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Publication: Anti Gallican Monitor October 1, 1815

Anti Gallican Monitor (Newspaper) - October 1, 1815, London, Middlesex THE ANTIGALLICAN MONITOR jvo. 245--Price Q//.] " Peace be to France, if France in Peace permit " The just and lineal entrance to our own : ** If not, bleed France-and Peace ascend to Heaven."-ShakF.sPF.atik. OCTOBVR i, 1815. HONOUR,-VIRTUE,-LOYALTY", TRIUMPHANT! UF.ARKRS OF THE ANTlflAUtCAN In my Number of the Kith of July I -a s t I had other, und caused itself to be heard, as well in the Cabinets of Kings as in the cottage of the peasant, and, *vhat is more, it has prevailed over the law cunning of Jacobinical intrigue. Kings and Ministers, we see, must at length iexpect this voiee, and, with all their wisdom, condescend to take a lesson from individual* who are not Statesmen j)v profession ; Ministers, are paid for being Jong sighted, l>ut yet we see they sometimes are as short Righted as other men. Thank God! I can congratulate not only my constant -Headers, hut all Europe, on the happy change which lias recently taken place in the councils of She Freneh King, as this change gives the coup-de*gracc to that system which has prevailed for the last twenty five years-a system of robbery, atheism, and murder, falsely arrogating to itself more favoui-able terms of peace from the Allies than be otherwise would have been, from the change which has tak�Mi place ; but to make it perfectly secure, entire and complete. -So long as the Kin p! ;ee, that not only the King, when he wa> at V. aiviw, 1 hiujbelf, but many hundreds ol'loyal Frenchmen, are indebted to me for their lives. To prove this, 1 beg leave to relate the following a nee? dote '.'- My mission to Warsaw in the year 1303, is, \ believe, pretty well known to the public, as well as the nature of that mission, but what 1 am now about to relate is not: so generally known :-* When I was in Leipsic. in ISO4, there was there at the same time the Abbe de U Maruk, a tra^ veiling fugent of Louis XVIII. I received instructions from Raris to apply to the French Ambassador at Dresden, M. de la RociIEou-caued to, have the Abbe immediately arrested. I was, of course, obliged to obey my instructions; but I applied to a friend of mine, Mr. LiMnuil her, banker at Leipjdc, to inform Mr. Antonh) Buzzi, an Italian merchant residing there, who wasan agentof Louis XVlll. and also a friend of La Marrf,, that bis residence in that city was no longer safe, for that if he. remained for twera.l ideas, reformer reality the berty ever land, m ,v.c, oslc. are in most dangerous enemies that li-had, whether in I''ranee or Fin;''--I'mrone. It is co- in an v ot her part o rums to observe the mode of defence which the reformers, aed friends of liberty, have adopted, in this e.iuuii',, t i cover the crime-, of Huona-l'ARVt: and his system. Mention but some of the tyrannical acts of the L'oisicaii, and the reply,.!'-', nil :i denial* or eon the iU-Ah'im 'Amy be of their party or the opposite.- ;

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Publication: Anti Gallican Monitor

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: October 1, 1815