Sunday, May 2, 1824

British And Indian Observer

Location: London, Middlesex

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British And Indian Observer (Newspaper) - May 2, 1824, London, Middlesex Price 7d. CALCUTTA DIRECT. Passenger* only. To I;. ffpai Gravespnd early, ip Jupp^ t'le Hp j. Qwnjpaay's cfertorelihip B6TNE, borthtin 500 tdfls, GEORGE STE-' CoBimiider, (late of t}ie ftab. Conpany's. extra, dbip. Cold8tre|um,\ Hag alppop.. wiJJi exjreUeu t Ai^conmodatians, and ckine� a Snreeon. Torjpknicnlafs aippjyto the COraraaoder, �t t)M4��asa(hi Ccfllee-JWMHe.:Jio. 35, mrogmortopratfesfc; or to.JobB ao4 Tiu>(na8 Da^g^^, $, BU^iter'sq^^e. ...DIRECT, thf! fast-filing ship SIMR-_ f: HtSPfft Y'M^^SDN; Comm^Dder/(of the i^W-<*(teaBW)?8 Sefwe). Burtb^p 300) ton�.-Lyin^ id Uk City CaqaltLiqiehpuse. T)iis aMp oarries a Sureepn, aj^d b$� ''stiperiftr A^commodanonk for Passeneeri/ For freight 'or pa�- Coffee-HtQises ; to M^rs. Fraser, Nicol and Cp. 8t, Hello's 'Place, 9teh�p9gate^reet; Jbhe CbapinaD &Co. % beadenhatl-^tiiqet.; 4h; tp J ?iWn. WIM. SAiii. ON'THE 10r� JPNE, AN19 HA* aOOM FCFR LIClHir GOODS, (MrLy. ; jiivf tie Bast^IiMtu Iinpqrt Jjoc^,.. Hfu superior Accomm�da^ox>8. fer Itew^n^ aa� carries a Sowein. For fi^tttt or pastap: ap- __1 co. Hq, 4, Adam'8-<;ourt. Broa . lieil Benjamin Eamoiistotie, Esq. Joaep^ L&iuUe, Esq. Joh;i Williamson Ful(on, E^q. Thomas Houldanortb, Em. M.P. CaptainHunry Kater, F.R.i>. Charltia Elton Preapott, Esq. P�tfrUeler8an,E8q. AJf lender Robertaon, Eu^, M.P. Samuel Sliinner, Eaq. Colonel Mark Wilfa. Sir William Voting, hart. Auditors-David Barclay, Esq., Fred. Manning, Esq., Henry Dance, Eaq. Banjter*-AJewra. Bosanquetand Co., Meaar^. Coutta and Co. Mathematical Inspector-Thomas Young, M.D. F.R.S. Physitian-Th�na� Young, M.IXTF.R.8. A�8�5jtoBt Pbyaician-Jiuoea Bartiett, M.D. Standing CoiunseJ-Oliver Anderclon, Eaq. Sprveyor-'-iiaimiel Ueazley, fiaq. jlesideqt Siniciialcndeait-WiBi�m Aq^jr^m, E^. The olijoct of this institution ia to combine the advafiiyige8.^af those previously eatabliabed, to give t�the aaaured that inabeoce in the pi^nagriucnt pf theafiaira of ttie Socisty wb^b-t|>^^ '�-portant interests demand, and to auperadd the pantmpiiot prjoci-ple of ^ki^|rfoieoc� MckMivelyjg|ri|ui(ide ^ llnu mSk of Ua '^Tne luurancfltof'^rBaS^pSipw eoAftnAd.toliotr claHea, in both departiticmlr,^4rWchlKetab�tcaMu1\a�estiffarion haa dc- l90P�U'at9a, nil! at unce^fTord additional 4cc|irity and ad vaota|;e to the asiu^ed, and increased profit to the proprietary. frhl?i>uciitty (villgront annuities, andoWmenUfor children, &c. and will purchase anuuiiies, reveriiuiia, and otber coniingvut in-tereaia. Instruction!! for policii's will l>e received at 10. Regent-street: jUHlat Mcsitrs. Boaiinquet aud ()u'a., until the Qlbce� of the Society are ready for tlic reception of ibe tjgtablinhmeDt. Juat Pjubli^hed, in One Vol. 6vo. price 16a. boards. nnUE WONDEKS OF ELORAj or,.the Narrative of J. a Journey to the Temples and Dwellings excavated out of ,MoiintMiii uf Gnuiitc, and extending opwards of a mile and a quarter in length, at ELOHA, in the East Ipdi^t by the Route ofPoona, Ahmed-Nuggnr, and Toka, returning by Dowlutabad ndAcurvngabad. With geo�ral Oba�rvationa en the People and Country. ByJ.B.SEELY, Captain in fie Bombay Na.ive Infantry, and late iathe Military Service of bis lligJuieaaXbei ry of jibe antique ag�, of men, J)e lost among mankiqd}-.