Tuesday, September 14, 1897

Bristol Times And Mirror

Location: Bristol, Gloucestershire

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Text Content of Page 1 of Bristol Times And Mirror on Tuesday, September 14, 1897

Bristol Times And Mirror, The (Newspaper) - September 14, 1897, Bristol, Gloucestershire PAKTMENTS. OUSE over _ ;murnished ROOM- person for _________ tiered; pleasant vt-ry moderate reut C t will: 1. rent _____ FLuOi: oi v.a- 0 te LET rest verv 11. 3135 ;or cas JND. ii :jot IB i A >i N J i1 AiSOCIATIOX, un, Muaii -sircel, i.ae iOi Oi miner KU oi .-i uLuer security, :u any par i oi tiie (_ with autf Write, or i; c.a.sseo low a no rees g y Kuar to ou easy ur Charges. from iiC owa oi ,-s-Ue taken. uoiy replied LO, cr 6d. i. ui.ier iuiiii -i.1 if r c quire ci. I privacy and 10 tba i'or i O F F I cs L61OL. N'EY, ia nd other 5, or aoy otbef u deposit oi "au write, ivfect in eci Banks or _______ 49131S one, witnont iio to Aver interest what- heavy jome to uie, easier terms applying E BANK, Security, ecretaiy. T E L aotice. trade ana 1 1 also on :ci on the en at Liver, ,sr I C ANCF ja Jfe2; Hou 132 ncv, a a toe y ffONEY. Sums Immediately available fo? banrt alone r or Lcmptrj pay a reasonable i from to io.OOe upon their m n sureties or bondsmen required. NI in confidence by letter only to Mv C-liuon. 55g2 MISCELLANEOUS. WASU1NG at Home made POWDER .For Maps ouccs -.urc, s-omerset, ami Wilts date IGlQ.-Widgeirv, APHlC AITAlATUS of the qu Photographic stores lu LribLoi. New List now r ____ nnu M. A Linw-tquarc, Lrislol, Fatcm A v cut and Tcciinical uaiK-acLs all iii couue'-tiou with and l-'orcigu Fatents, Trade Marks, and Desigus. HMJKAYIY.L; DENTAL f L'l'PLY.-Mr. HEAL is ,lilC utakt-r oi vPmo Mecial) ARTIFICIAL ivi iii-Ji the usus.1 charges, oITpetLi, xj Tooili, iu a Lew hours' notice, K.-pairs whilst, 'iceth Stopped, 2s. 60, New CJ, Extrat'tions, Is. (thousands MivousOxideGdsior painless lIKAjl rurseou itemist. 26, Old Mar k c L-s t r ee U B ristoi. FABBONG, GARDENING, OOK SALE, Two Good Oxford Down RAMS, A ALBEKT BODY, BroadtielU, Wriugion. OOSfcM, Pure-bred Houdan COCKERELS for SALE, Apply J. G K E EN, BackweU. tirisici._______9124S14 PUG PUPPIES for F, Wraxall Court, Nail sea, Somerset. 8532516 MAKE SURE that your Pickles are good, buy HuU-hings' Spiced THIS NEYEK 1'AILS-HU'i (J Jj_N US. Si. tatcphcn'a-street. Bristol. FOR SALE, a Choice lot of Eating aud Cooking APPLES, in two orchards. Also some Vpply Kector. t'blcy. Bristol. HANDSOME JjTack years retrieves land or water. Price 37, _____ 540 K A K ME Provide for your Stock in the X spring by sov.-ing this month Winter VcTL-hes, Oats, aud iiKUWX A bONS, 12 and 45. SALE, Dairy of MILK rt'ijular su CULL1MOKE, -Moblcy R F EPAIRS to BATHS, Heating Apparatus, Urtvn- hoiue Structures, licit and Cheapest Firm for e Boilers. T. WOO1> Old Brcati- IGS. The aud most Food i'or FATTEN JNlr PlUri is bTAKCJI HOUSE per Gallc.u, Ke.dcliiT-5 trout. STARCH HOUSE WASH, lor FATTEN LS7G PIGS marvellous iu its results. per itl -street. CLI HUL'SE tor FATfEMNU- PIGS J Mcitl or Coru requHX-d per Gallon 2S( reel. Pl l.-all H No r'cod uiakt'S the Mtat so white and :ieo.ls as IlOUsE WAfcH id. per OT WATER HEATING APFAKATUb com- petent men kept I'or A. J. liL'CXLNG- M CO.. While Bri-tol. UEK CIDER CIDER FresJi-tuiptied Port Wine Rum 1'uncaeond, .UHIV t aud SON, hinsiol, JERSEY and GUERNSEY 100 Choke young Cows and in proiit aud c iving all prices moderate K. vv" 11 minster. rCJojauS 3 choice IVcligree Ked TamvortSi u months old, 50s. eadi. .Fat CALF, Kcan yniirlmi; Sliorihoru Sliorthoni ULIFL'iL, iij and Jersey-Kerry UEJFEit, iu lailk, Apply BICYCLES AND TRICYCLES SECOND-HAND Uuinbcr Koud Kacer, ij tinvci- Gent's Koudstcr, Alhird, AJl- day'i, linger Model clc Luxe, liumber, Kcar IIoadc.-ter, Lndies' and Ueutle- raen's iroin 10.-. Cycles-it I Fi'ITfio CYCLE COKI'OlLATiOiN, 4, trcci, iirbtol. a21 1 M K O D S The reason of 1W7 has been remarkable for the extra- ordinary ISlMKODCYULLb. The lollov, iL-r results stamp the MLmrod as being 'the uulcsi imu'hiue m thu West oi At 4tb.--5 Miles Scratch Kace for NJDI- vod (.'liarily uowl (value 40 guineas) won by W. E. Edmunds on a NIMROli litLedwuh JDimlop Tyres. .-.ept. llaudicu.p won by W. E. Edmonds on a IXIMl'.OiJ. At CAKUIJrT, Any. Ahlcs Championship OE uon by L. iiarrett on a NIMItOD fitted Dun lop lyres. At AUfc. Miles Scratch Kace fur Coal Trimmers' Challenge Cup won W, K. jidLnioodii on a -NIMKOD. It's the best make "the best make they all the best malic" But MMKOU riders go in iront when the pace begins to tell. When the bell begins to riujr, uy boys, the pace begins to tell, The riders are in iront when the pace begins to tell. apologies to Hudyard Kipling and the Dnniop TvruCo.) OOW..1C GENUINE CLEARANCE End of Reason. CYCLES at Avtual Co.-l.-CHAPMAN GliEEN, C'vcle Agents, IS. Abcrclcen-road, ciii'Loii. HAPMAN K GKEENt 18, Aberciecu-road, GlU'toii. U Agents for CYCLES. HEFAlKSaud ACCE6riOKlE6, C Wedge Mile Championship West of England won on a Agents, CHAPMAN GflEEN, 18, Cliiiou. GENUINE CLEARANCE SALE. End of Season. CYCLES at Actual CHAPMAN i Cycle Agents, IB, Aberdeen-road, Ciiitou. __ ___ SAFETY, 19s. 6d. worth 12s. equal new nou-felippiiig tyres, best be_ar- all HAKKIS, Old Market. _ JS. bONb, Cycle Manufacturers and Agents. Special department for JsickDl- plating, aud Enamelling. Cycles fetched and delivered by cart in Bristol and district. Fnvatc lading fcchooi tree to purchasers 01 new bt. Augustipc'b-parade, Bristol. ___ __ _ _____ Jb. SONS. Special value Ladies' S with Beeston pneumatic tyres; cash iOs. 12 uiODths' guarautce AviUj ail uew OS WILLWAY Special value Uent's No. 2 Drawhildgc Ueeston pneu- matic tyres cash price U iaoinho- guarautce. rjfcmid-haiul Ladies' SAFETIES, in iiOud coudltion Lady's Forivard fcafeiy WoooUey tyres, calcot Safety, Beaton tyre-1 10s. Coventry Cross, Beyston IJTCS, jj order. Girl's S. WILL WAY SAFE TIES., v SwUt Safety, Dun lop tyres, V6 pattern, lus. fcvmi bafety, gooct order, single tube ius.; tv.viit, eaiety, high irauie, biugle tube <-VB, Cushion Safety, good order, oOs. _Globe safety, Cajcoti safety, baiety, Kb., __ V J. BUCKIXGHAM CO. Works :-B-jirton- street, St. James'-bartou. Showrooms 9d, tt bite Ladies'-road, uear t'liitun Station. ____ Sole Makers of the famous A. J. skilled workmen CYCLES are made by time work oniy. Luces' and other A orient Lowest Cut London PTJ ices. Cyclist Cyclist Waterproof Capes and fckirr _ j" LUCiaNGHAMlc .Cleaned and ,-mblcd. Moderate charges per week or mo.iith. Machines collected anU_dclivercd.