Sunday, December 10, 1815

Anti Gallican Monitor

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Anti Gallican Monitor on Sunday, December 10, 1815

Anti Gallican Monitor (Newspaper) - December 10, 1815, London, Middlesex ill So "5.-, -Price 9<f.] ** Pence be l� France, if France in Pence permit *' The jnst *nd Wneal entrance to our own : ** If itnt, bleed France--find Penre mend to Heaven. -SiiAKKsr* Ants. DECEMHF.R 10, isi.-.. PEACE WITH FRANCE. In my last Number I gave my opinion on the Treaty of Pence with France. In the course of luat week the German Papers which we have received exhibit much discontent on the part of the honest inhabitant* of that nation, on account of the Treaty ; all agreeing that sufficient has not been done to curb French insolence, of which we have specimens every day, as well from the Government as from the people. It is a pity that the Allied Sovereigns, when ihey sent off BtioWAPARTF.,did not think of the Revolutionary queue which he left behind, and also of the insolence for which the French Government has been always remarkable. It will be seen from a private letter, which is inserted in another part of thi� Paper, (�"d who can doubt its authentic city, as it appeared in the Times newspaper of Wednesday lust,) that even the Duke of Wellington himself has been openly insulted by the French Court. There is one point to which 1 would wi�h to direct the attention of the Allied Sovereigns; namely, to the necessity of relieving the troops which are stationed in France, and that frequently, as by remaining there for any length of time they are likely to be corrupted. Minister?! of State and Sovereigns have been the dupes of French seduction and intrigue, is it then to be expected that their armies will not Id I into the same snare-that ihey will not be enamoured of French mattresses* French wince, French manners, &e. and thus their un'miOMicy against FrAH''e will not be diminished while that of the French against the Allies will be increased Let these Sovereigns recollect mm! apply the account which is handed down to -us of the state | �of Uannisui/s army after a long residence at $ r.ipun. j In order that I may shew my Readers that I t respect Hit;; [j am not singular m my opinion France, I have thought |K'<s|:um- this the assistance of an ally, a very �bic xvritef in ! he ul m newspaper,v whose opinions, a net �iiihjoin, appeared in that. Papet m<-e.�-~AJay such sentiment \n- ln.-ai t;; and souls of every vl:ab(.K:vcjr nation he rnav be LEWIS h I I. � a f :pL- me:; lu stick strung*: mysteries V -~SiiASttispnAiik I1! e inii;!it have thought not; Suit France seemf; to � hibt none of her pidtcriii!^ power: neitltcr time or misfortune have impaired her faculty of deception. (low long has the Kiny of Fsjanoc been now reseated on his Throne r l;onr months.--! low many of his rebel subjects have been brought to punishment r Our..--And that one neither the .strongest nor the guiltiest. It might have been thought sufficient, that the 21 and cihuinal was liberated from all allegiance, am! ' ' This is an evil, which King l,oi?t Vanity is the prcvading principle of France, nnd of all her children-Buonapartists and Bourhonitcs. Vanity-is her prevailing passions, which brought upon Europe the Calamities of twenty five years' war, and shook to their scats Thrones. Establish-meats, and Morals; which brought upon France the peril of rcti ibution, and which continues in her abasement the danger of her ascendency. And wb accord with this vanity! and wr, soothe, and console,, and Hatter it, and almost appologize for the wound which we have atlicted upon it \ History is consulted in vain, and antinuity �earched for novelties of such capricious mischief -\ romance, perhaps, or a mclo-drainc, may supply us with precedents; but we do not turn to the sobrieties of life for striking incident and strtge effect. It looked very haudsnnc, certainly, to make our enemy a present of one hundred thousand prisoners, for the pleasure of their being re taken next summer by our Ally; and it will have an equally pretty appearance, now, to evacuate France to the re-expufsion of her legitimate Sovereign and the re-spoli;uion of Europe. The experiment will be tolerably amusing, while it lasts--for the Allies t . torch from the ineendiarv, let us no. restore it into hi-i haul ; at iea-.t let os exunguj'-.!.. it before the faial restoration' All tki'. h neither noi exalted: \\ :^ u p; >i i no? any material:-! for the- noe�. or the painter,- "hut ii may <"o fipevi'-a'i-* so nniourUy a .'i�v sh<- humble merits of wi-dom and of justice. � jlu!