Wednesday, January 12, 1820

British Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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British Press (Newspaper) - January 12, 1820, London, Middlesex a- HIS EVBN.ifirP'. VVF.T)NB*OAy. J�.. la. hU MajnM&i.�erT4nii will itnrrwria th� Muiibtt Bmh.T, in which Ghfti< U�-:.OtgrT; Mat STfrrilici. Vin. EjpnrtaA; Jnlia'ftUinerine, Po. Try, in which iihe will iiiiroilure iij Hcury ii ctine!" aad Swfrl R..bin." Aftn wMcb, ISth lime, bd rnlirpi; n�*'Co|iiic PAiitDmimc, JACK AND THE BEANiSTAI.K; jKquca, Mr Bolntha; 1>ant>looa, Mr. H�r�l�nA;.Cta#Di'arr/^ Sotilhbjr. Jack** Molber, Mm, PcarcfJ�ivll�',(ancrwarda ColiHnHne),Mi� 'Tr^-.-Arpa, Guod G^aina of the Har^, Mm. Orifcr; Nigra; Ogrr'i Wife and EHKGcnins, Mr. Me-rclllh. ' , A erolnque-Pai Drnx, by Meain. Bolosaa and Soutbby. A Pa� �eul by Mlft Trte. TIm Doori Kill opened at Half-[�tt Six o'Clock; Ibe Prrriirmaiicp will commincc prcciirly at Sevrn. To-morrow, The Three aBd (he Deuee-.The Riral StoJ-diriv-ami Jack aad ihc Bcto Sl;ilk. On Friday, The Deril'a Bridge, with Jack and (be Bean Sl-vlW. On Salnrday will be pradueed � new Comedy, in fire aeti, rallrr) Gallantry, or Advrnlurei in Madrid. TUBATHE-ROYAi, COVKNTflAUORS. radius EVENING. WEDNESDAY. J*n. IS, jL will br acted ShafcupeareV COMEDY OF EKRORS, lu Hre ;('cl9-with Songi; Diirli, li\m, Rud Cborntrii, ae. lecled entirely frbm his Play�, Poema, and S<inncl�, Soliiiiis, Diikc uf E|ilie9U9, Mr. Cgertuu; Xxron, Mr, CInptnaii; Amiphulis uf EphrsiK, Mr. Duruurl; Antiphulii of Syracuse, Mr. Jones; Druniiii of �),hetut, Mr. H'. Farren ; Draniiu iif Syracone, Mr. Liiloo; Angcio, Mr. Connor; Uoctiir Pinrli. Mr. Blanrliaril. Abben, Mr*. Faucit; Ad. nana, MiM Stephen!; Lucinna, Miis M. Trte; Leibia, Mr.. T.Hill. Aflrr which, ISlh time, a new Grand Komatitic and Comic PanliimiiDc, ralird HA(?LEQUIN ANO DON QUIXOTE; Or, .SANCHO PANZA IN HIS GLORY, lu which tlipvariont expluila of thai renowned Knight and .Squire are faithfully pnnrlrayed throuehoul. -inoi'i-o,lr,'Sbak.speai'r'R Comedy of As Yon Like It. tin Fridayi Shsbtpeare's Comedy of Errors. On Saturday, Guy Manneriue: Heiiry Betlram by Mr. >'athan (his first appearance on llie slaee). ADELPHl THEATRE. STRAND. The new Burleila of HWERS OF ALL SORTS being coniplelely established in public favour, will be rr|iealed every Evening till further nutice. The popularity of the new Pantomime of THE FAIRY OF THE NORTH STAR cnulinnfs lu incrrase iu allraEtioii, by Ihe nightly plaudits of crowded and fsEhiuimble Assein- rinHTs EVENING, WEDNESDAY. J�n. 12. JL and during the Week, will be prei^eutrd (for the 6lh time}, tin entire liTew Burleila, in Ihree Acts, eiitilled LOVEUS OF ALL SORIS; OR, Not such a fool as he looks. Mr. Rhubarb, Mr. Minion; Mr. Cooriall. ftjr. Cowell; Captain Melford, Mr. J.Jonea; Humphrey Hugsflesh, Mr. Lee; Sammy, Mr. Wilkinson; Mr.Slrap'em, Mr. Daly. Airs. Rliubarb, Miss E. Scott; Julia, Miss Vatei; Jenny, Mrs. Alsop. ' After which (Slat lime), an ImitatiTc