Tuesday, May 24, 1825

Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences on Tuesday, May 24, 1825

Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences (Newspaper) - May 24, 1825, London, Middlesex THE CONTINVATION OF OVR WEEKLY Newes, from the i 9 of May \ vnto the 24 el the fame. Containing thefc particular*. The latcft Newes from the Camp of the F timet 0/Orange before Breda,with a Letter lately received concerning an Attempt made vpon the M*ym Sfinilaes Leagcr and the fucctffc. ibiprefMr*ti$�4*dfrwedi*g ofthe King ^Dcnmatkc tsmrdsGcrmmy,fi3rrtfi<f�of the King <?f Bohemia. The prepatation of the King of Spainc to aide Qtnu\ and the like preparation of the Duke otTHJcanj to defend hirafelfc. With, The late Achieuements of the French and the Duke of Savsy againft the Genouois, and of fome new oppofnion made by the Spaniards in Vehobna. Theconfhnc Rcfolution of the Protectant Churches in (jcrma-ry to vie their Religion notwirhftanding the tyranny and ferficmk*rf the JLmftrour, The lite Admonition giuen tothe Btfhopi Ecclori,of ?*tUn% Mtnts, andTnvers*afefttft ih� Refhtuticn of the Utm4t*tby the King o* From** With,diuers other pattkulars concerning the Affakc� of the Empire, Tuikk, Tnrafylvania, France, Spaine, Italy ,and the Low Coimtrics. ' LONDON, Printed for Hmutim Brttanmm. i6ij.