Wednesday, January 19, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - January 19, 1820, London, Middlesex THIS EVENING. WE0NES.PAYi Jin. 19, hi� MaJMty'tScfTantt will jt^rforin the i>l�y of A NEW WAY TO l?AY jOLD DEBTS. ' JLord LpwHi Mr. Boll�n�lj Siir Qil�< 'OyeiT fr. Kf�n; Wellborn, ATr. RnneiU Allworjli, Mr. Penley; iof. tier Orepdj^firxt tinip). Mr. Bnlier', Mari^lj. Mr.Maiideo. L�<Jy AllwOTth, Mr�. Glover; Maff(areii Mrd. Or^i'." ' Aftet wbith, 2Ift time, an entirely ne�r Comic I'a'ntomime, . - called^ JACK AND THE BEAN STALK ; tor.flARLEQOm AND THE OGRE. Tbe iOsre, Mr- Hodtnn; Jack. Bf iu Ppvey^ afterwanit Bar-trquin. Air. BolaKaa;\Paolalooo, Mr. HarUaad; Clo�rn,.Mr, Soalhby. Jark'a Mother, Mr*. Pearce; Jttnell�t (anerwardf Cnlumbixr), Mis* Tree; Arpa, Good Geriliia of the Harp; Mi.'i EJwardsj Ni^,Of^e'a fTifeand EVil Genini, Mr.Me^ redilh. �  �' A groterqae Pap Dedk, by M n. Bulo^na BDd:Sotilhby; A P3� Seul by MiM Tree. Ttie Box-OIIkawill be open from Elewn till Fiveo'ClocIt -Pliceit to be taken of Mr. Rodwell, Box aeolckeeprr. Prirate Boxes to t* ii�d (iiiehtiy) of Mr. Springs who w ap--poiniad G�n(> tiM> Box-Office,Recciirta, the Krirtte-BoKU and Ticket Oejpartsient, as v�il as the general arrangement of the Dtrort. To-morrow (Undeir lite immediate patronage of bis Royal Hiphnem the Prin�Se Re,tenl), The Dramatist-A Tribute to St. Cecilia-and Ja l will be appropriated' to the object of the Committee presidinfT over the Pond now raising for the relief of persons deslitoie of nightly sbelter. On Friday, Othello, with Jack and the Bean Slilk. On Monday next, Coriolsnna.: Cains Marcius, Mr. Kean, bin first appearance in that rharacler. THBATnR.nOYAl., COVRST-GARDEN. THk> EVENING, WEDNESDAY, Jan. 19, will be acted ROB ROY MACGREGOR. Arie'r which, 21st time, a new Grand Komantie and Comic Pantomime, called HARLEQUIN AND DON QUIXOTE; Or, SANCHO PANZA IN HIS GLORV. In wfaicli the Varions exploits of Ibat renowned Knight and .Sqoire are faithfnily pourlrayed tbroitehont. . Qnixada (afterwards Don Qnixote), Mr. Nurman; his Niece (afterwards Columbine), Mi-is Srott; Sanrho Pan(a (afterwards Clown), Mr. Grimaldi; Nicholas (the Barber), Mr. Norris; Sampson Carasco (afterwards Harlequin), Mr. Ell�r. Tlie Doont will be opened at halt-past Six; the performance will bi-fjin at Seven. Boxes 7s. Second Price 3s. 6d-Pit 38. �d.; Second )'rice 2�.-Lower Gallery 2a.; Second Price Is.-Upper tinllrry Is.; Second Price 6d. The new Pantomime of Harlequin nod Don Quixote will be repealed every evening. To.raorrnw, Much Ado ahont Nothing: Beatrice ~by the ironng Lady who performed Rosatitid. On Friday, Shakfpeare's Coiitedy of Error*. THEATRE-ROyA^:, ADELi^&f'rSTRAND. U\ider the immediate patniiiaf^ of the RigtU Boo. the Lord Mayor of London,.and the Committee appointed to receive Subwriptions for affordini; temporaiy Relief to the Destitute, and Niehlly'Shelter to the Hv'useless, darinf; the present inclement season. THIS EVENINQ, VVEDNESDAY. Jan. 19, will be presented (for the twelfth time), aA entire New Borletia'S� three ActSr entitled LOVERS OF ALL SORTS; OR, NOT .SUCH A FOOL AS HE LOOKS, Mr. Rhiiharb, .Mr. Mintoo; Mr. Courtall, Mr. Clowell; l^aptain Melford, Mr. J.Jones; Humphrey Hogsflesh, Mi-. ; iSammy, Mr. Wilkinson; Mr.Sirap'em, MrjDaly. Mrs. ICbubarb, Miss E. Scott; Julia, Miss Yates; Jenny, Mr*. Alsop. To which will be added, APOLLO DAGGERVVOOD. To conclude with (2l�t lime) an entire New, Grand, and PirluresqtiP Christmas Pantomime, entitled^ THE FAIRY OF THE NORTH STAR; OR, HARLEQUIN AT LABRADOR. Pikini. King of I.