Tuesday, March 1, 1746

British Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Magazine on Tuesday, March 1, 1746

British Magazine (Newspaper) - March 1, 1946, London, Middlesex THE Britifh Magazine. For MARC H, 1746. CONTAINING, I. The Occasional Spectator, N� I. II. Some feafonabk Remarks, and Proofs of the horrid Iniquities, Artifices and Collufions of Popery. :IIIj The Expediency of divulging and experimenting feveral mifcellaneous Hints th3t may be offered towards Improvements in many ufeful Branches of Arts, Trade, and other Subjects of Conveniency and Service of Life, IV. Seafonable Reflections upon the late Frequency of Mafaueradesy and other publick Diverfions. V. Some Experiments in Planting and Gardening. VI. Select Essays from the Papers. Pope Boniface's Letter to Philip King of France, and his Anfwer.-The Cafe of the Glafs Trade, and other Trades dependent thereon.-Allegorical Story of an Attempt made upon Br-nia. A Diflertation on the Dignity of the Office of Hangman.-On the ruinous Effects of Smuggling, and the Villany of thofe who encourage and affift them, with fome^Accounts of the Methods ufed in that wicked Practice, The Errcr and Weaknefr of deipifirjg our Dangers from the prefent Rebellion, with the Story of the Marquis of Mon-trafe.-The Danger of a Parent's forcing the Inclination of his'Child, exemplified in a very remarkab'e Story. VII. Poetry, lnapia, a fad poetical Diary.-Female Rights; or a Plea for Ladies to fit in Parliament-The Jfe-fuitical Painter ; or a Match for the Devil.-Verfes on the Affront offered to the Nation by the late mocking Fre� quency of public Mafyuerades,--Q>ar^ /ey's Expedition, aL^ureatODEj to a new Tune, by an old Stick,-Divint Majejly and Omnipotence. VIII. Foreign History. LX. Promotions, Marriages, Deaths, Captures, Accidents, Bankrupts, Prices of Stocks, Goods at Bear Keyt Sec. X. A Complete List of all the Book* and Pamphlets publifhed this Month; -with their Prices. LONDON: Printed for C. Corbett, at Addijorts Head in Fleet Jlnet; and .fold at all the Bookfdlers and hi'mp-hiet-Shops, fotli in Tcwn and Country. Mdccxlvi.