Friday, January 15, 1897

Liverpool Courier

Location: Liverpool, Lancashire

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Text Content of Page 1 of Liverpool Courier on Friday, January 15, 1897

Liverpool Courier, The (Newspaper) - January 15, 1897, Liverpool, Lancashire IT.....Vn. t, AUTMUK hM much pteamn) I THE BOYAL COURT THKATBE HAS NOW BEEN C Wrtfc nuecr-rful IUDERELLA. Theatre ur'lersonp ill and, antler of tbo City Authoritta, every- thing hw been done (or nd comfort of public. for Kwry N-IQJ made by Mtwmi MARKISOK, of LONDON and rnUrc nrv for Ihc Merry Wtld Wood ud Ma Itall room by ilw Boc Marcbc. bj London- M 'ORNIXG >ERFORMANCE3 UN SATURDAY NEXT. JANUAKY 1Mb. THE Cl'RTAIS WILL RISE AT Xarlj doon 615 to Pit PH. and A JxioUnK office now open from 11 to 1TST, CJHAKESPEARE THEATRE. O PRASER-STUKKT. LONDON-KD, LIVERPOOL. Actinfi Mmiaatr..........Mr JoHNGarrxiY. TO-NIUHT AT 7 15. TCVN1GUT AT 11S. THE ____ ABES IN THE TJ ADMITTED OK ALL 81DK8 TO BXJTHE MOST BEAUTIFUL AKD Mm BY PANTOMIME IN ENOIaAXD THIS YKAK. THE PANTOH1MK OO1NC. WITH A SWING FROM MTAKT TO PIKIKH UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS. THE VITAGRAPH OF LIVING PHOTOGRAPHY, Wit) be nhown at each OW and Young not, to the opportunity thto reallj wo-ierful LIME-STREET. LIVERPOOL, DIRECTOR Mr. KB. HOBS PVKRY -pVENlNG AT ij MR. OSCAR BARRETT'S GRAND FAtKY PANTOSflSOl CINDERELLA, AH PLAYKD AT THE LYCEUM TKKATBE, LONDON, WITH ENORMOUS bUOCESS, AND WITNEBSED BY T.R.H- THE PEINCE AND PRISCBSS OT WALB8, AND DUCHESS OP YOEK. PVKE AND DUCHKSB OF CONNAUGBT, THE DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE. AND OTHER MEMBERS OF THE EOTAL FAMILY. by all to be A KKF1VED AND GORGEOVa PANTOMIME. A PANTOMIMR WITHOUT VULGAJUTY. A PANTOMIME TEEMING WITH WHOLKBOMB TUN. WEDNESDAYS AND QATUBDAVB. AT O To i-hich Children are at Kcdncftd rrion. at 6 30. Matter, at 1 30. EMto dom to mru iscalli DCCM Ctnte esoppMd) half an optn TriephoneMi _ D A _ T H E A T R E LLOYtk CLARANCES FUNNY P QLD TT1NG EVKRY EVENING AT 7 MONDAYS. WKDNESDAYtt, AND BATUCDAYB AT 1 SUCCKS8 NEEDS NO BOOMING got (o 4 TcWpbonf Sa. 5796. T. ANDREW'S WATEKSIDE CHURCH HISSIOV.-b) aid of the abcT.j, "TOE by TMUB. W. bejJajfdl'e-NiOBTlFRiHAYLlEdi In the SMALL CONCERT ROOM, ST. GEORGE S- ALL. The ptav vtU be prodwxd under the direction of Caen. WABWIOC of MlM C [Unnumbercdl. Tidseta to be olKahiod o[ Mr. WHbam Miuk WarchouM, Cliurch-rtnMt, Swlth nd Son, Meters. Dmaper, lUold-etreet; and ewm. J. K. Cnttncr and Co., South Cartle-nreet. miYOLI PALACE, LIME-ST11EBT. K1EKXAIT3, Director. Mr. J. K1UXAK The Panumli JACK THE GIANT KILLER. HENGLER'S WEST DEKBY.ROAD. LIVBJtrOOL. MAGNIFICENT ENTERTAINMENT. SURPASSING ALL PREVIOUS XKFOKTB. AND GYMNASTIC DAXIKQ, In addition to EKEGANT PANTOMIME. TJICK WHITX1NGTOK UCD HIS CAT. TO-DAY. 730. 