�r>rRdnr, afterwards Pantaloon, Mr. Daly; Dolphini, Prince of Labrador, ,Mr. Walboorn ; f nxfitll, * Courtier of Labrador, afterwards Clown, SIgnor Pauin; Crabbotsini, Prime Minister (with a Snnff),-Mr. Surmer; Hubert, laflerwards Harlrqnio, Mr. W. Kirhy. Frostella, Fairy of (he North Star, Miss E. Scott; Labra. dine. Princess of Labrador, afterwards Colnmbioe, Miss E. Dennett. On this occasion tlie Proprietors afford the nse of the Theatre, without any charee, and the Performers, .and rvery Member of the Establishment, have gratuitously offered tbeir services. The entire receipts of the hollse, free of any expense what-ever, wilt be appropriated to the above benevolent purpose. Tickets fur this night to be had of Mr. Irish, at the Box-Office of the Tlieatre. nay receiye Particular* of theConlracIs at tliu �n the H8ws of Elerep ^and. Five, and delivjer s, sealed -Op, and direiMed to the Agent for t Supplies,i{*rkinEth(�ebn;� TtndeV fijr Vvool- ROYAL COBURG THEATRE, Under the Patronage 6f his Royal Highness Prince LEOPOLD of SAXE COBURG. THIS EVENING. WEDNESDAY, Ja-niisry 19, the Performances will commence with the grand Classical Melo-drania, called THE HORATII AND CURIATIL Principul Characters-Messrs. Carllitch, Couke, Gallot, Aiild, Stnnley, Kemble, BraJIcy, Hiiwel, Harw.iud) Higman, Gibbon, Raodall, Binhup, Dsvidge, Slebbitig, Davis, Bryant, &c. Me�dames Stanley, Smithsoo, Love, Watson, Davidgc, Holland, Gallot, &c. Monsieur and Madanc Le Ctercq. Tlie whole to conclude with the highly popular Melo-drama, called MARY THE MAID OF THE INN. Richard, Mr.H. Kemble ; Frankley,Mr. Howei \ Monktoo and Wenlwiirth, Messrs.Gallot and Csrtlitch; LangleyvMr. Htebbiog ; Tricksey, Mr. Davidge; Hans Ketzler, Mr. T. P. Cooke; Harrop, Mr. Bradley. Alary, Miss Smithdoo; Mii-rian. Airs. Gallot. ' To-morrow will be produced, for the first tiine, an en-firelf new Romance, fiiundeil on, and embracing all the material and dramatic Irenes in ilie truly papular Novel of Ivanhoe, or the Jew of York. \Vhicb will be brought forward with new and picltiresqe .<;cenery, Dresses, and Decu-rsiiona, aided by the whole strength of the Oimpany. On Monday next Mr. Booth will hare the hunonr of reappearing iu a new' racter. Boxes, 4*.-Upper Circle. 3�.-Pit, 4s.-Gallery, Is - Doors >Op*n R;t iiatf..p8*t' Fiva, to rommenca at Ilalf.past 8ix.-Second Price at Haif-pasi Eight. OLDEN J.OrTERV._Oi. SATURDAY, 39tb January, the LoUery will FINALLY CLOSE, with, fur tlie few l^ickets iliat remain, the Richest Wheel ever ..iiowit, having TWO" PRIZES of �20,00,0! ~  With aii Exc�as of af7,4*iV" ' All io Money, and will-All be paiAin .Gold Bar*, or New i3ank Notes, at theoDlioii of Purchasers, uu Saturday, the 2aih instant, wlien the V^^hole will Finiah- The Contr*ctor%regret the lopply of TJclcsfi and. higher Sharea' was so'inadequate Id'the .pnblic'demand on IVednes-'l�y, the I2tb iiistani; and, lo'preVeiit a recurrence of'�irch liiiisppoinimeatj'they earnestly'rw]iKe�tiln';iiniiiediate �pj>li-catioii fur the abafejas.tbe tiittejitWVery short. J;VltlJ..