Saturday, December 29, 1838


Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlas on Saturday, December 29, 1838

Atlas (Newspaper) - December 29, 1838, London, Middlesex Jl21_LU__,_wl-_^_-.-,-.- ;TllA']5rSlll^6l6N ,0P "THE ATLAS'* BY POST TO FOR]p?GN _COtJNTHIES. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^ , , i#^�K� 'iiul^^d, * to rtaU, fir thi^�mm � itf mrSh/^tifrthefK thai "The jUUu" may ftV <fan#i��M /�"��<�f l�<w^o��. <*� Bvk�ro�AtM� OpsaALomA Hbhbbaka Oibbaitak HAXavsaH Jahaioa NBv^8 - iQobbbc. , St. Lpc^a Tbinipad t ^ X&liU^A iCiSAttA  COliUKBIA XtBNWABK OrBI?ABA (NBW) . HbX��H>�&MD . LAOOIBA NHWPOD|IBtANJ> 8^^^ ZaSTB � * i^ilUM^ / j^OAsl^Oiifl 'Oo^fd , ( DotaiMiaA ,j.,,0.*�'rtiAo�^^^ r ,,.Coxha^r , ^ FbaKob Halifax Ioniam Islbs MohtsbiIbat Nova Soowa .St; Km's Tobtola ^ _ la^JfM" tari'iiUoUtrttntnUttedt upon pai/ittentiif.onffpmn^. tolsBjiA-^OAJSoV Ooo* HWrrl^�w Sbntn WAtiis. Ta all other placei it may be foruanied upSnthe payment oj ttco pm^e. SATURDAY SriGHy; B'EgEMBER 29, 1838. f LATEST EJ>ITION. pair would'be'ii9 Te�M|li�lt the'greafil^K'ar&lii the MOB 'that; ijhe steieibe^ ot J;)ie> joim>al9 engage �� , everi' ibote'birt vrould depend oa circumstances.^ The jfollowing frigates are l^tiilding vi'iQhiehestert'^RS: In fratae. CambTian^'dSB In frame. Worcester..50 Ready to Active'....36,Ditto. , ^ launcb. Ampli^an *.3G In a state of : : r^](feBader...'.4d D(tto. ' , forwardness. ' FJIOra... r. .3r In firame. I Che((ap9ake38 In^^l^ ^?�S t^ti^ibr ekpesaMpuBty manningthe fleet. Increasiag the ^^vS^SS^XkI b�^M. ai nfevs^r answer, .for the, lari^rlthe -^vi�i>dtifc^ tile gm^r Oie in^uwn^ent to desettion. \ per^ Movent ad?^ci^ of the yra^fes of seamen, with incifeased ]B(M4fct^dl;^! stid-length ,of servicei imd a Gii8;t6 warrant officers^ y^imu. ' t:m iSlMc of r bat ^ 8^ i,i^ K'*' �i'U' , ^d ^'"^ �'.Hi '�i-.-liXfi,''; ii m Ms