Wednesday, February 1, 1797

Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository on Wednesday, February 1, 1797

Aberdeen Magazine Or Universal Repository (Newspaper) - February 1, 1797, London, Middlesex THE ABERDEEN MAGAZINE: OR, UNIVERSAL REPOSITORY, for FEBRUARY, 1797. LIFE of EDWARD GIBBON,^ reign habits of life, which made him �Jq; Autliorof the H'iflory of the De- lefs a ftranger abroad, than he was in cline and Fall of the Roman Empire, fome refpe&s in his native country. FCndaddfro 81 His next and laft journey to Eng- t on e romp. .] land difplays Mr. G. in a very amiable MR. G. paired four days at the and interefting light. He had engag-caftle of Capet with Neckar, ed to pafs a year there with his friend, and would have wimed to have mewn but the war had rendered travelling hij$� as a warning to any afpiring exceedingly inconvenient, and, toge-youth poffeffed with the daemon of ther with his increafing bodily infirmi-ambition. " With all the means," fays ties, had induced him to lay afide the he, " of private happinefs in his power, undertaking. But the unexpe&ed he * is the moft miferable of human death of'Lady Sheffield removed every beings; the pail, the prefent, and the difficulty and delay. Mead of in-future, are e4ually odious to him. creafing impediments, he haftened to WhenlfuggeftecUomedomefticamufe- England to foothe his affiided friend ments of books, 'rbuildiogg, See. he an- by the moft .generous fympathy, and fwered with a deep tone of defpair, to try to alleviate his domeftic calamity. Dans Vital ouje fmst Je ne puis fentir Neither his great corpulency, nor his quele coup de vent gui tn\a ahbatu.- extraordinary bodily Complaints, could How different from the carelefs cheer- prevent him for a moment fromrefdtv-fulnefe with which Lord North fup- ing on an expedition that might have ported his fall 1 /Madame Neckar main- deterred the moft active young man. tains more external compofure, tmis k With ah alertnefs by no means na-diabten'y perd rkn." . ~., * tura}r to him", he undertook a long cir-In the year 179.1, Mr. Gibbon re- euitous journeyby the frontiers of an ceived. a vifit from Lord and Lady enemy worfe than favage, -within the Sheffield,, of which a brief account is found'of their cannon, within the ra�ge given,by his vifitor. Among other of the light troops o� the different particulars is mentioned, that Mr. G. armies, and through roads ruined by from early youth, h*td contraded a the different machinery of war. -partiality for foreign manners and fu- He arrived fafely in England about Vol. II. TT '