�IVEWK�3^'f, : � Soli Cini/raetort, 37, Chrnhili? f JIblfonjJ . 38,.ll8ymarket; | 1*1* OjriSrtl^tirMtr."" ' WlloPoW ixi Ls'lerv. No. Ifiie, a Pri�e of 2;b,O00J,. CONTRACTS FORVoOLLEK AND Otif ER GOOOs; vCaaMansy iiuiDurr 17, 1820. ^UCH PetsMiJat are desirous of Contraeting with tht Aaenl /or . Comitiiufiriat SuppUet, to SUPPLY ARUJg.CLQTHS, WHITE KERREY, GREY KEswEY, sERek, rlanneL. blanketTs; rugs, MOLTON�. STRUpDS, PENNISTONES,^ CALICO, COTTON, WOrfSTBDi BRAS.S und TW KBTTEESi A not iced nnlw made ftn or an. hexed to b printed Particular, and the -Price* inserted in VTordii at Length ; nur^ililma Letter be subjoined losuch Proposal, iai^iied bv Two Persons of known Property en., Itaging to Uecome bound with the Party tendering in the Sum expressed in.tHe Particulars for the dae Performance of Ibe Contract. Ttliiyk ARTS,-The BATTCl gf HAST- �MS ' INGS, pninted by Mr. F. WiLillN, on a scale of 81 feet 6 inches bj \i feet 6 inches, is NOW EXHIBIT^ ING at the Great Room, Spring.girdena. Open from Nine till Dusk. Admittance Is. Description of the Pirtore;6d. -^- . . . TMM.lll'il PATTERN CROWN. JAMES TAYLOR, Foreman in the Medwllic Department of Messrs. Thomasnn and Jones, came this day before me and made oath as follows " 1, James Taylor, do herrhv solemnly swear, that I superintended Ihpstriking of a PATTERN CROWN, pnblislied by Mr. MUDIE, aod that there were only Two Hundred anil Tveoty-one struck, and that the Dies have since been destroyed at the desire of Mr. Mudie, and forwarded io Loadun. (Signed) �' JA.ME8 TAVLOR." Sworn before itie at Birminghiim, January II, 1820, (Signed) E. OvTitAVi , J. P. fur the County of Warwick, In con�P(]nence of the great interest excited by the ap. pearance of the above novel specimen, the Proprietor ha* been indnced to limit the Impression to auch a number only hff would iii-ttire the hrghest degrse'of perfection in the exe* culinn, and for the satisfaction of those Collectors who have honoured it by their attention. The above mellrod haa been adoptrd, and the broken Dies may be seen at Mr. VVhite. Bvea", No.30, i?lee|.9lreet, and Mr. Yonng's, No. ifi. High Holbnrn, Dealers in Medals, and Agents fur the, GRAND. SERIES of Forty BRITISH NATIONAL MEDALS, now completed. PALESTINE, OR THE HOLY LAND. Just published, on one large sheet, price II. 8s., or lieatly monnled on canvass, with roller, H. 15s. AN HISTORICAL MAP of PALESTINE^ or the Holy Land, exhibiting A correct and masterly Delineation of the pecoliar Geographlbal Features of the Country, and of all places therein, cdiinected with Scrip, lure'History ; interspersed with Ninety-fix Vignettes, illus. Irative of the moat important and interesting Circumstances f^brded'in the Old and New Trstatiienta, introduced Topographically from the best Historical nod Geographical AlLtiiorilies. ... Drawn by Mr. ASSHEtON, engraved by Mr. HAt.L. PuUiiiied by Samiitl'-Leigb, 18, Strand. ESTABLISHED .SCHOOL BOOKS, Published by O. and W. B. WHITTAKER, 13, Ave Maria.lane. HISTORY, &c. 1. A NEW HISTORY of GREAT BRI- ijL TaJN, front the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the present Time; exhibiting to the Minds of Youth a variety o'f instructive and pleasing