Wednesday, March 1, 1747

British Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Magazine on Wednesday, March 1, 1747

British Magazine (Newspaper) - March 1, 1947, London, Middlesex ! For M ARCH, 1747. 99 I which gavve them drink, the the occafion, had the bleeding i roots and vegetables he had fpent head of the creature fever'd from, the day infearchinginthewoods, its body in "his hand; and now and with thefe indulge the only cries he, my friends, I fliall not delight of his  foul in hearing be an idle hearer only of your ftories of the courage and glori- aftions j I have now my fhort ous actions of the generals they ftory to relate among you too. had fought under j the battle in He threw down the head on which each had received his deep- this, and all rifing to look at the eft wounds, thofe limbs yiclim of his courage, adtmVd the want of which made him de- its uncommon fize, and not "lefs pendant on his young purveyor's its amazing beauty. Had we an charity ; were. ftories never too emperor, cry'd one of them who often to be related, and never lov'd the manly exercifes, who ended but with a glow of crim- wou'd mount his horfe, and rife fon in the face of the young before the day as our great maf-hero, and fighs for the degene- ter Zanchi ufed to do, this skin racy of his country, that now were a prefent worthy to be engaged in no wars, nor gave made him, his horfe cou'd never her children opportunities to ferve be enobled with fuch another, her. The young Abdallah, charirfd In the midft of one of thefe with the hint, determined to pleafing relations, atone of their make this ufe of his conqueft; midnight meetings,, the young and when he heard the emperor, Abdallah (for that was our rifing, kept no horfe, nor, knew the heroe's name) efpied a leopard of pleafure of fuch exercifes, only enormous fize, crawling on its anfwered, I will procure him one ; belly foftly towards them through his lenity and juftice deferye eve-an adjoining thicket. This was ry thing of his fubjecTts; and who the firft opportunity he had had knows bat the very fight of a of meeting with fo noble a vie- hunter thus adorned, may at.oncf tim for his courage j wolves and infpire him with a love of thofe bears he daily hunted and de- noble pleafures. ftroy'd ; but thefe were a more His friends who well knew the. uncommon creature here. The influence the ambitious Zaadi young Abdallah opened not his and Agri had over their fove-lips to any of his companions, reign, and the envy and revenge but feeming to pay his ufual at- they muft conceive to fee a itran? tention to the ftory, foftly drew ger daring to attempt ingratiating his fcimetar, and as the beaft kimfelf with him, and turning drew near behind them, rifing in his mind to things it was not to a moment with a nervous fpring, their purpofe he (hou'd like j faid he leap'd over two of his compa- every thing to diflwade the hero, nions as they fat, and before from his purpofe, but invaiaj they cou'd turn to fee what was he nobly anfwer'd,The ho- N 2 nour,