Saturday, March 10, 1838


Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Atlas on Saturday, March 10, 1838

Atlas (Newspaper) - March 10, 1838, London, Middlesex ON THE LA�6tef#iaE�;T P& SATURBA iplPH 10^;1838. Poilticlaft r . . .. ... r! 'J^', Ea^t Iridfti'aiid CoIotM Attat . il46 The Presidencies of Indtai; . J'^, 'AedHebits aod'OIRnic^s.   .  > ||J r BAHLY EDITION LIN TIME FOB POST. Leasing Article^ . ... .Is: PAOB WiajatsJA Movettcnt�oti t&a Spanish Questiioa . . . .154 XITBRAT0B5, 'TfteM^fil'intftKetoesaJrt . . 155 ThtfittlitfWrittnV^j V . . .155 |fc?low�tt�>*^ . . . 156 3t!t��iri'l!(Kfeoi*nd^^^ . .156 ^3a�iicand'9liuldanti. . . . . 15r Fine Arts i L . . . . . 15T �#|iu7;! fpd; Sci9jPUfic. InstMu-y -ftiotjS;' > .. - ' 157: 'Atin;^V. '.''V'��;�'. ' ' . . . 15r GOkettei*. - . . . . . 157 ' ~ pjirrlagei>ani Deaths .157 . 158 . 158 ^Bj^igwj^feis 4ii*AJ^i�^ combination ii�aft.^iaa^��*ev and of the conspiracies emanatitig ftoi�lWj&!8^�^a%'*�;aigiig^^ attention of a committed of ihe House 'of Commons, as it long afirested that of !f#SP|^$^i^thj58e! vc<�spiracie8, exceedinjgf in the ty-m^mi tfiey n exercise^ ^ and we know al80;|were^itiipn��*ica�^ at'% not'^^fe^ We are io iect^ itt 1824^ Ji^i had conabinafaons te%:Me;tt#t;ej]^ the dd^aws^ and^t^ot-tbe-ii^ cefiliw'bf ke^ranjg'ijiek secret only increased their'riki tural tendM r\ eoBctwl ^ OT^pttmshmg cbmpinaf tiott offen^^s; they already ^e^st, and haye been ibuiid to'lie tt^tiilSj^ni^^ of , evil ^itpvfeW^ capitliejilll^pjQl^g^,^^^^ contest with sucl qrgan^% ^%fQjn^lfeVc .al!i^^ eflfectivie in -^(e^iepi^ssioft!;^ coinbinati^ andbin the protecti0fi�6f^%�Sest iiadiiSti^ all fcOercive lawa wiU8pei0dii^^<Ma#a�ai^^'-'^'^"^: Twit's M^^Azr^^ ihe.sto- gling pebi?lftlo|R Gr^iBL^ prdperiyjui feh(^ jEte&ll^ never was r^cogn^sisdinttbiaiG as a ptfim^ip for of firee other colonists, had at once proclain^ued ij^^ freedom ; and the popiulatidri, in a single? vday;j^^ into the natural condition of free JaVciureiis anifree masters. On the triumphant success oif total emancipation in An-! tigua and tfa& Bermudasi wBefrej Md also i tates in other plai^d; it liis'l5^ ^whbl now ca^^ fojf the �'jra^^diiatfe aBolitiOii;^^^ rest ,^e iwsdbm 6^^^^ its jjasticejsi founded upon the badM^n .olitliBiplanters, who, having! poiiketed thi^!cbinpensaii6nV'r tions tha]tat~&st sight may appear. The' Vrholeof the apj^rentiees (^(:mi;^i%hended^ the cla^^ h<m-p�tfiW*-fsuch ks' idomestic sfervants; arftsans,"  and! or ^rehtico^steiii kt^ ptOT aJnid^fegal^ pf; imme^atci^Wiiancipats^ apprenticeai^{r'6neyf^^lei^uiW lofiOO indiyiduais. Largei^lineedngs.i^ ; and arq which, "under the irritation produced by Tory injustice would have become general, and'in all probability spread in all the other North American colonies, has been suppressed at its very outset with 6aise, the well-intentioned inhabitants; everywhere rallying round the authorities. The peopliB of England owe it to the Tories being no longer in office that the flame of revolt has not burst forth in^ our North American colbnies, and that the expense and disgrace of a severe and protracted warfare is not en-'tyiled on tteni. ThiSy wiU' owe it to the fortunate circiim-stance of the insurrection having burst forth in Lower eiifecfe'ahd ptbspferit;^ _____ vihfe'csi' Had the Tories beeti Mfccefesful lil their object, W!e?�dluos{t tr^tttbl^ 4t th<l th<&i%M8;of what the conse-qtffettidifeSwMdh&yfelie^^^ The people there, rt!6jtifiii%iii'ttt6 Wg and his WeU kaioWh respect for popular rights, are without-apjire-^f|B:i^^nufo| the, future. They know that that nobienian �^^lipirppoSiB: no arrangements which will not ha,ve' for |h^�!