Sunday, July 4, 1824

British And Indian Observer

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of British And Indian Observer on Sunday, July 4, 1824

British And Indian Observer (Newspaper) - July 4, 1824, London, Middlesex I 1 id octavo, -----, ^--sfcBj, IB the prtwat. i5 almost imn�S"* -----1 C9^liC�t|XfU^:UP A FEMALE. A lupni^liat JMibdapMUei ia Alrb. tntititiinl *' Mamith� �M i^etn- �& eon-to be the mdit prmptnUn and hnppvt' until fiie depttSta-:'ii|l . W'Moiw-eindoMwd- 4i|!r supenuuttrd kanwledge, and in-. Vttit� mwaiofe^pir l�eawtt4�-r^Uime.tiie |wch.x�� fcjlb. r aa( t!nweiuitMniitlM, io9pi>iiIUarw!qai*�d kitid or vriUMoaiT , Iha fotbpoi wrttffb had t the caioeorertteeAl- AS tmrt ia )^tiodHac% ^ tad�. lHovihree, tioa U>at tfary {Mid bbcTingtite'i All Itte^eJiifHrM ibettdbu^'pb r�r (imlMiiiiif t�tel! fcred ap�a tlils nci L moatt-iimonaced 1^ Ithe^eliii^ ^^^^ � Aej s^d _,^j Tweot^fUBH! Parts, it Volaine�,'andlivnri>e occaslofiaily/m -- - - _ ft^spitpet Opcip, Bttnd- .iAfr�t,;Mi(ridr(��r9^ft:g. Attra, ftibjit Libsirv, St.Joljn-.Kroet, Jinli i ood^y hii Btokpillen a�d Kcwstmru in totvti and UaviK Ac ttriacip^ pn�of ber Careo on board, ftnd will po�i- "^-^l/Iana or before tfie 10th of Joly. -jtiOfi CALCtTTtA, teave 16 iDiiclnrt Madeira, the titMiMO Ton�,GeerielJitUdtflr, Commander, lying in tbe^city ca- ioil! ^Th'l� V^el )vi2a l^pTl^ilrl b fitted in v4^y superior style (i>r'tlfi> ^tecatntnotfctifMt ;of I^aneiII9>n, and wdl carry an peaeaocd 9�neoo.. For Fieieht or Passage apply to Captain iJdna^, fit $e J^iaedi CSffee Hoase; or to Awtlcc and i'borofeUi, Lide Street, near the fatt India House. Thi* JUy i� jpirtiUlied, in demy 8vo. price 1^. with Plates, YiiUt WOUtiiTMi pf feliOHA I or, the Narrative of a 1 JboMer |b4t te�mid DtTetlingrvKcavated eutof a . Wnnhtato 9v#l�0iie, om^recteDdiag ,iuiwrards of mlc aod a tf[tauFter,�t liMp^ln the East Indies, nitb some general Ob-Semaods 4fmi^0pte sad Country. %^0H� a. SBELY,  , Captain in the, Bomhay Native Infontry, d(C. *\U contains taioiv' cprious facts, and uy>i>lies a mare sub* stin^al account orElora (han any which we have met with in the EUtera'phlio�dphi�al ^publications." Lit*-*'^'? Uaxe^te. 'V^ Is � femples of Elora that jpai^tain Seely confineb himsejf. Ho gives an interesiing description of the HCdMUffrft thrtmg^ which he travelled, ami l|:y��f HlHii^ty ie^ladiK. His Observatioo^al�o, <w the Aqdo-Indian PolLi;^', and his R^arks on the Attempted Conversion 6fm9iM�A dytt^'i^ianaties, areentitledt(r�riou�Uotier." -Utemry^NioWiiB. ,^ , *'Me have been rrently pleased with Captain Seely's iloqk," '^.TSc.--Somer4etlI6ase C^KeUr. i*4Fhr ^'peia^aetofOfit'Vf r '^^ftaWdttrdkad W.Whiaaher, Av*-M�ri�.1�iie^ SONG. TBC rSEFINO FAMILY. Air.-We're a' noddin, &r., Ac. W�Ua the nobles ofthe Jand all regortitiK to the Strand, 'Thelfttendidgntce of Fa�Aianand of.^ni(Ma�Uxomu>and, That w�rf�nnot do the same rrievetour daddy and our dame, Aqd.w�'rea'nad4it�i, iil Bdt'Aiv-Jvbnnie comes in itaste, with his Boots in briHianoe grac'd, "That mirror>ilke the iftadow of oor grannum first embrac'd, Like a tiny <lf it secni'd, in wild terror while she scream'd; And �v�'re a' �cf w|jil�4nh liriiliilll. ami oor-surly mastiff growled, \ViM>lS8iH^ik^^dithe iut and of oOkm: wuodrrs t^d, -'gh��eHhalRMyTiM<^< 7o�ra ia the Kingdom t Uqaid, in boti{es6d. HBd'l8a.i�ach.' Atsa J>aateiUacktug in ^atsdd. 12|l1. 'mbd^j^^^artu ' A.Shilliag pot of^tasie is �qaal to tour U. hot ^;.