Information, adapted to the Ca. pacities of Yopng Persons of both Sexes. By the late Rev. JOHN ADAMS, A.M. Fifth Edition, embellished with Prints; price 49. dJ. bound. This new Edition is continued, by an eminent Historian, asfar as that lamented event, the Death of her Royal tligfanesB the Princess Charlotte of Wales; and, in so doiiig, nn pains have been spared to render it more particularly worthv the attention of the rising genei'alion. QUESTIONS to the same, price Is. I. ADAMS'S HISTORY of ROME, 12mo. price 4i. 6d. bonnil. QUESTIONS to the Same, price 1�. 3 ADAMS's ELEMENTS (JF USEFUL KNOW. LEDGE, price 6s. bound. QUESriONS to the sanie, price Is. 4. ADAMS'S ELEMENTS of' READINd, price 3s. 6d. bound. �. A SKETCH of MODERN HISTORY, from the De-afrnciion of the Western Empire, A.D. 476, to the close of the Year 1818. With a concise View of the Rise and Progress of the Arts and Sciences, and of Cultivation, in En-rope. To which is added, a compendions Table of Cbrono. logy, from the Creation of the World to the present Time. By A. Pirqnot, Author of " Elements of Universal Geogra. phvj" &c. price 6s. Wafds. 6. EPITOME of ENGLISH HISTORY; or, British Chronology : beliig|i Calaipgne of Monarchs, from tbe Invasion of Julius Cs ry,ai|d other object*- which are more imroeUialely cpnnecieJ, in storing the mind with usefnl knowledge,!* obvious. -That the System not only improves (he !roiud,, but lhal it ol*o, calls'inio action tbe powers of mertiory, exercise* the ^ndg-Dtent, and �xciiel the Pupil to habits of ihinlilngy hr univer-sally ackoowledged. Ho�*ever irkiiim* Mii* Way apjife!* a*' 'a.)asb,^it wUI,t[|tiro�lely;|>:ritvebejieficial �Q 3 RAKY RELIEF '"^^^ LY'SHELTER to llu! , , SENT INCLEMENT SE*$0� i fte"iiighttaoh. . John AsSpoHc Brrell definaa, Sr.P'. 6 J) 1 I 5 i 0 2 a 2 3 li 1 0 & 5' 5 0 h 5 10 0 S � 2 7^ 2 # 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 12 1 0 3 ^3 1 I 1 1 5 5 1 1 1 I 2 1 5 5 1,9 10 2 S 5 t 2 B 1 1 2 S S 0 1 1 i e a 2 1 1 1 1 6 i, 1 \ 1 0 5 0 1 1 1 1 i 1 & e 10 10 10 I� 1 1 2 0 5 6 I 1 1 1 10 10 1 1 1 0 5 i 2 2 2 0 3 0 i i 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 0 3 It h 0 . 5 0 2 0 1 1 R-Vi^imott J, Rodiu g.'Sugjolt' ' . Barlirranil^gmilli H.w.pjwppe WrigWanilCa. F.wiwii; .S Holme, Wilson, & Co. 10 10 The Daily Bveawg : Statesman, and the-Cunatitutioq Saa* day Newspapers A'. Beatson MisnWillrt BdwBr.1 Waddeford W. Shcarinan H. Robioson J. Peel M.Painther S. Hene E. Smith J.C.^leyer A few Friends, at No. 90, Che:�p8ide Ben.'Peniiey Jamea DeacuH James Plummer Mias Plummer M. Gamon, 2d Dunn- linn . * A. B. Bohert G. Johnson Thomas Abbull W. Charringtun J. Harmer Rev. S Wix John Lning A Musician H. Nowie* -Srotl, F^irlie, and Co. Iff 10 Edward Venn - - ~ I. B.S. J.Booaor �� R. F. Newman N. D. Kedt D.E. D... Richard Cowper Mrs. Hirtli-ir ' ' G. A. Crawley W. W. W.-H. L. {folrnyd and htltm W. S. K. B. CD. . Mr. Serjeant Hnllock W. Groundry H. Hearou John Eveson J; B; Beeslon Long, Esq. (jilarles Harris & Sons John Hanler Compositors, Pre*�r men, &c. at Davi. san's, Whitefriar* J. Wild and Sons W.Clarke A. Dinldale R. Barclay, Bury-hill 10 10 J. H. Green � ' W. Hale Wyali, Birkett, and VVyatI C. S: and Sister Mrs;FowJer - . Edward C. Bradford Samuel Milne* J; S. , ' Mr. Heather J. J. O. . R. Williams Mrs. Mutrie Clarke aod Page W. Brind and family t. Woater and Sons G. d. Mr. Tomtinson Mr. Woodthorpe E.W.,A.A.H,F.B.H. 3 0 T. W. P. . 