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Bristol Times And Mirror, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1897, Bristol, Gloucestershire ra-K'. THE BRISTOL TIMES AND MIRKOB, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1897. LOCAL NEWS. A new Mid revised edition has been issued of Janses Fawn and Sou's Plan of JJrUtol and its Environs, on the scale of six inches to the. mile. The map IKIS well revised and brought up to date. BRISTOL TRAMWAYS AND C A UK i AGE COMPANY, traffic return for the week 24th September was Is, lOd.; corresponding period of last year, 2s. 10dT Owing to a partial failure of the water supply on the Waldegrave estate at Chcwton, Lord Carlingford is about to carry out a scheme whirli will greatly en- banco the supply to many of the involving an outlay of over ILLEGAL Andrews, aged 49 years, pleaded guilty, before the Bristol magistrates on Saturday, to illegally pledging a quantity of sheets, clothing, quilts, articles which she had receired to wash. The things were not marked. Defendant was ordered to pay 10s., the estimated value of the goods, and 10s. and costs fine, or 21 with hard labour. FORGOT THE young couple had arranged to married at Tatworth. near Chard, on Satin-day, and tha wedding party had assembled before the altar and the service had been commenced, when it was found that the bridegroom had forgotten to bring the ring with him. The ceremony was delayed whilst a messenger was dispatched for tho all-important article, and in the end tho nuptials were completed, wnld considerable merriment among the spectators. COLSTON Mr. Augustus Simmons giires his 25th annual coiurrt. The vocalists arc Miss Alice Boaclen, Mrs. K. .1 laker, Fancouii, and Mr, Montague Worlock, and humorous songs by Mr. Fred. Tichbon. The instrumentalists arc Mr. Will. Fettitt Sir. Jones Miss Lier- trudc Doeid (solo and an orchestral band. Other ladies and gentlemen will assist, and thn programme includes two costume dances by Miss Victoria Louisa Simmons, aged C, [laughter of Mr. Augustus Simmons. BRISTOL CIXOAAL Hoc of this lociety's ninth season are announced in another column. Four concerts have boon arranged. Mendel- ssohn's bo performed on November 6, Handel's "Messiah" on December IB, Gounod's "Redemption" on March 19, and Berlioz's "Faust" on April 30. The attention of subscribers is particu- larly drawn to a new rule of the society, whereby subscribers of one guinea receive one 7s. 6d. ticket for each of the concerts, and may take as many more flftt division tickets (7s. 6d.) as they may wish at the price of 6s. each. In addition, they will have the privilege of selecting their seats before tho plan is opened to the public. We understand that his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, K.G., has accepted the presidency of tho Bristol and Cilfton Philharmonic Society, and that a very strong list of vice-presidents is in course of formation. The season's work will begin in earnest this week. The instrumental section, under the conductorship of Mr. Edward Pavey, will meet at Highbury Lecture-hall on Thursday evening. The programme will include Sullivan's "Prodigal a work which has been enly once given m Bristol Haydn's Symphony in E flat, which contains a charming violin in the andante movement-, and lias not been heard in Bristol for 20 years, the last occasion being at a concert con.- ducted by Mr. Andrew Wai to and several other interesting items. The vocal section, under Mr. Edward Cook, will meet at the Blind Asylum on Mon- day, October llth. The society bids fair to have a Tery successful career. YIELDING TO the Bristol Police- court on Saturday, Emily Buxton, 63, and Minnie Buxton, 27, from Kingsvood, charged with stealing two fur neckiets, value 3s. Hid., tImproperly id Messrs. Parker, drapers, of Wine-street, rind a roll of scarlet ribbon from Messrs, P.C. Sanders deposed to seeing defendants about 6.30 on Uie evening of Friday loitering round Messrs. Parker's door. He saw the rider take hold of the fur necklets ATHLETIC NOTES. Bristol secured a very easy wia on Saturday; in fact, the way in which they piled up the score against thu London Wanderers became monotonous, and their total of 47 points to nil IB about a record for the club. When W. T. A. tteare, who is well known amongst London sporting journalists, undertook to bring down team, it- was understood that the city officials had secured a most attractive match, because, as originally selected, tho visiting fifteen contained several Surrey county players, as well as Kipling, who was deemed worthy of a place as a forward in tho South team last season. The date, however, proved an unfortunate one, and the fact of Jllackheath having two trial mate! MS on prevented Wall is and several others from turning up, and the visitors had to find several substitutes in Bristol. Marsh took a place on the three-quarter line, and Lippett, who given a chance in the Bristol trial match a fortnight ago, also helped the Wanderers. These two men considerably assisted the losing side, and in the first half especially Marsh was prominent. But even with the help thus obtained, Scare's side never had a chance of holding the Bristol ians in check, and they generally did much as they liked. Though the match was such a one-sided affair, it must not be inferred that the victors showed any slackness. Right up to the finish tho whole team played with a dash which was very refreshing when we remember how easily matters have been taken in previous years when victory has been well assured. The greatest fault that could bo found, porhaps, was with the place kicking. Two more of the tries ought certainly to have been converted, and then the total points would have exceeded fifty. Still, the work was done rather better than usual, though room might still be found for a man possessing special ability in this direction, for two points would ofUm turn a dofeat into a victory. Tho saxue quartette did duty on the three-quarter Hno as last week against Ex mouth, and they again came through with credit, At times the passing was a little wild, and Smithson show a trifle move dash but these are faults which practice inay be confidently expected to rectify, for there is no doubt about the individual ability of the men. Gates was hardlv so clean in hia fielding of the ball as usual, though his tackling was well carried out, aiid the way in onco grassed Marsh undoubtedly prevented a certain try. The difficulty of improving upon Needs and Allen at half was made more apparent than ever, the latter being particularly smart in his tackling. It was pleasing to see Bingham again in the pack, who, led by Jarman and Inskip, .shaped very well, and on their present form it is an open question if the club ever had a bettor lot of forwards. The- way in which they combined was a revelation to rnaBy, and the good example of Jarman in following up nas borne fruit, for he is now ably supported by others, notably Thomas and Courtney. Fearco, who hails from Cwmbran, made a favourable detitt. Tho keen manner in which lie collared was a source of consider- able delight to the onlookers. With a little more experience the policeman, Kroomfield, should do well. The Wanderers would have fared even worse than they did if Marsh had not been assisting thorn. Thomson, who is brother to W. B. Thomson, the Inter- national, was uncertain, and Cunningham confined himself chiefly to tackling, which he did very well. In the loose the visiting pack dribbled well, and their collaring was certainly a lesson to some of our for- wards. It is a significant fact that, while the first team was compiling a huge score at the County Ground, the reserves were doing almost as wdl at Sheptori Mullet, where they scored 44- points, while the extra XV. also obtained in one day 114 points were placed to the credit of the club. gate only amounting to 10s. Now it is customary for all the expenses of tho out-and-horae games to bo deducted from the receipts, and the Mniftciair6 takes the 'balance. As the expenditure in this case amounted to Roberts would only have got but it was obvious such a sum was totally inadequate, and the question tho committee had to deal with was to what extent that should be supple- mented At first it was suggested that tho cost of tho match afc Lord's should be excluded, and then came a proposal that the club should simply take a round sum, like twenty-five guineas. That met with general approval, so Roberts will receive from the county to supplement hia subscription lists, sojio will be very much better off tliau was at one time expected. Another matter which came before the meeting was the arranging of matches with Essex. C. K. Green was anxious to secure fixtures with Gloucestershire, and we are gLid the committee were able to arrange them, for they arc sure to prove attract! ve SATURDAY'S FOOTBALL. ASSOCIATION, ENGLISH LEAGUE. DIVISION I. NOTTS Cotwrv v. Co About people were at Trent. Hridgre, Nottingham, to sec the match between these W iilland teams. Each side scored once in the opening half, and though Derby pressed hard ailcnvards, the game ended in a draw of one goal each. SUNDEliLAND V. SlIKKFlEI.D WEDNESDAY. TllO second ivseetiujj of the season between these clubs took place tit Sun derlantl. and attracted nearly people. Sttndcrlaud obtained tlits only gpal up to change of ends, and, maintaining tlie Jer.d to the end, ivouby one goal tt> none. Br.ACKBU.KN IlOVEUS V. ASTON TllO Visit of the elm su pious to Blackburn attracted about people. Strangely enough, Aston Villa failed to score in the half, and afterwards, while they obtained three goals, the Rovers obtained four. Aston Villa thus sustained their first defeat i a the League by four goals to three. JJOLTON V. PftESTON NOJITH A game between these Lancashire