__ ___________ SAFETY detachable tyres, wheels, tunied-up handle bar. gwir case nev.-: worth tnal allowed. -82 ,w, S'ATK'iY (Lauy'-j Pneumatic, 1397t scarcely -.oiled, i.tultlch.s -aeriiko lite.--Write Oltfr, C Y C L IMPORTANT NOTICE. We haviii" Cancelled our AL'reeinenfc with The Griffltiia CycTo Cui-poi-dtion, Ltd., as to our Agency lor lirictol and Ijistrift. hereby give notice that our c 1'attevDo iu fei-NGKli t'YCLEB lire imlv bupvlied 10 Mr. W. J. HKlliiEKT The Cyc ones, rftokeVcroit, and NOT to the Kear-Appleton Cycle Co., as previously advertised. pjposi_tc tun c. _ _ UOKHEii, Xursery Yadits, JL Juvenile 'aVicyoied, CouwrLble Chail'S, TricyclS subsUiuuai i'ujw. arriajrcs, Chairs, ca.a or Hire of and" MAIL of JL UiUI-iiuzcu mt-Jtiy reducwu to dear.- juN'La x _ CAiiT lor SALE; cost 6ci. will Ukc lb equal to H, Cliltou bTKiiJET CITY ii-.'1-aJucutaJ imtbt bpaiiisit Ififlt; CART COVERS, wcci id. per square yard. 'ft 3 aad 10, HigU- SALES BY PEIVATE CONTRACT RY Great fJlHATCHER, of Bristol, ALL .WHCTTRAVEL.-.THATCHEK'S, Colle-e- lloasc in the _ y BATII CHAIR; as good "as Prayer, llolv Bible T Tjooksof Maccabees. Christopher to Bi vr r? oiily to iiable, M. Cspel, Jfcwsageut, tslaplctou-road, Bristol. grami m viiluc obtainable; every Watch 'S Suitable for the Cottage, Villa, L or Mansion, from 3s. 6d. umvards cvcrv Clock to KEKTKU K1KUS, in 'S Diamoud, KngHgcment, and Keener KINGS A. splendid selection Avith jirst rjuui'ity sloucs i'b Electro Silver-plated TABLE A .'reat, variciy of Aniclcs, siutable for Presaiits: aud 1'orks sent posi Unatol-bndse, Bristol, lor WATCli, -M. p CLOCK, aud JEWUJLIJ-IHY KliPAIKS. by eJ- perienGcd English ami Foreign worKmeu, Best workmanship sruaranlecil. i _______ ft t "T and MAKQUEKS of eveiy dcacriotiou. Seats, labling, Awnings, Flags, and JjeconiUous. CI4YSTAL FETKOLLTM, brilliant andTale, Fd. gallon BOKAX, 2UI. pound. Delivered dailv street ami Old Market. _ TLTAHBOUR'S "SAFL'iT" 4s. per Bundles. titeaui Splitting and jug 109. Tliomas-street. 1701 JiLlNDrf, of every drscriptioa', for for estimates, Miu-kctrsri-eei, Hvisloi. 5573 HH1LLCOTTS. Handsome Horseshoe iJiainoiui PIN, coniaiuing 13 price Fair liovvtrful OPKiU GLAtJbL'o, nearly iu eit-e price -17, OTT'S. Absurd Uargaiu: Silver WATCJUEri, Hali-markcd, ii'i pcriet't goiiijf order price 12s, 6d. to clear; cosl more Ibau double the money. Tnctlti] lowed. LEVER, nearly new, tfold Albert (stumped on every link) aUacjjed; Wdn-dUtsd five years; Park- street. Uargaiu Lady's Second hand KING, very only Hundreds oi Gem in sLouk to select rum. W'EDDIA'G Fair Entree DISHES; Avill make lour disiies; best quality; L" C H jLC 4 OLD HOLD, Silvt'r, Diainonds, and Miscellaneous iTopcrty purchased, ur received Un tteurity I'm- casli advaiiet-.-. waited L'UILLCOTT cc CO., 47, 1'ark- Bristol. 1LLA11D, 4, DOLPHLX MATCH llJL BOXlie, irom 5i. i-ilvcr-tup Sceut Jiottles, 2s. Bon-Bon Trays, 10s. Gd, Sufciir Tri. (id. hiili- dozen Tcjisiioous, 21s. Butter 7s. Salt-cellars. Pair. Inimoiiio of bust Sheffield- luacle ('U TLEKY iiud tlLia'TRCJ-SILVKIi PLATi: hi -best quality lowest price every arLicla guaranteed. 1, DoJpJi ill-street. MICHAEL'S. tsecpucMu-iul T on-iiction Double rebound- locks. twistbiiiTcls 53, uri, Bristol MAPPJX Eace MtctiiLirs, Ou rd, the Showrooms oi Uieu- Local JOHN P road, UnbloL fc WEIJBVS bterKiitj PHESEN- TAT1ON Uesiyiisand Eetiinatcs, free, from their Agents, JOHN PALiilili i SONS, b% Queen's- rotui. Unstui. ___ CHKAP iUJiiBEK STAJ1PS. Linen Markers, Pencils, 7d. Dater, 3s. fid. Rubber Type founts, 2s.. lilarli iinanicl or BrasK business JJuor !JlLitest Bnuicib, Stencil Flutes, Prcid-j oi every tiUrisuuiis- O NE ChAKE bTKEET CITV SUI'FLV rine Old Bool-cb WHISKY, li ul v-ev tj.ottlc per gallon MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. DAYS' GLEAKANCK b A PIANOS, Organs, rtJL many ouly tightly Uied. .Must Liu told to make to CO, square PIANO, thoroughly renovated; suit tochooi ur bcyinuer, iieverul others up- A CO.t '63, JStokeVfroit. w Dimolmu Cottage PIANOf liotsewoocl Catie, Check Action cxehaiiged if not Auotbei', in Mahogany BKL'IUN tt Preston PJANO, Mahogany Cuict rnutcd, mid several others at equally low prices juot BK U TON i CO.. Kfoko'src-roit. Levango FliXO. Case, panel Iront, full bliguUy EltL'TON and CO., 33, rituUe's-crplt. ____ Ol3 10s. PIANO, Casp, full compass, panel oW front returned irom short BiiUTON and CO., Lid.. JG, _ _______ Oetzinaa IMAJN'O, Walnut case, panel front wear equal to cost BliUTON tt CO. stoke's-eroU. Story F I AjN'O, case, paueU'r lull coiupAss, bright, JbiKUTON COM 5S, Stokc'd-i'l'Oft. _ ___ Bord Walnut case, pan yl front, full compasg, check action; nearly iiCUTON it C.O., 38, stoke's-croft. Broadwood PIANliTTE, full compass, check Rosewood caic, tone; cost CO.. 38. SLokti's-ci-oit. F, J. Smith Wiilnut case, panel front, cheek action another by Kmigblut, Walnut ease, good imUTON CO., Siokc's-crqft. _______ jfdlS. J, Brinsraead PJAJNTOt Rosewood case, full cv fompats cost Also Uarliug PianOt Walnut iv.f-o coat BRUTON A CO., Croft. Exhibition model, Walnut case, irou frame, marquetry panel, full trichord al] the latcst CO., Stoke's-croft-. FIANO, iron frame, lull trichord, Walnut case, panel condition. Cost 58, BlokCi's-eroSt. Brooklyn PJANO, Walnut, panel front, check action, full compass; slightly used, noted for Sole Agents, lillUTOS CO. _ Kalph AlliBOQ PJAlsO, full compass, Walnut case, panel front returned from hire cost 1 1 i L CTO N j: CO., 58, Stolni's-croft. PIA1VO, Walnut ifou frame, oJjlique full-trichord, panel front, check action; Groves PIANO, lioscwood case, panel front, with organ pcdala complete; cost SiiuiJar Piano. Ijy Alhsim, coot _____ ___ 23. --Sc hi eel in aver Grand PJANO, Ebony and Gold Ottc, ial] trichord, very special bargain; cost -_: K t _it CO.. ____ _ WoliYi'iimm PIANO, overstrung, Iron Frame, uJl trichord, check Walnut Case, iiucl front, all liite.