'i Grand Poetk. Fairy Spectacular DICK AND HIS CAT, A Gonemu Production for ChrhimH the CIRCLE, bj Hcntkr-p OnM Conpaej e (he at Every TtoxOOcc at William Church-Hract, wbcn an be reatrred for all the perfetnuancM. Open at 7; commencing at 7 30 from 01 to Chadren ten yeare Iwoapt to A BT 1 ALLERTES, NOW ON VIEW, THE CELEBBATZD PICTURE, -TpHE F ORD'S Bv P. A. J. DAGWAN OFIN mow 10 TIU. 5- SATTRPATH 10 TILL I. ONE HHILUNG. _____ Pamphlet by De-n _ N 11 -Px-turt- Lfahlfd by KleetrkAj. _ il DOG. POULTRY J MtJKuX. <ND CAT SHOW. JAKITAKT JSth, JJlh 14jai6 _ S. Great LiTsrpool. mO Q.EXTLEMEN. WINTER "SUITINGS, in Oral Vanety, in aiyl fTooi 50 Sljles, Perteetioa in -p OR REST AND ST. GEORCE'S-CRESCENT, OYSTKR Oysters sleep an root They iiu doth, And what in anf if hatmz teed of JACK'S OY0TCBS will do imiri. lor ITM. In them will a--------- in tbctr vork Jack, S3. Faddinctoo, I V E R PO O L M O R T G A G J IXsrKAXCE COMPA3TY. 8, CASTLE-aTKFET, LIVERPOOL, nTHKUTOW. n imKKitv. cinrum '7 tlonf, oltier urtlint li _ _ ol Iht t'ornpany J M fc O U G L A S, HV5GERFORD, AW _ TUKH for I'rofttH mail pfoinialy nf mo Wiih-lranafc ol CMflt.l niailM Aland 16th AS, Hl'X.KKKttRD, 1 WILUAM.S. Meour. Lunjon. K.C and 11 Tlacede la Para l RASCKE l IB Ulr M.rh PEK CENT. CHEAPER -r C 26, CRAMER CHAMPAGNE. DUVAL-POUGKOI8E 1889 VINTAGE BRCT. EKTEA DRT. H. FAIR, F MR. HAROLD B. NBLSON'd LADDIN, X HAJiLWODSR BuWLfc. rHJ-NMIHT AT IV rpO-HIOHT AS1 rV TpXTBAORDINABlf GUCCESS B A _ riSS T OTTIE I JU MISS A: "pKED. MORNING rERFOKMANCE SATURDAY KEXT, AT 6 bMt to BALL'S LUCKY WKDUINU :ALL'S Half a daien each puichawr J a Ring. ___________Carfc pott free. 33. LONDON-ROAD. Purchase riAKOFORTE, AMERICAN ORGAN, or HAR- MONIUM until WILLIAM LBA'S Btock oi lich-elau InitruinenU at JO tu 60 per cent- ducounb (row -----TOO Pianos and Orxaoi hare AM LEA, SO and 52, Church- ----------------trutnenU at vricet; been wld tn 25 yean. WJ Lirerpool. RNICKERROCKERS mode from pure Uand-woren Highland CbtnoU, in and diMipia. SMtwT B. Jforth John-ttreet. Uror__________________________ HIGHEST PRICE GIVEN FOR OLD GOLD and S1LTKR, DiaMO, and China, AiUques, Dental Ookt, or Frcbote C. H. HAYIlURaT (late J. Harm S. Telephone 6402. o. Bedfoi INU C4 FINNERTY, Couturieres, 116, ----Bedford-itnel 8wjtb, TAILOR-MADE GOWNS OLJNO COSTUMES, AfTERXOO.S and BALL Perfection of fit andBtyfe. atrictli TYGIENIC CORSETS L OB8TBTRIC BKLTO.. __ t HER MAJKSTY'8 ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. UospiUlforWoniwi.Sbaw ____U MRS. M C, M'KiiuN. 