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Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Argus on Tuesday, October 13, 1789

Argus (Newspaper) - October 13, 1789, London, Middlesex '? Its ./ U E S D A T, October 13, 17*59; Price. Threepence Half-penny DRVRl-LANE. The Firft Wight. A�-�T-the Th eat r e-Roy aIinDn ory-LaNk J\. -  3fHIS PRESENT EVENING, T E M P, E S Ti Or,-,T\ie Enchanted IflancL IWth Additions fforriDRYDEN, TheMufic byPURCEl. and Dr. ARN*�*itl> New Ajrs and Chor�fles�y the late Mi. LlNLEY, toa.- " J Pntfbtrtfj Mri. BfiNSLEYj Ferejnand, -Mr. KELLY j � ' iStephano, Mr. MOODY i Trlnealo, Mr.. BADDELEY j Caltfa.a, Mr, WttMAMES; Gonaaies:, Mr. A1CK1N ; Aic^vMr.pACl^Rr Antonio, Vr. PHILLIMORE 5 AritL Mifs ROMAKZ1K J j ^ ' And HitoclitQ, Mr*. GOO0ALL." Miranda, Mrs: CROUCH; .A^I^d^ Wift FARREJT. -"t-SU "flbajS^cjtPafp hy < ifr. lMly, Mr,?Kn��*n?3*V..Seds^ick,' MrvFawcett, Mr. Wi.fc*,JH�. M*�doeks, Mr. Alfred? Mr.TLyons, :Mif* Romahtpr* -Mrs; Edwards, Mrs. Foxt Mils Barnes, : Mifs'Stif^doir, Mrs. Shaw, Mri. Butler, -. And Mrs; CROUCH. �� ''�' N*p�i>e, Mr. SEDGWICK; Arid AmjMtrite, Mrs. EDWARDS, ^ith New Scenes, Orefle*', and Decorations. J&ttia Mevrfpitog�e�be!fj(okenby Mlfs FARREK. To which will be added, The F I k 5 T F L O Q R. "Wfalrfifcyv'Mr. BADDELEY j Fu'rnifc,Mr $UETTi ' Tfawlf Whimfey, Mr.R. PALMER; Vofti)tn�Mr.WRITTIBLDj Siraan, Mr. BURTON} AaeVTim Tartfet, Mr. BANNISTER Jun.' Tfcncy, Mn.�1L$ONi C� arlotcr, MirsCOLUNS ; : And MrY Puttyjmn, Mrs.. HOPKINS. - '^o Money to be returned.: c o v � a $ - g a a u e n. A TCoviht-Gardsn Tw.b aire- Roy a l, XjL THIS EVENING, INKLE and y A R JE C O. ..Lr' Incle, Mr. JOHNSTONE i ^iC^rilropterCarry.Mr^QUICK} Camplcy, Mr DA VIES; JMWJ�m, Mr. POWBLs Mite, Mr. DARLEY } .fPiaaWs, Mefira.-Gardner, Thompfon, and Evatt ; : ^:aWilK�'Mf^'''lJBD0Cli'^Waittr,Vm':rARL�Y}: ^.:. ':v n And, Trn^go Mr. EDWIN; v v , Wowfki, Mis. MARTYR;  rttttcifft, Mei MOUNTAIN ; Patty,.Mr$. ROCK j AaAYa-ico, Mrs.BiLLINGTON, , , ABtHng-hev Piift Appearance this Sealon.)  tnd of Aft II. a New NEGRO DANCE. -^whieV will bearded, a Farce, taken from the Arabian *- Nights'Entertainments, called ft* LITTLE HUNCffBACaC > 1*e Hunebfcack, Mr! QUICK }; "S^ar^Mr. BLANCHARDi^ "...... fentfuiveyot, Mr. REEVE} frencn Doftor, Mr. CUBITT f Barler, Mr. MACREADY; Englifcman, Mr. BERNARD; DoOor'n Man, Mr. ROCK; JewVMan, Mr-MILBURNE: Cadi, Mr. EVATT J . AndBaffii df Bagdad, Mr. DAVIES. : Dora,, Mrs. ROWSON/ And Taylor's Wife, Mr>. WEBB; ' ' PATENT COOEiNG FURNITURE, pf (hong.Double.Biock-Tini are puteand fweetasSilvei;, and want no Tinning; manufaclared artd fijld by - F twflon. Sender, forms a Complete Sett; for Eight jEXj&riJKstV S'Wen G. S. engage* to repbee coriftantl)-#tA|i�w�>r pne GiancaDeraannmr which will be foond (befiM a Saving in. the firft purcotfe) one-fenrtb the ex-|>enceof tinning Coyperiit Six S^�tepans andrSteam iittOj aSpke Bot, fbar-Stew-ga�s�' WroSonp PotsV.Tea Ket|Jc, a Beer Pot, three Sett* of |Ske*eif,Dutch Oten, Calender, VTurbot and FiftKet-ge* a Potiajfc fotjCoffw and Chocolate Pot and Mill*twelve Pflffy *nd two Tait Pans, Six Spoony, Egg .Ladle, Baiter, , .S^ice, Skimmer, Ladle, Bread grater,' Frjringpanf-GridiM)nfc '. Wajter, Ckcefe toafter, l^iour and Pepperbox, Dripping pan, � ^thBc�jug,.