\keniide. ' Althougb theAsseoibly, onWedondaf evening, far eclipsed !all the precedidg'ones.daring this i^asoa, it was ni) fally attended as. was expected. Prababtr the postponement of the Ck>urt, which prevent^ maajr fomilies coming up to town, was 'the raose. As it wa�' the nuMt briHiant party, there was a cor-respondbff gaiety; in fa^t, the dancipg.wfis kept-up with great spirit till three o'clu^k.-^^There were present: - 1 Dukes-Wellington, Argyll. Ducbeascs-ArgvHj Mootfvee. A5arquiae8-Qi^bao), toadooderry, Caermarthen. Marchidnessfjs-LoncloDaeiTy,W�terford, Ernijv Londonderry. Barls^kinabnll, 6be8(erfie)^ Westmorland^ Errol. CooDtess^s)-Afurle^, St. Antonio, Seftoo, Lunerick, Orford. Lords-Castle^reagh, fl. Thynne, W. Russell, King, Ren-dlesham, AndoVer. Ladiear-rFaget, Walpole, G. Nugent, Reodksham, Molyneox, (two), C.Fauiett, Fortesque (two), M. B�naet, Bere�(brd, H. Bagot, Grantbatn, A. Bereaford, Jane Anncslev, Oglr, Hope, H. Haye, G. Fani, E Palft, Pery (two), H. Hope,'Forbes ftwdj, A. Beck^ G- Stewart, MiUnau, Codringtoo, GEafaam (two>, G. R35der, C, Gordop, S. Bailey, A. Vernon. ' Sir--G. Barofyfde. C l call ttant a per dramatis pertottm wetf. dialogue, and marring th <rins." xonfoianded an encore. .L^^,.-T " Love aaioag the roses,!* Bi|i^Mf tbe superabundailce of tnoMMp:' Horn's vmce' is not rich soagts " My Aima's vrxkt" aatf knew. e's romic opera of The tdrd 1 of Jackaan'�p1�a^ aHhis theatre'} ftr ^� lee^neaffy the whoi� -dt-tbe rj4mult, introdncinsr the^ ova At^r. Mr. Brabami^lra^ the t^Scot^h ballad, " Leit ns -trrittea song of " He i^aa otThfTrtsaette^; ^^B^fal inXteMO'^ wbieb was injor^l^ feebest&ired onlt. Jtt. . . I first tMf huntie to(A I Misa Siephens,^1luMdi Mther toot oetuure for 4be livelv: part of Annelt�t tei^^Millilt thn dritftetcc T�iry lAea- santly, Penfey's totttf --^ -^e^- fity, but of vulgarity :' it centric man o| fashion. Uston's 2t/oH FtagoH -act, a dranken saubr end' shilling' gaHery into the pit actually got his legs 'Href' 1 witb aome diftcuU^ ntcovW forcibly e^tpelled &an| tlw Vtt tte �mmk Bot of Mro-�ai^.�^n^6abMre of:ilM �c-tj �if: yj^f/n langba^e j and towards tb^ cn^ 0^ the secoud t().tiii;ow Uplii(^ tfdqi (fie two - _'^lo the great 9mr the ladies. 031 in firdatH''^11eWas,i!iktw4yer' l^cdMMAfilia atteadttc^, and and CemuUatiKd viaiunla of India, we were ^ruck withceg7�t and surprise, that in Dupiera Prints, and Sir C. Mallet's Mensura-tioB8,th8 ody feeling, without beiugHibaervienttoany purpoae of utiUty.*'-Ti(Idwi6urgA Review, Printed for G. and W. B. Whit^ker, Ave-M|iria-lane. A return baa been printed of the commitmenta by the Magistrates of tbe ri|ty of London and.-those of tbe police-oAcea in i44d4leaex and Sucrey, in the veajrs 1821,,t2,:3. T^e.^rat division of the return exbibiu tbe comqit^als from the different police offices to tbe gaol of Newgate in ISSl, 2/ and 3, tbe .nuasber of bills found, conrktions, &c. In 1821 the committals Witre 1,908, the bilb found 1,661, and the convictions 1^4. In 1822 the committals were 1,940, the bills fbund 1,696, and tbe eonvictioos 1,244 ; and in 1�23 the committate were 1,936, tbe biM&fpiMid I ,�92, and the Qonvtctiooa 1,201. The Maoaon-bouse apd Guildhall, in particular, i^^d pre-eminent, the oonvlct^ons amounting to about three-fourths of ^he committala In thc^Uattor-tbe cuunty of Surrey, No. VI., we find for the jjWMT li^Ij aader tha. head of