^,^il^WUV Aw WAftREN's JBtaFMng. riybtUkiU, bis house closed, anilll^ winflows care-' ii&iidcd on tire liMftdei. pa-approaching thIjrheartT a noises, asMt [ifbceediag fioin violeq^IoH^or.M ltatci&^'^tMiagled-wi^.| ll* ronfoted cries �f vamou.f ifer8(>os, add at |6rngtii they bftiM tiiefolh^n^agusclatuatlutw-'' lnrol;eaH tlie-aAgelsai�)r^! la-yoV� afl the holy prt�pb�l8! t�npl�>rc. the ul'�U lucaera-pliinia! Co�M,age, btrike. it is a viMain-it is a munler'cr--strike vigoriTUsly." ' " Tltesc -iilrangB sounds and excl wiuil^ons coi^Unncd until tivn o'clock, and were succeeded by a jwrfcct eilcnce, wliicli li;�tc<i (intilntuc o'clock in the evenitig, wMn ihc.�ii ul v ily op us! aurcour us God iiU potprrful; dclircr lu-ratrilus-�ir is n vilUio, Ac" >Afier in vain sunnnottiog titquv iiiMdv to. open tiie door, ti>e bnilUe.ardered one of the \vioduw8 to 1^: bnntt in, and ou a light beii^ io^roJuoed ihruu^^h it, there wore seen &rc men leaning against the door to prevent it Wi^g forced opca, a man apparently dead was lying on Ui� fi^e on ilio floor, a group of men and Wuuien Ijing upon each other near the door, and close to thwin a woman upon her knees, Who was idappii^ with the palm of her hand the body of tUe man stretched on the Qoor, and ex-clanning at each slap-" Haro pity, h��o pity!" tin the dour being furcetlv the men urged on bgr^the women, eiiJeavoured to reaist the .gen d'armcs, whiUtM�ifrue<'i^e Peter coutinaed to slapji womnn near her, cryii\tt BUlr--'* Have pit^i Lord r* Two men aiid two women wcr^e i^cn discovered lying in such a Btaanar upon the gruutid, that the t(�;ad of the nuvn-iWait in the kp ofa woman, and the hcu'l of a woinao ip the lap 9I a man. The gen d'armea Wlng^^ ordered to Itfad Peter out of (lie room, tha men and wuroen joined in resisting thorn, but when, ta spite of tUeir etfbrts, he was hrougtit out to the poith of the house, they all hang upon hiai, drew biiu to the ground, and funded a circle roand him, alt closely bitgKiog aid embracinjt eoch oUatr. WheaPeter.attempted to .anstrer tite questiaoa-o} the nwgiMntwt, hit daaghttur Mi^rguvriU; raised ,ii�r voice .aad aidtohMU'^'Vt'a^Mr, tta o SlUfUwvaiWwMM^^Itbai I �hi�ll aiyt th^ ���llkr fhi^ti^ was in-Vattt-lo at- tempt lirtbgidg fbem to reason at that ntoiNeot, ordered ifaem tn^ be Id^in the pareb of^ltteir buase, and tuULtHcmwd w>ce��t�; Mi- dVtfiaes being placed ia frwut of the lioiMa, At fu�r o'ckick Ja-^ataMrtngof t-'rUiay, U�� Utot^ity appa)iWtt|,W:k> Bswns what calm*rd, and at tueir n quent wt-rc perioltted to ient^ tlir house. This was, Iwwiver, �miy.a deceitful caha^ for on (Hieir being left alone, Marguerite Peter ordered the prayers to racafu-mence, to prevcul, as she said, " ShUh gelling xUe victorjco'ver Jesu* Clirisu" These jiTHycro were coolioiied u itUoul interruption till about Meveii o'clock ou Sulurdny morning. At t'ln o'clock the same day, a great iiuml>or of pcrsous, uiuny of whom had been speciHlly sent for by Marguerite, hud hsseiubled in the house. Marguenlti uiade ihctu ascend into one ol the upper rootns, and there dtilarrd to them in a prophetic tone, that " the day was at haoil when hl.tod sitould he abed for the salvation ofa multitude of souIm, and that there was not a moment to he lost if they wisUeifc tff jmaliHi the victor)' Iroia Snl�n. I �oe," added she " ihe ghL>al of my graodmoihcr, who fevetiL^ to mo, that in order to Mive tlie souls of uiy fuihpr and broUi^r, ii is ne cessary that one of uk should -lay dowu his life. I mykflf am ready to gi\e mine in order to rede, lu with mylilooJ the &oni� of severHl millions ot lUe liviug and the deail." Slie