-L Ncuiwwr PIANO, Jiandsome Wahiut Case, Iron rnin'iL1, double overstrung, full trichord, 1 1 of k n r t i o n cut A UO. Kirk man PIANO, Walnut Case, Iron TVame, oblifjuc, i-hcck ac action, Marquetry panel front, grand Ume; ct-.-.-l tt CO. IIJACJI PIANOt Iron Krame, Ebony Case, full cV trirhord, panel front., check BKU TON and POPULAR MODKL PJANO, handsome Walnut, Murcjuetry pjiucl. Irou Frame, eh ei-k fiction, luil triohord our leading COLLAKD PJANO, Walnut Case, panel irnnt, in splendid condition. 21 oil decided bargain. UKITON CO., Limited, S8, Stoke's-crolt. WULITP.AMM i'lANO, Overstning, Upright Iron (irand handsome case. 4R. 6in. high. Cost i'jhV- LiJtIITON A CO.. ZSpJitokc'd-t-rofL ___ __ LIFP PIANO, magniiiccnt tone, Full Coni- es jjasfl, Ovci-otruno. bpefint bargain f.oit Ii'liliTON C Stolte'-cioit. WOLi'I'KAMM UUAND PIANO, complete steel inunc, UvLU'shnnig. 110 guineas bargain rchiojii nun. CO., Htohu'a-croil. 6s. 6il., 10s, 18s. Xithers, Danjos, and others 3s. lid. All kinds Strings and tV CO., ClIl'HCII fcjjicciiications and Estimates Frt-c N-jvs- limit on tfio ljucn- on the JOHNSON, A OJLSKIN HOKHE LOIN CLO'HIS, 5s. 3d. V, IU, 4 UUUIJER }10T WATER BOTTLES, ANIUJJtSON'ii Lrittoi Jiubhcr Coin- 1J ami 30. Hristcl. __ OXii CLARK bTREET CITY SUPPLY No. 1, choice old spivil, with line boiuc per bottle PCI jta TIME! AND MIKROS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1897. FURNITURE. HILLIPS SONS, 49 and 51, Union-street, Bristol, t. Ncw aml Second-hand and Antique ltNISlIJKKS in the West of liugland. _ovcr 70 years. Very fine Spanish Mahogany SUJEJJOAJSD, cW 6 leott) indies handsomely carved, with glass bidcboards to Second-hand Mahogany DINING TABLE cV to inatcli, three insertions, with heavy carved legs; ost 60 Tables from i5s. to -PHILLIP and iD.'r, Nurst-ry Screens, Wire Window lilinds, Sieve.-, tiTo.u.-1, Lases, Aviaries, Larbed Uire aiKUia.lviLni.sed .Muzzles, M ark reel W1 re W o rfr j. y A L'_U H_A_N_.__Cj071sl7 IVKJs toFurchaserti T of Immense Selection 01 Kugayorpeiit aud Keeper oi ihe aud choice Louis SUITE, all luir stuffed and covered iu red Bilk pea try; worth JUfcO. selecUon of oilier Suites, to A_g_OKS._____________________ Occasional TABLE to match really worth Ws. 70 other Tables, 1 PS SOKH. tie lulaid Kosewood CABINET; beautiful design aud superior ihiUh without doubt Unest cabiuuL of its kind in iiristol worth Over {jo Cabinets, all latest patterns, 50a. Lo t f i ILLI FtJ A ti 04 pretty Louis design MUSIC cW CAUiNJiT, nchiy carved and well finished cost -Large HO lection others, dU styles, ifcs. to and well-made American lioll Top oW WRITING- TABLE, exceptional value, worth IDes, oO other uitice tabk-s, iOs. to very fme Genuine CHIPPENDALE CiiAllid in splendid prcservittion, worth Choice of oilier antique fine inlaid Sheraton Bureau cW BOOKCASE, juat tioue up equul to new worth i2S; JL bargaiLi. Several olhtr bureaus Jti to I'llILLiPS A SON S Finest Quality Second-hand Bordered Axmin- stur CAIU'KT, choice desiyu, oniy in use two tiEontiis, cost 100 new and second-Hand earuftts, all aizcat 21s. to FfliLLirB A y _ 10s. Beautifully upholstered Dining-room c-UITK iu iSaoille-bags ami English velvet borders, just re-covered ;eost Ji2o guaranteed. W other u IPs, to PIf iSU.N y _ 2 fine 6ft. Figured Walnut WARD110BE, centre litted with and trays and bevelled glass door, cost ii2o. 30 Other odd Wardrobes. 30s. to PHILLIPS bONS. )H1LL1PS oiler special inducements to Country Buyers. All purchaseb over delivered Jrcc in our own vims within d> miles of Bristol. Goods btorect frt3e of charge waiting customers' convemcuw. Thoroughly well-mude Second-hand large size Bedroom SL1TE; wardrobe hall-iitted wiili ar.t wurs and trays, lull-size marble-toy wasli- suiud, tiiblc, giubs. pedesial, 2 chairs, and horse; all in ili'ht-eJiiis condition cost 50 Other 15s. Capital i'ull-size Second-hand Brass aud -BJncklUUiin ivTth best quality Wire -MAl'TltJic.S to iit; cost ius.; equal Lo new. Fine selection New uacl Second-hand Bedsteads, till lulest siynsjltl. PHlLi.lPtS A 8ON6. Eii SAFJiS SAFJib Laiesthow of New and Sueoiid-hand Fireproof tiuies ia the West ot over 80 to choose from; 5os. to Large-size Second-hand Axminster CAKl'ET, 45s. Several others in 49, tark- btreet. Absolute Eai-gain. Second-hand fcalid JJrowii Oak b U IT E, elaborately curved iraiues, a-nd covered in Turkey gnnu Morocco; quite_etiual l SUjck of CAJRPJBTS and KLG.S. iiordcrea tiquares, fvoui 19s, ad. ILOJU ib. ild. urtiuct opportunity. lUukrupt btovit I'.ny era._________________ HILLCOTT'S LINOLELLMS aud FLOOKCLOTHb in jjrcut lOd. yai'd. j" Sucuud-hand Solid Mahogany 'o' Complete iieth'oom bUli'li cost Jt30, price la to suit cu stain or. MlCHAEL'rt, T'inc Damascus Barrels Double G .top action, bar locks; only y5s. "Jl J Brazilian Pebble eiPECTACLUS, IfA to suit all siglits is. pair. PilliliLK FOLDERS, 3s. i Ualf UT ua_l j i r i p_l i i t. MAGNIFICENT Hammt-rlcss Double 15KEECfl- by hc.-t LwfKiun Hi JUil_; ec CllALLENUK TKOPIUES lor in bicrliiig bilvcr and Pvmre'.-i rJatc. JOHN i'ALilElt oc I block of ana L'AKl'liTB, uew aud becoud-haud, to select lunu. __ iliatabjibhed close on a Cculury. Telephone 916. Ash Complete Bedroom xv fsLMTJi, all bevelled plates; nicurole-top itnct tile- has no equal at 17a, fly Lric-s t rce t Solid Mahogany Duchesse Dressing TABLE, bevelled glass, curved supports, coloured marble to AVaahstauti quality guaranteed BEDS, BEDMISG, J1A1TKKSSES, Carpets, Overmantels, Sideboards, eis, itugti, Mats, Cm'tains, Table Covers, Bicycles, heel Chairs, Perambulators, Mjiil Sewing JiUicbiucs, Cots, ij'cndeiTa, Fireiroas, Coal Vases, Clocks, dec., AC. Cash or Hire fci JU-S-Lri di BON, ('4, While Ladies '-road. jjjLACr floats lioui top of Warehouse during business JL hours. JCKs'Eb it SU-N, House Furnishers, i-eiumb ula lor Facial's, Cycle Agents, 71, White Liidica'-roadt Cliiton. _ _ _ MILL i: SO.NS, Houau Furnisliers, Alerchant-jitreet, fur Maguifieent UIN1NG-KOOM bUllli, bcsL Saddlebags, uargaiii, only Uraiid" 3ft. filn. liurr Walnut IJuchessc TAliLE bevelled pfetc. V drawers, jewel case