lha disposal nf oilier Chiefs, foe whli<c u.inies and military talents we feel Ihe bisltest esleeiu, but who cuir-mand provinces remote fiuiu the uptrutiuus uf ibe Giai.d Army. From the high character your Excellency holds among" t all ranks of meii, as well ui Enrope as ui tlie Wisin.i Wuild, and fruui our hij^h sense uf the Iriuduesi. and imbi.'-iiess uf mind you have on so many occaaiuiis maiiitesied towards us, for which we -should be ungrateful and iiiiwurlhy, were we not forward in ulferiu? t n.* lives tu yoii; we make ibis application lo your ExctI. leney, that you wiil far pleased to lake us undrr'yoiiT-pro-lecliuu, lo lake Ibe cumniaud uf uur troops, aud that yon will cuiicerl the best ineaii!, fur conveying your IVisb l-i-f^iuii lo theraaiu, with aviewof unilinerhem to the Grand Army, runceiviii? �3 we du, that such a junction would he most tondtirive In the success uf the Republican arms. Yonr Exctlkfiiry will be pleased to reflect on Ihe evil whirh inicht occur fium alluwin^a body of meulo.tieur. deredinlua part uf a ronntry deslilule of every pruduc. lion necessary fur Ibe �nppurl of men not many weeks aUl sent fruiH ibe inu�t fcriilv island uf the arorld, where Iht y had been accustumeil to all the comfurts uf life, and uu a service lo which thiy were given fo nadori.laiid they were not destined.-tha-t such a rotasnre must b^ ailfn TStP.b your Excellcucy from a i|r'l'''Wejghi.4'vou>

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