teams took place at tho presence of peoplo. Cassidy, in the first half, scored whul proved to be the only goal oji the match, and so Boltou won by oae goal to none. SHEFFIELD D.VITED v. JBujiv. At Rrarafitll-lane, Bheincld, the Ikuy team opposed Sheffield United, before people. To the general surprise tho only goal of the first halt was one to Bury, but United succeeded in drawing level afterwards, aud the game ended in a draw of one each. WOLVEIUIAMPTON V. NOTTS These teanis met at in splendid weather, before a large crowd of peoplo. There wag no scoring by cither club in the opening half nor after tho change of ends, so the match ended iu a pointless tow. v, More than people witnessed this match, at Anfteld-road, Liverpool, Evcrton had the better of the play iu the first half, but scored only one goat as against two by Liverpool, and in the cud Liverpool proved victorious by three goals to one, WKMT BROIIWICII ALBION v, STOKE, At West Broimvich tlifisc cluba met before people, Nothing was done in the opening hall, but West Bromwicli won the match by two goals to none. STREET v, friendly match was played at Street for the purpose of opening the Victoria PootbaiJ field. There waa a very good pate, ono of tho attrac- tions being the appearance of G. B. IUifcea> tho Intor- nation al .Oxford University, and Corinthian goalkeeper, tor HoMi teams played a good game, but well? had tho beat of it, and through the greater part of tho match the scores stood Wells three, Bfcrcet one, Just before Umo waa called Street managed to kick two more goals, so that tho game cncletl iu a draw of three cjoala each, YKOVIL CASUALS v, UITOW Casuals en- coimtered tho Upton Park team <Kssex Cup holders) on the Yoovil ground. The Casuals placed a strong team in the field, and Uptou Park were out-classed at all points of the giuuo. Within two minutes of the start the home sido secured their first goal from a clinkingr shot by G. Then followed a regular bombard- ment of the Upton Park goal, in which the Yeovil for- wards showed some of the best play yet seen on the ground. Their passing was accurate, and gonls were scored in rapid succession by Smith, who shot three, and O, VasaalJ, who secured another tvro. ttefore the cud of tjie first half goals were also obtained by 8, U, Vassall aiKJl Wyatt, the Casuals crossing over with a lead of Sgoals to nil. The second half was of a more even character, and the play of the Caaualstoll offsomewhat. Still Upton Park could not pass the Casuals' backs until within a jfev minutes of the close, when they succeeded in beatiug the goalkeeper. This was responded to by Smith, who, obtaining the ball centre by Stone, landed ft splendid goal. The won A rather one-sided game by nine to one, The following were the teanis Hyde, goal Bond and Sut'tfj backs; Brister, Ewens, and Sfcoodley, half- backs; G. C. VassaU, Smith, Wyatt, Stone, and H. Vassall, fonvards. Upton Park: Jones, goal; Culling and ilornswell, backs; Kegan, Williams, and Chalk. half-backs; Kennedy, Sissong, Phelps, Clayton, and Beechcrott, forwai-ds. The Gloucester Teachers met tlie Boss representa- tives at Gloucester, and were defeated by seven goals to nil. Bristol Pupil 3; fchirelmmpton Gotham, 2; Mangotdfiold, ntt. Stanley Kovers, 4 goals; Tyndall'3 Mission, nil, Villa, 5 goals; Bristol Pupil Teachers, nil. Staple Hill Juniors, 4 goals; 2goals. Horfield, 1 goal; Crew's Hole, I goal, Kedcliffe 2; Glemlalc, 2. Raglan Castle, 4 Bristol Nortli, 1. St. Mark's, 1; Xrecfleldt nil. Keyusbam Juniors, goals; Bolgrave} nil, TAUOTON ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL Friday ovouiDg the annual meeting of this club was held at Clarke's hotel. The annual report stated that out of 20 matches played last season 16 were won, 10 lost, anil 2 drawn. The balance-sheet showed that although the season was commenced with au adverse balance of Os. they leftolf with 3s. land. The ofiicers were chosen na under 1st XL, Mr. J. sub-captain, Mr. It. Goodman captain 2nd XI., Mr. H. Mr. T. Dayton secretary, Mr. P. If. Fisher and treasurer; Mr. K. S. Kllie. It- was decided to enter for the West Somerset challenge and also for the senior knocfe-out" competition. fast and exciting game beinf witnessed from start to finish. Wren book a paw and scored, Richards con- verting, five minutes from the start. Bath made desperate eflorta to equalise but Arnold, the home full back, played a safe game, never once failing to take Ms jnan or the ball, Flay ruled very fast, both ends being visited alternately, neither side again scoring, Result; North, 1 goal; Bath, m''. DINGS v. capital game was witnessed at Philip's. The visitors led off very well indeed, and Kdwarda scored a try, which was not converted. Nothing further was registered ia the first half. The homo team opened tho second in vigorous fashion, aud after Hooper had lauded a penalty goal, Shannon crossed the line, hut hie try was not improved upon. Consequently the Dings won by a penalty goal and a try to a, KEYNSBAM v. at Cheddar, aud resulted in a draw, after a very exciting game. Keyn- aluuii played one man short throughout, Cheddar started, but the visitors returned well. Early in the game Cheddar were obliged to save, bat afterwards by several forward rushes carried the ball into the visi- tors' ground, and caused them to touch down. Fol- lowing up a high kick, the homesters overpowered the back and scored a, tryt which was not converted. In the second half Cheddar pressed, but could not score. Eventually Kernftham carried play into tho home and scored, Uie kick failing. CHARD v. SRA-roN.-Played at Chard, and resulted in an easy victory for the home teara by four tries to nil. Passmoi-e, the Chard captain, sustained a serious injury to hia leg, which, it ia feared, wiU .incapacitate him from playing strain this season. Cardiff, 9 goals 5 tries; Seatb, nit. Llanelly, 2 goals 2 tries; Pcnyjrraier, nil, Swansea, 6 reals 4 tries; Swansea league, AberavoQ, f goal 3 tries; Treorky, nil. WJUNOTOK v. at Wrinoton, the home aide winning by two tries to one. St. Agnes, l goal 4 tnea; Elton Bangers, nit. Dings 2nd, I try Avoftiaoutb, nil. Richmond, nil: Combe Down, nti. Bristol Extra, 4 goals 1 try; St. Wcrburgh's, Extra, nil; Kvershe, nil. Exeter, 2 tries Newton Abbot, nil. Davenport Albion, 1 goal 5 tries; Barnstaple, niL llst (ftngby) want matches November 13th, January 1st and 29tU, and February fc6tb. 2nd XV. want matches October fcatf, 16tb, and 23rd, January 22nd and 23th, February 18f.h and 19th, March VOWXBS, 79, Wavcrtey-road, Kedlaua, produced, whilst the younger ono cut them down. The elder one then hid them inside her dress. Witness arrested them a few minutes Inter. r.C. Pjraond, 102 A, said that whilst taking the younger woman to tho station he noticed the roll of ribbon produced fall from tho older prisoner. A shopman .from Verrier's deposed that the ribbon was placed in a basket at the door of the shop; it was unsecured. The bench fined each defendant ll.s. and costs, or 14 days. Mr. "Worsley commended the police for their nnartness, and said that the bench considered it very wrong shopkeepers to put goods out in that way, and they were almost as much to blame as the defendants. A FOOLISH Mr. P. J. Worsloy and Mr. Obed Hosegood, at tlie Bristol Police-court on Satur- day, William Hunt, 47, a respectably-dressed man, was charged with embezzling 16s. 8d.t moneTs re- ceived by him for his masters, Messrs, Brooks and Co., dyers and cleaners, of Ashley-vale. Mr. H. R. Wansbrough, who prosecuted, said the defendant had been in the employ of the company for 18 years as vanrnan, at a wage of 25s, a week and commission. His duties worn to go round with the cart and collect and deliver accouiits. and receipts for money received by him. The company had had dealings a Mrs. Ashmead to the extent of 10s. ami tlie account was given defendant to deliver. It appeared that he delivered thf account and embezzled the money, and followed this proceduro in other cases. When taxed with keeping tlie money, he made no answer, but left the place. From his own confession it was shown that ho had embezzled 19s, Id, Evidence iu support of this statement having been called, defendant pleaded guilty, and Mr. Wansbrough gaid that Mr. Brooks brought the case into court with reluctance, on account of the man's long service with him and the trouble it would causo to Ms wife and Clifton Iiuve mado several alterations in their fixtures this season, and one of the new clubs, was inet on Saturday. They gave the West End men a capital game, only six points dividing: tiio scores at the finish but Clifton were certainly entitled to them, as all round they were rather the better team. Lias again filled the position of full back, and ho accomplished much good work. F. E. Thomas, Bostock Smith, Beloe, arid James were also prominent amongst the backs, the last-named in particular being in about his best form. Baker's kicking was weak, arul ho was inclined to hold the ball too long. The forwards exhibited plenty of dash, though they wei-e apt to be slow in packing. Knowlo possess a working though the kicking of their full back lacked length. Compton freed the ball smartly enough, but he lifted it too much, and was not reliable in finding touch. Goodall and Mere weather were very pood on tho three-quarter linn, while and VOSIHJT were conspicuous forward. Clifton could do-with a new set of jerseys, for the garment of more than one player was in ribbons before tbe match ended. They have lost little by changing their ground, for the new one is as good as the old one, which it Adjoins. FOOTLAliL ASSOCIATION CUP, COMPETITION. First Eonnd. to prosecute. The bench sent prison for one month with hard labour. defendant A wonderfully healthy tone prevailed at the annual meeting of the Gloucestershire