Tuesday, July 1, 1879

British Mail

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Mail on Tuesday, July 1, 1879

British Mail (Newspaper) - July 1, 1879, London, Middlesex A MONTHLY COMMEacIAL AMD POLITICAL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED ON THE FIRST TfAY OF EACH MONTH IN ONE ISSUE, FOR CIRCULATION IN ALL PARTS OF AFRICA, AMERICA, ASIA, AUSTR^tASIA, EUROPE, AND OCEANIA. Entered at Stationers' Hall. TA^ Industrial Aritcles in tkit^iptie^^lare copyright, and all rights of.reproduciion^^ireiWS' are reserved. Registered for Transmission Abroad. Vol. IX. No. LV. Ni^w Series. LONDON, Jtlpf I, 1879. ~~ Subscription 21s. per Annum, Fdstaere Paid to any part of the World. Payable in Advance. Sing'le Copies, 2s. eacbu ROSE'S LIM JUICE (FOR EXBORT). Prepared from West India Limes, and preserved f#ota deterioration by PATENTED PROCESS. IS ENTIRELY FRE% FROM SPIRIT. The increasing demand for export of this excellent and eniineiitly wholesome establishes its success as a shipment to all countries in the warmer latitudes. It supplies a delicious cooling drink in water, effervescing^ in soda and gfUl^waters, and an excellent stimulant blended with spiritg. Recommended by the Lmcet, Scientific Review, ^c. SPMCIAL TBSm ^ EXPORT, 11, CPBTAiy �|IA% Sdt0 ^Maniifootur^ Je^^Patentees, Liver Complaint. Biliousness. Indigestion. Uyspepsia. F^heumatism. ' Neuralgia. Constipation. Diarrhoea. Sick Headache. Gout. Loss of Appetite, &.c., &.c. HOLIIIiAI�:^IV�j| ^^IPMAOH PAD iir zNVAi^uABiijE^ OVER ONE MILLION SOLD ^M^ALLY: Ufiod in Europe, ABia,^Africai^ Ind Ariieirica^'' Sp6ken well of and worn BY thousands/..QF'^PjilbPLB all over HOLM liiViR PAD XO, AEOYLL STitE^, EEGENT STEEET, 00., tBITION, t878. Waters. PE'S SILVER MEDAl.,iii Hifirhest A sew MrNERALH#TERS Have always, had^' the F!Eltt^|PEl^ of Royalty, and continue to be supplied t& HEB MAJEdTY" with iktiie and ?^?^^ %e White mtr^ aXJEEN. tected by a Label �-a Fountain. R lis to The Feniusular m J^miffation, The other Steamship Orient,' � Compames. ESFOST ORDB118 Bm^UOUVr TBSFASED Pkicb Lists ok-^plicatiox. -London. iL, Glasgow, : MACHINES Fc^ Fiei.iiiiliesrH IMTesses; Ships, te. Hal&a-Pound, of flc^ iaT^ireeJMi-nnt68. Ice madiB in. Decanters, titaret, ^Q., (Sfc, olfejB a cTelicionily cool drink; Ibe meavs of pbtainin, i ice in any clihta^ always at hm TRANlPAlUNT BliOCK ICE MACHiraii Twenty Pounds Hourly np to Fifty Tons Dfaily.- W Blocfes, 5 11)8. to 120 lbs. each, 12 to 30 inches square, 2 tVk 12,inches Uuclt: 18 the Bimplest and ifioat reliable appatatna ever ibtroducedi Freezingr Powc^^ Water CooleTs, Sefrigre-rators, Ice Jugrs^lloe Scales, Water > Fitiers, Seltzoerenes, Bottles, Corks, Essences, and every article used inr i^e Ice and Mineral Wate Trades.. ,........... SODAwMi Tlie flanae Machine makes CemonadepOitfget Beer/Settrer, Potass "Waters, &c. STAMFORP;^^ 1330, GREAT StTFEOUt STBE^,. EONDON; S.E. foe DEsi?ExreTi(nsr of ticks, iicE, Emr-Aisri ALSO SPECIFIC FOR 6URE OF i^j Have now been used with the greatest success ^lbi^xie��?li^1^lii^^ on ^pplice-tiofl**. \ LEIOESTBB HOFSB, GBBAT DOV^BIt BTr, ^F FIY, Pamphlets LOUDON. B. & PBIZE J|EIMaS.-P�rU/l6^; "Hi^e/lSMrl^^^ Society. WO; Lirerpool, ISH; P�H^, 1875; Manchester and LifeiBJ^l Society,J876t �" " ' . Patentehs and jEiiFTOi ic^:'' t � ' �eneral 8mI�Iir BpSS^ StWQtjjt. Oo�bte & Singl^-aQting lytfi^C all fr 9k 4 to'w tons. foriaer may be worked by liAn4 when desired. LARGE HAMfMCfli^,-with Improred Framing in Caat or Wrought iron. SEEDSMEN AND NlfRSiVMi^ Supply for ExPOBTATi^ all i�tttsj(i^ ^i^i/^i^^^ Seeds, " ^>Jia8fiedp,^.,.ctf|^^^ : For descriptive mticeof tj^seektet^sii^^^^^^^ *c., see page STEAM m:j0ia^^'^JBoit ^ �V �d gte�� GeiiiWid Smithy Foot Motion Hammer. Hammer. An Excellent Investment for a SmaUCapitaHrtis a Soda Vat^rKifca^ Son* ^^o^^r. For particulars see page 614,