^#jSi iJtp^^TC benefit f At two provinces; by tlie ijemovid blall canses of collision betwefen them, and by the Ai.o ^pl itfep; di^cduragem^^ of the gopd^tod^^l^^ WoMd haypjstreM^ra^^ Jhands of |b(e ffliafl^ctedr^ G(odi i^ffcerthis^a^ the Tories *ri^f (.jpiggiain^r)^ tini^K h ^Thefiltoke jaindi tSir 1; Edb^it'Mve bbtainedr^^^ Ptt&itife bf^th^ir^tongry tafi. ^ � adVEfflsses^ttdf IJhfe'ito^ Radicals' v^ll-li^^rth'be' estiniated a^ th^ v0B) peculiarly^ interestiiigiii femp^ mothers, m ymf^e^0mm free, have, been i^ir^^l^^i3|^i|h^ the ;apprentices syjstem^r lA^oye^ihyai it.nim^ women of ^l^vCK^^ active part in:' the natidi#^^^ titi6nVMd#e'-see;;1^;^^ " petition for it, aign^J^jr^^^ ipsasentedjtffitheyigf^^ (^iWfllingtoni rewazdied-for hia ? ^oate^y.;wi%a fi>ljtx�f,'% triumph oy minis . cuiffl'tlj^mifli. betoJhbotiripg majority over the.Tories aswilfc :we;^ the delusion under which they aiav^ildt' pftia&%dffifceby'�dinr.^^m twMntW.,an^ Lord Sandon's amendmfcAt, tllen the substantive mdtion,' the numbers, were. 287 and 3|i6,il:ivinjg itie niinisters a ma^ ceivable folly of one treachi Wife "" weregainers. ~ The bill had 8#^i>^sf^>,feM^ sure S received by m ne^^si^K th^M?^^ tempted pxidtition. instep cip^ted, wh& inteTiigSI?^^^ *J planters liK^4>t�s|r!�^�&A^^n^ evading PKHppenlj^,8stfe^at^�^^ clausil ThSse^mutesca^ and louder; and, #r%(fepi%#^ and facts of injiisiiife^^t^*n^lt3^ ^^B^f^^-H^h whi�bvft^d,�?*^3!�rdBiw�*r?E�^ tices in JMiaica/in Baffl��aff^'^^^�^ Gmana, was described aaequ^badi^iuld^ fice, they had been. epaii?iBftteA feM W f 12^^' to. "^lilg^ltl|la^pW^^ The leKislatore, scpiauig the fears, real or pretended, of the .b*j^'ibC3ua?on-T &|5^9/driiW:^^t;'Maryleb^ iMfeai^^^' The division of pur n^d&im^?^ the sillinesg, or woriS!^, of ? tp)^;i% little section whickdrd^ pntih^y^ ri^a^M J?*' canno| lieltt bbs^rj^thatl^s^M invitation 6fth^ s�jtfoi%!�S,^^:t^ m0MmM bt it* peciiMrljf; eir siipporfe otJMr. Leader lEt'the Westminster election nwre^thansfjS^ Thare was, liowefferl somethinglsd^^ip^VO^^ of cr^�ipa|icalJ agalinSt^ th#i :^^((^^s^ unaweiat Otted? tp a|jjp^aa^: dis^ien^feiiis which they ^ thepit selveahad b^iifijinentin^M century, that' head; we are yet astonished hdwithi^ Tones coMd mus^| npt effrontery sufficient to carry ithcttfthrbiightbi^ dij^u^ table endeavour * *  If the Tories l6ft their sucCessori^ no enviable legacy at honied inattera Svere still worse, ix^ the colonies. But bfedaus^ iiiiinisitp^^^ not t)een iper?. pfetUEdly making a i^^ their wedecessors with their miscondwet in every part of the giobe^ they at iOTgth�iake advantage of this  forbcar- Ffsw****: yui, witivii xones is aoso-f i�W?�wgBsfeig^^� Wl^ have iyoii-potv thay exdlalra^ tr^qittiilized;^na4afi^^ of a. :ceiit>%?s imsconduct we bad left tpyptt^ evident plpdB"bftheirlib;^est desire to remedy'abuses and to remove all real grounds for discontent, that an insurrection to ybu'Shall M committed by the or^^ of tbisreaJml .�.v,�.iT l5fo*#f1i^'th^ right rev^^ God been MthftrT felPiy#|s^y^4� ij� m^ t^;^: �^ jtoc^rard^giii^ ^pTmi^i^'i I|a�?i!M, ?<jC3sre(^^ �^ crimi- niftisv'^fTWUliin-^^^J^ � he; sho^ himself Phiflbotts t^^^^ti^^ has shown hnnself before ihie pPii ii^^ ^ttdfjil, of ^^^^-^ j^^^ be -laiighed to. 8#rnj ridmwpjtdd^ G^iiijquiefee^/bf hatred, and b mapl V Insitea^ of irdp^essing the ",crim^ou?,". and ?|iqwing :hunsar : wM^ js,,a^ tivei, who more ostentatiously harsh and �resent^ thait^hfeis ?fe��#ithis is the first afiyte-^^^priesta , ^^|gc^ bfcip^iiary-vafe^ t^ truly b punmng fencer shdnldfbei unconscious ^^^^P^^^^M^&^^MTD^Msk-of, therhypocritei ^StefeE" #^ f W*'''^ �se his own ph^^x^^ ^ Bill wat^Tptei ^^^fc^irpid th^t it was aji-inmn ;5e^rii?:;A^ti:iaitd fcid introduce a loW^' [)# tb^uari-el witli ^bWe^p hadlcit iiia^thettisfelves accuratdyf am,^,, I^c^#te^�-effecroplaw;^ that troubie,,ti^^ b!^j3fcii^ bbj^tionfe soji^T^hat moi^s of ;tfe4f;^(^t^han;WaS actuaUy thea^ then have talked of the bill as calculated to admit ujpn