-ope leaves some tweniv millions of va-u and angry f r'nichiiici;, sni.'o liii!',- with <h-/eal, ami binning with vengeance, under the controui of -looaiO) foreign victory ; and -he expects them to . the /w//�.:'>' peace and Uk-m' w-n promises '--~*se'.uiv one !.ea!l. regular Sovereign, why warred wc against his Sovereignty r But to return to his sub agent, Ney :-This man's Advocate praises the Usurper's Marshals ai men " whose names arc dear to their country, and belong already to poste.i i'y." In our plain English, " belonging to posterity" sometimes means, possessing a page in the Newgate ('alendar. The lieporterstvles� Nky *'one of his Country's most glorious Defenders-," and thus vindicate* th?* Usurper under whom she was "defended." \To:e: he applies to Nky the ancient privileges of the Itovalist French iViarshals, of Turks'vk, of 'j\r, i.Aito, and of Vna.f.noY. in those honourable times when French Marsiuls were C F.NTI.EMF.N. Oh! Sharksih viu:, live forever'-'Thy prophetic pen has w>->! described these lording upstart-, bandying (heir civilities between the dock and the bench; and well ii forewarns us of the issue - " When those mutualities* so m l)e place where the insult was uttered. The danger also is to Europe* We mav love Legitimacy well; but we need not hold it quite so precious as to cherish for its sake tire mischiefs of Usurpation. The Legitimacy which renins aft-r x'M years el expulsion, must destroy every trace ot the intermediate rebellion ! until that salutary purgation shall be accomplished, it is not legitimate. France and Europe seem hastening onward,, wi!h most concurrent union, .to the, third P/oiit: Witt.-For the sake of human life, and as even siich a Victory as YV aticui.oo is at best but a sorrowful matter, it would have been better, perhaps, to do first what must be done at la-st-.f-and TUAIBI, PARIS INTO HE It CATACOMBS " If if weiv done, when 'ib ilouc, I hen vl.wey . well " St wire 'tone quickly." at Dumhvd and lify c.-qjii vi s to one conqueroi ! I; honest uir absolved from all liability. But it is rathe? too much, thai this monstious anomaly should be expended to his subalterns--this subversion of all national, and of all particular law; this noxious pri vilege, ttjis pevil >us impunity, which ajipear designed tur the safe guaid of treachery, and the aban-<loiuneut of honour. Justice raised her hand ; and rested after the fmit blow. Never ou�ht she to have commenced the work, or never to leave it unaccomplished.--Uow most that vigour be derided, which evaporates in oidonnances, and hawaugues, and accusations; vdsich ponders " about it and about it" through | U)m months, brinutfiir 'he criminal to trial, then i - .......i ..... the bar is pitched some leng'hs beyond th I'liberni-.m, who took only ten prisonei i-uuiidiiit* f/tfi.'l ! Though we laugh, we say this seriously.--......Our laugh it; of serious indi-nation. Jjetanv man look at the proceeding-; of Key's two trials, and decide, whether the Itoval Council.-; have will without power, or power without will. We caie not which--it matters not, nof a shied of Nau'ozj-ion's old purple. Did not the peace of Europe require the punishment of French Treason-be the tiaitois one, one hundred, or one bundled thousand-we should trouble our-selves, how little ! whether the King consigned them to the scaffold, or received them into his bosom. But, even in the conduct, of Nicy's trial, for crimes committed publicly, unblushingly., and .-.vowediy, marl; we the hesitation of (he Tiibunals, B and the characU r of the .bulges': Already he has escaped one Jurisdiction by the privilege of his Peerage--///'.' Peerage 1-the Peerage of Nkv-a Peerage etcaied by th:: Usurper, and confirmed by the rightful Sovereign'.