&c.--&c..:v-J.,  . .>/'� iAl6lS3COOKERYMACrfINErwjthKircbeiri Range* perpetoalfli�Rn, biittng^VeflTels,- St-am Boilers of Varioos , Qieiy warm Clofct, &^,jwhich form the moft complete Ar* wele for a Kitchen �rer ff% -offered .the Public, as they are k,?pt in conilant ufci and ealcuhted for'a;fmall or the largeft : rarnilies, by whkh-a "Dinner may be dreffed farSeient'for . anyjwmber,witbTj fa^i] i fireasone foot wide in the cofttre �f.ttetangai Ao elegant aflortment of Smvc Gtates'and 1^e^ft9B;ovc^5moWJacks,"on a newprinc^p'e; and Hjufes �jmpUtdy /^rni^cd. on-the .^hortell Notice 5 likewifc Bells .. c.-.rfe9faitel�hu<$H'. . * - Odwcll, and Mr. Kcndrick. The CATCHES and GLEES will be varied every Evening. To which will bs added (for the 54th Time) an entire new and Jplendid Entertainment, founded on the fubjecTof the French Revolution, called TheT R I U M ? H of LI B E R T Y, Or, the DESTRUCTION of the .BAST I L E:  With confiderable Alterations and Additions. The Speech delivered July 29, to the French Troops, by  Monf. Moreau de St.  Merry, on the Deftrudion of the Baftile, by Mr. Palaeri ; -Exhibiting one of thegmndeft aadjnoft iqtereftiog Spectacles that ever engagesltha Feelings of Mankind; including, amongft a Variety of other Ariklng^fatters incident to the Event, the whole df the Plan, Attack, Storming, Capture, and Demolition of that horrid SepuldoBof a People, the Baftile. The dreadful Mafl*acre 01* tht Cititeris that firft paffed the Drawbridge-The Execution of the Governorand Myor--The Whole of the feveral Mhltary Engagements and Procefiiens on that and other Occafiont; together with the-Proceedings that gave Freedom to the Empire of France. In the courfe of the Reprcfejttadon, the following Display of SCENERY, pa'mten on purpofe for the Piece. by Mr. CAPOJf. ' A Grand Perfpeftiv^ View of the. PONT NEUF. in PARIS, 'With the Equeftrias Statue of Henry IV. A View of theOutfide of the BAST1LE and Drawbridge1. '�. A PiclurefqueViewof the Inlide of the BASTILE, With the various INSTRUMENTS of TORTURE^ STATE LOTTERY. : Stamp Office, Sbmerfct Place, Sept. z6, J789., HIS Majefty's Coramiffioners for managing the Stamp Duties, do hereby give notice, that the following are the only Perfofts who are duly licenfed by them for felling Tickets in the pre fen t State Lotteries., \ When their Licences expire. 7th Aug. 1790 21ft Aug. 1790 20th Aug, 1790 2d Oft. I7QO xithlSfov. 1.7 89 4th Sept. 1790 ^th Aug. 1790 '6tn Sept.' 1790 17thOft. 