31, MOUWT-PLBABAMT LIVERPOOL, Eetablishtd JBoi Hizhcet Medical TWBW SONGS, New Waltzes, and all JLl MtMfe, K per wnl. litawiuit (or JAMhd SMITH t SON. _____ T6, 12, J. W7HAT SHALL WE DO WITff OUR BOYS AND G1RLB T THEM COMPETE FOR STATE EMPLOY and tbejt cinaot dn tab with a better chance o MM BIJOCCM than by aralling ct Utc hinti pikUfsce, and UuUon to be found ul small COM at ME JtKEFES LIVERPOOL CIVIL SEUViCE ACADBMY 12ft BOLD-tiTHBLT -Vide Frew.. "CO Panes, Prospectus and t-opj .REAPER PIANOS ON EQUITABLE HIRE Guarding from all risk of unfair treatment, FROM 7s. PEP. MONTH CASH I'DICEi FROM 16 GUINEAS. WM. H. DREAPKK, 95. LIVERPOOL. ETTABLMH-U 1S2S. Telephone Ko 6.M7. Apollo EVANGELISATION FOE LIVERI'OOL. Ac. SOCIETY WEEK OF SPECIAL PKAYEB FOR LOCAL WORK. Meetings will (D.V.) be held in the C O M M O N H A L L H A C K I K 8 H E Y. Prom Twelve lo One o'clock, Jan. 13. Addrew liy UiU tSIMI'SOK Brt. K AZELWOOD HYDRO., Grange-over Sands. -New Wine, con Win! root luxnriourij ihed. HYDRO. Pbywxsiao. DH. BARSARIIO, Dedrable Winter rcplMe with crett comfort. Ternw from 7i 6d per OM. Including Ruwian. ftml other BaUM. ITooJalg _____ _ _. OYAL INFIRMARY "Tbo ANN UALOESKRAL JOEETINO ol tho TRUSTEES this -Ul be held In tho IJoard-room of Ih Inwttt-ion on SATUHDAY, the at clock a.m., to tranvact. tbe usual buamtM and to OFFICERS Icr the year. H. B. GILMQUR, Chaknaai 1897 _ _ COLLEGE, UPPER JU BCIIOOL, LODOE-LANE NEXT TERM REOINtf TUESDAY, .lAKITART 19th. Mew PupUs Received MONDAY. JANUARY 13th T IVERPOOL COLLEGE, SHAW Aj STBEET, MIDDLE AKn COMMBRUIAL SCHOOLS TERM COMMENCED THURSDAY, JANUARY HUl. LIVERPOOL COLLEGE FOR GIRLS NEXT TERM BBOINtt TUESDAY, JANUARY 19th. New 1'iiiiils Keceiicd MOM) AY. JANUARY 18th. r IVERPOOL COLLEGE FOR GIRLS, HUYTON. SCHOOL RE-OPBN3 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY nth. Hew Pupils Rccelred TUESDAY, JANUARY 26th. T EWIS'B m yy INTER [TO-MORROW, A TURD At, AKD ALL NEXT WEEK. SPECIAL BARGAINS. SPECIAL BARGAINS. SPECIAL BARGAINS. SPECIALLY riHEAP [PEOIALLY riHEAP TAILORING TO ORDER. MjBN'S READY-MADE CLOTHING. TOOTS' READY-MADE CLOTHING, EN'S AND BOYS' BOOTS. "prOSIERY, GLOVES, miES, UMBRELLAS, TCI ATS, HATS, HATS- AT EWIS'S, IS "OAJTELAGH-STRBBT. QJ.REAT ANNUAL QLEARANCE gALE 'THIS DAY. JJXTBA are been nade la all Departments, muni- marked a quarter the original pnon. ALL SURPLUS MUST BE CLEARED BY END OF THE MONTH. PRICES YERY ftjycH DAILY DURING JANUARY. 1897. LAMBS WOOL CLOTHS, eoffc and wann, in Grew, Creams, and Crinwm. fult- able (or ManUea, JackeU, and Coata, are reduced to acd 3.6 per yard. HALF-PRICE. QU.U1TER.PB1CE COUNTRY PA31CELS OVER 20s. CARIUAOE PAID EVERY LADY IN tmaiPOOL anotn.D SEE THE WONDERFUL BARGAINS THIS DAY mEMPJ 'LETOlf ANT'S K, 87, 99, AKD 101, LONDON-ROAD. TO-DAY. ST. GEORGE'S-HAU. TMTOTOE UHOWT THIS DAY (FKIDAY) AND TO-MORROW JANUARY k 16TH. OPES 12 KOON Tir.r, 10 T H DAY. RECTTALSpK THE GRK '.r' H. RI IIOE. OOYAL AJAX" CYCLES J-V CITY DEPOf NOW OPEN', E L H J BriURh Cjcllnp Man in-road. LJrerpooL SEE THE C AT ST. GEORGE'S-HALL, THIS WEEK. THE LEADING MACHINE FOR 1897. SHOW. Visitors to Cycle Shoir, 81. Ooorve t-halL BWT THE PUNCTlhlE LOCATEtt. A'won'- TASD 44-; WROUGHT IRON GATES r ShoiK, Orfoa, Wonhotuu, Butloiu, UfM. PnMIe Bnlldlmj, Churehn, M.nffii ''i'''' BYRQM-STREET. 