Tuesday, January 29, 1726

British Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Journal on Tuesday, January 29, 1726

British Journal (Newspaper) - January 29, 1726, London, Middlesex January CLXXVIL RAMBLED Profefs my felf an Admirer of the Defign which Save formed of examining youFOwntry Mens by a Comparison with thole of Foreigners as I doubt not thalExtent of your I the Jefs regret my own Inability ta give you The following I raei wJch in an Italian flutioft df them WAS An Amufement to and I have prevailed upon theAathor communicate them to you tftbe in to have your how far they are to be credited CbaraStrs of the and In their The Frenekman is more than civil he is The German The Italian The Spaniard and thinks too little of Tire and thinks too much of Witt te The frenchman is of a good The German Italian foulard fhorc The Englishman The Frenchman is an The German an The Italian The Spaniard The Ewgiifoman tn their Zenji The frenchman is The German a The Italian The Spaniard The Englijbman In Frenchman is a The German The Italian The Spaniard The EngGfoman WitbtRegard ta The Frenchman is The German not inferior ro The Italian neither handfome nor The Spaniard rather ugly than The Englishman refernbung In The frenchman is not The German moje flow The Italian The The EhgSJhman In their The Frenchman fpeaks Writes The German writes Price The Italian with The Spaniard little and The Engiijhman In The Frenchman knows fornewhat of every The German is a The Italian is The Spaniard is profound The Englijbman a In The Frenchman is The German The Italian fond of The Spaniard tainted with Superftkioru The Engiijhman with In their The Frenchman is like an The German like a The Italian like a The Spaniard like an The Englijliman like a Lion In Offices of The Frenchman is The Gorman good The Italian The Spaniard The Englishman In The Frencbman is The German a The Italian a The Spaniard a The EffgUJhman a and a Their In France they are full of Quality and Pridtfj In Germany OEconomifts and In Italy Pri Toners and In Spain Slaves and hi England Queens and fpeak Charles fa id that he would French to his HighDutch to his Italian to his Spanijb to to This laft Paragraph is true fh all except what is faid of our which that Emperor did not nor indeed fpeak of in this Manner thd he did of all the others I believe the Author added the laft Article to compleat his Number and I centre that he thought the Englifc Tongue fit to addrcfs Birds in from that the Frequency of the Let ter S occaflons in it But and all the reft of my Opinions humbly fubmitted to your nicer Obfervation Tour G

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