Kujby Football Union on Friday night, and we have no doubt tlio effect of that will be seen in the various championship mntchfis which hare to be played this season. Thanks to the scheme adopted when the Bristol Rugby Union, which as tlae president stated had done valuable work, was dissolved, the governing body oi1 the game in the county is at last thoroughly representative. Exception of course may be, and is, taken to the distribution of the chief offices, but so far as the executive ami match committees are concerned littlo real fnult can be found. On the face of it that may not be much to boast about, but this change has taken a long time to institute, and now that it has at length been HARVEST FESTIVALS. ST. THOMAS' harvest festival services were continued yesterday. The sermon at 11 o'clock was preached by the vicar, ttio Rev. W. Mann, and at evensong the Dean of Bristol preached to a crowded congregation. Haydn's Creation" was repeated, and was excellently rendered. ST. JOHN the usual li arrest thanksgiving services wcro lield'iu this church. The preacher in "the morning was the HOY, Theodore C. Chapman, ricar of Christ church, Clifton, the sermon in the evening being preached by the rector. The congregations were very large on each occasion. The church was most tastefully decora with fruit, vegetables, and flowers. After the morning service a short but very interesting certmony took place in the belfry, on the occasion of the presentation of a beautifully-executed description of tlie bells of the church, framed in some of the old oak of the church, presented by Mr. of All Saints-street. The rector, in tlie name of tho churchwardens, thanked Mr, Saundere for his valuable present, which will be lasting record of the work recently done. Mr. C, K, Bout flower spoke to the same effect, and was sup- ported by Mr. R, Taylor, tho senior churchwarden. Mr. G. Sladen also added a few words of thanks. ST. ALBAN'S, WKSTBUKY festival, services were held yesterday at St. Alban's, Westbuiy park. The church was de: orated with a profusion of flowers, fruit, and corn by ladies of tlie congregation. The sermon at 11 o'clock was preached by the Kev. K. H. Jackson, and at evensong the pnJpit was occupied by the Rev, J. Colmer Godwin. There was a large congregation morning and evening. The musical portions of tlio service, which included an anthem by Simper, "I-Yar not, O were' rendered in a most credit-Able manner by the volun- tary choir, Mr. J. H. Filgiim presiding at the organ. At the close of the evening sorvice an organ recital was given by Mr. Tittle, organist of St. "Saviour's, Woolcott park, tho programme being SonaU 4, Mendelssohn; Barcarolle Sterndale Bennett; Tuccato and Tugue, D minor, Bach OSertoire, Batiste. harvest thanksgiving service was held in this church on Friday evening, when special psalms, lessons, and prayers were used. The anthem by Maunder, "Praise the Lord, 0 was creditably rendered by the choir. Tlie church was very tastefully decorated by various members of the jealousy which formerly existed between the North and the South is dying a natural death, and its place is being taken by a feeling of confidence and harmony, which must in the long run have a beneficial influence upon the so far as the clubs and the county are concerned. It has certainly increased the effect- iveness of the union and given "it a position it never before occupied. congregation, viz. 'johnsou, Mrs. Rodway, Misses Perry, Glover, Fitxwilliam, Hannam-Clark, and others. The prayei-.s were taken by the Rev. E. J. F. Johnson (viccr) the KPV. K. R. Mosley (vicar of tlie lessor, s bv Mr. Hannam- Clark, and the bv tlie Kev.'W. JJrailsford, rector of Kingswood, nr-av 'Wottoii-under-Edge. Tho offertory amounted to 4s., which is to be given to the National LOXG Tho harvest thanksgiving were commenced in the parish church on Friday even- Ing, when a large present. Tallis's festal responses were and proper psalms were Chanted to Dixou, Uakintr, and the Grand Chant. The anthem "Keioicc iu the Lord" whicli was well rendered. The vicar (the Kev. L, II. Deenng) read tho prayers and special lessons, the sermon being preach f-d by tlie Very Itev. F. Pigou, D.D., Dean of Bristol, from" of the 13th verse of the llth chapter of St. Mark, Nothing but leaves." Mr. Herbert C. T. Gill (the organist) presided at the organ, and the musical portion of tho service was rendered by tho choir in a praiseworthy manner. The services were continued yesterday, the preachers being the Kcv. K. J. vicar of St. Silas', Bristol, iu the morning, and the Kev. W. F. Jepson, vicar of St. Luke's, Uedminstcr, in Urn evening. Several ladies of the congregation decorated the font, pulpit, lectern, standards, and window-silta, fruit, vegetables, and bread being placed in the chancel and rarely has so much attention bocn given in decorating the sacred edifice at this festival. Tho Only one point arose during the proceedings en which ttew was a marked division of opinion. occurred in connection with the treasurership. As we announced on Thursday Bristol had nominated F. N. Cowlin in opposition to J. H. Tratt, of Stroud, the present holder of the office. Some of tho members of the committee looked upon this as ;r-i unwarrantable innovation, and the argument was actually advanced that so long as a man was willing to hold any particular post lie to be permitted to do so. That was speedily knocked on the head by tho vice-president, and then Macartney mado a state- ment the significance of which was not thoroughly graspfd by some of tbe delegates. He deprecated opposition to an officer who had prssented so favour- able a bianco sheet, and added that if there had a vacancy he should have supported a nomination from the South. G. K. Lockey, the Bristol delegate, could not see his way to withdraw tho proposal standing in the name of his club. That to our mind was a trifle unfprtimate, because it was clear the majority was against him, and it would have been far more politic to have retired gracefully than to have courted tlie defeat which ultimately awaited him. At the same time we do think the claims of the South to one of the executive offices is justi6able and cannot be ignored much longer. Bedminster are to be heartily congratulated upon having created the chief surprise of the first round of tlie qualifying competition for the English Cup so far as tho division in which are interested is con- Bristol City were confidently expected to beat Clifton, St. George's chances of success ot Cowes were reduced greatly by the journey tlie team to make, Warmiey and Eastville were known to be well matched, St. Paul's prospects were small against the improved team Trowbridgo now possess, and, last of all, Bedminster were regarded as having not even a remote chance of holding their own against Ncwbury. Yet they came through with flying colours, and have every reason to be satisfied with their performance, which vividly recalls their victory over Southampton Frcemantle last year, in tho competition, by two goals to love, 'it is good indeed to see ono of the old amateur clubs asserting itself in this way. What a sensation they will create if they do equally well in the next round This is too much to hope for, having1 regard to the way in wliich Bristol City treated Clifton, for there was practically only one team in it, and Bailey spent about the warmest afternoon he has ever experienced, and Lo has been through some ordeals. The great match of tho series took place at the Chequers. So much depended upon the result, how- ever, that the officials were too anxious to con- gratulate one another upon the gate, which was the bast that has been seen in tho neighbourhood this season, We wish we could aay the same about the game; but we cannot, for it WAS a vary poor exhibition of football the four thousand spectators witnessed. Neither side ever settled down to work upon the lines thftr have made us familiar with. Cup tie style prevailed all through, and though that furnished many exciting incidents, they wore tlie result of luck more frequently than skill. We were disappointed with the form di'splayed bv both sides, and more particularly that of Warmiey. We may say at once that with a less trusty man than Davis at full back they would have been beaten, and badlv beaten too. The grand work of this beyond question he lias DO superior in IJriftoI to-day- inspired Carter with confidence, and he played as well as ever hn did, McWhirter was not prominent: at half, where P. Britton carried off the honours, such Tbe first round ot the qualifying competitiou for the Association Cup was set ior decision on Saturday, but the games were not of any great importance, as under the system adopted hiafc season not only do the 22 exempted clubs take uo part in the contest--, but other teams are excused participation until the; third roniul. liclow mil be found reports of the matches iti wliich IscaJ c-Iubn engivgccl. WAUMLKY v. EASTVILI.K KOVERS. Cup ties have always tli-awn well at the Chequers, but there waa never tv bigger crowd present thitn at tea tied the meet- ing of these t-lubs, over fl, 000 spectators bring present Uacl men on tho iDjurctl list, and their side was only made up .iusfc before the started. Punch re-appeared tor Uie Rovers, who were tlitiH iU full streiiijtii again. Tremendous excitement prevailed wheii the teams appeavetl, and directly the game was starter! it was seen that sonio of the players as exrit-er! as the spectators. M any rate, iu the flrst ten raiuntca both jjoals were attacked, without cither custodian beiux taxed. There was far more determination tluw skill in tJie play, audit waa quite possible the side which steadied themselves first would open the scoring-, Such, iu met, nearly took place t for the visil-iug forward