Burletta, in One Act entitled, APOLLO DAGGBRWOOD. Apollo Daggerwood (son of the great Sylvester), with Jmilntions, Mr. John Reeve, To conclude with (15ib time) an entire New, Grand, and Picturesque Christmas PaDlomime enlilled, THE FAIRY OF THE NORTH STAR; OR, HARLEQUIN AT LABRADOR. Pikini, King of Labrador, afterwards PanlnloDn, Mr. Daly; Oolphini, Prince of Labrador, Mr. Walbourn; f rogini, a Courtier of Labrador, afterwards Clown, Signor Paulo; CrabboBsini, Prime Minister (with a Soiic), Mr. Slarmrr; Hubert, afterwards Harlequin, Mr. W. KiHiy. Frostella, Fairy of the North Star, Misa E. Scott; Labra-dine, Princess of Labrador, afterwards Columbiue, Miss E. Dennett. In the course of the Pantomime a celebrated Dance, by the three Misses Dennett. A Burletta, in one act, entitled Ron for your Life, is in preparation, and will be produced in a few days, ROYAL COBURG THEATRE, Vnder the Palronajre of bis Royal Hiehnesi Prince LEOPOLD of SAXE COBURG. THIS EVENING. WEDNESDAY, J�o. 19. the Performances will-ctmimence with Ihe grand CliHical Melo-draroa, called THE HORATII AND CURIATIL Principal Charnrters-Messrs. Buoth, Cartiilch, Cooke, Gallot, Aold, Stanley, Kemhle, Bradley. Huwei, HaVwoud, Bigman, Gibbon, Randall, Bishop, Davidf^, Stebbing, Sarii^ Bryant, &c. Mesdames Sunley, ^im�lhson,'Love, Watfon, Davidge, Holland, Gallot, &c. Moukitur'iind M*. dameLe^Clerrq, , , � , The wb6le to conclude with the highly popular Burletta, in � two Acts, calird 'TIS HIM! 'TIS TIM! Timntby. Mr. Stanley ; Bramble, Mr. Daridge; Gzhbie-wit, MK "Stebbiftg;  Tummy,'Mr. Hariiruodj Lively,'Wr. Galittt ; Ramble, Mr. Bishop; Rrduil, Mr. Howell | Gr*. gury, Mr. Cainsley. Miss Dora Bramble, Miss Watson; Callierine, Mrs. Lambe. Bows, 4s.-Uppler Circle. Ss.-Pit, Gallery, Is - Doors open at Half past Fi'r, In commence at Uajf.paft ��.-Second Price at Half-past Biybl._ ' IN the Scheme* origimtlly ptibljiihert fpr ^he Flhst and itECOND UNITED LOTTERIES, for thesei^ide of-tbe-yifrfr 1819, it wa� slated Ihaf �ht I9^h Pri� abort 301. 0..^, wnnbl he enttUed lo.99,0pp;. Coo- , aols; but aa there were some persons who imagined that i Priae migbi nftk be aeterii�iiJe.f Tf.i* Day, it was ir�art^�d , hj thevUirda �t lb.� :Treawt�., ft.r the- aalirfa In earb felisi^hUld 1..^ tire' tWEitftV '/"^"^'t^^ wiirtbereforeonly be enlilled lo Prize il !� drawn. This alteration waa made and anaoBuced before nuy Tickrts TICKETS and SHA�F4i wifl .be OPrtcW*,Cornliiir. indO, <*arrn|r-rr�,... Ibis Day, . of i9f^, MEDICAL KEpOSr, >I^HE ^____________________ w" . ("""l^SX. Jor rtfEjqfiMBER, poilatnjn^A Gmwal K'Vit* of 18�aical Literature, from Julj lu Janii^y ^�?ftrg�*WP�ct�rFweigi��|vdifal Sfi|Miaked,'I8mn. priretis. dd. boarda, .J*;|ilii�T0jU �fd^���u-rdiii9to ebruou|i>giral Or<l�r. \ �'� Mi^^iifcr?^ilff. Wbittaker, 13, AvtMnria-hw. ,M!P ;�.: TO BMIGRANTS. . This day win published, in 9t.>. price l6�. 