L. B. Ailen, E�q. Ih'i commitments, and only.66 bills fouud ; R. J. Chambers, Esq. 139 commitments, ai�d49btti8'found i R. Hedger, Esq. 36 commitments, and only 4 bills found ; O. King, Esq. aad tbe Rev. A. C. Onslow 7,tannmi.tme;^t8� and notoi^e bill fotuxd; Sir J. Piahoro, Knt., 51 commitments and 8 bills found. We find for 1822, L. B. Alteo, TS3 commitments, 68 bilh found ; R. J. Chambers, Esq. 1.23 OSfEMsiCiReaU, and 37 bills fonnd; M. Swsbey, jun.. Esq :M5:COipmit(iie.nts,.aod39 bifla. found ; .Sir J.Pinborn, Knt, 35 commitments, and^ot one bill. We find for 182;i, L. B. Alien Esq. 177 <:o d jaUered. The.iwprpvenwnts coptepapUted ^t5. the j)uUipg do^n the itquses in MUre court. Fleef-streel, and Ram^ley, adjoiningthe.west side ofSei^eaot's-�Qn, -which will make a spacious and handsome entrance to tbe loner Temple from Fleet-�treet. The Benchers of the joiier Temple also haie.i.y#^fltttfiinplation to throw open V^j^publitian uflinterriiplcd xiew.of,Jbe Teipple church, * m. celebrated for its ancient arcliilecture. .The Rojal Maternity Society for delivering poor marked woiQea at their own bouses had their annual dinner on ^poda), at IheJUoqyiloa. Tavern, Bisbopsgatersti^et: the toatcmao stated.Ibat,the charity since at� ipstilytion .bad orotzghtto life no les^ than 261,000 souls, 5�602 of whom ��re born last year. Extract itQmtih^J)emerara ^asxfte of the^STth of ^e-wuary: �� Qow^Mca is in ei�Qfiifl�oa. apd itpr d by the Cabinet Ministers, the Great OflBcers of State, and others, took plaoc, with the exception of that ofthe Earl of Liverpool, f^hioh \ra� postppo^d in conseoueoce of tbe decease of the Diicliess oi Deyonfhire, as well as the absence of the Nobie Earl from London, occasioned by indisposition ; and alap that of Earl Bathurst, in consequence of the decease of tbe Marqness* of Lothian. In the evening tbe nietropolia wa� brilliantly il-liimin.atcd. Corent-Gardcn Theatre.-On the principal front was placed on a black ground, a splendid bulging crown of great size, thickljr covered with iamps of varied hue, supported by a clustered line of larap^, forming in a wreath the G. R., which extended the whole length of the ground of facing on which it waa placed. Tbe effect of tbe arrangement of the kmpa was heautiful, and attracted general attention. Drury-Lane Theatre.-Over what ia termed tbe Arcade of this bouse, the regal crown and G. IV; R. was ctnblnzoned io varied la^ips, and b^d a grand and impoaing ap]/earance. Tbe Hayuiarket Theatre displayed Uie Regal Cro^n and G. IV. R., in a very tasteful and beautifulipanner. Davis's Amphitheatre-Over the portico were the King's initials and a Crown of rciy bfauiifiil variegated lamp^ with festoojia of lamps. This theatre far exc.peds auy of tUe i^inoca in brilliancy. Roy^l Coburg Theatce-T^e Regal Crown and G. R., emblazoned in lamps of every colour. Tlua had a vary strikimr effect. ^ The Surrey Theatre diBp1a3red similar devices. Sadler's Wells.-Hip M^e^ty'i initials, vitk a eu>wn and ^"st7�m�'a-stregg^^t^ yut^ac^. ( 'Bti* a>�< fisw?^y.