Monday, March 25, 1872

Births Marriages And Deaths

Location: London, Middlesex

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Births Marriages And Deaths (Newspaper) - March 25, 1872, London, Middlesex T9S nm PABILY HHCORa Vol. I-No. 25. MONDAY, MARCH 25, 1872. f PmCB t\\rnPKVCK. ( Stamped, Twopence Halfpkn-nt. BIRTHS. Broughton.-On the 15th March, at Oak Cottage, Whitchurch, Salop, the Addison.-On the 16th March, at the Liiuos, Ashchurcli-park, Shcpherd's- bush, the wife of Claude A. Addison, of a son. AiNSLiE.-On the 22nd Feb., at Egmore, tlie wife of D. C. Ainslie, Esq., of a daughter. Allen.-On the 17th March,at Newport,Monmouthshire,tlic wife of Thos. J. Allen, Esq., of a soh.' Allen.-On the 20th March, at 5, Eliot-park, Blaclfheath, Mrs. Henry Allen, of twins-a boy'ihd girl. Amphlett.-On the 18th March, at Clent, the wife of John A^iphlett, of a son. Andrew.-On the I7th March, at Clanricarde-gardens, Bayswater, the vnh of A. Andrew, Esq., of a son. Anderton.-On the 18th March, the wife of Edward Anperton, of 63, St. John's-park, Upper Holloway, and Old Cliatige, city, of a daughter. Anketell.-On the 15th M^-ch, at Spa House, Box, Wilts, the wife of Fitz-Ameline Maxwell Anketell, Esq., of a son. Arratoon.-At Calcutta, ^he wife of Mr. g. k. ArRatoon, of a (Jaughtet*.' ' -  '' ' ' " Austen.-On the 15th March, at High-street, Ramsgate, the wife of Josiah Austen, Esq., surgeon, of a son. Bailey.-On the i7tt Fel?., at iub,bulpore,,the wife of William Bailey, Esq., E. I. Railway, of a son. Baker.-On the 19th March, at, 2, Dean's-yard, Westminster, the wife of the Rev. .William Baker, B.D., Head ^M^ter of Merchant Taylors' School, of a son. Ball.-On the 18th March, at B^Uyhaise House, Cavan, Ireland, the wife of Arthur"WtiBliam 'BA*ll,^8q., late' 8th Hussars, of Abbeylara, Co, Longford, and Geraldstowii, C61 Meath, 6t son. Balchin.-On the 18th March, at Isinoya, iRye-hili-park, Peckham-rye, the wife of Richard Balchin, of a son. Balmain.-On the 21st March, at Monton-place, Manchester, the wife of James F. Balmain, Esq., of a daughter. Barker.-On the 16th March, at Carthegena, Spam, the wife of Frank CowLYN Barker, of a dau^ter. , . Barnard.-On the 12th March, at Howey fiall, Llandrindod, the wife of Col. W. A. M. Barnard, prematurely, of a daughter, stillborn. Barton.-On the 16th Mardhj'at "Hampton Court, Middlesex, the wife of Alfred B. Barton, M.D., of a daughter, y u, BATiisooMBE.-^O'n'th6 Slst M^i-ch, at $9, Porqhef^ter-pquare, the wife of Major W. B. Battiscombb, late 91s'i Highlanders, of a daughter. Bayley.-On the 15th Feb., at Palan^cottah, t^^ :�v^e of Captain W. C Baylet, Madras Staff Cbrjis, of a daughter. Beadon.-On the 18th March, at 15, Elvaston-place, Lady B^adon, of a daughter. ' ' Beaumont.-On the 17th March, at 3, Chesham-placo; Bel^^ve-square, the wife of Francis H. BeauMoNT, Esq., of a daughter. .. , Bbhrend.-On the 17th March, at 38, Alexandra-terrace, j^iverpool, the wife of George Behbend, Esq., of a soh.' ' Berqer.-On the 23rd March, at 1, Epsex Yillas, Kensington, tihe wife of Arthur J. Berger, 'Esq., of a son. Bertram.-On the 18th Feb., at Mercara, the wife of Mr. G, Bertram, of a son. '  ' ' Blake.-On the 17th March, at Sharrow House, Sheffield, the wife of William Greaves Blake, of a son Blyth.-On the 19th March, at The Cedars^ Upton, Essex, the wife of Alfred Blyth, jun., Esq., of a daughteir. Bovill.-On the 15th March, at Sondes-place, Dorking, the wife of John E. Bovill, Esq., of a daughter. Brune.-On the 18th March, at The Oaks, tUiee, Herts, the wife of C. J. Brune, Esq., of a girl. Bright.-On the 15th March, at Cambridge-pa]rk, Redljand, Bristol, the wife of the Rev. John H. Bright, of a son. Bristowe.-On the 18th March, at Lewisham, the wife of the Rev. R. 'Rhodes Bristowe, of a daughter. Brown.-On the 20th Feb., at 7, Love-lane, the wife of W. T. H. Brown, Esq., of a son. Brookman.