0d. boards, :W.ERU;A.ahd the BRITISH COLONIES: L an Alw)r%i:i iifr'all Ihe mhsl uieful Inforniation relative lo the United Stales of Ainehica and the British Colo-Jllwi of Canada, Ibe Ctfpe of Guild Hupr. I*ew Soiilb Wales, and Van Dieinau's Islsind ; ekhibiling, at one view, llie comparative AdralilHges and Dis^dvanlMgea each Country offers fur EmierSlion. Collected frnnr the most valuable and re-rriil Piiblicalioiis. The whole cullaird with Ducumruls in hia Majesty's Ciilnnial Office. Tu which are added, a few Notts aud Obs.rrntiuns. By WILLIAM KINGDO.M, Jun. " Oui et nun sunt bieu court a dire; mais avant que de Is dirr, ilfaul peoser longlemps."-RoCHcroDcavi.T. PriiiUd for G. and W. B. Wbiltakfr, 13, A�e-Maria.lBqe. The Public are respecifully inftirmi-d, thai the ia-Junciiou a;;*msl this work has been wttbdrawu, couaeut uf the partita who obtained il. . . This day was published, price, imperial quarto 2Is. or royal quarto 16s. boiirds. Pari Serond, of SEKIES of ENGI4AVINGS. represei.imjj the BUNESof the HUAfAN SKELETON-, with ihc Skeletons of some of the Lower Animals. By EDWARD MITCHELL, Engraver, Edinburgh. The Eapiauatury liefrrenrra by JOHN. BARCLAY, M.D. Lecturer on Anatomy,. Friluw of ihe Royal College of Physicians, and vi the Royal Society uf Edinburgh, &e. &c. This VV . nSEliVATlUNS i,. the CANONICAL SCRIPTURES. By'MARY CORNWALLIS. Luiidoa : Published by Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Pater, nosler.riiw. *�* I'iic purchasers of Ihe first Edttion maynbiain Copies of a complrie Index, uow iirfi printed, price ime shilling. GEOGRAPHICAL AND STATISTICAL CHART. This liny la |iubli>hed, on a large sheet uf Culnmhirr Draw, iiig Paper, price 7i. culnnred in divisions ; 10s. 6d. ou a rulirr; ur 14-1. if varnishrd, LIVER'.S GEOGRAPHICAL SYNOPSIS of the WORLD, and Tupograpliiral. Virw of Great Britniuand Ireland ; exiiibiting Ihe Kxleiil and Graiid IJivi. sion of lliF World, with a cumprthensive Derciipiiun uf the Fuur Quarters uf the Uluhe, and Ibe priiiri|ial lilan.lKhf-longing lo each ; a Tup<icra|ihicnl Account of Grral Britain und Ireland, with an Aslruuuiniral Synopsis uf the .Snu nud PLinels; particularly adapted for Libraries, Public Offices', &c. London . Printed for Baldwin, Cradock. and Joy. Patrr-noster-ruiv ; by whom also is published a New Kilitiuii, improved, uf GUY'S CHART of GENERAL HISTORY, Ancient and Muiidrru. ou a large sheet uf Culuinbirr Urnwiug Paper, price 7s. coloured ; lOs. Cd. on canvass and roller ; ur 14s. if varnished. IMPROVED FRENCH DICTIONARY. In s fetd days will be published, in 12mo. price lOs, 6d. hoards, Ihe Sri-ond Edition of AFRENCH �,d KNGUSH .n.rl ENGLISH and FRENCH DICTIONARY. By M. DE LEVIZAC, Author of "The- Practical Grniuniar uf the French Lan- guagp," &c. tie. Thoronghly Revised and Improved ; Ihe Two Paris cape-fnlly cullnlril, with the in<:icaii<Mi of all ibe irregularities of the French Prnniiiiciitiion; by C. GROS. Loodon: Priiiled f.