cuiiclajhrif by ordering IhobC present to striWe their ureasls with tii'cjr baud*, Whi> h ll^py accordingly did. Afu-raa|| exordium shc�ei*cd,nn iron innUel, and iMflioteii severhl JjTow* with it u^oa her hroihera, Ursula Kuncjig, nml' Jtfhn N\o!icr. Their blood koo 1 flowed, in abuudunce, and the life of hcrbr-thcr had uearly paid the forfeit of the hJy vigour with whvch she apiilied the mallet. He wnd hurried'awiiy from her devout fury la the aruwoT RtenmicRervaDl iwiuied Marguerite Jaeggli: Eli��hetli Fen-r then otTered lierself as ihi- 6rst vicliiii, u{)oii which her fcister Marguerite and her friend Ursula Kuiidig fell to stating her upoxLjJ*c lnwdJJnlil she expired und.T llieii-blows. Her �i�t�"c i>usanuii, auU Henry Ernst, lielped oa the work o� Idood yso.with the bundle �tCsa. Urge scissors, and � piece ot .tnuber lorn.lrom tiie pailiiion. .Marguonte then jle' cUred to those present, ihat her iUltr, thoigh appareHttif ileadj WB* ativt in the upirit, ami the I^rii wvuld not fail l� recaU" her /� vittbtp l^'e. 'i'ueii *uuouiiciug her oura resurrection aa an ap-tiroacbing event, she coiumcuced pre]>j\raliou� for her own suffering. It may be asked, what was r*ler, the father of the fa�Bi!y, 1;doing duciiig tl>ese M'^^'*"* scenes? He was,in a roou* below stairs, very coluily occu|iicd with his domestic art-tirs. He saw with the utmost ludift'crence his son broujfht dowu I'athed in blood, aod in apparently d) lui; staU', and he awuited wtth grrui catmi^iMS the clreadtul c i�MueW� od eatJjF i^hidi &M Iwetk feP^ow (Im� �^ 'tatiKAlMMIMt. Iac4issceat,( bdt tbufly May at y iv O.f i fcrmed aereral osaooetmea wm cKH^9|^aat|.-](iyc)j^rH - v / - i P^foWfiutf^ ua SatuCiUy ttoiU^iirf^^ Pk|^ ^ Conrad Upscr ani^JohaJ'ekl, *ght vewril V ^a.-ia^n.ihTcWr atod -/oan Mo>cr. tlx veai^; "and fiLc^helr 6i&�-,,(;tifoei tWo, tind orte years; and two of tlw.n cmly* to #ir �d��i^ '^ey w*ntb�i� ;Mit to lahour proportioned IQ l|)eit 8�>x, aui stKHnflh. The seven men were morSov^rdeijHred-^ Hjjvd loai^ tlfleir poli-je.1l righta fir the re^t of litmt. livai, tViis ortiei-ed U> be raised {n tM t^MiU he'took jrith him-a pef^soa'^wfaoiliad irfim* expa^iMte, coo-asiHed lUat Mr. Kt. Albin shi>\^d ha crm)|Ni^O. At JCviitaljj^fivtf iitiuules .iflei, hre Mr. Roaai^esteml thej �da aait oi ntounilng. 'I'hecar, tehirh hod fi^toons of crapo at-mkf *l'it� itxM* \i( ^i^sai t'eter jpTJhed li> it, >rast tliea fixi;i} to the bollnon. . grtjaw-i, 44tle malariajia sttkl fur ,f V.rcrvt\tia^ \r^^:. r:'adv for staVling, vrhen Mr'. Rossiter came to ^" '  - . ^ ;ddr*�sed tfcrtpectalon.. ntaved the car, V^^t%2t^ reaiarlt to tbateniact were cnt and iwh-tiie persons irho de'ttact heard their teateace with a re�lgntt*l mr, and wtit\ aomc ['fur the ittitl;rose inachiue, io^trad of riaiitg as a& was cxpeeicd, si^ns of repentance. Ursula Kondig atal t3&i�i-ad Alosx'r ap- l.oiofed iw>ri�^al|y tn.ooecor/vpr ^f the garjieas, and was just pcared grateAil tar tba olenieocy uird towanda- tiiem , hut'old coming in contact with the hotii. s, w'hf li a party of persons very Peter accmed ineoiwtoMe on WKariill tUi bis ho erly w^i^cd hold of the car, aud with grcal cxcrtion*dretf tbo deouilishcd. Sioco tkeir ronflnfT^pat they ka�C hf^hM-ed u iUi j l^ni'.ocm. hXtlic cratre'qf tb^ ^ \ ' clecencyaaddii^ility. .JbicqoesMa^iheuMa.ity^hp'U^argue- 1. Itwas at (his lao^urut qf p^il that jtlr. Sti Alhio showed tbat riie Peter, tite ;ll-f^^ heruiaeoftJM�talc of horror., had a.clHld, whacker agjiatvop he might ha,ve rviocsU when he tir^t entered -*  "' � * '  *  -  - ----- -  haps tro�j noriflty ot ttf! ^atiop, and the neosc crotvd, he had no of courage'Or __________________________. , w^-______ - He.roae jjl the car,jgaVeot*iler�to the rtlen bare 1 vdWed so indcb to lo|re^]r u ? *Tbe -Friday ai\ef yuur de-ii wllh' the grcntest coolnvss,' ahdthe "hetit possiblir|wl^itaeqt, and parturcl agttio aacended tlM'hilt'where wc tookldaveof each | fir.ding that the balloon was raVi|cr too heav^flaMd,' lie threw> �>ther. ikept toy eyee iar a U�g time fixed upon tho apo*. ' on^ sonft halhut. 'I'hia hat! f6<i'^ftii�wlelfect,'-*(<d^hrJi the'^nan where yoa lure.- I recoff^iad <thc chateau of ;.Kybuurgh. Since ^ chine was brought to a p^-pej-^poMKlua, and agai� let go, it as-that momeot I Imc^ often Wtea into my ifeiKwm rereije.'/- cendad witii^ gwat rapiility. Agala^ine ahirna wall created by cbe Aa of (sod, who ia^ove himself. Nothing con tear theofcoia my Underocsa; oh, tiK>u that 1 love .itore than aipS." ht. AbMt tee'Aiys before the horrible sacritice aborc described. MatmcniC'Jreter d^clhred to her followers that she had a aa"* wvoation from jbkavcnwbich trafijcl her that Napojeon ^rai almut to visit tbpla.fth >>ir the purpose ot acoiirging iiiinkin^ ; aad tliat aAer liiiD%vnld'St>R>e his son, tixe r un�t Diika' of a^hMidt, und�r-tb� fiftUrc of' ttte Sou of Sod, ami th:kt he wouU be the rcai Aiitt�L'hrfiai that ahc vat^ ! Called to.�:oatiiat kim, ied.#nfv?ht Wak.ii^ittbff/9aunf .aiastaal of ttj^ world; �k^U.a>ifilV tl*JlJ^*fr�gWwu)daho^^^ ^ - , ^ ; th*Ua�tea d�;�a(>erph.. TkongW 4fc eDBjff * Welden^. of Boaaiter. lit tke ftedfof* Aftw, tea |aTCi�^,Cilifd�a lialloon coiniog in Contact with ihe cad of una of the poles, it be'ifig fearedthat a porfocaiionMrould take pUce.djut fortitaalely the conGU9�)oa hpd ao otfavc fffect %\>%a ^ving t^o balloon js revolving lootion for some sefioi) alIb6o reittained in iiboui aik tanMitte.lind th'ea�a>^ lered a dude cloud, uod wua aoluogMt'rlaiblci ft tb^ attbrtih* elderly dlrectioa, �  . �rtrai- r�f tviuckf^rt Iruoiblea la ^___Goreinor of fjjac pfafjace, �itd had j�ct.vttt tucCAui^atfhy .Kith a couai^^f^ii^i.-bo^oC^ftiops.'' VWaian bad picrbiiukiy-'eaited tt&eiir Atath e.intctiur bad been brought to coodiga pomOn hi�ut/-and it wta espeeted that 'a ipetlji coeiiniasiiott wdu (I tie sppoMUe^ to iavcuigatb the a le bring to juatice Ihapizrpctraiou ot tU^t ^me. An EuglisUmnn, namud Wyriit, hatTbcou selected, was aaid, aa the head of that Oimmt;saoa. , -- . ..C LOMBIA. Loiters from Bogota,' and Culim^'an Gnutiea to the 2olh April, kAveheen fi^v�d? Thd' b*ia�'*eooArmaliauof ot Ut^ nteteiiinta. Ju com^ueaoe VtHfatna, G^D^ Saotuna Lau b'hn (ANoxH^flqa^4- NothwUhskaadlag. t^ kOr �&i|#roMyK%MMt> huUt !Mtcjted only hsexi%axmav^KtSaatJ^^ P"l>- Uc.yat^rere th�� iuai}y,'lmth at ^rtfh wel-doMburk t aad oae person ia the ai^iaar �>f fda jt^^waa ��� ta .aer�fa the Mood kieai^ii^)t^-w�fi niehl, ami hear it1tir�ra� asacred relic,' Wemit not fttr the wise precaiiliL>n of the'Hagiatraiea,.iacap(iBhig.the boj^ )>f the victims Co ptibiic view, their prHiui�ed.,eaurre|fUt>u WonUl h�ve . , . , , . , , , . '->^ i.J-- v-l' l�ee� aoon spread through the touiilry artd creiiiteJ bv ttnj funa- 1 �nJ Mr. Rospt*r. oneof ihi^-jr owi> body vuljiMacfed hia servTc*. tics. Theaiuhors of this narrative stiOajlhcir regret at u.rt 11'l^is hcio? publicly in-d* known, #�riDu� iM�p1kaiiuna were ikade leing at liherty to expose to public indiguation tlie measures put i to accomi-any to hhM,.