rble-toptii.au d_tj> ILL. _____ _ ivLjl JtlandcOJiio iSaliU Wakiut BKJUKUOM bUlTK, burr iroiiiij, ineluding bit. Wardrobe, Toilet 1 e, btund, I'cdCBtal, MILL SOXtJ, Merchant-street. Full-size Iron liEDoTEAD, iis. 6d. Black aud liruss, 6d. Wire Mutt-resjses, ironi is. fcU. K4 KKiy, 1'aw broker, Old Market, has a Quantity in' FruNiTUKEot every description for im u'li under iU value. si? uuuusome Jbluek aud LroIU extending rail, aud Spring ilattrcsa to fit, Ucu.stead aud Mattress cuuibiuod, lis. si? VcryTargcT and Handsome OVKKMANfttT, bO by 4D, Jiuglish bevelled plates, solid A beveliod Pier Giasri, richly II AKKJS. sI7 CHINA, ULASS, uOTIKJiLL'S, 21, it, liarrs-sU'eet, near tit. James'- burton, 'ioilet, Tea, Dmnei: Cervices, Immecau Block. Low 15cil TOOLS, WKIGUUKIDGES WLIUHLNU lor Ivtyihvays, Roads, Collieries, Markets, iaeiorics, aud all Uomruereial furijoses and SOIsS, limited, iSarrow Wine-atreet. bridge, Bristol. A 26 K.P.S, cells, 31 plates in first-el J. fcj. ibO s, Augustine'e, liristoJ. Ampere 100- volt Compound Wound DYNAMO, complete vnth sHcling rails; J. S, Vv SONS, St. AutjusiiueX Bristoi. __ Ampere 135- volt UY-NAjIO shunt wound. sliding rails perfect condition. J. b' WJULVi'AY SONS, St. AugusUncV, Bristol. UT GEAKj HACKS, and FIA'IOSS for i and lusfcriimeiit Malic rs. Cast Geai-a from met-al pnLteriib. lievolutioii and other Counters, Lathes, Oiiueks, und Tools for Amateurs. Use Maehiue Inveutiony worked outior luvcn LUiWU MAClliNE COMPANY, 11, Bristol, ADDRESSES. ALL'S W I N E THE GBEAT RESTORATIVE NEB VINE For Sleeplessness, Neuralgia. Anaemia, Influenzia. Nervous Debility Physical Breakdown, Whooping Co ugh Weakness following Illness. The restorative properties oi Hall's Wine are truly rnari-ellous. It aets immediately, a few glasses only being sulncient to prove its value. It cau be taken safety, as there are absolutely no evil ai'ter-ctleets. Thousands testify to its value in all the above com- plaints. Its popularity is due entirely to merit, aud that nothing is claimed for it that has not, beeu abundantly thus no disappointment- Write for a free tasting sample. Of licensed groccrsi chemists, or wine merchants, 2s. and 3s. 6d, per bottle, or poat free from STEPHEN QMITH BOW, LONDON, E. HAIjys WINE may be obtain ea TJiomas GJitWou Northam-antl Co. (Wine 14 aud 15, High-street, 1 and 2, Mary port-street, and Bath-afcreet Htuivy 11 odder and Co., jLund., 8, 9, 10, U, Broacl-fitrecMC'heiuists) Ferris aud Co., Union-street 6i, Queeu's-road, Cliitou. A NDERSOX'S OILSKIN JACKETS, guaranteed water prooi, 6d., bs. Gd., 5s. yd., and 7s. Tho Waterproofers, 9 and 10, High- street, Bristol. guaranteed watci-prooi, from 12s. ad. each. y and 10, High-iitruel, Bristol. DlilVIKO APKOIsS, d. bs. 6d., 8s. Ul., 10s. SUN'S. fJ and 10, OlNl 8 CLAKK bTHEliT CITY (SUPPLY -CLAKETB; Medoc, botUe, per hottlfi Julicu. uer bottle yNK CLAKK STKKET CITY SUPPLY tf Jo 1m very aged 1 tv-; per Bottle vcr JBBISTOL way be obtained Daily oi Mr. TIMBKELL btationcr, wjjo alto receives and ionvajrds ADDRESSES. ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. TELEPHONE 220. rpUCKER'S QHJRREY SURREY STREET, FQtt PAIE. FODB, OR SES-LN-HAND BREAKS DRAGS Drags will comfortably Seat 18 Outside) BREAKS, 'BUSES, BROUGHAMS, LANDAUcS, HANSOMS.WAGONETTES, DOG-CAKTS, PONY TRAPS, COMMERCIAL and Every Other Description of CONVEYANCE, with or without Horses. FOOTBALL CLUBS SPECIALLY CATERED FOR. WEDDING CARRIAGES, WITH MATCHED GREYS, A FEATURE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. ALL AT MODERATE CKARQES. Contractors to H.3I, Government and the Bristol Corporation, OFFICE AND NIGHT. HALF FARES W OCK HPYPEWRITER, U? JL The Ideal Typewriter for Correspondence.; your Clerk learn it iu a few hours, is'o School needed. It does automatically those things vtfiioh on otbcr Typewriters the operator has to atteotf to. The writing is always in sight, as if using a pen. WHY KOT INVESTIGATE? 6530___________aOjNICaOLAS STREET, URISTOL. A LITTLE LIST OF LITTLE ILLS CUBED BY JU ITTLE T IVEK Ju ILLS Torpid Liver positively Cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy i'or Dizzmesb, Nausea, Drowsiness, Bad Taste in the Mouth., Coated Tongue, Paius in the Bide and They regulate the Bowela. Purely Vegetable, Sugar Coated. Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price. The smallest and easiest to u nil do not gripe or purge, but by their gentle action please ail who use them. Established 1653. Of all Chemists, Is. lid. TITTLE LIVER JL CURE ALL LIVER ILLS. CUT BE SURE THEY ARE CARTER'S. 1168 SCRAPS FROM LAST NIGHT'S PAPERS. (From the GloM The Marquess of Northampton, who died on Satur- day at liis Scottish seat, Torbisk, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, aged 79, before succeeding his brother in the title in 1877 had a long connection with tho Royal Navy, m which he earned some distinction. After serving as a lieutenant on the Melville, was appointed to tho Wcllesley, and it owing to his great exertions, jointly with those of Acting-Lieuts. George C. Fowler and John Aatle, in command of a barge and two cutters during the China War in 1811, that the ship was saved from a well-planned attempt on the part of the Chinese to destroy her by means of a ilotiila of lire vessels. These scvvices WETO favour- ably reported in the Gazelle. Lord Northampton became captain in 1853, retired in 18G6, and was pro- moted to the rank of Bear-Admiral three years later. He became Vice-Admiral in Ib76, and Admiral in 1880. Tho following deceased nobleman appointed Special Envoy Extraordinary to invest Alfonso, the late King of "Spain, with the "Order oi' the Garter, and received from his Majesty tho Grand Cross of Charles ill. He -was himself created a. Knight of the Garter in 1835. The electric cab, though it has been only three vcdcs in tho streets, hay already become a familiar object. It seems, from a letter published by the general manager of the London Electrical Cab Com- pany, that it is also becoming popular, und therefore remunerative to the The earnings of the vehicles actually in use aro said to amount to 150 pel cent, more than those of the ordinary hansom. It is of interest to Irani from the