went away in line from a throw in, and so accurate was tho passing that all the defenders were cleared when Jones shot well and true. Mcates, however, just cot his right hand fco tho ball and turned it over the line, giving a corner. That was uuproductiYc, and a few minutes Horsey missed his kick, thus letting iu Sawyer, who blundered dread- fully, and was Led one of tlie finest chances of the match. The excitement continued high, for each side constantly got openings. Once McLean dashcd'away, and liin centre threatened danger, the ball rernainin" in tho mouth of tho Warmiey goal till Levies, who did grand work all through, cleared. Then Manson was prominent at the other cud, though the ball was soon back iu the home quarters, where Jones sent it over the bar. At the interval the score sheet was blank but the way the Bovers started in the second half juade ifc probable it would not long remain qo, Green, CottcJl, and Jones all fretting in hard shots, all of which went a lit lie wide. The next in mute Bishop tested Koach, though from the goal kick Glithero ought to have got through at the other end. After a dull spell, I! r owe tt beat Farnell and Horsey, but over-ran the ball when the goal was tit his mercy. The pace was tremendous again at this stage. arid no sooner had ono side attacked then they on the defensive again. Thus Jones, Bishop, Green, and Mauson all put in shots in rapid succession, Several fouls moderated tho pace, Wilshire being pulled up for a bad one iu his own half, while another asaiust Uie Hovers looked dangerous. A bcautffnl centre from Bishop was cleverly taken by Manson, who lauded the bail ou the net, while from a corner Woods struck the cross bar. Eastville were aggressive again, but nothing twtme of ifc, and the game ended in a less draw. Teams Wannley Meates, goal Carter and Davis, backs McWhivtcr, Brittou, and WilsUire. half backs Woods, Manson, Sawyer, Browett, and Bishop, EastvHle Jiovers Roach, goal Punch and Horsey, backs Farucll, Turiey, and Ivmsuy, half backs GottelJ, Jones, Green, Glithero. and McLean, forwards. T. Kail ford referee. BBI5TOT, CITY v. Flayed at St. Jolm's-Iane, Chfton but a mistake by Pratt enabled Wyllie to register an easy goal. The home lot soon settled down in tlie Clif tun quarters, but a rush by tho visitors let in who equalised. Soon after this Sinclair had to leave tuo Held, and Caic went back. For a time the City could do nothing right, till from a splendidly-placed corner Wyllie put on the second point, ten mimites after the start, Carnclly following with the third the next moment. A hard attack by tlio home men was well stopped by Gervislt, who sent play up the iield a-gain, though only for a moment, for the home forwards rnshed through and near jy beat Bailey. A corner followed, but a splendid chance was missed by Caruelly, and a by Gerrish gave Clif ton temporary relief. A pretty shot from OstrneDy was nicely stopped by Bailey, but a few minutes later sound play by Hamilton put Wyllie ia front, aud with a nice kick he put on the fourth. Following the kick-off Clifton raced away and gaiued a corner, but they got no advantage. For a time they pressing, till a fou If or tlie City brought them again in front of goal, and from a corner. Bailey saved a couple of shots in a style which elicited loud applause. A minute after Car nelly got a. ehance off Hay ward, and sent in a beauty, and at half time the score City, live; CliEteu, one. Tho City re-star teil, and Wyllle, with a beautiful shot, increased the score to six and O'Brien headed a seventh. Another smart rally by the visitors gave the home defence some work, but Caie cleared and Carnelly came up but could not score, and matters were a triile slow except when Clifton broke away iu an impetuous rush. Then tho City came again, and four rattling shots were saved by tho custodian. Thoy soon had their revenge, however, and Cavnf Uy added the eighth with u left footer. A sustained attack from the right ou the Clifton ended in Carnally nothing the ninth, but try as they would the citizens eouM not add the and the result was -City, uinc Clifton, one. Teams City Mouteith, goal Davy and Sinclair, Manx. Hitfgins.aad Hamilton, halves; Wyllie, Camully. Oaic, O'Brien, and liussc it, forwards. Clifton; Bailey, goal; Hay ward and Qcrrisli. backs; Mayo, TJioiuag. and Pratt, halves; c, Taylor, Macavthy, TrestraiJ, Parr, and Brown, forwards. Referee, G. Gay. Cowxs v. ST. Bad weather prevailed at Cowes wheu this mateli waa started, in the presence of about a thousand spectators. The home side had tho assistance of the wind and the slope at the start, and attacked, but the iirst really good shot ciimc from W. BnUon, who struck the post, After that had been cleared, a foul helped the home side, bnt Finlayson cot the ball away, aud at the end of a, brilliant run scored the goal. St. George, however, were on tlie deionsivc lor a spcU after this, 1'arsoiis and Cox doillfi Bound work. iHrcc-Uy they broke away asain, the yisitcrs were peualisetl for oft-side. Tlieu they got a free kick themselves, Harris just failing to score. The subsequent exchanges were tolerably even, but tit. George maintained their lead till half time. Early in tho Hccond half Cowes managed to make the score level, ami then foil owed a hard fight for the next point. At ono time St. U corse looked like securing it, so and Messrs. W. R. Wai-ton H. E. Townsend! J. Mackenzie, and A. A. Ceilings, A. Davis had a very unfortunate start, the latter crew being into the baulir whilst their opponents secured a lead of several lengths, and, ttctwithstanding the strenuous efforts of Warton's crew to overtake them, succeeded iu maintaining their lead to the finish. Tho second linal race, beUveea Weir's crew and Messrs. L. P. Allen H. lies, A. andE. C. Newton, Davis was keenly contested Cor some distance clown tho course, but 011 tho Jont bend the superior strength of the former crew tola effectively. Weir's crew drawing; away perceptibly from their opponents and wjrmiiiK with several Icnglihg to spare, Mr. G E Davis officiated as starter, and B, A. Baker was judge. Alter tea the prizes won by the successful competitors in thCi series of races were presented by tbe captain, who mentioned that the club had also been successful in winning tlio Reading Challenge Bowl for fours, and the Moulton, Challenge Vase for pairs, at BradJforct-on-AvQn, Cheers having been given lor the visitors, and a similar compliment being paid to captain (Mr, D. H, McPherson) and his wife, the company returaea to Bristol, liaviDg spent a most enjoyable afternoon. C3 v v- r .M- BJW y A U 1 A bl J W J 1 U I O O H Ij- I I ti-O offertories vere, an usual, divided between the Church they were, because, finely as he tackled, he fed the 1 O _. 1 i 1__. 1 _ ._____1___ _ _ j> ___ astoral Aid Society and tho Benevolent Institution. expressive of grati- tude for ingathfring of tlie iiarvc-st were held yesterday in the parish church, Westbury-em-Trym. An early celebration of the Holy Communion was followed by matins, Litany, and sermon at 11 whrn the preacher -wan the Rev. J. J. D. Cooke. At 2.30 a children's service was beld, and a Tnissionary address was g-iven by the Ilev. G. F. Whidborne (late vicar of St. The collection afc this service was on behalf of tbe Society for the Pro- pagation of the Gospel. During1 the afternoon the members of the Rational Sick and Burial Association, headed by the Shirfihampton brass hand, paraded the streets, and at attended service afc tlie parish church, where a very practical discourse was delivered by the. Kev. H. Deninjf, vicar of St. Wprhursh's. The collections on the route and at tbe conclusion of the Kftrvice wero on hohalf of thf: JJristol Infirmary and M HospitnJ. At evensong there, wan again a arid, as at the other ser- vices, special collects, hymns, and paalma were used The anthem was Traiso tho Lord 6 and boih it and Goss1 setticc to the Magnificat and Nmio, Dimitlw were well rendered hv the choir Mr. W. F E. ably presiding at the organ Slftonf Thn'? rllr' The floral decorations were characterised by great variety and wealth of colouring, nnd, in- Urspersea with tastefully-arranged palms, ferns, fcc gave tbe sacred edifice a very bright appearance. At the base of the pulpit two large loaves, made to repre- sent sheaves of attracted considerable notice Among those responsible for the decorative arrixntre- wients were Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Learraonth, Miss Clifford, Miss O. Ford, kc, Tho joyous pealinff of the Royal Agricultural F opposing backs more than his own forwards. The team is not strong in this department, but it is even worse off in the front ranlt. We had been led to expect great things from the Warmiey forwards, but wo did not ecc them. Of course the presence of two now men, like and Woodfi, may have upset the others yet it would not account for tho blunders which Manson and Rrowitt made, or for tho utter lack of combination between the latter and Bishop. Sawyer is said to be an Inter- national who lias not played for two ycara, and we can quite believe it, as he never did anything to help his Bide. Under these circumstances, the Rovers made a great mistake in never trying to play their own game. Had they done so, they would have won easily. They have three competent .halves, all of whom did very well indeed, two useful backs, and a smart goal-keeper. Thmr defence was, therefore, quite capable of Keeping their opponents, on thf) day's form, in check, and it was only nucpssary for their forwards to settle down to their work for goals to havfi come. But that is just what tbe forwards could not do. Green was again a failure in Uie centre, and ho was not much hotter on the wing. Jones, Glithero, ami Oottell were also very erratic in their shooting, organ, with the