�ndi�k.i�;alhr� decided, tbal_Mr. St. Albin tnti^ foreaooa. paiiiK�rUm hitd teraaafoii^an^tartai were een a^nroaching the spot to vadoajt Airi;etio|Ui,-^ fk>tfii�hr*ive to two ibe notHlnT rapidlv ihcr^aiM. Tft^noiiihtvc, sta^e Hi�>.faiiria<<islikrcataWropbei of Mr. flkrriii, tui) forthcwiiloxv ( this iotlvw il-luun. It was then deteniined another ascent ahould uJu! place, . D,.�r�- .;____r .1..-_______-----l...-.._:i-J l.^^ -l..ri^ Mr. Heodersun, the itrrtish cuninit, at ooguu oa tbfr30ihNarch. it^ctally aafioauced io,thc �NU�/f�.otihc^)lth ot April vuihs followiug iitauner :- ' BRITISH COM MlS&ipK. " Mr. James Henderson arnvvU iu 4bi& eatlttal oa thQ.3fiitU oi last paoath, and uu the &tt) iuat^ot was pryaat^t^ \fi. ^jt^^tpA-leocy tue Viee-presiueot, by the Secretiuy ^for Foreign Ai^s-Wo r^ret much tna< bur liiBiU da not' periuit as now to isMrt the hue juidt^oqueai spevciv addressed by iklr. UendKCSon,^ ^ Executive ou th'ut occasiou, but wliich we will procure foi' publication hereafter. Hta Excellency, ia reply, expressed lli� pk*-sare he felt at seeing m tue eap.tal au aucieul tncad of Coibtu bhi. and hia wiah tu draw ctuser ihcTeluUoo* ut the Repohtij with the British �<upirer He saill that afObr cx ughthelJMreUry^,^m-eigu'A^4in^ , , *' iW eoigqii^ifMyof ((u>'tt(t(i�aaMtunJMt,>- ia iio�.^a9hftv ic tbacaptta^. te�aoii�Ba< )tii>f BBa,tpp� !i^<^^. bell* My. JateittiiatknnHiw, and 4to& e*d0, MBtstacy. Npw^Mrt Mr. ticadacaiw hfui.' tei|tt>Mi,aM�||i^^ that Ike lal^t^ra pf^lia;i^afeeri^>^ba�'6ka4BeC8r1it^^ greatest cooAdesi^V^rWi- C^Muoiftiaa gov�riua�Bt, auty be GiDwocd witb:ifca m�Wfy nefiiit ak4 aiBiaal lieueat botit . A relia^ aacieut l4(liaa spieydwiirri^.�l^l0>rr*f"**�'^ LJLi^fiMiif t w iLa frilf p'""' vhii'hiiiJHMHtil^^'f'^*'^ cjUMl�i-e*^. ' aud ^r the purpose .uf.whiclr^ in practice to trouble the peace of the Canton of Zurich, and excite a spirit of famnichm theire.  This, they say, they b^ive iteen interdicted from doing, and'mu^ ronAne theniselve* to siatiuK. that the origin of- tliis fMiiaticisni is very recent, and may he dated from the peihid when ct-rtain travelkn, well known for the rxal.atiou of iher religious doctrines, gnforiu-nately ohosc Switxerland as their roidence, tbeK religious e^Lhibitiuus. should have the priferepce, Wr^KouV ff the .Pag I e Tavern, and Mr. Jaities of this BeOTord Ann*, eiich offered tV usC of their ganlens (rratuitoiwlr, and the Ifltpeeial 6as C^^liipaoyi whose wofkq are qt.HHggefsiMae, t� supply the gas free of expense. "The cpinpanj- in the gsrden wjis nuinero(/a, and nmrtt ^lect tli.iii usiimI : at the t-niranre to wiilch tFierfe were a cwfliiidrrable ajd the tliCiilre ol iHnmlier of j�olicc; in tlie'n there was m'Hfilh'g. riMni�rkhWe. I At tweuty-minulcs past tive Mr. RoswiU-r.^iAd Mr^-Su Albin Ey<TIUCrS FROAf UXnED ^TATJ^ P^JPERS. 'r|�^)�jfl�mlnj^: i*-a correct cc|^ uf the Protesl bis '^^lH^ Dulte of Newcaalle t~ �^ "Di^wniicot from.the Bill io ci)|t^ the Earl Marshall inyMJaije .dSce,^w^^^ liSikiog auy, olhei-oalhs .h�u Ailegiaoce at^ of office, se. ofi geiperal, prii^^ipies I object to any coo-R&HUMI Ca^toitcih ci^r collectively or, id'u^at i||i9\;)aiji violate ibe Constitution, by a Pipiat 4(1. jlj^ a hi^hlQiffio; nea^r tne {person of .Jilt king, and bj (lispetutn^ -with th.ose �atJis which :eslanl is bouod aod retjuired to take, rause, the pecufiar-d<�petMatioD with the oath of lacy to.a Papts,\ nmst of necessity crea e a coast.* ' jealousy on the part of Pro estaots, thereby oti-feuds and aninuMittes ; but Jtiost e-ipecialiy at the ptesfcBt, when Papists avow their iiiteotiouii iu lan-jj.uige aad by acts so uudisaruistfd that they caOuot be mis-tittdetjtood. � � - VJwkuje, to -wftctii^n the separation of |he oaths of ''\!