-On the 17th Mai-ch, at Brightwell Vicarage, Ipswich, the wife of the Rev. R, Saf*'ijBGE55^ 3i^oc&MAn, of a sou. Avife of E. W. Delves Broughton, prematurefy,'of a daughter. Brown.-Ou the 20th Marcli, at Mount Edgcumbe House, Benhilton, Sutton, Surrey, the wife of Jo.seph J. Brown, Esq., of a daughter. Brune.-On the 11th March, at the Oaks, Elstrec, Herts, the wife of C. J. Brune, Esq., of a girl. Butterfield.-Ou the 15th March, at 1, Dartmouth-park-road, Highgate-road, the wife of Jofin Butterfield, manager of the London and South Western Bank, Hampstead, of a daughter. Campbell.-On the 18th March, at 52, Rutland-gate, S.W., the wife of Thomas Campbell, Esq., of a daughter. Oapel.-On the 17th March, at 61, Prince's-squ^re, JJ^yswater, the wife of Arthur R. Capel, Esq., of a daughter, stillborn, CAPSTicK.r-On the 17th March, at 5, St. Mark's-c^esce^t, Regent's-par  Mrs. John William Capstick, of a daughter: Carrington.-On the 15th March, at Field Head, SheAeld, the wife of Thomas Carrington, jun., of a daughter." Carr.-On tlie 17th March, at Cranbrook Vicarage, t^c \yife of the Rev. T. A. Carr, of a son. Garden.-On the 15th ]\farch, at 28^ Warwick-road, Maidj^-hiH, the wife of'Major G. Carden, 5th Fusiliers, of a son. Carter.-On the 12th March, at Lichfield, the wife of Graham Atherley 'Carter, M.D., of a son. ,, ,  Carteret.-On the 20th March, at Stanmer. Lodges The Avenue, Bccken-ham, the wife of Frederick de Carteret, Esq.^ of a (daughter. Chandler.-On the 15th March, at 17, Rye-hill-park, Peckham-rye, the wife of John Chandler, of a daughter. . i Chapman.-On the 18th March, at Claremont House, Sydenham, the wife of Edmund H. Chapmam, Esq., of a daughter. , , Chute.-On the 20th March, at Sherborne St. John Rectory, Basingstoke, the wife of the Rev. Devebbux Wigg^TT Ghute, of a daughter. Cleave.-On the 19th March, at Brandon House, Buckhurst^hUl, Essex, the wife of John Jones Cleave, �sq.,'bariister-at-law, of a daughter. Cleghorn.-On the 20th March, at River House, St., Mar^a^et'fs, Twickenham, the "wife of James C. Cleghorn, Esq., of a daughter.' Cockle.-On the 2nd Jan., at Oakwal^ near Brisbane, Queeni^and, Aua-traUa, ttie wife of Sir James CfocKLE, F.R.S., the Chief Justice of .Queensland, of a daughter. CoLViLE.-On the 16th March, the wif^ of Captain Cnisi Colvile, 2nd Batt. 11th Regt. of a daughter. Colls.-On the 19th Martfh, at Latymer Lodge, Hammersmith, the wife of fiELBEUS Colls, Esq., of a daughter. Conollt.*-On the 9th March, at Lifford House, Strahane, Ireland, the wife of Lieut.-Col. Conolly, V.C, of a daughter. CooKsoN.-On the 14th March, at Neasham Sail, Darlihgtdii, the wife of James Cookson, Esq., of a son. Craoroft.-On the 17th Feb., at Ghazeepore, the wife'of Captain Bernard Cracroft, 3rd Bengal Cavalry, of a daughter. Creak.-On the 13th March, at 2, Wellington-foad, Charlton,'the wife of Ettriok W, Creak, Esq., Nav. Lieut. R.N., of a son. Cristall.-On the 1,7th March, �t 16, Weighton-road, Boxrtli P^ge-park, the wife of Harry Cristall, of a son. DaCosta.-On the 10th Feb., at Pumeah, the wife of W. DaCosta, Esq., of a daughter, dadd.--On the 2l8t Feb., at Calcutta, the wife' of E; J. Dadd, of a daughter. Darby.-On the 15th March, at Chester, the wife of the Rev. John L. Darby, of a daughter. Davidson.-On the 17th Feb., at Meean Meer, the wife of  Captain T. K Davidson, 18th Bengal Cavalry, of a son. Davie.-On the 16th March, at Yelveiton Rectory, Normcb, the wife o^ the Rev. C. Ferguson Davie, of a son. Davies.-On the 18th March, at Warwick-street, Belgrave-road, the wife of Mr. J. S. Davies, ol a daughter. Dent.-On the 13th March, at Holyhead, the wife of Captain Charles Dent, R.N., of a daughter. Dent.-On the 2l8t March, at York, the wife of Capt. Dent, 3rd Hussars, of a son. Dennis.-On the 14th March, at lOG, Cambridge-street, WaTWlgk-s^u^, ^. W., the wife of Wai.iAi4 Dsnnis, :Bs<j., qI a soa,