^� nt of the establisbmeat were displayed bis Majesty's initials, in very Urge characters ; above which was a royal coronet of immense s'lze, and underneath was a British anchor, displayed in amber-colonred lamps. The Alfred Club house-This establishment excited a deal of curiosity, from the manner in wbicb it was decorated, in f.ontof the balcony were bis MajeHy's initials, with a IV. in the centre, and an imperial regal coronet at top, of great magnitude. Tbe whole was brilliantly illuminated by 2,000 jets of gas, aupplied from tbe main pipe. The whole was encircled with wreaths or laurel. In Bond-street, Piccadilly, and tbe Strand, the Royal tradesmen's bouses were more or less illuminated. In the City tbe illuminations were not very general. In Holbom ae%-eral of bis Majesty's tradespeople displayed illuminatious of very brilliant and splendid appearance. Among tbe grandest were those of Mr. Schenci4er, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Long, and Mr. Mott, who exhibited a curious transparency, of which the following is a description : Britannia, seated in a car, drawn by ten horses, h.)lding in berbaad a medallionof her favourite ; while Fame, in a lof^y situation, is proclaiming to the worid the excenencies of our Monarch ; with one or two well-conceived attendants; on one ,side of Ibis spacious transparency " G." On tbe other side " R." '^Roy^^^s'.'vauxball.-At six o'clock, a.m. the Royal Standard waa hoisted over the orchestra- P�ags were dnftiayed ia r�w.n8 elevated ,8iti�ti<m�- M R?�. f^*^'\i^.-^h^7^^ Venus banging.over b'iat ;f)sbei6 ni<kH#Kb Ae ie^eeptloa' or a rro^oor tiara on ber liead, and tbe teow^wbtteneasof'her skin oontntKts finely with the snn-bumt fane of tb� God. Who bathes id blood, and shakes'the embattled waH. Upon ibis occasion, huwefer, he is shorn of hfs beams; all bis finrc USE OF LORDS.-WBO.VE8DAY-house met purB�ant>� rd chanorffor took Ws seat on the niooUaiek. 11itt1llai�t49f WAFTESBORY presented a petition fwfitt lne-ft|(h-enf^ of the county of Fife, praying for the coattoaati(U) Uf tS^'4�inties on the beri ing-fishery. Tbe {Mkmhig blHs were committed':-the proctors' coals bUki the conaty trea^ttners (lvi4a�ri) bai; ttie constabuUry (ireUno) bail ^irtsh TAsMs bili, and the innkeepers' allowancea BIR. Tbf fiaH of OO^I^O presented-a peiition frorn tWe fifaeiaittins of the tajuajv of Armagh, praying to be exem|^ted fifDiB ^ secret socieo^ 6iD. � SofdilUFF^TOQI |>res�nteil a>.milar petilioafnftm some other freemasoBsin Ireland.-.\djoamcd, BoySE CfV LORDS, TiroRspav. Tbe Irish coaAabulsry b>ll, the Irish cou'i^ii easu!Nta'-()i^, flie MA recor^'-b^, and Vtte iunkeep^' allu^iuicqs biUr �!ere e^d^a third tiine, And pas^eil.-.\dj<*uT*d. - ^ SPORTIJViS: STATE OF THE ODDS,-BBfrmo Room, Apru. JRK J,^ 200 Gnirfeas Stdt^ ilfxt Monday. 5 io-4 tin Cydmas iig�ii<a�t Cedrig. ;^^000 ^^Kaa. Sraltea. S^hdklin^Cydnio. sse (taken) fi^ta � i.s � now Otade fcora tbe pay of tboac officers wbo arc supplicrt iabroatl with rations of provisions in kind for themsefves and 'ibeir servaqts. ' ** We are fmrther pleased to direct, that tbe present regulation' slftll lake effect fVoiu the 25th day offibe moatb aext eitsuiug the rteeipt of this our order, by the Genarals or otber ofivers in Cmaaand of our forces on the several tftaUuns-abroBd." IIrw T..bvibs.-Orders were. tinted on the 27lb iustaut !%> tii.differeut recrniting parties in Great Britain, to discoat.-nitej^ ralisClucnt of any more men for tbe 97tb rrgiment, it -=--"-the last rctuma, that tbe quota, allotted to be i that portion of Ae Vnited Kinj^Join, ha:i ----� �**fl^ll�<�b<�nrereive<i (from the history of a VOVAGKTOTHE CHtNA sea, by john wuitb, lieutenant in THE l^MT^D state*' na�t.) " Tbe island of Luconia is tbe birgest and most important of all the Phillipincs; it is of an oblong, obtuse, angular, form; lying in the general direction of the south e-ist, and north-northwest, and the angular point is on the west side.  