^**''^*"^ Sitpfeiiiacy is to e^Mbiish a most dapgerous ^na^ai-ming precedent, inasmuch as the unio:i�f Church antf State forms the ba^is uf our ConsUlutiojml greatness and ^scctteoce, freedom ^Qtl security, "And lastly, flecause, at this" Very late period of the on, and jrassed as the-Bill was�ibe�arly hour of five u clot:k, before Peers had arrive^^^^tbe preseot decisiou e.A>ed ot>. wlji^iiWai the still p^lpiUiiing body of h�^4|istcr. tmd comniepced sv'iking hevKel^ ou lUe hexd with the iron mallet, but not im'tis-tkd iD'itb her aetf-ezecutiou she commands Ursulir Kundigiotaite t'c /at^l inatruiiienl and try her hand. This did not even coa-tciiliter, fur she exclui^ied as she w�s the expiiOory victioi offered by Christ to his Father for the rans<^oi of aeveral mil' liptts ot souls, it whs oeoeasaiy that she shcHilit not only die,. bul die the death of the crviss.. At these ururllk Ursula and the.othet* present altuddured ; hut she l �"' ^^'^^Tl^'JrJr^^Z bloo.1, which soon followed in abundauce; wa, recei'-ed in J W"�"�^ � '"^^ bucket. This was termed the precious pledge of the redemption P?'^"'*",':*'' .*"'*:.�^!! J'*'"^''- ... precious pledge of the redemption of many. .^larguerue then called lor a razor, and told Ursula to scar her with it rouud thc.iieck, aud to luahe a crucial incision on her forehead. The trembling hand of Ursula ut tirst refused the -horrible office; but Marguerite aroused her courage by say  Mig, " May God strengthen your artu-now is tlie moment of victor)'-the souls are ransomed, Satan is vanquished. 1 see hiiu plunging into darkness." During the operation bhc gave nu sigus of pain, nor utberrd the sjighlest coutplaiut,. unl.c�s .against Uii! ij-resulutiun of hiir execiaioucr. But all way not yet accomplished. .She said tlmt she must be cruc fied. " VVliat fear you?" said shtt to those around her, on seeing them hesitate. *' My hour is come j 1 am going to rctmscitate my sister, aud 1 myself shall come to life in three thiys." Siie tiien had some pieties of timber placed upon the bt'd in forJi of a cruss. U, rkrd, iut.1 t-ntl feathers sharp-4>oiat9l> )|Vben discovered 1 hey were prioclp^kUy. in a torpid btnte. Extrnctuf a letter fnan uH Amer.icap. g�;a^ea)aa Eur^ipe, to Ids fiie:>d ill l^oston :- ' ' ' " I �i-^etl Geueya, ^and bad the.pleai^re of making the lour ot the Lske,' in ihf Ke�tfi-b�>� OullUume 'Ten, tM&b^ilU-tvl hy^an A'nericad i site n f4-&anh:'power, aatl "^Ms extremely nvh. � . J � i '  . �  . ** 1 caunot express bow maeb 1-feei .ipdebtrd, aa a� American, tokbe high ci>ayl(teratioB.ami. rstee^r-wittrtwhkk -Coif. I^inbriclKc's name ifi,c;i^ipcctcd^i l^mkm^ |ai^it;pbthiaed,fuc ii|e a visit through tin: arsenal a^^atrp^^y.^k ;i%v^|jii|i�(- ^ hidden tostrau^C^. wijl^oKt.^gltt^tiuo. .'X^U<;;�|KUj4ia a ~ -  ealiiblisuiiuiutx calfiUaicv to .^If^'^tt. an.1 kvith Mdmvcsnioo. IQos:Q4,lHfl ii^Mgu I iicent^^-Qr�/'i^/ 'Hie Ceu^i^tuA C�*~-frum r*be^ inoOotains t�\-a ihcpherdf'Ss, and sheplierd'sdoi^.^' Tlwjf kre'%.,________ planUlionof Ct�i. Brei^lMopt, iafidgeietil,^ iibotit d^- Kbi^tbe pioe wood range s.iepped into tdiec^r, and on unloosing the .opea s (USeveral hags of hallust. At the ti^e ikf asceiit'there-was iiiwre wind, and the at iio.iphorc was iMt s6 elear as'iothe moruii�g. D'ESCgNT. '  .' . Wr. Roasiter and Mjr. Albin des'.en led at ten mioule^ pas; tfx, quite a-ife at Havering Park, near Rnui^ord, Bf�ex. . T|ie aceouot was received hy Ji pigeon near the Cit^ Kowl, aud from ^(Jinee Irsyuiiulltedln tilt-Cuni-uifti-e attfic Bcdfc rfl AriAa.' ' * ^� .At halfpast'ien or. Thnr^d;!'