10 10 At London-wall. Mrs. (layea . I 0 Ma jri�d., 31, ObtemaiMtrtet \ 6 J.Scott . S 2 Mr. and Mr*. Abode 2. O Patty and VYood 6 0, f. Bailer - 2 W. O. L PHIlip* . . 3 Hoiab, Jofansun, & Co. 5 At Dorrilm'*. Tonley and Ball Ste'ph. Price - At herring's. Tbopiaa ai'Kl Slora* Wm. Leader, . The Gealietncii of the Atidiior'a Office, �.L House 15 0 At Fry's. Jno. HtHiUan .� 1 1 At Everett's. Amory aud Cole* 2 2 At Sikes**. Solomon, Peele^amlSoo 5 10 0 Rt.Hon.JlH.Frere At Marryai'*. Fr�. Bailey . - S John Rouib  b John Sterling - 2� ft Richardsoii and llruwa 2 S.B. '� .2 T.S. - 1 Uart,GarIaiid,audCo. ft Saiaoel Martyat 10 10 At Jaae*, Uoyd, and Co.'*. W. Robinson IS Marih and �bb(mrth & Wynne Elii* - b At^JSaruanr* Joahaa Davtt . - 1 C. Ptl;riia,KeBi^o^'on 1 W. C. Ireland 2 0 Brook, Hulbert, and Liyton .'55 W. Spratawill . 10 T. B. . 2 0 C. P:iirce . 10 0 Mrs. Taylor . 1 tt. Jobiison' 2 \y. Hill . 8 R. Napier. . I J.K. . t C. Maltby - 1 H. A. - 5 1'he ECrl of E'srx lo The Earl of Eustoa d R. B H. . 3 J.Atkinson  1 J. Wilson . 2. 0 W. CM. - 2 0 A.Redwood . 11 J. Wiliiama - 0 10: H. Child 2 0" R. Frefrin (. 3 -0 E. R. . 6 0 J. R. . .1 1. W.j; Brown . 11 iilr*; 'BoHand, ClapV haiR. 'T', -,r^^ -SifS' B. Brigg* and Sob * 2 O.-j R. Wellbaok T. WilklDsoa Ctpt-AIin^crl, Water. (loo Eail Iddiaman 10 Id Jacob Cl^nent* i 3 Mrs. Cleinenl* 3 8 Rev.J.C Clement* i 3 Mrs. J. C: Clidieol* 8 2 John PcBB 5 0 Dean of Lincoln 5 0' R. CiarK, Esq. (Cbani. , berlain) 10 6 Edward Cowper 1 1 Mis* Bowie* 1 I MissLBgwte* 1 I Mis* F. Bowles , 1 1 ' At Poie'*. J.W;Go*linc 1 '1 r. H. . 11 L. H. . 11 K. Macaaley 1 1 Ret. J. Pl'alt, B.D. 2 0 William Key 5 0 A.C . 11 At GrotcV Lord.yiscount Qifdeo 10 10 John, toiler 2 i 8tephe�Gasclee 5 3 Caplaia^. E< Pmeolt 5 0 James Bury 5 0 Amb. Obicini and Co. 5 5 W ne] thoiajs 3 0 H. 1. and I. PaltitoBS 10 10 R. B, Dean 2 0 At Fuller's. D. Salomons 1 1 Rev. F. Anpesley 5 5 At Currie's. Col. Wood, Hbddesdeo 1 0 Mr*. VVpod, ditto 10 I'-Ferguwn^ WiokGeld, jtud Cai � 2 2 : ^tVere's. UM.Vei� . 10 At-Willis's. HewjrQtjfnne h 0 Oickea�>ii and Ar�ett 2 3 Jotin Bagwell 5 b' Pairick.Leslie 6 5 JiH>n .eindliey, CIpp- ham.ciiioaivn 5 & C, e,>A.-v . ft 0 At Bokaoqael**. . |.Charlea Bosaoquet 10 10 Mr*. Hunter,\Vindsor 2 0 " ,AtLee*' . J. lUOrtoa 1 ftt. Field and ton* Charles Ba'amer W. C. T. i . W.fl. per Mrs. W. H. Cop^ J'. Sarenrand Co. Looergan aud Co. At Ewtaile'*. t. Coopeir \ H. Lanndy f. Booth S.S:S. . , . AtiC%8iteri*V W.G.H. . . ? 0 jjemoiggj^^gg^jr � Wifsoi^ MintiiMIt aotf Co. . 10 10 At Haithary**. T. Sjiopner aa >�.Counleit8)[aithopc S '% Wpi. Pouit* .,. ,50 8.,Gbant��� Dowager - Golirord 6 4 Lidy %i*aa Nauh 6 L-idy wNoeli Mr*. Brawn ft At Hodtoir*. ' Mr*. W.H. . 4 Mr.' Lance i 3 Sir. Dai;, jiin: - 1 MlM Haw Mrs. 8. Noyes 3 Mr*. A. Noye* , 3 At Ga*Iiog'>. KS. . 5 F., e.i&J. Rivinglon ft J.8. . - ft OK W. Adams . 3 C. J. Reeve - i Earl Lonsdale 30 W. A. Staudart 4 T. Cl^ihorn - 3 Mr. Morgan - 1 Mr*. Morgaii ' 1 Mrs. M. T.Toiliiigliain 4 J". Griffiths . 2 J. R. Baker . 2 At Feed's. Johnston and bo. ft R Hun^'r - 1 J. BatefiiaD . 