The northern section is tbe bros3est, being in the widest part 40 leagues over, from east to west, but its average brisadth is considerably less than this. Tbe fine bay of Manilla, 30 leigues in circumfiirence, is situated .near the muldle of tbe west aide of the island, and has good and clear anchorage in all parts of it, exceptiog on a coral ledge, calle.l the vShonlof St. Nicholas, vrtiich is tbe only invisible danger m tbe bay. Tlie dangeTOOS part of it is, however, of small extent, and with proper aUention Easily avoided , tbs least water found on it at present is eleven feet, but iU summit fs con-dtantly approaching the surface of the sea, as has been ascertained by surveys made at different periods by orders of govern-n�ent, which citcumstance seems to Indicate the presence of Zaopbyteii, that compound of animal and vegetable life,'whose incessant and rapid labours, and, as we are told by naturalists, whose polypus-like powers of receiving perfti t form and pJtaiity into nuiubecJess portions pf tbeir bodies, bavp long tixdtfd much curiosity and admiraii(�n. "^Iiese small, compouud i^it, comineuce their operations at tbe bottam of the sea, morfVunmiMpf'^ tbe su(/acc, spreading tliemselves tii^n of these Ihtla eofcaliiaiKniys Winr ftfe'?Bw��whi its tnm genernti's myriads bf others, and �o on, adinfinitwn, till they reach the surface of the ocean. These coral reefs and aboals are foaad in naost parts of lite world, within tbe-tropics^ but the waters of the el.^ten^ beu:isphere seem CD be peciifiariy congenial to their pro<luclion, and, indeed, there appear to be certain spaces or region* in these 8ea#, which arc tbeir favourite haunts. Amtmg many others may be mentioned "the Moziiiu-bique channel, and that tract of oce�n from tt . eastern coast of Africa, quite acnias the coast of Malahur, iacludipg the Mahe, Chegns, Maldivc and Laccadive Archipelago ; the south-eastern part of the China sea ; the Red sea \ tbe c.-vstem part of the Java sea; between Celebes and Java; the roasts of all the Suoda islands ; and various pbiccs in the Pacific ocean. These shoals, when ihey begin to emerge from the se.n, arc frequented by aquatic fowls, whose A.-atbers, and otlier deposits, romliined with tiie fortuitous landing of tbe drifts of wood, weeil.-., and varioiu. Other sulntances fj-oin ibe adjacent lands, in tlie course of time form Bupcraqueous banks of considerable elevation ; and the broken fragments of coral thrown up by the waves, (iloarly, but consUtntly, mcrease tbeir horizontal diameter. Cocda nuts are frequently seen floating upon the sea in these regions, some of which are no doubt thrown lipon the shores of the new-Created lands; from which accidenUl circumstance this fruit is thcrepro-pagated. Vagrant bir/ls unconsciously deposit tbe germ's of various other productions of the vegetable kiuirdom, whifrb indue season spring up and cl�ihe their surface* with verdure; and the natural accumulation of dead and pnirid vegetation, serves to assist in tbe formation or a rich and productive soil, an'd to increase the altitudes of ihese tiew ircntions. As I have been always much amujetl ao g8 each, for 3 yrs old colts. Bat. 31b. ; fillies, 88t. : last mile and three