Sunday, January 14, 1838


Location: London, Middlesex

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Atlas (Newspaper) - January 14, 1838, London, Middlesex a #Htt*4rt #ttvtfjwptr' aw* gdtttttal of Utttvutuvt. * It ON THE LARGEST SHEET PRINTED. SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 1838. [ LATEST EDITION.. Pricb \0d. , ,o THE ATLA$ OP THIS PAT CONTAINS flian and Colonial Atiaa Mews  .  j ttfeWB . . . . . thj ifre. East lottos and^ S^kM?.- .....a M;^mp<W�da on Mtin/ and Things. 26 ' ' "MTHRATUrtB. Private; Correspontdenee of the JDueness of Marlborough. . . 25 iQlAMQther.Hubbord.....37 ^AngJp^itWla. .' r�emorawia.i �;. . terirw^n wbkh*I<**� ought to have bwn ^avit^ t6 ittb have beta nsmeo^ahdi iUkinor<Mny accWnt of man. We have thrown these few hints* together, not as presuming,to offer 'precise rules or modes of lenity, but merely as indicatlngthe spirit in which the, stronger power ought, for the sgke of humanity, as* well a's policy,, to. conduct a system.^f?d6l#estic warfarew" -The; great -rebellion against Charletflfewaa^iam bravery of tb^efihjr^^ they wereVforMm^ Pnbdth aides tpWard�^^ !Jrthafrvwb1ch^fi$Q England; ^r^&p\^$m 1, MxmnidxGmwcip^ an Irish felterforfthe^^ :Wdrld a li^t ptct^rM Who were duly transited to*tbe cohilinAsiof�mdie jo'urOws^ as having endured'persecution in divers forrps at the' band's; of the Irish; PapUta. rGne ,of * ^HilL-hiniseir/inaamuch as, had'hc been insWe, tbe'^%lrttj(ht>lfaVe taken blade, anythmg therem t pottt^ ^te,;wQuloVbVpla<;e^ would'ifempted t^^^^/agaids^ tb^jaWf: Butthe pacific overture, of Lord GosfordcoptainedhOiptfrV qualification. - We have hmtwHri a former niftober of the Times that nothing would: re�(^i�ankiQ^brWHe^ &an� humane sympathies teaffis* jfoJ&i^JI&Mfafo iSj'l - , � ~. n(ce was jusrifee, nenalTustic^ by court* of Jaw, or\BriMsh, courte martial upon'tb> Whole W^ttet&W <fc raost '.merciful of tr;ib�riaUf,7#ile, �ropwtw la^uft&foguridlir.insMrrec-tton;" ^ui 8ga]in.sie.fttajudicial, nasty, saf^agesvengeance, unsanctioned by any superior authority, and too ctearryi indicated as among the fiuing means of subduing jmttneotion, both in private letters fromCiSanladiao loyaUaisi and by some, though^ we rejoice to sav ttot7many,! of the rninisterial prints. The lo^VistbarbatitiesiniBicted on the Irish rebelssof 1798* thoogh theV ^ssio^fioaS^ivhioh they spfurtRWer;c not un^ riatutolly provoked' bV*tKevbftiuJ'an4' neridhke cruejlttesjaf theuttqtviiyajPa-pi^ gular aod'civilBe*d governtaeiuv of thatdajr, whichoeyer,. wil^etH^^VWMH^^ refers, Seitfe|ioKC%m% for this. deprecated the honors that were perpettited,*and did ihe� utmost to check thehi, but in vain. Lord ?o*nwaUi* did' rapidly � arid effeciually sue-: civil and miUuir^invhii* own hands, apd b� name at the end of forty Veara is still blessed in eye;ry Irish comge. The; civil war itt?SMi^Je^ it may, will Rave en- tailed on that courttry nb^isfor.tuheso durable orso dreads ful as the iceoii4' A yoang graduate of Oxford, totally unknown to ?ol. Verner, who lias contemplated, with an interest whicb bis situation bas heiglxeaed, the proceeding* of the House of Gominofis.'beus to offer Colonel Veroer lii> tno�t sincere and hearty congratulations upon the treatment he has lately received.: To;be held up �s an object of persecution by a weak aad, profligate government is a ~~itnnlimeat to a, brave and, hoaest man ; butt* be placed in that -Jition;b^,the weakest and moat; profligate member of that go� taftiu? i�,* distinction, wbieti Co)pnel Verner musjt-xal^e more i|bfy Whin beT is* on his death-bed, than to bpve hap! bis name bi^'ded down to'posterity in the most famous dispatch a general everWrwardid. To congratulate Col. Veroer upon; %f>fW event at morelobgtb'woqld be*mer^ly lossrof words, but ttieVriter cinndit tfcrbear, mentioning that j there ai'e young -Warts now in Oxford wbicb.biftt ruorequickly when they heard his name coupfeU'W^tti ^JNU-b^iv^a and .