Thursday, June 1, 1797

Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository on Thursday, June 1, 1797

Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository (Newspaper) - June 1, 1797, London, Middlesex THE ABERDEEN MAGAZINE: 6 Rj UNIVERSAL REPOSITORr, V for JUNE, 1797. 3f SKETCH o/ /�� LIFE of the Late EMPRESS of RUSSIA. WHatever difference of opinion may be entertained with regard to the public and private character of the late Emprefs of Ruffia, we conceive that there will be a general concurrence in this, that (he was a moft extraordinary woman. This Princefs was defcended from the ancient houfe of Scverftan, a houfe that (hone with fofne fplendour in the northern hiftories of the middle age. She was the daughter of Auguftus Prince of Anhalt Zerbft, a petty principality.-This Prince was the firft that introduced a tafte for the Englifli mode of gardening in Germany. His paffion for botany is alfo well known. The Princefs was born on the 2d of May, in 1729, anjl chriftened a few days after, according to the rites of the Lutheran church, by the name of Sophia Augufla. As her mother was a lady of excellent understanding, and polite accomplishments, (he was determined to fuperintend the education of her daughter, and from the moment, that infant reafon began to expand, (he miffed no opportunity of imbuing her mind with the moft exalfed fentiments of nation and, virtue. The beft books were confuted, and makers engaged to inftrucl: her in all thofe arts that elevate and embellifli human nature ; fo that, at an early age (he was fitted " to mine in courts or walk the plains.'* In addition to this her mother accompanied "Ker to Paris, where (he was introduced to the* firft circles of the; literati, and (hone in thofe conftella-tions with encreafing luftre. Fonte-nelle, who was not very prodigal of praife, addreffed a letter to her, which in point of wit and delicacy, can bev only equalled by her anfwer to it. It would feem as if her mother had a presentiment that her daughter would one day exchange the diftaff for a fceptre. Her maternal affections did not blind her fo far as to fuppofe, that her daughter would be indebted for this dignity to her perfonal charms ; it was through the medium of her mental powers that (he viewed the diadem. She was married in 1745* to Duke of Holftein Gottorp, afterwards Peter the Third, Grandfon to Peter the Great. It does not appear 2 N th?.t