result that no goals were scored. In fact, we cannot recall a mutch in which both wets of forwards had BO many chances and yet gave tho goal-keepers so httje trouble. The match will bo re-playcd at Eastnlle on Wednesday, kick-oil at four o'clock r t? know that the committee County Club have treated Wic matter of S bSSfit. that the attendance the when hc was the to tbejpuhUc. was IwaU, tiio tins prcsonoa of 600 spectators. Ncwbnry won the toss, nnd tlie visitors kicked off. In the first fifteen minutes tuc exchanges were fairly equal, Ncwhury living-the bC3t of the BUHIC ami making several shoLs at goat. A corner clctretl, and ISowbury narrowly missed scoring, inn lister pnfc mi the, but Berry bad to save a fitcnv sliot from and Manners had to get nu of two successive shots from Cranfield. Brooks imuotf and from the penalty kit'k Popo scored tueia-pt point for Newbury, A good rim by the Bed- imnstcr right wing was stopped by Jtietins, and nuiTowly nufiftcu with a long shot. Bedminster showed smart combination, but failed to score, JIaJf timer- is ewbuiy, 1; Keciminster, nil. Resuming, Betlminatef made a (lesperate effort, and sent in some hot shots, wmcii the ,Ncwbtiry savctl spleudidly. beveral corners also proved fruitless lor tlie visitors inp same was nuw very fast goals being attacked m tiiru, and at length ilarcelt scored from a centre by tottelJ, amid great excitement. Then ttranfleld iiearted a second from a but another by Cran- Jelrl was givca off-side. Final score :-Bcdminster, 3; Ncwbnry, 1. TftowiiiiiBOE TOWN- v. teams uicfc upon VGU spectators. A fortuight ago St. Paul s defeated by two goals to none. but a far different rosult at-tended this game. IVoiri start to finish the locals held tlie upper baud, ami they deserved it, lor they played much the smarter football, live minutes from tho ntarfc W. Hyman scored, and Dotoro tho interval Daniels, Luihcr, and Kookc also added goals for Trowbrid-n. It was seldom that sfc. laiils anywhere in coal, tho defence being very safe. In the eonclndiDjr period of tho ganie the BristoJHHis favcil no better, whcrea.t had their lead further advanced by Daniels, Uownr'd, and Jones, the hittcr'n goal being the result of a fine individual effort. The finish thus saw St. Paul's hope- lessly beaten by seven gokls to nothing. Jrowbridge George, goal; Slugg and Smith, backs Everett, Luther, and H, llyman, lialf hacks; Jones' Kooke, Daniels, Hyniwi, and Howard, forwards. Sk! lauls: Field, goal; Ewene aud Leslie, hacks, Langlord, Ormiston, and IJ Uie ton, half backs; Rider, Elms, Blade, Stoltx, and North, forwards, lieforce, W. J. Bonier to iit BristoJ. KG OTHERlTlJE AGUE. V. MlLLWALL Completely outplaying their opponents, the Hotspur defeated Mi 11 wall Athletic, at Tottenham, by seven tforvls to nil. Southampton, the proved successful by three goals to one. RUGBY. UBISTOL v. LONDON tlie second match of the season of the city club took place at the County Ground. The weather was fine, amfa fair num- ber of spectators were present. The visitors had to make numerous alterations in their and several Bristol players were requisitioned to till vacancies, Tho Wanderers kicked off, and five miuuies after the start Bingham led a good forward rush. Smithson then picked upind passed to Husscy, and in Lhelooso play which followed Jarman jot over close to tlie ba.r, Percy Hussey converting the tiy. The visiting forwards took play into the home twenty-tiro, bufc were soon driven back, Jarniauwas applauded for clever work ia the open, autl scoring seemed likely, from nice bit of passing between Allen iind, Needs..Regffie. Husf5ey fumbled. Needs went off on his own, and shortly afterwards Percy Hussey got in a and the ball, bouncing was missed by Beare, and Bingham, who was well up, scored a try in the far corner, which Einithspn made a brilliant effort to improve upon, but just failed. Marsh made an attempt to score for the Londoners, but knocked on, aud then Jarinan pieted up, and, passing to Percy Huesey, that player narrowly missed scoring. Play ruled very one-sided, the Bristol forwards having matters their own way. and in the liaes-out Biugham greatly distinguished himself. Needs dribbled all along the line, and Marsh saved. Thomson on the other side cleverly intercepted a pass from Needs, but the three-quarter was promptly grassed by Poarcc. Thomas came right through a scrum, and Needs made cfi'ort to put Bristol still further ahead. A really brilliant bit of work followed from ji pass by Smithson to Allen, who handed the bal! imely ou to Pars on a, who transferred to Percy Hussey, aud the latter scored, and also converted. For the next ten mitnites piny was close to tho visit-era1 line, and when the 25 mark way readied the Brothers H assay, by asejful rtius, transferred play to the line agatu. Gates had an unsuccessful drop at goal, and Courtney led tlie forwards iii tho looset and, picking up, passed to Parsons .who, If had fielded the ball, would have been a certain scorer. As it was, Marsh came to the rescue, and removed all dan J nat bef o re hal f-time Thomas and Courtney came up the ex-Bristol North man scored. A little variety infused into the match by the visiting forwards taking the same to the other end? but the relief was only temporary, for Percy Husscy punted vreJl, and his brother tip and scored, though the placo easy missed. Parsons was the noxt to score, and Surithson nicely converted. Cunningham passed to Thomson when near thctfiome liact but Inakip came to the rescue, Thomson maUe a good fittempt to BGOI-O a little later. A splendid movement was initiatecl by Kectis, stiici con- tinued by Fftraons, Percy and Keggic Hussey, tho latter grounding the oval right under the post> though Smiths on failed at the place Kick. Gates had another chance to drop a goal, but tiitl not succeed. A passing bout, ia which four the forwards, besides Allen, took part, nearly ended in a try. The- eighth try foil to Reggie Hwssey, and he scored the major points also. March had only tlie back to pass to score, wheq Gates' brought him clown nicely. For the remainder of the match the Londoners were kept strictly on the defen- sive, but the Bristol men were intent on running up a big total, and this was accomplished by Parsons, Needs, and Biugham registering tries in succession, and two of these were converted, making tlio final 7 firoals 4 tries (47 London Wanderers, nil. Teams Gates, back Smith son, Parsons, R. Fssasey, and P. Hnssey, three- quarters Needs and Alien, halves; Jarman, Bmghara, Gell, Inskip, Courtney, Thomas, Pftarce, and Broom- field, forwards. Loadon Wanderers Beare, back; Cunningham, Draft, Thomson, aud Marsh, three- quarters Bangard aud Taasley, halves: Holmes, Clothier, White, Taylor, O'Brien, Baiter, Wolff, and Lippiett, forwards. O, Pajjre. CLIFTON v. these eluba tvcrs well represented at Cold Harbour-Iano, where Clifton have secured fresh headquarters. The game was a hard one, and cuded in a eix-poinfc victory for the home side. Knowle hard greased following the kick-off till Compton clcarod his lines. James gob away from a scrum, bnt.thoughhelost the ball J5ostock-6mitb picked up and scored. Baker failed with the place kick. Knowle gradually worked towards the home goal line, and had a line chance, when they ivere penalised. The ball was sent back, and soon after Clifton hadanother Tree kick awarded them, and from this thoy xvorked their way welt into the Knowle guartera. At this period oi tlie jiame Binnott was badly injured, receiving a. nasty kick 011 tho knee, wliich caused liim to retire. Clifton, however, went to work harder than ever, James scored in a splendid position, from wliich Uats had no difficulty in kicking a goal. Baker got tho bafl from the kick-oil, aud lost a good openiujf by keeping it too long. This let Knowle in, but they were forced to retire. They came again, and this time Lias had to touch down. Hale had a kick at goal from a mark, but P. Thomas charged it down. At half-time the score 1 goal 1 try (3 Knowle, nil. P. Thomas kicked off, and, owing to a poor rotaum by Compton, Clifton gained a lot of ground. They, how- ever, were driven back, and Goodall got away untiJ. lie came to Lias, wiio waa playing a splendid for and then be was brought down, Braith soon after saved what scorned a certain Goodall was again prominent, but he was badly Bcrvicefl Communion ou Sunday8 at Ssua. and ported, Smith and James gained ground wifcii a dribble, at on Holy Days at S and a round of passing broke down at JBeioc, P( ML. Thomas jrot the passed toBeloe.wfco sent ifc on to E. L. Thomas. Tiiat player'a kick was well followed up by Cridland, who secured a try, which waa nob im- proved upon. Towards the close Knowle worked nard, and" final J j i .J. tT back; T. Watkin Baker, W. Bpcneer, F. E.'Xliomag, and H. Bostock-Smith, three-quarters: 0. W. W. James arid G. H. Boloet half-backs W. Gnynn, W. II. Bii-cli, A. B. Cridland, M. C. Sinuottt P. II. Thomas, H. Berry, J. Senior, and H. Marsden, forwards. Knowle Compton, back; Goodall, mil, Nortou, and Merry weather, three- quarters Creed and.Uurmau, hall-back's Vesper, Hale, Bailey, Thomas, JUcluu'ds, Baker, Saandcrs, and Bush, forwards. GLOHCESTKR v. at Kingsholjii, Gloucester, before a good attendance. The supporters of thfl hopie team were sanguine of success, aud anticipations were justiJIcd by the result, Gloucester winninsr by four goale and two tries <26 points) to nil; The visitors were beaten from tho commencement. Their forwards played a plucky game, but they lacked weight Gloucester's play was by no means faultless, but it WAS an improvement 011 the previous week's display. The following were the teams: Gloucester: B. Hip wood, bask H. W. Taylor. W. Stout, R. W. Goddu-d, and G. F. Clutterbuck, three- quarters; C. Cummings aud