Wednesday, September 7, 1825

British Guardian

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of British Guardian on Wednesday, September 7, 1825

British Guardian (Newspaper) - September 7, 1825, London, Middlesex We ifOttJMtVS LEGMB AmihlM MVTAKI. ii CORK AGGREGATE MBBtOiG; to CONSIDER t�f; ^koi^MihPr pR^tas^ AN ADDRESS TO MR. OXJONNELL. [Ftom &e Dubflkx Mi>iiaing Re^ster^} This Meeting was onei of the most respectable that have been held ks cSrk fiir mwiyyiKrfal-Mr. Barry, of Leiifne- k^a^ was eidla4 t<r ^le^ "tkn^ R^bv. Mr* Etiglahd novr rose to move dmt a Golaii^ mitlee be appoint lo pj^are the ASdreds tb Mr^ O^Con- nell. Richard Ronayne^ Eaiq. said, that he coidd not aSoW e^l^ lliat iDotionf to ^aiss wHh(liit de^^ disl^^, di^^d State wottld ^se: * 1?he chM:ge;i Mb tipbi^ O^Coitoell, ihough giveii to the wcwid bf Mfi C(^^^ iljOl re St; for siippoart upwi I^^^ ipbejAed td, Mr. Shfel has been ap^ifla t6. ahdT^^ sfl^nt J and Mr. G'Connell himsdf ha* but latilKed.'* % this Oie way to r^ute; Mr. CobSett? Cani such cen|Bfei remove froiii an^ bbserv^t mind cohvicttofe^*^ ^mfi OtS^nnetl feU'Wthe wiieS^^ ilfe arfifi^. Oie affedf^^*^-^^ Sir, that Mr. Ronayne will divide the Meeting; we Will then see whether there be a second person present who agrees with hjm. (Great applause.) ' Mr. Ronayne said, that with respect to dividing the Meeting, he would act as he thought proper. For the present, his only object was to protest against any ^Committee whatever being appcHnted. He would say no more for the present, but would reserve himself upon the general smbject to a sub9[equent period of the Meeting.  The dommittee then retired; and, after having been absent Ibr a quarter of an hour, returned with the Address. The Address having been read. The Rev. Mr. England^ rose ai^ moved, that that Ad-dildss be adapted as the Addi^ess of the Meeting; to be presented to Daniel O'Connell, Esq. Mr. White (nephew to Lprd Baiitry) rose and said: Sir, I have the hcmeur and the satisfaeti6n of seconding th nie^ if I ma^^so term it; hi^^^Mid aeca^r. I, said l^lRfmkyne; a^^ by the beit sideoftii^ to6^ IB it is ih^ iDf^^ij^ai^ tM' ftnialeiid^ 1 should^i^^^m^'is^^I sat( silent, and ^er^y gave % tkdt assem to {Hn^e ^ a man^ whd^ has, in my' iioaiid, by ^lunous acts> nol' l�^ly^ greatly pi^Dtn&e drawing m^sNirec^I^iVfiitc tions. Well, th^i he ha^ be^ eith^^ wicked o^..^^. Let him prpve^ by his own solenm^^^ denilEu;' siA^eribied^^t^ his name, and not in speeches that i^hy nbrfoe^tlj^^^^l^^ pinrted, ^r^ied b>y ^e t^^^^ of Lord Killeen arid jl^l*. Shiel, <Nr ih^ whdl6 Deputation/ from whoitt t^ c<^#y has nev?^i' heiiffd any aeeount of their miigid^dil, that WtMs transaction he is an innocent and inj^rred' m^; and will men, and not <me with more delight than in||N^' think him as pure as we did when he went to El^i^ilid, and without stain as to his integrhy; tho^i ddi^l^s^ guilty of many indiscretions, and grjsat and in|iirio^s mo^Al*'' sistencies. If Mr. 0*Connefl vvas no' ntojreto^m*^^ which, for the sake of his amiablfe fatttjly, nmy G<^aV6^^^ to them his loss would be irreparable; to ihi^ nation,^l^i^ his kte career, none. Our country abkiunds with ftife^^^ sotind heads, honest, persevering^ and ind6rt<u]|^tiblef ftllj^ equal, not only to conduct the CSthbliequ^yonrbfanc g<)-vern the nation, if it so happened, thottgli th�?e W^s ifiKft a single lawyer or leader amcHig thebt,' if th^t kr^ e^&^' do so. All histoid has mrbved, that aibd^yi^^ Juiltas, Boards and AWciatio^,^ in^iti^d'f^^ ^(^^al^ jmipcMHss, tlM^gh %egun With jraf^ ite^^^ dn^'%#^' posed, in part, of -^best iand wisest ik^. hsm iik^^ ^ * in an countries fkil^ ^6lpea,^^^igMw� selBsh madiinatiohs 0^ turj^d^k kn^^ii%E^ ^ifiST^ bitidus m^, or ^ieir s^^dit^^ What a recent^ proolP of Xthis^^lili^ __ busii^' bif die late ?{^10^ A^o^i^c^ who their car^r withdtj^ laPsiM^^^d^t^lt^^ ag^^^ theadts of tliei# i^l^p^ odl^ signal de^^i^it^^di^s^^ m^:^^mm-m0^ his quiescfent^rifefciifili^