manager's letter that the CabtlrivcrV Union is in favour of the innova- tion. (From the St. James's Li Hung Chang's visit to England is said to have bad the most beneficial effect on the destinies of women in China, Sinco liis return lie has appointed the first Chinese lady practising medicine in her own land to be physician to the women of his household. Two delegates (Miss Wang and Dr. Eng) are to repre- sent the Celestial Empire at the Women's Congress in London in 1898. The latter is the daughter of a mandarin who was converted to Christianity and graduated in an American university and she obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine at the Women's Medical _ College, Philadelphia. She has been so successful iu the healing arb that she is now known as the Miracle Lady, Sir Kobert Giffen will be succeeded as Secretary for tho Commercial, Labour, and Statistical Branch of the Board of Trade by his first assistant, Mr. A. E. Bate- man. Mr. Bateman is a barrister. He entered the Board of Trade in 1865, and lias served under Sir H. Header Lack and Sir Robert Gifi't-n, He attached to Sir Louis Malleit's mission to Paris iu 1877, and lias been employed in several commercial and statis- tical conferences since that date. He was made a C.M.G. in 1892, and was promoted to bo Deputy Con- troller at the Board of Trade in 1894. ]t is stated that Col. H. Jekyll has been appointed as the Government agent in Taris for the British .section of the Paris International Exhibition of 1900, in which capacity Jie will have full control over all exhibitors and be responsible for the multifarious administrative duties which on the occasion of the Exhibition of 1889 were discharged by the late- Sir Cunliffe Owen. Col. Jekyll has the reputation of being a great organiser, a good man of business, and most popular with everyone who knows him. (From the Pall 3MI If Emperor William carries out his intention of visiting the Holy Land, lie will hie the second German Emperor to see Jerusalem. The only other in era ber of the Kaisers who toured there was Friedricli n., the great Crusader. Great regret is felt in the French navy at the retirement of Vice-Admiral Duperrf-i on attaining the limit of age. He lias been very popular throughout a long career both in the service and in society. A friend of the Prince of Wales, he has often visited England; and it was under his escort that the Empress Eugenie escaped from the dangers that threatened her in 1870, and got safely on board Sir John Ikirgoyiie's yacht at Trouville. Colonel Leonfcieff, who is distributing King Menelik's presents broadcast to the Courts of Europe, is reported to have four fine negroes i'or the acceptance of the Czar, Russia probably is the only country in which this gift could be accepted without a shriek from sentimentalists. ACKNOWLEDGMENT. REDLAND DISPENSAUV, 2, GROVE BUILDIMIS, treasurer (Mr. T. Webster) gratefully acknowledges the following contributions to this charity Kick and Burial Association, per Mr. Alway, 4s. DU JONG if s LIGHT-EUOWN COD LIVER SS OFCIIILIJICEN m- KI-TICACY is UNEQUALLED. Hunt, late Medical OQiucr of Health, SI, Giles's and Bloojusbury, writes In badly nourished infants Dr. ancy Ilisaey, Minnie Ashworth, Rayhel U. Webb, Alice G. Strickland, Lizzie Hunt, Luey 0. Douglas, Helciui M. Raker, Geralctiue D. Magniac, Ktliei A. lamniadgc, Alexander Middlctoa, Catherine L. Wills, Mabel F. Wedlock, Winifred M. Cockle, Albert A. Harford, Eily St. Cliiii- Springfield, Christopher H. Coe, MWicout H. Wiekfcain, Alice M. Haines, 1' ranuis J. Hills, Julia 51. M. Palmer. Flortmco Derrick, Thomas Bryan, Herbert O. Holbrow, C. Fomeroy, Nellie C. Ilroackea, KUielind M. KateE. 'rancis Lucy E. -Echvard Edgcwortb, and Hester Willis, Second Class Alice K. Jape Fairbaii-u, Elizabeth E. Douglas, Joseph J. William J. Boon. Kelson C. H. Monks, Thomas Ji. Hawiics, Lucy 11. Jones, David Vcale, Sydney John Uayucs, Maud J. Walters, and Henry C. Slulstoue. SHADING FHOM THE CAST (ADVANCED Lizzie .11 un I and Margaret J. Chiltou. First Broackes, Kachcl H. Webb, Alice M. liaines, Francis J. Hills, Lily St. Clair Springfield, Gamble B. Lemaanic, Catherine L. Wills, ciiarles W. Daxvc, Hcsit'r Willis, Albert A. Harford, Maud Kowlands, Henry N. Tyler, Ttm'-t'.ll f TLN rfvli If _ _ j i. ILLS Niincy Uissey. and Marry C. Smitb. Second Clasn Lillic lucker, Annie Oatricige, Frederick H. i'ulford, Henry Slulstoiie, Mabel A. J iggs, Percy G. akinncr, Ednall. .Sinnock, Walter Jones, Alfred. H. Heaven, Francis B. :.l. Wick ham, Bus an C. Dea'sley, Kelson C. H. Monks, acd Jotiauuit Gratteuaeur. MODEL DRAWING (ADVANCED Excellent: Gamble 8. Lemasuic. First Class: Nellie Broacfees, Sydney Baisdoii, Herbert C. Woodruff, Christopher H. Cpc, lieubcn C< Carter, Lucy C. Douglas, Edna M. SinnocK, Jessie L. Walters, Ethel K. Pitt, Elsie Mary Bennett, KiioUa Wager, Francis A. Brown, Francis B. Bultord, Frederick H. Fulford, James Banks, Ethel'A. iammacigc, Tliomas D. Bryan, George F. Bwa-ish, Albert A. Harford, Charles w. Joliaiina Gratteuaeur, Hcni-y N. Tyler, and Miiiuie AsliworLIi. Second Class David Vcalti, Milliceut Wickhaiu, Eily St. Clair Spriug- tield, Lucy H. Jones, Sydney J. Cocking, Florence E. Thomas, William E. LiutuQ, Edith G. Williams, Annie .U. Gay, Mabel F. WetUpek, Lucy C. Kempster, Maiy B. Orson, on C. H. Joseph' J. Long, Lizzie Cockle! Charles W. Thomas, Edward Cecil Pomcroy, and Arthur W. Fortey. DitAwrNtt FEOM THE Class Gamble S, Margaret J. Cliiltoii, George F. Swaish, and William Evans Liiitou. Second Class Kate E. Hippislcy, Jessie L. Waters, Alice freasurc, Klioda Wagei-i Florence J. Carlile, Lucy C. Douglas, and Thos. Bryan. DRAWING THE ANTIQUE FROM MEMOHY. Excellent W ill lain K. Liu ton Harry Morrall, and Frcdk. George First Ctazs u amble ti. Leijiasnie. Second Reuben C. Carter, Florence J. Carlile, Margaret J, Chilton, and Thomas M. Wood. lliSTOKic Class Ellen E. Edge- worth, Khoda Wager, and Kate E. Jlippisley. DRAWING FHOM Frederick George Bwaish. Second Class Thomas if. Wood, Jessie L. Walters, Alice Treasure, Margaret J. Chtttoix, William E. Lin ton, Florence J. Carlile, Klioda Wager, lieuben C. Carter, AN ATOMY. Class Gamble S. Lemasuie, Rnoda