-r Baldwin, Crulnck, and }iiy, P.ilrr. nnster-row; G. and W. B. Wlfiiiaker, Ave-Maria-Jaue; and Diilau and Co. SuKo-squarc. . ' This Edition ha^ bcla carrfolly revised by, the Die-tionnaire de rAcademie, has received considerable Addi-liiiiiH, and .containa a.greater number uf Words than any other School Diclionnry of Ihe French .fcaiiguage. �_____^__- THE LONDON MAGAZINE (iflfeCOND EDITION). MESSRS. HALDWIiV, CRADOCK. iin.l JOY did not at fisKl think it necessary lu notice publicly a charge which ha^ been-/ironghl agalns* them- very waqtunly at leant, tu use no harsher Wortt-of having unduly taken Ihe Title of their liew p�rludi<at IVurk from th r/n/erf Copy Oflheir 'Pfospef 103, Which ha Uilel)r io lime, ai^'-iHii; b^^dged necea. aiiry. tnkeep pace willrdft progress 'ntidsprii i>eu. Tba genuine is signed *'W. Bavlev" un the Box nml Wrapper. Also his SC1>URING DROPS, fur taking Grease out of Silk. SluiT, Woollen Clolh, &c. price la. each. VERITABLE P0.V1.MADE DIVINE, price 3s. 4d. the glass. Sold, Wbotesale and Retail, by Biyley aud Blew, Per. fumcra, Cockspur.strect, Londttu.. arBiithjrta ttotm, -..j_.T^�e following accotint of a late eraptif>i> (JMoieiiike*, Boh ^VMttvftu ia ntraeifit�mm:KjGlA4Mi^ ^r^ic\t, iti{\ be reail with interest. liiB^h Um ittu *ii �t 4>f; Hastiii){a. and: ^tiieituuM. wa* fiilledttl an eMljr hovf. � � i tt^B AltMr. Head.Ciuarters, Calcnila, JjinpSft, lalS'.^ Bti ExceUenry^he..Coll>ipander-iii-Cbirr, with lbs sane. liuuuftlic lllasi N�6)e itie'GoveiTiorfGeueral ip CoMpcIf, m pViJied di>ecf,&Vbia'�I�3rttW*'*� B*Bl*�ir " Draguoiia (blili ai koda aa boala cfan be ^oiitretf Kl;^ reyan^^ praoeed by water to Berbaraporr, .prepaiiil Ihe c'egioeal'arpiliiog |o, the Prdideucy for lli�):^i emb�i;kincfor,Earope. ... MAOiiAi^By the Jfa<fra� Ctoitf/ei'of Ibe^ observe that ^e Heail^qaarlern of bis Majesty' goons, Und part-bf 1^1 f�giiU( f.tht-,l��b. .Tbe tiitm^ t*----- Bccurrad. � ^ . ' .. FESVVias. ^iL;jTii at (ciH at Ibe Cock Un, Clara. Attaraeya, Mr. CUre i aad Hr, Steveaa, Gray'a l0D.�qaare, Loado*, ].ibn Cooper, Of CtMatecfialil, Derby^uUewefeawll aiirreadrr, Jaauary'17, at seven, 18, at eleven, and j�: SI, al twelve, at 'the AjiftI Ua, C �al ir. New Bo�WflI���iti^, AipU', and Meaar*. I^titwilit ��d tSttrge.ChevivtfitW. '-�"�'^ -JofaDSon Appletub, of Senleoatea. York,. ' to .amrend^r, Jaauajy 18, 19, and^ mtUfht and Duck Tareru, Kia Itiv f^t^iaard Hicks, Gray'* EAST INDIES. E-\TaACTS FROM CALCUTTA JOURNALS OF JULY LAST. prHANO. MAY 29. On Satorilay, the 2.3d of May, the Hon. Sir Stun^rdril Raffles, Lieiittfnaiit-Guveriiur oF Bcfi-iiioleii. with Lady RaffleR ami suite, einliarkerl froiii Peimtig in llie Indiana, unHer the s:iiiile due 10 hia rank. Sir Staiiil'urd will proceed in the first iii�tHiice lu the New Settlemeut-oii his way. tu 'Beti> conlen. Oil the aiat i>f May. a* three Malay ^nmeii wer*?' (isliiiig in the Sani^hy Dralcu, nuihe i>|>|>oslte shore, williiii the Coin|iaiiy*a limitsi, one uf tlieni was stid. ileiily seized by nii iiucnininnii lar uiiioria, ir u|i|>eHri<, 'imiiiiiilHted the frrocioa' aiiiinHl, wlieu lie quitted his victim nnd made iiS for the wood*. The unrurluiiute tvoinaii expired shortly al'ler. ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE. .MmzApnnK-Leilers from Chnnar and Miixapnre mention, thai abuul eight o'clock io l)ic evening ^llir Ifilb iiisl. Ihe khuck ufan eiirlhquake was experienced at ijirae places. Weoughl lu baVe miliced in our last, thai tbe same eiTrcl, in a slight degree, wa^ rrmark'ei] about the same lime al (^Icutla. Al Chiinar llie miilinii^ was acciimp^inird by a noise in the afmuspbrre, which resembled that occasiuued by the rapid flight uf bird*. JlONrooR -Tbe shnrk uf iheenrlhquikR that vrnt fell in Calcutta, on ihejeveuinguf Wfdnrsdayihrllilh insiaut, aboui llalf-pasl right u'clnrk, was exp'erie'nc)d aLiii at jiunponr, pietly nearly about the siimelimi', as will appe;ir by the fu-l. lowing extract ofa Idler transinilledtu iisfruin ibal stii'iuo, wbirb reached us by yeslerday'a dawk:- " A strong shock of air rarfbrltialke was felt liere on ihe nijbi uf Ihe 16ih uf June ^isfi^ijiti'al a ^|uarirr past eight o'clock) there wrre Ihree di'stijicfVihraliuhs frum wrst lu east, iittth llie usual mi>ani.ineKls' .t two or three days has been exccfeiive, aud not a dn>p of rain baa yet fallen." . ' .> Berampork.-On Thursday, the 24lh instnnt. al almut aeveu u*cluGk:iu the eveoing, a violent storm of ihi^nd^r, lighlpiiig, and rain, occurred .at 8eraiuporei the lightuiug atruck the flag-staS;. and _shtvercd .Ihe m.asl fronj top lu boltuin, wrenched ihe irqii'damp at'lb4'foul of ike maal, aud discharged )ise|f Inib fW gronnd aruiind iliC puckah Jmildingthal waa-rrected-to i)t llie-flag.statF into. This oaa.a oipll AK*,t>P*lf rm"i aalhere,wece iVee or four Geatleiiieiti, jflyniiiuf af and RMr ihe. window vf Culoiiel jaeiarlkafJ�'/i)io^� all of whom miglvt liave hrrp stcurk had the ligliiiitagJuUiihed ilie cunier o/the hmi'.e.' It wii.i accompanied at ibie Mine tno'meiil.'wifh tbe'iuutlesi rxplo. !- sion ih8t:ean.pus�iWybe.eouceived,;iW if � hundred cauiiuu |, bad b�.ea fired Jit Ibe �ai{ie.qiaaieitit.T-f//Rcl. 6'�z.^ � I � : ! ^ ,1 CALCyTTA; JtlHE 89. The Theatre ut Cliowrtii};he�>i WHalyiHourtuI on Friday evening with the presence of the iMarq-im #tU be.reotl with ioterje�t, jii^'^.tbti jil which it dFtcr^e�{�ial':$4i!dd<d, by poiM? jof OiUiiiitica which Hiually give theia a hoiU^m tlit! aue�liau:~ ' - -. Haple^ DeecmherT. " Although TesnViiis far llw. 1^ lbiirfe� monllia baa never eeaaed to pouji.jr�li s!rl3**jjf ��- rather iiicreaaed. Tlie ertipliua of Ibe Sfitb: nf MovcadHT M^ss much greater thau any tuc'tlie last two jreara. Ir- dhail,acc^inpai�^ci^Jb3!^b r)ricajKbj'D^iug/cp|ii lhc,aoaib, and violent tliqnder. Oa the previoni daj-alrung eaptosiooB, which iiiicitfd'dinfltyi id the neigbftbarkood, were hearil iu Ibe tester., Abigut. flittra^lpck ;it� ibcmora. ing ibry were strongrat, and a amairl shock of an earfhqwuke, which was fHfi as fiiF aa Naples, aceam|fanied them-' At Ibe aaoie lime ibrra rost^frgra ibe moolb of Ihe.eraier^ ao immense pillar of fire,,nui| a iniwerful stream of bulling lava riilledduwn the dairii kidek'iif'tlie'muuiitaiii