Thursday, April 29, 1897

Booksellers Review

Location: London, Middlesex

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Booksellers Review (Newspaper) - April 29, 1897, London, Middlesex OOKSELLERS EVIEW. A Practical Journal for the Trade only. No. 8. THURSDAY, APRIL 39, 1897. [By Subscription only. W. THACKER &, CO.'S 1STEW BOOKS Departmental Ditties and other Verses. Dedicated, by special permission, to Field-Marshal LORD ROBERTS, V.C., G.C.B., G.C.I.E., G.C.SJ. �1 P^ed from New Type on Anti9nr Wove Paper, with Fourteen Illustrations by Dudley. Oijsavbb. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top, 6s. Also an Edition de Luxe (limited to 160 numbered copies), with extra Illustrations, printed on Handmade Deckle-edge Paper, specially manufactured for this Edition, handsomely bound in half Vellum extra, �I s. net. And Twelve copies on Japanese Vellum, net (all sold). THE WH0LBOF THE LARGE HINTEDimN NEARLY EXHAUSTED. THE TENTH EDITION HOW IN THE PRESS. " Mr. Kipling knows and appreciates the English in India, and is a man of humour into the bargain. He is also singularly versatile and equally at home in humour and pathos: while neither quality is ever quite absent from his poems .... it would be hard to find better reading."-Saturday Review. " The majority of these songs have in them something indicative of the author's real power. 1 The Galley Slave,' 1 Christmas in India,' ' The Song of the Women,' and 1 The Overland Mail' are among those whioh are good enough to awaken enthusiasm in the reader."-Daily Mail. "They will suffer little by comparison with the best work of Praed or Looker. 'Departmental Ditties' proper are followed by an anthology of ' other verses,' possessing a variety and a oharm whioh it would be difficult to praise too highly."-Englishman. DEDICATED (by special pebmission) xo Field-Marshal Lord Roberts. cpinion** pf tJj* " We welcome the ninth edition of Kipling's 'Departmental Ditties,' The Mr. first edition of this work was published as far back as 1886 in Caloutta, and comprised a small volume (in the form of a docket) of about sixty pages, to which other verses have been added, until the present edition oontains twice the number of verses of the original edition. We are inclined to think that to a very large number of readers in this country Mr. Kipling's volume will come as a pleasant surprise in its new form, for although they may be acquainted with ' Barrack Boom Ballads ' they have not (to the same extent) read his 4 Departmental Ditties.' That many of the verseB are equal, if not better, than any Mr. Kipling has yet published goes without saying, and although written presumably for an Anglo-Indian publio it by no means follows that English readers should not have the opportunity of judging for themselves as to the merits of the book. We congratulate the pub-Ushers, who in issuing the ninth edition have taken the opportunity to add illustrations whioh certainly improve the appearance, and also adds considerably to the value of the book. Many of the poems are pervaded by a sense of humour, satire, and a power of pathos by no means common amongst living authors. We shall be very much surprised if in its new form this volume does not very quickly reach a circulation equal to what has taken place with 'Barrack Boom Ballads.' "-The Bookseller*' Review. Show Cards, Prospectuses, and Complete Catalogue of Publications, Post Free on Application. W. THACKER Sc CO., 2, Creed Lane, LONDON, E.C, Telegraphic Address:-" MOFUSSIL," LONDON.