Wednesday, January 1, 1794


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Archaeologia on Wednesday, January 1, 1794

Archaeologia (Newspaper) - January 1, 1794, London, Middlesex I N T R O B tLC T I O t i ufeful or exterifive Perhaps the very name of was lifed firft in if it be true that Henry the Vlllth conferred it in an efpecial manner oh who eminently deferred Be this as it there was a Society of AntiquariesTo early as the reign of Elizabeth ITS foundation may be fixt to the 14th year of her reign r 57 andthe honour of it is entirely due jto that munificent patron of letters and learned Archbifliop The members met near 20 years at the houfe of Sir Robert Cotton and in to apply to the Queen9 for a charter of and for forrie public where they might aflemble and have a library The laudable views of inftitution will appear from the of a petition intended to be exhibited to her for incorporating Ah Academy for the ft udye of Antiquity and under a two and a number with a body of ftatutes the library to be called The Library of Queen and to be well furnifhed with Icarce original other the Members to take the oath of and another to preferve the library the Archbifhop and the great officers of ftate for the time being In the fenfe to The word Antiquarius appears from Jfidore i4 to be fynonympus with tranfcribers of old qui tantummodo vetera The old Gloflaries render it and fometimes limply and the Domus Antiquariorum in monafteries feems to have been the apartment appointed to fuch the author celebrates Radulph ijjh an for his care of this apartment ahd See more foftances of this original fenfe in Du jn JuvenaI a female Whether Leland had the title of Antiquarius by any royal inveftiture or he takes it atthe end of his Neweyears gift to King About 42 years divers gentlemenin ftudipas in Antiquir framed themfelves into a Collegeor Society of Preface to Spelmans Difcourfe on Law written Life of prefixed to his a 2 to