^firabrauds." And though they scarcely hpmw vfha&tbejb>ttle,of the Diamond meant* itr will nowineverw'rorv ^ttbttuysiyiely offered f�^ ----i.t.- . . * dyelyi L., ...... , t....., . . -T_-------one- ^rbowoutd iffgTltiy point out those .objects most deserting,of notice' (Mag.-tliiene eollegfe, esbe^ially, wiiere a battle s'imdar to the'batie o( the Diamond was foapht, and with the lilre result), he will fiad no Odetooredelighted to do this service than the youngEngliRh* map Who haathua rooghty expreased%bis iWh; hhtl^u$t>*~> - - ^ - - - Morning Hurald-Our foreign policy has made us the f*s the occasion may require) with absolute impunity. 'Hol^ land haters,^0�jUftlf;for^ef t�rpioM tinjust a^reshidb,! Both iheSp^.sh MM^^I^Mc oTEnglabd; the one faction oa account of the hostile feeling avowed towards pijtbi? meffecuve a^d afforded to it by.tbe Whig-pgtroniswl' Evans and hi* buccaneers. The German states are in league against th commercial ,�6i�erto/,Er)glaud} and the feelinw Several races of� farmers" ha^ be*� mined since that bill came" inj|t>: operation. "tTh^^ppV^i: cl^s of farmers have fallen; the richer class are> at'this moment^ throughout |arge districts, ptfytn^^ millions of sovf rejgps,l)ave been paid /w. |he. .emancipation of our West Indian slaves; and these slaves have jref to be: emancipated.; OWrflVe'uue' is !failing% panada win open; rebellion; arid'the manufacturing districts in the north of ^England seem ready ^o'write, in characteM'^ bloody hatred of the new ppor law. V ' historical parallels. ''' Morkino, Chronicle-The^TorWa. are. growing more happy- every day in their pirallels>' We 'have' bad parallels .1 betweeu'^r. 0[Copne.Uand Mr.,PapineapT*-Mr. D'Israeli, and Demosthenes^-St. Stephen and the Rev. Mr. Athill} and npw we are ?told of a new paraiJel,"tfr|ore ingenious perhaps th^n ,aoy;voC?' the jrest-wia parallel. ibetween Colonel Verner and^Mikiades I The Tories Wduldmake Heraclituij I hjtrjfselfJaugh.f CjdlppelVefnerapd|dQl.t(ade91 Ourrreadets must know thata graduate of Oxford"- ^CMfCbpord he, a most egregiipaa cist)^ has taken thegreatand important *tep of addressing Colonel Verner, the-i^rntorta^l; hero of \H l^alr^pVa,,* This addre^,,! from ,Wh>.ch^e^t^p;n^ an extract�is trumpeted by ourj ehn*i sical contemporary,sthe Siandard^fn a5s,trajP,tMt wil} rnak^ Lord Mu^aye^uJ^^ Castle are? made of triple brass. In the. following ino^tf� ;|rUh. ^wfyjM&tmh Miltiades wa� "freedom's heist and deareit Onese/ ahd the' difference between a tyraut arid *,* complete, in all. ppin^s>, >Thfi Jriaf* government Has'done tt!�. pin j for as Mijlhulea/We ate' 4old, was!M k .cVpwp, and severely reprimanded; after hi� exploit* at ,1 he anclen s fJiamondi. �oti has &GoIotbL Vetoes heen-J-dkttraeed" -Mid-; cashiered, while yet recking with the, blood qfiVi^4tfef$n'* Uhing,however,remairrt!,'(Miltiadesdid' not^aii^thjer** unrequited.' ^grajidji'wtnricalpicturewa>^xe^ijfe|5S^r fi^ol- , naaelor. in ^nuna ninwt. fainting Verner of antiquitj^the Gr40d Master o^'the'l^fMmKilis -thVhero pf^the,AtucDiamond^� ^Thies btmewttti iMpitfast,^ sufficje. If the, muse of histpucp^ntulg^bas/rjfOt-^ England, * simUar^^ of Oxford, and refulgent in thei fore ground 6f*tW%:%rifehty ^ !mouumept,of;pubUc viaueouK9*p*^al^ of our oWn r&ag#*fa&tffal*wtt^^ Irish Marathon. m ' ! , . ,'**"" . : TiHBa^Withoateiiteringf4l?t^mo^ -~4- L" " ** ' ' x&rk relative to the J. Session; arid have just been delivered,^tberef ar^ .one J&$fi$ points which call for jmm^diateivhow'ever'.brief, remark, tend^c'y;,p1f'anyone* political' tfleory^ when " igr-iJ* jpossessior�>bf the mind, to defieati'anid wholly st to'altPbjecfs psging bodily before bis eyeaaud apparent. Thetetii tesfr Grpsfprd, Who attempt to soften ,the rude and H V Ub;%lw v<riEd^ At that � mostv, fcV-theiVery.QUtsat, of bis embaaajr^ inhtsiott of inqpiry flung in btarj^ piieit* existence; who, in n^rp.^'" supplication ' unworthy, of .a,' rpyjal^ P5�wh nobleman, wAsriP' everV/�nce fMHL uppp,',.and tnsulted-j who fhewi.hat,1 instead qV complying with any one of the moderati and bumble ap-