1 Lord Chief Justice .Abbott - 10 Edward Dunn 1 Dr. Arnold . i B. Wintbup . ^ W.EIdei . . I At Hoare^s. M.S. - S Rev.J. H.Raapp 1 I..L.A. . 2 Mr.. Pri� - 41 Lord Sonde* 20 H.W. - ;o Hon. P. Posey 20 Counted De Grey 9 Dow. Lady Graothata 3 Jame* Read 1 The Attomey-Geiieral lo 10 H.Uddi� 6 5 Mr. Seijeabt Leo* 5 U At'Herrie* and Co.'s. O. PratarHo*' -t' Uighl Hou.O.Tieruey ft Jdhii Warre 4. Macftry J. A. T. Je**an ' Robert Hall ' ^\ Hmrley, M.B. Lady J. Hatton Charles Gordon .Major Sneyd E. N. � R. W. D. L. D. H. iirymnur, ISat). M.P. 5 R. Rob�rtsOB,ofFrbg. nell At Morlsud'*. Dr. Hope Earl of Backingbain. shire i Countess of Bucking. ' tiaiiuhire 4t Lloyd'ai Mrs: Ai Hoxton OR: R. Sheddclt and Son* C. B. F. G. H. Glbbi C. Crawley 8. B. Prjror abd Dolleos AH. R. and A. Oliverson J. B. Lousada, ten; Thus. Watkinteti H.N. Richard Wrangbam T. Bevioglon Ji Harrison M. Falcon H. Ewbank T. J. Smith H. H. Dobree W. Crawley M. Harden and Sons M. Gees 6. A. Edmunds J. Blaciteli, jun. John Auldju C. Clarke J. Williim(:andSo8* P.C. Freefc Julio Chaler John Coltshian A. A. . U. Hooper ft 5 2 3 ft S ft ft 1 1 10 1 2 8 1 ft 1 I 10 10 3 3 W.Sarstei* J^fKlllMMit D. Gile. . Sirairiofii and Co. H. Brown M'Tavish, Fra*rr,aBd Co; - 10 10 G. De Visdie .3 3 W. Mardall lO id At Birch's. T. Lighlfddt R. E. W. : Major Bradford Rev. T. S; Gosselt Af r*. and Miss O. Mr.: U Conuirsa Clare Jas: Milsted C. C. Connies* DevaaSe* Rev. W. Hansoa Hon.Capt. E- Cn*t Earl Bruwnlow J. Bally R.E. R. JAn. Dickson E.S. Capl. Dawson, R.N. P. F. ftubinaoo At Marten'*, Call, and Co." Colonel P. Philpot 2 8 At Hammersley'*. Haiiiifiersley and Co. 10 10 John Waite, Esq. 9 6 H. VincepI . ^0 J. Hunt and Son* 8 2 P. Hunter . SO H. F. Nurthcote - 1 1 Earl of Pei^rera W. b. At Rantom'a. John Bvrrafield ArHupkioson**. J.8.R^nold* - 2 0 Lewis G. Dive .. 1 1 At'Corkis'*. Sir W, Gomm, K.CB. 1 1 Lady Coinm ' - 11 T. N. WalerBeld 1 0 John B*d)�rell . ft 5 At Cuutti**. R. Buckley 1 1 H.G.a'ndLR> 2 3 Francis Lim) - .60 G. Mure, drenedirr Guald* . 10 10 Jam** Mure ... ,' 10 10 Hon. Aiss E. A. Agar 20 Oil next Sunday evening, January 23, a colleelibn will be made in the (%urch of St. LaiirenCe Jewry, Guildhall, in aid of lhalunds of Ifaia Society, afler a Sermon to. be preach^ ed bytlie'Rcv. Dr. Kuilge. Subscriptions will lie received bySir J. W;Litbborkj Bart. Treasurer, Mansi.un:hou��tsirret; at the.several Banking, houses in Londun aud Westminster; at Lhiyd's Cufiee-hduse; and by the Committee, al the King's Head Tavern, Ponltry. (Signed) W. h. BODKIN, Hun. Sec. , Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1840. It is requested that omissions or inaceuracie's may be nolicedf^and they will be'rertified. - ' ^ �� � " The MEMOIRS OF na^li^n; THIS Work- *iU FWtENCH on , Mondajr BexU.and..Iii rngmsbt omthe following 'Saturday, in oiie volume, 8va.'accum|iauie(l.(>y aboriginal Plan of Ihe Field ufWa^ierlbo, ahd mani i'anliii'aud !I)uC�il>CBl*r'": 'v .\ -ti--, - � To: j;a�c4a|;aiiMt niislak^ it, i* proper ttt^ apprise I hou 'Fuhlicibai>u other.woTk*^o'nthe.�am^4a|bJKi(^ lh�i �a-niiIi(in.lH�>�*.Aiithi�. TyU^^tiim mhi^'\i^ Me^ niflii* aVtf |iriWeili''*i(* VtbHilittlitSiK *;!tr�feni=hy'Mr.; a'M�AK�^.and>b�tb: BdiiliHri* �>itt ra^ijIiiNic >tih^t\ the (nalieil variation from Ihi: originaf, ' _ ~ todge.airctl, Jaonary 18, 149df M'E.MorHfApo"' hfjumomt ill iaVtii^nr^ d> RBitOUlL et d� RCti^ISikr SaP:olEON ea rtrt, . . Priiiiei) for John Murray, Albc�tBrte�f>>rt. . ATRANSlATIPN of Ibl*, WUKR, � ��1*. 