1789 24th"July, 1790 25th Sept. 1790 4th Feb. 1790 20th Aug. 1790 28th Sept. 27th'July, 1790 1790 James Branfcomb and Iliac Goodman, Holbom - *., , z James Branfcomb and Isaac Goodman, No. 4, Cornhill - - - John Bruckthaw. Royal Exchange, Cornhill ^ T Henry Woolfey Byfield and Samuel Hawkfworth, Charing-crois George Carrol, Higluftmft, Shau^W "* " 5 John Caflin, City of Briftol _ Robert Clement, City of Bath" ' 'Wjlliam'Galley' and John Beardolore, jun. Piccadilly ; -  ~" George Harrifiw, Piccadilly ^ -� '>' Robert Hazard, Thomas Burne.and Edward Warner, Royal Exchange, Cornhill Richard Hedges and William Norton, No. 149, Qxford-flreet . " TOlliani Hodges No. 124, T> :11 Mall V Thomas Hornfty, Cornhill 7. John Johnfon, PoBe's-head-alley, Corrii i hiir ".. . - . -' .Henry Lalande, Charing-crof*" -' George Leflie and Wm. Scott, City of Edinburgh a - ; .� John Maddifon, Chating-trofs -William Nicbolfon, Bank-ftreet, Corn-^ hill ? - Thoma� NorthalV New Bond^dreet Peter Richardfon, WiHiam ^Goodluck, ' George Arnu'I, and William Lea, * No. 104, Cornhill, and No.-S,Chat-' ing-crofs . /  . John Showeri New Bond-ftr'eet Amelia Thomas and Wm. Weft* Fleet- ' " flte>t . ' '. James Thoinpfon and, Son, City of Edinburgh- -Henry:Wcbfter,No^a9tFleet-ftreejJ " John Wenham, Poultry Laurence: WeftWenham, and Erederic :Scott, St. Jam^s's-ftrcet John White and Daniel Forreft, Ciqr of Xd'uvbutgh. Jofeph Winpenny, City of Briftol SttphenWrightiChatirig'-crofs" , .  And the Commilkohers think it>eceflTay .thus publickly co.cautionaliperfon's againft buying or fel�i,ng any Shares of Tickea.rother than fuch as .are Regally daaipEdthejAcY having prohibited, under largf penalties, tbje raw!ng tke faid Ticket, ^-ftver^mneriWe-Ohjects made the.r emanclpanoirj 1^7alfJ7Be PcBI.,,,,o>P�oto*AtS for any f�hTur, A Vic* of the Entrance ta the Place  24th July, 1790 24th July, t7jlo: 24th Sept. 190 13th June, 179 - 10th Sept. 1790 26th Aug. 1790 15thNov. 1789 14th Oft. 17 th Aug. *4th.July, 1789 1790 1790 7th Feb. 1790 14th Sept. ^790 . -5th Sept.. 1790 5th June, 1790 PATENT STEAM KITCHEN, MADE AND SOLD BY WIL L I AM' S L A RK,_ Patemeb, > 1^o. 10, Cheapfidei London. THE. tno& obvious Advantages ariling from this New and improved- Method of Csokiug, are, The faying of/del, the cleanlincfs and- durability of the tirenfiJs, aijd the Avholfonienefs of the food fo dreffed-By the application of. this Invention to the Kitchen Grate, (which stUi continues to anfwer every purpofe of ordinary cuokery, the lame as if the Steam Apparatus was not appended) ag:eater number of diftes may be Cooked than cm : pofltbiy be Ajne.ln any.other way; confcquently every c lit that is drefled, and every other office performed, is a cl ar faving in the article tn\ gj:ev   As boHirig is the moft j�ncv�rfal,�i well as the moft wboie-fome mode of cookery, Wv�rj(>.diJh chat requires boiling may be done to much greateradw&ritage, by means of Steam.-- It ii obvious, that wj^rf�e^bf aiiy .kind; is boiled in water, much 'i^':i^i9}^^^iJio^^iy' of the 'flavour, will he-aiflipateci. By. this method^-on th-i contrary, the juice is wholly preferved, which, gives >. delicacy and rich flavour to meat cooked.this>ay, hardly to be conceived by thofe who have.not.tafted it;?the- jukes being all retained, lilfrwife renders theiamejaujsntityof.