Thursday, January 1, 1795

Annual Register

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Annual Register on Thursday, January 1, 1795

Annual Register (Newspaper) - January 1, 1795, London, Middlesex Sari Stanhopes Motion for to the fame EJfefl in the Houfi of by Duke of Bedfords Motion in the Houfe of Larcht declaring that no Form of Government in France ought to preclude a Nego Greys Motion in the Houfe of Commons to the Further Effort of the Duke of Bedford for the Attainment of Foxs Motion for an Inquiry into the State of the Lord Guildfords Motion on Suljefl in the Houfe of Wilberforces Mo tion for Lord Lauderdales Motion on the fame Debates en the Convention with anil the Loan to the the Com the 54 Marriage of his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Mejfagefrom his Ma jcjly relative to an EJlabliJhmentfor the Heir Debts of the Prince of Debates in the Houfe of Commons on the Princes Pitts Plan for the Liquidation of the Debts of kis Royal Debates on that Suljefl in the Houfe of Debate concerning the Arrears of the Duchy of Cornwall during the Minority of the Bill forpreventing future Princes of Wales from incurring Propofal of Lord Lauderdale for confulting the Judges rejfe fling the Arrears of the Duchy of Cornwall during the Princes Debates in the Houfe of Lords on the Princes Debts and loa Motion irt the Houfe of Commons for an Allowance in Time of Peace to Militia Bill for newmodelling the Militia of the City of Mili tia Artillery Motion for a Committee to conjider the Duke of Yorks circular Orders refpefling an Allowance to the without the Confent of Wilberforces Motion for the Abolition of the Motion relative to the Condufl of Sir Charles Grey andSir John Jervis in the Weft Petition from Weft India Relief granted by Means of Exchequer Bills to Wejl India India Conclufan of 119 C H A Affairs of Natural Confequences of the Coalition of the Portland Party with Claims of the Irijk Arrangements jlipu lated with refpefi to informing the Singular Condufl tf Lord Fitziuilliam affumcs the Government of Great Popularity of his Meeting of the IriJIi Pro ceedings of the Irijh Grattan moves for ct Bill in favour of the Lord Fitziuilliam difmijjes certain Members of theformer His Correfpondetice with the FitKivilliata