6*9. will appear in ikfew jay*. "fbladay is putiiifhed, in /oobcap it6\ *\tkm ftoatUpiH*' price it. board*; CHARACTER ESSENTIAL ta SUCCE9f5 in LIFE: addrealcd to tboie wh9 are appiMCbio; Aanbobdi . . By tSAAC tAYLOR, of Ongar; Aitbor of " SellCGullivatton KecotMMded^" and �� Advice toUbe Teen*.** London: PHiticil forSifarwin, Giiiilaclt,and Joy, Paler-noster-r**". Tbt* dayacp poblndwii; in a large ociaVo volmiM^i-Coalalfiing nearfy 790 page*, *illt aii accunue Plan of a. P�t�r'�- :allldrf,y#riGC Hh|..}n'boards, ' - � WiWifcE PHOeEEOiNGS *^ the M COiroSBtt'S l��JfiST at OLDHAaii �c. ot the BODY of JOHN t^^S. who dred nf Mhre' wnnnds hpcei'ved at Mapchestei", Austtst t6, iSltf, Vine the fullct rnid'noly Aiilhenlic Infermalion concerning ilieTransaCiion* of that fatal day; detailing the Evidence An both sidea, tiptin oath; Ihe I>-gal Argument' before the Coroner;, hia viirtims Derisions; Ihe appKbatioo to the Court of Rins** Bench Rir a Mandamos to hint t<j proceedit^the Affidavit* ihereua ; .rid PrilHon �f tbe Father <if the Deceased to Parliamtni i, wiiH references to-tfieCases on the snbject, and a copious A oily tical Indejc'. Taken ill Short-hand, and Edited By Jti.^EPtl AUGUSTUS DO'WLING. Fjq. FriMicd fur William Hone, Lndgate-hill. EIGHTH EDITION. , . This day is publishert, DEDICATED TO THE RIGHT HON. GEORGE CANNING. Price Is. HE MAN in the MOON ; a Si.^er!. frorti the Throne to the Sedate of Lunataria., Also a Political' Chriatidas Carol, set to MusiC'~ana, " The D.iCtor," � Pa��rty. written by the Right Hon. Oeilrift Canniug. VVith F1F:rEpN CUTS, viz. The Mart id ihe Mono; Ooinig down; t-arrird down; The Grirtiler's Arms; J.ihuny Wwwfi-c'air, SiVel I..iizrngrs; Holy Alliance ; eiiainiug the I'rea. ; Pulling Ihe trigger; Puffing; Put out tbe Light; C'trol Music; Rats raughf alivej The Doctor hesqailib'il; The Fralerual Einbr:ice. ." if Csesar ran hide Ihe 9utl with n blanfcri, or put the Moon in bis pocket, we will pay bim tribute fur light."- Cywibeli'iie. IVinIrd for William Honip, Ludgale-hill; and solJ by all Bonltiellera in Tuwnadd Couhlry. OrilPT", with rrmitlanceSi pUBCtunllv exerUlfil. N. B-ThedOlh Eilition nfThe Political House that Jack Built," with 13 Cuts. Price Is. A NEW YEAR'S GIFT. ' THE oppWDg of a New Year iwitU'^allv excites - aentitnenlri of profoood gralitnde from Mra�r.. i.OW. LANb 'Ail.! SON, sole PrO|niri6r. Af the GEfsUl.NE MACASSAR OIL, for tSe'^nnpiiralleled palmnngi- with which a liberal and disceming-^public Itan hoHotirrd Ihnt admired article.' Its virtii�*tii proiiiolinglhe growihof l)�ir, heaiitifying auApreserving it froiti- Infancy to OM .4e<',' are now known d^oughoot the habitable globe. I'o'parenta and 'guaidiatia a more aco-ptable presput lo-th<i�e nmlT their cure cimoat be granted, thai; a supply ofRtm'LAN 0*3 MACASSAUOIL. It, eradicates Ihe scnrf, fee. ex'ri-oetw easy, aod renders the hair its growth-render, it soft, ciirly. and glossy ; In sliurt, prortacea a heaniifiil bead of Hair. Price 3s. fid.-10s. 6d. aud one guinea prr bottle, with a Treatise enclosed. Also, ROWLAND'S ESSENCE of TYRE, changes Red or Grey Hair to Brown or Black, imitating the exart natural colour.