J. E. Roberts, halves; C. Williams, B. Hough, C. Rose, P. M. Stout, A. H. Click, A, Pitt. C. Oouldinp, and T. Hatherall, forwards. Cheltenham B. Daunter, back; C. Gamble, CHURCH NEWS, THE ON THE CLIFTON DIFFICULTY. at Bristol Cathedra! yesterda-v monaing, tho Dean took ior his test FsaJm civ. Man goeth forth tmto his work, and to his labour, until the and dwelt upon tho dignity of, and the necessity for, labour. Jn tfae course olf- his sermon he referred to the appointment of a Bishop oJF Kristol, to tbe enthronement which is to take place next month. he continued, "speaking from the pulpit in this before having had an opportunity of doing it is an occasion for very real thankfulness to this city and neighbourhood that Gtid has so ordered that one ol great ability, character, love for work, large heartednesB, -and large minded- ness should have been selected for the important position of Bishop -of Bristol. I think we ought to be thankful that in these days, when party spirit runs BO high, not a word in any one of the Church organs, from The Chvreh Times to The Rock, has been used in dispute of the wisdom and the excellence of the appointment. And I am pure this, that that is matter for congratulation, because it docs seem to us a pitiful and a, regrettable fact that Clifton should frave lost the services of one whom J personally know, and'have known for maay years, and who would hare been eueh a, valuable and! a helpful minister in suc- cession to the deeply-Iored vicar who retires upon soch a question as BJacfe GOWD versus Surplice. One had almost hoped that the days had gone by when tha surplice in the pulpit should be a rock of offence. Can you conceive iu those days any assertion made, that it would be impossible that the Gospel of Christ coutd be preached so well in a surplice as in .a black gown Bristol has lost much by this most unhappy state of things that has been unearthed, .and revealed for the first time to many of us. But I am quite certain that when our new Bishop you wiU hare full notice given to Cathedral will be crowded with those who ask .God's blessing upon him who has teen so well and so wisely chosen for The fceneflce of Windrush-with-Sherborne has become vacant by the cession of the Rev. Edward Eirbj and the benefice of BfoJy Aposttps, Chariton Sings, hag become vacant by tbe resignation of the F; EL T.Curtis. T B1USTOL CiTHEDBAL. KitsiwwcE-The Very Rev.thfc DBAK, and on SiracUtra at 10.30 Days 10 ajn.; Sundays at S.-30. Week Days 4 aiKBYICEd ANB AifTHKM5. MONDAY. ia F.........o praise the ia in the TUESDAY. in rae Taltia Besfpouses Dmi Holy, WEDNESDAY. in F............Hymn 423 Tallis in P............O where shall in Bfl......Deliver in G mi...I saw the ABIATKUB SECTION. KAD.STOCK v. A capital game way wit- nessed at Kudfilwk, both Hides allowing pood form, with tho reKiilt. Htaf. in tlio Ilrst half matters were tolerably even, thoiiRli Ilumpliries scored for tho visitors. Subsequently tlie homo inun iiniirovcd nnd showed more rtunh Ilian Micir opponents. u thus cijualiHiug tho score, while GulliforrtaddtMa which enabled Kadatock to win by two goals to one. GLOUCESTERSHIRE JUNIOR CUP-PJBB1 ROUND. Haiiham, 1 goal St. fc'ilas1, nil. TEaatvillc United, 3; Bodmiuster Reserves (If tvt WILTS LEAGKJE. United, 2; Bradford, idijc Reserves, 2 lloyal Artillery. 1. Warminsfer, 5 iil. 7t Bwisidoii Victoria. 3; HoiC l, and G. forwards. BATH v. the Recreation Ground, Bath, there was an exceedingly well-contested game between these old opponents. Soano and Fry re- appcarcd for Bath, and Wellington had their best iijen out. Bath started, and ftbclou waa sgou prominent with some clever dnbbles suid runs, From a scramble- in the Bath 25 TpjBiiey inacic his mark, and Ilatton landed a four points for the wljo shortly afterwards obtained a try through Ferry, which Hatton failed to convert. Bsvtb, hotrevcr, wevo ahead at toe interval, for a penally goal vras lauded by Foiy, and Kuddick, down a kid; by aamlia, raced round the sticks a, try, wliich Fry improved upon, Bath thus leading at half time by 3pointa to 7, After, the interval the game wnseveu more close and exciting. WellingtoTi secured another try somewhat hickily, Jim Lont making tbe mistake of attempting to kick on his own lice when surrounded by opponents, BJackmoro took the bail and scored, but toe liick failed. The home club made desperate efforts to obtain a point lead, and wore scrumming in front ol the Wellington goal fora long while, right up to the finish, but the defence was resolute, and the visitors wou a splendid game by 10 points to 8. Teams E. F. Gooding, back W. F. Loug, A. E, Fry, M. H, Clissold, and.J. Long, thrce: F. Ktiight, forwards. WoUtugton H. T. Garnlm. back W. Braddick, C. Dianey, K. Hatton, and S. Pomeroy, three-quarter backo W. liowaeH and A. half backs P, J, W. W. J. P, Honcock, H. Winter, J. Phillips, andJ.F Fraieo the Croft Services vrithoat Boyce in A Kclwuy in A mi ...Hear my Stroud 6ATVKDA3T. Cobbln G Rejoice m the King [fiattishill Keatia-C Call to GLOUCESTER IH -Tlic Very Rev. the DHAN, and the Rev. Canon PBICJB, Bub-Dean. 3 Holy Comnitiuiou on Simda-ya and Chief Festivals. 11 Morning Service, with celebration of the Holy Communion on the Ilrst Sunday of the BEBV1CKS ANX> ANTHEMS, MONIkAY. Wesley iri F He that shall MeDdel Wesley in P Lord, Thoo Crojft TtnssoAY. CHaiidel Rofisell ....How- excellent Thy Russftllin A Unto which of the Ee-openiner of the Lady Chapel. Torle In D Unfold, ye Gounod 3 p.m.. Evensong, without in the Lady Cliapel Tnpinint> j Blesahjg. Bach Evcu.-XurUJ w l> 0 Lord, my God-Woaley Hymn 396 Walmisley in D mi THUBSDAY. P, Rogers in C ...O how Even. Rogers in O ...O sing unto Onecley FRIDAY. Morn, and Plain Service gATOBDAY. {Crotch Hall in E fl How dear are Thy Even. Saves E fl.God from TABLE OF LESSONS. Mon, 1 2 to v 15 Tuee. Morn 2 v 15 to 28 2 y 28 to 3 v 9 Wed. 32 10 v 4 Thn. 3 v 9 1 and 2 to v 1 Fri, 2 v 4 to 3 v 9 4 v 4 Bat. 5 to v 18 5 v 18 to 6 v 9 Galatians S to v 13 Luko 3 to v 23 Gstlatians G Luke 4 to v 16 Acts 12 v 5 to v 18 Revelation a 14 v 14 Kphesians 1 Luke 4 v 16 2 Luke 5 to v 17 Kphceiaus 3 Luke 5 v 17 The Midland Railway Company announce in pur advertisement columns various "alterations in the running of local and other trains on their svstera. The 12.36 express Bristol to York and tbo "North- Eastern line will leave at 12.20; and tho express Bristol to Birmingham and the North will be dis- continued. Other Alterations will bo made in'the service affecting Bristol and the district, particulars C T j. THE DOCKS QUESTION. (To the Editor of tfa Bristol Times and Mirrw.) wave of meretricious enthusiasm which has recently passed over our city, threatening to over- whelm it, has now somewhat subsided, and shortly we shall be settled down to our usual business-like calmness and regularity. In the meantime, however, ifc would appear desirable, in view of a recurrence of this phenomenon, to fortify tlio minds of the citizens by assuaging their fears as to its being of a dangerous nature. At this juncture it would be desirable that the citizens (tho old and tbe newly-fledged ones) should know how they stand as regards their debt on the Dock Estate, and how insinuatingly it is yearly increasing in volume. It might be considered a matter of ancient history to recapitulate the many works in progress and sauctioied by the Town Council for the improvement of the port, The New Cut Railway and Timber Yawl scheme will, in conjunction with tlie Caomui'-marsh Railway (when Uie land is not cost the city less than In the river we are spending on menus For the pontoons (which nobody And lighting the riTer (which nobody asked At Avonmouth, the lengthening of the lock for the accommodation of the largest cargo-carrying steamers now afloat, the building of a granary, the provision of cold storage warehouses, new jetties for loading barges in Uie river, and the extension of Avonmouth we shall incur an outlay of over making m all something like a half-million of money. Some may say that many of these expenditures will be of a remunerative character, and will pay the interest (and sinking fund) on the outlay. Our past experience Jias proved that the citizens "have had to moke good the losses on the docks. At tho close of the last financial year (April last) the docks had cost the citizens first and last the sum of Of thw sum, wiw added dunpg the year ending at that date, and it may be confidently assumed that within the aext two years ratc we aro uow Progressing) the civic indebtedness on account of our Dock Estate wil1 be fully three millions. There are two matters which deserve immediate attention. They The cutting off the Horse Shoe Bend and the removal of tbe sewage from the river, which, conjointly, have been estimated to cost The Horse Shoe Bend is impediment to our present Bristol fact, a danger which cannot be much longer tolerated. The sewage will demons- trate its presence at any time the paddles of an imcoming steamer stirs it up, and speaks louder than i can for its immediate removal. All these improve- ments cost money, and it is the general impression that our rates are already far too high. But a new erase has developed itself in the minds of some of our citizens, who generally pose at municipal election times as the guardians of the ratepayers' interests. They wish for an expenditure of another million and a half, which would entail a ratc of a shilling in the pound additional to the present heavy rates; without taking into consideration the expendi- ture of half a million which the Council has already sanctioned for the improvements already iu arjd unpaid for. fe This is a question that the ratepayers and property owners ot the city will have to fy.ce, and face boldly, the next municipal elections, or tht-v certainly will be saddled with a debt from which there