1JVE11POOL. OBSERVE o Mantifacturera or Agents decline to fit Ih _-_------- TIRE lo jour 1897 immnt, .ml- ui direct. Do not, be penuodixl lo wke another mike nf Ure, on which I' will more profit. Meanwhile, call nt our Stand, lf< ClTil GEORGE'd-HALL, and it Aio straled also U THETUBELESS PNEUMATIC TIBE CO..LTD -OHN QTUBBS 272. AKBLE OONS, OF ALI per IRTOAOB Aartwvt al hnr of i-tetM, Bwrowoft rapv whboar, notkv or [m or any fnnfcar 1.T.JH B. CRAMER Co.'a UW Btuck (4 naitoi, Oriw., Ac., b un- ritaUWt cither in LonUon oi tfca IVwbraiM, Bwy of kwt. lit New trxxMt by cb. Rraadwood, IVERPOOL SCHOOL J MOUNT-3TKEET. OF ART, UKAlt-NAOTER-Mn, FREDK V BURRIDdE, A.B.E. THE SCHOOL ON JANUARY 7iH. BtudenU tpecially prepared for tbe following Mar xnoiiiiattanu of Lhe Depanment of Science and eometry, in Light and Hhade, .Moikl Dnirlne, Vcehond, Perapectiic, DnJipi, Drnwing from Life, Painting Inmi Still Ltte, Drawing from Anliqitg. Painting In Monoclirome, ArchlU-clurd, (.c., tc, Ercnios Clan-t for and Uentlcmcn, 5s, per Quarter Day Clawoe for Ladles and Gentlemsn, 2 and 3e per Quarter. A Private Claw for la held In a separate room. Pw, For prospjctit December. 1836. Hpplj- to the School, or lo 1IAKOLD WHALLEY, Swret-ry. JLACIOJURXE H OUSE. LIVERI'OOL INSTITUTE HIUU SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. HEAD MlSTl'.ESS: MISS L. M. COOMBE. FEE> from 21 3s lo per Term, Iflngu PREPARATORY oFpABTMEST FOR UOYS AXD OIKLS. FEES, I5e. lo per Tcnu. THE SCHOOL ASSEMBLES AT 0 M A M. TERM BEGAN THURSD JAN. ?TM. Knirftjirr Eihibition, conlerrine frev Miicalion foi one ear, open to all nttpila jcnrxof be had, tnt, on application to L U T" fl K Jl 1.KADIMJ PlAKOfOllTE M AS U FACT UK EBB LS TUi: UORLD" Vwwtrraforiiun cfXtui N. L. ft SON, 27 AKn 20. BOLD-BTHKliT, UVEKI'OOL. Ko, IVERPOOL OENTRAL'RJKLIBF AND J CHARITY ORGANISATION" 8OCIETY. Tho Treasurer bco to Craban.Rowe.ftOo GO 0 0 Walter C Clark......SO 0 0 UBParr.......10 0 0 81 200 i e 31. MOORgTRBET. B rp H E U G G E T" BLACK AND BROWN WATERPROOF POLISHES, AS USED IN THE HOUSEHOLD AND STABLES O H R H. T1IE PRINCE OF WALES. No Hooda, Apront, Bags No llrowa llamea Ko 4-For Brown BocU, Shoes, Ac, each. ALL THESE POLISHES NOURISH TUB LEATHI Mack and Brown Pads, Sd.; Bnubej, It, For use with the preparations. Furniture Polish (a Pajaej In. Ko offetwive smell or Oct. 10, Foriltcld-UfcwmonLht 'Xupac which fully come up ta all thai tho (or them' Exitstt the IJuepn, Ocl. A plan is to the 'Nujjet' Poluh, whic