�"-od;mor5 nouriihing. Thofe to.vvhom c!canlincfs4s an objeft (ind to whom is notcleanlineis in the prefarsjicA of. fojjd deniable ?) will do well to adfojt this method of cookery', | as, of all things in the world, the application c#flehm mu$ be the moft delicate \ it js^notto. be contaminated, and hfltng the fame, from' whatciner kino of watiir'at is produced--fifh, meat, pudding, roots, and moft ^icds of vegetables are! dreiTci equally tender, and unchanged. In their colour. When' an. apparattis of this kind is fitted up, it conveniently anftrers a; variety if/Other ufeful purpofes, which cbmmonly forin different Jirticlcs of cxpence. It heats a ctofetj and wj|U fupply a fuit of Vapour Jaths, if required | arid thefamc fire which performs the abov�, heats one of the \t New-inVehted Ovens ;.for;^aking all "kinds of paftry-bread, meati &c. and to convince the public of their certain utility, W.^LARKIengages tevfix theni, and give any reafonabli time for trial .before payment is required, to any reputable perfon who may frhufe.'to becJfne a purchiler. He alfo b'egs leave'to inform the Public tby^he keeps, ready made, a large affortment of Kitcheix; Grates, of various hus, on the moft approved 'principles j likev/ife elegant  Regifter ftoves, Stove Grates, Pantheon i^nd Bath. Stoves, of the ne weft-patterns j' Shj.iak and;\vindI-'up jSclcs, "moveable Coppers",* and "every other article IhVtfie'Furnilbiiig Branch; whereby any Lady or Gentlemanjmju be immediately ftirni&edwith all forts of Furniture,'fc'itner in I.on, Copper, or his new-invented ftroag Double Block Tin, of fuperior ftrehgthand Workmanfliip, and equali^iWliofelnme as filver, which is not liable to unfolder,'Or Jwaht wew 'inning ; of which the following is a complete Set, with the prices fixed, viz. 7 L s." d., . ,, . ,-.  rjti t. d. A Tea Kettle ; 6. K 6. A' Large Boiling z 6 Pot .. v ,J r'^M^HV WAT^R ^ CLOSETS. f�.ihe Ktkpts PATENT. i^BS E^rpciience JoV the Patewt ^v"atek-�*M. VlOi*? Acymn by Valve s, i n vented by JOSEPH B%AMAH� nn4 ^e univerM approbation !e obtains, haw "fnf IndofMRcmftT HAancAsttx, of Piccadilly* ineon-Junclion "WsWvarious-other perfons, to imitate (bme of the .iffi^jl^iaj ^aitt tof hu^nvenrwn, and to apply them in the CMftrucnon.of'Machinet, which they have thereupon pre-^nsedtottend nndettthe pretended tide and defcription of " Paten> Wjrt�.<S^�ffts,? Jpfeph Bramah thinks it necef-facy to k^rtrtfei- NbhiJiry and Gentry, tjhat the Water-'C^t^iag^by.Vnlv^ whish'be affirms to be the only fafe ^Vtjft p'erlf^iOssn^ioli,.!*^.!***.y*t he at hit lenity and forbearance' bav-feg.^5oUrajred Robert Hardcaftle, hot 'merely to infringe, ^^appropriate his entire invention, to make.pretenfiona . ff.hls^Pi'tettT, and to add frrfult and Defiance to Injury, he haiibten driven � the -necefitty of appealing to- the law j and ihs hopevthat thedetermination of tfj� Court of King's Bench, . on the �afe^ Trinity-Term laft, will put 'an end to the depredations that for feveral years have been eommittcd on his Patent property 1 and that Mr. Hardcaftle, Jfis abettors and fupporters,,a�oiding;all future interference with his prcten-finns, will feck an honeft Uvdihooi in the exertions of in-duftry, or the^cawiHeprocUieJloas of their own invention . -andingenuity. p at half paft Six pretifely