quarters. Ld Kelbume's b. c. by Filho da Puta, \hijor Cunioghame's cb. c. by Outcry, Mr. Ferguson's cb. c. byOctaviAn, Mr Gas-coi;:ne's hi. c. by Smoleusko, Mr Jones's Izennoff, Mr Watt's br. c. by RIncklock, Mr WigfuU's bkc. by Smolenako, MrTanton's StrsHthnm, Ld Sligo's Canteen, Mr Brandling's br. c. by Black-lock, Sir J. Byng's b. f. Ina. Tbe Sapl'm Stakts of aOgs each, h. fL for 3 yrs old fiUiee, Sst. 31b. each: List mile and a half. Ld Scarborough's Byram, Ld FitziVilliam's b. by Cervantes, Mr Fox'a cb. by Interpreter. Mr Gascoigne's bl. by Walton. Tbe Prodube Stakes of SOgs each, b. ft. for 2 yrs old colu to carry hsu 31b. : fillies, 8st. Mr Laiublon's h. c. bv Wbisker, Ld Mtltoa'�-bk f. by Amadis, t*.�,Mt-*-i~��-r~-" Wr Kirijy'a br. f. by i^nlrosmn, MrGos- A SwCL-ptitakes of 20cs eacb,'for"3 '^olS^frcsTlfiCTrfr.: luile and half. Mr W.itfs Panthea, Mr O. Powlett's cb. f by Bbncklock. Mr Jacqiic"*'* b. f by Walton, Ld Fitzwilliara's Parthencssa, Mr Tarlton'sch. f. by'Tramp. The Gobi Cup, value lOOgs, bv aiibscnption of 2">irs each, the surplus to be paid in specie, for horses, &c. of all agea.-Two ivirWalfs Dupore. 'i vrs, 8st 71b ; Mr Farquharson's Figaro, yrs, 8^1 7ih ; Mr Petrc's Tlieodore. 5 yrs. 8st 71b ; Ld Kennedy's Negoti.iU.r, yrs, 71b; Ld Sligo's Arrogance, 4 yrs, 7st 12)b; C.l. Yates's Mendax. 4 yrs 7st 121b. SweepsUikesofSOgseach, lOgs ft. for 2 yrs old colls, 8.t; ^ and fillies, Sat.-T. V. C l^from tlio recruiting parties tk?b�gbo..t Gi�it Britain aud Ireland, .itappenrs th<it the total of tlic fecruiU raised for the SlSth regiment, amounted to 170, and tor the y9,th 2�0 men. Tlio colonelcy of the l�t rogiment of Madras native inf;uitr%-, deaib of Major-G, leral Gabri'ol has, in consequence of tbe Dovc'ton, become vacant. The detecbment of royal marines, of 2jO men, under CoI.Trc-menaire, that has been at Sheerness for six months past, has re-4 I turned to Chatham, hHviD^' bei'n relieved by a part of the 'M\ ' veteran battalion, wliicli arriveil there from Cork on Sunday last. 26tb inst. The whole of tbe 72(1 (or ih.- Duke of .Albany'* own Highlanders) regiment, has arrived at Plymouth from Jersey and Guernsey. Tbe 61st (South Gloucestershire) regiment of foot, is ordered to embark forthwith at I'lyinoutb t ir C\irk. Tbe 7l�t (Highland light infantry) regiment is ordered, on the arrival of tbe 6lJt toot-at Cork, to einbaik for Cork. On llie arrival of the 71�t regiment in Canada, the lat battalion of tbe 60tb reirimeut of foot in onlcred lo embark for England. Tbe det;u-hnu'nts helnnging to llie .'kl royal veteran battalion, wliich were destined for Jersey and Guernsey, have arrived from Cork. The remainder of the reuimeul will be Sbeeniess, L.r.i ;i;u!iril Fi)vt, and Portsmoulli. Tbe 1st ilivislm of the D Uli regiment of infantry is ordered to embark fortbwiih, at Gnenoek, on board the Loyal Briton transport, for Gibralta.". A general court-martial assembled at Albany barracks, on Monday last, for the trial of such prisoners aa should be brought toil. ColoiK'MVeare, 3.ith regiment. President; Lieut. Blair, ofthe nntfs. Deputy Judge Advocate. Cowe.i, April 27.