is no in- relief- The only persons benefited will be the shipowners, by the construction of more docks ait the mouth of the river. Avoamouth Dock will be capable of receiving the largest vessel afloat in June next. The Montealm lias alreadv entered Uie dock and left it in perfect safety, and in spite oi1 the torrential rains which prevented any discharge of cargo for 18 Iwurs, she left at her appointed time. having had as quick dispatch in unloading as she could gefc at any port in the world. The moraine alter she left Avonmouth there was not 200 tons of her cargo remaining to be trucked to its destination. The shipowner having a steamer of tons dead weight capacity saves some 40 per cent, on lie r working as compared with three steamers of 4-fpOO tons carrying into consideration the pnme cost of the three steamers as compared with the one, the cost of workiug and maintenance, and the relative amount of coals consumed per ton of cargo carried. There are only one set of officers and engineers to be paovided as compared with three in the smaller is only in the stokehole and on deck that a few more men are needed. Then if he can get at the dpckowcers for a big discount off his dues for patronising their dock, say, 10 per cent., his fortune is made in a very short time, for he caii work his ship at about one-half of the cost of other vessels. trust our City Fathers will reconsider their determination to rush this new dock construo tion-at Avonmouth. If they do not, the citizens must assert their rights by demanding a poll of the city when the proper time comes. A prospective rate of nearly nine shillings in tbe pound would soon de- populate our city, and a rush would be made to outside the added area. Yours, _______________ HOTWEU.S. DISTBICT NEWS. BATH. ACCIDENT TO A little boy aged seven named Cadby, whose parents lire in "Maybrick-read' was knocked down by a passing train on the Twerton level crossing oil Saturday. He was taken to the hospital, and is lying there suffering from con- cussion of tbe-hrain. COUNTY POLICE, Hudson, 17, was charged with stealing, on Sept. 20, three forks, the property of Mr. Hathway, landlord of tlie Globe inn. Newton. Tlie forks were found in the girl's box. She had been general servant there. Bound orer in Uie sum of U come up for judgment when called upon, on the understanding that the accused was received by the Bath Preventive Noke, of Bagridge farm, Wellow, was fined to cover costs, for working three horses whilst they were ia an unfit condition. Inspector Henderson, of the S.P.CA, proved the case. At a meeting of tlie Rural Sanitary Authority, ou Saturday, a of 6d. for the next half-year" was ordered, compared with 5d. in tho corresponding last year, The resolved that the steam whistle at the cabinet maker's factory, Twerton, should not bft used, owing to its being a, nuisance', according to the memorial of tbe residents in the district. SEEIOUS RAILWAY Cadbv, a little years old, was admitted to the Royal United Hospital late on Saturday afternoon, suffering from concussion of the brain. On crossing the railway near tlie brickyard, Twerton, by the level crossing he was knocked down by a train. He uncon- scious when picked up, and yesterday he was still iu a precarious condition. Dis parents live at 32, Maybrick-road, Oldfield Park West. DIED IN A FIT. At No, 3, Odd Down-cottages, Odd-down, yesterday afternoon, a woman, named Clarke, 68 years of age, died suddenly in a fit. CHURCH of the JJath United District of the Ancient Order of Foresters assembled in large numbers for their annual church parade, which was held yesterday afternoon, and attracted crowds to watch the procession through tbe streets. The Somerset and Dorset Railway bam] took part in tho procession, and the district" officers present in- cluded Bros. W. Palmer, W. H. WoocU-ow, and J. H. Ssrrle. Service was held at the Abbey church, and the Rev, C. J. Hoilis preached. The sermon con- tained special reference to tho advantages of friendly societies. A collection vras made on behalf of tho Royal Halted Hospital. CHARD. Mr. Arthur Venables Kyrke, who for the past nineteen years has been registrar of the Chard County Court, has been appointed by his Honour Bereeford registrar of the County Court and district registrar cf tho High Court at Taimton. Mr. Kvrke will still continue to carry on his business .as solicitor at Chard as heretofore. CLBVEDOIf, CHURCH MISSIONARY tlie anni- versary services in connection with tho Clevedon auxiliary of tlio above society were held, when Bormous were preached, at the 'parish church, in the Fred. Friday's, the JfBl-bewse, Eight previously auepeclxid were declared free, ADJOURKED LICENSING adjourned licensing session for the county petty sessional dirT siun of Gloucester was held at the Shire-hall Gloucester, There was only one application for a licence, for new premises at Churchdown, to be used as an hotel. The application made by Mr r Batten, oa behalf of the Cheltenham Original Erew'erv Company. Churchdown is a mluway between Gloucester and arid 13 a favourite resort with residents at both It covers an area of four miles, has a population of and has three public-houses, one only having a full licence, f ity. The application v.vs opposed by Hr Gwynne James on behalf of the owner of the Old and Mr. G. W. Moore opposed on behalf of residents near. The bench refused the application, HAWKESBUKY UPTON. A jumble sale for the purpose of providing funds ta purchase a new organ for the parish church took pbet in the Assembly-rooms, Hawkesbury Upton undw the able management Mrs. Mosley. A small charga was made for admission, and so popular did the venture prove that iu au hour and a quarter no fewer than 132 persons paid at the doors. The ladies ;a charge of the various stalls accomplished the un- common feat of selling off their entire stock so that the organ fund should materially benefit bv venture. J KIKGSWOOD. Saturday an inquest was held by L. M. Grace, coroner for the Lower Division of Gloucestershire, at Kingswood Police-stat-ian on body of Caroline Smith, wife of Robert Smith labourer, of liolbrook, who died suddenly at Kings! wood on Timraday. Evidence was siren bv Farmer district; Christ church, in the morning by the Rev. B. G. Kingdori, ami in tlie eveniag by the, RP.V. C. D. Snell. A children's service was held at Christ church in the afternoon, at wliich an interesting address was given by tho Eev. C. D. Snell. Collections on behalf of the-society were made at each service. The Hampton (Hcdland) Lawn Tennis Club had a pleasant outing to Cleredon on Saturday, being con- veyed thither in a Great Western Kailwav saloon carriage. Sports on Dial-hill were by tea, alter which an adjournment was made to tiio 1'ublic- hail, where a rocal aud mstrumentiil programme was gone through. The proceedings wound up with a- dance, Messrs. Preston, Pike, and Pmott efficiently discharging tho duties of M.C. The party relumed to Bristol by tho 11.20 p.m. train, having- spent a thoroughly enjoyable day, due in a great measure to the grand weather. In view of the early opening' of the Clevedon and Weston section of the Wcsloii-supcr-Mare, CIevcdout and Portisbead steam tramways, part of a house in Lower Queen's-road has been secured for Uie purpose of a ticket office. Primroses in bloom have, during the past week, been gathered in the Market grounds. FLAX liOUKTON, SALB OP WORK AND RUHMAGB order to clear off the debt on the National school consequent in a great measure on the enlargement and alterations effected not very long ago, a jumble- sale, organised by the rector (the Rev. W. A. Woodward) and Mrs. Woodward, took place in tho schoolroom ou Friday afternoon aud evening. There was a capital collection of articles of various aud for some time there was a brisk demand, though there were still many bargains to be obtained towards the close. The ladies in charge did their utmost to cluar everything off. At the saino time and place a sale of new' work took placo. Clearly hands had been busy making articles of beauty ;ind service for sonic time before. There were a number of .stalls, and good was done at them all. The proceeds go to assist foreign missions. Tea at a very reasonable price was provided in the village flub. GLASTONEl'RY. REVISION Revising Barrister (Mr. J. A. Foote) sat at the Townhall ou Saturday morning for the purpose of revising the voters' list for tho borough, and also those for the parishes of Street and Walton. Liberals and Unionists were represented bv their party agents, but the proceedings were absolutely devoid of public interest, GLOUCESTER. Swura; fresh case of swine fever wis J -------journey Kmgswood on Thursday, and that beiore medical aid could be obtained she expired Dr. Bnrnmacombe detailed the result of his post mortem examination, and gave it as ins opinion that death was due to heart disease. A verdict in accord- ance witti the medical evidence was returned. SIKOUD. Institution was for the winter OB Friday night, when Prof. ttcrthemjer, principal of the Merchant Venturers' College, Bristol, and others delivered addresses. The pmes awarded for last season's work were distri- buted, and there was also an instructive loan exhibi- tion. The school is one of the best in this part of the county, and receives a substantial County Council grant. TAUNTOX. FINE FOR POACHING. the Tauntoa Police-court on Saturday, George Foster and George Prole, young men, were summoned for trespassing on land at North Curry, in the occupation of Mr F P Govier, in search of game, on the 18th inst. Foster pleaded guilty, but Prole did not answer to his name. Mr. Eciward Hiilmau, a neighbour Mr. Govier, stated the facts of the case, and, as both defendants had been convicted of a like offence oaiv a fortnight previously, a fine of and