wilb such velu-riLy, llral it Iraversedlaspaee uf more Ibaa a mile in less than an hour; aiid Iwing,divided into two streams, arrived b'fure noon at the fbot bf the mountain, where ii threaten, ril aathdesti-u^tion Tdr^e del Greco and Torre del I'Aanuii-xlata. In Ihe latter place are aingalarly.ailnatbd lbs ipanu. factory of gunpjw'de'r^and th'e unly fudndcry which tbe kiug. doin cuntains: JLncbily the �li-ealiis of laira, which bad pie. viuusly lieeu cooled by their lung passage from their source, were lust Iii iitimrroiis ravines, and did not reach tbe Vineyards of the district, ad Ihiil lio damage was sustained. " M. de Gimberiiat, who followed the progress uf tbal ex-trauriliiiary riiurse of eruptions whicb began oil the SOin uf Octubt'r, 1818, ubserred the picaeut oD� frum a ncaf (Hiint uf view. He ohierved, that the >lream of laVa buret fmih frum n new cbasm, which, like that of the 38th "f July la>l, had been formeil upwards of ode bUodred fret from the rim of the crater by Ihe falling in uf a considerable portion of its soolhern side. Tbe breadth of the fiery stream which hurst through this opening amuunted lii Iwenty-flve fret; bfat Id desi:eol i(� breadth waa duubled; It then divided itself iutv two branches; Ihe largest prriiipitated itself into an abyss with high walls, and formed ,i cascade uf h inished since the 38tb of November, il still continues to flow fruiii the rlrft of ibe crater, and has within IliPse Iwh'daysndvaocrdstill lower. Theaclivity iu the iulrriur nf the vulcano, to judge by the thundering noise which is heard upon approaching it, appear* as great as ever. A few da^s brfuie the last eruptibu M. de Gidiber-. nat carried a barumcler'tu tbe higbesr point of Vesaviila. He fiiujid by means uf this instiltment that the height of ihe roiiunlain since last January had dimiiilsbed mure than 60 feel by Ihe friqiipHI falling uf Ibl! crater: After' Ibis obarrva-tiiin il lircanie still,furlhrr dimiuisbrd, a* even the piaiucle un trhich ibe liaruuieirc was then fixed has fallen iutu Ibe iiitiriur of tbe crnliT u-t[liiii these two days. " Il is rrmarkable, iliiil, nulwiilislaHding the extranrdi-nary activity of Vesuvius, and its'oncraaing eruptions, Ihe fuuntaius which ' jil'. ile Giiiiberaiil discovered a year ago iinilt'r the caverns bf llie old crater, coiiliuue unch'-iiiged tu yield a pure and (Iniikalile water. On the other band, a srcuud ruuiilaiu whieli lie since discovered20 paces from the furiner, yirldi a waler powirfully impregnated with chloric acidj tbe copiupsnras uf whish varies front day to day, ac-curJiiig lu the aciivity uf the volcano.