Wager, anil Jessio L. Walters. Second Class William 11. Lin coil. PAINTING priOM STILL Harry Morrall. First Class: Charles A. Sheehau. Second Clans: Keuben C. Carter anj.1 Margaret L Chilton. TAINTING IK Class Kate Hippisley, Alice Treasure, Gamble y. Lcmasnie, Jessie L, Walters, Amy E. rrlueup, aud Florence J. Carlile. or OBNAMEST (ADVANCED Gamble S. Leiiiusnie, First doss: Florence J, Corlite. Second Ciass; Edith G. Williams, liarry MorraU, Jessie L, 'Walters, Frederick G. dwaish, and KhoUa Wager. OF OltNAMEKT (ELEMEJJTAHY Claw Ada Faget, Albert A. Harford, Francis J. liiilri, Kato Hipuisley, Efchel Kate Ethel A. Tammadge, Ellen E. Edgwortli, and Lucy C. Kerupster. (HONOURS Class Margaret J. Chilton aud Charles A, fSheehau. DESIGN Frederick G. Swa-isli. First Ctttss Kate C. Hippesley and Gamble G, Leimisnie. second Class: Elizabeth ii. Douglas and Klioda Wager. DESIGN (ELEMENTARY Class Edward C. Pomcroy, Charles W. Thouiaa, Ethel Kate Pitt, and Mabel F. Wedlock. AHCIIITECTUJIE. Excellent: Gamble G. Lcmasnie. First Class Harry iviorrall and Charles F.W, Dewiug. MODELLING Ciass chasi. A. bheeliau. Secffiid Class: KdithG.Williams, Gamble b. Lemasnie, and Elizabeth E. Douglas. Class Lucy C. Kempstcr, Florence J. Carlile, Itliizabeth Wager, KtLto Edith (i. Williaina, and C'hurles A. Sheehau, Second Class: Arthur W. Fortey, Margaret E. Jackson t Margaret J. Chilton, Kdwarti C. romeroy, and Jessie L. Waiters. MODELUNCi FllOM CharlCS A. Shechan. Class: Ellen E. Edgwortli, Bciitrice Teal, Millicent )Vickhain, Edith M. Widiham, Stanley J. Bennett, William A, Sheldon, Khoda Wager, Mary L. Bakers, Luuy H, Jones, Charles F. W. Dewiug, Lizxic Hunt, Charles and Gamble S. Lemasnie. Second Klizaheth E. Douglas, .Philip Williams, Amy Elsio .Princcp, Thomas IX Arthur A. Fortey. Ethel A. Tammadge, Jessie L. Walters, and Francis ii. Fulford. AKT Milliceut Francis B. Fullord, Lucy H. Jones, Arthur A. For ley, Gamble _. __- t i IT Lvzzic Claim Percy Edith How Ian d, William 3f. Cole, Charles W. Lizzie Huut, William J. Boon, Charles F W. Dewing, Albert A. llarford, Alired If. Heaveu, Heater Williy, Gamble B. Lemasnie, Mary L. JJakcrs, Harry E. Smith, Ethel A. Xammadgo, Edua M, Sinaock, Sydney Cocking, Amy E. Prinuep, Henry N. Tyler, Ethel K. Pitt, Lucy C. Kcmpster, Francis B. William E. Liwton, Minuio AaliwortJi, Kachel Webb, Beatrice 'leal, Annie E, Mailer, Nellie L. Seymoiu'. Ethel K. Osbornc, liertha E. Orson, Winifred1 Maybery, Calhe- rine L. Wills, Mabel F. Wedlock, Nancy Kellie BroaeUes, Uer bcrt O, Hoi brow, Ethel M. Tapp, Jtilliccu t K. lireuiti, Francis A. Urown, Lucy C. Dougias, Amy C. iiull, Tlioums B, Edward C, Pomeroy, Julia, M. Jfaliiier, Alice M. Huines, Eily St. Clair Springfield, and Christopher H. C'oc. Sccoiul Class; y.enry C. i3iiilstonef Alfred E. Oaten, Mabel L. Roberts, Andrew Alice G. Strickland, Maudl. Walters, Mabel A. Janaos Ijanlcs, 1-leubeu C, lliubards, Walter Millicent Wiekhaui, Josiah J. Long, Susan O. Arfchuv A, Fortey, Alice N. Austin, Ada ti. Kudt'ovci, Ethel M. ilaynard, Winifred M. Cockle, Blanche Webb, Kniina G. Lyne, Eva A. Bul- Mary J3. Foiueroy, Luuy H. Jones, Alice Watts, Theodora M. L, Whilile, Geraidiije D. P-lagniac, Alma E. Attcvell, M.yaudelLAclaF. Foget, Henrietta J. Davies, Kelson C. M. MonUsT Editlj E. Hone, 8. Lemasiiie, Herbert O. Hulbrow, Lucy C. Kempstcr, Lizzie Hunt, Edith M. Wickham, aud Amy E. ll'iocep. Albert J Butler. ISirBMKNTAttY CLAY Class Alice N. Austiu, Edith M. Urimble, Nellie Broaekes, Amy E. Bull, Henrietta E, J. Johanna Grattenauer, lOditli K- Houc, Minnie Longford, Hiirry MorraU, Bertha Ii. urtjon, Francis A. Pagct, Daisy B. Viissmore, Alice G. Paul, Ethelind M. Kowland, Florence E. Skeatcs, Henry Floreuce E. Thomas, hi Hie Tucker, Constance White, Ethel S. White, Prisxilla 1M. TaudelJ, Cecilia, F. Adams, Fnmces M. V.'ithyccmbe, and Thomas M. Wood. Second Elsio ii. Ueuuett, Albert J. Butler, Frederick II. FuHurd, Williaui J. Hunt, Andrew McGowan, Eily St. Ciau-SpriDjjiieJd, Charles W. Thomas, David Yeale, Blanche ebb, Rachel II. Webb, Eva A. Bullock, Charles W. H. Hawkes, Alice M. Haines, Mabel Huutei', Aiiuie K. yissey, William 15. Liuton, Annie Oatridgc, Elsie H. White, and Florence J. Winstone. HODKL Wans Eily St. Clair Spring- field, Milliceut iiL-cdin, Geraldine Magniac, Mary Louisa. Dakers, Charles iiicliards, Walter Joues, Lizzie Hunt, Millicent Wickhaui, Albert A. Harford, Charles W. Dawe, Ethel Taniinadgc, Amy E, Princep, Ethel K. Pitt, Elsie M. Beiicett, Lucy C. Kempster, Frederick H. Thomas ii. Wood, Jauies Banks, Francis B, .Fulford, llcuben C. Carter, William E. Liutoa, Sydney J. Cocking, Henry N. Tyler, Herbert O. Holbrow, Gamble Lemasuio, and I'rancis P. Stonelake. Second Ciftss Winifred M. Cockle, Minnie Ashworth, Mabel Hunter, Nancy Hissey, Elizabeth Douglas, Alice M. Haines, Julia M. M. Palmer, Francis J. Hills, Thomas ii. Hawkea, Amjr C. Bull, Lucy C. Douglas, Andrew MuGoweu, Francis A. Brown, Kelson (J, H. Monks, Uhrisiopher Coe, William J. "Hunt, Bertha E. Orsou, Mabel F. Wedlock, Lucy H. Jones, Nellie Broackes, t'athcriue L. Wills, Pomeroy, Helen M. E. Annie B. Gay, Theodora Whittle, Stanley J, CORRESPOHTDENCE. TO CORRESPONDENTS. To facilitate publication and prevent delay U is requested thai letters intcndetl tor the correspondence column, or con- lasting ntws, be addressed to The and not io <my individual member oj the Firm. Corvespondents to those "visibly I cJaira for it a much infinite interest to are requested to write on one side of the paper only, as ttich arrangement greatly facilitates' composition. We cannot undertake to return rejected communications. All letters. must be accompanied by ttienajiic and address of the not for publication, but an a of {food iaiih. i THE LIVING OF CLIFTON. I had no intentipii, when writing my previous letter, neither have I the intention now, to enter into a lengthy argument with my friend, Mr. James Inskip but his reference to me in a loiter which you publish this morning calls for one word iu response. Hr.Juskip is sadly mistaken if he considers that the question at issue is one confined to those interested in the Parish wider scope, and that it is of Churchmen generally, Whilst