Wednesday, April 27, 1825

Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences on Wednesday, April 27, 1825

Abstract Of Some Special Foreign Occurences (Newspaper) - April 27, 1825, London, Middlesex A \ TION OVR WEEKLY Newes, frorri the iy of ^April vntothc 5.of Mdy. Containing tfyefe particulars. ation of the Defeat of 6000 men fent by the Duke of Feria to aid Genoa : With the taking of the Towne and Caftle of Ott Aggie by bis Highnes ChAries EmAnuel Duke of Savoy, April 9.162^. The warlike Preparations of the Grand Ditke of TO S C A N A. Conftable UM~ gmere^ the Duke of Savoy, and the Marquis dc Cceuvrehaue lately taken. rocecding ofthe gemraH ^Meeting in Poland. Thedeatfrof the Marquis of Aasbach^iih the ficknes of the Archduke Ltofoldus. The Continuation of the Siege of Breda. The League which is made betwixt England, France Denmark?, Swede#,*nd diuers othcr'Chriftian States. ASea fight betwixt a Hollander and four e Dunkcrkers* With,diuers other particulars concerning the Affaires of the Empire,Turkie, Tranfylvania, France* Spaine, Italy >and the Low-Countries. LONDON, Printed for UWenuritK Britannkut* i6zf