Boxes Three' Shillings and Sixpence, Pit Jwo Shillings, _ .: Gallery. One Shilling. . On aecoufit of. the exceeding ancommon .preiWre oF eomr panyat the Circus*.every evening, thePubfic are> moft re-, fpeftfully informed th*t temporary Forms and Benches are;| provided in- the Ride 'for their accommodation. Places for theJSoxesto.be taken of Mr. READ, at the Stage ' �. :�: , " � - D001. ... .. - _ . .4 K. B. The' different Roads to the Theatre are well Lighted a�d,W�tched for the Winttr/Scafon. IRISH and ENGLISH^TATE LOTTERIES* ' � 1789. TICKETS and SHARES are now-felling in variety of Numbers, and'on the loweft terms at *. H., W E B ST E R's j Sute Lottery Office, N0..29, oppofite St. Ddnflan's Churclv Fleet Street, ' :  - LICENSED by GOVERNMENT. < ; Tickets regiftcred at6d, rach, and the earlieft intelligence fent o| their foccefs.  f , SCHEMES GRATIS: , :.. , All Shares fold, at the above Office are Cramped by Government, agreeable-t3 .Aft of Parliament, with the Dm containing the words'* Stater Lottery Stamp Office." .-�,'*,; � Mr., Wehfter flatters -himtelf, the punftuality he, haaol-ferve4. in payiog the numerous prises fold. *t his Office in, former Lotteries, will be a fuflicient recommendacio'n � future favcur*. '.�-��:. . By Order of die'eommiffioners. JOHN RRFT'I'*l.i. <!.-..�. PontNeuf. The wlioJe to conclude with, BRITANNIA feated in her TRIUMPHAL CAR, " � $ ipporting two Grand Tranfparerj't Portraits of= The-KING and QUEEN of GREAT BRITAIN. -1 TheMvfie compiled from the moft eminent FrcncK Mafters, and Songs and Recitatives eompofed by Mr. CHAPMAN. \ -. Henry Du BoTsj Mr. MlELL, Marquis, de Lxanay, vsrnor of the Bafttlej^Mr. CJemfon, Major Paget, Mr. Birt; Marquis de la Fayette, Mr. Holland; Count Vidoni, Mr. Fuller, jun. Grand Baillie, Mr. Mallet} Matilda's Father, Mr. Bilfon ; Herald,! Mr. Dyke. ..' � . - .� ' 1 Britannia, Mifs CEMMITT, And Matilda, Mrs. LEFFLER. Guards, Militia, Citizens, Villagers, Executioners,' &c To conclude with a Grand, Tragi-Comic, Pantomimic Entcrtainmunt, called D O N J U A N; Or, The Libertine Dellrdyed. " With new Drcffcs, Scenery, Machinery, and Other Decorations. The Seenery designed and executed by Mr. CAPON j The Airs compofed by Mr. REEVE. -Don Juan, Mr. PALMER; -Commandant, Sig. RotS; Fernando, Mr. Meadowcj - Felix, Mr. Burt; Servants, Mr. Dyke, Mis.- Schuchartj and Mr. Poe j ... Alguawles, Mr, EvanSj Mr. Hardy, and Mr. Barton} .: -a Fifheiman, Mr. Whitmill; S,4ilors, Mr.-Ma.llet, Mr. Atkins, Mr. Bond, Mr.-Wi!-loughbys and Mr. Odweil{ Ami Scaramouch, Mr. FOLLET, Jun. Attendants, ^Mii's Birt and-Mifs Tae-ibs; -'.--.-�, �. Donna Anna, Madam FOV2.I..". Vocal FaraT by Mr. Bond, Mr^Atkins, Mr� Odwell, Mr* . Wiltott^hby, Mifs Cemmitt, and -Mrs. Lentcr. - ' The Daociif by Monf.