stoutly maintaining the protest raised, I am quite willing that others should be the arbiters as to whether or 110 the view expressed correetly summarises the situation. For this I appeal again to the Record, in after discussing letters from Mr. Talbot Greaves and others, I find this "If these words do not imply a threat, what is their meaning Turning to a letter which I find in another Church paper, a correspondent, who signs himself A Parishioner of St. Andrew's, Clifton, states that about seven years ago the pew owners of the Parish church received a circular from the then vicar, the purport of winch was to request them to give up their private property in the pews "for the purpose of augmenting the income of the vicar, and also to put an end to private ownership of pews in a parish church, which so many object to." These extracts are. Sir, sufficient for your readers to draw their own conclusions. With this I retire from the controversy. I am, Sir, yours faithfully, FjiANCis H. C. EAKNABD. Westou-super-llare, Sept, llth, 1897. seems to be great confusion in the minds of some people with regard, to the black gown and the Genevan preaching vestment. The btaek was part of the out-door costume of the Anglican priest of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, worn over the cassock when he took part in the he wore the surplice over both. Though honesty be no Puritan, yet it will do uo hurt: it will wear the surplice of huxjiility over the black gown of a biff heart'! All's Act I. sc. The extreme Low Church party of 4-f-i 4- ,1 i__j___i i_ _ j i_ ___ _ told Cartwright tliat surpHces were appointed as Jit garments for preachers, and none might preach except they received them, Accortling to Hooker, these good folk would rather preach and pray in a surplice, than resign their livings. What the Caroline -Bishops j. s wnetuer 41151 Ugiroia ICCuune o Kiunock, Mabel A, Aiirea Oaten i Is. IW. MUSIC, ART, THE DEAMA. With The Geisha at tbo this week, tod eix (MercBt Giibert-Sulliran operas next, Mr. Chute cannot be slid to be neglecting that particular of music which is always such an attraction to a Bristol and Clifton audience. By the way, the 500th performance of "The at Daly's Theatre, last there was uo distribution of souvenirs, and Mr. George Edwarties refrained from making one of his charac- teristic memorable if only by reason of the stirring ovation accorded by the overflowing audi- ence to each of the prominent members cf the cast now happily returned from well-deserved Miss Tempest, who resumed her part after a short visit to received a welcome on her home-coming which visibly affected her. Later on in the play, when Miss Lefcty Lind tripped across the bridge with her 'riskha, there was another burst of applause, which prevented her from beginning her dialogue for some moments. For the rest the popular enthusiasm was pretty evenly distributed among Mr. Hayden Coffin, Mr. Buntiey Wright, aud Mr. Rutland At tbe close a galleryite summed up tho situation in a terse sentence which nobody seemed inclined to dispute, "Good old George always gives us good value Amongst the artists who are eti 11 filling their original parts in Geisha" at Daly's is Miss Mary CoHette, the original O A'flrmwra- saki At the Theatre Royal, Mr. Ernest Carpenter put ou another melodrama, The Terror of a kind of play which always appeals to lusipatams. who appreciate blood and thunder laid on pretty thickly. Both the People's Palace and the Empire, which it one of the prettiest houses on thia side of London, have issued excellent programmes, and should secure good audiences during the week, bo should Mr. Crocker, with his wonderful performing horses, at the Drill-hall. OQ Wednesday, October 27, the celebrated Dr Hans Richter will bring his magnificent orchestra oi ninety artists to Bristol for one concert, undei arrangement with Mr. Ernest Criehton, of Clifton, Bristol is highly favoured in being the only town below London at which thia famous orchestra will appear. At a meeting of the Henry Irving Reception Com- mittee recently held at Cardiff, Mr. J. Stanfield (hon. secretary) read a letter received from Sir Irving, in which he said he would be delighted to accept the invitation of the citizens of Cardiff to the proposed luncheon, and he fixed the date for Thurs- day, the 23rd inst It is intended to hold the luncheon at the Royal hotel, Cardiff, to which both ladies and gentlemen will be invited. The whole of the bookable eeats for the visit of Sir Henry and Miss Ellen Terry to the Theatre Royal, Cardiff; were taken within an hour of the opening of the box-office. Miss Ellen Terry has been on a driving tour for her holiday. On Saturday last she thus visited Stratford- on-Avon, seeing the sights of the town on Smiday in COIN puny with Mr. William Winter, the American dramatic critic. At the Memorial Theatre she left a large platinotype photograph of herself as Irtiogen, with the inscription, "There cannot be a piuch in death more sharp than this." At the church she spent over an hour, and in the parish clerk's album wrote the words from "Much Ado About were but little happy if I could say how much." At New-place she entered her name in "the visitors1 book, giving as her place of residence "Bonnie Shakspere- The Era. Siegfried Wagner has made an extraordinary speech with regard to the recent Wagner festival at Bavreutfa. fie French have always been our most zealous adherents and now, as always, the principal supporters of Bayreuth are French, Americans, and British. Moreover, the English shame in every way Germans, who, as regards the good cause, are supine, while the German press is antagonistic. But it can continue to be so, for the more it abuses us the greater is our success. You can also see now what a miser- able state German music and German musicians in. Ac present, what are our national high schools of music doing for us and our cause, and what have they done Nothing. If they ever occupied them- selves with the works of my lather, they did it, not out of conviction, but because they would have die- graced themselves if they had stuck to their craziness or spitefulness. Get along with your