Friday, July 1, 1746

British Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Magazine on Friday, July 1, 1746

British Magazine (Newspaper) - July 1, 1946, London, Middlesex a >|�QQQQQQ"QQQQQQ/QOQQQQGQQQ THE Briti/h Magazine. For j U L Y, 1746. ^Occasional Spectator, My Heart is inditing a good Mat' ter'; 1 /peak of the things tobicb J have made, touching the King. Pfal. xlv. 1. MY Iaft Speculation, on Happinefs, having engaged me in fome Thoughts -of a very folemn and concerning Nature, J fhall begvthe Indulgence of my Readers, while Ipprfue the Subject through one paper more, as an enlargement, or kind of practical Commentary on what was offer'd ; in which I may addrefs myfeif more directly to the Affections, and carry on the Thought {as my Lord Bacon expreffes it) in fuch a Manner, as may come home to Men's Bufinefs, and. Bofoms. It is expected the Senfual and Vicious, who are always the leait confe- derate Part of Mankind, and have imagined a Happinefs to themfelves of a widely different Nature from that I havefuggefK ed, will accufe me (in the modern Stile of Cenfure) with the Charge of Unpolitenefs and Enthufiafm : But the Miftakes or Ignorance of multitudes does not alter the reality of any Tingle Truth, or leffen its Value or Importance. It is the misfortune of fuch deluded Men, that they have impofed upon themfelves a mif-fhapen Idea of Happinefs, in the Choice of a voluntaryMi-fery j the idolatrous Love of Pleafure, in Oppofition to a Life of Holinefs ; foolifhly account-ing that a Bondage, which the Word of the all-wife God declares to be a State of glorious Liberty ; a Manumiflion from the tyrannical Ufurpations and Dominion of the diftiurbingandcon-Y trouliog'