-Feaere, Mr. Holland, M*d. Fou*i,;] . and Msdim'..Feriere." In the J*antomime w.ll be introduced A F A;N,D AN G O DA NCI A. S HH 0WwV�R00 0U F * FhT R It "' - M^L COLOURED STALLIONS as any ^ Kingdom, The f]i*i�i:to..be.o^ttHalf paft Five, and"to beginf^^,^of MrNoblemtn^r A^ffado^.jfor. OFFICE of 1N5P�C^ok iii'tjii^vi at the STAMP OFFICE, in LONDON. TC*THE PUBLIC. " WHEREAS Henry Shergold, alias Humphry Shergold, alias Hugh Shergold, late ofLom-: bjrd-ftrtet, Landan, Annds indicted for a fiand/ in the County of Middlesex in obtaining a fum of money, by unlawfully felling a certain paper writing, partly printed and partly written, purporting^ be an acknowledgment of hold-, ingin truft a part and (hue of a certain Ticket, No. 78S6, in tbelrifh Lotteiy,.not beingpofTefled of the fsid Ticket, and whereas by various advertifements from the.office of Shergoid and Co: it is confefTed that no fuch perfon as H. Shergold, figned to the fiid paper writing, docs or ever dJJ belong to fuch office, and thereby oftcr-a reward of One Hundred Guineas, to any one that will peifonate the faid H. Shergold j and whe/eas no licence has been granted (0. any perfon of the.-name'of Shergold, 'to fell Tickets, and Shares 5-all Shares, Chances, or Agreements, Signed with that name, as they cannot be ftampt with the. 'words < J puniihab'.e by fine and jmprifohment: Notice is hereby given that whoever may he in polTeffion ofj^y fuch uniiamp? "papers, have no fecurity for their. mc^Bj; a*d>-th?refoie the Public are cautioned againft purchalin^ any fuch, or any other illegal Chances, Shares, or agreements in the Lpttei.y j and7 all ju:bees of the Peace, Mayors, Bailiffs, Confra-ble's", Headbjirough^a'nd'other' Civil Officers are> by the Aft or 27 of his prefent Majefty, c. i, ftriftly required to prevent the committing of jrny fuch offences; and the Public are defived. to lend their afTi fiance to difcover fu^h of-'l fe'hdsrs, by fending to this, office the names and plage: ff-abodeof any'fuch perfon or pturfons as may be found tianf-greHing as afoie faid. , .jt'r . T.woor�, .^r. .  �. i- � ,� Infpector of Littery Offices.. 1"! To b* SOLD, ^^Kjsxxeeding fine Grand Pair-of CREAM Stateiforfes; Like wife, a very clever Buntinglike GREY GELDING j. ail warranted SOUND. \ � To be Jeen at PEGRAMS andCo.'s Liyerv Scabies, No. 64, London Wall". " " "= VENEREAL COMPLAINTS. , . TO THE PUBLIC . Mr. EASTLAN D, . MEMBER of the CORPORATION of SURGEONS in LONDON, At his Houfe, No, 58, Show-hill, CONTINUES effectually to cure all recent complaints of 3 ParvATX-NAToas, with eafe and fafety, in a few days; and in the moft.obftinate and com-plicrted" cafes of long duration, that have hitherto been deemed incurable; fuch as Ons-raucTloNs in the Uttx- TH�A, SfUKCT EXCBKSCffiCXS, HAKD TuMOUHS, Callotts UtctRKi Ebuptioms, Gt**TSi Sec. ate ra dically cured, by. a more fafe, certain, and � expeJitlous thdde of praftlce, fuperior ^o any other^yct adopted, that -will prove well worthy .the attention -of peripns .of-'both S^Ces7 requiring SURGICAL or MEplCAL ASSISTANCE in the above diforders.' Weak, relaxed, and debilitated habits, proceeding from irregularlUes, injudicious tueatmeot, or any other caufe, are fpeedlly reftored to health and ftrcngth. ' SUPPRESSION, OF URINE. Mr. EASTLAND gives immed'taw relief: in. all csfes of ISCHURIA URETHRALIS, inflammations and ftriftures ffsom, aft ill-cwed, or fetropulfed gonorrhaa. caruncles, fjf-tula in perinseo, paisjsi and total fupprefiionof urne, ra-dlestly cutei, s A Coffee Pot � "-� o- a. A Chocolate Pot Sc Mill o 3; A Butter Saoceps�.