-Seven officers and 27 privates of different detachments, from .Mliany, have this day embarked on board the .Alacrity, for the Cape of Good Hope. distributed at SOCIETY OF fr.iiER COLOVll P.ihYTEBS. Tbe tliirteeutli annual exbiliition of the Society of Painter.t s' W.iier-colours opened on Monday. We were greatly gratified with tbe display of talent it exhibits. Prout has added lo hi* re|)uiatijn by works which ronsiderably surpass all his former productions. " The South Porch of Rouan Cathc�h-al," and tbe " Porch of Ratisbon Cathedral," Nos. 278 *nd'27'J. are admirable specimens of picturesque architectural repfraentation. His two Sea Views, Nos. 90 and 105, are almost equally happy, though the colouring seouis, in parts, to be a little overcharged. We wei^ much pleased with Mr. Copley Fielding's *' Scene froui rAllea^ro," No. 100, which poaaesses a cimsUcrable d�-grcc of poetic character, though it ia perhaps inferior lo m.tny of bis smaller works, as far as regards the faithful imitation of Mtnte. , ** A acene hithrHi�hW�ndf.^* Na.���- ia oiwof bia Robson liii. s viaim, while bis countenance was suffused witli a grim and ghi^stly smile, wbicb re^ minded us of Dante's devils. He immediately ascended the ladder, dragging his prey after him till tliey bad nearly reached tbe top ; he then placed the lope ronnd the neck of the male-^ctor wiih many antic gestures and grimaces, highly gratifying and amusing to tbe mob. To signil^ to the poor fellow under his fangs, that he wished to whisper in his ear, and to push him off the ladder, and to jump astride bis nect with his heels dnnri-ining with violence upoa his stomach, was but tbe work of aii instant. We could then perceive a rope fast to each leg of the sufferer, which was polled with viokate by people under the gaRows; and an additional rope, to use a apa term, a preventer, was round bis neck, and secured to tbe allows, to act "in case of accident to tbe one by which the body was suspended. I had witnessed many executions iu different^ parts of the world, but pever had such a diabolical acene 'as this passed before my eyes; and no little disgost and t^ Ifrar, that kind of satisfaction wbicb a child feels ait a rarise show." WEDNESDAY. Last vearoftbc Constitution Slakes of 20gs each, b. ft. for all aK^- three yrs old, .'.St 101b i four, 8�tfive. Bst 91b ; six, 9*1 lib ; and aired. 9st 51b. �)ne mile and a quarter. Mr Lamhlon'scb. h. Lorenzo, Ld^Scarborough � hr. f. byjdbo raldrawin.i? bv Mi'. F., "Tlie inside of Westminster Abbey, with a Koyal funeral processiou," No. 44, which soems to be almost the perfection of this kind of representation. The tiiKe-li'y of llie arf hitectural imitation, the uianaKeiiieul of the <ihi-aroscuro, anJ the s.ib'uiu grandeur of tbe whole, entitle tins We miut congratiilale Mn J. SlirthbTfired aRoyai'$?nt^. �d . in'the eyen^j a brlUiaat il-Itolm&n was displayed:' At the catnage ent�ance,.a large crown, with " G. IV. R." also, in coloured lamps, at the water gate. ' A Demerara paper of flie Isfctdt. states, that a vewelhad b�ftn'deigi&ib^ Antigaa, fpir SirBl D�Urbaii, Ibe ap-WfiOd^ccessor of SiTJp&R Murray in the Govera^eiit �l,f D?&mark, and thk be T�asexp6cted to arrive ra about three weeks. EGHAM RACES, 1824.-First Day. A Gold Cup of 100 sov. in specie, by a subscription of 10 sov. each. If more than ten snbscribers, the second borae to receive back his stake. The winner to be sold for 330 sov. if demanded. A sweepstakes of 25 aov. each (three subscribers), for 3 and 4 jrr olds; three, 7!