Friday, March 1, 1799

Anti Jacobin Review And Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Anti Jacobin Review And Magazine on Friday, March 1, 1799

Anti Jacobin Review And Magazine (Newspaper) - March 1, 1799, London, Middlesex THE ANTIJACOBIN i Review and Magazine FOR 1799 MA6NA EST VERITAS ET ORIGINAL on the political Circumftances of written during the Adminiftration of Earl Ca mden with an containing Thoughts on the Will of the By Alexander Price Eflays are 19 in number and were and firft in between the month of April 1795 and July They are now with a view to elucidate and explain the circumftances which produced the late rebellion in and all its concomitant They are evidently the production of a man of clofe obfer with ftrong powers of and juft habiits of that qualify in an eminent for political difquifition in general andpoflefled of oppor tunities of information that render him peculiarly qualified for the difcuffionof all topics connected with the fituation of the Sifter Our author traced the confpiracy of the United Iriflimen ab marked its and indicated its long be fore thofe difcQveries which formed bafis of the Reports of the Secret Committees of the Irifli He us that he was indebted for ability to underftand the voca bulary of Irifli Jacobinifm to a temporary intercourfe with Hh the