Germacs and Germanism If it depended on them, the existence of our festspiele would long since have been en- dangered." a- M. Jean de Reszke, the tenor, is making a bicycle tour on the Continent. While Sir. Beerbohm Tree's Company were playsog at the Prince or Wales's Theatre, Birmingham, the ceiling of one of the dressing-rooms fell with a crash, burying Miss Frances Ivor and Bully boy, the Dancing Girl" dog, beneath nearly a toa of dtttris. Miss Ivor, who was dressed ready for her entrance on the stage, was seriously hurt, but courageously went on, notwith- standing her highly-disordered condition. The lady is now in the doctor's bands. The Royalty Theatre, Llanelly, has been taken over by an influential syndicate, of which Mr, X E. Evans, lessee of the Royal Opera House, Swansea, is the managing director. Although the theatre is a com- paratively new one, having been erected but a few years ago, the interior will be entirely renovated. The Court Theatre will shortly re-open, the being Messrs. Arthur Chudleigh and Dion Boucicault The first of the coming Birmingham Festival novelties, to be published by the firm of Novello, is Mr, Arthur Somerveli's 4i Ode to the the poem of which is by Laurence Biuyon. The music is for soprano solo, chorus, and orchestra, and the score in seven sections. There is a lengthy overture, opening with an adagio movement thirty- two bars, leads into an allegro. This is directly followed bv a chorus, "Mother of immemorial Then in succession come a soprano solo and chorus, "Fearful and a chorus, "Mother of another chorus, "Outof tbe armed a soprano solo and chorus, "In England's and a final chorus, O while around our shores." The concluding lines of the poem run Of one web woven in our life, 0 Sea, Of strands oi' fear and sorrow and delight, And married to thy winds' and waters' might, The march and glory of our destiny, The curtain will rise on Messrs. Cecil Raleigh and Henry Hamilton's drama, "The White at Drury Lane, on Thursday, at half-past seven o'clock. By the look of the programme this will not be a minutq too early if the audience are to disperse on. the right side of midnight The four acts comprise fourteen scenes, i'oui- of -which are solid sets. A view of a Scotch moor occupies the whole of tho first section, but in the second there are four scenes, closing with the interior of the Stock Exchange and the confusion accompanyiug a financial panic. Cycling in Battersea park will be a feature of the third act, to be followed by a representation of Boulter's Lock during the fashionable season on the liver, and it is here that the new movable stage, built by Sir Augustus Harris just before his death, will be employed to show the rising and falling of the boats, with their lively occupants, in the lock. The last ecene of what is said to bo "a strange eventful is the "Fancy Dress Ball at a reminiscence of tbe recent historical costume ball at Devonshire-house, many of the original dresses reappearing by special consent of their owners. Immediately prior to this there is a conflict with divers in the waters under the earth." Altogether, plenty ot spectacle and excitement is Chronicle. The Folies-Bergere is now open, and one of the things worth seeing there is Sir. Richard English- man') and his performing dogs. Ihe Baroness Blanc, whose singing and dancing have beeu most favour- ably received in New York, makes her appearance on Sept. 18, and Little Tich, who created such rcrvshere last season has, we are told, beea engaged for two months, beginning in December, and has consequently given up his London work during that English a fid American Paris. To-morrow, at the Comedy Theatre, will be pro- duced Mr, Esmond's new play, entitled "One Summer's Ou Saturday, at the Duke of York's Theatre, will bo produced an English version of a comedy by Alexandra Dumas with the following Li Marquis dte Rii-erodes, Mr. John Beauchamp; Lucien. de RiccrolUs (his Mr. Kyrle Bellew; Ae Mr. J. L. Mackay Henri dt. Symieuxi Mr. Arthur Ehvood; Ptnputt (a notary's Mr. Charles Thursby; (a Mr. Ernest Elton Simon, Mr. George Slater; Francine de Rimrollea, Mrs, Potter; Baroness Smith, Miss Helen Vane; Annette de Miss Grace Noble; Elisa, Miss Marie Brooke. At Her Majesty's Theatre an extra matinee of Rip Van Winkle will be piven to-morrow, at 2.30. On Saturday a special matinee of Humperdick's opera, Hansel and will be given, for which Mr. Hedmondt has succeeded in securing the services of the majority of the original cast. At the Shaf tesbury Theatre the first matinee ol The Wizard of the Nile" will take place when Mr. F. Mabson Walton will play the part of Ptarmiyan. 9 Miss Maud Santley, the pupil of the CQniposei Qdoardo Barn, has been engaged to create the pal folA (Cerise) in Messrs. Basil Hood and Waltei Slaughters new comic opera, The Duchess Dijon." Miss Saiitley has also engaged to play principal boy in the coming pantomime at the Princi of Wales's Theatre, Birmingham. Messrs. Gatti's Company, with the successful farcical comedy, A Night which has been touring since February, this week occupy the Grand at Islington. Among the well-known comedians in this mirthful party are Misses Marie Illington and Zerbini, Messrs. Percy F. Marshall (a favourite with Bristol Charles S. Fawcett, Sydney Paxton, aati Aubrey Fitzgerald, Mr. Robert Newman has issued a revised scheme the Lamoureus concerts to take place at Queen's-hall, which possesses many advantages over tbat previously proposed. Instead of the concerts being given daily iu one weak they will be divided int6 three series of Wednesday evening performances on tie following dates series, November 3, 10, 24, and Decem- ber 1; second series, February 2, 16, and March 2 and 15 and tbe final series oa April 20 and May 4. Thia has been rendered possible by the great efficiency of the QueenVhall orchestra, which M. Lamoureux has undertaken to train for these concerts, the perform- ances thus practicably being pat on the same basis aj those conducted bjr Dr. Richter and Hcrr Mottl. Thia arrangement is the more satisfactory owing to tiie threatened diebandment of M, Paris orchestra, aad because it enables Mr. Newman to civ? L iNEWSPAFERr iNEWSPAFERr