.- night lie^ liri'jv^ed In safftv at Ihe Bldfbrd Ariiiif,'in a nost i-hnise' ThCaeroiMbts biitk ^^ififflf itk gotJd hciltli and spirits, bwt were evJdcflllj' uidvl�-fitlii| A>fi�<l^e a^ aih.; kfWhTtrtSVW-SfoM.lTOve Wen 'Vmitelted' j^niVAr 'CfAavt^'^bdritfr -tfire %i�teF^�Mliutr.tncOotia Bull Fighter, it vi-.ts a rare iiixnly iftaad-'ip tt/mat 'ftt ikimtr^. ewrh reaily, ao<l 8tiibljtt|jjij^^^^^�h�'fpre the scr.itch. Mo^s was seconded by Flowers. (UJOArnoTd by oiteof the Wiitshiit siagle-hticfc pliyertt, itrftJi<?�i�ie ofiWiek*. Nt:w B�0N�wtc�.--On Fl-iday^U* ,b<;wpea,.thc hours of eleven apd {M�ea' ^ jaiUa" thji* cityfoPths mardernf his wife. ^hMa^^'er. by hanging hi��.self! 't^h he effected by first ijWif-a cl^^h,, .in.w^Jch lifia-Vlctual? were sept, round a po�. and Ute^ (astooiej^ Vis cram; to that, forming a kind ofa slii^.-Iai> tlkii PJ^rhatJllWJ^lr-, resting his toes upon the fkwr, nod^by ^l�a^a�^oh {he cruvatj a:-cauiplished has pnrpoKC. ' . ' "~ i."^/   In the room wer* fooifd two �l�p�of paper willh^qtdate, w#2-ten npou with a peucd as CdUom:-^ � - '� Tuesa few Iiai� 1 Irave to iafonayoiH lha;Xba�f harpjpade several attempt to follow my tieaf-Mar}a  in y^jn,J^^.tkB oeil I hope will launch mc into, )�t�eTc ingi|lmUJb e^it f reach of the m�licioas desigiMI of ibose artluJ jBf^'e^ ilwt sVparutc4miinthisworW. : ; ' " J.' �rtvi�vp-*k-k-^ r^ivenby Gon ana man. Adieu. : A ts5Wr,"Ji��."- . "The Steam boauTiiisUe and-Legiflatar, liaw:-bcvet^ takiar passeQgera for. the Wtiew weeka to BjBaaatwkkv.aUiiabiafie �ot *houJ U>rty wile*, iwi4ve �od (UyiltfewtVifi^.hKI �itbi4 ^4 few tlay;�p*�.tthe fare has bf^ea.stUl f�0iber, .^l^j^rf, ^ (l^y ^ovf carry for nothing : in soai^ irtrtapces a ^tM^^^^jutgr be-q given to ttJi who would accifpl it.. ' : '  His wife. � \ Letters received from Bordehux, statJj- the arrival of a French ship there from CaycoDC. fu|ei%flace broii^&t By � co>��- borates tbtt news which attribatei disii^eiS ta (!w cauie of " independents in Fccu 2. Stra o"ht.' 'Arnold Hn-Mtr.tUB^ anJ leriw)!* wifli '6�hrliSnd�, � j3k1 the TtA tuW hrt*^;*- )l^w;i�'fnt:aWay, btitr l|e rnnght nmnf'.Ur tip to tiii; u:r4tcb, aii4 Soui^ed his oppoovat,t.apiU closed his ieft ere  - ^ \ 4. What would be termed bv the Billingsgate waaifif a viokeJJ roa4d.^ All tbe^ierv^snverr* itlr^ctktti, kad tte ptui'ishhKfit^ir^s vudpnt, niorb wtiepj after a t Cidritj-uMi^il^tdtfi^. 6, (�, ;md 7. Tlie rooixhi were tame, w^Sj^ih^^Sa^aatfop q^ C^li, and McMa had the hej�i..-:f ih�^. .q<lrf� tvraed two to oi�e 1" Kfpk tS^u/ige <rS^ ''i��ig;^tJQ'^eff'�feiiii Ut i��rrf^fti�imi�tt� i*�rk.' -Uneaif the iiiewtf:de8if nil w4�) I tfid'fi:fht IhFougnTscteSSaSgV? techatcilW . .'Slle?!^^. *-�|8l?|^t vihtoirj'lLnsugh agcac ciKimet^as fir aapu^saSaiejt^st^rr - .- ' kajTgoae up Q. Bate ehirar�#Bj beitig-kis ftT)4 top. In ihe^( of tke )�f�mi itahelag two atorictt^ bnt no tKi^ini Pacift,  JJOor HtiJe chW�ney 8wc4p irtfy, ivbetq j��^�ioifkly,. tiA� k ro>tt a K auimaht, ut ouusuai^cr ea>a|^ is eiUertiMasM� Ji^ wf|l| K^ru that at particohu- pesiuds th� uiateeiep^i;!A��:re�^ jx^ mMna/eaUle, or, lu iruUi, uiatf ^ �r, us U i* tenned^lgr lue ^ livea, mtut; at wna.-U time they re^^ly deatr.