--A Peerage into which Treason intruded him, and by which Treason now entitles him to be tried for Treason! Thus, his crime i:, his privilege, and, by a reciprocal re-action Ids privilege is his eiitne. If an added proof were requisite, this shews the folk'and the weakness of the French Covcrnment. Instead, of sweeping awav every institution of Na-I'OLiiOW as originally invalid, they have plunged i � Vi '"v io tiuu, men f i-umson ;is ongmaiiy /uvaiul, tnev nave plun�ed ni'gmg h|m berore the wrong tribunal, and in every g ihemselv^; into the absurdity of try int.* Nkv as a laihirc giving new courage !o its enemies '. � rii-wIly tl(Hll,ie we'oursclvcs upon the fears, "^tuilits, or the imbecilities ol France; Not for I Peer of '''ranee for the tiea&onable act of supportin that |M:h Pribunals, even under c uicuu tliemoijly when their presentment breaks i .1,,. ,, miiEKHS f V7'ELLH� EN(JE. a-uji pai*Hit."?. 't-'AHIK, ]) 8�,'(l UM'iMSSiacut.i Un- i'SiV.ilrv-j, am! l.ui-d l?,i|l the iuS'nuo-y dcslufetl to remain us l'"nin('i. S.iculi-nciit (ii-nctstlii <.!ol�:, flliutiMf, ;u�d Cotvdle, will cuctK counnand divir.iuiis ; nu<i i'l.tjor < � insc, Shsui-bin), K.i';�p, lysine, 6s:iei;, Power, I.'-ontiert,- ivSaul.mii;, ami O'Callaj'hiui, will eouioiuml lii'i^ades. St is ali'i-iuly .known tliul t-Uoinstunts w.i'e ivry widf. treated In/ the Duke of .�Inntudrune, in parsing, tlu'ii.tnrii NiMiirr, hct'oro tie went to TIiohIou-h: That Pi itn-e re.-jmsUciI 01 all ihe aiftlmriti'.!:! tttal tlie tolcis'inc- u1'rt'leciiuei o|iiuiniiii wu.'i (Mic ol I lie bi'iu'iitfi of llie Cltasicr,' and tluit it vvii-a hi!� Maji'siy'rt intention to ^'c.sic tie- ciijoy.intait of it In his /'iiulit'iif Kipijiicts. liiiusfiKi.t;, Dei: l'.--It i<i lo-ihiy that the Allied tro - c, are lu o�: s: ilj. ;>,i'n .\ladaine Ibuiuliii ami .Vib-. I!, iijanuii Con.*, hint. HAMBURGH i)l A ��nn reco.iections'of military glory, and mm-les > c7" VrJ \\"�T :~vv �J.�e ;N Pt professions lovalty. � ��d f�1Wa- s �a�-ly qm>it-.l my or jl� J^J^f /_Evc, f;r>. the epithet as you suiitevof lufomiatiou. It �ouhl l�?iw more than torn- I rtra\[i't" - u�.,.,�r h'i� armiUifimw num juiice *�r� tb�y to adopt the same rule with re- may. It NAroi.bon.wsa VT^'^1**"w"0** i^cfeto what they take from tiieAntigallkan, 3 coaW not have been lawful j-it Nuwoit w*> a Wjuibaw, T4m. 20.-Hume pnhUfi pr'ntls vyv.nk of 4, fvriiKMilnlioii which lh�y ouy prevaila in .Sweiiee, svul a coimpnaey tlmt hai; been formed a^aimit tfe 4 J raw ft laiuee (hie. of ihc SenuJon.'., they u;iy, mna.-d pm u iu a cup often intemleil for the Prince, ixit which wins <! atifr. by noiisehody else in the company, who soua ufici d.e Farther, mi Oiliccr hud, by brilliant, proinit-iea, iu(hi'.:eu it sioiilier to fhonl the Prince at a tvi-iev/ ; lint the Holdier in his confusiou, fdtot, infitead of the Prince, the hoi sc oil which he rude All tlieyc utorit't-i art; phi, and date fiooa hist June, os limy he secu in I lie Polil UmI Joiiniul of Of:  toher, Itttfi, bom which v/e take Ihu following.authemif. account from .Sweden: - The whole coiiduot-of the Crown J?rhioo"of .Sweden waa prescrihud by the. tu'rcsuily of pi-{ie�.itr*i�B--'tor the loss of Finlimd, which Sweden felt mirU- Wusihly, mi indi:ii�nityv and for himself a firmly cst(�tdii;lied consideraf ion, since the pride of tn.uiy gr�ut funnlh'H of the Arcvtocratic lor-.fen I'jpcr Parly,- which 'hud wi�ti�d ''to uee. the "murdered. ?011111 A-srl l\'it.�n on the-i-hi'oiie, iuij�'ht oppose the ele-Viition of a foreigner. At the -hi.'nd of this'party wot; a person of .high'distinction, hut- who, from- suspicion of hiiving-jhiid a'sharo in-.p.oittotiuig the late--Crown Priiuc3 to raise.Ax�fl;ci;BCii 011 the throne, was so haled by (he nation,,that; in the beginning,--thin person was imt secure from ill trcatincut except in the company of-the jiuw -Crow*i Prince, and under his'protection. At the same time'ihat tW Prince, of PouteCorvu tiiid to sitlvc thj dithcub prolilem, which c<�'d ;�!j?y be done by t,e desiriM conquest of Norway, onlhe reeyvery of ludl no matter whet her hi? ut tahied the end by the aiL Vranifa and Kubsni, and probably decided for the l��t,ff r he ^uj^ht not, by joining in the Continental system, jKkJ:-: Sweden, already iinpoveriBhe'!, of all mean* of recovci �o� � its prosperity, in the 6t�ll iiiore dithtuU protdem, how'-td^ ttttuiii this en�V without any couaiderablu sacrihce of tti , -iiaUobuf ttoo|:ii j for a�the Couatitution opposed a war fot^r

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