<t 71b ; four, 8st 101b. Egham stakea of 5 sov. each (five subscribers), with 2'j added by the Race Fnud, fur all ages '2 yr olds excepted/. SECOND DAY. The ordinary stakes of five sov. each, ten subscribers, with ten added from the fund. The winner to be sold for lOOgs If demanded. Magna Cbarta stakes of 50 sov. each, h. feet. Tlie Ride stakes of 5 sov. each (five subscribers), and 25 added by the Race Fund. The winner to he sold for 200 aov. if demanded. THIRD DAY. Siveepstakes of .50 sov. each, h. ft. for 2 yrs old colts and fillies. The Runnymead .stakes of 5 sov. each (ten aubacribers), wiih 25 .Hdded by'the Race Fund, for all ages (2 yr olds excepted.) Sunninghill Stakes-Handicap of 5 sov. each, ten snbscribers. RACES TO COMK. Mav 3, Chester-do. Newmarket-6, Durham-17, Newmarket-24, York. June2, Epsom-9, Manchester-15, Ascot Heath-21, Edinburgh-2S, Stock bridge-do. Buxton-do. Leeds-do. Woolwich Garrison-29, Lj�ncaster-do. Bibury. July 6, Preston-do. Wincheater-�lo. lpswich~7, Bath.-8, Tenbury-12, Newmarket-21, Nottingham-27, Knuuford- 28. Cheltenham. Aug. 3, Newcastle (Stafford)-5, Pottery-10, Abingdon- 17, Burton. Sept. 7, Warwick-8, Leicester-14, Licbfield-15, Northampton-20, Doncaster-24, Newmarket, " < Vt. 6, Perth-18, Newmarket. Nov. 1, Nev loarket. We learn by a l^t�-ffoth'^rewry, that a Roman Ca-Uiolic Priest has been thrown into prison in that town, and that the application made by himself and his solicitor for a copy of the document authorising his incarceration ha. l Lady Belgrave, Bisho^i of Salisbury, Sir John and Lady Swinburne, Sir George Beaumont, and Lady Gor,iou, the Dauisli, Pruasiaa, a:iJ Hanoverian Anibiissadors, were aoiong Ibc mun-. ber of the visiters. him l!rb^�fi-1teeoer'tbat be had orders to refiise ibem what Fh^l^S far, bdt that ho "believed the crime t,risOoerwas,thathehidtaarneda Roman CaUlolic and FKldrtant 'abobt half * year ago !"-D�Wm Minting Pott. An Atbocioi's MuHOsnEa. BruneU Oracle co:i-tains the foKowin;^ account of a nrurderer, who wa.� �xe-cofed on the llUi insfanf. at Gronmgen : "The criminaf John Quint, althottgh hardly 30 years of age, was a monster in crime. Soon after he had entered the array he deserted, was apprehended ; desertad a .second time, and again escaped. On his second apprebcnsiun he^aa condemned to three years' hard labour. Hesoon, hoTv-ever, escaped, and look lodginopi in the house of a widoJw, at .Noordhom, which he quitted very shortly, after iiaVing robbed the widow of every thing which she po3�c^d, and thrown her into a privy, where she perished. On bi.� arrival at Uitwierda, a province of Groningen, he robbed the house in which he lodged, and escaped to RiethoV^, where he took up his residence with a peasoott He oft* day sent this peasant out with a letter, and, iwbis absence, drew the w,fe to a well, under pretence that he had'foy accident dropped a saucepan into it, and watching his bp-portunity threw her in ; he then returned lo the bouse', and robbed it of every thing portable j this was on the SOtli January, 1823. Oil the H Ih of the f.dlowin^ month, he introduced himself into the house of an inbabitaiiref Soraercii, who resided with his daoehler, and having contrived to procure the tenijiorary absence of the old mam killed the daughter with a hatcbcf, robbed tbe hoaae, and fled. In the beginning of Sep n ikoard weredruwned. It is supposed she must-have niet witA some damage during the night, Uhl was raakbg ail �ar) fbr bmd,^ -when fh& was oy�rtsjken b^ . a sudd�m squalL- CattibriaH.

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