�iy any artinaai th�y meet witn, or dght witn each other wli^onpos.;d;*'>Tntty aw. in this slate, dnve.i into an uuChxi ire ur sp^ue a. pointed f..r tho purpose; and, with'certain prifcifuiibo, afo ptrrfunLed ch-cuuuter eacli othi-r, TUe sho |ut cxt^ a �v-i:y Kew-.i lulc'resi inthemiudaof tiie niMerous speclaio��;/but tuosJ wlid (cxim very bigtl expectatoos wuuhi.h�� thaapiWBBMi0. Ijjie ani.uaw themselves, as- il conscious of their owu irrt-sisuLlc w^'iglit and lorce, close cautiously ; and here vl.ughi up on oppOsiite stdes'uf a W6U;:^iiewttia uiun:' Uuwkuee higu ; and the h^bt is cuutia.U .to w^^itiug- iicruHa*U>i� harrier witti their tusKs and truuki. ^If \hey are peruiitt^ to iitett iu lui open space, th. re Hre always men ready with liretvorka, of uici. tile e^epuanl eiitciiama a i^reut ts'rror� tif jtysij ^ Oc!,.�.-c/t ui u separate ijieni.. 'I'bc reader wdl be �i,f piisi^J' to, loi thea^iwt {>art,.theu- ipoupMs, or keepers, ^1 ivt>oo Liclr u.ciis, aod gniUe or uc^e iheqt oa. it is uucouiawu V"' >o>.v i.'iv-.'liaii(, ven tlie moat wUd Hitd lk>fsur,-to hdru�;or taut^ lu i-4io^'iiu u Che, tusks and trunk ot tU� 4dver�(J"elr;ilKiut, wjih w,jii[.i.-r4.u couiposufC, ^ . j" Sometimes the animajs i�re l?t loose w;:ln>u: any r-airaint, aud if two pretty ^inti^y uiitr'cueJ mrtl yjw< rii<i it..iiii4i. lejlli:>u^(t >n cUo ;')' ^jf)ouj) j^re iry.�ij.a.-viijH &io�v ii:mJ lac sureM ; tbey joiu aud push WHit lue b�-Hti, it<vk. i is oora^ down vpyu uis hauuoheS,ui' i> it/bc Kiitcd uvt-i- un hissiJe, wh a the vinOr i^niitial attaeka blu� *iti> bfe'iaAs, unci wouiJ i/tjuxc or put likn tu'UeAl|l'it'pef^ UeQ; i>�( the (MMfiMt^ ia iucju irr miAal^d. ^||vr^uieu, itii^a^lnl 0*11 ayl'^^it -.u^uHf cd coaricu, [ with, hr<w�rltd^ rotind 1^1^' theu- spi^ar h^a�ti, daah towards tpa struggl"ingLeii�^gO|{3�U4lb^Jv��Hf� p�j>^r<?^^ wfio fly.ia tiil-.r laro-ani .raw him uftcr tbeiu. i-retiHcuV acctjeuu^tuii- at ihe.*^ tades ; a horse fallivgor h toot aup^in^-grveratiy proi-i-'t fata; : the euptged eiephakt asKfeni; oa wha^ h�tlaMLCO<u\- up \viiu, Hud cr^ites-tt to <p.�ce e.' 1 Waa utyslk". tjtiiim-^>,iriy a^id^ot "t mis ua- tuVe :'ah-bncohsiiiduiyk>tMiiihiFp�ffi^t^ rlcpha;rt.tiHd bueu let lousewhich, after hi fult'spc;od towtirda bu/vvu^en, why sooiliMipy^cd^M|-li*'||Bjjiui.ii."^ A eiit cru .U hitd cylkyled J'or tne ^^^W^v* )i� i��fric*t-i'ii'. r/.p^iu t^ti town; ami Umj elepha.Tt liSk'^jbtwj r^ht-tteuu^n mt^-'i. v>t the market, then Ut theilg0^GUl4Blt,.tlK. Rte� V^t.n.j^^ uati U*: w�)(0ea �Ci*-oeiy ^ deu.i�(n>f. t (it tM ToirioQt Kii Vf(6dly akt itpi * ux-m *ttf, ii-Jn }jm tpey .w^re^u^ yiklece^pd j i^^ cx6epd.,'d .,o:� lJu- sg-^, and, it.e'diiiiger l>efijg iai. tli�Me'iw^Fi^t" I'im hfi>'* nmi ij (. f iirlif qtiTi^'&ad. Wh^er t�c%%�*:iMS 4H-cii'^h>hl\(rt:(l- rto ptwni'i^ftloi,' ti�h, t ^uOw-i.--;V>'^*'�^ i^'*^ ii idways aal^icnt to cftosc de^h. " ^ The Pf�;t&ider't*.j( the F i�tj Wfca �ef�ed �ft xietAt c^M^'^U^'^tt uudcr iioBf.APA*TK. The,w'�b^be.ft*ce�*^d.�uJii�JirA^ aud husevere J^f-occiuiua X '"^^ occiUlua' uf/^cT pehiof^hfc - retreat' riuw X trealiiieWexpc. iea J^/Vlb^f, iji^w?t5:Poit�mo.^l^3jfd.^bo li^'iis hiinscit juct Pei�it, thcvaJierxjf the Lfcbi" iloao-i, i^^-C^.l>Ul!\oi tvfe�a�oiqe Cauadiacji^^^feCrtdl^ w. waiC'"!imiai>e. o: iL^j with the wv*3^jyMW,-*^p|^^^jm'ui> �� t{ic >�i; ol j)^ajiO;i, : The U;sh teyig f^iy ^i'-^^^r. ive>v, at u^-s., iutliJe a^smued a BO c ecjiQriil apncj^Jfiafc, c^J ti;v^ iliatfs were dnv^^u horn DeH^afcol'stijoh. . Dbau, ^un;j 3<�.-.;h^-,'-r5� 1^7jda, froui l^nia, Jhlwfis ijw mur..�Uif {Or ,Sl<i^Af5� (L;, .-cU,' fi-.t-;.!. apJt(^b�^,T,erSvl!!S<r^ ronet is retaracd iu ber fransshii cnikf.

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