costs, with tiia alternative of a month's hard labour, was imoosed RELIGION AND Saturday afternoon the Archdeacon of Tauntoa distributed the prizes gained by the pupil teachers and monitors under tho Taunten and Wellington Religious Prize Scheme.. The Yen, Archdeacon delivered an appropriate addressT and dwelt on the importance cf religious instruction. Saturday afternoon tia members of the local branch of the National Union oi Teachers held a general meeting in St. Mary's room, Messrs. Uennett Drilcox (Corfe) Earle J. F. Ebdon aud A. Champ (Taimton) wore elected members of the association. It was decided at a previous meeting that for the purposes of the election of a committee the tipn should be divided into the Taimton, Wellington, Williton, Chard, and Langport Unions, and the seoS tary announced that, on the new piinciple of one representative for every ten members or part of ten not less than five, the number oa the committee would he the same as before, viz., twelve. Tatmtoa would have ihrc rcpresentatiTcs, Wellington three, Chard two, Williton one, and Langport one. Messre, Ayres and Burs ton presented their report of conference of voluntary teachers held at Birmingham in July, and received "the thanks of the meeting fQE the same. WESTON-SUPER-MARE. CimiiCH meeting of the members of Weston-super-Mare Volunteer Engineer Corps WM convened yesterday morning for church parade. Tbi men fell in to the number of 60, and accompanied by their band, proceeded to St. Jude's church, Miltoi whore divine service was conducted by the Her, Finlaysou. The officers on parade were Major Ci Captain Carey, and Lieut's. Roden. Melsom, Curtis. WRDfGTON. CARRIAGE On Friday afternoon Mrs. Frederic Wood, together with Mis! Wood ('Halifax) and child, was driving on the Upper Langford-roa4 when, on turning; the carriage to avoid passing! traction engine the shaft broke, the horse took fright, and for some distance the carriage was drawn bv tfca tracer. These gave way, and the occupantj of the carriage were precipitated into the road. Mrat Frederic Wood and child escaped, beyond a severe fright and a few bruises, comparatively unhurt; but Mrs. Wood, sen., sustained serious injuries, having her arm broken and her shoulder dislocated. She was attended as quickly as possible by Messrs. Collins and Bristowe, under whose care she is progressing ae favourably as can be expected. NORTH SOMERSET TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION, quarterly meeting of the North Somerset Teaclwnf Association was held m tfic National Wrington, on Saturday afternoon. The dent Qlr. Phillips, Burrington) occupied the chair. Hewett (Wringt-on) gave some very suggestive hints ou the use of coloured crayons in teaching arithmetic, which led to hints from the hon. sec. (Mr, G. W. Rowlands, Clevcdou) and others. Slessrs. Row-i Isnds and Lyon (Weston-super-Msxe) gave interesting reports of the Conference of Voluntary Teachers, held at Birmingham in July. Mr brought forward the subject of tlie confederation of ructf teachers. It was decided to remain affiliated to the confederation. Messrs. Coward, Win field, and Gregory were nominated for the executive of thl National Union of Teachers-. OBITUARY. MR, JOHN HAKE. We much regret to announce the death of Mr. Hare, who passed peacefully away on Saturday ing at his residence, Litfield-place, Clifton. Tbe deceased gentleman was in his 35th year, and was much belpred and respected by all who knew him, He married Jane Strachey, sister of the present baronet, and leaves two sons, Charles Edward and Sholto Henry Hare. From 1654 to 1871 Mr. Hare represented fiedcliff in the Town Council, and WM elected Mayor in year of the Prince Consort's death. Mr. iiare was made a J.P. in 1665. Archdeacon Richardson died on Friday evening at the Rectory, Corwdi. The rev. sunlleman had been suffering from an afi'ection of the heart lor some time, and had been couinied to the housu for about a night. _ However, th? past few days lie had been improving, but a rc-iapse occurred, on Friday, and when seen by his medical adviser, Dr. Wilter, he was ordered to bed at once, and was assisted by the KeVo U. Owen; but before the bed could be reached the rev. gentleman succumbed to syncope. He was to have taken Lis departure from Conven this weet, to-take up his new duties of Archdeacon, and felj keenly bis separation from the parish, in which h( had laboured for upwards of 30 Lady Jane Sppdding died on Friday morning, it Eatou-terraco, Loudou, after of two montlis, She was the fourth daughter of the ninth Earl ol Galloway, by his marriage with Lady Somerset, daughter of the sixth Duke of and married, in 1682, Mr. II. Fpedding, of Mirchousfe Keswick, Cumberland, who died in by whom leaves two surviving daughters. Tiie Rev. J. L. Cheshire, vicar of Itibbenhall, _____ died on Friday afLernoou, at Lugano, on the southern slope 01 the Alps, he was spending a holiday. The deceased clergyman was well known, iu connection with the Church Choral Association, being one of its leading At the late Mr. John Game's shorthorn at Great Rissington, on Friday. Captain of IVeston- purchusl'd tlie liishest-priced animal ia and vahiai-ile fsmily" "in 1875 16th of this tribe was sold for 775 guineas. UP ?4orvr bi.vii. K aro being made to construct a from El-Tcr to the summit o! Mount Sinai. On tho iiiountain, v.hich is only accessible on ono jide, a will lv erected near the spot Llie stone jijaccd by the Russian Empress Helena (mother of Constantino the Great) aiatids, t according to tradition, Moses stood when receiving the Commnudrrients. The line will also pass the cave in which the Prophet Elijah remained in hiding1 while fleeing from tbe pries ts V. 0 G E L E R S C U R A T I Y E C O M P 0 U N CUKES DYSPEPSIA CONSTIPATION LIVER ILLS KIDNEY TROUBLES SKIN DISEASES AND ALL STOMACH DISORDERS, Sold by ftll Medicine Dealers in Is. ard 2s tho former containing 71 doses and the l.ilte ThcChaaies A. Voider Co. tpropnctors oi sole proprietors. a. steal I COMMERCI BRISTOL S OFFICIAL JIAILW Do. Pref, 126 Do. 15? Bridgwater 36 Qaxabrn. Inland 7 Ditto Coast. 6 Cardiff Prf. Orel 88 Great Western Midland RAII.WA Barry, 5p el 171 4pePrcf... 139 Da. UtPret Cmbrn.4pcNo.l Ditto 4pcN6.2 Ditto 4pcXo.3 Ditto 4 pc NO. 4 40 135 70 35 20 9 Barry 3 per cent. Brecon A4 pc Ditto B4pc Cambrian A Ditto C............... Ditto Cardiff 3pc...... A Ditto B Now...... PltfcO C New...... 5 pc Xtttto44 pc......... 173 165 183 EAILWj 103 124 m 130 127 123 106 IGTi 106 36 B 170 153 1U5 T pmp 'ti 130 COR PC Bed. Bristol 3i p c Deb. 131 Cardiff p c 1936 118 Do. 3 p.c. (1914-54) 104 Chelt. 3pcl371... 109 Dorset 3 PC 104 GAS Bristol Gas 123 Ditto 4 pc Deb.... 136 Do. tod4pcDcb. 135 Bristol Water 58 ditto 454 ditto E4i, ditto 10J CIO, LW Prov. London and B. Western, 21 64 B Arc old Ord.... do. 6 p c Prf. Do, Mor. Db. !tJ3 Ditto, 5 pc Deb.... 116 Ditto, 4 p e Deb.... 126, Bristol U. Or. 33f li do. 6 p c 1-Tei. Do. pe Deb. 127 Do. 5 pc Db.'35 112 fii, Bath Ord....... U do. flpc Pref. 6 Cheltcu. Ord. 7i do. 6 p c Pref. do. 4 pc .Deb. 107 Frome Ord. 20 Ditto, pa-id...... 8 Do. Deterred 17 COA; Albion......... Asinon Vale 10 100 p.c. 6 p.c. Prci. do. Ikmus D. Davis...... G. Wes. A Pri. BOrd...... 81 Bristol Stli. Wales paid... paid............ 14 do. paid... 2; DOCK 128 Do. Cousolcttd. li 103 Ditto 4 p.c. Deb... 152 3t Bristol Kav. Pref.......... 114 6 p.c. BaUi Stoue... Cemetery...... Com. Kooms Bristol Zoo... Brooke Ord... Cardiff Miiig 17 U i. Bridge Ord. do. i pc Pref do. 5 p c Pref. County Grad. 3i G. W. Cotton 15a fctodder A Co. t Grand Motel... 1? Do.t 1st Deb. etck S8 1 SO Green Htl 2 In all cases, except been lolly pa CHANGES ON BRU: Hidland Railway Ross and Momnoutli Re Sharpness New Dock OL Sharpness New A Bliarpness New Dock B Bliwrpness New Dock C 3 Bristol Grand Hotel On Bristol Grand Hotel 1st E Bristol Grand J Leigh Woods Laud LONDON ST< ADVANCE IX BASK EATK <Sept. 23i Correspondiug period, CONSOLS i2a percent.) Ditto, irept. 25, 1396 There not much tankers and discount I owing to the rumours oi of gold from the Bank 01 the expectatiou of a fn discount to 3 per cent. Urge displacement of Brokers quoted 24 pet' ce bills. Short loans were i cent. As usual on quiet, ircsh approach of tlie fortni a drooping profits. Consols jverc d Movenimeut com rjontiucnt. Greek Jjond Eraiiliaos closed firm. exchange to 7 Home 5 were wc.ii Eastern Ordinary and K bieaest decline, Uie icclioe, ioHowins" yeste laier on prices partially lit a fair decline on tin Stocks, after being weak Utioa ot a good ivorkiu August. Other descripti- less. Kaffirs were firm business was quiet mvi; over West The market honse dull, and Consoib the account, at Rupee Paper inn Stocks and ludiaa rail change. Foreign bonds ruled I 4, Greek Monopoly Loan Three ar.ti a Half per C< Italiacs and Turkish F receded i, Peruvian Home i-ailways were gotuli Ksstern Ordinary Sort hern Deferred, donian DefeiTed, ard N ditto Ordinary and Great ancl Br i giit on "Deferred <i American wer Wabasli Frcfcz-eace t'clii; and Aic Erie Centrals, t ljr Prefc Ate- Norfoik Wabash Gciieral Erie shares. Loiiisvillo.i. Denver and Denver Ord the latter to Canadian Tacific? FI rs t Prefei-ec ce i e 1 1 Preference i. ruid TLird J Mexican Kail ways 'o bullion to-day. Tiio .-iiver riarket %vcs wag uoue iu at decline of id. Mexican c CaJcufta telegmra rate <5mw. Is 3 f Ion ths 'bih' 5, ICd iour rannths' bills, 2s td. The Paris Bourse oj; South African issues wer< en London remained at quoted at percent. 'The a a man Pacific! seven ci.ded 2U.t fc'ep increase, The Brilliant Gold M dividend oi So. per shaio. CLOSLX COG sols. Go it hen's, M< Do. Ai India HaJ Do.Tliree pcrCec's India Rupee Paper i IIUMK 1 ay Ordi Do, Usferrcrt Groat IVcf. if Ivastcru O a' Noitheru Do. estcra t. nnd Yorksr Metro polite iw. i SFAPERl