** FROM LAUT NIGIITS UAZETTE. Pordgn-Offiee, JanuatgW, \t90. H'ls Royal Highness the Prince Regent faaa'-btra ^leneid; in the name umI un the behalf of hii illa|ealy, lu appuiul Aiidrrw B.ifcliiy, Esi|. '� be his Majesty's Ci>iniitia*ibui'r fur carrying inluenect the (>fh and 7lh Articlea of the Treaty of Ghenl,in thefupmuf Johu OjUvy, Esq. dectOafd. �' ' ftilLITARY PRO.MOTIONS. Cammlittont tigneit by the Ltncl Litittmtani of'lh* Cauntg of Pembroke. Royal Pemhruke KiHe CorpstffMitifiif.'' James .Mark .Cbi^d, �fq.. tuibe Cap^io-dated Jauaary 6, te-20. Pem Trout> of Yeomanry'Cavalry. RuhrrI Inoiay^cjilnuil^Eaq. lu b�"-T-da|eU December 2y 1819 '' " - H ch'ai.I BuI�eWpMlipps Grant; Geiit. to be-Liefttehkhti-. dateil.i�-! ^!;,,-.1  ,( . ' �: . Willi/iiu Uravou Williams, Gent, to be Cardet-date9 as � ah,ve. ' � � � � JancesGriOitfas, Geut. to be Quariermailer-dated as above. '� BA'N'kRiii'T's. . � " � Ma'tlhew ForHtfef, of Newciiatle.ii'pon-Tynr, grncer, to aar. reiiijer) January. 18, February 1; .audLiS2, Ir. Punier, Neircas. tle-upuu.Tyiie.' �  - Tininias ^ddis, of Powtck,, plumbrr, to sur. render, J.intlary 31, I'Vbruary 1, and 33, at eirvefi, al the ' Hbp-'P�te Idu;'-VViircester. AttunieysvMessrs. Parker and I ^miib, ;tVun-.|tal,er; and (llesan. Cardale,^Baxtpn,.a9d, Par|by, ' Gra^'j. Inn,'Londuu. Miiiiuii Dudd,'of Newiciiallr.npoa-'ryrie,''BMircbaiil, to aar-ri'-.Mler, J^aujiry 21, Fiebruary i,,aad SS^^al elevf a, at the GiMrgu Inn, Newcaatle-upoii-Tyne. Aliorurys^ Messrs. Bril anil Hi'n'ilricVi'Bbw'Cliarch.yard, Wiiduu ^ aad Alir. Cbaler, N''wi'ai>f:l�>|i|>�n-Tj|ne. . , .. l{--nry Wliei'ler^Kn. of Bhuidfurd Forum, Dnnel, bntcber, t.i'�Hrf'eii(l ,-Blaiidliird Furunr. .Attqrneys,>Mr. Muiire, I Itliiuiliiird, Durset.; and lUtMrs. Wilsu^ �ad iCbiahuliue, iMt-i r culii'� liln.firlils, Cuii'du'ii. � ^ ......- I'.U' - ' .fUnwa It ly ami James Reyiwld* Baifrbii'*' ��ae,. of BriMon, Surrey, aa^ ftthe ' ige, Londua, alock-broker, to sarr.ea4er,'/aM-- 1 Fcbraary 83, at lea, al Gnild|nl^'jUi>- Mr. Ydlroger, jofan-strect, Ifinorica. T, ooie, of Hodgblon, CumberUod, Ml , anl, io aiiMBtfer, Jaaaary 39, .30,' M eleven, at tbe BIpe Bell Inn, Cariiale. ^ B'ljrkieti, Claatt.IaM, Loadpn; and m: i jQha MprrjagjK; IgiMlr-yt. .iM�i^^jte^l^^^ at twelve, at ttandUill, '{joadbn. Atforaey, STr.'ihidit-*upt. Clrot>o.?qarty Tfay�a4aecdlil>.iif�ttj � timbBwos. Fcbmarjt. J.Nacfabar, jaa-or Nov. Bitntfbrd, MHOb-x, narkel-gardener,,6aildkall, L�o ds, cabinet. oialcerj-, al eleven, al ibe Sessioot Hoose, Leeds. CERTIFICATES-FrbRSaiit I W. Wall*, now or l�le uf Mancliesier. calico-printselter.- W. FawHinglon, of Warwick-square, London, cabintt. maker. -J. Wellington, jun. of Cbard, Soxierari, grocer.-J. C. Hyde, of Uuioii-place, New-road, Middlesex, apulliecafy.-. J. Wright,of Doucasier, York, miller.-'N Farmer, of Easl-laiie, Bermondsey, Surrey, rope-maker.-"T. Sumner, late uf PresluO, Lancaster, corii-mrrrbaali-W, Hughes, of Great Winrhrklerstreel, London, niercbanl.-W. Hancock, of Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, cabinet-maker.-W. Ncdby, uf Lamb's Coiidnit-alrcvUHiddlaejp, uphulstrrrr. . . t^AtttNEltSHiPS DISSOLVED. E. Leach anJ S. Siggs, of Bolsovrc street, Mary.U-Bone, Middlesex, dealer* in oewspa|iera, Deeentber 35, 1819-.1. Reyonlds. W. B. Waikins, and T. T. Garston, of Lohdua, mrrcbanis, Dfecember 31, 1818.-W. B. Waifcin. aad H. Merteiw, of. Wood-ilreei, Cheapside, London, drysallera, DrceuiberSI, 1819.