is most on all leathers.' Lund AUK on patent leather, XIHCC kid. and brown and found Item to POMCM all the menu tlic inrcnlora for tbtiii." STAND 77. UALLEP.Y. If an} difficulty ID obtninti tnp any o LONDOX, S.E. C C L E S. THE PALATINE ENGINEERING CO., LTD 10, BLACKSTOOK-STKEBl-, LIVERPOOL, Makers of "THE PALATINa, CVOJJiS, are nox to luppij Machine! for Ladici and Gentlemen, "HIGHEST Fitted with Weati Carter or other _ PedaU. Droolte'i CYCLE REPAIRS CAREPVLLY AST) PROMPTLY __________ EXECUTED.__________ N: MPOR1ANT S ALE JURE WOOL CLOTH BLANKETS, 10'6 to pair. wmrK Jons, reduced to T LADIES' TAILOR-MADE COATS-AND S EVENING WEAR. -The nSitkBrochea and Jnpaowfl SlLks arc reduced to peijanl, Tbe 27 inch are K; uce.l lot- per rant. Tbe Pongeee ara rwloced lOld. The and ery prettr patUnw, are rednced to per jatd. STRIPED SKIRTS, full size, Undi, In rix colours, at ud reduced from I'll and 6711. pi REAT BARGAINS IN LADIES' MOLLETOK AND FLANNEL DRKS8INO- OOWNB. Balepricaafrota311to ranted from o'll to SO.. CARPETS. SPECIAL T.AXMraaTEE SgUARra, IMt. ftp, .by .9fk 5 OW HA BRUSSELS IN ORDER KOW 1 FOREIGN FANCY dozen Hand-patoted PHOTO FRAMES, II Jrem im. 20 ONLY OAK T." rednced (rum TWO CABINETS, reduced f LADLES' WINTER Calf Kid. and Goat Letaot, Lace and Button DooU, vith Leather Fronte antl B nrioe 1 roond Mid Dee 1 wwtft PAIRS TAN r-JOO _. _ OF GENTLEMEN'S ____LEATHER BOOTS. reduced from 17.6. 'OK mOWNSHEND'S TSTINTER CALK pREAT DAILY DUHIXG JANUAKY. CATAJXJOt.'ES FREE. BYKOM-STBBET iSD DALE-STREBT. pjBIPPS, <t Q BEG TO ANNOUNCE THBIB WINrnR BALE THIS DAY AND UNTIL THE 16TH 1NST THEY HAVE HADE UNUSUAL RE. DUCnoNB Di BSVEKAL DEPART- MENTS TO OLEAR OUT A LARGE AB10UST OP STOCK DUK1NU THE WEEK. 14 16, BOLD-STBEET. HOUSE STOCK. O A Y MILE Lkl Hor.O TnK LARGEST STOCK OF IOUSE I'URXIStUXi; GOODS LIVERPOOL Furniture, Liiiolciims, FloorclcthJ, Mil Bcddaif, Winter Curtaioi and Curtain Cretonne Chintzes, White ami Lace, Swbs Kmbrotdered nnd Curtains Corniro Polcn, Table Hoiuchotd Linens and Drapery Iromnosiserr. Uhini, and fl lit n ware, Ac. 34- 36. 3ft 40, 4i 44. 46, 4a LOXDOX-HOAD HOTHAM-STRELT, B1UDFOKT-STUKBT AND FRASEIWiTREET, LlVEttPOOL. 4 Wwtwood Hollow Riiio, Duulop-Wtich Tjrrti n- or other Gear Caves. Detachable Cotnbtuition U, Drooke'i to tlato tn eterj detail. PORT TOR LAYING DOWN. We bATc Mtocteil fctr Plpu of 1801's VUfTAOG FORT Ublpped by M0ROAXL TlM Wine now on our muiUfnB kml U [or ImmedJMe botUbif. neil feir i ll offer thd icrir tine nine nt PER DOZEN NETT CASH. ACKIE iarLADSTONE, wrai sruuT SBRCBAMS. S( TUB ;C01TISH IDOWS' TL1UND (MUTUAL) T ITE A SSUEANCE COCiETY, FocyDED 1816. AOCCTtULAIED TO.-TD3 ANNUAL REVENUE...... SPECIAL NOTICE. HOected before the CLO3I-: o( tbo BOOKS tor (31.1 vlU rule lur BowH laur 48. QKEOE A.