Tuesday, January 3, 1893

Athenian Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Athenian Mercury on Tuesday, January 3, 1893

Athenian Mercury (Newspaper) - January 3, 1893, London, Middlesex !. i.i-. foon'tis out of Breath, And flutt'ring falls to ground, thro'yielding Air. And ashe ever tvws, he ftilljbatt be, His Effence indefectible, and firm-As hisvexhauftiefe/^fta, Power andXow. The Gods on Mmbiikt meaner men \mft Ays, He only ever lives, and ever reigns. He reigns a Peaceful Prince, whofe facile yo^e . With pleafures mall the willing Nations bear, No 7>i��teaskt, but that of Praife and Lovei (g) Nor only he to Sems blefs'd Tents coimVd As now he is> thor there he firft appear, In humble Tabernacle of Mortal Clay Him the laft ^Gentiles (hall their Saviour own, Whilft thofe who proud, againft him murmuring rife He fhall with Iron rod debel and crufh Like Potters crackling Clay beneath his Feet 5 Till h*, great fjord of Lords, and %ing of KTg*\ A^knowledg?dV ^re the World triumphant reign. (yte MitfmmsFieM,o'rcT^ ! (h)frmmmo(lWeft to O^/r/gbidje^Shorei-  Whitft a �?� Face of things arountf appears (?) Loft Jtofttcei and fair 7Var� from Heav'ndefcend^L To i\i^f^alieriFMds, andPeac^ aftd Love Andf$min*es\l''littktWtckf^^ac^" r Thefe fhallcompofe our Pf^c^^l<�Ms Train, Who on his F* 3$roae^!Mlt eVer^eign. " verrtmem JhaU be upm Wonderful * Ov.nfelbn the MIGH- the Everjaft-tag Fttthsr, the Prince Peace - - Oftbeenr ^reafe of bit Gwarnmmt ofpeacetbere JbaUbemend upn the throne of David^ and up* on bis KJnt-dom, t� order ii^andtoefiiU blijb it, with fudginent ana fnftice, fitm hence-forth, eveH for ever. (*) From

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