-^. Morgaa and D. Williams, uf Car. liiarlUca, attorucys, January 1, 1830.-J. H. Scndiltr, J. Tiiyeii, knA "t. VV. Jurdan, of Grurge-slrei't, VThilcrhapel, MldUlrSKX, scam.bsilen, Augoat 17, Itlft-W. Forttseae and J. Barnril, of St. John-sireel, West Smithfirtd, Mid. dlrarx, surgeons, January I, l830.aaW.Jessa|r amlT.SktWb, of the Nag'a Head-yard. Swallo*^!reel, Middtrsni, slabie-krepers, December 9, I8I0.-W. Haaiklfra^lt Maaadrr. of Exeter, hoot maker*. Jauaary 1, lMil:.Hd^^BiltMlfM aad H. Hirks, of Seott's.Wharr, Baakavde, flMtlBwtok,. tiMber. merchaiiu, January 1,1820-^. Hayaif aist K- BtaekttMrc, uf LovrlUcoorl, PaMmaalerii^w, Luuduu, *liit�.tafcHtauB. factureri, December 35,1819. UARKBTS. [From the "X^iuion Mn�i�nW* Pri^Citmini^otTkmiat, yqitaa,^ It. 182g.] * " WEST INDIA AND SPANiSS MAUi I^DCCE.. B. P. SirsAM have eant'ioaed-/io tbe ii*pn�vei�iilMaaii)i noted io our last poitacripl at fail, aad^ in a few iuslaBcea| at rather higher prieea. FOREISM SifS^as--118 cbeale Babia. wm pw^ |w; psb. lie sale on Friday, the.guoil qualities nf .wlijcit yreai.olF briskly, but the bnii^n and yelloir sorla 3a. bwer. Tbe slock of B P. Sugar la now 13,850* nska mbre than last year's at Ihi^ liote, preaenlpirtcea Ids. ^r Cwl. tower f�lrr Gazelle average.   CorPEE baa not been in, brisk demand since oar.taaf, apit at a publiC:sMe oa- Thnrkdav, tbe ptTtfa.of British Plao-. lation decliq^ froin I'li. to 3a. p^cwl. id some instances, but the prices obtained were vtry irregular| Ibe iirdiiiary qualities of Jamaica and Ihe Fareigo'aOld tbe must readily, and the fine qualities tbe least ao. Tbestock.of W. I. ColTeejsiaoif 3,33� loos, being 1,1011 les* than at ihiaUaieiaat/ycat'i preseal,prieea 14s.. pcrcnt. luwei-. . ' ' ]l6iu.-Consideirable busiaesa baa been dune' both oa Ihe spoV^iid to arrive; Jamairaa have advanced 3d. lo ad. and Leeward Island Id. per gallon. ^'tTbe^preaeitt si<ick of Rum is 19,473 puncheons, and prix of ipifoqf* 2t. 3d. per-galL 'Slack last year same date, 18,70<1'paacbcBns, and prioe af pfoOCCSs: pergall. ; EAST INDIA PRODUCE; 11i4<T a.d demand. ''' '> RsPtlfto Sva.Ana have been In fair tlemand, and some adfaace bat been paid on low lainpa and crushed..' '. spVTH AMEftlCA^J. PB Pt'*'cE. Ctittb*-There hia beeh sume.deBiaiid in the Cot'o" maHieV siiice onr last, chiefly for Brrigals oil sprculaiiua, nf wbttti abuni700 bain bavebcca taken off; ftir sliipuiiig qu�-Iit},<t�id.and7d. per band; aad.i33, very unlioa^y. at S�d.,perlb. lathe prieea Ihcrt ia aot the least'yinatiti. f|^pla llHfse.'of the laat few wfcka, aadbiit litth? i� �ifrnng fur sale. The only aple besidea,nt 49Sarai, of fair �)i<.ili|\, ai'8<d. per Ik ia Bond, for. hoaie eonsampiiao. (tif ikr ,8ilWB�Wcd�13ir.a1>M.} 30Thi'i*Huieea iWA\=. bamss, by anciion, lljd. a 1*1. ^ �oa(>rl*-kna ISJd. a 18*4. 110 CffWioM i3|d. i au wd b? iwiivyJWi*,; n\i.\ bW^Bahiaa Md.aia a 1a}W.'^-i��'�6iila^�Ma 160 Deiaeratvs I^lk a

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