-AUo, ROWLAND'S ALSANA EXTRACT, cures the TOOTH-ACME, cleanses, preserves, niid brautifiea the Teeth and Gnm.; atld keeps them free from pain. .Sold by the sole Proprietors, A. ROWLAND and SON, corner of Kirby-alreet, the first turning nn the right, Hmtoa Garden, Holbor'n; and by all Perfumers and ;Mfiliciiie Vender* Ask for Rowland's, aud observe the signature in red ink, "A. Rowland & Sou." T' MARKETS. [From tbe " London Mereanlile Price Current^ of Tuetday, January IS, 1820.J WEST INDIA AND SPANISH MAIN PRODUCE. B. P. Suo.vRa were io good demand in ibe early part of last week, and full prides were paid, but at Ihe latter part there was less disposition lo purcbase,'and the fbrmer prices con Id barely be obtained. The stock of B. P. Sugar is now 11,730 casks more than Inst year's at this lime, present prices 15*. per cwt lower per Gazette average. Coffee-There was little business done by private coo. tract last week, the market being very heavy, aud only cne. public sale Was brought fuiward, which, however, wrni oii briskly at full prices; yesterday there were buyers of St. Domingo at 131s. but scarcely any could be obtained tbrreal; the accouuta respecting Coffee received from Fhmrlers and Franre continue favourable, but Ihe prices areslill lower tbau at this iharkel. The stock of W. L Coffee is now 3,302 Ions, being 1,820 less (ban at |hi* time last year ; preseut prices 14s. per cwt. lower. RuMi have been in moderate demand at our last quota, lions. i: The present stock of Rum is 19,395'puncbeuns, and price of proofs.2si4d. per'gall. - Slock last year same date, 16,410 puncheons, and prioe of prbufa 33 per gall. In PmcMTO there is ho alteration. SOUTH AMERICAN PRODPCE. CoTTOU -rTlicre has hi-en vome inquiry tor Cotton in thi* ma'rfcei, thobgh the atate nf the weather occasion* a complete interruption to the conveyance, either, for home use or for export; it was expected some East India of Ihe Ust sale wodld have been on low terms for Friday's prompt-, but none were pressing on that account, prices of all Kin<t� le. main steady; jbe following ar^ particuUrs.of. the riles dur-iug the week, beaiiles which, abubi 700 Bengals wiere sold inonerlot the week - preceding^ at 6fd. per Ih. inboiiil, for middling fair quality. The sales of thr week are42 Smyrna , fair to gooil ll^d. a 12id.; 60 Sural (iit bond) fair lo good 7jd;a SJd.; 240 Bsnjal(ditto) middling 6*4: The impoiis are Ift hags Bourbon; 971Sarat;�37 Bengal; 99 Madras : total 2,502 bags. LIVERPOOL REPORT, Jasuart 15, 1820. . Cotton.-We have had .hut a nioJerate .dei(�?|od|.fo:/ dlton by private treaty this week,' owing chieBy to lb comnuuliiation with the iiilrnor by the cSnals beib^-intey. rupied by the froal;; Bowed* of Ihe new crop having,hjj;.i.v offered murefiMl; than the.demand from ihe trade reqaj|R' ', have uodrrgon'cB decline pf^il.*, and Ihe old folly ^I.Vt" lb.} the Sea I*laads--o0'er^' at ipnMic sale yi^Hrdaywent aUo2<i.^iu 3d (bagsi*i -.sistingof 247 Orleans; oj iwhjcM85 *olda! li^d to.f.�S., averaging ISfd. ; 390 -Sea lalanils, of which 3tt0 sojd hi i2<�i tt7^. ;.Madraa, (if which ltOsoldal|{<�^�iid lOat l,I|d.} 1,052 Beagal, of which

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