�>. > s* A Saucepan and ;'. Covet "  *"*t': Ditto . "* � z A Ditb o 3 A Ditto - o s A Ditto -08 A Soup Pot and'. " Cover o 6 ADittd o S A -tpice Box aod , Qrater .- . 4. o ,$ A Cheefe Toafter . o 4 A,Duch Oven O 4 Six.Spoons as Whole-. fom'e as Silver ' O A * Ste'wpart and Cover _ A Ditto * - O IK Ditto 0 A Ditto  b A Frying-pan O . . o o ATorbo't Kettle . o it fr'ACkraorFiib.Ket- e-i.-^e,;; '-.-'^ o A Dripping Pan and 6 - Baiter o $ A Skimmer and, 6 .: Ladle o 6 A Slice and Two 6 - Scollop Shells p A Pepper, and Flour o  Box C .6 A Cullender and two Beer Pots 0 -o; c Twelve-Pjirty Pans o o A duft and Cinder 6 ! Shovel o A Tinder Box,Fiint, 14 o 4 � 2 6 a o 4 0 and Steel  A Knife Tray vv 6, APairofSnufers 6 A Gridiron '# G Two Sets or* {rodi fi. -Skewers'" >' 6 A Candle Box >f~" 3 S 7 iq 4 o o : p O; o '.�Or O O ; o 6 o 88 o VERSA! L L E, October 8. YeJIerday arrived the Mails frm\France and � '. , . ... .., . . Holland. : ' .j,. ....... , "No fdonerhad the Ki-no refolved to go to Paris with the'Qvcek and Daufh|n,but Counc ' de-jvl lit a B e a u informed the National Affembly. Alarmed at the report, they debated for a con-ilderabl e- time how tt>'a�l i n that critical^ unsure.; rha'ny Members declaring the :Ktn�'�rprrron was infeparabte from the.;AiTembly ; and* deternntting" not to admit theKingAs proposal of/tranfpqmns; the Seance to the Came^ the^epjiYted thfrty-ftx Members to the Kmg^v<o ir^MhiV'Majeuy, and Thole, sjepoted bit ~t^f' meflagOa, returned with an anfvver, thattlte King Was not of that intention, . . f - ... It v/as then proppfed to appoint a namerou9 deputation to accompany his MajeJty to Paris, which was carried unanimoufly ; and/thirty-fix Members went to acquaint the King of it. Their mef-fage was moft gracioufly received, and the King informed them, he was going to Paris with the Queen and his children, and should leave the ne, cdiary orders, that the AiTembly might continue their deliberations. During the time tht\ AffemWy was ..debating? on the.patriotic contributions, the Ki tt c, Qog bh, Dauphin, Monsi e.xj �, Ma dame, and alt the Royal Family, quitted the Palace, to go to Paris. Their Majefties were efcorted by the National Militia, drums beaunj^ and colours flying--j[lmofi; in the character of ptilcrners of war. Behind the Royal Carriages marched flbwly waggons loaded with balls, bread, and- flour;-. oh whfoh^^^e' -placed women- and -foldiers holding branches of -trees in their, hands. This memorable reCrcat , will enrich-'tSer capital, rub tbrfaiUeit, and gwe the laft blaw to ARIS r()CRAC,Y,.obiigiftoPe National Affembly to tranfpo^Om^Meeungs to "Paris. :"  '-.'�'':." - 'v.- "' Ma pain, Sept^ 14. Monf..dV Gcavina, Bri� gadier of the siavy, who in the month of May laft -wat fent by the court then at Aratigaes to Cadix, and from th^hce embarked for Carthagena, in. South America, has beea not only thfte^ oatjit

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